2012 Triple Threads

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This article is about a set that was just released.
Some information may change as more facts become known.


2012 Triple Threads, released by Topps on September 18, 2012, is a 165-card base set with at least 65 autographed "Rookies & Future Phenoms" subset cards each serial-numbered to 99 copies or less. Each seven card pack will yield three base cards, two parallels, one Triple Relic, and Unity Relic. One relic in each pack will be autographed.


Seven cards per pack, two packs per box. Hobby only. 18 boxes per case.


Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Hobby Odds
Base 165 - ?
short set 100 ? 3:1
Sepia 100 625 *
Emerald 100 250 1:3*
Amber 100 125 1:5*
Gold 100 99 1:6*
Onyx 100 50 1:12*
Sapphire 100 25 1:24*
Ruby 100 one-of-one 1:580*
Printing Plates 100 four for each 1:145*
Rookies & Future Phenoms 65 99 1:9
Rookies & Future Phenoms Sepia 65 75 1:12
Rookies & Future Phenoms Emerald 65 50 1:18
Rookies & Future Phenoms Gold 65 25 1:36
Rookies & Future Phenoms Sapphire 65 10 1:90
Rookies & Future Phenoms Ruby 65 one-of-one 1:898
Rookies & Future Phenoms Wood 65 one-of-one 1:898
Rookies & Future Phenoms “White Whale” Printing Plates 65 one-of-one 1:223
Triple Threads Relics 69 36 1:9
Triple Threads Relics Sepia 69 27 1:12
Triple Threads Relics Emerald 69 18 1:18
Triple Threads Relics Gold 69 9 1:35
Triple Threads Relics Sapphire 69 3 1:104
Triple Threads Relics Ruby 69 one-of-one 1:313
Triple Threads Relics Legends 20 36 1:81
Triple Threads Relics Legends Sepia 20 27 1:107
Triple Threads Relics Legends Emerald 20 18 1:161
Triple Threads Relics Legends Gold 20 9 1:322
Triple Threads Relics Legends Sapphire 20 3 1:977
Triple Threads Relics Legends Ruby 20 one-of-one 1:2783
Triple Threads Flashback Relics 25 36 1:65
Triple Threads Flashback Relics Sepia 25 27 1:86
Triple Threads Flashback Relics Emerald 25 18 1:129
Triple Threads Flashback Relics Gold 25 9 1:258
Triple Threads Flashback Relics Sapphire 25 3 1:784
Triple Threads Flashback Relics Ruby 25 one-of-one 1:2320
Triple Threads Relics Combos 63 36 1:26
Triple Threads Relics Combos Sepia 63 27 1:35
Triple Threads Relics Combos Emerald 63 18 1:52
Triple Threads Relics Combos Gold 63 9 1:102
Triple Threads Relics Combos Sapphire 63 3 1:308
Triple Threads Relics Combos Ruby 63 one-of-one 1:944
Triple Threads Relics Double Combos 6 18 1:540
Triple Threads Relics Double Combos Gold 6 9 1:1070
Triple Threads Relics Double Combos Sapphire 6 3 1:3478
Triple Threads Relics Double Combos Ruby 6 one-of-one 1:9277
Triple Threads All-Star Patches 75 9 1:86
