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2010 Topps

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2010 Topps Series 1 retail box



The first series of 2010 Topps Baseball was released to Target stores, nation-wide, the Week of January 18, 2010, and went live to The Hobby on Wednesday, January 27, 2010. Series One includes a 330-card base set and included either one autograph or relic card in every 36-pack hobby box and one autograph, one relic, and one manufactured patch card per 10-pack HTA jumbo box.

The second series of 2010 Topps Baseball arrived in Hobby shops the week of May 24, 2010. The base set included the next 330 cards (#331-660), with another 20 more photo variation cards — all of which are limited (but not serial-numbered) to just 3000 copies per card.

As with past standard Topps sets, there are Silk, Platinum, Black and Gold parallels. New inserts for 2010 include The Cards Your Mother Threw Out, The History of the Game, Tales of the Game, Hall of Fame buybacks, Legendary Lineage, When They Were Young, Topps 2020, Topps Vintage Legends Collection, History of the World Series.

The Peak Performance set consists of inserts, autographs, autographed Relics, Jumbo relics and standard Relics, while the product also includes a pair of continuity inserts — MLB Exclusive Patch Cards and Turkey Red. Also returning are Sketch Cards, ToppsTown, Cut Signatures and World Champions autographs and Relics, and the Red Hot Rookie redemption program.

New relics include In the Name, and a 1961 and 1962 Mickey Mantle reprint with a piece of The Mick's bat.

Also noteworthy is a newly designed "Rookie Card" icon, which incorporates the MLB logo, as well as a prominently displayed logo noting Topps’ status as an exclusive licensee.

Short print variations of retired players are back again in 2010; however, unlike in 2009 the 2010 SPs were not announced before release.

Like 2009 Topps, 2010 Topps is also available in "throwback" and "all-black" editions which can be found in Blasters sold exclusively at Target and Wal-Mart stores, respectively. The throwbacks have a retro looking Topps logo (with a longer curved T) and a darker card stock, while the all-blacks have the background photo removed. Unlike last year, the existence of these cards are marked on the outside of the Blaster box.

Late addition of Stephen Strasburg

On June 7, 2010, the day before what would be his Major League debut, Topps announced on their corporate blog that, "(Stephen) Strasburg rookie cards will appear in the remainder of Topps 2010 baseball products." Topps then announced that they would make available what it billed Stephen Strasburg's first "rookie card," on the Million Card Giveaway website the following day.

Topps later announced that a true Strasburg rookie card (different than the one on the Million Card Giveaway site) would be included in all Topps factory sets, and in 2010 Topps Update.


The first batch of loose packs and Blasters arrived at retail outlets the week of January 18th, 2010. Retail looseys contained 12 cards and cost $2. Blasters had ten packs of eight cards, and were priced at $19.99.

Hobby packs/boxes were released the last week of January. Hobby boxes contain 36 packs per box, 10 cards per pack costing $50-$60, $2-$3 per pack.

HTA Jumbo packs/boxes were released February 3rd, 2010, They contain 10 pack per box, 50 cards per pack costing $95-$100 per box, $10 per pack.

Both Retail cereal boxes and rack packs appeared the first week of February. The cereal boxes cost $9.99 and contain 46 base cards, 9 inserts and one chrome refractor card. The rack packs cost $4.99 and contain 30 base cards and 6 inserts.


Insertion Ratios

Series One

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Hobby Odds Retail Odds HTA Odds Retail Rack Cereal Box
Base 330 - 10:1 12:1 50:1 36:1 55:1
Stealth Short Printed Variations & Gimmicks 33 - ? ? 1:30 ? ?
Gold 330 2010 1:6 1:14 1:1 1:6 1:3
Black 330 59 1:96 N/A 1:19 N/A ?
Platinum 330 one-of-one 1:12900 1:27000 1:2137 1:9200 1:5500
Silk Collection 100 50 1:373 N/A 1:75 N/A ?
Printing Plates 330 four-for-each 1:1417 N/A 1:282 N/A ?
Ticket to ToppsTown 30 - 1:1 1:1 1:1 ? 1:1
Million Card Giveaway 10 - 1:6 1:6 1:1 1:6 1:1
First Class Ticket to ToppsTown 30 - ? ? ? ? ?
The Cards Your Mother Threw Out 58 - 1:3 1:3 1:1 ? 1:1
Cards Your Mother Threw Out Original Backs 58 ? 1:36 1:24 1:10 1:18 1:3
Turkey Red 50 - 1:4 1:4 1:1 ? 1:1
Peak Performance 50 - 1:4 1:4 ? ? 1:1
Target Exclusive 1951 Red Backs 15 - N/A 1:4 N/A N/A N/A
Wal-Mart Exclusive 1951 Blue Backs 15 - N/A 1:4 N/A N/A N/A
Legendary Lineage 30 - 1:4 1:4 1:1 ? ?
History of the Game 25 - 1:6 1:6 1:1 1:2 ?
Tales of the Game 30 - 1:6 1:6 1:1 1:2 ?
When They Were Young 18 - 1:6 1:8 1:2 1:3 1:2
Legends Platinum Chrome Refractor 20 - N/A N/A N/A N/A 1:1
Peak Performance Relic Group A 16 ? 1:1555 ? ? ? ?
Peak Performance Relic Group B 59 ? 1:71 1:145 1:16 1:55 ?
Peak Performance Relic Group C 13 ? 1:153 1:317 1:34 1:120 ?
Peak Performance Auto Group A 16 ? 1:19,500 1:40,000 ? ? ?
Peak Performance Auto Group B 17 ? 1:1125 1:2381 1:37 1:750 ?
Peak Performance Auto Group C 12 ? 1:600 1:1226 1:19 1:425 ?
Peak Performance Auto Group D 2 ? 1:1850 1:3980 ? ? ?
Peak Performance Jumbo Relic 20 20 N/A 1:930 N/A ?
Peak Performance Auto Relic 10 50 1:3740 N/A 1:745 N/A ?
World Champion Relic ? 100 1:3750 1:3150 1:750 1:1050 ?
World Champion Auto Relic ? 50 1:7500 N/A 1:1485 ? ?
World Champion Auto ? 50 1:22600 1:18500 1:4525 1:6500 ?
Legendary Lineage Relic 15 50 1:7540 1:6,300 1:1485 1:2100 ?
MLB Exclusive Patch Cards 10 50 1:11300 1:9500 1:2200 1:3150 ?
Hall of Fame Buybacks 500 ? 1:10000 1:11000 1:1850 1:3000 ?
1961 Mickey Mantle Reprint Relic 1 61 1:88000 1:80000 1:19230 1:25500 ?
Baseball Legends Cut Signature 10 1 1:339000 1:346000 1:77000 1:104000 ?
Sketch Card ? one-of-one 1:18840 N/A 1:3685 N/A ?
In the Name Relic 66 one-for each letter of the player's last name 1:4300 N/A 1:859 N/A ?
Manufactured Hat Logo Patch 186 99 1:432 N/A 1:10 N/A ?

Series Two

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Hobby Odds Hobby Jumbo Retail Odds
Base 330 - 9:1 40:1 ?
Topps Attax 25 - 1:1 1:1 ?
Cards Your Mother Threw Out 58 - 1:3 1:1 1:3
Peak Performance 50 - 1:4 1:1 1:4
Legendary Lineage 30 - 1:4 1:1 ?
Turkey Red 50 - 1:4 1:1 1:4
Vintage Legends Collection 25 - 1:4 1:1 ?
Million Card Giveaway Code 10 - 1:6 1:1 ?
Gold 330 2010 1:6 1:1 ?
History of the World Series 25 - 1:6 1:1 1:6
Topps 2020 20 - 1:6 1:1 ?
Create Your Own Sketch Card 1 - 1:24 ? ?
Cards Your Mother Threw Out Original Backs 58 - 1:36 ? 1:116
Black 330 59 ? ? N/A
Base Card Variations 20 3,000 ? ? ?
Cap Logos 160 99 1:432 1:60 N/A
Printing Plates 330 4 ? ? N/A
Silk Collection 100 50 ? ? N/A
Platinum 330 1 ? ? ?
Peak Performance Blue Relic 80 99 ? ? ?
Peak Performance Dual Relic Cards 15 50 ? ? ?
Peak Performance Auto ? ? ? ? ?
Peak Performance Auto Relic 10 50 ? ? N/A
Peak Performance Jumbo Relic 20 20 ? ? N/A
MLB Exclusive Patch Card 5 50 ? ? ?
Sketch ? 1 ? ? N/A
Hall of Fame Buybacks 500 - ? ? 1:180,000
Legendary Lineage Relic 15 50 ? ? ?
1962 Mickey Mantle Reprint Relic 1 62 ? ? ?
Baseball Legends Cut Signature 15 1 ? ? ?
Red Hot Rookie Redemption 10 - ? ? ?


Base Set

NOTE: The entire 660 set is available in "Throwback" and "All-Black" versions, exclusive to Blaster boxes sold at Target and Wal-Mart stores, respectively.

