2002 Topps Traded & Rookies

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2002 Topps Traded box


The 2002 Topps Traded set (with Topps Chrome) was released in October 2002. As with 2001 Topps Traded & Rookies, the set was available exclusively in pack form and bundled with Topps Chrome Traded. Each Hobby box yields one autograph or relic and one buyback from a previously released Topps Traded set -- although these cards are not marked as having been bought back.

The 275-card base set consists of 105 players and five managers who changed teams, 155 rookies and prospects, and a ten-card "Who Would Have Thought?" subset. For some inexplicable reason, Topps decided to short-print the 110 traded players and managers -- the first time Topps has purposely SPed base cards in their flagship brand.

As with most 2002 sets, the avalanche of rookie cards from the year before hurt the rookie card selection. The only notable rookie cards are of Dontrelle Willis, Jose Bautista, and Gavin Floyd.


Hobby/Retail: 24 packs per box, 10 cards (8 Traded, 2 Chrome) per pack. MSRP $3

HTA: 10 packs per box, 35 (28 Traded, 7 Chrome) cards per pack. MSRP $10


Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Hobby Odds Retail Odds Jumbo Odds
Base 275 - 8:1 8:1 27:1
Veterans & Managers 110 - one-per-pack one-per-pack one-per-pack
Rookies & Prospects/Who Would Have Thought? 165 - 7:1 7:1 26:1
Gold 275 2002 1:3 1:3 one-per-pack
Chrome 275 - 2:1 2:1 7:1
Chrome Refractor 275 1:12 1:12 1:12
Chrome Black Refractor 275 100 1:56 1:56 1:16
Tools of the Trade Bat 32 - 1:34 1:34 1:10
Tools of the Trade Jersey 3 - 1:426 1:427 1:122
Tools of the Trade Dual Jersey 3 - 1:539 1:542 1:155
Jose Canseco Farewell Relic 1 - 1:590 1:595 1:169
Ozzie Smith HOF Relic 1 - 1:1533 1:1574 1:439
Signature Moves 26 - 1:91 1:91 1:26


Base Set

Traded Players & New Managers

NOTE: The stated odds of finding a traded player or manager is one-per-pack.

T1 Jeff Weaver

T2 Jay Powell

T3 Alex Gonzalez

T4 Jason Isringhausen

T5 Tyler Houston

T6 Ben Broussard

T7 Chuck Knoblauch

T8 Brian L. Hunter

T9 Dustan Mohr

T10 Eric Hinske

T11 Roger Cedeno

T12 Eddie Perez

T13 Jeromy Burnitz

T14 Bartolo Colon

T15 Rick Helling

T16 Dan Plesac

T17 Scott Strickland

T18 Antonio Alfonseca

T19 Ricky Gutierrez

T20 John Valentin

T21 Raul Mondesi

T22 Ben Davis

T23 Nelson Figueroa

T24 Earl Snyder

T25 Robin Ventura

T26 Jimmy Haynes

T27 Kenny Kelly

T28 Morgan Ensberg

T29 Reggie Sanders

T30 Shigetoshi Hasegawa

T31 Mike Timlin

T32 Russell Branyan

T33 Alan Embree

T34 D'Angelo Jimenez

T35 Kent Mercker

T36 Jesse Orosco

T37 Gregg Zaun

T38 Reggie Taylor

T39 Andres Galarraga

T40 Chris Truby

T41 Bruce Chen

T42 Darren Lewis

T43 Ryan Kohlmeier

T44 John McDonald

T45 Omar Daal

T46 Matt Clement

T47 Glendon Rusch

T48 Chan Ho Park

T49 Benny Agbayani

T50 Juan Gonzalez

T51 Carlos Baerga

T52 Tim Raines

T53 Kevin Appier

T54 Marty Cordova

T55 Jeff D'Amico

T56 Dmitri Young

T57 Roosevelt Brown

T58 Dustin Hermanson

T59 Jose Rijo

T60 Todd Ritchie

T61 Lee Stevens

T62 Placido Polanco

T63 Eric Young

T64 Chuck Finley

T65 Dicky Gonzalez

T66 Jose Macias

T67 Gabe Kapler

T68 Sandy Alomar Jr.

