2003 Topps Traded & Rookies

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The 2003 Topps Traded and Rookies (with Topps Chrome) set is a 275-card set released in October, 2003. Once again, Topps Traded came "bundled" with Topps Chrome Traded, with each ten-card pack yielded two Chrome cards. Each 24-pack waxbox or 10-pack HTA box should yield either a relic or an autograph.

The first 120 cards focuses on players and managers who changed teams. The next 45 cards make up a "Prospects" subset, while the final 110 cards consist of First-Year Players. Notable rookies include: Brandon Webb, Hanley Ramirez, Robinson Cano, Shane Victorino, Brian McCann and Cheng-Ming Wang.


Hobby/Retail: 24 packs per box, 10 cards (two Chromes) per pack. (MSRP $3)

HTA: 10 packs per box, 35 cards (two Chromes, and Gold parallel) per pack. (MSRP $10)


Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Hobby/Retail Odds HTA Odds
Base 275 - 8:1 29:1
Chrome 275 - two-per-pack two-per-pack
Gold 275 2003 1:2 one-per-pack
Refractors 275 - 1:12 1:4
Uncirculated X-Fractors 275 25 N/A one-per-box
Future Phenoms Relics 15 - REL REL
Transactions Bat Relics 25 - REL REL
Transactions Dual Bat Relics 3 - 1:421 REL 1:120 REL
Hall of Fame Relics 2 - 1:1009 REL 1:289 REL
Hall of Fame Dual Relic 1 - 1:2015 REL 1:578 REL
Signature Moves Autographs 20 - AU AU
Topps Blue Chips Autographs 24 - 1:631 AU AU

REL: Odds of finding a Relic: 1:35 Hobby/retail packs; 1:10 HTA packs.
AU: Odds of finding an autograph: 1:71 Hobby/retail packs; 1:20 HTA packs.


Base Set

Traded Players

Ivan-Rodriguez.jpg?id=d98e3ede-4cce-4431-8d57-61c8422ca1af&size=original&side=front&.jpg Ivan-Rodriguez.jpg?id=d98e3ede-4cce-4431-8d57-61c8422ca1af&size=original&side=back&.jpg

  • T1 Juan Pierre
  • T2 Mark Grudzielanek
  • T3 Tanyon Sturtze
  • T4 Greg Vaughn
  • T5 Greg Myers
  • T6 Randall Simon
  • T7 Todd Hundley
  • T8 Marlon Anderson
  • T9 Jeff Reboulet
  • T10 Alex Sanchez
  • T11 Mike Rivera
  • T12 Todd Walker
  • T13 Ray King
  • T14 Shawn Estes
  • T15 Gary Matthews, Jr.
  • T16 Jaret Wright
  • T17 Edgardo Alfonzo
  • T18 Omar Daal
  • T19 Ryan Rupe
  • T20 Tony Clark
  • T21 Jeff Suppan
  • T22 Mike Stanton
  • T23 Ramon Martinez
  • T24 Armando Rios
  • T25 Johnny Estrada
  • T26 Joe Girardi
  • T27 Ivan Rodriguez
  • T28 Robert Fick
  • T29 Rick White
  • T30 Robert Person
  • T31 Alan Benes
  • T32 Chris Carpenter
  • T33 Chris Widger
  • T34 Travis Hafner
  • T35 Mike Venafro
  • T36 Jon Lieber
  • T37 Orlando Hernandez
  • T38 Aaron Myette
  • T39 Paul Bako
  • T40 Erubiel Durazo
  • T41 Mark Guthrie
  • T42 Steve Avery
  • T43 Damian Jackson
  • T44 Rey Ordonez
  • T45 John Flaherty
  • T46 Byung-Hyun Kim
  • T47 Tom Goodwin
  • T48 Elmer Dessens
  • T49 Al Martin
  • T50 Gene Kingsale
  • T51 Lenny Harris
  • T52 David Ortiz
  • T53 Jose Lima
  • T54 Mike Difelice
  • T55 Jose Hernandez
  • T56 Todd Zeile
  • T57 Roberto Hernandez
  • T58 Albie Lopez
  • T59 Roberto Alomar
  • T60 Russ Ortiz
  • T61 Brian Daubach
  • T62 Carl Everett
  • T63 Jeromy Burnitz
  • T64 Mark Bellhorn
  • T65 Ruben Sierra
  • T66 Mike Fetters
  • T67 Armando Benitez
  • T68 Deivi Cruz
  • T69 Jose Cruz, Jr.
  • T70 Jeremy Fikac
  • T71 Jeff Kent
  • T72 Andres Galarraga
  • T73 Rickey Henderson
  • T74 Royce Clayton
  • T75 Troy O'Leary
  • T76 Ron Coomer
  • T77 Greg Colbrunn
  • T78 Wes Helms
  • T79 Kevin Millwood
  • T80 Damion Easley
  • T81 Bobby Kielty
  • T82 Keith Osik
  • T83 Ramiro Mendoza
  • T84 Shea Hillenbrand
  • T85 Shannon Stewart
  • T86 Eddie Perez
  • T87 Ugueth Urbina
  • T88 Orlando Palmeiro
  • T89 Graeme Lloyd
  • T90 John Vander Wal
  • T91 Gary Bennett
  • T92 Shane Reynolds
  • T93 Steve Parris
  • T94 Julio Lugo
  • T95 John Halama
  • T96 Carlos Baerga
  • T97 Jim Parque
  • T98 Mike Williams
  • T99 Fred McGriff
  • T100 Kenny Rogers
  • T101 Matt Herges
  • T102 Jay Bell
  • T103 Esteban Yan
  • T104 Eric Owens
  • T105 Aaron Fultz
  • T106 Rey Sanchez
  • T107 Jim Thome
  • T108 Aaron Boone
  • T109 Raul Mondesi
  • T110 Kenny Lofton
  • T111 Jose Guillen
  • T112 Aramis Ramirez
  • T113 Sidney Ponson
  • T114 Scott Williamson
  • T115 Robin Ventura