Triple Threads All-Star Patches Platinum 75 one-of-one 1:784
Triple Threads All-Star Jumbo Sleeve Patches 75 one-of-one 1:784
Triple Threads All-Star Jumbo Sleeve Team Patches 75 one-of-one 1:784
Triple Threads All-Star MLB Logo Patch 75 one-of-one 1:784
Triple Threads All-Star Laundry Tag 75 one-of-one 1:784
Triple Threads Bat Nameplates 15 one-of-one 1:3710
Triple Threads Letter Plus Relics 16 3 1:1237
Triple Threads Letter Plus Relics Ruby 16 one-of-one 1:3478
Triple Threads Jumbo Plus Relics 16 3 1:1237
Triple Threads Jumbo Plus Relics Ruby 16 one-of-one 1:3478
Triple Threads Bat Knobs 10 one-of-one 1:5566
Triple Threads Jumbo Patch Combos 10 one-of-one 1:5566
Triple Threads Jumbo Letter/Number/Logo 10 one-of-one 1:5566
Triple Threads Singular Swatches 10 one-of-one 1:5566
Unity Relics 308 36 1:6
Unity Relics Sepia 308 27 1:7
Unity Relics Emerald 308 18 1:11
Unity Relics Gold 308 9 1:21
Unity Relics Sapphire 308 3 1:63
Unity Relics Ruby 308 one-of-one 1:188
Triple Threads Autographed Relics 104 18 1:12
Triple Threads Autographed Relics Gold 104 9 1:24
Triple Threads Autographed Relics Sapphire 104 3 1:71
Triple Threads Autographed Relics Ruby 104 one-of-one 1:211
Triple Threads Autographed Relics Wood 104 one-of-one 1:211
Triple Threads Autographed Relics "White Whale" Printing Plates 104 four for each 1:53
Triple Threads Autographed Relics Combos 17 36 1:95
Triple Threads Autographed Relics Combos Sepia 17 27 1:126
Triple Threads Autographed Relics Combos Emerald 17 18 1:190
Triple Threads Autographed Relics Combos Gold 17 9 1:381
Triple Threads Autographed Relics Combos Sapphire 17 3 1:1160
Triple Threads Autographed Relics Combos Ruby 17 one-of-one 1:3478
Triple Threads Autographed Relics Combos Wood 17 one-of-one 1:3478
Triple Threads Autographed Relics Combos "White Whale" Printing Plates 17 four for each 1:870
Triple Threads Autographed Relics Double Combos 6 3 1:3092
Triple Threads Autographed Relics Double Combos Ruby 6 one-of-one 1:9276
Triple Threads Jumbo Plus Autographed Relics 16 3 1:1184
Triple Threads Jumbo Plus Autographed Relics Ruby 16 one-of-one 1:3478
Triple Threads Letter Plus Autographed Relics 16 3 1:1184
Triple Threads Letter Plus Autographed Relics Ruby 16 one-of-one 1:3478
Triple Threads Cut Above Signatures 10 one-of-one 1:5566
Triple Threads Dual Cut Above Signatures 6 one-of-one 1:9277
Unity Autograph Relics 113 99 1:6
Unity Autograph Relics Sepia 113 75 1:7
Unity Autograph Relics Emerald 113 50 1:11
Unity Autograph Relics Gold 113 25 1:21
Unity Autograph Relics Sapphire 113 10 1:52
Unity Autograph Relics Ruby 113 one-of-one 1:515