Design of 2010 Topps base set, #162 Wade Davis

Series One

1 Prince Fielder

2 Buster Posey RC

3 Derrek Lee

4 Hanley Ramirez / Pablo Sandoval / Albert Pujols LL

5 Texas Rangers TC

6 Chicago White Sox FH

7 Mickey Mantle

8 Joe Mauer / Ichiro / Derek Jeter LL

9 Tim Lincecum NL CY

10 Clayton Kershaw

11 Orlando Cabrera

12 Doug Davis

13 Melvin Mora

14 Ted Lilly

15 Bobby Abreu

16 Johnny Cueto

17 Dexter Fowler

18 Tim Stauffer

19 Felipe Lopez

20 Tommy Hanson

21 Cristian Guzman

22 Anthony Swarzak

23 Shane Victorino

24 John Maine

25 Adam Jones

26 Zach Duke

27 Lance Berkman / Mike Hampton CC

28 Jonathan Sanchez

29 Aubrey Huff

30 Victor Martinez

31 Jason Grilli

32 Cincinnati Reds TC

33 Adam Moore RC

34 Michael Dunn RC

35 Rick Porcello

36 Tobi Stoner RC

37 Garret Anderson

38 Houston Astros TC

39 Jeff Baker

40 Josh Johnson

41 Los Angeles Dodgers FH

42 Prince Fielder / Ryan Howard / Albert Pujols LL

43 Marco Scutaro

44 Howie Kendrick

45 David Hernandez

46 Chad Tracy

47 Brad Penny

48 Joey Votto

49 Jorge De La Rosa

50 Zack Greinke

51 Eric Young, Jr. (RC)

52 Billy Butler

53 Craig Counsell

54 John Lackey

55 Manny Ramirez

56 Andy Pettitte

57 CC Sabathia

58 Kyle Blanks

59 Kevin Gregg

60 David Wright

61 Skip Schumaker

62 Kevin Millwood

63 Josh Bard

64 Drew Stubbs RC

65 Nick Swisher

66 Kyle Phillips RC

67 Matt LaPorta

68 Brandon Inge UER (pitcher on the front)

69 Kansas City Royals TC

70 Cole Hamels

71 Mike Hampton

72 Milwaukee Brewers FH

73 Adam Wainwright / Chris Carpenter / Jorge De La Ro LL

74 Casey Blake

75 Adrian Gonzalez

76 Joe Saunders

77 Kenshin Kawakami

78 Cesar Izturis

79 Francisco Cordero

80 Tim Lincecum

81 Ryan Theroit

82 Jason Marquis

83 Mark Teahen (airbrushed White Sox uniform)

84 Nate Robertson

85 Ken Griffey, Jr.

86 Gil Meche

87 Darin Erstad

88 Jerry Hairston, Jr.

89 J.A. Happ

90 Ian Kinsler

91 Erik Bedard

92 David Eckstein

93 Joe Nathan

94 Ivan Rodriguez

95 Carl Crawford

96 Jon Garland

97 Luis Durango RC

98 Cesar Ramos (RC)

99 Garrett Jones

100 Albert Pujols

101 Scott Baker

102 Minnesota Twins TC

103 Daniel Murphy

104 New York Mets FH

105 Madison Bumgarner RC

106 Chris Carpenter / Tim Lincecum / Jair Jurrjens LL

107 Scott Hairston

108 Erick Aybar

109 Justin Masterson

110 Andrew McCutchen

111 Ty Wigginton

112 Kevin Correia

113 Willy Taveras

114 Chris Iannetta

115 Gordon Beckham

116 Carlos Gomez (airbrushed Brewers uniform)

117 David DeJesus

118 Brandon Morrow

119 Wilkin Ramirez

120 Jorge Posada

121 Brett Anderson

122 Carlos Riuz

123 Jeff Samardzija

124 Rickie Weeks

125 Ichiro

126 John Smoltz

127 Hank Blalock

128 Garrett Mock

129 Reid Gorecki (RC)

130 Vladimir Guerrero

131 Dustin Richardson RC

132 Cliff Lee

133 Freddy Sanchez

134 Philadelphia Phillies TC

135 Ryan Dempster

136 Adam Wainwright

137 Oakland Athletics FH

138 Carlos Pena / Mark Teixeira / Jason Bay LL

139 Frank Francisco

140 Matt Holliday

141 Chone Figgins

142 Tim Hudson

143 Omar Vizquel

144 Rich Harden

145 Justin Upton

146 Yunel Escobar

147 Huston Street

148 Cody Ross

149 Jose Guillen

150 Joe Mauer

151 Mat Gamel

152 Nyjer Morgan

153 Justin Duchscherer

154 Pedro Feliz

155 Zack Greinke AL CY

156 Tony Gwynn, Jr.

157 Mike Sweeney

158 Jeff Niemann

159 Vernon Wells

160 Miguel Tejada

161 Denard Span

162 Wade Davis (RC)

163 Josh Butler RC

164 Carlos Carrasco (RC)

165 Brandon Phillips

166 Eric Byrnes

167 San Diego Padres TC

168 Brad Kilby RC

169 Pittsburgh Pirates FH

170 Jason Bay

171 Felix Hernandez / CC Sabathia / Justin Verlander LL

172 Joe Mauer AL MVP

173 Kendry Morales

174 Mike Gonzalez

175 Josh Hamilton

176 Yovani Gallardo

177 Adam Lind

178 Kerry Wood

179 Ryan Spilborghs

180 Jayson Nix

181 Nick Johnson

182 Coco Crisp

183 Jonathan Papelbon

184 Jeff Francoeur

185 Hideki Matsui

186 Andrew Bailey

187 Will Venable

188 Joe Blanton

189 Adrian Beltre

190 Pablo Sandoval

191 Mat Latos

192 Andruw Jones

193 Shairon Martis

194 Niel Walker (RC)

195 James Shields

196 Ian Desmond (RC)

197 Cleveland Indians TC

198 Florida Marlins FH

199 Seattle Mariners TC

200 Roy Halladay

201 Detroit Tigers TC

202 San Francisco Giants FH

203 Zach Greinke / Felix Hernandez / Roy Halladay LL

204 Elvis Andrus / Ian Kinsler CC

205 Chris Coghlan

206 Albert Pujols / Prince Fielder / Ryan Howard LL

207 Colby Rasmus

208 Tim Wakefield

209 Alexei Ramirez

210 Josh Beckett

211 Kelly Shoppach

212 Magglio Ordonez

213 Ricky Nolasco

214 Matt Kemp

215 Max Scherzer

216 Mike Cameron

217 Gio Gonzalez

218 Fernando Martinez

219 Kevin Hart

220 Randy Johnson

221 Russell Branyan

222 Curtis Granderson

223 Ryan Church

224 Rod Barajas

225 David Price

226 Juan Rivera

227 Josh Thole RC

228 Chris Pettit RC

229 Daniel McCutchen RC

230 Jonathan Broxton

231 Luke Scott

232 St. Louis Cardinals TC

233 Mark Teixeira / Jason Bay / Adam Lind LL

234 Tampa Bay Rays FH

235 Neftali Feliz

236 Andrew Bailey AL ROY

237 Ryan Braun / Prince Fielder CC

238 Ian Stewart

239 Juan Uribe

240 Ricky Romero

241 Rocco Baldelli

242 Bobby Jenks

243 Asdrubal Cabrera

244 Barry Zito

245 Lance Berkman

246 Leo Nunez

247 Andre Ethier

248 Jason Kendall

249 Jon Niese

250 Mark Teixeira

251 John Lannan

252 Ronny Cedeno

253 Bengie Molina

254 Edwin Jackson

255 Chris Davis

256 Akinori Iwamura (airbrushed Pirates uniform)

257 Bobby Crosby

258 Edwin Encarnacion

259 Daniel Hudson RC

260 New York Yankees FH

261 Matt Carson (RC)

262 Homer Bailey

263 Placido Polanco

264 Arizona Diamondbacks FH

265 Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim TC

266 Humberto Quintero

267 Toronto Blue Jays FH

268 Juan Pierre

269 Alex Rodriguez / Derek Jeter / Robinson Cano CC

270 Michael Brantley RC

271 Jermaine Dye

272 Jair Jurrjens

273 Pat Neshek

274 Stephen Drew

275 Chris Coghlan NL ROY

276 Matt Lindstrom

277 Jarrod Washburn

278 Carlos Delgado

279 Randy Wolf

280 Mark DeRosa

281 Braden Looper

282 Washington Nationals FH

283 Adam Kennedy

284 Ross Ohlendorf

285 Kurt Suzuki

286 Javier Vasquez

287 Jhonny Peralta

288 Boston Red Sox FH

289 Lyle Overbay

290 Orlando Hudson

291 Austin Kearns

292 Tommy Manzella (RC)

293 Brent Dlugach (RC)

294 Adam Dunn

295 Kevin Youkilis

296 Atlanta Braves TC

297 Ben Zobrist

298 Baltimore Orioles TC

299 Gary Sheffield

300 Chase Utley

301 Jack Cust

302 Kevin Youkilis / David Ortiz CC

303 Chris Snyder

304 Adam LaRoche

305 Juan Francisco RC

306 Milton Bradley

307 Henry Rodriguez RC

308 Robinzon Diaz

309 Gerald Laird

310 Elvis Andrus

311 Jose Valverde

312 Tyler Flowers RC

313 Jason Kubel

314 Angel Pagan

315 Scott Kazmir

316 Chris Young

317 Ryan Doumit

318 Nate Schierholtz

319 Ryan Franklin

320 Brian McCann

321 Pat Burrell

322 Travis Buck

323 Jim Thome

324 Alex Rios

325 Julio Lugo

326 Tyler Colvin RC

327 Albert Pujols NL MVP UER (outfielder on back)

328 Chicago Cubs TC

329 Colorado Rockies FH

330 Brandon Allen (RC)

Series Two

331 Ryan Braun

332 Brad Hawpe

333 Ryan Ludwick

334 Jayson Werth

335 Jordan Norberto RC

336 C.J. Wilson

337 Carlos Zambrano

338 Brett Cecil

339 Jose Reyes

340 John Buck

341 Nolan Ryan FH

342 Melky Cabrera

343 Brian Bruney

344 Brett Myers

345 Chris Volstad

346 Taylor Teagarden

347 Aaron Harang

348 Jordan Zimmermann

349 Felix Pie

350 Prince Fielder / Ryan Braun CC

351 Koji Uehara

352 Cameron Maybin

353 Jason Heyward RC

354 Evan Longoria

355 James Russell RC

356 Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim FH

357 Scott Downs

358 Mark Buehrle

359 Aramis Ramirez

360 Justin Morneau

361 Washington Nationals FH

362 Travis Snider

363 Joba Chamberlain

364 Trevor Hoffman

365 Logan Ondrusek RC

366 Hiroki Kuroda

367 Wandy Rodriguez

368 Wade LeBlanc

369 David Ortiz

370 Robinson Cano

371 Nick Hundley

372 Philadelphia Phillies FH

373 Clint Barmes

374 Scott Feldman

375 Mike Leake RC

376 Esmil Rogers RC

377 Felix Hernandez

378 George Sherrill

379 Phil Hughes

380 J.D. Drew

381 Miguel Montero

382 Kyle Davies

383 Derek Lowe

384 Chris Johnson RC

385 Torii Hunter

386 Dan Haren

387 Josh Fields

388 Joel Pineiro

389 Troy Tulowitzki

390 Ervin Santana

391 Manny Parra

392 Carlos Monasterios RC

393 Jason Frasor

394 Luis Castillo

395 Jenrry Mejia RC

396 Jake Westbrook

397 Colorado Rockies TC

398 Carlos Gonzalez

399 Matt Garza

400 Alex Rodriguez

401 Chad Billingsley

402 J.P. Howell

403 Jimmy Rollins

404 Mariano Rivera

405 Dustin McGowan

406 Jeff Francis

407 Nick Punto

408 Detroit Tigers FH

409 Kosuke Fukudome

410 Oakland Athletics TC

411 Jack Wilson

412 San Francisco Giants TC

413 J.J. Hardy

414 Sean West

415 Cincinnati Reds FH

416 Ruben Tejada RC

417 Dallas Braden

418 Aaron Laffey

419 David Aardsma

420 Shin-Soo Choo

421 Doug Fister RC

422 Vin Mazzaro

423 Brad Bergesen

424 David Herndon RC

425 Dontrelle Willis

426 Mark Reynolds

427 Brandon Webb

428 Baltimore Orioles FH

429 Seth Smith

430 Kazuo Matsui

431 John Raynor RC

432 A.J. Burnett

433 Julio Borbon

434 Kevin Slowey

435 Nelson Cruz

436 New York Mets TC

437 Luke Hochevar

438 Jason Bartlett

439 Emilio Bonifacio

440 Willie Harris

441 Clete Thomas

442 Dan Runzler RC

443 Jason Hammel

444 Yuniesky Betancourt

445 Miguel Olivo

446 Gavin Floyd

447 Jeremy Guthrie

448 Joakim Soria

449 Ryan Sweeney

450 Omir Santos

451 Michael Saunders

452 Allen Craig RC

453 Jesse English (RC)

454 James Loney

455 St. Louis Cardinals FH

456 Clayton Richard

457 Kanekoa Texeira RC

458 Todd Wellemeyer

459 Joel Zumaya

460 Aaron Cunningham

461 Tyson Ross RC

462 Alcides Escobar

463 Carlos Marmol

464 Francisco Liriano

465 Chien-Ming Wang (airbrushed Nationals uniform)

466 Jered Weaver

467 Fausto Carmona

468 Delmon Young

469 Alex Burnett RC

470 New York Yankees TC

471 Drew Butera (RC)

472 Toronto Blue Jays TC

473 Jason Varitek

474 Kyle Kendrick

475 Johnny Damon (airbrushed Tigers uniform)

476 Yadier Molina

477 Nate McLouth

478 Conor Jackson

479 Chris Carpenter

480 Boston Red Sox TC

481 Scott Rolen

482 Mike McCoy RC

483 Daisuke Matsuzaka

484 Mike Fontenot

485 Jesus Flores

486 Raul Ibanez

487 Dan Uggla

488 Delwyn Young

489 Russell Martin

490 Michael Bourn

491 Rafael Furcal

492 Brian Wilson

493 Travis Ishikawa

494 Andrew Miller

495 Carlos Pena

496 Rajai Davis

497 Edgar Renteria

498 Sergio Santos (RC)

499 Michael Bowden

500 Brad Lidge

501 Jake Peavy

502 Jhoulys Chacin

503 Austin Jackson RC

504 Jeff Mathis

505 Andy Marte

506 Jose Lopez

507 Francisco Rodriguez

508 Chris Getz

509 Todd Helton

510 Justin Upton / Mark Reynolds CC

511 Chicago Cubs FH

512 Scot Shields

513 Scott Sizemore RC

514 Rafael Soriano

515 Seattle Mariners FH

516 Marlon Byrd

517 Cliff Pennington

518 Corey Hart

519 Alexi Casilla

520 Randy Wells

521 Jeremy Bonderman

522 Jordan Schafer

523 Phil Coke

524 Dusty Hughes RC

525 David Huff

526 Carlos Guillen

527 Brandon Wood

528 Brian Bannister

529 Carlos Lee

530 Steve Pearce

531 Matt Cain

532 Hunter Pence

533 Gary Matthews, Jr.

534 Hideki Okajima

535 Andy Sonnanstine

536 Matt Palmer

537 Michael Cuddyer

538 Travis Hafner

539 Arizona Diamondbacks TC

540 Sean Rodriguez

541 Jason Motte

542 Heath Bell

543 Nick Markakis / Adam Jones CC

544 Kevin Kouzmanoff

545 Fred Lewis

546 Bud Norris

547 Brett Gardner

548 Minnesota Twins FH

549 Derek Jeter

550 Freddy Garcia

551 Everth Cabrera

552 Chris Tillman

553 Florida Marlins TC

554 Ramon Hernandez

555 B.J. Upton

556 Chicago White Sox TC

557 Aaron Hill

558 Ronny Paulino

559 Nick Markakis

560 Ryan Rowland-Smith

561 Ryan Zimmerman

562 Carlos Quentin

563 Bronson Arroyo

564 Houston Astros FH

565 Franklin Morales

566 Maicer Izturis

567 Mike Pelfrey

568 Jarrod Saltalamacchia

569 Jacoby Ellsbury

570 Josh Willingham

571 Brandon Lyon

572 Clay Buchholz

573 Johan Santana

574 Milwaukee Brewers TC

575 Ryan Perry

576 Paul Maholm

577 Jason Jaramillo

578 Aaron Rowand

579 Trevor Cahill

580 Ian Snell

581 Chris Dickerson

582 Martin Prado

583 Anibal Sanchez

584 Matt Capps

585 Dioner Navarro

586 Roy Oswalt

587 David Murphy

588 Landon Powell

589 Edinson Volquez

590 Ryan Howard

591 Fernando Rodney

592 Brian Roberts

593 Derek Holland

594 Andy LaRoche

595 Mike Lowell

596 Brendan Ryan

597 J.R. Towles

598 Alberto Callaspo

599 Jay Bruce

600 Hanley Ramirez

601 Blake DeWitt

602 Kansas City Royals FH

603 Gerardo Parra

604 Atlanta Braves FH

605 A.J. Pierzynski

606 Chad Qualls

607 Ubaldo Jimenez

608 Pittsburgh Pirates TC

609 Jeff Suppan

610 Alex Gordon

611 Josh Outman

612 Lastings Milledge

613 Eric Chavez

614 Kelly Johnson

615 Justin Verlander

616 Franklin Gutierrez

617 Luis Valbuena

618 Jorge Cantu

619 Mike Napoli

620 Geovany Soto

621 Aaron Cook

622 Cleveland Indians FH

623 Miguel Cabrera

624 Carlos Beltran

625 Grady Sizemore

626 Glen Perkins

627 Jeremy Hermida

628 Ross Detwiler

629 Oliver Perez

630 Ben Francisco

631 Marc Rzepczynski

632 Daric Barton

633 Daniel Bard

634 Casey Kotchman

635 Carl Pavano

636 Evan Longoria / B.J. Upton CC

637 Babe Ruth / Lou Gehrig CC

638 Paul Konerko

639 Los Angeles Dodgers TC

640 Matt Diaz

641 Chase Headley

642 San Diego Padres FH

643 Michael Young

644 David Purcey

645 Texas Rangers TC

646 Trevor Crowe

647 Alfonso Soriano

648 Brian Fuentes

649 Casey McGehee

650 Dustin Pedroia

651 Mike Aviles

652 Chipper Jones

653 Nolan Reimold

654 Collin Balester

655 Ryan Madson

656 Jon Lester

657 Chris Young

658 Tommy Hunter

659 Nick Blackburn

660 Brandon McCarthy

Stephen Strasburg Card #661

See our Guide to the 2010 Topps 661 Stephen Strasburg Cards.