Dusty-Baker.jpg?id=47f648ca-9f2f-40e2-8627-822e2acf9bb2&size=original&side=front&.jpg Dusty-Baker.jpg?id=47f648ca-9f2f-40e2-8627-822e2acf9bb2&size=original&side=back&.jpg

  • T116 Dusty Baker
  • T117 Felipe Alou
  • T118 Buck Showalter
  • T119 Jack McKeon
  • T120 Art Howe


James-Loney.jpg?id=d4c82ac8-696d-49b0-858a-6a3873986913&size=original&side=front&.jpg James-Loney.jpg?id=d4c82ac8-696d-49b0-858a-6a3873986913&size=original&side=back&.jpg

  • T121 Bobby Crosby
  • T122 Adrian Gonzalez
  • T123 Kevin Cash
  • T124 Shin-Soo Choo
  • T125 Chin-Feng Chen
  • T126 Miguel Cabrera
  • T127 Jason Young
  • T128 Alex Herrera
  • T129 Jason Dubois
  • T130 Jeff Mathis
  • T131 Casey Kotchman
  • T132 Ed Rogers
  • T133 Wilson Betemit
  • T134 Jim Kavourias
  • T135 Taylor Buchholz
  • T136 Adam LaRoche
  • T137 Dallas McPherson
  • T138 Jesus Cota
  • T139 Clint Nageotte
  • T140 Boof Bonser
  • T141 Walter Young
  • T142 Joe Crede
  • T143 Denny Bautista
  • T144 Victor Diaz
  • T145 Chris Narveson
  • T146 Gabe Gross
  • T147 Jimmy Journell
  • T148 Rafael Soriano
  • T149 Jerome Williams
  • T150 Aaron Cook
  • T151 Anastacio Martinez
  • T152 Scott Hairston
  • T153 John Buck
  • T154 Ryan Ludwick
  • T155 Chris Bootcheck
  • T156 John Rheinecker
  • T157 Jason Lane
  • T158 Shelley Duncan
  • T159 Adam Wainwright
  • T160 Jason Arnold
  • T161 Jonny Gomes
  • T162 James Loney
  • T163 Mike Fontenot
  • T164 Khalil Greene
  • T165 Sean Burnett

First Year Players

Robinson-Cano.jpg?id=da267fe3-411e-445c-b27b-7fbcd9837b7e&size=original&side=front&.jpg Robinson-Cano.jpg?id=da267fe3-411e-445c-b27b-7fbcd9837b7e&size=original&side=back&.jpg