Base Set

NOTE: For the first time since the product's inception, the base cards are NOT serial-numbered. We estimate the production of each base card at around 1700-1750 copies -- an increase from 1350.

1 Albert Pujols

2 Carlos Gonzalez

3 Adam Jones

4 Wade Boggs

5 Evan Longoria

6 Roberto Clemente

7 Mickey Mantle

8 Chase Utley

9 Dave Winfield

10 Buster Posey

11 Babe Ruth

12 Matt Kemp

13 Troy Tulowitzki

14 Matt Holliday

15 David Price

16 Jay Bruce

17 Alex Rodriguez

18 Reggie Jackson

19 Craig Kimbrel

20 Gary Carter

21 Don Mattingly

22 Ryan Braun

23 Giancarlo Stanton

24 Alex Gordon

25 Frank Robinson

26 Tim Lincecum

27 Justin Upton

28 CC Sabathia

29 Hunter Pence

30 Joe DiMaggio

31 Justin Verlander

32 Mike Schmidt

33 Ryan Zimmerman

34 Sandy Koufax

35 Hanley Ramirez

36 Jose Reyes

37 Lou Gehrig

38 Ian Kinsler

39 Felix Hernandez

40 Ichiro

41 Tony Gwynn

42 David Ortiz

43 Miguel Cabrera

44 Tom Seaver

45 Jose Bautista

46 Josh Hamilton

47 Ty Cobb

48 David Freese

49 Dan Uggla

50 Andrew McCutchen

51 Stan Musial

52 Juan Marichal

53 Adrian Gonzalez

54 Nolan Ryan

55 Jacoby Ellsbury

56 Willie Mays

57 Eddie Mathews

58 Ryne Sandberg

59 Prince Fielder

60 Yogi Berra

61 Duke Snider

62 Kevin Youkilis

63 Willie McCovey

64 Carl Yastrzemski

65 Roger Maris

66 Adrian Beltre

67 Stephen Strasburg

68 Rickey Henderson

69 David Wright

70 Brian McCann

71 Jon Lester

72 Jered Weaver

73 Andre Dawson

74 Dustin Pedroia

75 Cole Hamels

76 Robinson Cano

77 Brooks Robinson

78 Curtis Granderson

79 Ozzie Smith

80 Pablo Sandoval

81 Cal Ripken, Jr.

82 Mark Teixeira

83 Ryan Howard

84 Nelson Cruz

85 Bob Feller

86 Bob Gibson

87 Joe Mauer

88 Roy Halladay

89 Johnny Bench

90 George Brett

91 Paul Molitor

92 Derek Jeter

93 Carlton Fisk

94 Brandon Phillips

95 Clayton Kershaw

96 Joey Votto

97 Cliff Lee

98 Jackie Robinson

99 Mariano Rivera

100 Ken Griffey, Jr.

Rookie Stars & Future Phenoms

Each card in this subset features an on-card autograph and three swatches of "Relic" material. In addition, each card is serial-numbered to 99 copies.

101 Carlos Santana

102 Madison Bumgarner

103 Brandon Belt

104 Ben Revere

105 Dee Gordon

106 Derek Holland

107 Anthony Rizzo

108 Chris Sale

109 Drew Storen

110 Eduardo Nunez

111 Jason Kipnis

112 Jemile Weeks

113 Wilin Rosario

114 Jordan Walden

115 Mike Minor

116 Todd Frazier

117 Randall Delgado

118 Wilson Ramos

119 Yonder Alonso

120 Aroldis Chapman

121 Jacob Turner

122 Neftali Feliz

123 Drew Pomeranz

124 Ike Davis

125 Jason Heyward

126 Daniel Hudson

127 Jordan Zimmermann

128 Jarrod Parker

129 Bryce Harper

130 Trevor Bauer

131 Addison Reed

132 Tyler Pastornicky

133 Ryan Lavarnway

134 Zack Cozart

135 Brett Jackson

136 Devin Mesoraco

137 Vance Worley

138 Yoenis Cespedes

139 Yu Darvish

140 Jerry Sands

141 Ivan Nova

142 Matt Moore

143 Brett Lawrie

144 Jesus Montero

145 Mark Trumbo

146 Mike Trout

147 Michael Pineda

148 Dustin Ackley

149 Eric Hosmer

150 Freddie Freeman

151 Mike Moustakas

152 Starlin Castro

153 Paul Goldschmidt

154 Jeremy Hellickson

155 Matt Adams

156 Logan Morrison

157 Lonnie Chisenhall

158 Kyle Seager

159 Salvador Perez

160 J.D. Martinez

161 Cory Luebke

162 Danny Duffy

163 Kirk Nieuwenhuis

164 Jose Altuve

165 Julio Teheran


Each base card will be available in the following parallels.

  • Sepia (serial-numbered to 625 copies)
  • Emerald (serial-numbered to 250 copies)
  • Amber (serial-numbered to 125 copies)
  • Gold (serial-numbered to 99 copies)
  • Onyx (serial-numbered to 50 copies)
  • Sapphire (serial-numbered to 25 copies)
  • Ruby (one-of-one)
  • Printing Plates (set of four-for-each)

Rookie Stars & Future Phenoms

Each of the Rookie Stars & Future Phenoms cards will be available in the following parallels.

  • Sepia (serial-numbered to 75 copies)
  • Emerald (serial-numbered to 50 copies)
  • Gold (serial-numbered to 25 copies)
  • Sapphire (serial-numbered to 10 copies)
  • Ruby (one-of-one)
  • Wood (one-of-one)
  • "White Whale" Printing Plates (set of four-for-each)

Manufactured Relics

American History "Relics"

These previously unannounced cards feature "relics" of various characters from American Folklore. Obviously, the "relics" are not genuine. Each card is serial-numbered to five copies.

The disclaimer on the back of each card states: "These Relics Are Not From Anything At All."