Variations, Gimmicks, and Errors

Roger Maris Short Print Variation #175

Legends Variations

Series One

1 Hank Greenberg

20 Warren Spahn

50 Cy Young

56 Whitey Ford

80 Christy Mathewson

85 Jackie Robinson

90 Rogers Hornsby

94 Carlton Fisk

95 Rickey Henderson

100 Stan Musial

110 Willie Stargell

116 Robin Yount

125 George Sisler

130 Reggie Jackson

165 Joe Morgan

175 Roger Maris

200 Walter Johnson

250 Lou Gehrig

294 Babe Ruth

300 Ryne Sandberg

Series Two

Topps announced that only 3000 copies of each Series Two Legends Variation card were produced; however, the cards are not serial-numbered.

331 Eddie Mathews

354 Johnny Mize

369 Jimmie Foxx

370 Mel Ott

377 Tom Seaver

400 Frank Robinson

403 Ozzie Smith

409 Richie Ashburn

476 Thurman Munson

479 Dizzy Dean

489 Roy Campanella

532 Dale Murphy

549 Pee Wee Reese

559 Eddie Murray

569 Tris Speaker

590 Ernie Banks

600 Honus Wagner

615 Nolan Ryan

650 Ty Cobb

652 Mickey Mantle

Photoshopped Gimmick

This un-announced short-printed Series One card of Curtis Granderson shows him Photoshopped into his, then new, Yankee uniform. The photo used is the exact same one from Granderson's base card.

It should be noted that while other players who changed teams during the 2009-10 MLB off-season appear in Series One in their new, Photoshopped, uniforms, Granderson was the only player to have a SPed gimmick card.

222 Curtis Granderson (airbrushed)

Pie-in-the-Face Gimmicks

NOTE: Series One features exclusively members of the New York Yankees, while Pie-in-the-Face cards in Series Two have rookies. Despite being numbered as part of the second series, cards #370a, #370b, #400a, #400b, #422, #475, and #579 were randomly inserted into Series One packs.

Series One

NOTE: Neither Cervelli nor Miranda appear in the base set.

65 Nick Swisher

88 Jerry Hairston, Jr.

120 Jorge Posada

185 Hideki Matsui

250 Mark Teixeira

370a Robinson Cano (8/12/09)

370b Robinson Cano (8/28/09)

400b Alex Rodriguez (8/7/09)

400a Alex Rodriguez (5/16/09)

422 Francisco Cervelli

475 Johnny Damon

579 Juan Miranda

Series Two

NOTE: Neither Talbot nor Davis appear in the base set.

225 David Price

353 Jason Heyward

435 Nelson Cruz

467 Mitch Talbot

509 Ike Davis

Abe Lincoln Gimmicks

Exclusive to Series One packs, these four Chicago Cub cards all feature the image of Abraham Lincoln Photoshopped into the background. Although these cards were inserted into packs from the beginning, Topps did not acknowledge the existence of these cards until the middle of March -- almost two months after Series One went live.

Most collectors were not sharp enough, or cared for that matter, to find them.

123 Jeff Samardzija (in crowd)

135 Ryan Dempster (as umpire)

306 Milton Bradley (in scoreboard)

326 Tyler Colvin


13 Mevin Mora card w/Adam Jones on the back

NOTE: It is unclear if this card is a legitimate error or merely a gimmick.

13 Melvin Mora ERR (Adam Jones on Back)<ref>http://forums.collectors.com/messageview.cfm?catid=11&threadid=762911</ref>

Some of the Melvin Mora cards do have him on the back, and not Adam Jones. It isn't known which one is more common, the error or the fixed card.

In addition to the card above, a number of base cards have been printed with blank backs<ref>http://shop.ebay.com/?_nkw=2010+topps+blank</ref>. At first look, these cards appear to be error cards, but they aren't. They are 1 of 1 cards printed and distributed by Topps via ToppsVault.

Stephen Strasburg's Gimmicked "Rookies"

Beginning on June 8, 2010 at 9pm EDT (around the time he was lifted for a pinch hitter in his Major League debut), Topps unveiled on their "Million Card Giveaway" website a card it billed as Stephen Strasburg's first "rookie card." Collectors possessing a valid Million Card Giveaway code we able to unlock this card. Although it is numbered as an extension of the 2010 Topps Baseball set and bears the MLB "ROOKIE CARD" icon, this Strasburg is NOT considered a "true" rookie card due to its unusual distribution. Topps also allowed a maximum of 300 lucky collectors who unlocked this card the opportunity to have their card autographed by Strasburg for a fee of $350.

Each 2010 Topps Baseball factory set included a Stephen Strasburg "rookie" card. Like the one available on the Million Card Giveaway website, the factory set card will be numbered as card #661 in the 2010 Topps Baseball base set; however, it will have a different photo on the front and different text on the back. This same card was also included in packs of 2010 Topps Update thereby making this card Strasburg's "true" rookie card.

For more information on the plethora of Strasburg cards, please see our Guide to the 2010 Topps 661 Stephen Strasburg Cards.


All 660 base set cards are available in the following parallels:

  • All-Black (exclusive to Blaster boxes sold at Wal-Mart)
  • Throwback (exclusive to Blaster boxes sold at Target)
  • Gold (serial-numbered to 2010 copies)
  • Red (serial-numbered to 299 copies, factory-set exclusive)
  • Black (serial-numbered to 59 copies)
  • Platinum (one-of-one)
  • Press Plates (four of each)


Copper parallels are each serial-numbered to 399 copies and were randomly inserted into special "Value Boxes" that were released in August, 2010. Each value box contained one, six-card pack of 2010 Topps Allen & Ginter's; six, 10-card packs of Series Two Topps; one Million Card Giveaway code card; and one of three special Wal-Mart Exclusive Chrome Refractors (see below). These Value Boxes were exclusive to Wal-Mart and sold for $14.98 per box. The Copper cards were randomly inserted into the Topps Series Two packs at the rate of 1:10.


Silk Collection

Each mini-sized silk card is serial-numbered to 50 copies and mounted into a standard-sized frame. Cards are not sequentially numbered, but were assigned a card number on the checklist issued by Topps.

Series One

S1 Prince Fielder

S2 Buster Posey

S3 Derrek Lee

S4 Mickey Mantle

S5 Clayton Kershaw

S6 Bobby Abreu

S7 Johnny Cueto

S8 Dexter Fowler

S9 Felipe Lopez

S10 Tommy Hanson

S11 Shane Victorino

S12 Adam Jones

S13 Victor Martinez

S14 Rick Porcello

S15 Garret Anderson

S16 Josh Johnson

S17 Marco Scutaro

S18 Howie Kendrick

S19 Joey Votto

S20 Jorge De La Rosa

S21 Zack Greinke

S22 Eric Young, Jr.

S23 Billy Butler

S24 John Lackey

S25 Manny Ramirez

S26 CC Sabathia

S27 David Wright

S28 Nick Swisher

S29 Matt LaPorta

S30 Brandon Inge

S31 Cole Hamels

S32 Adrian Gonzalez

S33 Joe Saunders

S34 Tim Lincecum

S35 Ken Griffey, Jr.

S36 J.A. Happ

S37 Ian Kinsler

S38 Ivan Rodriguez

S39 Carl Crawford

S40 Jon Garland

S41 Albert Pujols

S42 Madison Bumgarner

S43 Andrew McCutchen

S44 Gordon Beckham

S45 Jorge Posada

S46 Ichiro

S47 Vladimir Guerrero

S48 Cliff Lee

S49 Freddy Sanchez

S50 Ryan Dempster

S51 Adam Wainwright

S52 Matt Holliday

S53 Chone Figgins

S54 Tim Hudson

S55 Rich Harden

S56 Justin Upton

S57 Joe Mauer

S58 Vernon Wells

S59 Miguel Tejada

S60 Denard Span

S61 Brandon Phillips

S62 Jason Bay

S63 Kendry Morales

S64 Josh Hamilton

S65 Yovani Gallardo

S66 Adam Lind

S67 Hideki Matsui

S68 Will Venable

S69 Joe Blanton

S70 Adrian Beltre

S71 Pablo Sandoval

S72 Roy Halladay

S73 Chris Coghlan

S74 Colby Rasmus

S75 Alexei Ramirez

S76 Josh Beckett

S77 Matt Kemp

S78 Max Scherzer

S79 Randy Johnson

S80 Curtis Granderson

S81 David Price

S82 Neftali Feliz

S83 Ricky Romero

S84 Lance Berkman

S85 Andre Ethier

S86 Mark Teixeira

S87 Edwin Jackson

S88 Akinori Iwamura

S89 Michael Brantley

S90 Jair Jurrjens

S91 Stephen Drew

S92 Javier Vasquez

S93 Orlando Hudson

S94 Adam Dunn

S95 Kevin Youkilis

S96 Chase Utley

S97 Tyler Flowers

S98 Brian McCann

S99 Jim Thome

S100 Alex Rios

Series Two

S109 A.J. Burnett

S101 Geovany Soto

S102 Joakim Soria

S103 Chad Billingsley

S104 Jacoby Ellsbury

S105 Justin Morneau

S106 Jeff Francis

S107 Francisco Rodriguez

S108 Torii Hunter

S110 Chris Young

S111 Bud Norris

S112 Todd Helton

S113 Shin-Soo Choo

S114 Matt Cain

S115 Jered Weaver

S116 Jason Bartlett

S117 Chris Carpenter

S118 Kosuke Fukudome

S119 Roy Oswalt

S120 Alex Rodriguez

S121 Dan Haren

S122 Hiroki Kuroda

S123 Hunter Pence

S124 Jeremy Guthrie

S125 Grady Sizemore

S126 Mark Reynolds

S127 Johnny Damon

S128 Aaron Rowand

S129 Carlos Beltran

S130 Alfonso Soriano

S131 Nelson Cruz

S132 Edinson Volquez

S133 Jayson Werth

S134 Mariano Rivera

S135 Brandon Webb

S136 Jordan Zimmerman

S137 Michael Young

S138 Daisuke Matsuzaka

S139 Ubaldo Jimenez

S140 Evan Longoria

S141 Brad Lidge

S142 Carlos Zambrano

S143 Heath Bell

S144 Trevor Cahill

S145 Carlos Gonzalez

S146 Jose Reyes

S147 Ian Snell

S148 Manny Parra

S149 Michael Cuddyer

S150 Nick Markakis

S151 Justin Verlander

S152 Delmon Young

S153 Kelly Johnson

S154 Derek Lowe

S155 Derek Jeter

S156 Paul Maholm

S157 Mike Napoli

S158 Aramis Ramirez

S159 Alex Gordon

S160 Jorge Cantu

S161 Brad Hawpe

S162 Troy Tulowitzki

S163 Casey Kotchman

S164 Carlos Guillen

S165 J.D. Drew

S166 Dustin Pedoria

S167 Francisco Liriano

S168 Jimmy Rollins

S169 Wade LeBlanc

S170 Miguel Cabrera

S171 Jeremy Hermida

S172 Koji Uehara

S173 Tommy Hunter

S174 Dustin McGowan

S175 Corey Hart

S176 Jake Peavy

S177 Jason Varitek

S178 Chris Dickerson

S179 Robinson Cano

S180 Michael Bourn

S181 Chris Volstad

S182 Mark Buehrle

S183 Jarrod Saltalamacchia

S184 Aaron Hill

S185 Carlos Pena

S186 Luke Hochevar

S187 Derek Holland

S188 Carlos Quentin

S189 J.J. Hardy

S190 Ryan Zimmerman

S191 Travis Snider

S192 Russell Martin

S193 Brian Roberts

S194 Ryan Ludwick

S195 Aaron Cook

S196 Jay Bruce

S197 Kevin Slowey

S198 Johan Santana

S199 Carlos Lee

S200 David Ortiz


The Cards Your Mother Threw Out

Cards Your Mother Threw Out #CMT-15 is a reprint of Jim Palmer's 1966 Topps card.

The Cards Your Mother Threw Out insert is also available in an "Original Back" parallel. Cards #CMT-44-#CMT-58 and #CMT102-#CMT116, are stamped in gold foil; but the "Original Back" parallel is stamped in silver. In addition, both versions of #CMT-55 have an additional Topps logo "watermarked" over Alex Gordon's right shoulder.

