2018 Triple Threads

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This article is about a set that was just released.
Some information may change as more facts become known.


2018 Triple Threads is a 100-card set released November 7th -- about a month-and-a-half later than usual. Each seven-card Hobby pack will contain three base cards, two parallels, one triple Relic card serial-numbered to 36 copies or fewer, and an autograph or autographed relic serial-numbered to 99 copies or fewer.


Two packs per box, seven cards per pack (MSRP: $100). 18 boxes per case. Hobby only.


Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Hobby Odds
Base 100 - 3:1
Amethyst 100 - PAR
Emerald 100 259 PAR
Amber 100 199 PAR
Gold 100 99 PAR
Onyx 100 50 PAR
Sapphire 100 25 PAR
Ruby 100 one-of-one PAR
Printing Plates 100 four for each PAR
Relics 164 36 GU
Relics Silver 164 27 GU
Relics Emerald 164 18 GU
Relics Gold 164 9 GU
Relics Sapphire 164 3 GU
Relics Ruby 164 one-of-one GU
Relics Legends 22 36 GU
Relics Legends Silver 22 27 GU
Relics Legends Emerald 22 18 GU
Relics Legends Gold 22 9 GU
Relics Legends Sapphire 22 3 GU
Relics Legends Ruby 22 one-of-one GU
Players Weekend Relics 11 36 GU
Players Weekend Relics Silver 11 27 GU
Players Weekend Relics Emerald 11 18 GU
Players Weekend Relics Gold 11 9 GU
Players Weekend Relics Sapphire 11 3 GU
Players Weekend Relics Ruby 11 one-of-one GU
Relics Combo 40 36 GU
Relics Combo Silver 40 27 GU
Relics Combo Emerald 40 18 GU
Relics Combo Gold 40 9 GU
Relics Combo Sapphire 40 3 GU
Relics Combo Ruby 40 one-of-one GU
Single Jumbo Relics 248 36 GU
Single Jumbo Relics Silver 248 27 GU
Single Jumbo Relics Emerald 248 18 GU
Single Jumbo Relics Gold 248 9 GU
Single Jumbo Relics Sapphire 248 3 GU
Single Jumbo Relics Ruby 248 one-of-one GU
All-Star Patches 60 9 GU
All-Star Patches Ruby 60 one-of-one GU
ASG Jumbo Patch Book 60 one-of-one GU
ASG Jumbo Sleeve Team Patch Book 60 one-of-one GU
ASG Laundry Tag Book 60 one-of-one GU
ASG Majestic Logo Book 60 one-of-one GU
Windows Into Greatness Relic Book 10 10 GU
Windows Into Greatness Relic Book Gold 10 5 GU
Windows Into Greatness Relic Book Ruby 10 one-of-one GU
Jumbo Plus Relic Book 18 3 GU
Jumbo Plus Relic Book Ruby 18 one-of-one GU
Letter Plus Relic Book 19 3 GU
Letter Plus Relic Book Ruby 19 one-of-one GU
Jumbo Letter Number Logo Book 10 one-of-one GU
Jumbo Patch Combo Book 10 one-of-one GU
Bat Knobs 9 one-of-one GU
Bat Nameplates 16 one-of-one GU
Deca Relic Combo Book 9 10 GU
Deca Relic Combo Book Gold 9 5 GU
Deca Relic Combo Book Ruby 9 one-of-one GU
Rookie Autographs 17 ? AU
Rookie Autographs Emerald 17 50 AU
Rookie Autographs Gold 17 25 AU
Rookie Autographs Sapphire 17 10 AU
Rookie Autographs Ruby 17 one-of-one AU
Rookie Autographs White Whale Printing Plates 17 four for each ?
Rookies and Future Phenoms Autograph Relics 42 99 AU
Rookies and Future Phenoms Autograph Relics Silver 42 75 AU
Rookies and Future Phenoms Autograph Relics Emerald 42 50 AU
Rookies and Future Phenoms Autograph Relics Onyx 42 35 AU
Rookies and Future Phenoms Autograph Relics Wood 42 one-of-one AU
Rookies and Future Phenoms Autograph Relics Ruby 42 one-of-one AU
Rookies and Future Phenoms Autograph Relics White Whale Printing Plates 42 four for each AU
Autograph Relics 263 18 AU
Autograph Relics Gold 263 9 AU
Autograph Relics Sapphire 263 3 AU
Autograph Relics Wood 263 one-of-one AU
Autograph Relics Ruby 263 one-of-one AU
Autograph Relics White Whale Printing Plates 263 four for each AU
Autograph Relic Combos 28 36 AU
Autograph Relic Combos Silver 28 27 AU
Autograph Relic Combos Emerald 28 18 AU
Autograph Relic Combos Gold 28 9 AU
Autograph Relic Combos Sapphire 28 3 AU
Autograph Relic Combos Wood 28 one-of-one AU
Autograph Relic Combos Ruby 28 one-of-one AU
Autograph Relic Combos White Whale Printing Plates 28 four for each AU
Autograph Single Jumbo Relics 86 99 AU
Autograph Single Jumbo Relics Silver 86 75 AU
Autograph Single Jumbo Relics Emerald 86 50 AU
Autograph Single Jumbo Relics Gold 86 25 AU
Autograph Single Jumbo Relics Sapphire 86 10 AU
Autograph Single Jumbo Relics Ruby 86 one-of-one AU
Windows Into Greatness Autographed Relic Book 10 5 AU
Windows Into Greatness Autographed Relic Book Gold 10 3 AU
Windows Into Greatness Autographed Relic Book Ruby 10 one-of-one AU
Jumbo Plus Autograph Relic Book 18 3 AU
Jumbo Plus Autograph Relic Book Ruby 18 one-of-one AU
Letter Plus Autograph Relic Book 18 3 AU
Letter Plus Autograph Relic Book Ruby 18 one-of-one AU
Deca Autograph Relic Book 10 10 AU
Deca Autograph Relic Book Gold 10 5 AU
Deca Autograph Relic Book Ruby 10 one-of-one AU
Deca Autograph Relic Combo Book 10 10 AU
Deca Autograph Relic Combo Book Gold 10 5 AU
Deca Autograph Relic Combo Book Ruby 10 one-of-one AU
Cut Above Cut Signature Relics 7 one-of-one AU
Dual Cut Above Cut Signature Relics 4 one-of-one AU

PAR: Two parallels per pack.
GU: One game-used relic per pack.
AU: One autograph per pack.


Base Set

1 Bryce Harper

2 Charlie Blackmon

3 Kris Bryant

4 Mike Trout

5 Paul Goldschmidt

6 Manny Machado

7 Mookie Betts

8 Anthony Rizzo

9 Kyle Schwarber

10 Joey Votto

11 Nolan Arenado

12 Miguel Cabrera

13 Justin Verlander

14 Carlos Correa

15 Eric Hosmer

16 Clayton Kershaw

17 Corey Seager

18 Evan Longoria

19 Giancarlo Stanton

20 Ichiro

21 Noah Syndergaard

22 Masahiro Tanaka

23 Gary Sanchez

24 Buster Posey

25 Felix Hernandez

26 Robinson Cano

27 Nelson Cruz

28 Yu Darvish

29 Josh Donaldson

30 Andrew Benintendi

31 Max Scherzer

32 Francisco Lindor

33 Chris Sale

34 Addison Russell

35 Javier Baez

36 Jacob deGrom

37 Andrew McCutchen

38 Wil Myers

39 Albert Pujols

40 Michael Conforto

41 Jose Altuve

42 Justin Upton

43 Edwin Encarnacion

44 Cody Bellinger

45 Ryan Braun

46 Freddie Freeman

47 Marcus Stroman

48 Marcel Ozuna

49 Aaron Judge

50 Adrian Beltre

51 Luis Severino

52 Corey Kluber

53 Trea Turner

54 Byron Buxton

55 Stephen Strasburg

56 J.D. Martinez

57 Mariano Rivera

58 Xander Bogaerts

59 Adam Jones

60 Daniel Murphy

61 Roberto Clemente

62 Cal Ripken, Jr.

63 Hank Aaron

64 Ted Williams

65 Jackie Robinson

66 Sandy Koufax

67 Babe Ruth

68 Ernie Banks

69 Derek Jeter

70 David Ortiz

71 Mark McGwire

72 Randy Johnson

73 Honus Wagner

74 Roger Maris

75 Ty Cobb

76 Lou Gehrig

77 Reggie Jackson

78 George Brett

79 Don Mattingly

80 Frank Thomas

81 Bo Jackson

82 Johnny Bench

83 Greg Maddux

84 Roger Clemens

85 Mike Piazza

86 Nolan Ryan

87 Bob Gibson

88 Chipper Jones

89 Ozzie Smith

90 Alex Bregman

91 George Springer

92 Zack Greinke

93 Pedro Martinez

94 Ryne Sandberg

95 Barry Larkin

96 Starling Marte

97 Chris Davis

98 Bartolo Colon

99 Dustin Pedroia

100 John Smoltz


All 100 base cards are available in the following parallels.

  • Amethyst
  • Emerald (serial-numbered to 259 copies)
  • Amber (serial–numbered to 199 copies)
  • Gold (serial-numbered to 99 copies)
  • Onyx (serial-numbered to 50 copies)
  • Sapphire (serial-numbered to 25 copies)
  • Ruby (one-of-one)
  • Printing Plates (set of four for each card)



Each Relic is serial-numbered to 36 copies, and available in the following parallels.