TTAH-1 Davy Crockett

TTAH-2 Casey Jones

TTAH-3 Daniel Boone

Autographs & Game-Used

NOTE: Most of the Autographed and Game-Used sets are skip-numbered.


Each Relic is serial-numbered to 36 copies and available in the following parallels.

  • Sepia (serial-numbered to 27)
  • Emerald (serial-numbered to 18)
  • Gold (serial-numbered to nine)
  • Sapphire (serial-numbered to three)
  • Ruby (one-of-one)

TTR-1 Roy Halladay

TTR-6 David Price

TTR-7 Ian Kinsler

TTR-10 Carlos Gonzalez

TTR-19 Starlin Castro

TTR-22 Joey Votto

TTR-25 C.J. Wilson

TTR-28 Madison Bumgarner

TTR-31 Andrew McCutchen

TTR-34 Zack Greinke

TTR-39 Stephen Strasburg

TTR-41 Matt Moore

TTR-42 Jose Reyes

TTR-45 Yu Darvish

TTR-46 Nelson Cruz

TTR-49 Eric Hosmer

TTR-52 Cliff Lee

TTR-55 Justin Upton

TTR-58 Yovani Gallardo

TTR-61 Adrian Gonzalez

TTR-65 Cole Hamels

TTR-67 Josh Hamilton

TTR-70 Mike Trout

TTR-73 Jacoby Ellsbury

TTR-76 Mike Napoli

TTR-79 Clayton Kershaw

TTR-82 Dan Haren

TTR-85 Hanley Ramirez

TTR-88 Derek Jeter

TTR-90 Paul Goldschmidt

TTR-91 Alex Gordon

TTR-94 Ryan Braun

TTR-97 Tim Lincecum

TTR-100 Shane Victorino

TTR-103 Carlos Santana

TTR-106 Evan Longoria

TTR-109 Adrian Beltre

TTR-112 Troy Tulowitzki

TTR-115 Matt Kemp

TTR-118 Dee Gordon

TTR-121 Felix Hernandez

TTR-124 Gio Gonzalez

TTR-127 Miguel Cabrera

TTR-130 Jason Heyward

TTR-133 Albert Pujols

TTR-134 Mike Moustakas

TTR-137 Ryan Howard

TTR-140 David Ortiz

TTR-143 Buster Posey

TTR-146 Dustin Pedroia

TTR-149 Kevin Youkilis

TTR-152 Curtis Granderson

TTR-154 Jimmy Rollins

TTR-159 Paul Konerko

TTR-160 Ian Kennedy

TTR-163 Jose Bautista

TTR-164 Robinson Cano

TTR-165 Freddie Freeman

TTR-166 David Freese

TTR-167 Tommy Hanson

TTR-168 Chipper Jones

TTR-169 Joe Mauer

TTR-171 Alex Rodriguez

TTR-172 Giancarlo Stanton

TTR-173 Dan Uggla

TTR-174 David Wright

TTR-179 Bryce Harper

TTR-180 Brett Lawrie

TTR-183 Desmond Jennings

Relic Legends

Each Relic Legend is serial-numbered to 36 copies and available in the following parallels.

  • Sepia (serial-numbered to 27)
  • Emerald (serial-numbered to 18)
  • Gold (serial-numbered to nine)
  • Sapphire (serial-numbered to three)
  • Ruby (one-of-one)

TTRL-1 Joe Morgan

TTRL-2 Rickey Henderson

TTRL-3 Eddie Murray

TTRL-4 Dave Winfield

TTRL-5 Cal Ripken, Jr.

TTRL-6 Carl Yastrzemski

TTRL-7 Roberto Clemente

TTRL-8 Harmon Killebrew

TTRL-9 Brooks Robinson

TTRL-10 Willie Mays

TTRL-11 Tony Gwynn

TTRL-12 Sandy Koufax

TTRL-13 Jackie Robinson

TTRL-14 Ty Cobb

TTRL-15 Joe DiMaggio

TTRL-16 Mickey Mantle

TTRL-17 Willie McCovey

TTRL-18 Stan Musial

TTRL-19 Mike Schmidt

TTRL-20 George Brett

Flashback Relics

Each Flashback Relic is serial-numbered to 36 copies and available in the following parallels.

