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Set of the Month

2007 SP Authentic is a 162-card set released by Upper Deck on November 20, 2007. The By The Letter autographed manufactured letter patches that debuted in the previous year's product return, this time as part of the base set. Each 24-pack Hobby box will yield two By The Letter cards.

In addition, a series of unannounced "gimmick" cards of Alex Rodriguez were randomly inserted into packs without prior notice -- although mostly received by The Hobby with ambivalence.

Previous Sets of the Month

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Just released

2016 Topps Allen & Ginter's is a 351-card set, released the week of July 22nd. As usual, each 24-pack Hobby box will include three of the following: Autographs, Relics, Rip Cards, or A&G Originals. After a year in which all 350 base cards were printed in equal quantities, the last 51 cards are back to being short-prints.

2016 Donruss Optic is a 175-card parallel brand scheduled for release July 20th. Each card is printed on what Panini calls "Optichrome" cardstock, and the whole product can be see as their rendition of Topps Chrome. The base set is a rehash of the 2016 Donruss base set with 30 short-printed Diamond Kings, 35 Rated Rookies (20 of which did not appear in Donruss Baseball) and ten Autographed Rated Rookies.

Each 20-pack Hobby box will yield two autographs.

2016 Topps Tribute was released exclusively to Hobby outlets July 16th. Each six-pack Hobby box will contain one serial-numbered parallel, three Relics, and three autographs.

In an effort to avoid the previous year's smeared autograph debacle, Tribute will be printed on "Chromax" (i.e. Finest-style chrome) stock.

2016 Bowman Inception is scheduled for release the week of July 6th, 2016. Again, as is standard for this brand, there is no "base" set in the traditional sense and all cards are autographed. New for 2016, is the inclusion of a limited number of veteran players.

Each five card pack contains four (on-card) autographs and an autographed (sticker) relic card.

2016 Stadium Club is a 300-card set to be released July 1st. Each 16-pack Hobby box is expected to yield two autographs.

2016 Panini Flawless is a 103-card, jewel-encrusted, set released in June 24th. Each 10-card box (which is actually a Halliburton-style case) will contain two base cards serial-numbered to 20 copies or less, six autographs, and two memorabilia cards.

2016 Topps Series Two is a 350-card set that was released June 18th. The product will feature, for the first time in a non-Allen & Ginter's product, Rip Cards.

2016 Topps Tier One was released June 8th. Each box will yield one Relic and two autographs.

As with previous iterations of this product, there is no "base set" in the conventional sense.

2016 Topps Archives is a 310-card set, released June 1st. As has been this brand's trademark, one third of the base set is done in the style of the 1953 Topps set, one third as 1979 Topps, and the final third 1991 Topps.

For the second consecutive year, Archives was solicited as a 300 card base set without short-prints, only for Topps to deliver a final product with ten SPed base cards -- 20 fewer SPs than the previous year's set.

Each 24-pack Hobby box will yield two autographs.

2016 Topps Pro Debut is a 200-card Minor League set released May 25th, 2016. Each 24-pack Hobby box will yield two Relics and two autographs.

2016 Finest is a 110-card set released May 18th. Each Hobby Master box will yield two autographs.

On April 22nd, Topps announced drastic changes in 2016 Finest's distribution. Those Hobby dealers who pre-ordered Finest directly from Topps would have their orders honored. (Finest was solicited to Hobby dealers from November 25th, 2015 to January 13th, 2016 at a direct price of around $600 for an eight-box case.) However, reportedly due to low pre-sales, Topps would not make Finest available to Hobby distributors or to online retailers and instead would sell it directly on the website for $99.99 a box or $799.89 for an eight-box case.

2016 Bowman is a 150-card set supplemented by a 150-card Prospects "insert" set that was released April 27th. Each Hobby box will contain at least one autograph and each Jumbo box three.

2016 Topps Museum Collection is a 100-card set released April 13th. Each pack will contain either an autograph or a relic. Each four-pack box will yield the following

  • A Canvas Collection insert
  • A Jumbo Relic
  • A Quad Relic
  • An Autograph
  • An Autographed Relic

2016 Diamond Kings is a 185-card set released by Panini April 6th. Each 12-pack Hobby box will yield two Framed parallels and two autographs/game-used cards.

2016 Topps Gypsy Queen is a 350-card set released April 6th, 2016. As with previous year's versions of the product, the last 50 cards in the base set are short-printed. Each pack will contain one mini-sized parallel and each 24-pack Hobby box is expected to yield two autographs and two Relic cards. Each Hobby box will come packed with a special 10-card box containing exclusive mini-sized variation cards.

2016 Topps Legacies (offically "2016 Topps Legacies of Baseball") is a 50-card set to be released March 30th. Each four-card box will contain one Vault Metal base card, one insert serial-numbered to 99 copies or less, and two autographs.

2016 Topps Opening Day is a 200-card set, scheduled for release March 16th. As with previous iterations of this product, the base set reprints 125 cards from 2016 Topps Series One and 75 from Series Two. Each pack contains an insert.

2016 Donruss is a 195-card set released March 2nd. The base set includes 30 short-printed Diamond Kings and 15 SPed Rated Rookies. Each pack contains one card from a 50-card insert done in the style of the 1982 Donruss set.

Each 24-pack Hobby box will yield five parallels, 22 inserts, 24 1982 inserts, and three autographs and/or game used cards.

The product is notable for featuring the first "game-used" cards (and we use that term very loosely) of The San Diego Chicken.

2016 Topps Heritage is a 500-card set that was released March 3rd. This year's set, the sixteenth, is based on the 1967 Topps set.

2016 Topps Industry Summit cards were released during the 2016 Industry Summit that took place in Hawaii from February 21-25, 2016.

2016 Topps Series One is a 350-card set released February 3rd. For the first time, the set features a borderless design.

2015 National Treasures was released by Panini the week of January 8th, 2016, and was the final product of the 2015 baseball year. Each card is either autographed and/or features a piece of game-used memorabilia.

2015 Panini Elite Extra Edition is a 196-card prospect and draft pick laden set released December 31st, 2015. Every 20-pack Hobby box will contain four parallels, five inserts, a minimum of six autographs (although most boxes will yield more) and one USA Baseball jersey card.

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