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2001 Stadium Club is a 200-card set released in December, 2000. The last 25 cards are short-printed and seeded at the rate of 1:6/packs.

While this is a 2001-year product, its early release meant that Topps was unable to include rookie cards of Albert Pujols and Ichiro Suzuki.


Hobby/Retail: 24 packs per box, seven card per pack


Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Hobby Odds Retail Odds HTA Odds
Base 200 - ? ? ?
short set 175 - ? ? ?
SPs 25 - 1:6 1:6 ?
Capture the Action 15 - 1:8 1:8 1:2
Capture the Action Game View 15 100 1:577 N/A 1:224
Diamond Pearls 20 - 1:8 1:8 1:3
Beam Team 30 500 1:175 ? 1:68
Super Teams 30 - 1:874 1:874 1:339
Prospect Performance 20 - 1:262 1:262 1:102
Play at the Plate Dirt Relics 10 - N/A N/A 1:10
King of the Hill Dirt Relics 5 - N/A N/A 1:20
Souvenirs 8 - 1:160 N/A 1:62
Lone Star Signatures 18 - 1:181 1:181 1:70
11 X 14 Autographs 18 - 1:3848 1:3848 1:1486
Co-Signers 9 - 1:962 N/A 1:374



PP1 Andruw Jones

PP2 Jorge Posada

PP3 Jeff Bagwell

Base Set

1 Nomar Garciaparra

2 Chipper Jones

3 Jeff Bagwell

4 Chad Kreuter

5 Randy Johnson

6 Mike Hampton

7 Barry Larkin

8 Bernie Williams

9 Chris Singleton

10 Larry Walker

11 Brad Ausmus

12 Ron Coomer

13 Edgardo Alfonzo

14 Delino DeShields

15 Tony Gwynn

16 Andruw Jones

17 Raul Mondesi

18 Troy Glaus

19 Ben Grieve

20 Sammy Sosa

21 Fernando Vina

22 Jeromy Burnitz

23 Jay Bell

24 Pete Harnisch

25 Barry Bonds

26 Eric Karros

27 Alex Gonzalez

28 Mike Lieberthal

29 Juan Encarnacion

30 Derek Jeter

31 Luis Sojo

32 Eric Milton

33 Aaron Boone

34 Roberto Alomar

35 John Olerud

36 Orlando Cabrera

37 Shawn Green

38 Roger Cedeno

39 Garret Anderson

40 Jim Thome

41 Gabe Kapler

42 Mo Vaughn

43 Sean Casey

44 Preston Wilson

45 Javy Lopez

46 Ryan Klesko

47 Ray Durham

48 Dean Palmer

49 Jorge Posada

50 Alex Rodriguez

51 Tom Glavine

52 Ray Lankford

53 Jose Canseco

54 Tim Salmon

55 Cal Ripken, Jr.

56 Bob Abreu

57 Robin Ventura

58 Damion Easley

59 Paul O'Neill

60 Ivan Rodriguez

61 Carl Everett

62 Doug Glanville

63 Jeff Kent

64 Jay Buhner

65 Cliff Floyd

66 Rick Ankiel

67 Mark Grace

68 Brian Jordan

69 Craig Biggio

70 Carlos Delgado

71 Brad Radke

72 Greg Maddux

73 Al Leiter

74 Pokey Reese

75 Todd Helton

76 Mariano Rivera

77 Shane Spencer

78 Jason Kendall

79 Chuck Knoblauch

80 Scott Rolen

81 Jose Offerman

82 J.T. Snow

83 Pat Meares

84 Quilvio Veras

85 Edgar Renteria

86 Luis Matos

87 Adrian Beltre

88 Luis Gonzalez

89 Rickey Henderson

90 Brian Giles

91 Carlos Febles

92 Tino Martinez

93 Magglio Ordonez

94 Rafael Furcal

95 Mike Mussina

96 Gary Sheffield

97 Kenny Lofton

98 Fred McGriff

99 Ken Caminiti

100 Mark McGwire

101 Tom Goodwin

102 Mark Grudzielanek

