1995 Topps Traded and Rookies

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1995 Topps Traded & Rookies is a 165-card set released in late 1995 and features rookies, draft picks and players who had been traded. Unlike previous "Topps Traded" sets, the 1995 version was distributed exclusively in pack form. After fifteen consecutive years, this would be the final Topps Traded set; however, Topps would revive Traded in 1999.

Subsets featured are: At the Break (1T-10T) and All-Stars (156T-164T). Notable Rookie Cards include Carlos Beltran and Hideo Nomo.

It should be noted that there are three different cards of Hideo Nomo in this set. Card #40T, the only card in '95TT&R done in the style of the "Star Watch" subset, is considered his "true" rookie.

Juan LeBron/Carlos Beltran Errors

Juan-LeBron-(Carlos-Beltran-Pictured).jpg?id=e143ed73-8448-4d3d-8231-cfb805c05c6b&size=original&side=front&.jpg Carlos-Beltran-(Juan-LeBron-pictured).jpg?id=b271c3dc-9b81-41f8-ba71-54596e83dd42&size=original&side=front&.jpg

With their first two picks in the 1995 MLB First Year Player Draft, the Kansas City Royals selected two high school players from Puerto Rico: Juan LeBron and Carlos Beltran. Unfortunately, Topps confused the two and put Beltran on LeBron's '95 Topps Traded card and vice versa. While Beltran went on to have an All-Star career, LeBron never made it past Class-AA.

Topps never corrected the error, and card #18T (the one labelled "Carlos Beltran" but sporting the photo of Juan LeBron) is considered Beltran's "true" rookie. Juan LeBron's card (#12T), which has Beltran's photo, does sell for a premium, but is NOT Carlos Beltran's rookie card.


Wax: 36 packs per box, 11 cards per pack (MSRP $1.29)


Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Odds
Base 165 - ?
At The Break Power Boosters 10 - 1:36



Little is known about the 1995 Topps Traded & Rookies proof cards. The only known sample has the photo of Shawn Green used on his 1995 Topps Traded card (#13T) but the back is the one used in the regular 1995 Topps set. There may be more cards so all additional information is appreciated.

  • NNO Shawn Green

Base Set

At the Break

Ken-Griffey-Jr.jpg?id=7253b7c1-162c-4469-b86a-29a3175e92ee&size=original&side=front&.jpg Ken-Griffey-Jr.jpg?id=7253b7c1-162c-4469-b86a-29a3175e92ee&size=original&side=back&.jpg

  • 1 Frank Thomas
  • 2 Ken Griffey, Jr.
  • 3 Barry Bonds
  • 4 Albert Belle
  • 5 Cal Ripken, Jr.
  • 6 Mike Piazza
  • 7 Tony Gwynn
  • 8 Jeff Bagwell
  • 9 Mo Vaughn
  • 10 Matt Williams

Brad-Clontz.jpg?id=f395ba64-e61d-4815-bc5e-0e8eef6f0109&size=original&side=front&.jpg Brad-Clontz.jpg?id=f395ba64-e61d-4815-bc5e-0e8eef6f0109&size=original&side=back&.jpg

