1995 National Packtime

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1995 National Packtime is an 18-card set jointly produced MLB, MLBPA, and the six licensed card companies from 1995 (Donruss, Fleer, Pacific, Pinnacle, Topps, and Upper Deck). The set was issued in large part to drum-up sales of the new 1995 baseball card sets after the devastating strike of 1994-95.

Each of the six companies produced three cards for the set, which was available only through a mail-in offer for 28 wrappers from any of the six companies listed above plus $2.00 for shipping and handling. All orders had to be postmarked by June 30, 1995; any card sets not purchased by that date were destroyed. Topps, Donruss, and Fleer all recycled designs from previous sets (1995 Topps, 1995 Donruss, and 1995 Ultra, respectively).

The cards are numbered on the back "X of 18." An unnumbered offer card, with a checklist on its back, was found in various 1995 baseball products.

An additional second series of six National Packtime cards, known as the "Welcome to the Show" series, were distributed later in the year, in a similar fashion.




National Packtime

Frank-Thomas.jpg?id=4eb1c379-4d28-4bd4-825c-b7e091cf4271&size=original&side=front&.jpg Fred-McGriff.jpg?id=e6484b01-44db-485d-813c-ccd33d675b79&size=original&side=frotn&.jpg Juan-Gonzalez.jpg?id=e9d77129-5689-4000-9ed5-8908ad0dbd73&size=original&side=front&.jpg Cal-Ripken-Jr.jpg?id=28b36cc0-e232-45fd-a8db-52bf01268447&size=original&side=front&.jpg Mike-Piazza.jpg?id=9d77bc7a-4799-45a6-9169-85c927ca4473&size=original&side=front&.jpg Alex-Rodriguez.jpg?id=e8120575-7b70-4287-94a4-690ce7924f79&size=original&side=front&.jpg

  • 1 Frank Thomas DON
  • 2 Matt Williams FLR
  • 3 Juan Gonzalez PAC
  • 4 Bob Hamelin PIN
  • 5 Mike Piazza TOP
  • 6 Ken Griffey, Jr. UD
  • 7 Barry Bonds DON
  • 8 Tim Salmon FLR
  • 9 Jose Canseco PAC
  • 10 Cal Ripken, Jr. PIN
  • 11 Raul Mondesi TOP
  • 12 Alex Rodriguez UD
  • 13 Will Clark DON
  • 14 Fred McGriff FLR
  • 15 Tony Gwynn PAC
  • 16 Kenny Lofton PIN
  • 17 Deion Sanders TOP
  • 18 Jeff Bagwell UD

National Packtime Welcome to the Show

  • 1 Albert Belle DON
  • 2 Darren Daulton FLR
  • 3 Randy Johnson PAC
  • 4 Greg Maddux PIN
  • 5 Don Mattingly TOP
  • 6 Hideo Nomo UD