1993 Topps Traded

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1993 Topps Traded set


The 1993 Topps Traded set was released exclusively as a factory set in the Autumn of 1993. The 132-card set featured all the latest rookies, veteran players who had changed teams, and for the third and final year, that year's USA Baseball National Team.

The most notable rookie card is of Todd Helton -- who is depicted in his USA Baseball uniform.

Exclusion of Alex Rodriguez

In 1993, Alex Rodriguez was the best high school player in the nation and was expected to be chosen first overall by Seattle in the MLB Draft. That Summer A-Rod became the first high school player to tryout for the USA Baseball National Team, and was offered a spot on the team. As part of USA Baseball's sponsorship agreement with Topps, if A-Rod joined Team USA his first (and only) true rookie card would have been included in 1993 Topps Traded.

Under the advice of his agent, Scott Boras, who wanted to negotiate a more lucrative trading card contract, Rodriguez declined USA Baseball's offer. A-Rod then signed an exclusive deal with draft pick and Minor League card maker Classic. When A-Rod made his Major League debut the following year, Donruss, Fleer, Pacific, Pinnacle, and Upper Deck all were able to issue true rookie cards; however, A-Rod did not sign with Topps until 1998.


Factory Set exclusive.



Base Set

1T Barry Bonds

2T Rich Renteria

3T Aaron Sele

4T Carlton Loewer Team USA RC

5T Erik Pappas

6T Greg McMichael RC

7T Freddie Benavides

8T Kirk Gibson

9T Tony Fernandez

10T Jay Gainer RC

11T Orestes Destrade

12T A.J. Hinch Team USA RC

13T Bobby Munoz

14T Tom Henke

15T Rob Butler

16T Gary Wayne

17T David McCarty

18T Walt Weiss

19T Todd Helton Team USA RC

20T Mark Whiten

21T Ricky Gutierrez

22T Dustin Hermanson Team USA RC

23T Sherman Obando RC

24T Mike Piazza

25T Jeff Russell

26T Jason Bere

27T Jack Voigt RC

28T Chris Bosio

29T Phil Hiatt

30T Matt Beaumont Team USA RC

31T Andres Galarraga

32T Greg Swindell

33T Vince Castino

34T Pat Clougherty Team USA RC

35T Greg Briley

36T Dallas Green/Davey Johnson MGR

37T Tyler Green

38T Craig Paquette

39T Danny Sheaffer RC

40T Jim Converse RC

41T Terry Harvey Team USA RC

42T Phil Plantier

43T Doug Saunders RC

44T Benito Santiago

45T Dante Powell Team USA RC

46T Jeff Parrett

47T Wade Boggs

48T Paul Molitor

49T Turk Wendell

50T David Wells

51T Gary Sheffield

52T Kevin Young

53T Nelson Liriano

54T Greg Maddux

55T Derek Bell

56T Matt Turner RC

57T Charlie Nelson Team USA RC

58T Mike Hampton

59T Troy O'Leary RC

60T Benji Gil

61T Mitch Lyden RC

62T J.T. Snow

63T Damon Buford

64T Gene Harris

65T Randy Myers

66T Felix Jose

67T Todd Dunn Team USA RC

68T Jimmy Key

69T Pedro Castellano

70T Mark Merila Team USA RC

71T Rick Rodriguez

72T Matt Mieske

73T Pete Incaviglia

74T Carl Everett

75T Jim Abbott

76T Luis Aquino

77T Rene Arocha

78T Jon Shave

79T Tom Walker Team USA RC

80T Jack Armstrong

81T Jeff Richardson

82T Blas Minor

83T Dave Winfield

84T Paul O'Neill

85T Steve Reich Team USA RC

86T Chris Hammond

87T Hilly Hathaway RC

88T Fred McGriff

89T Dave Telgheder RC

90T Richie Lewis RC

91T Brent Gates

92T Andre Dawson

93T Andy Barkett Team USA RC

94T Doug Drabek

95T Joe Klink

96T Willie Blair

97T Danny Graves Team USA RC

98T Pat Meares RC

99T Mike Lansing RC

100T Marcos Armas RC

101T Darren Grass Team USA RC

102T Chris Jones

103T Ken Ryan RC

104T Ellis Burks

105T Roberto Kelly

106T Dave Magadan

107T Parke Wilson Team USA RC

108T Bob Natal

109T Paul Wagner

110T Jeromy Burnitz

111T Monty Fariss

112T Kevin Mitchell

113T Scott Pose RC

114T Dave Stewart

115T Russ Johnson Team USA RC

116T Archie Reynolds

117T Geronimo Berroa

118T Woody Williams RC

119T Tim Bogar RC

120T Bob Scafa Team USA RC

121T Henry Cotto

122T Gregg Jefferies

123T Norm Charlton

124T Bret Wagner Team USA RC

125T David Cone

126T Daryl Boston

127T Tim Wallach

128T Mike Martin Team USA RC

129T John Cummings RC

130T Ryan Bowen

131T John Powell Team USA RC

132T Checklist