103 Derek Bell

104 Mike Lowell

105 Jeff Cirillo

106 Orlando Hernandez

107 Jose Valentin

108 Warren Morris

109 Mike Williams

110 Greg Zaun

111 Jose Vidro

112 Omar Vizquel

113 Vinny Castilla

114 Gregg Jefferies

115 Kevin Brown

116 Shannon Stewart

117 Marquis Grissom

118 Manny Ramirez

119 Albert Belle

120 Bret Boone

121 Johnny Damon

122 Juan Gonzalez

123 Dave Justice

124 Jeffrey Hammonds

125 Ken Griffey, Jr.

126 Mike Sweeney

127 Tony Clark

128 Todd Zeile

129 Mark Johnson

130 Matt Williams

131 Geoff Jenkins

132 Jason Giambi

133 Steve Finley

134 Derrek Lee

135 Royce Clayton

136 Joe Randa

137 Rafael Palmeiro

138 Kevin Young

139 Mike Redmond

140 Vladimir Guerrero

141 Greg Vaughn

142 Jermaine Dye

143 Roger Clemens

144 Denny Hocking

145 Frank Thomas

146 Carlos Beltran

147 Eric Young

148 Pat Burrell

149 Pedro Martinez

150 Mike Piazza

151 Adrian Gonzalez

152 Adam Johnson

153 Luis Montanez RC

154 Mike Stodolka

155 Phil Dumatrait

156 Sean Burnett

157 Dominic Rich RC*

158 Adam Wainwright

159 Scott Thorman

160 Scott Heard

161 Chad Petty RC*

162 Matt Wheatland

163 Bryan Digby

164 Rocco Baldelli

165 Grady Sizemore

166 Brian Sellier RC*

167 Rick Brosseau

168 Shawn Fagan RC*

169 Sean Smith

170 Chris Bass RC*

171 Corey Patterson

172 Sean Burroughs

173 Ben Petrick

174 Mike Glendenning

175 Barry Zito

176 Milton Bradley

177 Bobby Bradley

178 Jason Hart

179 Ryan Anderson

180 Ben Sheets

181 Adam Everett

182 Alfonso Soriano

183 Josh Hamilton

184 Eric Munson

185 Chin-Feng Chen

186 Tim Christman RC

187 J.R. House

188 Brandon Parker

189 Sean Fesh

190 Joel Pineiro

191 Oscar Ramirez RC

192 Alex Santos

193 Eddy Reyes

194 Mike Jacobs RC

195 Erick Almonte RC

196 Brandon Claussen

197 Kris Keller

198 Wilson Betemit RC

199 Andy Phillips

200 Adam Pettyjohn RC


Capture the Action

Each Capture the Action is also available in a Game View parallel, which is exclusive to Hobby and HTA packs and serial-numbered to 100 copies.

CA1 Cal Ripken, Jr.

CA2 Alex Rodriguez

CA3 Mike Piazza

CA4 Mark McGwire

CA5 Greg Maddux

CA6 Derek Jeter

CA7 Chipper Jones

CA8 Pedro Martinez

CA9 Ken Griffey, Jr.

CA10 Nomar Garciaparra

CA11 Randy Johnson

CA12 Sammy Sosa

CA13 Vladimir Guerrero

CA14 Barry Bonds

CA15 Ivan Rodriguez

Diamond Pearls

DP1 Ken Griffey, Jr.

DP2 Alex Rodriguez

DP3 Derek Jeter

DP4 Chipper Jones

DP5 Nomar Garciaparra

DP6 Vladimir Guerrero

DP7 Jeff Bagwell

DP8 Cal Ripken, Jr.

DP9 Sammy Sosa

DP10 Mark McGwire

DP11 Frank Thomas

DP12 Pedro Martinez

DP13 Manny Ramirez

DP14 Randy Johnson

DP15 Barry Bonds

DP16 Ivan Rodriguez

DP17 Greg Maddux

DP18 Mike Piazza

DP19 Todd Helton

DP20 Shawn Green

Beam Team

Each Beam Team card is serial-numbered to 500 copies, and exclusive to Hobby and HTA packs.