  • Sepia (serial-numbered to 27)
  • Emerald (serial-numbered to 18)
  • Gold (serial-numbered to nine)
  • Sapphire (serial-numbered to three)
  • Ruby (one-of-one)

TTFR-1 Ty Cobb

TTFR-2 Joe Morgan

TTFR-3 Harmon Killebrew

TTFR-4 Alex Rodriguez

TTFR-5 Chipper Jones

TTFR-6 David Ortiz

TTFR-7 Cliff Lee

TTFR-8 Roy Halladay

TTFR-9 CC Sabathia

TTFR-10 Mariano Rivera

TTFR-11 Dave Winfield

TTFR-12 Rickey Henderson

TTFR-13 Albert Pujols

TTFR-14 Paul Molitor

TTFR-15 Johan Santana

TTFR-16 Ozzie Smith

TTFR-17 Jose Bautista

TTFR-18 Derek Jeter

TTFR-19 Tom Seaver

TTFR-20 Tony Gwynn

TTFR-21 Robin Yount

TTFR-22 Cal Ripken, Jr.

TTFR-23 Gary Carter

TTFR-24 Dwight Gooden

TTFR-25 George Brett

Relic Combos

Each Relic Combo is serial-numbered to 36 copies and available in the following parallels.

  • Sepia (serial-numbered to 27)
  • Emerald (serial-numbered to 18)
  • Gold (serial-numbered to nine)
  • Sapphire (serial-numbered to three)
  • Ruby (one-of-one)

TTRC-1 Mickey Mantle / Stan Musial / Carl Yastrzemski

TTRC-2 Jim Rice / Eddie Murray / Albert Belle

TTRC-3 Lou Brock / Rickey Henderson / Ichiro

TTRC-4 Tony Gwynn / Wade Boggs / Cal Ripken, Jr.