  • Silver (serial-numbered to 27 copies)
  • Emerald (serial-numbered to 18 copies)
  • Gold (serial-numbered to nine)
  • Sapphire (serial-numbered to three)
  • Ruby (one-of-one)

TTR-AB1 Adrian Beltre

TTR-AB2 Adrian Beltre

TTR-ABE1 Andrew Benintendi

TTR-ABE2 Andrew Benintendi

TTR-AJE1 Adam Jones

TTR-AJE2 Adam Jones

TTR-AJE3 Adam Jones

TTR-AJE4 Adam Jones

TTR-AP1 Albert Pujols

TTR-AP2 Albert Pujols

TTR-AR1 Anthony Rizzo

TTR-AR2 Anthony Rizzo

TTR-AR3 Anthony Rizzo

TTR-ARU1 Addison Russell

TTR-ARU2 Addison Russell

TTR-ARU3 Addison Russell

TTR-ARU4 Addison Russell

TTR-AW1 Adam Wainwright

TTR-AW2 Adam Wainwright

TTR-AW3 Adam Wainwright

TTR-AW4 Adam Wainwright

TTR-BB1 Byron Buxton

TTR-BB2 Byron Buxton

TTR-BB3 Byron Buxton

TTR-BH1 Bryce Harper

TTR-BH2 Bryce Harper

TTR-BP1 Buster Posey

TTR-BP2 Buster Posey

TTR-CC1 Carlos Correa

TTR-CC2 Carlos Correa

TTR-CC3 Carlos Correa

TTR-CG1 Carlos Gonzalez

TTR-CG2 Carlos Gonzalez

TTR-CG3 Carlos Gonzalez

TTR-CKRS1 Clayton Kershaw

TTR-CKRS2 Clayton Kershaw

TTR-CR1 Cal Ripken, Jr.

TTR-CS1 Corey Seager

TTR-CS2 Corey Seager

TTR-CS3 Corey Seager

TTR-CSA1 Chris Sale

TTR-CSA2 Chris Sale

TTR-CSA3 Chris Sale

TTR-CSA4 Chris Sale

TTR-CSA5 Chris Sale

TTR-DJ1 Derek Jeter

TTR-DJ2 Derek Jeter

TTR-DO1 David Ortiz

TTR-DO2 David Ortiz

TTR-DP1 Dustin Pedroia

TTR-DP2 Dustin Pedroia

TTR-DP3 Dustin Pedroia

TTR-DPR1 David Price

TTR-DPR2 David Price

TTR-DPR3 David Price

TTR-EL1 Evan Longoria

TTR-EL2 Evan Longoria

TTR-EL3 Evan Longoria

TTR-FF1 Freddie Freeman

TTR-FF2 Freddie Freeman

TTR-FF3 Freddie Freeman

TTR-GSA1 Gary Sanchez

TTR-GSA2 Gary Sanchez

TTR-GSA3 Gary Sanchez

TTR-I1 Ichiro

TTR-I2 Ichiro

TTR-IK1 Ian Kinsler

TTR-IK2 Ian Kinsler

TTR-IK3 Ian Kinsler

TTR-IK4 Ian Kinsler

TTR-JAL1 Jose Altuve

TTR-JAL2 Jose Altuve

TTR-JAL3 Jose Altuve

TTR-JAL4 Jose Altuve

TTR-JAL5 Jose Altuve

TTR-JBZ1 Javier Baez

TTR-JBZ2 Javier Baez

TTR-JBZ3 Javier Baez

TTR-JBZ4 Javier Baez

TTR-JBZ5 Javier Baez

TTR-JD1 Josh Donaldson

TTR-JD2 Josh Donaldson

TTR-JD3 Josh Donaldson

TTR-JDE1 Jacob deGrom

TTR-JDE2 Jacob deGrom

TTR-JDE3 Jacob deGrom

TTR-JDE4 Jacob deGrom

TTR-JDE5 Jacob deGrom

TTR-JU1 Justin Upton

TTR-JU2 Justin Upton

TTR-JU3 Justin Upton

TTR-JU4 Justin Upton

TTR-JV1 Justin Verlander

TTR-JV2 Justin Verlander

TTR-JV3 Justin Verlander

TTR-JV4 Justin Verlander

TTR-JV5 Justin Verlander

TTR-JVO1 Joey Votto

TTR-JVO2 Joey Votto

TTR-JVO3 Joey Votto

TTR-KB1 Kris Bryant

TTR-KB2 Kris Bryant

TTR-KB3 Kris Bryant

TTR-KM1 Kenta Maeda

TTR-KM2 Kenta Maeda

TTR-MB1 Mookie Betts

TTR-MB2 Mookie Betts

TTR-MB3 Mookie Betts

TTR-MB4 Mookie Betts

TTR-MB5 Mookie Betts

TTR-MCB1 Miguel Cabrera

TTR-MCB2 Miguel Cabrera

TTR-MCB3 Miguel Cabrera

TTR-MCB4 Miguel Cabrera

TTR-MCB5 Miguel Cabrera

TTR-MM1 Manny Machado

TTR-MM2 Manny Machado

TTR-MM3 Manny Machado

TTR-MMG1 Mark McGwire

TTR-MMG2 Mark McGwire

TTR-MP1 Mike Piazza

TTR-MS1 Marcus Stroman

TTR-MS2 Marcus Stroman

TTR-MS3 Marcus Stroman

TTR-MS4 Marcus Stroman

TTR-MSC1 Max Scherzer

TTR-MSC2 Max Scherzer

TTR-MSC3 Max Scherzer

TTR-MT1 Mike Trout

TTR-MT2 Mike Trout

TTR-MTA1 Masahiro Tanaka

TTR-MTA2 Masahiro Tanaka

TTR-MTA3 Masahiro Tanaka

TTR-MTA4 Masahiro Tanaka

TTR-RB1 Ryan Braun

TTR-RB2 Ryan Braun

TTR-RB3 Ryan Braun

TTR-SM1 Starling Marte

TTR-SM2 Starling Marte

TTR-SM3 Starling Marte

TTR-SM4 Starling Marte

TTR-SS1 Stephen Strasburg

TTR-SS2 Stephen Strasburg

TTR-SS3 Stephen Strasburg

TTR-SS4 Stephen Strasburg

TTR-SS5 Stephen Strasburg

TTR-TST1 Trevor Story

TTR-TST2 Trevor Story

TTR-TST3 Trevor Story

TTR-TST4 Trevor Story

TTR-WM1 Wil Myers

TTR-WM2 Wil Myers

TTR-XB1 Xander Bogaerts

TTR-XB2 Xander Bogaerts

TTR-XB3 Xander Bogaerts

TTR-YC1 Yoenis Cespedes

TTR-YC2 Yoenis Cespedes

TTR-YC3 Yoenis Cespedes

TTR-YC4 Yoenis Cespedes

TTR-YC5 Yoenis Cespedes

TTR-YM1 Yadier Molina

TTR-YM2 Yadier Molina

TTR-YM3 Yadier Molina

TTR-YM4 Yadier Molina

Relic Legends

Each Relic Legends is serial-numbered to 36 copies, and available in the following parallels.

  • Silver (serial-numbered to 27 copies)
  • Emerald (serial-numbered to 18 copies)
  • Gold (serial-numbered to nine)
  • Sapphire (serial-numbered to three)
  • Ruby (one-of-one)

RLC-CF Carlton Fisk

RLC-CJ Chipper Jones

RLC-CR Cal Ripken, Jr.

RLC-DJ Derek Jeter

RLC-EB Ernie Banks

RLC-FT Frank Thomas

RLC-GM Greg Maddux

RLC-JB Johnny Bench

RLC-JS John Smoltz

RLC-MM Mark McGwire

RLC-MP Mike Piazza

RLC-MR Mariano Rivera

RLC-NR Nolan Ryan

RLC-OS Ozzie Smith

RLC-PM Pedro Martinez

RLC-RC Roger Clemens

RLC-RE Roberto Clemente

RLC-RH Rickey Henderson

RLC-RK Reggie Jackson

RLC-RS Ryne Sandberg

RLC-TW Ted Williams

RLC-WB Wade Boggs

Players Weekend Relics

Each Players Weekend Relic is serial-numbered to 36 copies, and available in the following parallels.

  • Silver (serial-numbered to 27 copies)
  • Emerald (serial-numbered to 18 copies)
  • Gold (serial-numbered to nine)
  • Sapphire (serial-numbered to three)
  • Ruby (one-of-one)

PW-AR Amed Rosario

PW-BP Buster Posey

PW-ET Eric Thames

PW-I Ichiro

PW-KB Kris Bryant

PW-KD Khris Davis

PW-KS Kyle Schwarber

PW-RB Ryan Braun

PW-RD Rafael Devers

PW-RH Rhys Hoskins

PW-YM Yadier Molina

Relic Combos

Each Relic Combo is serial-numbered to 36 copies, and available in the following parallels.