T69 Henry Blanco

T70 Julian Tavarez

T71 Paul Bako

T72 Scott Rolen

T73 Brian Jordan

T74 Rickey Henderson

T75 Kevin Mench

T76 Hideo Nomo

T77 Jeremy Giambi

T78 Brad Fullmer

T79 Carl Everett

T80 David Wells

T81 Aaron Sele

T82 Todd Hollandsworth

T83 Vicente Padilla

T84 Kenny Lofton

T85 Corky Miller

T86 Josh Fogg

T87 Cliff Floyd

T88 Craig Paquette

T89 Jay Payton

T90 Carlos Pena

T91 Juan Encarnacion

T92 Rey Sanchez

T93 Ryan Dempster

T94 Mario Encarnacion

T95 Jorge Julio

T96 John Mabry

T97 Todd Zeile

T98 Johnny Damon

T99 Deivi Cruz

T100 Gary Sheffield

T101 Ted Lilly

T102 Todd Van Poppel

T103 Shawn Estes

T104 Cesar Izturis

T105 Ron Coomer

T106 Grady Little MG RC

T107 Jimy Williams MG

T108 Tony Pena MG

T109 Frank Robinson MG

T110 Ron Gardenhire MG

Rookies & Prospects

T111 Dennis Tankersley

T112 Alejandro Cadena RC

T113 Justin Reid RC

T114 Nate Field RC

T115 Rene Reyes RC

T116 Nelson Castro RC

T117 Miguel Olivo

T118 David Espinosa

T119 Chris Bootcheck RC

T120 Rob Henkel RC

T121 Steve Bechler RC

T122 Mark Outlaw RC

T123 Henry Pichardo RC

T124 Michael Floyd RC

T125 Richard Lane RC

T126 Pete Zamora RC

T127 Javier Colina

T128 Greg Sain RC

T129 Ronny Merrill

T130 Gavin Floyd RC

T131 Josh Bonifay RC

T132 Tommy Marx RC

T133 Gary Cates Jr. RC

T134 Neal Cotts RC

T135 Angel Berroa

T136 Elio Serrano RC

T137 J.J. Putz RC

T138 Ruben Gotay RC

T139 Eddie Rogers

T140 Wily Mo Pena

T141 Tyler Yates RC

T142 Colin Young RC

T143 Chance Caple

T144 Ben Howard RC

T145 Ryan Bukvich RC

T146 Cliff Bartosh RC

T147 Brandon Claussen

T148 Cristian Guerrero

T149 Derrick Lewis

T150 Eric Miller RC

T151 Justin Huber RC

T152 Adrian Gonzalez

T153 Brian West RC

T154 Chris Baker RC

T155 Drew Henson

T156 Scott Hairston RC

T157 Jason Simontacchi RC

T158 Jason Arnold RC

T159 Brandon Phillips

T160 Adam Roller RC

T161 Scotty Layfield RC

T162 Freddie Money RC

T163 Noochie Varner RC

T164 Terrance Hill RC

T165 Jeremy Hill RC

T166 Carlos Cabrera RC

T167 Jose Morban RC

T168 Kevin Frederick RC

T169 Mark Teixeira

T170 Brian Rogers

T171 Anastacio Martinez RC

T172 Bobby Jenks RC

T173 David Gil RC

T174 Andres Torres

T175 James Barrett RC

T176 Jimmy Journell

T177 Brett Kay RC

T178 Jason Young RC

T179 Mark Hamilton RC

T180 Jose Bautista RC

T181 Blake McGinley RC

T182 Ryan Mottl RC

T183 Jeff Austin RC

T184 Xavier Nady

T185 Kyle Kane RC

T186 Travis Foley RC

T187 Nathan Kaup RC

T188 Eric Cyr

T189 Josh Cisneros RC

T190 Brad Nelson RC

T191 Clint Weibl RC

T192 Ron Calloway RC

T193 Jung Bong

T194 Rolando Viera RC

T195 Jason Bulger RC

T196 Chone Figgins RC

T197 Jimmy Alvarez RC

T198 Joel Crump RC

T199 Ryan Doumit RC

T200 Demetrius Heath RC

T201 John Ennis RC

T202 Doug Sessions RC

T203 Clinton Hosford RC

T204 Chris Narveson RC

T205 Ross Peeples RC

T206 Alex Requena RC

T207 Matt Erickson RC

T208 Brian Forystek RC

T209 Dewon Brazelton

T210 Nathan Haynes

T211 Jack Cust

T212 Jesse Foppert RC

T213 Jesus Cota RC

T214 Juan M. Gonzalez RC

T215 Tim Kalita RC

T216 Manny Delcarmen RC

T217 Jim Kavourias RC

T218 C.J. Wilson RC

T219 Edwin Yan RC

T220 Andy Van Hekken

T221 Michael Cuddyer

T222 Jeff Verplancke RC

T223 Mike Wilson RC

T224 Corwin Malone RC

T225 Chris Snelling RC

T226 Joe Rogers RC

T227 Jason Bay

T228 Ezequiel Astacio RC

T229 Joey Hammond RC

T230 Chris Duffy RC

T231 Mark Prior

T232 Hansel Izquierdo RC

T233 Franklyn German RC

T234 Alexis Gomez

T235 Jorge Padilla RC

T236 Ryan Snare RC

T237 Deivis Santos

T238 Taggert Bozied RC

T239 Mike Peeples RC

T240 Ronald Acuna RC

T241 Koyie Hill

T242 Garrett Guzman RC

T243 Ryan Church RC

T244 Tony Fontana RC

T245 Keto Anderson RC

T246 Brad Bouras RC

T247 Jason Dubois RC

T248 Angel Guzman RC

T249 Joel Hanrahan RC

T250 Joe Jiannetti RC

T251 Sean Pierce RC

T252 Jake Mauer RC

T253 Marshall McDougall RC

T254 Edwin Almonte RC

T255 Shawn Riggans RC

T256 Steven Shell RC

T257 Kevin Hooper RC

T258 Michael Frick RC

T259 Travis Chapman RC

T260 Tim Hummel RC

T261 Adam Morrissey RC

T262 Dontrelle Willis RC

T263 Justin Sherrod RC

T264 Gerald Smiley RC

T265 Tony Miller RC

Who Would Have Thought?

