1993 Pinnacle Joe DiMaggio

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1993 Pinnacle Joe DiMaggio is a 30-card boxed set commemorating the life and career of Joe DiMaggio. Production was limited to 209,000 sets, with each set packaged in a black and gold collector's tin. While the outside of the tin states that 200,000 sets were produced, the certificate of authenticity included in the set carries the set's serial number to 209,000. Each tin also includes a lenticular lens that allows the anti-counterfeit "bar code" to be read.

Joe DiMaggio autographed 9000 cards for this set, and were randomly inserted into sets.


Factory set exclusive 209,000 sets produced.



Base Set

Joe-DiMaggio.jpg?id=c0cb10ca-c0c0-47cb-b406-ef2e49692e16&size=original&side=front&.jpg Joe-DiMaggio.jpg?id=c0cb10ca-c0c0-47cb-b406-ef2e49692e16&size=original&side=back&.jpg

1 "An American Hero"

2 "San Francisco Seals"

3 "Seals Farewell"

4 "First Game"

5 "The Rookie"

6 "Rookie All-Star"

7 "Fan Favorite"

8 "Teammates' Awe"

9 "Classic Swing"

10 "Joltin' Power"

11 "Rapid Robert vs. Joltin' Joe"

12 "The Complete Hitter"

13 "Makin' It Look Easy"

14 "Extra Swings"

15 "The Run Producer"

16 "Quiet Confidence"

17 "A Link to the Past"

18 "Sticks 'n' Bones"

19 "Center of Attention"

20 "The DiMaggio Mystique"

21 "Joe McCarthy"

22 "World War II"

23 "Fearless Baserunner"

24 "The Summer of '41"

25 "Career Statistics"

26 "No. 45"

27 "Chasing Ruth"

28 "The Final Season"

29 "Retirement"

30 "Baseball's Greatest Living Player"


Joe DiMaggio personally signed a total of 9000 cards, and one autographed card from this five-card set was randomly inserted in selected 30-card boxed 1993 Pinnacle Joe DiMaggio sets. These five autographed cards are slightly smaller (narrower) than standard size and feature white-bordered black-and-white action shots from DiMaggio's career that place special emphasis on the skills that made him great. DiMaggio's signature appears below the photo within the wide white lower margin.

1 "Spring 1936"

2 "Joltin' Joe"

3 "The Streak"

4 "Opening Day"

5 "Ebbets Field"