1998 Pinnacle

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1998 Pinnacle is a 200-card set released in February 1998. Cards 1-157 were issued in three variations each, they have home, away or seasonal stats on the back and were all produced in equal quantities.


Hobby/Retail: 18 packs per box, ten cards per pack (MSRP: $2.99)

Power Packs: 12 packs per box, 20 cards plus one oversized card per pack (MSRP: $4.99)


Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Wax Odds Power Pack Odds
Base 200 - ? ?
Museum Collection 100 - 1:9 ?
Artist's Proof 100 - 1:39 ?
Power Pack Jumbos 24 - N/A 1:1
Press Plates 284 eight for each 1:1250 ?
Epix 24 - 1:21 ?
Hit it Here 10 ? 1:19 ?
Spellbound 50 - 1:17 ?


Base Set

NOTE: Cards 1 - 157 are available in three different variations: Full, Home, and Away. One-third of the cards have the full career stats on the back, the other two-thirds have either career stats at Home and Away on the back. A set is considered complete with any card.

1 Tony Gywnn

2 Pedro Martinez

3 Kenny Lofton

4 Curt Schilling

5 Shawn Estes

6 Tom Glavine

7 Mike Piazza

8 Ray Lankford

9 Barry Larkin

10 Tony Womack

11 Jeff Blauser

12 Rod Beck

13 Larry Walker

14 Greg Maddux

15 Mark Grace

16 Ken Caminiti

17 Bobby Jones

18 Chipper Jones

19 Javy Lopez

20 Moises Alou

21 Royce Clayton

22 Darryl Kile

23 Barry Bonds

24 Steve Finley

25 Andres Galarraga

26 Denny Neagle

27 Todd Hundley

28 Jeff Bagwell

29 Andy Pettitte

30 Darin Erstad

31 Carlos Delgado

32 Matt Williams

33 Will Clark

34 Vinny Castilla

35 Brad Radke

36 John Olerud

37 Andruw Jones

38 Jason Giambi

39 Scott Rolen

40 Gary Sheffield

41 Jimmy Key

42 Kevin Appier

43 Wade Boggs

44 Hideo Nomo

45 Manny Ramirez

46 Wilton Guerrero

47 Travis Fryman

48 Chili Davis

49 Jeromy Burnitz

50 Craig Biggio

51 Tim Salmon

52 Jose Cruz, Jr.

53 Sammy Sosa

54 Hideki Irabu

55 Chan Ho Park

56 Robin Ventura

57 Jose Guillen

58 Deion Sanders

59 Jose Canseco

60 Jay Buhner

61 Rafael Palmeiro

62 Vladimir Guerrero

63 Mark McGwire

64 Derek Jeter

65 Bobby Bonilla

66 Raul Mondesi

67 Paul Molitor

68 Joe Carter

69 Marquis Grissom

70 Juan Gonzalez

71 Kevin Orie

72 Rusty Greer

73 Henry Rodriguez

74 Fernando Tatis

75 John Valentin

76 Matt Morris

77 Ray Durham

78 Geronimo Berroa

79 Scott Brosius

80 Willie Greene

81 Rondell White

82 Doug Drabek

83 Derek Bell

84 Butch Huskey

85 Doug Jones

86 Jeff Kent

87 Jim Edmonds

88 Mark McLemore

89 Todd Zeile

90 Edgardo Alfonzo

91 Carlos Baerga

92 Jorge Fabregas

93 Alan Benes

94 Troy Percival

95 Edgar Renteria

96 Jeff Fassero

97 Reggie Sanders

98 Dean Palmer

99 J.T. Snow

100 Dave Nilsson

101 Dan Wilson

102 Robb Nen

103 Damion Easley

104 Kevin Foster

105 Jose Offerman

106 Steve Cooke

107 Matt Stairs

108 Darryl Hamilton