  • Silver (serial-numbered to 27 copies)
  • Emerald (serial-numbered to 18 copies)
  • Gold (serial-numbered to nine)
  • Sapphire (serial-numbered to three)
  • Ruby (one-of-one)

RCC-AGM Aroldis Chapman / Gary Sanchez / Masahiro Tanaka

RCC-AKK Anthony Rizzo / Kyle Schwarber / Kris Bryant

RCC-AMT Trey Mancini / Adam Jones / Manny Machado

RCC-APJ Paul Goldschmidt / Jake Lamb / A.J. Pollock

RCC-APZ Zack Greinke / A.J. Pollock / Paul Goldschmidt

RCC-ARJ J.P. Crawford / Aaron Nola / Rhys Hoskins

RCC-BBE Evan Longoria / Buster Posey / Brandon Crawford

RCC-BMK Bryce Harper / Kris Bryant / Mike Trout

RCC-CAJ Cole Hamels / Joey Gallo / Adrian Beltre

RCC-CCC Clayton Kershaw / Cody Bellinger / Corey Seager

RCC-CCK Clayton Kershaw / Kenley Jansen / Corey Seager

RCC-CDC Chris Sale / David Price / Craig Kimbrel

RCC-CJJ Craig Biggio / Jeff Bagwell / Jose Altuve

RCC-CMA Mookie Betts / Andrew Benintendi / Chris Sale

RCC-CNC Carlos Gonzalez / Charlie Blackmon / Nolan Arenado

RCC-CYA Carlos Martinez / Alex Reyes / Yadier Molina

RCC-DDA Aaron Judge / Derek Jeter / Don Mattingly

RCC-DFO Ozzie Albies / Freddie Freeman / Dansby Swanson

RCC-DMA Andrew Benintendi / Mookie Betts / Dustin Pedroia

RCC-DYT Tommy Pham / Dexter Fowler / Yadier Molina

RCC-FRN Felix Hernandez / Robinson Cano / Nelson Cruz

RCC-GAD Gary Sanchez / Didi Gregorius / Aaron Judge

RCC-IJA Juan Gonzalez / Ivan Rodriguez / Adrian Beltre

RCC-JAA Anthony Rizzo / Javier Baez / Addison Russell

RCC-JBJ Joey Votto / Barry Larkin / Johnny Bench

RCC-JCA Alex Bregman / Carlos Correa / Jose Altuve

RCC-JCJ Jose Altuve / Justin Verlander / Carlos Correa

RCC-JGS Gregory Polanco / Starling Marte / Josh Bell

RCC-JJA Aaron Sanchez / Justin Smoak / Josh Donaldson

RCC-JMA Mike Trout / Justin Upton / Albert Pujols

RCC-JNS Noah Syndergaard / Jacob deGrom / Steven Matz

RCC-JWK Willson Contreras / Javier Baez / Kyle Schwarber

RCC-JYJ Justin Turner / Yasiel Puig / Joc Pederson

RCC-LMS Luis Severino / Masahiro Tanaka / Sonny Gray

RCC-MBJ Byron Buxton / Joe Mauer / Miguel Sano

RCC-MBS Max Scherzer / Bryce Harper / Stephen Strasburg

RCC-NMM Nick Castellanos / Miguel Cabrera / Michael Fulmer

RCC-SGJ Starling Marte / Jameson Taillon / Gregory Polanco

RCC-WMS Mike Moustakas / White Merrifield / Salvador Perez

RCC-YMA Michael Conforto / Amed Rosario / Yoenis Cespedes

Single Jumbo Relics

Each Single Jumbo Relic is serial-numbered to 36 copies, and available in the following parallels.

  • Silver (serial-numbered to 27 copies)
  • Emerald (serial-numbered to 18 copies)
  • Gold (serial-numbered to nine)
  • Sapphire (serial-numbered to three)
  • Ruby (one-of-one)

SJR-AB1 Andrew Benintendi

SJR-AB2 Andrew Benintendi

SJR-ABL1 Adrian Beltre

SJR-ABL2 Adrian Beltre

SJR-ABR1 Alex Bregman

SJR-ABR2 Alex Bregman

SJR-AC1 Aroldis Chapman

SJR-AJ1 Aaron Judge

SJR-AJO1 Adam Jones

SJR-AJO2 Adam Jones

SJR-AMC1 Andrew McCutchen

SJR-AMC2 Andrew McCutchen

SJR-AP1 Albert Pujols

SJR-AP2 Albert Pujols

SJR-AP3 Albert Pujols

SJR-APT1 Andy Pettitte

SJR-ARO1 Alex Rodriguez

SJR-ARO2 Alex Rodriguez

SJR-ARO3 Alex Rodriguez

SJR-ARU1 Addison Russell

SJR-ARU2 Addison Russell

SJR-ARU3 Addison Russell

SJR-ARZ1 Anthony Rizzo

SJR-ARZ2 Anthony Rizzo

SJR-ARZ3 Anthony Rizzo

SJR-AW1 Adam Wainwright

SJR-AW2 Adam Wainwright

SJR-AW3 Adam Wainwright

SJR-BB1 Byron Buxton

SJR-BB2 Byron Buxton

SJR-BB3 Byron Buxton

SJR-BC1 Brandon Crawford

SJR-BC2 Brandon Crawford

SJR-BC3 Brandon Crawford

SJR-BH1 Bryce Harper

SJR-BL1 Barry Larkin

SJR-BP1 Buster Posey

SJR-BP2 Buster Posey

SJR-CA1 Chris Archer

SJR-CB1 Craig Biggio

SJR-CC1 Carlos Correa

SJR-CC2 Carlos Correa

SJR-CC3 Carlos Correa

SJR-CG1 Carlos Gonzalez

SJR-CG2 Carlos Gonzalez

SJR-CG3 Carlos Gonzalez

SJR-CH1 Cole Hamels

SJR-CJ1 Chipper Jones

SJR-CKE1 Clayton Kershaw

SJR-CKE2 Clayton Kershaw

SJR-CKI1 Craig Kimbrel

SJR-CKI2 Craig Kimbrel

SJR-CM1 Carlos Martinez

SJR-CR1 Cal Ripken, Jr.

SJR-CS1 Chris Sale

SJR-CS2 Chris Sale

SJR-CS3 Chris Sale

SJR-CSE1 Corey Seager

SJR-CY1 Christian Yelich

SJR-CY2 Christian Yelich

SJR-DG1 Didi Gregorius

SJR-DJ1 Derek Jeter

SJR-DM1 Don Mattingly

SJR-DMU1 Daniel Murphy

SJR-DO1 David Ortiz

SJR-DO2 David Ortiz

SJR-DO3 David Ortiz

SJR-DP1 David Price

SJR-DP2 David Price

SJR-DP3 David Price

SJR-DPE1 Dustin Pedroia

SJR-DPE2 Dustin Pedroia

SJR-DPE3 Dustin Pedroia

SJR-DPE4 Dustin Pedroia

SJR-DS1 Dansby Swanson

SJR-DS2 Dansby Swanson

SJR-EE1 Edwin Encarnacion

SJR-EH1 Eric Hosmer

SJR-EH2 Eric Hosmer

SJR-EH3 Eric Hosmer

SJR-EL1 Evan Longoria

SJR-EL2 Evan Longoria

SJR-FF1 Freddie Freeman

SJR-FF2 Freddie Freeman

SJR-FF3 Freddie Freeman

SJR-FT1 Frank Thomas

SJR-GP1 Gregory Polanco

SJR-GP2 Gregory Polanco

SJR-GS1 Gary Sanchez

SJR-GS2 Gary Sanchez

SJR-GS3 Gary Sanchez

SJR-GSP1 George Springer

SJR-GSP2 George Springer

SJR-GSP3 George Springer

SJR-HR1 Hanley Ramirez

SJR-HR2 Hanley Ramirez

SJR-HR3 Hanley Ramirez

SJR-HR4 Hanley Ramirez

SJR-I1 Ichiro

SJR-I2 Ichiro

SJR-I3 Ichiro

SJR-I4 Ichiro

SJR-IK1 Ian Kinsler

SJR-IK2 Ian Kinsler

SJR-IK3 Ian Kinsler

SJR-JA1 Jake Arrieta

SJR-JA2 Jake Arrieta

SJR-JA3 Jake Arrieta

SJR-JAL1 Jose Altuve

SJR-JAL2 Jose Altuve

SJR-JAL3 Jose Altuve

SJR-JB1 Jackie Bradley, Jr.

SJR-JB2 Jackie Bradley, Jr.