BT1 Sammy Sosa

BT2 Mark McGwire

BT3 Vladimir Guerrero

BT4 Chipper Jones

BT5 Manny Ramirez

BT6 Derek Jeter

BT7 Alex Rodriguez

BT8 Cal Ripken, Jr.

BT9 Ken Griffey, Jr.

BT10 Greg Maddux

BT11 Barry Bonds

BT12 Pedro Martinez

BT13 Nomar Garciaparra

BT14 Randy Johnson

BT15 Frank Thomas

BT16 Ivan Rodriguez

BT17 Jeff Bagwell

BT18 Mike Piazza

BT19 Todd Helton

BT20 Shawn Green

BT21 Juan Gonzalez

BT22 Larry Walker

BT23 Tony Gwynn

BT24 Pat Burrell

BT25 Rafael Furcal

BT26 Corey Patterson

BT27 Chin-Feng Chen

BT28 Sean Burroughs

BT29 Ryan Anderson

BT30 Josh Hamilton

Super Teams

Similar to the promotion in 1994 Stadium Club, Super Teams is a 30-card set with one card for each Major League Team. If the team depicted won their 2001 Division Title (Astros, Braves, Indians, and Mariners), the card could be redeemed for a special 30-card Super Team Exchange set (see below). If the team won their League Championship (Yankees), the card would be good for the Super Team Exchange set and a randomly selected 11 X 14 Autograph (see below).

If the team won the 2001 World Series, which wound up being the Arizona Diamondbacks, the winner would receive the Super Team Exchange set, a randomly selected 11 X 14 Autograph, and be entered into a drawing for two season tickets to the team of the winner's choice for the 2002 season. Each Super Team card had to be redeemed by December 1, 2001.

ST1 Anaheim Angels

ST2 Arizona Diamondbacks

ST3 Atlanta Braves

ST4 Baltimore Orioles

ST5 Boston Red Sox

ST6 Chicago Cubs

ST7 Chicago White Sox

ST8 Cincinnati Reds

ST9 Cleveland Indians

ST10 Colorado Rockies

ST11 Detroit Tigers

ST12 Florida Marlins

ST13 Houston Astros

ST14 Kansas City Royals

ST15 Los Angeles Dodgers

ST16 Milwaukee Brewers

ST17 Minnesota Twins

ST18 Montreal Expos

ST19 New York Mets

ST20 New York Yankees

ST21 Oakland Athletics

ST22 Philadelphia Phillies

ST23 Pittsburgh Pirates

ST24 San Diego Padres

ST25 San Francisco Giants

ST26 Seattle Mariners

ST27 St. Louis Cardinals

ST28 Tampa Bay Devil Rays

ST29 Texas Rangers

ST30 Toronto Blue Jays

Super Team Exchange

All six winning cards in the Super Teams promotion received this 30-card set -- essentially a partial-parallel, with one player from each team depicted.

STP1 Troy Glaus

STP2 Jeff Bagwell

STP3 Jason Giambi

STP4 Carlos Delgado

STP5 Chipper Jones

STP6 Geoff Jenkins

STP7 Mark McGwire

STP8 Sammy Sosa

STP9 Greg Vaughn

STP10 Luis Gonzalez

STP11 Shawn Green

STP12 Vladimir Guerrero

STP13 Barry Bonds

STP14 Roberto Alomar

STP15 Alex Rodriguez

STP16 Preston Wilson

STP17 Mike Piazza

STP18 Mike Mussina

STP19 Tony Gwynn

STP20 Scott Rolen

STP21 Jason Kendall

STP22 Ivan Rodriguez

STP23 Nomar Garciaparra

STP24 Ken Griffey, Jr.