TTRC-5 Paul Molitor / Ryne Sandberg / Don Mattingly

TTRC-6 Brooks Robinson / Mike Schmidt / Wade Boggs

TTRC-7 Joe Morgan / Ryne Sandberg / Robinson Cano

TTRC-8 Carlton Fisk / Frank Thomas / Paul Konerko

TTRC-9 Steve Carlton / Cole Hamels / Cliff Lee

TTRC-10 Steve Carlton / Mike Schmidt / Roy Halladay

TTRC-11 Mike Trout / Albert Pujols / Jered Weaver

TTRC-12 Mike Trout / Bryce Harper / Yoenis Cespedes

TTRC-13 Carl Yastrzemski / Jim Rice / Jacoby Ellsbury

TTRC-14 Matt Kemp / Andre Ethier / Clayton Kershaw

TTRC-15 Dave Winfield / Jim Rice / Albert Belle

TTRC-16 Willie Mays / Joe DiMaggio / Stan Musial

TTRC-17 Babe Ruth / Lou Gehrig / Mickey Mantle

TTRC-18 David Price / James Shields / Matt Moore

TTRC-19 Derek Jeter / Alex Rodriguez / Robinson Cano

TTRC-20 Ryan Braun / Ike Davis / Kevin Youkilis

TTRC-21 Justin Verlander / Miguel Cabrera / Prince Fielder

TTRC-22 Chipper Jones / Dan Uggla / Jason Heyward

TTRC-23 Jered Weaver / C.J. Wilson / Dan Haren

TTRC-24 Evan Longoria / Ryan Zimmerman / Chipper Jones

TTRC-25 Josh Hamilton / Yu Darvish / Ian Kinsler

TTRC-26 Ryan Zimmerman / Evan Longoria / David Wright

TTRC-27 Hanley Ramirez / Evan Longoria / Ryan Zimmerman

TTRC-28 Justin Verlander / Roy Halladay / Clayton Kershaw

TTRC-29 Mickey Mantle / Carl Yastrzemski / Stan Musial

TTRC-30 Harmon Killebrew / Rod Carew / Joe Mauer

TTRC-31 Joey Votto / Brandon Phillips / Jay Bruce

TTRC-32 Tim Lincecum / Matt Cain / Madison Bumgarner

TTRC-33 Buster Posey / Joe Mauer / Mike Napoil

TTRC-34 Willie McCovey / Willie Mays / Orlando Cepeda

TTRC-35 Tim Hudson / Tommy Hanson / Brandon Beachy

TTRC-36 Hanley Ramirez / Jose Reyes / Giancarlo Stanton

TTRC-37 Adrian Gonzalez / Dustin Pedroia / David Ortiz

TTRC-38 Tim Lincecum / Stephen Strasburg / Justin Verlande

TTRC-39 CC Sabathia / Clayton Kershaw / Cliff Lee

TTRC-40 Ralph Kiner / Willie Stargell / Andrew McCutchen

TTRC-41 Billy Butler / Eric Hosmer / Alex Gordon

TTRC-42 Nelson Cruz / Michael Young / Mike Napoil

TTRC-43 Brett Gardner / Curtis Granderson / Nick Swisher

TTRC-44 Jose Bautista / Brett Lawrie / Ricky Romero

TTRC-45 Jose Bautista / Matt Kemp / Ryan Braun

TTRC-46 Bryce Harper / Stephen Strasburg / Ryan Zimmerman

TTRC-47 Troy Tulowitzki / Carlos Gonzalez / Todd Helton

TTRC-48 Ryan Zimmerman / David Freese / Evan Longoria

TTRC-49 Troy Tulowitzki / Starlin Castro / Derek Jeter

TTRC-50 Justin Upton / Matt Kemp / Carlos Gonzalez

TTRC-51 Mike Trout / Andrew McCutchen / Justin Upton

TTRC-52 Ian Kinsler / Adrian Beltre / Michael Young

TTRC-53 Ian Kinsler / Dustin Pedroia / Robinson Cano

TTRC-54 Brooks Robinson / Eddie Murray / Cal Ripken, Jr.

TTRC-55 Paul O'Neill / Derek Jeter / Mariano Rivera

TTRC-56 Andy Pettitte / Mariano Rivera / CC Sabathia

TTRC-57 Yovani Gallardo / Zack Greinke / Ryan Braun

TTRC-59 Mark Teixeira / Adrian Gonzalez / Prince Fielder

TTRC-60 Rickey Henderson / Joe Morgan / Lou Brock

TTRC-62 Cecil Cooper / Paul Molitor / Ryan Braun

TTRC-63 Paul Molitor / Wade Boggs / Tony Gwynn

TTRC-58 Willie Stargell / Andy Van Slyke / Andrew McCutche

TTRC-61 Dave Winfield / Eddie Murray / Don Mattingly

Relic Double Combo Book

Each Relic Double Combo Book is serial-numbered to 18 copies and available in the following parallels.

  • Gold (serial-numbered to nine)
  • Sapphire (serial-numbered to three)
  • Ruby (one-of-one)

TTRDC-1 Derek Jeter / Alex Rodriguez / Robinson Cano / Dus

TTRDC-3 Justin Verlander / CC Sabathia / Yu Darvish / Roy

TTRDC-2 Eddie Mathews / Harmon Killebrew / Brooks Robinson

TTRDC-4 Willie Mays / Reggie Jackson / Stan Musial / Frank

TTRDC-5 Nolan Ryan / Tom Seaver / Fergie Jenkins / Warren

TTDRC-6 Cal Ripken, Jr. / Robin Yount / Ozzie Smith / Dere

All-Star Patches

Each All-Star Patch is serial-numbered to nine copies and available in a one-of-one Ruby parallel. Each card is also available in the following one-of-one versions.

  • MLB Logo Patch
  • Jumbo All-Star Sleeve Patch
  • Jumbo Team Logo Sleeve Patch
  • Laundry Tag