SJR-JBZ1 Javier Baez

SJR-JBZ2 Javier Baez

SJR-JBZ3 Javier Baez

SJR-JD1 Josh Donaldson

SJR-JD2 Josh Donaldson

SJR-JDE1 Jacob deGrom

SJR-JDE2 Jacob deGrom

SJR-JDE3 Jacob deGrom

SJR-JG1 Joey Gallo

SJR-JH1 Jason Heyward

SJR-JH2 Jason Heyward

SJR-JH3 Jason Heyward

SJR-JL1 Jon Lester

SJR-JL2 Jon Lester

SJR-JM1 J.D. Martinez

SJR-JM2 J.D. Martinez

SJR-JT1 Jameson Taillon

SJR-JU1 Justin Upton

SJR-JU2 Justin Upton

SJR-JU3 Justin Upton

SJR-JU4 Justin Upton

SJR-JU5 Justin Upton

SJR-JV1 Justin Verlander

SJR-JV2 Justin Verlander

SJR-JV3 Justin Verlander

SJR-JV4 Justin Verlander

SJR-JV5 Justin Verlander

SJR-JVO1 Joey Votto

SJR-JVO2 Joey Votto

SJR-JVO3 Joey Votto

SJR-KB1 Kris Bryant

SJR-KB2 Kris Bryant

SJR-KD1 Khris Davis

SJR-KM1 Kenta Maeda

SJR-KM2 Kenta Maeda

SJR-KS1 Kyle Seager

SJR-KS2 Kyle Seager

SJR-KS3 Kyle Seager

SJR-LS1 Luis Severino

SJR-LS2 Luis Severino

SJR-MB1 Mookie Betts

SJR-MB2 Mookie Betts

SJR-MB3 Mookie Betts

SJR-MB4 Mookie Betts

SJR-MC1 Michael Conforto

SJR-MC2 Michael Conforto

SJR-MC3 Michael Conforto

SJR-MCA1 Matt Carpenter

SJR-MCA2 Matt Carpenter

SJR-MCA3 Matt Carpenter

SJR-MCB1 Miguel Cabrera

SJR-MCB2 Miguel Cabrera

SJR-MCB3 Miguel Cabrera

SJR-MCB4 Miguel Cabrera

SJR-MCB5 Miguel Cabrera

SJR-MF1 Michael Fulmer

SJR-MF2 Michael Fulmer

SJR-MM1 Mark McGwire

SJR-MM2 Mark McGwire

SJR-MMC1 Manny Machado

SJR-MMC2 Manny Machado

SJR-MO1 Marcell Ozuna

SJR-MO2 Marcell Ozuna

SJR-MO3 Marcell Ozuna

SJR-MOL1 Matt Olson

SJR-MP1 Mike Piazza

SJR-MS1 Max Scherzer

SJR-MS2 Max Scherzer

SJR-MS3 Max Scherzer

SJR-MSA1 Miguel Sano

SJR-MSA2 Miguel Sano

SJR-MSA3 Miguel Sano

SJR-MST1 Marcus Stroman

SJR-MST2 Marcus Stroman

SJR-MT1 Masahiro Tanaka

SJR-MT2 Masahiro Tanaka

SJR-MT3 Masahiro Tanaka

SJR-MTR1 Mike Trout

SJR-NC1 Nelson Cruz

SJR-NC2 Nelson Cruz

SJR-NS1 Noah Syndergaard

SJR-NS2 Noah Syndergaard

SJR-NS3 Noah Syndergaard

SJR-PG1 Paul Goldschmidt

SJR-PG2 Paul Goldschmidt

SJR-PG3 Paul Goldschmidt

SJR-PM1 Pedro Martinez

SJR-RA1 Roberto Alomar

SJR-RB1 Ryan Braun

SJR-RB2 Ryan Braun

SJR-RB3 Ryan Braun

SJR-RC1 Roger Clemens

SJR-RD1 Rafael Devers

SJR-RH1 Rhys Hoskins

SJR-RH2 Rhys Hoskins

SJR-RO1 Rougned Odor

SJR-RZ1 Ryan Zimmerman

SJR-RZ2 Ryan Zimmerman

SJR-SM1 Starling Marte

SJR-SM2 Starling Marte

SJR-SM3 Starling Marte

SJR-SP1 Salvador Perez

SJR-SP2 Salvador Perez

SJR-SS1 Stephen Strasburg

SJR-SS2 Stephen Strasburg

SJR-SS3 Stephen Strasburg

SJR-SS4 Stephen Strasburg

SJR-TM1 Trey Mancini

SJR-TM2 Trey Mancini

SJR-TM3 Trey Mancini

SJR-TS1 Trevor Story

SJR-TS2 Trevor Story

SJR-TS3 Trevor Story

SJR-TTU1 Troy Tulowitzki

SJR-VM1 Victor Martinez

SJR-VM2 Victor Martinez

SJR-WB1 Wade Boggs

SJR-WC1 Willson Contreras

SJR-WC2 Willson Contreras

SJR-WC3 Willson Contreras

SJR-WM1 Wil Myers

SJR-WM2 Wil Myers

SJR-WM3 Wil Myers

SJR-XB1 Xander Bogaerts

SJR-XB2 Xander Bogaerts

SJR-XB3 Xander Bogaerts

SJR-YC1 Yoenis Cespedes

SJR-YC2 Yoenis Cespedes

SJR-YC3 Yoenis Cespedes

SJR-YC4 Yoenis Cespedes

SJR-YG1 Yuli Gurriel

SJR-YG2 Yuli Gurriel

SJR-YM1 Yadier Molina

SJR-YM2 Yadier Molina

SJR-YM3 Yadier Molina

All-Star Game Patches

Each All-Star Game Patch is serial-numbered to nine, with a one-of-one Ruby parallel also available.

ASP-AG Avisail Garcia

ASP-AM Andrew Miller

ASP-AW Alex Wood

ASP-BHA Bryce Harper

ASP-BP Buster Posey

ASP-CA Chris Archer

ASP-CB Cody Bellinger

ASP-CBL Charlie Blackmon

ASP-CC Carlos Correa

ASP-CD Corey Dickerson

ASP-CKE Clayton Kershaw

ASP-CKI Craig Kimbrel

ASP-CKL Corey Kluber

ASP-CM Carlos Martinez

ASP-CS Corey Seager

ASP-CSA Chris Sale

ASP-DB Dellin Betances

ASP-DK Dallas Keuchel

ASP-DM Daniel Murphy

ASP-EI Ender Inciarte

ASP-ES Ervin Santana

ASP-FL Francisco Lindor

ASP-GS Giancarlo Stanton

ASP-GSA Gary Sanchez

ASP-GSP George Springer

ASP-JA Jose Altuve

ASP-JH Josh Harrison

ASP-JL Jake Lamb

ASP-JR Jose Ramirez

ASP-JS Jonathan Schoop

ASP-JSM Justin Smoak

ASP-JT Justin Turner

ASP-JU Justin Upton

ASP-JVO Joey Votto

ASP-KJ Kenley Jansen

ASP-LM Lance McCullers

ASP-LS Luis Severino

ASP-MB Michael Brantley

ASP-MBE Mookie Betts

ASP-MC Michael Conforto

ASP-MF Michael Fulmer

ASP-MM Mike Moustakas

ASP-MO Marcell Ozuna

ASP-MS Max Scherzer

ASP-MSA Miguel Sano

ASP-NA Nolan Arenado

ASP-NC Nelson Cruz

ASP-PG Paul Goldschmidt

ASP-RC Robinson Cano

ASP-RR Robbie Ray

ASP-RZ Ryan Zimmerman

ASP-SC Starlin Castro

ASP-SP Salvador Perez

ASP-SS Stephen Strasburg

ASP-WD Wade Davis

ASP-YA Yonder Alonso

ASP-YD Yu Darvish

ASP-YM Yadier Molina

ASP-ZC Zack Cozart

ASP-ZG Zack Greinke

ASG Jumbo Patch Book

Each ASG Jumbo Patch Book is a one-of-one.

ASJP-AG Avisail Garcia

ASJP-AM Andrew Miller

ASJP-AW Alex Wood

ASJP-BH Bryce Harper

ASJP-CA Chris Archer

ASJP-CB Cody Bellinger

ASJP-CBL Charlie Blackmon

ASJP-CC Carlos Correa

ASJP-CD Corey Dickerson

ASJP-CKE Clayton Kershaw

ASJP-CKI Craig Kimbrel

ASJP-CKL Corey Kluber

ASJP-CKN Corey Knebel

ASJP-CM Carlos Martinez

ASJP-CS Corey Seager

ASJP-CSA Chris Sale

ASJP-DB Dellin Betances

ASJP-DK Dallas Keuchel


ASJP-DM Daniel Murphy

ASJP-EI Ender Inciarte

ASJP-ES Ervin Santana

ASJP-FL Francisco Lindor

ASJP-GS Giancarlo Stanton

ASJP-GSP George Springer

ASJP-JA Jose Altuve

ASJP-JH Josh Harrison

ASJP-JL Jake Lamb

ASJP-JR Jose Ramirez

ASJP-JS Justin Smoak

ASJP-JSC Jonathan Schoop

ASJP-JT Justin Turner

ASJP-JU Justin Upton

ASJP-JV Joey Votto

ASJP-KJ Kenley Jansen

ASJP-LM Lance McCullers

ASJP-LS Luis Severino

ASJP-MBE Mookie Betts

ASJP-MBR Michael Brantley

ASJP-MC Michael Conforto

ASJP-MF Michael Fulmer

ASJP-MM Mike Moustakas

ASJP-MO Marcell Ozuna

ASJP-MS Miguel Sano

ASJP-MSC Max Scherzer

ASJP-NA Nolan Arenado

ASJP-NC Nelson Cruz

ASJP-PG Paul Goldschmidt

ASJP-RC Robinson Cano

ASJP-RR Robbie Ray

ASJP-RZ Ryan Zimmerman

ASJP-SC Starlin Castro

ASJP-SP Salvador Perez

ASJP-SS Stephen Strasburg

ASJP-WD Wade Davis

ASJP-YA Yonder Alonso

ASJP-YD Yu Darvish

ASJP-YM Yadier Molina

ASJP-ZC Zack Cozart

ASJP-ZG Zack Greinke

ASG Jumbo Sleeve Team Patch Book

Each ASG Jumbo Sleeve Team Patch Book is a one-of-one.

ASTP-AG Avisail Garcia

ASTP-AM Andrew Miller

ASTP-AW Alex Wood

ASTP-BH Bryce Harper

ASTP-BP Buster Posey

ASTP-CA Chris Archer

ASTP-CB Cody Bellinger

ASTP-CBL Charlie Blackmon

ASTP-CC Carlos Correa

ASTP-CD Corey Dickerson

ASTP-CKE Clayton Kershaw

ASTP-CKI Craig Kimbrel

ASTP-CKL Corey Kluber

ASTP-CM Carlos Martinez

ASTP-CS Corey Seager

ASTP-CSA Chris Sale

ASTP-DB Dellin Betances

ASTP-DK Dallas Keuchel

ASTP-DM Daniel Murphy

ASTP-EI Ender Inciarte

ASTP-ES Ervin Santana

ASTP-FL Francisco Lindor

ASTP-GS Giancarlo Stanton

ASTP-GSA Gary Sanchez

ASTP-GSP George Springer

ASTP-JA Jose Altuve

ASTP-JH Josh Harrison

ASTP-JL Jake Lamb

ASTP-JR Jose Ramirez

ASTP-JS Justin Smoak

ASTP-JSC Jonathan Schoop

ASTP-JT Justin Turner

ASTP-JU Justin Upton

ASTP-JV Joey Votto

ASTP-KJ Kenley Jansen

ASTP-LM Lance McCullers

ASTP-LS Luis Severino

ASTP-MB Mookie Betts

ASTP-MBR Michael Brantley

ASTP-MC Michael Conforto

ASTP-MF Michael Fulmer

ASTP-MM Mike Moustakas

ASTP-MO Marcell Ozuna

ASTP-MS Miguel Sano

ASTP-MSC Max Scherzer

ASTP-NA Nolan Arenado

ASTP-NC Nelson Cruz

ASTP-PG Paul Goldschmidt

ASTP-RC Robinson Cano

ASTP-RR Robbie Ray

ASTP-RZ Ryan Zimmerman

ASTP-SC Starlin Castro

ASTP-SP Salvador Perez

ASTP-SS Stephen Strasburg

ASTP-WD Wade Davis

ASTP-YA Yonder Alonso

ASTP-YD Yu Darvish

ASTP-YM Yadier Molina

ASTP-ZC Zack Cozart

ASTP-ZG Zack Greinke

ASG Laundry Tag Book

Each ASG Laundry Tag Book is a one-of-one.