STP25 Todd Helton

STP26 Mike Sweeney

STP27 Juan Gonzalez

STP28 Brad Radke

STP29 Frank Thomas

STP30 Derek Jeter

Autographs & Game-Used

Prospect Performance

Prospect Performance features a swatch of jersey worn by the player during the 2000 All-Star Futures Game.

PRP1 Chin-Feng Chen

PRP2 Bobby Bradley

PRP3 Tomo Ohka

PRP4 Kurt Ainsworth

PRP5 Craig Anderson

PRP6 Josh Hamilton

PRP7 Felipe Lopez

PRP8 Ryan Anderson

PRP9 Alex Escobar

PRP10 Ben Sheets

PRP11 Ntema Ndungidi

PRP12 Eric Munson

PRP13 Aaron Myette

PRP14 Jack Cust

PRP15 Julio Zuleta

PRP16 Corey Patterson

PRP17 Carlos Pena

PRP18 Marcus Giles

PRP19 Travis Wilson

PRP20 Barry Zito


Cards #SCS1, #SCS6, #SCS7, and #SCS8 all packed out as exchange cards, which expired December 1, 2001.

SCS1 Scott Rolen

SCS2 Larry Walker

SCS3 Rafael Furcal

SCS4 Darin Erstad

SCS5 Mike Sweeney

SCS6 Matt Lawton

SCS7 Jose Vidro

SCS8 Pat Burrell

Play at the Plate Dirt Relics

This set is exclusive to HTA packs and features dirt from a Major League batter's box -- although the card does not say from which specific batter's box it was taken from.

NOTE: Chipper Jones' card was mistakenly numbered as #PP6 -- meaning there are two cards with that number, and no PP9. Cards #PP1, #PP2, #PP4, #PP6 (both of them) and #PP10 packed out as exchange cards which expired December 1, 2001.

PP6 Jeff Bagwell / Chipper Jones

PP1 Mark McGwire

PP2 Sammy Sosa

PP3 Vladimir Guerrero

PP4 Ken Griffey, Jr.

PP5 Mike Piazza

PP7 Barry Bonds

PP8 Alex Rodriguez

PP10 Nomar Garciaparra

King of the Hill Dirt Relics

This set is exclusive to HTA packs and features dirt from a Major League pitcher's mound -- although the card does not say from which specific pitcher's mound it was taken from. Cards #KH3 and #KH4 packed out as exchange cards, which expired December 1, 2001.

KH1 Pedro Martinez

KH2 Randy Johnson

KH3 Greg Maddux

KH4 Rick Ankiel

KH5 Kevin Brown

Lone Star Signatures

LS1 Nomar Garciaparra

LS2 Derek Jeter

LS3 Edgardo Alfonzo

LS4 Roberto Alomar

LS5 Magglio Ordonez

LS6 Bob Abreu

LS7 Chipper Jones

LS8 Troy Glaus

LS9 Nick Johnson

LS10 Adam Piatt

LS11 Sean Burroughs

LS12 Corey Patterson

LS13 Rick Ankiel

LS14 Kevin Millwood

LS15 Adrian Gonzalez

LS16 Adam Johnson

LS17 Rocco Baldelli

LS18 Mike Stodolka

11 X 14 Autographs

Randomly inserted into packs are exchange cards good for an oversized 11" X 14" autograph. These cards were also used as prizes in the Super Team promotion (see above). The exchange cards expired December 1, 2001.

The checklist parallels the Lone Star Signatures set.


Co-Signers is exclusive to Hobby and HTA packs. Cards #CO4 and #CO7 packed out as exchange cards, which expired December 1, 2001.

CO1 Nomar Garciaparra / Derek Jeter

CO2 Roberto Alomar / Edgardo Alfonzo

CO3 Rick Ankiel / Kevin Millwood

CO4 Chipper Jones / Troy Glaus

CO5 Magglio Ordonez / Bob Abreu

CO6 Adam Piatt / Sean Burroughs

CO7 Corey Patterson / Nick Johnson

CO8 Adrian Gonzalez / Rocco Baldelli

CO9 Adam Johnson / Mike Stodolka

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