  • T166 David Martinez RC*
  • T167 Felix Pie RC
  • T168 Joe Valentine RC
  • T169 Brandon Webb RC
  • T170 Matt Diaz RC
  • T171 Lew Ford RC
  • T172 Jeremy Griffiths RC
  • T173 Matt Hensley RC
  • T174 Charlie Manning RC
  • T175 Elizardo Ramirez RC
  • T176 Greg Aquino RC
  • T177 Felix Sanchez RC
  • T178 Kelly Shoppach RC
  • T179 Bubba Nelson RC*
  • T180 Mike O'Keefe RC*
  • T181 Hanley Ramirez RC
  • T182 Todd Wellemeyer RC
  • T183 Dustin Moseley RC
  • T184 Eric Crozier RC
  • T185 Ryan Shealy RC
  • T186 Jeremy Bonderman RC
  • T187 Thomari Story-Harden RC*
  • T188 Dusty Brown RC
  • T189 Robby Hammock RC
  • T190 Jorge Piedra RC
  • T191 Chris De La Cruz RC*
  • T192 Eli Whiteside RC
  • T193 Jason Kubel RC
  • T194 Jon Schuerholz, Jr. RC*
  • T195 Stephen Randolph RC
  • T196 Andy Sisco RC
  • T197 Sean Smith RC*
  • T198 Jon-Mark Sprowl RC*
  • T199 Matt Kata RC
  • T200 Robinson Cano RC
  • T201 Nook Logan RC
  • T202 Ben Francisco RC
  • T203 Arnie Munoz RC
  • T204 Ozzie Chavez RC*
  • T205 Eric Riggs RC*
  • T206 Beau Kemp RC*
  • T207 Travis Wong RC*
  • T208 Dustin Yount RC*
  • T209 Brian McCann RC
  • T210 Wilton Reynolds RC*
  • T211 Matt Bruback RC*
  • T212 Andrew Brown RC
  • T213 Edgar Gonzalez RC
  • T214 Eider Torres RC
  • T215 Aquilino Lopez RC
  • T216 Bobby Basham RC*
  • T217 Tim Olson RC
  • T218 Nathan Panther RC*
  • T219 Bryan Grace RC*
  • T220 Dusty Gomon RC*
  • T221 Wil Ledezma RC
  • T222 Josh Willingham RC
  • T223 David Cash RC*
  • T224 Oscar Villarreal RC
  • T225 Jeff Duncan RC
  • T226 Kade Johnson RC*
  • T227 Luke Steidlmayer RC*
  • T228 Brandon Watson RC
  • T229 Jose Morales RC
  • T230 Mike Gallo RC
  • T231 Tyler Adamczyk RC*
  • T232 Adam Stern RC
  • T233 Brennan King RC*
  • T234 Dan Haren RC
  • T235 Michel Hernandez RC
  • T236 Ben Fritz RC*
  • T237 Clay Hensley RC
  • T238 Tyler Johnson RC
  • T239 Pete LaForest RC
  • T240 Tyler Martin RC*
  • T241 J.D. Durbin RC
  • T242 Shane Victorino RC
  • T243 Rajai Davis RC
  • T244 Ismael Castro RC*
  • T245 Chien-Ming Wang RC
  • T246 Travis Ishikawa RC
  • T247 Corey Shafer RC*
  • T248 Gary Schneidmiller RC*
  • T249 Dave Pember RC
  • T250 Keith Stamler RC*
  • T251 Tyson Graham RC*
  • T252 Ryan Cameron RC*
  • T253 Eric Eckenstahler
  • T254 Matthew Peterson RC*
  • T255 Dustin McGowan RC
  • T256 Prentice Redman RC
  • T257 Haj Turay RC*
  • T258 Carlos Guzman RC*
  • T259 Matt DeMarco RC*
  • T260 Derek Michaelis RC*
  • T261 Brian Burgamy RC*
  • T262 Jay Sitzman RC*
  • T263 Chris Fallon RC*
  • T264 Mike Adams RC
  • T265 Clint Barmes RC
  • T266 Eric Reed RC
  • T267 Willie Eyre RC
  • T268 Carlos Duran RC*
  • T269 Nick Trzesniak RC*
  • T270 Ferdin Tejeda RC*
  • T271 Michael Garciaparra RC*
  • T272 Michael Hinckley RC
  • T273 Branden Florence RC*
  • T274 Trent Oeltjen RC
  • T275 Mike Neu RC