Series One

CMT-1 Mickey Mantle 1952

CMT-2 Jackie Robinson 1953

CMT-3 Ernie Banks 1954

CMT-4 Duke Snider 1955

CMT-5 Luis Aparicio 1956

CMT-6 Frank Robinson 1957

CMT-7 Orlando Cepeda 1958

CMT-8 Bob Gibson 1959

CMT-9 Carl Yastrzemski 1960

CMT-10 Roger Maris 1961

CMT-11 Mickey Mantle 1962

CMT-12 Stan Musial 1963

CMT-13 Brooks Robinson 1964

CMT-14 Juan Marichal 1965

CMT-15 Jim Palmer 1966

CMT-16 Willie McCovey 1967

CMT-17 Mickey Mantle 1968

CMT-18 Reggie Jackson 1969

CMT-19 Steve Carlton 1970

CMT-20 Thurman Munson 1971

CMT-21 Tom Seaver 1972

CMT-22 Johnny Bench 1973

CMT-23 Dave Winfield 1974

CMT-24 Robin Yount 1975

CMT-25 Mike Schmidt 1976

CMT-26 Reggie Jackson 1977

CMT-27 Nolan Ryan 1978

CMT-28 Ozzie Smith 1979

CMT-29 Rickey Henderson 1980

CMT-30 Eddie Murray 1981

CMT-31 Paul Molitor 1982

CMT-32 Ryne Sandberg 1983

CMT-33 Don Mattingly 1984

CMT-34 Dwight Gooden 1985

CMT-35 Tony Gwynn 1986

CMT-36 Bo Jackson 1987

CMT-37 Nolan Ryan 1988

CMT-38 Gary Sheffield 1989

CMT-39 Frank Thomas 1990

CMT-40 Chipper Jones 1991

CMT-41 Manny Ramirez 1992

CMT-42 Derek Jeter 1993

CMT-43 Tony Gwynn 1994

CMT-44 Mike Piazza 1995

CMT-45 Cal Ripken, Jr. 1996 UER Original Back version has pitching stat headers. 1996 card has ba

CMT-46 Pedro Martinez 1997

CMT-47 Alex Rodriguez 1998

CMT-48 Ivan Rodriguez 1999

CMT-49 Randy Johnson 2000

CMT-50 Ichiro 2001

CMT-51 Albert Pujols 2002

CMT-52 Kevin Youkilis 2003

CMT-53 Alfonso Soriano 2004

CMT-54 Ryan Howard / Cole Hamels 2005

CMT-55 Alex Gordon 2006

CMT-56 Dustin Pedroia 2007

CMT-57 Tim Lincecum 2008

CMT-58 Evan Longoria 2009

Series Two

CMT59 Phil Rizzuto 1952

CMT60 Mickey Mantle 1953

CMT61 Al Kaline 1954

CMT62 Yogi Berra 1955

CMT63 Ernie Banks 1956

CMT64 Whitey Ford 1957

CMT65 Duke Snider 1958

CMT66 Warren Spahn 1959

CMT67 Willie McCovey 1960

CMT68 Brooks Robinson 1961

CMT69 Roger Maris 1962

CMT70 Harmon Killebrew 1963

CMT71 Eddie Matthews 1964

CMT72 Carl Yastrzemski 1965

CMT73 Gaylord Perry 1966

CMT74 Jim Bunning 1967

CMT75 Rod Carew 1968

CMT76 Nolan Ryan 1969

CMT77 Johnny Bench 1970

CMT78 Frank Robinson 1971

CMT79 Juan Marichal 1972

CMT80 Reggie Jackson 1973

CMT81 Willie McCovey 1974

CMT82 George Brett 1975

CMT83 Dennis Eckersley 1976

CMT84 Tom Seaver 1977

CMT85 Eddie Murray 1978

CMT86 Paul Molitor 1979

CMT87 Joe Morgan 1980

CMT88 Rickey Henderson 1981

CMT89 Steve Carlton 1982

CMT90 Tony Gwynn 1983

CMT91 Ryne Sandberg 1984

CMT92 Robin Yount 1985

CMT93 Mike Schmidt 1986

CMT94 Don Mattingly 1987

CMT95 Darryl Strawberry 1988

CMT96 Randy Johnson 1989

CMT97 Frank Thomas 1990

CMT98 Ken Griffey, Jr. 1991

CMT99 Cal Ripken, Jr. 1992

CMT100 Ozzie Smith 1993

CMT101 Bo Jackson 1994

CMT102 Babe Ruth 1995

CMT103 Manny Ramirez 1996

CMT104 John Smoltz 1997

CMT105 Derek Jeter 1998

CMT106 Alex Rodriguez 1999

CMT107 Chipper Jones 2000

CMT108 Mariano Rivera 2001

CMT109 Joe Mauer 2002

CMT110 Cole Hamels 2003

CMT111 Ichiro / Albert Pujols 2004

CMT112 Andre Ethier 2005

CMT113 Justin Verlander 2006

CMT114 Derek Jeter 2007

CMT115 Ryan Zimmerman 2008

CMT116 Rick Porcello 2009

Legendary Lineage

These dual-player cards link a current star with a past legend.

2010 Topps Legendary Lineage LL2 Mickey Mantle/Chipper Jones

Series One

LL4 Lou Gehrig / Mark Teixeira

LL5 Ty Cobb / Curtis Granderson

LL13 Reggie Jackson / Adam Dunn

LL19 Whitey Ford / CC Sabathia

LL22 Frank Robinson / Vladimir Guerrero

LL23 Jackie Robinson / Matt Kemp

LL24 Bob Gibson / Tim Lincecum

LL25 Tom Seaver / Roy Halladay

LL27 Tony Gwynn / Joe Mauer

LL26 Dennis Eckersley / MarianoRivera

LL28 Nolan Ryan / Zack Greinke

LL29 Carl Yastrzemski / Kevin Youkilis

LL30 Rickey Henderson / Carl Crawford

LL1 Willie McCovey / Ryan Howard

LL2 Mickey Mantle / Chipper Jones

LL3 Babe Ruth / Alex Rodriguez

LL6 Jimmie Foxx / Manny Ramirez

LL7 George Sisler / Ichiro

LL8 Tris Speaker / Grady Sizemore

LL9 Honus Wagner / Hanley Ramirez

LL10 Johnny Bench / Ivan Rodriguez

LL11 Mike Schmidt / Evan Longoria

LL12 Ozzie Smith / Jose Reyes

LL14 Warren Spahn / Tommy Hanson

LL15 Duke Snider / Andre Ethier

LL16 Stan Musial / Albert Pujols

LL17 Cal Ripken, Jr. / Derek Jeter

LL18 Gary Carter / David Wright

LL20 Frank Thomas / Prince Fielder

LL21 Hank Greenberg / Ryan Braun

Series Two

LL-33 Carlton Fisk / Victor Martinez

LL-36 Andre Dawson / Alfonso Soriano

LL-37 Jackie Robinson / Ichiro

LL-41 Jimmie Foxx / Prince Fielder

LL-42 Lou Gehrig / Albert Pujols

LL-44 Reggie Jackson / Justin Upton

LL-46 Luis Aparicio / Alexei Ramirez

LL-48 Stan Musial / Matt Holliday

LL-50 Tris Speaker / Jacoby Ellsbury

LL-51 Juan Marichal / Tim Lincecum

LL-54 Ozzie Smith / Elvis Andrus

LL-56 Brooks Robinson / Ryan Zimmerman

LL-57 Yogi Berra / JorgePosada

LL-58 Honus Wagner / Andrew McCutchen

LL-59 Mickey Mantle / Mark Teixeria

LL-31 Joe Mauer / Johnny Bench

LL-32 Orlando Cepeda / Pablo Sandoval

LL-34 Eddie Mathews / Chipper Jones

LL-35 Al Kaline / Miguel Cabrera

LL-38 Cal Ripken, Jr. / Hanley Ramirez

LL-39 Phil Rizzuto / Derek Jeter

LL-40 Harmon Killebrew / Justin Morneau

LL-43 Mike Schmidt / Alex Rodriguez

LL-45 Babe Ruth / Ryan Howard

LL-47 Frank Robinson / Ryan Braun

LL-49 Lou Brock / Carl Crawford

LL-52 Dale Murphy / Matt Kemp

LL-53 Nolan Ryan / Justin Verlander

LL-55 Rickey Henderson / B.J. Upton

LL-60 Ryne Sandberg / Chase Utley

Turkey Red

The design of this set is based on the 2007 Topps Turkey Red set, and NOT 1911 Turkey Red T3.

Series One

TR1 Ryan Howard

TR2 Miguel Tejada

TR3 Nolan Ryan

TR4 Albert Pujols

TR5 Josh Beckett

TR6 Justin Upton

TR7 Andre Ethier

TR8 Tommy Hanson

TR9 Josh Johnson

TR10 Jonathan Papelbon

TR11 Cole Hamels

TR12 Manny Ramirez

TR13 Yovani Gallardo

TR14 Kevin Youkilis

TR15 Hank Greenberg

TR16 Ozzie Smith

TR17 Derrek Lee

TR18 Ryan Braun

TR19 Cal Ripken, Jr.

TR20 CC Sabathia

TR21 Johnny Bench

TR22 Tim Lincecum

TR23 Mike Schmidt

TR24 Clayton Kershaw

TR25 Ernie Banks

TR26 Dexter Fowler

TR27 Edwin Jackson

TR28 Mickey Mantle

TR29 Gordon Beckham

TR30 Victor Martinez

TR31 Mel Ott

TR32 Zack Greinke

TR33 Roy Halladay

TR34 David Wright

TR35 Stephen Drew

TR36 Matt Holliday

TR37 Chase Utley

TR38 Rick Porcello

TR39 Vladimir Guerrero

TR40 Mark Teixeira

TR41 Evan Longoria

TR42 Ian Kinsler

TR43 Adrian Gonzalez

TR44 Matt Kemp

TR45 Ryne Sandberg

TR46 Babe Ruth

TR47 Curtis Granderson

TR48 Willie McCovey

TR49 Josh Hamilton

TR50 Pablo Sandoval

Series Two

TR51 Torii Hunter

TR52 Adam Dunn

TR53 Alexei Ramirez

TR54 Andrew McCutchen

TR55 Aaron Hill

TR56 Alcides Escobar

TR57 Jimmie Foxx

TR58 Joey Votto

TR59 Jose Reyes

TR60 Al Kaline

TR61 Felix Hernandez

TR62 Troy Tulowitzki

TR63 Nate McLouth

TR64 Justin Morneau

TR65 Ozzie Smith

TR66 Nelson Cruz

TR67 Grady Sizemore

TR68 Hanley Ramirez

TR69 Brooks Robinson

TR70 Jackie Robinson

TR71 Nick Markakis

TR72 Roy Oswalt

TR73 Chad Billingsley

TR74 Tom Seaver

TR75 B.J. Upton

TR76 Chris Coghlan

TR77 Luis Aparicio

TR78 Dan Haren

TR79 Raul Ibanez

TR80 Kosuke Fukudome

TR81 Denard Span

TR82 Joe Morgan

TR83 Yogi Berra

TR84 Dustin Pedoria

TR85 Lou Gehrig

TR86 Billy Butler

TR87 Jake Peavy

TR88 Eddie Mathews

TR89 Ubaldo Jimenez

TR90 Johan Santana

TR91 Buster Posey

TR92 George Sisler

TR93 Ian Desmond

TR94 Kurt Suzuki

TR95 Ty Cobb

TR96 Magglio Ordonez

TR97 Chase Headley

TR98 Hunter Pence

TR99 Ryan Ludwick

TR100 Derek Jeter

Peak Performance

Peak Performance marks the single greatest moment in the careers of 100 current and retired legendary players.

Series One

PP-1 Albert Pujols

PP-2 Tim Lincecum

PP-3 Honus Wagner

PP-4 Walter Johnson

PP-5 Babe Ruth

PP-6 Steve Carlton

PP-7 Grady Sizemore

PP-8 Justin Morneau

PP-9 Bob Gibson

PP-10 Christy Mathewson

PP-11 Mel Ott

PP-12 Lou Gehrig

PP-13 Mariano Rivera

PP-14 Raul Ibanez

PP-15 Alex Rodriguez

PP-16 Vladimir Guerrero

PP-17 Reggie Jackson

PP-18 Mickey Mantle

PP-19 Tris Speaker

PP-20 Mark Teixeira

PP-21 Jimmie Foxx

PP-22 George Sisler

PP-23 Stan Musial

PP-24 Willie Stargell

PP-25 Chase Utley

PP-26 Joe Mauer

PP-27 Tom Seaver

PP-28 Johnny Mize

PP-29 Roy Campanella

PP-30 Prince Fielder

PP-31 Manny Ramirez

PP-32 Ryan Howard

PP-33 Cy Young

PP-34 Ichiro

PP-35 Miguel Cabrera

PP-36 Dizzy Dean

PP-37 Hanley Ramirez

PP-38 David Ortiz

PP-39 Chipper Jones

PP-40 Alfonso Soriano

PP-41 David Wright

PP-42 Ryan Braun

PP-43 Dustin Pedroia

PP-44 Roy Halladay

PP-45 Jackie Robinson

PP-46 Rogers Hornsby

PP-47 Roger Maris

PP-48 Curt Schilling

PP-49 Evan Longoria

PP-50 Ty Cobb

Series Two

PP-56 Felix Hernandez

PP-51 Louis Aparicio

PP-52 Lance Berkman

PP-53 Ubaldo Jimenez

PP-54 Ian Kinsler

PP-55 George Kell

PP-57 Max Scherzer

PP-58 Magglio Ordonez

PP-59 Derek Jeter

PP-60 Mike Schmidt

PP-61 Hunter Pence

PP-62 Jason Bay

PP-63 Clay Buchholz

PP-64 Josh Hamilton

PP-65 Willie McCovey

PP-66 Aaron Hill

PP-67 Derrek Lee

PP-68 Andre Ethier

PP-69 Ryan Zimmerman

PP-70 Joe Morgan

PP-71 Carlos Lee

PP-72 Chad Billingsley

PP-73 Adam Dunn

PP-74 Dan Uggla

PP-75 Jermaine Dye

PP-76 Monte Irvin

PP-77 Curtis Granderson

PP-78 Mark Reynolds

PP-79 Matt Kemp

PP-80 Ozzie Smith

PP-81 Brandon Phillips

PP-82 Yogi Berra

PP-83 Bobby Abreu

PP-84 Catfish Hunter

PP-85 Justin Upton

PP-86 Justin Verlander

PP-87 Troy Tulowitzki

PP-88 Phil Rizzuto

PP-89 B.J. Upton

PP-90 Richie Ashburn

PP-91 Matt Cain

PP-92 Joey Votto

PP-93 Robin Roberts

PP-94 Nick Markakis

PP-95 Al Kaline

PP-96 Dan Haren

PP-97 Thurman Munson

PP-98 Victor Martinez

PP-99 Brian McCann

PP-100 Zack Greinke

Million Card Giveaway

As part of a promotion, Topps bought back and gave away over one million Topps Baseball cards starting from 1952. Randomly inserted into packs, and given to selected Hobby dealers, are these cards which have a unique code printed on the back. Collectors could then redeem their codes via the Topps Million Card Giveaway web site. These codes were the only way to acquire one of the many Stephen Strasburg "rookie" cards.

