2020 Topps Sapphire Chrome

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2020 Topps Sapphire Chrome was released exclusively to topps.com on September 30th, with members of the 582 Montgomery Club allowed to purchase up to two boxes a day earlier. Each box will contain one Sapphire Refractor parallel and one Autographed Rookie.

Topps increased the price of a box from $50 to $299.99.


Eight packs per box (MSRP: $299.99), four cards per pack. Exclusive to topps.com


Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Odds
Base 700 - ?
Orange Sapphire Refractor 700 25 1:11
Purple Sapphire Refractor 700 10 1:28
Red Sapphire Refractor 700 5 1:55
Padparadscha Refractor 198 one-of-one 1:946
SuperFractor 502 one-of-one 1:379
Rookie Autographs 30 - 1:9
Rookie Autographs Green Sapphire Refractor 30 50 1:124
Rookie Autographs Orange Sapphire Refractor 30 25 1:249
Rookie Autographs Purple Sapphire Refractor 30 10 1:623
Rookie Autographs Red Sapphire Refractor 30 5 1:1238
Rookie Autographs SuperFractor 30 one-of-one 1:6229


Base Set

Junior-Fernandez.jpg?id=bd256a4f-3dc9-4a64-bbed-e4afbd35f884&size=original&side=front&.jpg Junior-Fernandez.jpg?id=bd256a4f-3dc9-4a64-bbed-e4afbd35f884&size=original&side=back&.jpg

The base set is rehash of the 2020 Topps Baseball base set. Repeating the checklist would be pointless.

We estimate 1025 copies of each base card were produced.


Xander-Bogaerts.jpg?id=d1a1b447-e765-4ac7-93a2-2b04eceb0757&size=original&side=front&.jpg Trea-Turner.jpg?id=0ca472c1-7919-4a69-8c08-fc28364ea93a&size=original&side=front&.jpg Cole-Hamels.jpg?id=51c05e32-1a62-4cae-bcc8-e095884ff51c&size=original&side=front&.jpg

All 700 base cards are available in the following parallels.

  • Orange Sapphire Refractor (serial-numbered to 25 copies)
  • Purple Sapphire Refractor (serial-numbered to ten)
  • Red Sapphire Refractor (serial-numbered to five)

Padparadscha Refractors/SuperFractors


A new edition to this year's Sapphire Chrome product are Padparadscha Refractors -- a one-of-one partial-parallel. Topps did not release a checklist; however, it is believed that the 198 players who appear in both 2020 Topps and 2020 Topps Chrome have Padparadscha Refractors. The remaining 502 cards are all available as SuperFractors, which are also ones-of-one.


Rookie Autographs

Dustin-May.jpg?id=7d3d97ac-c2a2-4c1d-991c-699e47057d57&size=original&side=front&.jpg Dustin-May.jpg?id=7d3d97ac-c2a2-4c1d-991c-699e47057d57&size=original&side=back&.jpg

Each Rookie Autograph is also available in the following parallels.

  • Green Sapphire Refractor (serial-numbered to 50 copies)
  • Orange Sapphire Refractors (serial-numbered to 25 copies)
  • Purple Sapphire Refractors (serial-numbered to ten)
  • Red Sapphire Refractors (serial-numbered to five)
  • SuperFractor (one-of-one)

  • CSA-AA Aristides Aquino
  • CSA-AC Aaron Civale
  • CSA-AK Anthony Kay
  • CSA-AM Andres Mu�oz
  • CSA-AT Abraham Toro
  • CSA-BB Bo Bichette
  • CSA-BBU Brock Burke
  • CSA-BM Brendan McKay
  • CSA-DC Dylan Cease
  • CSA-DM Dustin May
  • CSA-GL Gavin Lux
  • CSA-JD Justin Dunn
  • CSA-JL Jesus Luzardo
  • CSA-JR Jake Rogers
  • CSA-JS Josh Staumont
  • CSA-JU Jose Urquidy
  • CSA-JY Jordan Yamamoto
  • CSA-LA Logan Allen
  • CSA-LR Luis Robert
  • CSA-LW Logan Webb
  • CSA-MD Mauricio Dubon
  • CSA-NH Nico Hoerner
  • CSA-NS Nick Solak
  • CSA-SB Seth Brown
  • CSA-SM Sean Murphy
  • CSA-TD Travis Demeritte
  • CSA-TG Trent Grisham
  • CSA-YA Yordan Alvarez
  • CSA-YC Yu Chang
  • CSA-ZC Zack Collins