ASLTP-AM Andrew Miller

ASLTP-AW Alex Wood

ASLTP-BH Bryce Harper

ASLTP-BP Buster Posey

ASLTP-CA Chris Archer

ASLTP-CB Cody Bellinger

ASLTP-CC Carlos Correa

ASLTP-CD Corey Dickerson

ASLTP-CE Chris Sale

ASLTP-CI Craig Kimbrel

ASLTP-CK Clayton Kershaw

ASLTP-CL Charlie Blackmon

ASLTP-CM Carlos Martinez

ASLTP-CS Corey Seager

ASLTP-CU Corey Kluber

ASLTP-DB Dellin Betances

ASLTP-DK Dallas Keuchel


ASLTP-DM Daniel Murphy

ASLTP-EI Ender Inciarte

ASLTP-ES Ervin Santana

ASLTP-FL Francisco Lindor

ASLTP-GA Gary Sanchez

ASLTP-GP George Springer

ASLTP-GS Giancarlo Stanton

ASLTP-JA Jose Altuve

ASLTP-JC Jonathan Schoop

ASLTP-JH Josh Harrison

ASLTP-JL Jake Lamb

ASLTP-JR Jose Ramirez

ASLTP-JS Justin Smoak

ASLTP-JT Justin Turner

ASLTP-JU Justin Upton

ASLTP-JV Joey Votto

ASLTP-KJ Kenley Jansen

ASLTP-LM Lance McCullers

ASLTP-LS Luis Severino

ASLTP-MB Mookie Betts

ASLTP-MC Michael Conforto

ASLTP-MF Michael Fulmer

ASLTP-MM Mike Moustakas

ASLTP-MO Marcell Ozuna

ASLTP-MS Miguel Sano

ASLTP-MT Michael Brantley

ASLTP-MZ Max Scherzer

ASLTP-NA Nolan Arenado

ASLTP-NC Nelson Cruz

ASLTP-PG Paul Goldschmidt

ASLTP-RC Robinson Cano

ASLTP-RR Robbie Ray

ASLTP-RZ Ryan Zimmerman

ASLTP-SC Starlin Castro

ASLTP-SP Salvador Perez

ASLTP-SS Stephen Strasburg

ASLTP-WD Wade Davis

ASLTP-YA Yonder Alonso

ASLTP-YD Yu Darvish

ASLTP-YM Yadier Molina

ASLTP-ZC Zack Cozart

ASLTP-ZG Zack Greinke

ASG Majestic Logo Patches Book

Each ASG Majestic Logo Patches Book is a one-of-one.

ASMP-AG Avisail Garcia

ASMP-AM Andrew Miller

ASMP-AW Alex Wood

ASMP-BHA Bryce Harper

ASMP-BP Buster Posey

ASMP-CA Chris Archer

ASMP-CB Cody Bellinger

ASMP-CBL Charlie Blackmon

ASMP-CC Carlos Correa

ASMP-CD Corey Dickerson

ASMP-CKE Clayton Kershaw

ASMP-CKI Craig Kimbrel

ASMP-CKL Corey Kluber

ASMP-CM Carlos Martinez

ASMP-CS Corey Seager

ASMP-CSA Chris Sale

ASMP-DB Dellin Betances

ASMP-DK Dallas Keuchel


ASMP-DM Daniel Murphy

ASMP-EI Ender Inciarte

ASMP-ES Ervin Santana

ASMP-FL Francisco Lindor

ASMP-GS Giancarlo Stanton

ASMP-GSA Gary Sanchez

ASMP-GSP George Springer

ASMP-JA Jose Altuve

ASMP-JH Josh Harrison

ASMP-JL Jake Lamb

ASMP-JR Jose Ramirez

ASMP-JS Jonathan Schoop

ASMP-JSM Justin Smoak

ASMP-JT Justin Turner

ASMP-JU Justin Upton

ASMP-JVO Joey Votto

ASMP-KJ Kenley Jansen

ASMP-LM Lance McCullers

ASMP-LS Luis Severino

ASMP-MB Michael Brantley

ASMP-MBE Mookie Betts

ASMP-MC Michael Conforto

ASMP-MF Michael Fulmer

ASMP-MM Mike Moustakas

ASMP-MO Marcell Ozuna

ASMP-MS Max Scherzer

ASMP-MSN Miguel Sano

ASMP-NA Nolan Arenado

ASMP-NC Nelson Cruz

ASMP-PG Paul Goldschmidt

ASMP-RC Robinson Cano

ASMP-RR Robbie Ray

ASMP-RZ Ryan Zimmerman

ASMP-SC Starlin Castro

ASMP-SP Salvador Perez

ASMP-SS Stephen Strasburg

ASMP-YA Yonder Alonso

ASMP-YD Yu Darvish

ASMP-YM Yadier Molina

ASMP-ZC Zack Cozart

ASMP-ZG Zack Greinke

Windows into Greatness Relic Book

Each Windows into Greatness Relic Book is serial-numbered to ten and also available in the following parallels.

  • Gold (serial-numbered to five)
  • Ruby (one-of-one)

WIGR-BH Bryce Harper

WIGR-BP Buster Posey

WIGR-CC Carlos Correa

WIGR-CR Cal Ripken, Jr.

WIGR-DJ Derek Jeter

WIGR-DO David Ortiz

WIGR-I Ichiro

WIGR-KB Kris Bryant

WIGR-MR Mariano Rivera

WIGR-MT Mike Trout

Jumbo Plus Relic Book

Each Jumbo Plus Relic Book is serial-numbered to three and also available in a one-of-one Ruby parallel.

JPR-AB Andrew Benintendi

JPR-AP Albert Pujols

JPR-BP Buster Posey

JPR-CC Carlos Correa

JPR-CS Chris Sale

JPR-DO David Ortiz

JPR-DP Dustin Pedroia

JPR-FH Felix Hernandez

JPR-GSP George Springer

JPR-I Ichiro

JPR-JVO Joey Votto

JPR-MB Mookie Betts

JPR-MC Miguel Cabrera

JPR-MS Max Scherzer

JPR-NA Nolan Arenado

JPR-NS Noah Syndergaard

JPR-RC Robinson Cano

JPR-YM Yadier Molina

Letter Plus Relic Book

Each Letter Plus Relic Book is serial-numbered to three and also available in a one-of-one Ruby parallel.

LPR-AB Andrew Benintendi

LPR-AJ Adam Jones

LPR-AP Albert Pujols

LPR-BP Buster Posey

LPR-CC Carlos Correa

LPR-CS Chris Sale

LPR-DO David Ortiz

LPR-DP Dustin Pedroia

LPR-FH Felix Hernandez

LPR-GSP George Springer

LPR-I Ichiro

LPR-JVO Joey Votto

LPR-MB Mookie Betts

LPR-MC Miguel Cabrera

LPR-MS Max Scherzer

LPR-NA Nolan Arenado

LPR-NS Noah Syndergaard

LPR-RC Robinson Cano

LPR-YM Yadier Molina

Jumbo Letter Number Logos Book

Each Jumbo Letter Number Logos Book is a one-of-one.

JLNL-AB Andrew Benintendi

JLNL-AM Andrew McCutchen

JLNL-BP Buster Posey

JLNL-CC Carlos Correa

JLNL-FH Felix Hernandez

JLNL-JV Joey Votto

JLNL-MB Mookie Betts

JLNL-RC Robinson Cano

JLNL-RD Rafael Devers

JLNL-YM Yadier Molina

Jumbo Patch Combo Book

Each Jumbo Patch Combo Book is a one-of-one.

TTJPC-AAJ Javier Baez / Anthony Rizzo / Addison Russell

TTJPC-ACB Alex Bregman / Carlos Correa / Jose Altuve

TTJPC-AMC Chris Sale / Mookie Betts / Andrew Benintendi

TTJPC-CHC Robinson Cano / Felix Hernandez / Nelson Cruz

TTJPC-MJN Jacob deGrom / Noah Syndergaard / Michael Conforto

TTJPC-MJS Greg Maddux / Chipper Jones / John Smoltz

TTJPC-MPC Buster Posey / Brandon Crawford / Andrew McCutchen

TTJPC-MRJ Cal Ripken, Jr. / Adam Jones / Manny Machado

TTJPC-SGSJ Gregory Polanco / Starling Marte / Josh Bell

TTJPC-SHS Stephen Strasburg / Bryce Harper / Max Scherzer

TTJPC-SHS Bryce Harper

TTJPC-SHS Max Scherzer

Bat Knobs Book

Each Bat Knob Book is a one-of-one.