Series One

TMC-1 Roy Campanella 1952

TMC-2 Gary Carter 1978

TMC-3 Bob Gibson 1963

TMC-4 Ichiro 2001

TMC-5 Mickey Mantle 1968

TMC-6 Mickey Mantle 1957

TMC-7 Roger Maris 1963

TMC-8 Thurman Munson 1974

TMC-9 Mike Schmidt 1985

TMC-10 Carl Yastrzemski 1970 AS

Series Two

TMC-11 Roy Campanella 1953

TMC-12 Gary Carter 1979

TMC-13 Bob Gibson 1965

TMC-14 Ichiro 2002

TMC-15 Mickey Mantle 1952

TMC-16 Mickey Mantle 1959 AS

TMC-17 Roger Maris 1959

TMC-18 Thurman Munson 1976

TMC-19 Mike Schmidt 1977

TMC-20 Carl Yastrzemski 1961

Ticket to ToppsTown

Ticket to ToppsTown #TTT-14

Also available as a First Class (gold) parallel

TTT1 Joe Mauer

TTT2 David Wright

TTT3 Hanley Ramirez

TTT4 Adrian Gonzalez

TTT5 Evan Longoria

TTT6 Ichiro

TTT7 Josh Hamilton

TTT8 Zack Greinke

TTT9 Roy Halladay

TTT10 Tim Lincecum

TTT11 Brian McCann

TTT12 Miguel Tejada

TTT13 Ryan Howard

TTT14 Albert Pujols

TTT15 Miguel Cabrera

TTT16 Kevin Youkilis

TTT17 Todd Helton

TTT18 Vladimir Guerrero

TTT19 Justin Upton

TTT20 Adam Jones

TTT21 Adam Dunn

TTT22 Andrew McCutchen

TTT23 CC Sabathia

TTT24 Ryan Braun

TTT25 Manny Ramirez

History of the Game

HOTG25 1st MLB Game in Japan

HOTG24 Interleague Play Introduced 1997

HOTG23 Ripken Breaks Gehrig's Streak

HOTG22 Ryan Throws 7th No-Hitter

HOTG21 DH rule created

HOTG20 MLBPA Created

HOTG19 First MLB Draft

HOTG18 Maris Breaks Ruth HR Record

HOTG17 Dodgers and Giants Move To California 1957

HOTG16 First Televised World Series Championship 1947

HOTG15 Jackie Robinson Plays MLB game

HOTG14 First Hall Of Fame Class

HOTG13 Ruth Retires With 714 Career Home Runs 1935

HOTG12 First Night Game Played In MLB History 1935

HOTG11 First MLB All-Star Game Is Played 1933 (Babe Ruth)

HOTG10 Ruth Sets Single Season HR Mark

HOTG9 Gehrig Replaces Wally Pipp

HOGT8 Baseball hits the Airwaves 1921

HOTG5 First World Series Game Played

HOTG4 A.L. Elevated to Major League Status

HOTG3 National League Created 1876

HOTG2 First Professional Baseball Game

HOTG1 Baseball Invented

HOTG7 Ruth Sold to The Yankees 1920

HOTG6 President Taft Attends Opening Day 1910

Tales of the Game

TOG-23 Manny Ramirez "Manny Being Manny"

TOG-24 Josh Hamilton "The Great Ham-Bino"

TOG-25 "Yankees Dig Up Ortiz's Jersey"

TOG-22 "Pesky's Pole"

TOG-21 Curt Schilling "Schilling's Bloody Sock"

TOG-20 Derek Jeter "Jeter: The Flip"

TOG-19 Cal Ripken, Jr. "Old Cal Clutch"

TOG-18 Prince Fielder "Prince: BP HR at Age 12"

TOG-17 Wade Boggs "Who You Calling Chicken?"

TOG-16 Bo Jackson "Bo Knows Defense"

TOG-15 Ozzie Smith Ozzie Smith "Flips Out"

TOG-14 Reggie Jackson "Reggie's World Series HR Hat Trick"

TOG-13 Carlton Fisk "Carlton Fisk: The Wave"

TOG-12 Reggie Jackson "Reggie has Light Tower Power"

TOG-11 "1969 Amazin' Mets"

TOG-10 Jimmy Piersall "Piersall Runs Backwards for HR No. 100"

TOG-9 Mickey Mantle "Mantle Homers off Yankee Stadium Facade"

TOG-8 Roger Maris "Maris Chases No. 61"

TOG-7 Bill Mazeroski "Mazeroski Hits World Series Walk-Off"

TOG-6 Ernie Banks "Let's Play Two"

TOG-5 Jackie Robinson "Jackie Robinson Steals Home In World Series"

TOG-4 "Topps Dumps 1952 Cards In the River"

TOG-3 Babe Ruth "Ruth Calls his Shot"

TOG-2 Babe Ruth "The Curse of the Bambino"

TOG-1 Ty Cobb "Spikes Up"

When They Were Young

WTWY-AP Aaron Poreda

WTWY-JB Jason Berken

WTWY-AR Alex Rodriguez

WTWY-BR Brian Roberts

WTWY-CM Charlie Morton

WTWY-CR Cody Ross

WTWY-CS Clint Sammons

WTWY-DM Daniel McCutchen

WTWY-DO David Ortiz

WTWY-DW David Wright

WTWY-GB Gordon Beckham

WTWY-JD Johnny Damon

WTWY-JV Justin Verlander

WTWY-RD Ryan Doumit

WTWY-RM Russell Martin

WTWY-RN Ricky Nolasco

WTWY-SO Scott Olsen

WTWY-YM Yadier Molina

Topps Attax Code Cards

NOTE: These cards are not sequentially numbered, the numbers below are for counting purposes only. They are checklisted in alphabetical order for your convenience.

-1 Jason Bay

-2 Lance Berkman

-3 Billy Butler

-4 Stephen Drew

-5 Yunel Escobar

-6 Yovani Gallardo

-7 Zach Greinke

-8 Felix Hernandez

-9 Matt Holliday

-10 Torii Hunter

-11 Josh Johnson

-12 Matt Kemp

-13 Ian Kinsler

-14 Derrek Lee

-15 Jon Lester

-16 Tim Lincecum

-17 Justin Morneau

-18 Alexei Ramirez

-19 Alex Rodriguez

-20 Pablo Sandoval

-21 Max Scherzer

-22 Grady Sizemore

-23 B.J. Upton

-24 Chase Utley

-25 Justin Verlander

-26 Joey Votto

-27 Ryan Zimmerman

Vintage Legends Collection

This 25 card set features baseball legends on past Topps designs on which they've previously never appeared.

VLC1 Lou Gehrig 1958

VLC2 Johnny Mize 1965

VLC3 Reggie Jackson 1956

VLC4 Tris Speaker 1981

VLC5 George Sisler 1988

VLC6 Willie McCovey 1953

VLC7 Tom Seaver 1962

VLC8 Walter Johnson 1954

VLC9 Ozzie Smith 1969

VLC10 Babe Ruth 1999

VLC11 Christy Mathewson 1972

VLC12 Jackie Robinson 1976

VLC13 Eddie Murray 1964

VLC14 Mel Ott 1989

VLC15 Jimmie Foxx 1986

VLC16 Thurman Munson 1959

VLC17 Mike Schmidt 1960

VLC18 Johnny Bench 1957

VLC19 Rogers Hornsby 1996

VLC20 Ty Cobb 1956

VLC21 Nolan Ryan 1952

VLC22 Roy Campanella 1979

VLC23 Cy Young 1987 AS

VLC24 Pee Wee Reese 1993

VLC25 Honus Wagner 1990

History of the World Series

This 25-card set explores the major milestones and events surrounding the Fall Classic.

HWS20 Edgar Renteria Edgar Renteria's extra-inning Series-winning hit

HWS18 Paul Molitor Paul Molitor: Highest career BA (.418) In WS histo

HWS19 Boston Red Sox Boston Breaks The "Curse Of the Bambino"

HWS17 Dennis Eckersley Dennis Eckersley Finished off Game 4 To win WS

HWS16 Brooks Robinson Brooks Robinson Electric 1970 WS performance

HWS25 New York Yankees Yankees usher In new stadium With WS championship

HWS24 Chase Utley Utley Ties Reggie Jackson for Most HR In single WS

HWS23 Cole Hamels Cole Hamels Earns NLCS And WS MVP honors

HWS22 Luis Gonzalez Gonzalez ends the second-longest game in WS

HWS21 Derek Jeter Mr. November Hits 10th Inning blast

HWS13 Yogi Berra Yogi Berra: Most career Hits in WS history

HWS12 Yogi Berra Yogi Berra Catches the 1st perfect World Series ga

HWS11 Johnny Podres Johnny Podres Gives Brooklyn Dodgers 1st WS win

HWS10 Whitey Ford Whitey Ford: Most career Wins in WS history

HWS9 Bob Feller Bob Feller Pick off At second Not called

HWS8 Enos Slaughter Enos Slaughter's Mad Dash

HWS7 Mel Ott Mel Ott Homers in His 1st World Series At bat

HWS6 Mickey Mantle Mantle: Most career Home runs (18) in WS history

HWS1 Christy Mathewson Christy Mathewson Throws 3 Complete game shutouts

HWS2 Walter Johnson Walter Johnson leads Senators to 1st WS victory

HWS3 Babe Ruth Babe Ruth Most innings Pitched in A WS game

HWS5 Babe Ruth Babe Ruth has first 3-HR game In the World Series

HWS15 Bob Gibson Bob Gibson Sets a record of 17 KO in A WS game

HWS4 Rogers Hornsby player/Mgr. for Cardinals

HWS14 Jim Palmer: Youngest pitcher w/shutout game in WS

Topps 2020

This insert set features 20 players Topps thinks will be All-Stars in the year 2020. All cards are printed using the Azuna 3D printing process and have rounded corners.

T1 Ryan Braun

T2 Gordon Beckham

T3 Andre Ethier

T4 David Price

T5 Justin Upton

T6 Hunter Pence

T7 Ryan Howard

T8 Buster Posey

T9 Madison Bumgarner

T10 Evan Longoria

T11 Joe Mauer

T12 Chris Coghlan

T13 Andrew McCutchen

T14 Ubaldo Jimenez

T15 Pablo Sandoval

T16 David Wright

T17 Tommy Hanson

T18 Clayton Kershaw

T19 Zack Greinke

T20 Matt Kemp

Red Hot Rookies

During the course of the 2010 season, Topps announced the ten players for the 2010 Red Hot Rookie program. Each Topps Series Two Hobby and HTA box included one Red Hot Rookie redemption card. According to Topps, 10% of Brett Wallace cards are autographed.

RHR1 Carlos Santana

RHR2 Jose Tabata

RHR3 Brennan Boesch

RHR4 Giancarlo Stanton (Mike)

RHR5 Starlin Castro

RHR6 Logan Morrison

RHR7 Dominic Brown

RHR8 Stephen Strasburg

RHR9 Mike Minor

RHR10 Brett Wallace

Target Exclusive 1951 Red Backs

NOTE: These cards measure 2" X 2 5/8", the same size as the originals.

Series One

3 Warren Spahn

1 Mickey Mantle

2 Rogers Hornsby

4 Jackie Robinson

5 Ty Cobb

6 Cy Young

7 Albert Pujols

8 Mariano Rivera

9 Jimmie Foxx

10 Reggie Jackson

11 Lou Gehrig

12 Dizzy Dean

13 Chipper Jones

14 Cal Ripken, Jr.

15 David Wright

Series Two

16 Babe Ruth

17 Honus Wagner

18 Ichiro Suzuki

19 Nolan Ryan

20 Stan Musial

21 Tom Seaver

22 Derek Jeter

23 Roy Halladay

24 Mel Ott

25 George Sisler

26 Roger Maris

27 Walter Johnson

28 Vladimir Guerrero

29 Tim Lincecum

30 Hanley Ramirez

Wal-Mart Exclusive 1951 Blue Backs

NOTE: These cards measure 2" X 2 5/8", the same size as the originals.

Series One

1 Babe Ruth

2 Stan Musial

3 George Sisler

4 Tim Lincecum

5 Ichiro

6 Roy Halladay

7 Walter Johnson

8 Nolan Ryan

9 Hanley Ramirez

10 Derek Jeter

11 Tom Seaver

12 Roger Maris

13 Honus Wagner

14 Vladimir Guerrero

15 Mel Ott

Series Two

16 Mickey Mantle

17 Cal Ripken, Jr.

18 Cy Young

19 Jackie Robinson

20 Jimmie Foxx

21 Lou Gehrig

22 Rogers Hornsby

23 Ty Cobb

24 Dizzy Dean

25 Reggie Jackson

26 Warren Spahn

27 Albert Pujols

28 Chipper Jones

29 Mariano Rivera

30 David Wright

Legends Platinum Chrome Refractors

These 20 cards are exclusive to 55-card "cereal boxes" sold at Wal-Mart and are seeded at the rate of one-per cereal box.

Series One

PC1 Mickey Mantle

PC2 Jackie Robinson

PC3 Ty Cobb

PC4 Warren Spahn

PC5 Albert Pujols

PC6 Lou Gehrig

PC7 Mariano Rivera

PC8 Jimmie Foxx

PC9 Cy Young

PC10 Honus Wagner

Series Two

PC11 Babe Ruth

PC12 Mickey Mantle

PC13 Ichiro

PC14 Nolan Ryan

PC15 Jackie Robinson

PC16 Tom Seaver

PC17 Derek Jeter

PC18 Ty Cobb

PC19 Roger Maris

PC20 Lou Gehrig

Legends Gold Chrome Refractors

These 20 cards are exclusive to 55-card "cereal boxes" sold at Target and are seeded at the rate of one-per cereal box.

Series One

GC1 Babe Ruth

GC2 Honus Wagner

GC3 Ichiro

GC4 Nolan Ryan

GC5 Jackie Robinson

GC6 Tom Seaver

GC7 Derek Jeter

GC8 George Sisler

GC9 Roger Maris

GC10 Lou Gehrig

Series Two

GC11 Mickey Mantle

GC12 Willie McCovey

GC13 Ty Cobb

GC14 Warren Spahn

GC15 Albert Pujols

GC16 Lou Gehrig

GC17 Mariano Rivera

GC18 Jimmie Foxx

GC19 Babe Ruth

GC20 Honus Wagner

Wal-Mart Exclusive Chrome Refractors

These three cards were randomly inserted into special "Value Boxes" that were released in August, 2010. Each value box contained one Hobby pack of 2010 Topps Allen & Ginter's; six packs of Series Two Topps; one Million Card Giveaway code card; and one of the three cards listed below. These Value Boxes were exclusive to Wal-Mart and retailed for $14.98 per box.

