1991 Topps Traded

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1991 Topps Traded box


1991 Topps Traded is a 132-card set released in late 1991 and was distributed in both factory set and pack form. The factory set cards were produced at Topps' Irish facility and are printed on white cardstock. The cards in packs were produced domestically and printed on gray cardstock. The pack version was released in limited quantities and graybacked singles are tougher to find than whitebacks. Despite this, each is valued equally.

For the first time since 1988, and the first time in a non-Olympic year, Topps included the 25-man Team USA National Team.

Notable rookies include Jeff Bagwell, Jason Giambi and Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez.


Wax: 36 packs per box, seven cards per pack

Factory Sets: Hobby only

Tiffany: Factory set exclusive, Hobby only



Base Set

1T Juan Agosto

2T Roberto Alomar

3T Wally Backman

4T Jeff Bagwell RC

5T Skeeter Barnes

6T Steve Bedrosian

7T Derek Bell

8T George Bell

9T Rafael Belliard

10T Dante Bichette

11T Bud Black

12T Mike Boddicker

13T Sid Bream

14T Hubie Brooks

15T Brett Butler

16T Ivan Calderon

17T John Candelaria

18T Tom Candiotti

19T Gary Carter

20T Joe Carter

21T Rick Cerone

22T Jack Clark

23T Vince Coleman

24T Scott Coolbaugh

25T Danny Cox

26T Danny Darwin

27T Chili Davis

28T Glenn Davis

29T Steve Decker

30T Rob Deer

31T Rich DeLucia

32T John Dettmer USA RC

33T Brian Downing

34T Darren Dreifort USA RC

35T Kirk Dressendorfer RC

36T Jim Essian MGR

37T Dwight Evans

38T Steve Farr

39T Jeff Fassero RC

40T Junior Felix

41T Tony Fernandez

42T Steve Finley

43T Jim Fregosi MGR

44T Gary Gaetti

45T Jason Giambi USA RC

46T Kirk Gibson

47T Lefty Gomez

48T Luis Gonzalez RC

49T Jeff Granger USA RC

50T Todd Greene USA RC

51T Jeffrey Hammonds USA RC

52T Mike Hargrove MGR

53T Pete Harnisch

54T Rick Helling USA RC UER (name misspelled "Hellings" on back)

55T Glenallen Hill

56T Charlie Hough

57T Pete Incaviglia

58T Bo Jackson

59T Danny Jackson

60T Reggie Jefferson

61T Charles Johnson USA RC

62T Jeff Johnson

63T Todd Johnson USA RC

64T Barry Jones

65T Chris Jones RC

66T Scott Kamieniecki RC

67T Pat Kelly RC

68T Darryl Kile

69T Chuck Knoblauch

70T Bill Krueger

71T Scott Leius

72T Donnie Leshnock USA RC

73T Mark Lewis

74T Candy Maldonado

75T Jason McDonald USA RC

76T Willie McGee

77T Fred McGriff

78T Billy McMillon USA RC

79T Hal McRae MGR

80T Dan Melendez USA RC

81T Orlando Merced RC

82T Jack Morris

83T Phil Nevin USA RC

84T Otis Nixon

85T Johnny Oates MGR

86T Bob Ojeda

87T Mike Pagliarulo

88T Dean Palmer

89T Dave Parker

90T Terry Pendleton

91T Tony Phillips USA RC

92T Doug Piatt

93T Ron Polk USA CO

94T Tim Raines

95T Willie Randolph

96T Dave Righetti

97T Ernest Riles

98T Chris Roberts USA RC

99T Jeff Robinson

100T Jeff Robinson

101T Ivan Rodriguez RC

102T Steve Rodriguez USA RC

103T Tom Runnells MGR

104T Scott Sanderson

105T Bob Scanlan

106T Pete Schourek RC

107T Gary Scott

108T Paul Shuey USA RC

109T Doug Simons

110T Dave Smith

111T Cooney Snyder

112T Luis Sojo

113T Kennie Steenstra USA RC

114T Darryl Strawberry

115T Franklin Stubbs

116T Todd Taylor USA RC

117T Wade Taylor

118T Garry Templeton

119T Mickey Tettleton

120T Tim Teufel

121T Mike Timlin RC

122T David Tuttle USA RC

123T Mo Vaughn

124T Jeff Ware USA RC

125T Devon White

126T Mark Whiten

127T Mitch Williams

128T Craig Wilson USA RC

129T Willie Wilson

130T Chris Wimmer USA RC

131T Ivan Zweig USA RC

132T Checklist


Topps Traded Tiffany

For the eighth, and final, year, Topps issued a "high-end" Tiffany version. 1991 Topps Traded Tiffany cards are printed on white cardstock with a glossy coating and were produced at Topps' factory in Ireland. Although production figures were never disclosed, it is believed that the 1991 edition was the scarcest Topps Traded Tiffany set produced.