Miguel-Cabrera.jpg?id=c0252da8-cbc5-4e9e-bfd3-ff335c774a5e&size=original&side=front&.jpg Miguel-Cabrera.jpg?id=c0252da8-cbc5-4e9e-bfd3-ff335c774a5e&size=original&side=back&.jpg

All 275 base cards are available in a Gold parallel, which is serial-numbered to 2003 copies.


Rickey-Henderson.jpg?id=07463154-08c6-4472-8f44-1c6e864274d8&size=original&side=front&.jpg Rickey-Henderson.jpg?id=07463154-08c6-4472-8f44-1c6e864274d8&size=original&side=back&.jpg

All 275 Traded cards are available in a Chrome parallel, which are seeded at the rate of two-per-pack.


Ugueth-Urbina.jpg?id=c6c14226-6c94-40c0-aadc-e21bfe4adb19&size=original&side=front&.jpg Ugueth-Urbina.jpg?id=c6c14226-6c94-40c0-aadc-e21bfe4adb19&size=original&side=back&.jpg

All 275 Chrome cards are available in a Refractor parallel.

Uncirculated X-Fractors

Russ-Ortiz.jpg?id=1567fbe5-31b0-49f7-843e-dcfb5457d996&size=original&side=front&.jpg Russ-Ortiz.jpg?id=1567fbe5-31b0-49f7-843e-dcfb5457d996&size=original&side=back&.jpg

Each HTA box contained one Uncirculated X-Fractor, packed as a box topper. All 275 base cards are available and each is serial-numbered to 25 copies.

Autographs & Game-Used

Future Phenoms Relics

Mark-Teixeira.jpg?id=2c9cf5fe-4a7e-43d1-a5a9-89c60a7ec73b&size=original&side=front&.jpg Mark-Teixeira.jpg?id=2c9cf5fe-4a7e-43d1-a5a9-89c60a7ec73b&size=original&side=back&.jpg

The stated odds of finding a specific Future Phenoms Relic are as follows.

  • Group A: 1:2330 Hobby/retail; 1:669 HTA
  • Group B: 1:505 Hobby/retail; 1:144 HTA
  • Group C: 1:101 Hobby/retail; and 1:29 HTA

  • FP-BP Brandon Phillips BAT B
  • FP-CC Chin-Feng Chen JSY C
  • FP-CDC Carl Crawford BAT C
  • FP-CS Chris Snelling BAT C
  • FP-HB Hank Blalock BAT C
  • FP-JM Justin Morneau BAT C
  • FP-JT Joe Thurston JSY C
  • FP-MB Marlon Byrd BAT C
  • FP-MR Michael Restovich BAT B
  • FP-MT Mark Teixeira BAT B
  • FP-RB Rocco Baldelli BAT B
  • FP-TAH Trey Hodges JSY C
  • FP-TH Travis Hafner BAT C
  • FP-WB Wilson Betemit BAT C
  • FP-WPB Willie Bloomquist BAT A

Transactions Bat Relics

Tom-Glavine.jpg?id=faf96108-81b4-4922-8be0-59d6642016f6&size=original&side=front&.jpg Tom-Glavine.jpg?id=faf96108-81b4-4922-8be0-59d6642016f6&size=original&side=back&.jpg

The specific odds of finding a Transactions Bat Relic are as follows.

  • Group A: 1:168 Hobby/retail; 1:48 HTA
  • Group B: 1:78 Hobby/retail; and 1:22 HTA.