109 Steve Karsay

110 Gary DiSarcina

111 Dante Bichette

112 Billy Wagner

113 David Segui

114 Bob Higginson

115 Jeffrey Hammonds

116 Kevin Brown

117 Paul Sorrento

118 Mark Leiter

119 Charles Nagy

120 Danny Patterson

121 Brian McRae

122 Jay Bell

123 Jamie Moyer

124 Carl Everett

125 Greg Colbrunn

126 Jason Kendall

127 Luis Sojo

128 Mike Lieberthal

129 Reggie Jefferson

130 Cal Eldred

131 Orel Hershiser

132 Doug Glanville

133 Willie Blair

134 Neifi Perez

135 Sean Berry

136 Chuck Finley

137 Alex Gonzalez

138 Dennis Eckersley

139 Kenny Rogers

140 Troy O'Leary

141 Roger Bailey

142 Yamil Benitez

143 Wally Joyner

144 Bobby Witt

145 Pete Schourek

146 Terry Steinbach

147 B.J. Surhoff

148 Esteban Loaiza

149 Heathcliff Slocumb

150 Ed Sprague

151 Gregg Jefferies

152 Scott Erickson

153 Jaime Navarro

154 David Wells

155 Alex Fernandez

156 Tim Belcher

157 Mark Grudzielanek

158 Scott Hatteberg

159 Paul Konerko

160 Ben Grieve

161 Abraham Nunez

162 Shannon Stewart

163 Jaret Wright

164 Derrek Lee

165 Todd Dunwoody

166 Steve Woodard

167 Ryan McGuire

168 Jeremi Gonzalez

169 Mark Kotsay

170 Brett Tomko

171 Bobby Estalella

172 Livan Hernandez

173 Todd Helton

174 Garrett Stephenson

175 Pokey Reese

176 Tony Saunders

177 Antone Williamson

178 Bartolo Colon

179 Karim Garcia

180 Juan Encarnacion

181 Jacob Cruz

182 Alex Rodriguez FV

183 Cal Ripken, Jr. / Roberto Alomar FV

184 Roger Clemens FV

185 Derek Jeter FV

186 Frank Thomas FV

187 Ken Griffey, Jr. FV

188 Mark McGwire GJ

189 Tino Martinez GJ

190 Larry Walker GJ

191 Brady Anderson GJ

192 Jeff Bagwell GJ

193 Ken Griffey, Jr. GJ

194 Chipper Jones GJ

195 Ray Lankford GJ

196 Jim Thome GJ

197 Nomar Garciaparra GJ

198 All-Star Home Run Derby Contestants CL

199 Tino Martinez CL

200 Jacobs Field CL


Museum Collection

Museum Collection is a 100-card, all-Dufex, partial parallel. Each card is also available as an Artist's Proof.

PP1 Tony Gwynn

PP2 Pedro Martinez

PP3 Kenny Lofton

PP4 Curt Schilling

PP5 Shawn Estes

PP6 Tom Glavine

PP7 Mike Piazza

PP8 Ray Lankford

PP9 Barry Larkin

PP10 Tony Womack

PP11 Jeff Blauser

PP12 Rod Beck

PP13 Larry Walker

PP14 Greg Maddux

PP15 Mark Grace

PP16 Ken Caminiti

PP17 Bobby Jones

PP18 Chipper Jones

PP19 Javy Lopez

PP20 Moises Alou

PP21 Royce Clayton

PP22 Darryl Kile

PP23 Barry Bonds

PP24 Steve Finley

PP25 Andres Galarraga

PP26 Denny Neagle

PP27 Todd Hundley

PP28 Jeff Bagwell

PP29 Andy Pettitte

PP30 Darin Erstad

PP31 Carlos Delgado

PP32 Matt Williams

PP33 Will Clark

PP34 Brad Radke

PP35 John Olerud

PP36 Andruw Jones

PP37 Scott Rolen

PP38 Gary Sheffield

PP39 Jimmy Key

PP40 Wade Boggs

PP41 Hideo Nomo

PP42 Manny Ramirez

PP43 Wilton Guerrero

PP44 Travis Fryman

PP45 Craig Biggio

PP46 Tim Salmon

PP47 Jose Cruz, Jr.