TTBK-AP Albert Pujols

TTBK-BH Bryce Harper

TTBK-DM Don Mattingly

TTBK-JV Joey Votto

TTBK-MP Mike Piazza

TTBK-MT Mike Trout

TTBK-OS Ozzie Smith

TTBK-PG Paul Goldschmidt

TTBK-WB Wade Boggs

Bat Nameplate Book

Each Bat Nameplate Book is a one-of-one.

BNP-AR Alex Rodriguez

BNP-BH Bryce Harper

BNP-CC Carlos Correa

BNP-CR Cal Ripken, Jr.

BNP-DP Dustin Pedroia

BNP-EL Evan Longoria

BNP-GS Gary Sanchez

BNP-JA Jose Altuve

BNP-JB Johnny Bench

BNP-JD Josh Donaldson

BNP-JV Joey Votto

BNP-MP Mike Piazza

BNP-MT Mike Trout

BNP-NG Nomar Garciaparra

BNP-PG Paul Goldschmidt

BNP-WB Wade Boggs

Deca Relic Combo Book

Each Deca Relic Combo Book is serial-numbered to ten and also available in the following parallels.

  • Gold (serial-numbered to five)
  • Ruby (one-of-one)

DRC-1 Kris Bryant / Hank Aaron / Mike Trout / Clayton Kershaw / Nolan Ryan / Cal Ripken, Jr. / Derek Jeter

DRC-2 Mark Grace / Ernie Banks / Billy Williams / Andre Dawson / Anthony Rizzo / Javier Baez / Kris Bryant

DRC-3 Chipper Jones / Barry Larkin / Roberto Alomar / Greg Maddux / Mark McGwire / John Smoltz / Mike Piaz

DRC-4 Anthony Rizzo / Buster Posey / Joey Votto / Gary Sanchez / Dustin Pedroia / Carlos Correa / Corey Se

DRC-5 Joey Votto / Buster Posey / Chris Sale / Corey Seager / Charlie Blackmon / Mike Trout / Bryce Harper

DRC-6 Javier Baez / Gary Sanchez / Francisco Lindor / Cody Bellinger / Aaron Judge / Luis Severino / Mike

DRC-7 Don Mattingly / Reggie Jackson / Dave Winfield / Bernie Williams / Alex Rodriguez / Derek Jeter / An

DRC-8 Wade Boggs / Ted Williams / Carlton Fisk / Nomar Garciaparra / Andrew Benintendi / Dustin Pedroia /

DRC-9 Roger Clemens / Clayton Kershaw / John Smoltz / Steve Carlton / Greg Maddux / Pedro Martinez / Denni


Rookie Autographs

Each Rookie Autograph is also available in the following parallels.

  • Emerald (serial-numbered to 50 copies)
  • Gold (serial-numbered to 25 copies)
  • Sapphire (serial-numbered to ten)
  • Ruby (one-of-one)
  • White Whale Printing Plates (set of four for each card)

RA-AH Austin Hays

RA-AM Austin Meadows

RA-CV Christian Villanueva

RA-DF Dustin Fowler

RA-FR Fernando Romero

RA-HB Harrison Bader

RA-JH Hicks

RA-JS Juan Soto

RA-LG Lourdes Gurriel, Jr.

RA-MA Miguel Andujar

RA-MM Miles Mikolas

RA-MS Mike Soroka

RA-NK Nick Kingham

RA-SK Scott Kingery

RA-SO Shohei Ohtani

RA-WA Willy Adames

RA-WB Walker Buehler

Autographed Game-Used

Rookies and Future Phenoms Autograph Relics

Each Rookies and Future Phenoms Autograph Relic is serial-numbered to 99 copies and available in the following parallels.

  • Silver (serial-numbered to 75 copies)
  • Emerald (serial-numbered to 50 copies)
  • Onyx (serial-numbered to 35 copies)
  • Wood (one-of-one)
  • Ruby (one-of-one)
  • White Whale Printing Plates (set of four for each card)

NOTE: Unlike in previous years, the 2018 edition of this set is not sequentially-numbered as part of the base set. As such, none of the cards can qualify as "rookie cards."

RFPAR-AA Anthony Banda

RFPAR-AB Alex Bregman

RFPAR-AV Alex Verdugo

RFPAR-BA Brian Anderson

RFPAR-BB Byron Buxton

RFPAR-BZ Bradley Zimmer

RFPAR-CA Christian Arroyo

RFPAR-CR Clint Frazier

RFPAR-CS Chance Sisco

RFPAR-DF Derek Fisher

RFPAR-DM Dominic Smith

RFPAR-FB Franklin Barreto

RFPAR-FM Francisco Mejia

RFPAR-GT Gleyber Torres

RFPAR-HR Hunter Renfroe


RFPAR-JC J.P. Crawford

RFPAR-JH Josh Hader

RFPAR-JL Jack Flaherty

RFPAR-JW Jesse Winker

RFPAR-LB Lewis Brinson

RFPAR-LS Lucas Sims

RFPAR-LW Luke Weaver

RFPAR-MF Max Fried

RFPAR-MH Mitch Haniger

RFPAR-MM Manny Margot

RFPAR-MO Matt Olson

RFPAR-ND Nicky Delmonico

RFPAR-OA Ozzie Albies

RFPAR-PD Paul DeJong

RFPAR-RA Ronald Acu?a, Jr.

RFPAR-RD Rafael Devers

RFPAR-RH Rhys Hoskins

RFPAR-RM Ryan McMahon

RFPAR-SA Sandy Alcantara

RFPAR-SN Sean Newcomb

RFPAR-TA Tyler Mahle

RFPAR-TT Trevor Story

RFPAR-TW Tyler Wade

RFPAR-VR Victor Robles

RFPAR-WM Whit Merrifield

RFPAR-ZG Zack Granite

Autographed Relics

Each Autographed Relic is serial-numbered to 18 copies and available in the following parallels.

  • Gold (serial-numbered to nine)
  • Sapphire (serial-numbered to three)
  • Wood (one-of-one)
  • Ruby (one-of-one)
  • White Whale Printing Plates (set of four for each card)

TTAR-AB1 Adrian Beltre

TTAR-AB2 Adrian Beltre

TTAR-AB3 Adrian Beltre

TTAR-ABR1 Alex Bregman

TTAR-ABR2 Alex Bregman

TTAR-ABR3 Alex Bregman

TTAR-ABR4 Alex Bregman

TTAR-ABR5 Alex Bregman

TTAR-AD1 Andre Dawson

TTAR-AD2 Andre Dawson

TTAR-AD3 Andre Dawson

TTAR-AJ1 Aaron Judge

TTAR-AJ2 Aaron Judge

TTAR-AM1 Andrew McCutchen

TTAR-AM2 Andrew McCutchen

TTAR-AM3 Andrew McCutchen

TTAR-AM4 Andrew McCutchen

TTAR-AP1 Andy Pettitte

TTAR-AP2 Andy Pettitte

TTAR-AP3 Andy Pettitte

TTAR-AP4 Andy Pettitte

TTAR-AR1 Addison Russell

TTAR-AR2 Addison Russell

TTAR-ARI1 Anthony Rizzo

TTAR-ARI2 Anthony Rizzo

TTAR-ARI3 Anthony Rizzo

TTAR-ARI4 Anthony Rizzo

TTAR-BB1 Byron Buxton

TTAR-BB2 Byron Buxton

TTAR-BB3 Byron Buxton

TTAR-BD1 Brian Dozier

TTAR-BD2 Brian Dozier

TTAR-BD3 Brian Dozier

TTAR-BH1 Bryce Harper

TTAR-BH2 Bryce Harper

TTAR-BL1 Barry Larkin

TTAR-BL2 Barry Larkin

TTAR-BP1 Buster Posey

TTAR-CBI1 Craig Biggio

TTAR-CBI2 Craig Biggio

TTAR-CBI3 Craig Biggio

TTAR-CBL1 Charlie Blackmon

TTAR-CBL2 Charlie Blackmon

TTAR-CBL3 Charlie Blackmon

TTAR-CBL4 Charlie Blackmon

TTAR-CBL5 Charlie Blackmon

TTAR-CF1 Carlton Fisk

TTAR-CF2 Carlton Fisk

TTAR-CF3 Carlton Fisk

TTAR-CJ1 Chipper Jones

TTAR-CJ2 Chipper Jones

TTAR-CKI1 Craig Kimbrel

TTAR-CKI2 Craig Kimbrel

TTAR-CKI3 Craig Kimbrel

TTAR-CKI4 Craig Kimbrel

TTAR-CKI5 Craig Kimbrel

TTAR-CKL1 Corey Kluber

TTAR-CKL2 Corey Kluber

TTAR-CKL3 Corey Kluber

TTAR-CKL4 Corey Kluber

TTAR-CKL5 Corey Kluber

TTAR-CR1 Cal Ripken, Jr.