WME-1 Babe Ruth

WME-2 Cal Ripken, Jr.

WME-3 Stephen Strasburg

Draw Your Own Sketch Card

This blank card was inserted into Series Two packs at the rate of 1:24. Instructions on the back of each card are meant to encourage budding illustrators to return an original sketch to Topps. The most exciting sketches were to be included in a future Topps Baseball product, and the artists will win a prize.

HTA-Exclusive Logoman

This 50-card set is a partial-parallel of the MLB Exclusive Logo Man Patch card program. Starting on Opening Day of the Major League Baseball season, collectors can walk into participating Topps Home Team Advantage hobby shops and pick up one of 50 different logo man cards (without patch) just by purchasing pack(s) of 2010 Topps Baseball.

HTA-17 David Ortiz

HTA-1 Albert Pujols

HTA-2 Hanley Ramirez

HTA-3 Mike Schmidt

HTA-4 CC Sabathia

HTA-5 Babe Ruth

HTA-6 George Sisler

HTA-7 Gordon Beckham

HTA-8 Tris Speaker

HTA-9 Ryan Braun

HTA-10 Jackie Robinson

HTA-11 Stan Musial

HTA-12 Ichiro

HTA-13 Manny Ramirez

HTA-14 Ty Cobb

HTA-15 Tommy Hanson

HTA-16 Joe Mauer

HTA-18 Tim Lincecum

HTA-19 Andrew McCutchen

HTA-20 Reggie Jackson

HTA-21 Nolan Ryan

HTA-22 Evan Longoria

HTA-23 Johan Santana

HTA-24 Mark Teixeira

HTA-25 Pablo Sandoval

HTA-26 Jimmie Foxx

HTA-27 Roy Halladay

HTA-28 Lou Gehrig

HTA-29 Alex Rodriguez

HTA-30 Thurman Munson

HTA-31 Mel Ott

HTA-32 Mickey Mantle

HTA-33 Johnny Mize

HTA-34 Rogers Hornsby

HTA-35 Chase Utley

HTA-36 Walter Johnson

HTA-37 Zack Greinke

HTA-38 Honus Wagner

HTA-39 Roy Campanella

HTA-40 Prince Fielder

HTA-41 Cal Ripken, Jr.

HTA-42 Carl Yastrzemski

HTA-43 David Wright

HTA-44 Tom Seaver

HTA-45 Cy Young

HTA-46 Christy Mathewson

HTA-47 Justin Morneau

HTA-48 Ryan Howard

HTA-49 Rick Porcello

HTA-50 Nolan Reimold

Factory Set Exclusive Inserts

See 2010 Topps Factory Sets.

Manufactured Patches

MLB Logoman Patch

See 2010 Topps Manufactured MLB Logoman Patch

Historical Commemorative Patches

NOTE: Each card features a manufactured (not game-used) commemorative patch. These cards were exclusive to Blaster boxes.

Series One

MCP-39 Roy Halladay

MCP-1 Tris Speaker

MCP-2 Babe Ruth

MCP-3 Babe Ruth

MCP-4 Mel Ott

MCP-5 Dizzy Dean

MCP-6 Jimmie Foxx

MCP-7 Hank Greenberg

MCP-8 Lou Gehrig

MCP-9 Lou Gehrig

MCP-10 Ralph Kiner

MCP-11 Johnny Mize

MCP-12 Robin Roberts

MCP-13 Monte Irvin

MCP-14 Duke Snider

MCP-15 Eddie Mathews

MCP-16 Mickey Mantle

MCP-17 Roger Maris

MCP-18 Johnny Podres

MCP-19 Bob Gibson

MCP-20 Juan Marichal

MCP-21 Orlando Cepeda

MCP-22 Al Kaline

MCP-23 Frank Robinson

MCP-24 Bobby Murcer

MCP-25 Willie Stargell

MCP-26 Johnny Bench

MCP-27 Ozzie Smith

MCP-28 Eddie Murray

MCP-29 Gary Carter

MCP-30 Dennis Eckersley

MCP-31 Ryne Sandberg

MCP-32 Gary Sheffield

MCP-33 Frank Thomas

MCP-34 Vladimir Guerrero

MCP-35 Ichiro

MCP-36 Curt Schilling

MCP-37 Chipper Jones

MCP-38 Ryan Zimmerman

MCP-40 Grady Sizemore

MCP-41 Manny Ramirez

MCP-42 Tim Lincecum

MCP-43 Evan Longoria

MCP-44 David Wright

MCP-45 Chase Utley

MCP-46 Mariano Rivera

MCP-47 Joe Mauer

MCP-48 Albert Pujols

MCP-49 Ichiro

MCP-50 Mark Teixeira

Series Two

MCP-51 Richie Ashburn

MCP-52 Johnny Bench

MCP-53 Yogi Berra

MCP-54 Rod Carew

MCP-55 Orlando Cepeda

MCP-56 Rickey Henderson

MCP-57 Bob Feller

MCP-58 Rollie Fingers

MCP-59 Carlton Fisk

MCP-60 Catfish Hunter

MCP-61 Monte Irvin

MCP-62 Reggie Jackson

MCP-63 Fergie Jenkins

MCP-64 Al Kaline

MCP-65 George Kell

MCP-66 Harmon Killebrew

MCP-67 Ralph Kiner

MCP-68 Juan Marichal

MCP-69 Eddie Mathews

MCP-70 Bill Mazeroski

MCP-71 Willie McCovey

MCP-72 Joe Morgan

MCP-73 Eddie Murray

MCP-74 Ryne Sandberg

MCP-75 Tom Seaver

MCP-76 Hal Newhouser

MCP-77 Phil Niekro

MCP-78 Jim Palmer

MCP-79 Tony Perez

MCP-80 Phil Rizzuto

MCP-81 Robin Roberts

MCP-82 Brooks Robinson

MCP-83 Mike Schmidt

MCP-84 Red Schoendienst

MCP-85 Ozzie Smith

MCP-86 Warren Spahn

MCP-87 Willie Stargell

MCP-88 Hoyt Wilhelm

MCP-89 Jimmie Foxx

MCP-90 Mickey Mantle

MCP-91 Jackie Robinson

MCP-92 Lou Gehrig

MCP-93 Babe Ruth

MCP-94 Albert Pujols

MCP-95 David Wright

MCP-96 Mariano Rivera

MCP-97 Ryan Howard

MCP-98 Ryan Braun

MCP-99 Joe Mauer

MCP-100 CC Sabathia

MCP-101 Tris Speaker

MCP-102 Dizzy Dean

MCP-103 Lou Gehrig

MCP-104 Jimmie Foxx

MCP-105 Hank Greenberg

MCP-106 Bob Feller

MCP-107 Mel Ott

MCP-108 Johnny Mize

MCP-109 Phil Rizzuto

MCP-110 Enos Slaughter

MCP-111 Pee Wee Reese

MCP-112 Stan Musial

MCP-113 Hal Newhouser

MCP-114 Red Schoendienst

MCP-115 Yogi Berra

MCP-116 Larry Doby

MCP-117 Richie Ashburn

MCP-118 Whitey Ford

MCP-119 Johnny Podres

MCP-120 Duke Snider

MCP-121 Roger Maris

MCP-122 Lou Brock

MCP-123 Luis Aparicio

MCP-124 Eddie Mathews

MCP-125 Rollie Fingers

MCP-126 Reggie Jackson

MCP-127 Joe Morgan

MCP-128 Johnny Bench

MCP-129 Steve Carlton

MCP-130 Barry Larkin

MCP-131 Roberto Alomar

MCP-132 Greg Maddux

MCP-133 Derek Jeter

MCP-134 Mike Piazza

MCP-135 Derek Jeter

MCP-136 Chipper Jones

MCP-137 Alex Rodriguez

MCP-138 Roy Halladay

MCP-139 Josh Beckett

MCP-140 Hideki Matsui

MCP-141 Lance Berkman

MCP-142 Ryan Braun

MCP-143 Andre Ethier

MCP-144 Justin Morneau

MCP-145 Joe Mauer

MCP-146 Chase Utley

MCP-147 Vladimir Guerrero

MCP-148 Evan Longoria

MCP-149 Derek Jeter

MCP-150 Albert Pujols

Hat Logos

NOTE: Each card features a manufactured (not game-used) hat logo patch, and is serial-numbered to 99 copies. The cards were exclusive to Series One Hobby and HTA packs.

MHR-119 Ryne Sandberg

MHR-1 Babe Ruth

MHR-2 Babe Ruth

MHR-3 George Sisler

MHR-4 George Sisler

MHR-5 Honus Wagner

MHR-6 Jackie Robinson

MHR-7 Jimmie Foxx

MHR-8 Jimmie Foxx

MHR-9 Johnny Mize

MHR-10 Johnny Mize

MHR-11 Johnny Mize

MHR-12 Lou Gehrig

MHR-13 Mel Ott

MHR-14 Rogers Hornsby

MHR-15 Rogers Hornsby

MHR-16 Roy Campanella

MHR-17 Thurman Munson

MHR-18 Tris Speaker

MHR-19 Ty Cobb

MHR-20 Ty Cobb

MHR-21 Mickey Mantle

MHR-22 Richie Ashburn

MHR-23 Bo Jackson

MHR-24 Bo Jackson

MHR-25 Paul Molitor

MHR-26 Paul Molitor

MHR-27 Paul Molitor

MHR-28 Tony Gwynn

MHR-29 Tony Gwynn

MHR-30 Tony Gwynn

MHR-31 Al Kaline

MHR-32 Andre Dawson

MHR-33 Andre Dawson

MHR-34 Bob Feller

MHR-35 Bob Gibson

MHR-36 Bobby Murcer

MHR-37 Carl Erskine

MHR-38 Carl Erskine

MHR-39 Curt Schilling

MHR-40 Curt Schilling

MHR-41 Curt Schilling

MHR-42 Dale Murphy

MHR-43 Dale Murphy

MHR-44 Dizzy Dean

MHR-45 Dizzy Dean

MHR-46 Duke Snider

MHR-47 Duke Snider

MHR-48 Duke Snider

MHR-49 Dwight Gooden

MHR-50 Dwight Gooden

MHR-51 Eddie Mathews

MHR-52 Eddie Mathews

MHR-53 Eddie Murray

MHR-54 Eddie Murray

MHR-55 Eddie Murray

MHR-56 Eddie Murray

MHR-57 Fergie Jenkins

MHR-58 Fergie Jenkins

MHR-59 Frank Robinson

MHR-60 Frank Robinson

MHR-61 Frank Thomas

MHR-62 Frank Thomas

MHR-63 Frank Thomas

MHR-64 Gary Carter

MHR-65 Gary Carter

MHR-66 George Kell

MHR-67 Hank Greenberg

MHR-68 Jim Palmer

MHR-69 Jim Palmer

MHR-70 Jim Palmer

MHR-71 Jimmy Piersall

MHR-72 Johnny Bench

MHR-73 Johnny Bench

MHR-74 Johnny Podres

MHR-75 Johnny Podres

MHR-76 Juan Marichal

MHR-77 Juan Marichal

MHR-78 Monte Irvin

MHR-79 Nolan Ryan

MHR-80 Nolan Ryan

MHR-81 Nolan Ryan

MHR-82 Nolan Ryan

MHR-83 Orlando Cepeda

MHR-84 Orlando Cepeda

MHR-85 Ozzie Smith

MHR-86 Ozzie Smith

MHR-87 Ralph Kiner

MHR-88 Reggie Jackson

MHR-89 Reggie Jackson

MHR-90 Reggie Jackson

MHR-91 Reggie Jackson

MHR-92 Reggie Jackson

MHR-93 Robin Roberts

MHR-94 Robin Yount

MHR-95 Robin Yount

MHR-96 Roger Maris

MHR-97 Roger Maris

MHR-98 Roger Maris

MHR-99 Stan Musial

MHR-100 Steve Carlton

MHR-101 Steve Carlton

MHR-102 Tom Seaver

MHR-103 Tom Seaver

MHR-104 Tony Perez

MHR-105 Warren Spahn

MHR-106 Warren Spahn

MHR-107 Willie McCovey

MHR-108 Willie McCovey

MHR-109 Willie Stargell

MHR-110 Rickey Henderson

MHR-111 Rickey Henderson

MHR-112 Rickey Henderson

MHR-113 Rickey Henderson

MHR-114 Calrton Fisk

MHR-115 Calrton Fisk

MHR-116 Dennis Eckersley

MHR-117 Dennis Eckersley

MHR-118 Ryne Sandberg

MHR-120 Lou Brock

MHR-121 Carl Yastrzemski

MHR-122 Ernie Banks

MHR-123 Mike Schmidt

MHR-124 Alex Rodriguez

MHR-125 Alex Rodriguez

MHR-126 Alex Rodriguez

MHR-127 Kevin Youkilis

MHR-128 Vladimir Guerrero

MHR-129 Vladimir Guerrero

MHR-130 Chipper Jones

MHR-131 Dustin Pedroia

MHR-132 Ian Kinsler

MHR-133 Dustin Pedroia

MHR-134 Ryan Howard

MHR-135 Prince Fielder

MHR-136 David Wright

MHR-137 Carl Crawford

MHR-138 Justin Upton

MHR-139 Dan Haren

MHR-140 Randy Johnson

MHR-141 Randy Johnson

MHR-142 Randy Johnson

MHR-143 Randy Johnson

MHR-144 Randy Johnson

MHR-145 Randy Johnson

MHR-146 David Ortiz

MHR-147 Roy Halladay

MHR-148 Tim Lincecum

MHR-149 Pablo Sandoval

MHR-150 Albert Pujols

MHR-151 Hanley Ramirez

MHR-152 Nick Markakis

MHR-153 Ichiro

MHR-154 Adam Jones

MHR-155 Evan Longoria

MHR-156 Joe Mauer

MHR-157 Matt Kemp

MHR-158 Justin Verlander

MHR-159 Zack Greinke

MHR-160 Miguel Cabrera

MHR-161 Chase Utley

MHR-162 Adam Dunn

MHR-163 Manny Ramirez

MHR-164 Manny Ramirez

MHR-165 Grady Sizemore

MHR-166 Felix Hernandez

MHR-167 Mark Teixeira

MHR-168 Joey Votto

MHR-169 Ryan Braun

MHR-170 Mariano Rivera

MHR-171 Tommy Hanson

MHR-172 Matt Cain

MHR-173 Josh Johnson

MHR-174 Clayton Kershaw

MHR-175 Jon Lester

MHR-176 Elvis Andrus

MHR-177 Dexter Fowler

MHR-178 Rick Porcello

MHR-179 Andrew McCutchen

MHR-180 Colby Rasmus

MHR-181 Chris Coghlan

MHR-182 Nolan Reimold

MHR-183 Buster Posey

MHR-184 Brian Matusz

MHR-185 Madison Bumgarner

MHR-186 Neftali Feliz

4th of July Hat Logos

NOTE: Each card features a manufactured (not game-used) hat logo patch, and is serial-numbered to 99 copies. The cards were exclusive to Series Two Hobby and HTA packs.