PP48 Sammy Sosa

PP49 Hideki Irabu

PP50 Jose Guillen

PP51 Deion Sanders

PP52 Jose Canseco

PP53 Jay Buhner

PP54 Rafael Palmeiro

PP55 Vladimir Guerrero

PP56 Mark McGwire

PP57 Derek Jeter

PP58 Bobby Bonilla

PP59 Raul Mondesi

PP60 Paul Molitor

PP61 Joe Carter

PP62 Marquis Grissom

PP63 Juan Gonzalez

PP64 Dante Bichette

PP65 Shannon Stewart

PP66 Jaret Wright

PP67 Derrek Lee

PP68 Todd Dunwoody

PP69 Steve Woodard

PP70 Ryan McGuire

PP71 Jeremi Gonzalez

PP72 Mark Kotsay

PP73 Brett Tomko

PP74 Bobby Estalella

PP75 Livan Hernandez

PP76 Todd Helton

PP77 Garrett Stephenson

PP78 Pokey Reese

PP79 Tony Saunders

PP80 Antone Williamson

PP81 Bartolo Colon

PP82 Karim Garcia

PP83 Juan Encarnacion

PP84 Jacob Cruz

PP85 Alex Rodriguez FV

PP86 Cal Ripken, Jr. / Roberto Alomar FV

PP87 Roger Clemens FV

PP88 Derek Jeter FV

PP89 Frank Thomas FV

PP90 Ken Griffey, Jr. FV

PP91 Mark McGwire GJ

PP92 Tino Martinez GJ

PP93 Larry Walker GJ

PP94 Brady Anderson GJ

PP95 Jeff Bagwell GJ

PP96 Ken Griffey, Jr. GJ

PP97 Chipper Jones GJ

PP98 Ray Lankford GJ

PP99 Jim Thome GJ

PP100 Nomar Garciaparra GJ

Power Pack Jumbos

These over-sized (3 1/2" X 5") cards were distributed at a rate of one per special Pinnacle "Power Pack". Power Packs were released about a month after the regular wax packs. The twenty-four jumbo cards parallel a selection of regular issue cards including the Field of Vision and Goin' Jake subsets. Besides the obvious disparity in size, the cards also differ in from their base card counterparts with their "x of 24" numbering on back.

One of 24 promo cards were issued to dealers and retail wholesalers. The cards are identical to the regular Power Pack Jumbos, with the exception of word "SAMPLE" printed on the front.

1 Alex Rodriguez FV

2 Cal Ripken / Roberto Alomar FV

3 Roger Clemens FV

4 Derek Jeter FV

5 Frank Thomas FV

6 Ken Griffey, Jr. FV

7 Mark McGwire GJ

8 Tino Martinez GJ

9 Larry Walker GJ

10 Brady Anderson GJ

11 Jeff Bagwell GJ

12 Ken Griffey, Jr. GJ

13 Chipper Jones GJ

14 Ray Lankford GJ

15 Jim Thome GJ

16 Nomar Garciaparra GJ

17 Mike Piazza

18 Andruw Jones

19 Greg Maddux

20 Tony Gwynn

21 Larry Walker

22 Jeff Bagwell

23 Chipper Jones

24 Scott Rolen

Press Plates

The actual press plates used in the manufacturing of the 1998 Pinnacle set was randomly inserted into packs. Unlike most "Plate" sets to come, four plates for both the front AND the back of each card were inserted. In addition to the 200 base cards, plates for the 24 Epix, 10 Hit It Here and 50 Spellbound inserts were also included.


Uncut is a six-card jumbo-sized set measures approximately 13 5/16" by 18 11/16" and is actually a very large Dufex version of the Pinnacle Field of Vision subset (cards numbered from 182 to 187). Cards were distributed in mass-retail chains in one-card packs with an SRP of $9.99.

A version of the Frank Thomas Uncut card was issued to dealers as a promo.



See 1998 Pinnacle Epix.

Hit It Here

This 10-card, etched-foil, set had a unique serial-number on the back. As part of a contest, if any of the ten players hit for the cycle on the opening day of the 1998 season, Pinnacle would draw a number at random. The person hold the card of that player with the drawn number would win $1,000,000.

While the cards are serial-numbered, Pinnacle never fully disclosed the production run for the set. It has been estimated that 20,000 Hit It Here cards were produced.

One promo card was inserted into dealer sell sheets. The cards are identical to the pack-inserted cards except for the word "SAMPLE" printed on both sides.

1 Larry Walker

2 Ken Griffey, Jr.

3 Mike Piazza

4 Frank Thomas

5 Barry Bonds

6 Albert Belle

7 Tino Martinez

8 Mark McGwire

9 Juan Gonzalez

10 Jeff Bagwell


1 Mark McGwire M

2 Mark McGwire C

3 Mark McGwire G

4 Mark McGwire W

5 Mark McGwire I

6 Mark McGwire R

7 Mark McGwire E

8 Roger Clemens R

9 Roger Clemens O

10 Roger Clemens C

11 Roger Clemens K

12 Roger Clemens E

13 Roger Clemens T

14 Frank Thomas B

15 Frank Thomas I

16 Frank Thomas G

17 Frank Thomas H

18 Frank Thomas U

19 Frank Thomas R

20 Frank Thomas T

21 Scott Rolen R

22 Scott Rolen O

23 Scott Rolen L

24 Scott Rolen E

25 Scott Rolen N

26 Ken Griffey, Jr. G

27 Ken Griffey, Jr. R

28 Ken Griffey, Jr. I

29 Ken Griffey, Jr. F

30 Ken Griffey, Jr. F

31 Ken Griffey, Jr. E

32 Ken Griffey, Jr. Y

33 Larry Walker W

34 Larry Walker A

35 Larry Walker L

36 Larry Walker K

37 Larry Walker E

38 Larry Walker R

39 Nomar Garciaparra N

40 Nomar Garciaparra O

41 Nomar Garciaparra M

42 Nomar Garciaparra A

43 Nomar Garciaparra R

44 Cal Ripken, Jr. C

45 Cal Ripken, Jr. A

46 Cal Ripken, Jr. L

47 Tony Gwynn T

48 Tony Gwynn O

49 Tony Gwynn N

50 Tony Gwynn Y