T266 Nolan Ryan WW

T267 Reggie Jackson WW

T268 Steve Garvey WW

T269 Wade Boggs WW

T270 Sammy Sosa WW

T271 Curt Schilling WW

T273 Jason Giambi WW

T274 Ken Griffey Jr. WW

T275 Roberto Alomar WW


All 275 cards are available in a Gold parallel, serial-numbered to 2002 copies each.

Topps Chrome Traded

Seeded into Hobby and Retail packs at the rate of 2:1 and HTA packs at 7:1, this set is a Chrome parallel of Topps Traded. Unlike the Topps Traded set, all 275 cards are printed in equal quantities. All Chrome Traded parallels are available in the following parallels.

  • Refractors (1:12 packs)
  • Black Refractors (1:56 Hobby/Retail, 1:16 HTA; serial-numbered to 100)

Autographs & Game-Used

Farewell Relic

This bat card commemorates the career of Jose Canseco who retired after failing to make the Montreal Expos' roster. It is seeded into Hobby packs at the rate of 1:590, retail at 1:595, and HTA at 1:169.

FW-JC Jose Canseco Bat

Hall of Fame Relic

This bat relic card commemorates Ozzie Smith's 2002 induction into the Hall of Fame. It is seeded into Hobby packs at the rate of 1:1533 packs, retail at 1:1574, and HTA at 1:439.

HOF-OS Ozzie Smith

Signature Moves

Randomly seeded into Hobby and retail packs at the rate of 1:91 packs and HTA at 1:26 features various prospects and players who changed teams.

AC Antoine Cameron D

AM Andy Morales H

BB Boof Bonser E

BC Brandon Claussen E

CS Chris Smith G

CU Chase Utley E

CW Corwin Malone H

DT Dennis Tankersley F

FJ Forrest Johnson E

JD Johnny Damon B

JD Jeff DaVanon I

JM Jake Mauer G

JM Justin Morneau H

JP Juan Pena E

JS Juan Silvestre D

JW Justin Wayne E

KI Kazuhisa Ishii A

MC Matt Cooper E

MO Moises Alou B

MT Marcus Thames G

RA Roberto Alomar C

RH Ryan Hannaman E

RM Ramon Moreta H

TB Tony Blanco E

TL Todd Linden H

VD Victor Diaz H

Team Topps Legends Autographs

See 2001 Team Topps Legends Autographs.

Tools of the Trade Relics

These 35 relics cards all feature players who changed teams in 2002. The odds of finding a Bat Relic are 1:33 Hobby/retail and 1:10 HTA; of finding a jersey 1:426 Hobby, 1:427 retail, and 1:122 HTA.

AB Roberto Alomar Bat C

AG Andres Galarraga Bat C

BF Brad Fullmer Bat C

BJ Brian Jordan Bat C

CE Carl Everett Bat C

CK Chuck Knoblauch Bat C

CP Carlos Pena Bat A

DB David Bell Bat C

DJ Dave Justice Bat C

EY Eric Young Bat C

GS Gary Sheffield Bat C

HB Rickey Henderson Bat C

JBU Jeromy Burnitz Bat C

JCI Jeff Cirillo Bat B

JDB Johnny Damon Bat C

JG Juan Gonzalez Jsy

JP Josh Phelps Jsy

JV John Vander Wal Bat C

KL Kenny Lofton Bat C

MA Moises Alou Bat C

MLB Matt Lawton Bat C

MT Michael Tucker Bat C

MVB Mo Vaughn Bat C

MVJ Mo Vaughn Jsy

PP Placido Polanco Bat A

RS Reggie Sanders Bat C

RV Robin Ventura Bat C

RW Rondell White Bat C

SI Ruben Sierra Bat C

SR Scott Rolen Bat A

TC Tony Clark Bat C

TM Tino Martinez Bat C

TR Tim Raines Bat C

TS Tsuyoshi Shinjo Bat C

VC Vinny Castilla Bat C

Tools of the Trade Dual Relics

These three dual jersey cards were seeded into packs at the rate of 1:539 Hobby, 1:542 retail, and 1:155 HTA.

DTRRCP Chan Ho Park Jsy-Jsy B

DTRRHN Hideo Nomo Jsy-Jsy A

DTRRMO Moises Alou Jsy-Jsy B