TTASP-1 Jose Bautista

TTASP-2 Alex Avila

TTASP-3 Robinson Cano

TTASP-4 Adrian Gonzalez

TTASP-5 Curtis Granderson

TTASP-6 Josh Hamilton

TTASP-7 David Ortiz

TTASP-8 Carlos Quentin

TTASP-9 Jered Weaver

TTASP-10 Tim Lincecum

TTASP-11 Gio Gonzalez

TTASP-12 Brandon League

TTASP-13 Alexi Ogando

TTASP-14 Chris Perez

TTASP-15 David Robertson

TTASP-16 Michael Young

TTASP-17 Kevin Youkilis

TTASP-18 C.J. Wilson

TTASP-19 Adrian Beltre

TTASP-20 Asdrubal Cabrera

TTASP-21 Miguel Cabrera

TTASP-22 Michael Cuddyer

TTASP-23 Jacoby Ellsbury

TTASP-24 Matt Joyce

TTASP-25 Howie Kendrick

TTASP-26 Paul Konerko

TTASP-27 Justin Upton

TTASP-28 Jhonny Peralta

TTASP-29 Brian McCann

TTASP-30 Prince Fielder

TTASP-31 Rickie Weeks

TTASP-32 Lance Berkman

TTASP-33 Matt Kemp

TTASP-34 Heath Bell

TTASP-35 Tyler Clippard

TTASP-36 Pablo Sandoval

TTASP-37 Roy Halladay

TTASP-38 Joel Hanrahan

TTASP-39 Jair Jurrjens

TTASP-40 Clayton Kershaw

TTASP-41 Craig Kimbrel

TTASP-42 Cliff Lee

TTASP-43 Troy Tulowitzki

TTASP-44 Jonny Venters

TTASP-45 Joey Votto

TTASP-46 Brian Wilson

TTASP-47 Jay Bruce

TTASP-48 Carlos Beltran

TTASP-49 Starlin Castro

TTASP-50 Andre Ethier

TTASP-51 Matt Holliday

TTASP-52 Yadier Molina

TTASP-53 Miguel Montero

TTASP-54 Andrew McCutchen

TTASP-55 Hunter Pence

TTASP-56 Brandon Phillips

TTASP-57 Scott Rolen

TTASP-58 Gaby Sanchez

TTASP-60 Russell Martin

TTASP-61 Jose Valverde

TTASP-62 Jose Reyes

TTASP-63 Ryan Braun

TTASP-64 Josh Beckett

TTASP-65 Felix Hernandez

TTASP-66 Jon Lester

TTASP-67 David Price

TTASP-68 James Shields

TTASP-69 Matt Cain

TTASP-70 Cole Hamels

TTASP-71 Ryan Vogelsong

TTASP-72 Placido Polanco

TTASP-73 Shane Victorino

TTASP-74 Ricky Romero

TTASP-75 Justin Verlander

TTASP-59 Jordan Walden

Bat Name Plates

Each is a one-of-one. TTBNP-1 Ernie Banks

TTBNP-2 Johnny Bench

TTBNP-3 Babe Ruth

TTBNP-4 George Brett

TTBNP-5 Lou Brock

TTBNP-6 Gary Carter

TTBNP-7 Stan Musial

TTBNP-8 Jackie Robinson

TTBNP-9 Whitey Ford

TTBNP-10 Frank Robinson

TTBNP-11 Reggie Jackson

TTBNP-12 Al Kaline

TTBNP-13 Harmon Killebrew

TTBNP-14 Mickey Mantle

TTBNP-15 Joe Morgan

Letter Plus Relics

Each Letter Plus Relic is serial-numbered to three copies with a one-of-one Ruby parallel also available.

TTLPR-1 Eddie Murray

TTLPR-2 Rickey Henderson

TTLPR-3 Rod Carew

TTLPR-4 Carl Yastrzemski

TTLPR-5 Joe Morgan

TTLPR-6 Stephen Strasburg

TTLPR-7 Bryce Harper

TTLPR-8 Yu Darvish

TTLPR-9 Dennis Eckersley

TTLPR-10 Willie McCovey

TTLPR-11 Cal Ripken, Jr.

TTLPR-12 Bruce Sutter

TTLPR-13 Ichiro

TTLPR-14 Phil Niekro

TTLPR-15 Reggie Jackson

TTLPR-16 Tony Gwynn

Jumbo Plus Relics

Each Jumbo Plus Relic is serial-numbered to three copies with a one-of-one Ruby parallel also available.

TTJPR-1 Harmon Killebrew

TTJPR-2 Don Mattingly

TTJPR-3 Willie Mays

TTJPR-4 Paul O'Neill

TTJPR-5 Cal Ripken, Jr.