TTAR-CSA1 Chris Sale

TTAR-CSA2 Chris Sale

TTAR-CSA3 Chris Sale

TTAR-CSA4 Chris Sale

TTAR-CSA5 Chris Sale

TTAR-CY1 Christian Yelich

TTAR-CY2 Christian Yelich

TTAR-CY3 Christian Yelich

TTAR-CY4 Christian Yelich

TTAR-CY5 Christian Yelich

TTAR-DE1 Dennis Eckersley

TTAR-DE2 Dennis Eckersley

TTAR-DE3 Dennis Eckersley

TTAR-DE4 Dennis Eckersley

TTAR-DG1 Didi Gregorius

TTAR-DG2 Didi Gregorius

TTAR-DG3 Didi Gregorius

TTAR-DG4 Didi Gregorius

TTAR-DG5 Didi Gregorius

TTAR-DJ1 Derek Jeter

TTAR-DMA1 Don Mattingly

TTAR-DMA2 Don Mattingly

TTAR-DMU1 Dale Murphy

TTAR-DMU2 Dale Murphy

TTAR-DMU3 Dale Murphy

TTAR-DO1 David Ortiz

TTAR-DO2 David Ortiz

TTAR-FF1 Freddie Freeman

TTAR-FF2 Freddie Freeman

TTAR-FF3 Freddie Freeman

TTAR-FF4 Freddie Freeman

TTAR-FF5 Freddie Freeman

TTAR-FL1 Francisco Lindor

TTAR-FL2 Francisco Lindor

TTAR-FL3 Francisco Lindor

TTAR-FL4 Francisco Lindor

TTAR-FT1 Frank Thomas

TTAR-FT2 Frank Thomas

TTAR-FT3 Frank Thomas

TTAR-GS1 Gary Sanchez

TTAR-GS2 Gary Sanchez

TTAR-GS3 Gary Sanchez

TTAR-GS4 Gary Sanchez

TTAR-GS5 Gary Sanchez

TTAR-GSP1 George Springer

TTAR-GSP2 George Springer

TTAR-GSP3 George Springer

TTAR-GSP4 George Springer

TTAR-GSP5 George Springer

TTAR-HA1 Hank Aaron

TTAR-IH1 Ian Happ

TTAR-IH2 Ian Happ

TTAR-IH3 Ian Happ

TTAR-IH4 Ian Happ

TTAR-IH5 Ian Happ

TTAR-IR1 Ivan Rodriguez

TTAR-IR2 Ivan Rodriguez

TTAR-IR3 Ivan Rodriguez

TTAR-JA1 Jose Altuve

TTAR-JA2 Jose Altuve

TTAR-JA3 Jose Altuve

TTAR-JA4 Jose Altuve

TTAR-JA5 Jose Altuve

TTAR-JB1 Jeff Bagwell

TTAR-JB2 Jeff Bagwell

TTAR-JB3 Jeff Bagwell

TTAR-JB4 Jeff Bagwell

TTAR-JBA1 Javier Baez

TTAR-JBA2 Javier Baez

TTAR-JBA3 Javier Baez

TTAR-JBA4 Javier Baez

TTAR-JBA5 Javier Baez

TTAR-JC1 Jose Canseco

TTAR-JC2 Jose Canseco

TTAR-JC3 Jose Canseco

TTAR-JC4 Jose Canseco

TTAR-JD1 Jacob deGrom

TTAR-JD2 Jacob deGrom

TTAR-JD3 Jacob deGrom

TTAR-JD4 Jacob deGrom

TTAR-JD5 Jacob deGrom

TTAR-JDO1 Josh Donaldson

TTAR-JDO2 Josh Donaldson

TTAR-JDO3 Josh Donaldson

TTAR-JG1 Juan Gonzalez

TTAR-JG2 Juan Gonzalez

TTAR-JG3 Juan Gonzalez

TTAR-JR1 Jose Ramirez

TTAR-JR2 Jose Ramirez

TTAR-JR3 Jose Ramirez

TTAR-JR4 Jose Ramirez

TTAR-JS1 John Smoltz

TTAR-JS2 John Smoltz

TTAR-JS3 John Smoltz

TTAR-JT1 Jim Thome

TTAR-JT2 Jim Thome

TTAR-JT3 Jim Thome

TTAR-JU1 Justin Upton

TTAR-JU2 Justin Upton

TTAR-JU3 Justin Upton

TTAR-JU4 Justin Upton

TTAR-JV1 Joey Votto

TTAR-JV2 Joey Votto

TTAR-KB1 Kris Bryant

TTAR-KB2 Kris Bryant

TTAR-KB3 Kris Bryant

TTAR-KS1 Kyle Schwarber

TTAR-KS2 Kyle Schwarber

TTAR-KS3 Kyle Schwarber

TTAR-KS4 Kyle Schwarber

TTAR-KS5 Kyle Schwarber

TTAR-LS1 Luis Severino

TTAR-LS2 Luis Severino

TTAR-LS3 Luis Severino

TTAR-LS4 Luis Severino

TTAR-LS5 Luis Severino

TTAR-MM1 Mark McGwire

TTAR-MM2 Mark McGwire

TTAR-MMA1 Manny Machado

TTAR-MMA2 Manny Machado

TTAR-MMA3 Manny Machado

TTAR-MMA4 Manny Machado

TTAR-MP1 Mike Piazza

TTAR-MT1 Mike Trout

TTAR-MT2 Mike Trout

TTAR-NG1 Nomar Garciaparra

TTAR-NG2 Nomar Garciaparra

TTAR-NG3 Nomar Garciaparra

TTAR-NR1 Nolan Ryan

TTAR-NR2 Nolan Ryan

TTAR-NS1 Noah Syndergaard

TTAR-NS2 Noah Syndergaard

TTAR-NS3 Noah Syndergaard

TTAR-NS4 Noah Syndergaard

TTAR-NS5 Noah Syndergaard

TTAR-OS1 Ozzie Smith

TTAR-OS2 Ozzie Smith

TTAR-OS3 Ozzie Smith

TTAR-PG1 Paul Goldschmidt

TTAR-PG2 Paul Goldschmidt

TTAR-PG3 Paul Goldschmidt

TTAR-PG4 Paul Goldschmidt

TTAR-PG5 Paul Goldschmidt

TTAR-RA1 Roberto Alomar

TTAR-RA2 Roberto Alomar

TTAR-RA3 Roberto Alomar

TTAR-RC1 Rod Carew

TTAR-RC2 Rod Carew

TTAR-RC3 Rod Carew

TTAR-RFI1 Rollie Fingers

TTAR-RH1 Rickey Henderson

TTAR-RH2 Rickey Henderson

TTAR-RJ1 Randy Johnson

TTAR-RY1 Robin Yount

TTAR-RY2 Robin Yount

TTAR-SG1 Sonny Gray

TTAR-SG2 Sonny Gray

TTAR-SG3 Sonny Gray

TTAR-SM1 Starling Marte

TTAR-SM2 Starling Marte

TTAR-SM3 Starling Marte

TTAR-SM4 Starling Marte

TTAR-SM5 Starling Marte

TTAR-SO1 Shohei Ohtani

TTAR-SO2 Shohei Ohtani

TTAR-SP1 Salvador Perez

TTAR-SP2 Salvador Perez

TTAR-SP3 Salvador Perez

TTAR-SP4 Salvador Perez

TTAR-SP5 Salvador Perez

TTAR-TG1 Tom Glavine

TTAR-TG2 Tom Glavine

TTAR-TH1 Torii Hunter

TTAR-TH2 Torii Hunter

TTAR-TH3 Torii Hunter

TTAR-TH4 Torii Hunter

TTAR-TM1 Trey Mancini

TTAR-TM2 Trey Mancini

TTAR-TM3 Trey Mancini

TTAR-TM4 Trey Mancini

TTAR-TM5 Trey Mancini

TTAR-TR1 Tim Raines

TTAR-TR2 Tim Raines

TTAR-TR3 Tim Raines

TTAR-VG1 Vladimir Guerrero

TTAR-VG2 Vladimir Guerrero

TTAR-VG3 Vladimir Guerrero

TTAR-WC1 Will Clark

TTAR-WC2 Will Clark

TTAR-WC3 Will Clark

TTAR-WC4 Will Clark

TTAR-WCO1 Willson Contreras

TTAR-WCO2 Willson Contreras

TTAR-WCO3 Willson Contreras

TTAR-WCO4 Willson Contreras

TTAR-WCO5 Willson Contreras

TTAR-YM1 Yadier Molina

TTAR-YM2 Yadier Molina

TTAR-YM3 Yadier Molina

TTAR-YM4 Yadier Molina

TTAR-YM5 Yadier Molina

Autographed Relic Combos

Each Autographed Relic Combo is serial-numbered to 36 copies and available in the following parallels.

  • Silver (serial-numbered to 27 copies)
  • Emerald (serial-numbered to 18 copies)
  • Gold (serial-numbered to nine)
  • Sapphire (serial-numbered to three)
  • Wood (one-of-one)
  • Ruby (one-of-one)
  • White Whale Printing Plates (set of four for each card)

ARC-ADM Andy Pettitte / Derek Jeter / Mariano Rivera

ARC-AJA Ronald Acu?a, Jr. / Ozzie Albies / Andruw Jones

ARC-AJG Alex Bregman / Jose Altuve / George Springer

ARC-AMS Mike Trout / Albert Pujols / Shohei Ohtani

ARC-AMT Trey Mancini / Manny Machado / Adam Jones

ARC-ATV Andre Dawson / Tim Raines / Vladimir Guerrero

ARC-BCM Brooks Robinson / Cal Ripken, Jr. / Manny Machado

ARC-BKJ Barry Larkin / Johnny Bench / Joey Votto

ARC-CGD Clint Frazier / Didi Gregorius / Greg Bird

ARC-CJJ Jose Altuve / Jeff Bagwell / Criag Biggio

ARC-FCJ Corey Kluber / Francisco Lindor / Jose Ramirez

ARC-HIS Ichiro / Hideki Matsui / Shohei Ohtani

ARC-IJA Adrian Beltre / Juan Gonzalez / Ivan Rodriguez

ARC-JAK Kyle Schwarber / Javier Baez / Addison Russell

ARC-JCD John Smoltz / Chipper Jones / Dale Murphy

ARC-JNM Michael Conforto / Jacob deGrom / Noah Syndergaard

ARC-LGD Luis Severino / Didi Gregorius / Gleyber Torres

ARC-LKT Jim Thome / Francisco Lindor / Corey Kluber

ARC-LPJ Jake Lamb / Paul Goldschmidt / Luis Gonzalez

ARC-MKM Khris Davis / Matt Chapman / Matt Olson

ARC-MYM Michael Wacha / Yadier Molina / Marcell Ozuna

ARC-OFD Dansby Swanson / Ozzie Albies / Freddie Freeman

ARC-PAB Bernie Williams / Jorge Posada / Andy Pettitte

ARC-RAK Ryne Sandberg / Kris Bryant / Anthony Rizzo

ARC-RDC Chris Sale / Dustin Pedroia / Rafael Devers

ARC-TCE Eric Thames / Travis Shaw / Christian Yelich

ARC-TCT Trevor Story / Charlie Blackmon / Tyler Anderson

ARC-YAD Dominic Smith / Amed Rosario / Yoenis Cespedes

Autographed Single Jumbo Relics

Each Autographed Single Jumbo Relic is serial-numbered to 99 copies and available in the following parallels.