  • TT-AG Andres Galarraga A
  • TTCF Cliff Floyd B
  • TT-DB David Bell B
  • TT-EA Edgardo Alfonzo B
  • TT-ED Erubiel Durazo B
  • TT-EK Eric Karros B
  • TT-FL Felipe Lopez A
  • TT-FM Fred McGriff B
  • TT-JC Jose Cruz, Jr. B
  • TT-JG Jeremy Giambi A
  • TT-JK Jeff Kent B
  • TT-JP Juan Pierre B
  • TT-JT Jim Thome A
  • TT-KL Kenny Lofton A
  • TT-KM Kevin Millar B
  • TT-PW Preston Wilson A
  • TT-RD Ray Durham A
  • TT-RF Robert Fick A
  • TT-RO Rey Ordonez B
  • TT-RS Ruben Sierra A
  • TT-RW Rondell White B
  • TT-SH Tsuyoshi Shinjo B
  • TT-SS Shane Spencer A
  • TT-TG Tom Glavine A
  • TT-TZ Todd Zeile A


Jim-Thome.jpg?id=e56be4b1-19fe-4bcb-9fb9-31252e35ba0a&size=original&side=front&.jpg Jim-Thome.jpg?id=e56be4b1-19fe-4bcb-9fb9-31252e35ba0a&size=original&side=back&.jpg

  • DTT-IR Ivan Rodriguez FLA / TEX
  • DTT-JT Jim Thome PHL / CLE
  • DTT-KM Kevin Millwood PHL / ATL

Hall of Fame Relics

Gary-Carter.jpg?id=3768a69d-8890-4b54-ada6-a5f78cae10eb&size=original&side=front&.jpg Gary-Carter.jpg?id=3768a69d-8890-4b54-ada6-a5f78cae10eb&size=original&side=back&.jpg

  • HF-EM Eddie Murray BAT
  • HF-GC Gary Carter UNI


Gary-Carter-Eddie-Murray.jpg?id=8b9f9008-b7f9-4eea-9f7e-7e4fd4e78859&size=original&side=front&.jpg Gary-Carter-Eddie-Murray.jpg?id=8b9f9008-b7f9-4eea-9f7e-7e4fd4e78859&size=original&side=back&.jpg

  • HF-CM Gary Carter / Eddie Murray UNI / BAT

Signature Moves Autographs

BJ-Upton.jpg?id=3528463d-6e61-4182-81ea-0e74a7d6ab63&size=original&side=front&.jpg BJ-Upton.jpg?id=3528463d-6e61-4182-81ea-0e74a7d6ab63&size=original&side=back&.jpg

The stated odds of finding a specific Signature Moves Autograph are as follows.

  • Group A: 1:280 Hobby/retail; 1:80 HTA
  • Group B: 1:114 Hobby/retail; 1:33 HTA.

  • SMA-BC Bartolo Colon A
  • SMA-BU B.J. Upton B
  • SMA-CF Cliff Floyd A
  • SMA-DB David Bell A
  • SMA-EA Erick Almonte B
  • SMA-ER Elizardo Ramirez B
  • SMA-FP Felix Pie B
  • SMA-IR Robert Fick A
  • SMA-JB Joe Borchard B
  • SMA-JC Jose Cruz, Jr. A
  • SMA-JF Jesse Foppert B
  • SMA-JG Joey Gomes B
  • SMA-JJC Jack Cust A
  • SMA-JL James Loney B
  • SMA-JR Jose Reyes B
  • SMA-JS Jason Stokes A
  • SMA-KG Khalil Greene A
  • SMA-MT Mark Teixeira A
  • SMA-VM Victor Martinez B
  • SMA-WY Walter Young B

Topps Blue Chips

See 2003 Topps Blue Chips.

NOTE: In addition to Topps Traded, these cards were also randomly inserted into packs of 2003 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects, Bowman Heritage, and Topps Series Two. The stated odds of finding a Blue Chip Autograph in a pack of Topps Traded: 1:631.

AH Aubrey Huff

BC Bobby Crosby

BEP Brandon Phillips

BF Ben Fritz

BJ Bobby Jenks

BS Brian Slocum

CCE Clint Everts

CH Cole Hamels

CN Clint Nageotte

CT Chad Tracy

DL Donald Levinski

GF Gavin Floyd

JB Josh Barfield

JG Jay Gibbons

JHA J.J. Hardy

JHU Justin Huber

JR Jeremy Reed

JRB Jason Bay

KH Kris Honel

MB Milton Bradley

OH Orlando Hudson

RN Ramon Nivar

VM Val Majewski

ZG Zack Greinke