1984 Topps Traded

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1984 Topps Traded is a 132-card set. For the fourth consecutive year, Topps issued Traded exclusive as a factory set to Hobby dealers. Again this year, the Topps affiliate in Ireland printed the cards.

Rookie Cards in this set include Dwight Gooden, Jimmy Key, Mark Langston, Jose Rijo, and Bret Saberhagen.

A few cards have been seen with a "grey" Topps logo. These cards draw a significant multiplier of the regular Topps Traded cards.


Factory sets only. 100 sets per case.



Base Set

Pete-Rose.jpg?id=ab724239-0927-4b82-995d-71e805abc20d&size=original&side=front&.jpg Pete-Rose.jpg?id=ab724239-0927-4b82-995d-71e805abc20d&size=original&side=back&.jpg

  • 1T Willie Aikens
  • 2T Luis Aponte
  • 3T Mike Armstrong
  • 4T Bob Bailor
  • 5T Dusty Baker
  • 6T Steve Balboni
  • 7T Alan Bannister
  • 8T Dave Beard
  • 9T Joe Beckwith
  • 10T Bruce Berenyi
  • 11T Dave Bergman
  • 12T Tony Bernazard
  • 13T Yogi Berra MGR
  • 14T Barry Bonnell
  • 15T Phil Bradley XRC
  • 16T Fred Breining
  • 17T Bill Buckner
  • 18T Ray Burris
  • 19T John Butcher
  • 20T Brett Butler
  • 21T Enos Cabell
  • 22T Bill Campbell
  • 23T Bill Caudill
  • 24T Bob Clark
  • 25T Bryan Clark
  • 26T Jaime Cocanower XRC
  • 27T Ron Darling XRC
  • 28T Alvin Davis XRC
  • 29T Ken Dayley
  • 30T Jeff Dedmon XRC
  • 31T Bob Dernier
  • 32T Carlos Diaz
  • 33T Mike Easler
  • 34T Dennis Eckersley
  • 35T Jim Essian
  • 36T Darrell Evans
  • 37T Mike Fitzgerald XRC
  • 38T Tim Foli
  • 39T George Frazier
  • 40T Rich Gale
  • 41T Barbaro Garbey XRC
  • 42T Dwight Gooden XRC
  • 43T Rich Gossage
  • 44T Wayne Gross
  • 45T Mark Gubicza XRC
  • 46T Jackie Gutierrez XRC
  • 47T Mel Hall
  • 48T Toby Harrah
  • 49T Ron Hassey
  • 50T Rich Hebner
  • 51T Willie Hernandez
  • 52T Ricky Horton XRC
  • 53T Art Howe
  • 54T Dane Iorg
  • 55T Brook Jacoby XRC
  • 56T Mike Jeffcoat XRC
  • 57T Dave Johnson MGR
  • 58T Lynn Jones
  • 59T Ruppert Jones
  • 60T Mike Jorgensen
  • 61T Bob Kearney
  • 62T Jimmy Key XRC
  • 63T Dave Kingman
  • 64T Jerry Koosman
  • 65T Wayne Krenchicki
  • 66T Rusty Kuntz
  • 67T Rene Lachemann MGR
  • 68T Frank LaCorte
  • 69T Dennis Lamp
  • 70T Mark Langston XRC
  • 71T Rick Leach
  • 72T Craig Lefferts
  • 73T Gary Lucas
  • 74T Jerry Martin
  • 75T Carmelo Martinez
  • 76T Mike Mason XRC
  • 77T Gary Matthews
  • 78T Andy McGaffigan
  • 79T Larry Milbourne
  • 80T Sid Monge
  • 81T Jackie Moore MGR
  • 82T Joe Morgan
  • 83T Graig Nettles
  • 84T Phil Niekro
  • 85T Ken Oberkfell
  • 86T Mike O'Berry
  • 87T Al Oliver
  • 88T Jorge Orta
  • 89T Amos Otis
  • 90T Dave Parker
  • 91T Tony Perez
  • 92T Gerald Perry XRC
  • 93T Gary Pettis XRC
  • 94T Rob Picciolo
  • 95T Vern Rapp MGR
  • 96T Floyd Rayford
  • 97T Randy Ready XRC
  • 98T Ron Reed
  • 99T Gene Richards
  • 100T Jose Rijo XRC
  • 101T Jeff D. Robinson XRC
  • 102T Ron Romanick XRC
  • 103T Pete Rose
  • 104T Bret Saberhagen XRC
  • 105T Juan Samuel XRC
  • 106T Scott Sanderson
  • 107T Dick Schofield XRC
  • 108T Tom Seaver
  • 109T Jim Slaton
  • 110T Mike Smithson
  • 111T Lary Sorensen
  • 112T Tim Stoddard
  • 113T Champ Summers
  • 114T Jim Sundberg
  • 115T Rick Sutcliffe
  • 116T Craig Swan
  • 117T Tim Teufel XRC
  • 118T Derrel Thomas
  • 119T Gorman Thomas
  • 120T Alex Trevino
  • 121T Manny Trillo
  • 122T John Tudor
  • 123T Tom Underwood
  • 124T Mike Vail
  • 125T Tom Waddell XRC
  • 126T Gary Ward
  • 127T Curt Wilkerson XRC
  • 128T Frank Williams XRC
  • 129T Glenn Wilson
  • 130T John Wockenfuss
  • 131T Ned Yost
  • 132T Checklist 1T-132T


Topps Tiffany

Dwight-Gooden.jpg?id=0d96f613-4799-4b31-a142-488f4d14620a&size=original&side=front&.jpg Dwight-Gooden.jpg?id=0d96f613-4799-4b31-a142-488f4d14620a&size=original&side=back&.jpg

This 132-card standard-size set was issued by Topps as a premium "high-end" parallel to their regular issue. This set was printed in the Topps Ireland factory and are differentiated from the regular cards by their glossy sheen and clean backs. These sets were only available through the Topps hobby distribution system. Topps issued these sets only if a dealer ordered the regular 1984 Topps sets, therefore approximately 10,000 of these sets were produced as well.