  • Silver (serial-numbered to 75 copies)
  • Emerald (serial-numbered to 50 copies)
  • Gold (serial-numbered to 25 copies)
  • Sapphire (serial-numbered to ten)
  • Ruby (one-of-one)

UAJR-AB Archie Bradley

UAJR-ABR Alex Bregman

UAJR-AD Adam Duvall

UAJR-AE Alcides Escobar

UAJR-AMED Amed Rosario

UAJR-AR Anthony Rendon

UAJR-ARO Amed Rosario

UAJR-AV Adam Duvall

UAJR-AW Alex Wood

UAJR-BS Blake Snell

UAJR-BSN Blake Snell

UAJR-BZO Ben Zobrist

UAJR-CA Christian Arroyo

UAJR-CB Charlie Blackmon

UAJR-CR Carlos Rodon

UAJR-CSA Chris Sale

UAJR-CYH Christian Yelich

UAJR-DB Dellin Betances

UAJR-DE Dellin Betances

UAJR-DG Didi Gregorius

UAJR-DP Drew Pomeranz

UAJR-DPR David Price

UAJR-DS Domingo Santana

UAJR-DT Darryl Strawberry

UAJR-EI Ender Inciarte

UAJR-ET Eric Thames

UAJR-GB Greg Bird

UAJR-GI Greg Bird

UAJR-GR Garrett Richards

UAJR-GSP George Springer

UAJR-HOS Rhys Hoskins

UAJR-IH Ian Happ


UAJR-IKS Ian Kinsler

UAJR-JB Javier Baez

UAJR-JBO Justin Bour

UAJR-JE Jose Berrios

UAJR-JG Juan Gonzalez

UAJR-JH Josh Harrison

UAJR-JHA Josh Harrison

UAJR-JL Jake Lamb

UAJR-JP Joc Pederson

UAJR-JSM Justin Smoak

UAJR-JU Jay Bruce

UAJR-JV Joey Votto

UAJR-JW Jesse Winker

UAJR-KD Khris Davis

UAJR-KS Kyle Schwarber

UAJR-KSG Kyle Seager

UAJR-KV Khris Davis

UAJR-LSE Luis Severino

UAJR-MA Matt Carpenter

UAJR-MAR Marcell Ozuna

UAJR-MC Matt Carpenter

UAJR-MCF Michael Conforto

UAJR-MCO Michael Conforto

UAJR-MF Michael Fulmer

UAJR-MG Marwin Gonzalez

UAJR-MGO Marwin Gonzalez

UAJR-MH Matt Chapman

UAJR-ML Matt Olson

UAJR-MO Matt Olson

UAJR-MOZ Marcell Ozuna

UAJR-PG Paul Goldschmidt

UAJR-RHY Rhys Hoskins

UAJR-RI Raisel Iglesias

UAJR-RO Roy Oswalt

UAJR-RP Rafael Palmeiro

UAJR-SD Sean Doolittle

UAJR-SMO Justin Smoak

UAJR-SP Stephen Piscotty

UAJR-SPE Salvador Perez

UAJR-SPZ Salvador Perez

UAJR-TB Tim Beckham

UAJR-TH Tommy Pham

UAJR-TM Trey Mancini

UAJR-TMA Trey Mancini

UAJR-TP Tommy Pham

UAJR-TS Travis Shaw

UAJR-TY Trevor Story

UAJR-WC Willson Contreras

UAJR-WE Whit Merrifield

UAJR-WM Whit Merrifield

UAJR-YA Yonder Alonso

UAJR-YGL Yasmani Grandal

UAJR-ZC Zack Cozart

Windows into Greatness Autographed Relic Book

Each Windows into Greatness Autographed Relic Book is serial-numbered to five and available in the following parallels.

  • Gold (serial-numbered to three)
  • Ruby (one-of-one)

WGAR-AR Anthony Rizzo

WGAR-CJ Chipper Jones

WGAR-CR Cal Ripken, Jr.

WGAR-JA Jose Altuve

WGAR-JV Joey Votto

WGAR-KB Kris Bryant

WGAR-KG Ken Griffey, Jr.

WGAR-MM Manny Machado

WGAR-MP Mike Piazza

WGAR-MT Mike Trout

Jumbo Plus Autograph Relic Book

Each Jumbo Plus Autograph Relic Book is serial-numbered to three and also available in a one-of-one Ruby parallel.

JPA-AO Amed Rosario

JPA-AP Albert Pujols

JPA-BH Bryce Harper

JPA-BP Buster Posey

JPA-CJ Chipper Jones

JPA-CS Chris Sale

JPA-DO David Ortiz

JPA-I Ichiro

JPA-JA Jose Altuve

JPA-JD Josh Donaldson

JPA-JG Jacob deGrom

JPA-JV Joey Votto

JPA-KS Kyle Schwarber

JPA-MM Manny Machado

JPA-MP Mike Piazza

JPA-MT Mike Trout

JPA-NS Noah Syndergaard

JPA-RD Rafael Devers

Letter Plus Autograph Relic Book

Each Letter Plus Autograph Relic Book is serial-numbered to three and also available in a one-of-one Ruby parallel.

LPA-AB Alex Bregman

LPA-BH Bryce Harper

LPA-BP Buster Posey

LPA-CB Charlie Blackmon

LPA-CJ Chipper Jones

LPA-CS Chris Sale

LPA-DO David Ortiz

LPA-I Ichiro

LPA-JA Jose Altuve

LPA-JD Josh Donaldson

LPA-JG Jacob deGrom

LPA-JV Joey Votto

LPA-KS Kyle Schwarber

LPA-MM Manny Machado

LPA-MP Mike Piazza

LPA-MT Mike Trout

LPA-NS Noah Syndergaard

LPA-RD Rafael Devers

Deca Autograph Relic Book

Each Deca Autograph Relic Book is serial-numbered to ten and also available in the following parallels.

  • Gold (serial-numbered to five)
  • Ruby (one-of-one)

DAR-AR Anthony Rizzo

DAR-CJ Chipper Jones

DAR-CR Cal Ripken, Jr.

DAR-JA Jose Altuve

DAR-JV Joey Votto

DAR-KB Kris Bryant

DAR-KG Ken Griffey, Jr.

DAR-MM Manny Machado

DAR-MP Mike Piazza

DAR-MT Mike Trout

Deca Autograph Relic Combo Book

Each Deca Autograph Relic Combo Book is serial-numbered to ten and also available in the following parallels.

  • Gold (serial-numbered to five)
  • Ruby (one-of-one)

ARC-1 Kris Bryant / Hank Aaron / Mike Trout / Clayton Kershaw / Nolan Ryan / Cal Ripken, Jr. / Derek Jeter

ARC-2 Jim Rice / Carl Yastrzemski / Carlton Fisk / David Ortiz / Pedro Martinez / Roger Clemens / Wade Bog

ARC-3 Bruce Sutter / Billy Williams / Ernie Banks / Andre Dawson / Ryne Sandberg / Mark Grace / Greg Maddu

ARC-4 Rhys Hoskins / Gleyber Torres / Ronald Acuna, Jr. / Shohei Ohtani / Ozzie Albies / Rafael Devers / C

ARC-5 Mark McGwire / Ken Griffey, Jr. / John Smoltz / Craig Biggio / Chipper Jones / Mike Piazza / Roberto

ARC-6 Bernie Williams / Derek Jeter / Andy Pettitte / Dave Winfield / Reggie Jackson / Mariano Rivera / Do

ARC-7 Ronald Acu?a, Jr. / Francisco Lindor / Javier Baez / Rhys Hoskins / Manny Machado / Mike Trout / Aar

ARC-8 Clayton Kershaw / Jose Altuve / Charlie Blackmon / Bryce Harper / Trevor Story / Joey Votto / Mike T

ARC-9 Greg Maddux / Dennis Eckersley / Randy Johnson / Nolan Ryan / John Smoltz / tom Glavine / Clayton Ke

ARC-10 Francisco Lindor / Jose Altuve / Dustin Pedroia / Javier Baez / Joey Votto / Anthony Rizzo / Buster

Cut Above Autographs

Each Cut Above Autograph is a one-of-one.

CA-BF Bob Feller

CA-DS Duke Snider

CA-EB Ernie Banks

CA-EMA Eddie Mathews

CA-TW Ted Williams

CA-WS Willie Stargell

CA-WSP Warren Spahn

Dual Cut Above Autograph Books

Each Dual Cut Above Autograph Book is a one-of-one.

DCA-RW Roberto Clemente / Willie Stargell

DCA-TE Roberto Clemente / Ernie Banks

DCA-WB Bob Feller / Warren Spahn

DCA-WE Eddie Mathews / Warren Spahn