1994 Topps Traded

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The 1994 Topps Traded baseball card set consisted of 132 baseball cards. For the fourteenth, and final, straight year Topps Traded was available only as a factory set -- which included a set of eight Topps Finest "insert" cards. The following year, the set was produced exclusively in pack form. For the first time, Topps would include in Traded players selected in that year's First Year Player Draft.

As with most late-season 1994 sets, the strike affected sales of '94TT. Although Topps did cut production of '94TT (including making it Hobby exclusive), interest in this set was next to non-existant when it was released.

The only rookie cards of note are of Paul Konerko, Jason Schmidt and Chan Ho Park.


Factory Set only.


Base Set

1T Paul Wilson DP

2T Bill Taylor RC

3T Dan Wilson

4T Mark Smith

5T Toby Borland RC

6T Dave Clark

7T Dennis Martinez

8T Dave Gallagher

9T Josias Manzanillo

10T Brian Anderson RC

11T Damon Berryhill

12T Alex Cole

13T Jacob Shumate DP, RC

14T Oddibe McDowell

15T Willie Banks

16T Jerry Browne

17T Donnie Elliott

18T Ellis Burks

19T Chuck McElroy

20T Luis Polonia

21T Brian Harper

22T Mark Portugal

23T Dave Henderson

24T Mark Acre RC

25T Julio Franco

26T Darren Hall RC

27T Eric Anthony

28T Sid Fernandez

29T Rusty Greer RC

30T Riccardo Ingram RC

31T Gabe White

32T Tim Belcher

33T Terrence Long DP, RC

34T Mark Dalesandro RC

35T Mike Kelly

36T Jack Morris

37T Jeff Brantley

38T Larry Barnes DP, RC

39T Brian R. Hunter

40T Otis Nixon

41T Bret Wagner DP

42T "Anatomy of a Trade" (P.Martinez/D.Deshields)

43T Heathcliff Slocumb

44T Ben Grieve DP, RC

45T John Hudek RC

46T Shawon Dunston

47T Greg Colbrunn

48T Joey Hamilton

49T Marvin Freeman

50T Terry Mulholland

51T Keith Mitchell

52T Dwight Smith

53T Shawn Boskie

54T Kevin Witt DP, RC

55T Ron Gant

56T Prospects (T. Hubbard, J. Schmidt RC, L. Sutton, S. Larkin)

57T Jody Reed

58T Rick Helling

59T John Powell DP

60T Eddie Murray

61T Joe Hall RC

62T Jorge Fabregas

63T Mike Mordecai RC

64T Ed Vosberg

65T Rickey Henderson

66T Tim Grieve DP, RC

67T Jon Lieber

68T Chris Howard

69T Matt Walbeck

70T Chan Ho Park RC

71T Bryan Eversgerd RC

72T John Dettmer

73T Erik Hanson

74T Mike Thurman DP, RC

75T Bobby Ayala

76T Rafael Palmeiro

77T Bret Boone

78T Paul Shuey FS

79T Kevin Foster RC

80T Dave Magadan

81T Bip Roberts

82T Howard Johnson

83T Xavier Hernandez

84T Ross Powell RC

85T Doug Million DP, RC

86T Geronimo Berroa

87T Mark Farris DP, RC

88T Butch Henry

89T Junior Felix

90T Bo Jackson

91T Hector Carrasco

92T Charlie O'Brien

93T Omar Vizquel

94T David Segui

95T Dustin Hermanson DP

96T Gar Finnvold RC

97T Dave Stevens

98T Corey Pointer DP, RC

99T Felix Fermin

100T Lee Smith

101T Reid Ryan DP, RC

102T Bobby Munoz

103T "Anatomy of a Trade" (D.Sanders/R.Kelly)

104T Turner Ward

105T W.VanLandingham RC

106T Vince Coleman

107T Stan Javier

108T Darrin Jackson

109T C.J.Nitkowski DP, RC

110T Anthony Young

111T Kurt Miller

112T Paul Konerko DP, RC

113T Walt Weiss

114T Daryl Boston

115T Will Clark

116T Matt Smith DP, RC

117T Mark Leiter

118T Gregg Olson

119T Tony Pena

120T Jose Vizcaino

121T Rick White RC

122T Rich Rowland

123T Jeff Reboulet

124T Greg Hibbard

125T Chris Sabo

126T Doug Jones

127T Tony Fernandez

128T Carlos Reyes RC

129T Kevin L.Brown DP, RC

130T Ryne Sandberg HL (Phillies)

131T Ryne Sandberg HL (Cubs)

132T Checklist

Insert Cards

Finest MVPs

Each Topps Traded factory set contained a complete set of these eight cards.

1 Greg Maddux

2 Mike Piazza

3 Matt Williams

4 Raul Mondesi

5 Ken Griffey Jr

6 Kenny Lofton

7 Frank Thomas

8 Manny Ramirez