MHR-189 Joe Mauer

MHR-187 Mark Teixeira

MHR-188 Vladimir Guerrero

MHR-190 Max Scherzer

MHR-191 Adrian Gonzalez

MHR-192 Josh Beckett

MHR-193 Jose Reyes

MHR-194 Ryan Braun

MHR-195 Cliff Lee

MHR-196 Kendry Morales

MHR-197 Tim Lincecum

MHR-198 Prince Fielder

MHR-199 Ichiro

MHR-200 Chipper Jones

MHR-201 Chase Utley

MHR-202 Felix Hernandez

MHR-203 Nolan Reimold

MHR-204 Albert Pujols

MHR-205 Torii Hunter

MHR-206 Evan Longoria

MHR-207 CC Sabathia

MHR-208 Mariano Rivera

MHR-209 B.J. Upton

MHR-210 Justin Upton

MHR-211 Ivan Rodriguez

MHR-212 Curtis Granderson

MHR-213 Josh Hamilton

MHR-214 Tim Hudson

MHR-215 Neftali Feliz

MHR-216 Babe Ruth

MHR-217 Adam Lind

MHR-218 David Price

MHR-219 Tommy Hanson

MHR-220 Andrew McCutchen

MHR-221 Adam Dunn

MHR-222 Victor Martinez

MHR-223 Pablo Sandoval

MHR-224 Ricky Romero

MHR-225 Brian McCann

MHR-226 Jered Weaver

MHR-227 Andrew Bailey

MHR-228 Joe Saunders

MHR-229 Colby Rasmus

MHR-230 Nick Markakis

MHR-231 Mark Reynolds

MHR-232 Ryan Howard

MHR-233 Stephen Drew

MHR-234 David Ortiz

MHR-235 Kenshin Kawakami

MHR-236 Michael Young

MHR-237 Jayson Werth

MHR-238 John Lackey

MHR-239 Dustn Pedroia

MHR-240 Travis Snider

MHR-241 Rajai Davis

MHR-242 Edgar Renteria

MHR-243 Justin Morneau

MHR-244 Jimmy Rollins

MHR-245 Elvis Andrus

MHR-246 David Wright

MHR-247 Javier Vazquez

MHR-248 Jorge Posada

MHR-249 Carlos Beltran

MHR-250 Jackie Robinson

MHR-251 Adam Jones

MHR-252 Alex Rodriguez

MHR-253 Koji Uehara

MHR-254 Brandon Webb

MHR-255 Kevin Kouzmanoff

MHR-256 Ryan Zimmerman

MHR-257 Brian Roberts

MHR-258 Alfonso Soriano

MHR-259 Jason Varitek

MHR-260 Aramis Ramirez

MHR-261 Jeremy Guthrie

MHR-262 Johnny Cueto

MHR-263 Jacoby Ellsbury

MHR-264 Carlos Quentin

MHR-265 Kosuke Fukudome

MHR-266 Grady Sizemore

MHR-267 Troy Tulowitzki

MHR-268 Alexei Ramirez

MHR-269 Jeff Francis

MHR-270 Jay Bruce

MHR-271 Rick Porcello

MHR-272 Gordon Beckham

MHR-273 Justin Verlander

MHR-274 Magglio Ordonez

MHR-275 Miguel Cabrera

MHR-276 Jake Peavy

MHR-277 Ryan Ludwick

MHR-278 Todd Helton

MHR-279 Carlos Lee

MHR-280 Mark Buehrle

MHR-281 Billy Butler

MHR-282 Chris Coghlan

MHR-283 Brett Anderson

MHR-284 Lance Berkman

MHR-285 Chone Figgins

MHR-286 Ubaldo Jimenez

MHR-287 Jason Kubel

MHR-288 Manny Ramirez

MHR-289 Joe Nathan

MHR-290 Jimmie Foxx

MHR-291 J.J. Hardy

MHR-292 Mike Cameron

MHR-293 Miguel Tejada

MHR-294 Carlos Delgado

MHR-295 Rogers Hornsby

MHR-296 Hunter Pence

MHR-297 Scott Kazmir

MHR-298 Tris Speaker

MHR-299 Jhoulys Chacin

MHR-300 Michael Cuddyer

MHR-301 Zack Greinke

MHR-302 Jeff Francoeur

MHR-303 Matt Kemp

MHR-304 Dan Haren

MHR-305 Andy Pettitte

MHR-306 David DeJesus

MHR-307 A.J. Burnett

MHR-308 Ty Cobb

MHR-309 Johnny Mize

MHR-310 Joakim Soria

MHR-311 Chris Carpenter

MHR-312 Asdrubal Cabrera

MHR-313 Shane Victorino

MHR-314 Andre Ethier

MHR-315 Kurt Suzuki

MHR-316 Honus Wagner

MHR-317 Clayton Kershaw

MHR-318 Zach Duke

MHR-319 Shin-Soo Choo

MHR-320 Matt Cain

MHR-321 Russell Martin

MHR-322 Joba Chamberlain

MHR-323 Jason Bay

MHR-324 Delmon Young

MHR-325 Matt Holliday

MHR-326 Scott Rolen

MHR-327 Adam Wainwright

MHR-328 Hanley Ramirez

MHR-329 Cal Ripken, Jr.

MHR-330 Mickey Mantle

MHR-331 Chase Headley

MHR-332 Rich Harden

MHR-333 Garrett Jones

MHR-334 Dexter Fowler

MHR-335 Ian Kinsler

MHR-336 Raul Ibanez

MHR-337 Roy Halladay

MHR-338 Ryan Spilborghs

MHR-339 Cole Hamels

MHR-340 Thurman Munson

MHR-341 Robinson Cano

MHR-342 Matt LaPorta

MHR-343 Travis Hafner

MHR-344 Lou Gehrig

MHR-345 Nelson Cruz

MHR-346 Derrek Lee

MHR-347 Juan Marichal

MHR-348 Rollie Fingers

MHR-349 Carl Yastrzemski

MHR-350 Frank Robinson

MHR-351 Joe Morgan

MHR-352 Steve Carlton

MHR-353 Catfish Hunter

MHR-354 Willie Stargell

MHR-355 Early Wynn

MHR-356 Larry Doby

MHR-357 Bill Mazeroski

MHR-358 Carlton Fisk

MHR-359 Dave Winfield

MHR-360 Enos Slaughter

MHR-361 Ernie Banks

MHR-362 Joe Morgan

MHR-363 Rollie Fingers

MHR-364 Phil Rizzuto

MHR-365 Bo Jackson

MHR-366 Dave Winfield

MHR-367 Babe Ruth

MHR-368 Luis Aparicio

MHR-369 Duke Snider

MHR-370 Richie Ashburn

MHR-371 Early Wynn

MHR-372 Yogi Berra

MHR-373 Lou Brock

MHR-374 Roger Maris

MHR-375 Orlando Cepeda

MHR-376 Catfish Hunter

MHR-377 Ralph Kiner

MHR-378 Bob Gibson

MHR-379 Robin Yount

MHR-380 Harmon Killebrew

MHR-381 Orlando Cepeda

MHR-382 Steve Carlton

MHR-383 Bob Feller

MHR-384 Dennis Eckersley

MHR-385 Robin Roberts

MHR-386 Willie McCovey

MHR-387 Hank Greenberg

MHR-388 Johnny Bench

MHR-389 Eddie Murray

MHR-390 Red Schoendienst

MHR-391 Roger Maris

MHR-392 Tris Speaker

MHR-393 Dale Murphy

MHR-394 Fergie Jenkins

MHR-395 Frank Robinson

MHR-396 Willie McCovey

MHR-397 George Kell

MHR-398 Dave Winfield

MHR-399 Ozzie Smith

MHR-401 Jim Palmer

MHR-402 Carlton Fisk

MHR-403 Duke Snider

MHR-404 Gary Carter

MHR-405 Luis Aparicio

MHR-406 Andre Dawson

MHR-407 Hal Newhouser

MHR-408 Al Kaline

MHR-409 Bo Jackson

MHR-410 Johnny Mize

MHR-411 Mike Schmidt

MHR-412 Jim Bunning

MHR-413 Tony Perez

MHR-414 Dizzy Dean

MHR-415 Frank Thomas

MHR-416 Stan Musial

Autographs and Game Used

Peak Performance Relics

Series One

PPR-PWR Pee Wee Reese A1

PPR-TT Troy Tulowitzki B1

PPR-AC Asdrubal Cabrera B1

PPR-AE Alcides Escobar C1

PPR-AH1 Aaron Hill JSY B1

PPR-AH2 Aaron Hill BAT B1

PPR-AI Akinori Iwamura 1

PPR-AJ Adam Jones B1

PPR-AL Adam LaRoche A1

PPR-AP Albert Pujols B1

PPR-AR Aramis Ramirez C1

PPR-BG Bob Gibson A1

PPR-BM Brian McCann C1

PPR-BR Brad Lidge B1

PPR-BRU Babe Ruth A1

PPR-CF Carlton Fisk A1

PPR-CH Cole Hamels B1

PPR-CJ Chipper Jones B1

PPR-CL Cliff Lee B1

PPR-CR Cal Ripken, Jr. B1

PPR-CU Chase Utley B1

PPR-DE Dennis Eckersley B1

PPR-DG Dwight Gooden B1

PPR-DL Derrek Lee B1

PPR-DM Daniel Murphy A1

PPR-DO David Ortiz B1

PPR-DP Dustin Pedroia B1

PPR-DU Dan Uggla B1

PPR-DW David Wright C1

PPR-DW Dave Winfield C1

PPR-DY Delmon Young B1

PPR-EL Evan Longoria B1

PPR-FC Fausto Carmona B1

PPR-FH Felix Hernandez B1

PPR-GS Gary Sheffield A1

PPR-GSI George Sisler A1

PPR-GSO Geovany Soto C1

PPR-HG Hank Greenberg B1

PPR-HM Hideki Matsui B1

PPR-HW Honus Wagner A1

PPR-IS Ichiro B1

PPR-JB Jason Bulger B1

PPR-JBO Jeremy Bonderman B1

PPR-JD J.D. Drew B1

PPR-JE Jacoby Ellsbury B1

PPR-JG Jody Gerut B1

PPR-JH Jeremy Hermida B1

PPR-JM Johnny Mize A1

PPR-JP Jonathan Papelbon B1

PPR-JPO Jorge Posada B1

PPR-JR Jose Reyes B1

PPR-JS Joakim Soria B1

PPR-JV1 Joey Votto JSY B1

PPR-JV2 Joey Votto BAT B1

PPR-JW Jayson Werth A1

PPR-JWI Josh Willingham B1

PPR-JZ Jordan Zimmermann B1

PPR-KJ Kenji Johjima B1

PPR-KY1 Kevin Youkilis BAT B1

PPR-KY2 Kevin Youkilis JSY C1

PPR-KF Kosuke Fukudome B1

PPR-MC Matt Cain B1

PPR-MCA Melky Cabrera B1

PPR-MG Mat Gamel C1

PPR-MK Matt Kemp C1

PPR-MM Melvin Mora B1

PPR-MO Mel Ott A1

PPR-MP Manny Parra C1

PPR-MS Mike Schmidt A1

PPR-MY Michael Young B1

PPR-NS Nick Swisher C1

PPR-PF Prince Fielder B1

PPR-PM Paul Molitor B1

PPR-RA Rick Ankiel B1

PPR-RB Ryan Braun B1

PPR-RH Rich Harden B1

PPR-RHE Rickey Henderson B1

PPR-RHO Ryan Howard B1

PPR-RW Rickie Weeks C1

PPR-SC Shin-Soo Choo B1

PPR-TG Tony Gwynn B1

PPR-TH Tim Hudson B1

PPR-THA Tommy Hanson B1

PPR-TL Tim Lincecum 1

PPR-TM Thurman Munson A1

PPR-TS Tris Speaker A1

PPR-YG Yovani Gallardo B1

Series Two

Each is also available in a Blue parallel, serial-numbered to 99 copies.