  • 11T Ray Durham
  • 12T Juan LeBron RC UER (Carlos Beltran depicted)
  • 13T Shawn Green ROY
  • 14T Kevin Gross
  • 15T Jon Nunnally
  • 16T Brian Maxcy RC
  • 17T Mark Kiefer UER (mispelled "Brewerse")
  • 18T Carlos Beltran RC UER (Photo is Juan LeBron)
  • 19T Michael Mimbs RC
  • 20T Larry Walker
  • 21T Chad Curtis
  • 22T Jeff Barry
  • 23T Joe Oliver
  • 24T Tomas Perez RC
  • 25T Michael Barrett DP RC
  • 26T Brian McRae
  • 27T Derek Bell
  • 28T Ray Durham ROY
  • 29T Todd Williams
  • 30T Ryan Jaroncyk DP RC*
  • 31T Todd Steverson
  • 32T Mike Devereaux
  • 33T Rheal Cormier
  • 34T Benito Santiago
  • 35T Bobby Higginson RC
  • 36T Jack McDowell
  • 37T Mike Macfarlane
  • 38T Tony McKnight DP RC
  • 39T Brian L. Hunter ROY
  • 40T Hideo Nomo ST RC
  • 41T Brett Butler
  • 42T Donovan Osborne
  • 43T Scott Karl
  • 44T Tony Phillips
  • 45T Marty Cordova ROY
  • 46T Dave Mlicki
  • 47T Bronson Arroyo DP RC
  • 48T John Burkett
  • 49T J.D. Smart DP RC
  • 50T Mickey Tettleton
  • 51T Todd Stottlemyre
  • 52T Mike Perez
  • 53T Terry Mulholland
  • 54T Edgardo Alfonzo
  • 55T Zane Smith
  • 56T Jacob Brumfield
  • 57T Andujar Cedeno
  • 58T Jose Parra
  • 59T Manny Alexander
  • 60T Tony Tarasco
  • 61T Orel Hershiser
  • 62T Tim Scott
  • 63T Felix Rodriguez RC
  • 64T Ken Hill
  • 65T Marquis Grissom
  • 66T Lee Smith
  • 67T Jason Bates ROY
  • 68T Felipe Lira
  • 69T Alex Hernandez DP RC
  • 70T Tony Fernandez
  • 71T Scott Radinsky
  • 72T Jose Canseco
  • 73T Mark Grudzielanek RC
  • 74T Ben Davis DP RC
  • 75T Jim Abbott
  • 76T Roger Bailey
  • 77T Gregg Jefferies
  • 78T Erik Hanson
  • 79T Brad Radke RC
  • 80T Jaime Navarro
  • 81T John Wetteland
  • 82T Chad Fonville RC
  • 83T John Mabry
  • 84T Glenallen Hill
  • 85T Ken Caminiti
  • 86T Tom Goodwin
  • 87T Darren Bragg
  • 88T Pat Ahearne / Gary Rath / Larry Winberly / Rob Bell PROS RC
  • 89T Jeff Russell
  • 90T Dave Gallagher
  • 91T Steve Finley
  • 92T Vaughn Eshelman
  • 93T Kevin Jarvis
  • 94T Mark Gubicza
  • 95T Tim Wakefield
  • 96T Bob Tewksbury
  • 97T Sid Roberson RC
  • 98T Tom Henke
  • 99T Michael Tucker
  • 100T Jason Bates
  • 101T Otis Nixon
  • 102T Mark Whiten
  • 103T Dilson Torres RC
  • 104T Melvin Bunch RC
  • 105T Terry Pendleton
  • 106T Corey Jenkins DP RC*
  • 107T Rob Grable / Glenn Dishman OD RC
  • 108T Reggie Taylor DP RC
  • 109T Curtis Goodwin ROY
  • 110T David Cone
  • 111T Antonio Osuna
  • 112T Paul Shuey
  • 113T Doug Jones
  • 114T Mark McLemore
  • 115T Kevin Ritz
  • 116T John Kruk
  • 117T Trevor Wilson
  • 118T Jerald Clark
  • 119T Julian Tavarez
  • 120T Tim Pugh
  • 121T Todd Zeile
  • 122T Mike Sweeney / George Arias / Richie Sexson / Brian Schneider PROS RC
  • 123T Bobby Witt
  • 124T Hideo Nomo ROY
  • 125T Joey Cora
  • 126T Jim Scharrer DP RC*
  • 127T Paul Quantrill
  • 128T Chipper Jones ROY
  • 129T Kenny James DP RC*
  • 130T Lyle Mouton / Mariano Rivera RC
  • 131T Tyler Green ROY
  • 132T Brad Clontz
  • 133T Jon Nunnally ROY
  • 134T Dave Magadan
  • 135T Al Leiter
  • 136T Bret Barberie
  • 137T Bill Swift
  • 138T Scott Cooper
  • 139T Roberto Kelly
  • 140T Charlie Hayes
  • 141T Pete Harnisch
  • 142T Rich Amaral
  • 143T Rudy Seanez
  • 144T Pat Listach
  • 145T Quilvio Veras ROY
  • 146T Jose Olmeda DP RC*
  • 147T Roberto Petagine
  • 148T Kevin Brown
  • 149T Phil Plantier
  • 150T Carlos Perez ROY
  • 151T Pat Borders
  • 152T Tyler Green
  • 153T Stan Belinda
  • 154T Dave Stewart
  • 155T Andre Dawson


Matt-Williams-Wade-Boggs.jpg?id=66b87bd2-3329-40cc-8e14-d2bb1f868625&size=original&side=front&.jpg Matt-Williams-Wade-Boggs.jpg?id=66b87bd2-3329-40cc-8e14-d2bb1f868625&size=original&side=back&.jpg

  • 156T Frank Thomas / Fred McGriff
  • 157T Carlos Baerga / Craig Biggio
  • 158T Wade Boggs / Matt Williams
  • 159T Cal Ripken, Jr. / Ozzie Smith
  • 160T Ken Griffey, Jr. / Tony Gwynn
  • 161T Albert Belle / Barry Bonds
  • 162T Kirby Puckett / Lenny Dykstra
  • 163T Ivan Rodriguez / Mike Piazza
  • 164T Hideo Nomo / Randy Johnson
  • 165T Checklist


At the Break Power Boosters

Cal-Ripken-Jr.jpg?id=d03f06ff-7165-4ffa-b305-8f1000891f4b&size=original&side=front&.jpg Cal-Ripken-Jr.jpg?id=d03f06ff-7165-4ffa-b305-8f1000891f4b&size=original&side=back&.jpg

This 10-card insert set partially parallels the "At the Break" subset. All ten cards are printed on thick stock and have diffraction foil (i.e. atomic refractor) fronts. The Power Boosters were seeded at the rate of 1:36 (one-per-box) and packs containing one have only 10 cards.

  • 1 Frank Thomas
  • 2 Ken Griffey, Jr.
  • 3 Barry Bonds
  • 4 Albert Belle
  • 5 Cal Ripken, Jr.
  • 6 Mike Piazza
  • 7 Tony Gwynn
  • 8 Jeff Bagwell
  • 9 Mo Vaughn
  • 10 Matt Williams