1994 Topps Traded

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The 1994 Topps Traded is a 132-card set. For the fourteenth, and final, year Topps Traded was available only as a factory set. The following year, Topps Traded was produced exclusively in pack form. New for '94 are cards of 1994 MLB Draft Picks and inserts -- each set contained an eight-card Finest-style set. The set concludes with a two-card tribute to Ryne Sandberg who retired in the middle of the 1994 season -- only to return in 1996. Card #130T is one of the few Sandberg cards depicting him as a Philadelphia Phillie.

As with most late-season 1994 sets, the strike affected sales of '94TT. Although Topps did cut production of '94TT (including making it Hobby exclusive), interest in this set was next to non-existent when it was released.

The only rookie cards of note are of Paul Konerko, Jason Schmidt and Chan Ho Park.


Factory Set only.


Base Set

Paul-Konerko.jpg?id=43a78ec4-4baa-49b2-abc7-4346b821313d&size=original&side=front&.jpg Paul-Konerko.jpg?id=43a78ec4-4baa-49b2-abc7-4346b821313d&size=original&side=back&.jpg

  • 1T Paul Wilson DP
  • 2T Bill Taylor RC
  • 3T Dan Wilson
  • 4T Mark Smith
  • 5T Toby Borland RC
  • 6T Dave Clark
  • 7T Dennis Martinez
  • 8T Dave Gallagher
  • 9T Josias Manzanillo
  • 10T Brian Anderson RC
  • 11T Damon Berryhill
  • 12T Alex Cole
  • 13T Jacob Shumate DP RC*
  • 14T Oddibe McDowell
  • 15T Willie Banks
  • 16T Jerry Browne
  • 17T Donnie Elliott
  • 18T Ellis Burks
  • 19T Chuck McElroy
  • 20T Luis Polonia
  • 21T Brian Harper
  • 22T Mark Portugal
  • 23T Dave Henderson
  • 24T Mark Acre RC
  • 25T Julio Franco
  • 26T Darren Hall RC
  • 27T Eric Anthony
  • 28T Sid Fernandez
  • 29T Rusty Greer RC
  • 30T Riccardo Ingram RC
  • 31T Gabriel White
  • 32T Tim Belcher
  • 33T Terrence Long DP RC
  • 34T Mark Dalesandro RC
  • 35T Mike Kelly
  • 36T Jack Morris
  • 37T Jeff Brantley
  • 38T Larry Barnes DP RC*
  • 39T Brian R. Hunter
  • 40T Otis Nixon
  • 41T Bret Wagner DP
  • 42T Pedro Martinez / Delino DeShields TR
  • 43T Heathcliff Slocumb
  • 44T Ben Grieve DP RC
  • 45T John Hudek RC
  • 46T Shawon Dunston
  • 47T Greg Colbrunn
  • 48T Joey Hamilton
  • 49T Marvin Freeman
  • 50T Terry Mulholland
  • 51T Keith Mitchell
  • 52T Dwight Smith
  • 53T Shawn Boskie
  • 54T Kevin Witt DP RC
  • 55T Ron Gant
  • 56T Trenidad Hubbard / Jason Schmidt / Larry Sutton / Stephen Larkin PROS RC
  • 57T Jody Reed
  • 58T Rick Helling
  • 59T John Powell DP
  • 60T Eddie Murray
  • 61T Joe Hall RC
  • 62T Jorge Fabregas
  • 63T Mike Mordecai RC
  • 64T Ed Vosberg
  • 65T Rickey Henderson
  • 66T Tim Grieve DP RC*
  • 67T Jon Lieber
  • 68T Chris Howard
  • 69T Matt Walbeck
  • 70T Chan Ho Park RC
  • 71T Bryan Eversgerd RC
  • 72T John Dettmer
  • 73T Erik Hanson
  • 74T Mike Thurman DP RC
  • 75T Bobby Ayala
  • 76T Rafael Palmeiro
  • 77T Bret Boone
  • 78T Paul Shuey FS
  • 79T Kevin Foster
  • 80T Dave Magadan
  • 81T Bip Roberts
  • 82T Howard Johnson
  • 83T Xavier Hernandez
  • 84T Ross Powell RC
  • 85T Doug Million DP RC*
  • 86T Geronimo Berroa
  • 87T Mark Farris DP RC*
  • 88T Butch Henry
  • 89T Junior Felix
  • 90T Bo Jackson
  • 91T Hector Carrasco
  • 92T Charlie O'Brien
  • 93T Omar Vizquel
  • 94T David Segui
  • 95T Dustin Hermanson DP
  • 96T Gar Finnvold RC
  • 97T Dave Stevens
  • 98T Corey Pointer DP RC*
  • 99T Felix Fermin
  • 100T Lee Smith
  • 101T Reid Ryan DP RC*
  • 102T Bobby Munoz
  • 103T Deion Sanders / Roberto Kelly TR
  • 104T Turner Ward
  • 105T William VanLandingham RC
  • 106T Vince Coleman
  • 107T Stan Javier
  • 108T Darrin Jackson
  • 109T C.J. Nitkowski DP RC
  • 110T Anthony Young
  • 111T Kurt Miller
  • 112T Paul Konerko DP RC
  • 113T Walt Weiss
  • 114T Daryl Boston
  • 115T Will Clark
  • 116T Matt Smith DP RC*
  • 117T Mark Leiter
  • 118T Gregg Olson
  • 119T Tony Pena
  • 120T Jose Vizcaino
  • 121T Rick White RC
  • 122T Rich Rowland
  • 123T Jeff Reboulet
  • 124T Greg Hibbard
  • 125T Chris Sabo
  • 126T Doug Jones
  • 127T Tony Fernandez
  • 128T Carlos Reyes RC
  • 129T Kevin L. Brown DP RC
  • 130T Ryne Sandberg PHL
  • 131T Ryne Sandberg CHC
  • 132T Checklist 1-132

Insert Cards

Finest MVPs

Matt-Williams.jpg?id=43176175-f226-4bad-a31c-32aef15f8d67&size=original&side=front&.jpg Matt-Williams.jpg?id=43176175-f226-4bad-a31c-32aef15f8d67&size=original&side=back&.jpg

Each Topps Traded factory set contained a complete set of these eight cards.

  • 1 Greg Maddux
  • 2 Mike Piazza
  • 3 Matt Williams
  • 4 Raul Mondesi
  • 5 Ken Griffey, Jr.
  • 6 Kenny Lofton
  • 7 Frank Thomas
  • 8 Manny Ramirez