PPR-RH Ryan Howard 2

PPR-AJ Adam Jones 2

PPR-PF Prince Fielder 2

PPR-IK Ian Kinsler 2

PPR-CR Colby Rasmus 2

PPR-RP Rick Porcello 2

PPR-JM Justin Morneau 2

PPR-DP David Price 2

PPR-KK Kenshin Kawakami 2

PPR-JH Josh Hamilton 2

PPR-ZG Zack Greinke 2

PPR-HR Hanley Ramirez 2

PPR-DO David Ortiz 2

PPR-CJ Chipper Jones 2

PPR-MC Matt Cain 2

PPR-AS Alfonso Soriano 2

PPR-JU Justin Upton 2

PPR-TH Tommy Hanson 2

PPR-GB Gordon Beckham 2

PPR-TT Troy Tulowitzki 2

PPR-HP Hunter Pence 2

PPR-PS Pablo Sandoval 2

PPR-AC Andrew McCutchen 2

PPR-AG Adrian Gonzalez 2

PPR-FH Felix Hernandez 2

PPR-AH Aaron Hill 2

PPR-NF Neftali Feliz 2

PPR-BP Buster Posey 2

PPR-YG Yovani Gallardo 2

PPR-CC Chris Coghlan 2

PPR-JV Joey Votto 2

PPR-IS Ichiro 2

PPR-DH Dan Haren 2

PPR-NM Nick Markakis 2

PPR-KF Kosuke Fukudome 2

PPR-AR Alexei Ramirez 2

PPR-JC Johnny Cueto 2

PPR-GS Grady Sizemore 2

PPR-UJ Ubaldo Jimenez 2

PPR-DU Dan Uggla 2

PPR-LB Lance Berkman 2

PPR-RA Richie Ashburn 2

PPR-YB Yogi Berra 2

PPR-MI Monte Irvin 2

PPR-PR Phil Rizzuto 2

PPR-OS Ozzie Smith 2

PPR-CH Catfish Hunter 2

PPR-AK Al Kaline 2

PPR-GK George Kell 2

PPR-RR Robin Roberts 2

PPR-JP Willie Stargell 2

PPR-TM Thurman Munson 2

PPR-RC Roy Campanella 2

PPR-HW Honus Wagner 2

PPR-GSI George Sisler 2

PPR-JMI Johnny Mize 2

PPR-TS Tris Speaker 2

PPR-RHO Rogers Hornsby 2

PPR-MO Mel Ott 2

PPR-PWR Pee Wee Reese 2

Peak Performance Autographs

Series One

PPA-AP Albert Pujols

PPA-AR Alex Rodriguez

PPA-AS Alfonso Soriano

PPA-CJ Chipper Jones

PPA-DO David Ortiz

PPA-DW David Wright

PPA-DG Dwight Gooden

PPA-FJ Fergie Jenkins

PPA-FR Frank Robinson

PPA-LS Lee Smith

PPA-MR Manny Ramirez

PPA-PF Prince Fielder

PPA-RH Ryan Howard

PPA-VG Vladimir Guerrero

PPA-WM Willie McCovey

PPA-BP Buster Posey

PPA-DB Daniel Bard

PPA-GC Gary Carter

PPA-PH Phil Hughes

PPA-RC Robinson Cano

PPA-RB Ryan Braun

PPA-DP Dustin Pedroia

PPA-GB Gordon Beckham

PPA-HR Hanley Ramirez

PPA-MS Max Scherzer

PPA-MB Milton Bradley

PPA-RR Randy Ruiz

PPA-TH Tommy Hanson

PPA-TT Troy Tulowitzki

PPA-WD Wade Davis

PPA-BPA Bobby Parnell

PPA-CY Chris Young

PPA-CK Clayton Kershaw

PPA-CB Collin Balester

PPA-DS Daniel Schlereth

PPA-JB Jay Bruce

PPA-JC Johnny Cueto

PPA-MG Mat Gamel

PPA-RP Ryan Perry

PPA-SV Shane Victorino

PPA-FM Franklin Morales

PPA-JJ Josh Johnson

PPA-JMI Jose Mijares

PPA-MT Matt Tolbert

PPA-KS Kurt Suzuki

PPA-CC Carl Crawford

PPA-GP Glen Perkins

Series Two

PPA-MS Mike Schmidt

PPA-TH Torii Hunter

PPA-DW David Wright

PPA-PF Prince Fielder

PPA-OS Ozzie Smith

PPA-JM Joe Morgan

PPA-MR Manny Ramirez

PPA-WM Willie McCovey

PPA-RH Ryan Howard

PPA-AR Alex Rodriguez

PPA-RI Raul Ibanez

PPA-KU Koji Uehara

PPA-JMO Justin Morneau

PPA-JC Jack Cust

PPA-HP Hunter Pence

PPA-LA Louis Aparicio

PPA-BM Brian McCann

PPA-MY Michael Young

PPA-CG Curtis Granderson

PPA-HR Hanley Ramirez

PPA-JU Justin Upton

PPA-WD Wade Davis

PPA-EV Edison Volquez

PPA-DS Denard Span

PPA-MN Mike Napoli

PPA-JB Jason Bartlett

PPA-DM Dan Murphy

PPA-JS Joe Saunders

PPA-AE Andre Ethier

PPA-UJ Ubaldo Jimenez

PPA-AH Aaron Hill

PPA-GK George Kell

PPA-JD Jermaine Dye

PPA-JL Jon Lester

PPA-DP Dustin Pedroia

PPA-RC Robinson Cano

PPA-NS Nick Swisher

PPA-AM Andrew Miller

PPA-TS Travis Snider

PPA-CGO Carlos Gomez

PPA-PH Phil Hughes

PPA-CB Clay Buchholz

PPA-JF Jeff Francoeur

PPA-JSO Joakim Soria

PPA-CD Chris Dickerson

PPA-AB Andrew Bailey

PPA-HK Howie Kendrick

PPA-CBI Chad Billingsley

PPA-JR Juan Rivera

PPA-JFR Jeff Francis

PPA-FC Fausto Carmona

PPA-JP Jhonny Peralta

PPA-MSC Max Scherzer

PPA-TC Trevor Cahill

PPA-CR Carlos Ruiz

PPA-GG Gio Gonzalez

PPA-RW Randy Wells

PPA-CV Chris Volstad

PPA-ABA Antonio Bastardo

PPA-BA Brett Anderson

PPA-JMA John Maine

PPA-CM Cameron Maybin

PPA-DB Dallas Braden

Peak Performance Autographed Relics

Each card is serial-numbered to 50 copies.

Series One

PPAR-DW David Wright 1

PPAR-DO David Ortiz 1

PPAR-RH Ryan Howard 1

PPAR-CG Curtis Granderson 1

PPAR-PF Prince Fielder 1

PPAR-RB Ryan Braun 1

PPAR-JJ Josh Johnson 1

PPAR-GB Gordon Beckham 1

PPAR-TT Troy Tulowitzki 1

PPAR-HR Hanley Ramirez 1

Series Two

PPAR-PF Prince Fielder 2

PPAR-RH Ryan Howard 2

PPAR-DW David Wright 2

PPAR-MK Matt Kemp 2

PPAR-AE Andre Ethier 2

PPAR-JM Justin Morneau 2

PPAR-HR Hanley Ramirez 2

PPAR-JU Justin Upton 2

PPAR-FH Felix Hernandez 2

PPAR-HP Hunter Pence 2

PPAR-CB Chad Billingsley 2

Peak Performance Jumbo Relics

Series One

PPJR-AE Alcides Escobar

PPJR-AH Aaron Hill

PPJR-BP Buster Posey

PPJR-CH Cole Hamels

PPJR-DU Dan Uggla

PPJR-FH Felix Hernandez

PPJR-GS Geovany Soto

PPJR-JV Joey Votto

PPJR-NF Neftali Feliz

PPJR-XN Xavier Nady

PPJR-YG Yovani Gallardo

PPJR-ZG Zack Greinke

Series Two

PPJR-AG Adrian Gonzalez

PPJR-AM Andrew McCutchen

PPJR-AS Alfonso Soriano

PPJR-CJ Chipper Jones

PPJR-CR Colby Rasmus

PPJR-DP David Price

PPJR-GB Gordon Beckham

PPJR-HP Hunter Pence

PPJR-HR Hanley Ramirez

PPJR-IK Ian Kinsler

PPJR-JH Josh Hamilton

PPJR-JM Justin Morneau

PPJR-JU Justin Upton

PPJR-KK Kenshin Kawakami

PPJR-MC Matt Cain

PPJR-PS Pablo Sandoval

PPJR-RP Rick Porcello

PPJR-TH Tommy Hanson

PPJR-TT Troy Tulowitzki

PPJR-ZG Zack Greinke

Legendary Lineage Relic Cards

Each is serial-numbered to 50 copies.

Series One

LLR-ER Dennis Eckersley / Mariano Rivera

LLR-CR Johnny Bench / Ivan Rodriguez

LLR-CW Gary Carter / David Wright

LLR-FR Jimmie Foxx / Manny Ramirez

LLR-GB Hank Greenberg / Ryan Braun

LLR-MH Willie McCovey / Ryan Howard

LLR-MJ Mickey Mantle / Chipper Jones

LLR-MP Stan Musial / Albert Pujols

LLR-RJ Cal Ripken, Jr. / Derek Jeter

LLR-SE Duke Snider / Andre Ethier

LLR-SH Warren Spahn / Tommy Hanson

LLR-SL Mike Schmidt / Evan Longoria

LLR-SS George Sisler / Ichiro

LLR-SSI Tris Speaker / Grady Sizemore

LLR-TF Frank Thomas / Prince Fielder

LLR-WR Honus Wagner / Hanley Ramirez

Series Two

LLR-MT Mickey Mantle / Mark Teixeira

LLR-MB Joe Mauer / Johnny Bench

LLR-CS Orlando Cepeda / Pablo Sandoval

LLR-MJ Eddie Mathews / Chipper Jones

LLR-KC Al Kaline / Miguel Cabrera

LLR-RR Cal Ripken, Jr. / Hanley Ramirez

LLR-KM Harmon Killebrew / Justin Morneau

LLR-RH Babe Ruth / Ryan Howard

LLR-RB Frank Robinson / Ryan Braun

LLR-BC Lou Brock / Carl Crawford

LLR-MK Dale Murphy / Matt Kemp

LLR-HU Rickey Henderson / B.J. Upton

LLR-BM Yogi Berra / Jorge Posada

LLR-SR Mike Schmidt / Alex Rodriguez

LLR-SU Ryne Sandberg / Chase Utley

World Champion Relics

Each card is serial-numbered to 100 copies.

WCR-BG Brett Gardner BAT

WCR-EH Eric Hinske BAT

WCR-HM Hideki Matusi BAT

WCR-JD Johnny Damon BAT


WCR-JH Jerry Hairston, Jr. PANT

WCR-JP Jorge Posada BAT

WCR-MR Mariano Rivera PANTS

WCR-MT Mark Teixeira BAT

WCR-NS Nick Swisher BAT

World Champion Autographs

Each card is serial-numbered to 50 copies. All autographs are stickers.

WCA-AR Alex Rodriguez

WCA-RC Robinson Cano

WCA-MR Mariano Rivera

WCA-MC Melky Cabrera

WCA-CS CC Sabathia

World Champion Autographed Relics

Each card is serial-numbered to 50 copies. All autographs are stickers.

WCAR-AR Alex Rodriguez BAT

WCAR-RC Robinson Cano PANTS

WCAR-MR Mariano Rivera PANTS

WCAR-MC Melky Cabrera BAT

WCAR-CS CC Sabathia

In the Name Letter Relics

NOTE: Each card features an authentic letter taken from the nameplate of each player's 2009 All-Star Game warm-up jersey. There is one unique relic for each letter of the respective player's last name.

INR-1 Chase Utley

INR-2 Nelson Cruz

INR-3 Adam Jones

INR-4 Justin Upton

INR-5 Albert Pujols

INR-6 Ben Zobrist

INR-7 Joe Mauer

INR-8 Yadier Molina

INR-9 Mark Teixeira

INR-10 David Wright

INR-11 Carlos Pena

INR-12 Hanley Ramirez

INR-13 Adrian Gonzalez

INR-14 Francisco Rodriguez

INR-15 Evan Longoria

INR-16 Brandon Inge

INR-17 Shane Victorino

INR-18 Raul Ibanez

INR-19 Jason Bay

INR-20 Jayson Werth

INR-21 Ichiro

INR-22 Heath Bell

INR-23 Andrew Bailey

INR-24 Chad Billingsley

INR-25 Josh Hamilton

INR-26 Trevor Hoffman

INR-27 Josh Beckett

INR-28 Zach Duke

INR-29 Mark Buehrle

INR-30 Zack Greinke

INR-31 Francisco Cordero

INR-32 Ryan Franklin

INR-33 Brian Fuentes

INR-34 Dan Haren

INR-35 Roy Halladay

INR-36 Josh Johnson

INR-37 Felix Hernandez

INR-38 Ted Lilly

INR-39 Edwin Jackson

INR-40 Tim Lincecum

INR-41 Joe Nathan

INR-42 Jason Marquis

INR-43 Jonathan Papelbon

INR-44 Johan Santana

INR-45 Mariano Rivera

INR-46 Brian McCann

INR-47 Justin Verlander

INR-48 Prince Fielder

INR-49 Tim Wakefield

INR-50 Ryan Braun

INR-51 Victor Martinez

INR-52 Ryan Zimmerman

INR-53 Orlando Hudson

INR-54 Kevin Youkilis

INR-55 Freddy Sanchez

INR-56 Aaron Hill

INR-57 Miguel Tejada

INR-58 Jason Bartlett

INR-59 Ryan Howard

INR-60 Michael Young

INR-61 Brad Hawpe

INR-62 Carl Crawford

INR-63 Hunter Pence

INR-64 Curtis Granderson

INR-65 Jonathan Broxton

INR-66 Matt Cain

Mickey Mantle Reprint Relic

MMR-61 Mickey Mantle BAT 61

MMR-62 Mickey Mantle BAT 62

MMR-63 Mickey Mantle BAT 63

Baseball Legends Cut Signatures

Each is a one-of-one.

BLCS1 Thurman Munson 1

BLCS2 Jackie Robinson 1

BLCS3 Mickey Mantle 1

BLCS4 Barack Obama 1

BLCS5 George Sisler 1

BLCS6 Johnny Mize 1

BLCS7 Lew Burdette 1

BLCS8 Richie Ashburn 1

BLCS9 Bob Lemon 1

BLCS10 Pee Wee Reese 1

BLCS11 Roy Campanella 1

BLCS12 Tris Speaker 1

BLCS13 Mel Ott 1

BLCS14 Jimmie Foxx 1

BLCS15 Honus Wagner 1