TTJPR-6 Albert Pujols

TTJPR-7 Joe Morgan

TTJPR-8 Tony Gwynn

TTJPR-9 Brooks Robinson

TTJPR-10 Stan Musial

TTJPR-11 Carl Yastrzemski

TTJPR-12 Jim Rice

TTJPR-13 Dave Winfield

TTJPR-14 Eddie Murray

TTJPR-15 Rickey Henderson

TTJPR-16 Rod Carew

Bat Knobs

Each is a one-of-one.

TTBK-2 Carl Yastrzemski

TTBK-5 Mike Schmidt

TTBK-6 Babe Ruth

TTBK-7 Jackie Robinson

TTBK-8 Cal Ripken, Jr.

TTBK-9 Albert Pujols

TTBK-10 Stan Musial

TTBK-1 Joe Morgan

TTBK-3 Mickey Mantle

TTBK-4 Harmon Killebrew

Jumbo Patch Combos

Each is a one-of-one.

TTJPC-2 Buster Posey / Tim Lincecum / Pablo Sandoval

TTJPC-4 Albert Pujols / Jered Weaver / Mike Trout

TTJPC-1 Bryce Harper / Stephen Strasburg / Ryan Zimmerman

TTJPC-3 Matt Kemp / Andre Ethier / Clayton Kershaw

TTJPC-5 Roy Halladay / Cliff Lee / Cole Hamels

TTJPC-6 Alex Rodriguez / Derek Jeter / Robinson Cano

TTJPC-7 Josh Hamilton / Yu Darvish / Ian Kinsler

TTJPC-9 David Price / James Shields / Matt Moore

TTJPC-10 Prince Fielder / Justin Verlander / Miguel Cabrera

TTJPC-8 Carl Yastrzemski / Jim Rice / Jacoby Ellsbury

Jumbo Letter Number Logos

Each is a one-of-one.

TTLNL-1 Evan Longoria

TTLNL-2 Brandon Beachy

TTLNL-3 Tommy Hanson

TTLNL-4 Alex Avila

TTLNL-5 Dan Uggla

TTLNL-6 Austin Jackson

TTLNL-7 Tony Gwynn

TTLNL-8 Jhonny Peralta

TTLNL-9 Max Scherzer

TTLNL-10 Tim Hudson

Singular Swatches

Each is a one-of-one.

Unity Relics

Each Unity Relic is serial-numbered to 36 copies and available in the following parallels.

  • Sepia (serial-numbered to 27)
  • Emerald (serial-numbered to 18)
  • Gold (serial-numbered to nine)
  • Sapphire (serial-numbered to three)
  • Ruby (one-of-one)

TTUR-2 Dustin Pedroia

TTUR-3 Dustin Pedroia

TTUR-4 Paul Konerko

TTUR-5 Paul Konerko

TTUR-6 Paul Konerko

TTUR-7 Jim Rice

TTUR-8 Jim Rice

TTUR-10 Dan Haren

TTUR-11 Dan Haren

TTUR-12 Dan Haren

TTUR-13 Giancarlo Stanton

TTUR-14 Giancarlo Stanton

TTUR-15 Giancarlo Stanton

TTUR-16 Carlos Gonzalez

TTUR-17 Carlos Gonzalez

TTUR-18 Carlos Gonzalez

TTUR-19 Joe DiMaggio

TTUR-20 Tony Gwynn

TTUR-21 Ryan Howard

TTUR-22 Ryan Howard

TTUR-23 Ryan Howard

TTUR-24 Mike Trout

TTUR-25 Mike Trout

TTUR-26 Mike Trout

TTUR-27 Willie Mays

TTUR-28 Jordan Zimmermann

TTUR-29 Jordan Zimmermann

TTUR-30 Jordan Zimmermann

TTUR-31 Rickey Henderson

TTUR-32 Rickey Henderson

TTUR-33 Rickey Henderson

TTUR-34 Zack Greinke

TTUR-35 Zack Greinke

TTUR-36 Zack Greinke

TTUR-37 Paul Molitor

TTUR-38 Paul Molitor

TTUR-39 Kevin Youkilis

TTUR-40 Kevin Youkilis

TTUR-41 Kevin Youkilis

TTUR-42 Tim Lincecum

TTUR-43 Tim Lincecum

TTUR-44 Tim Lincecum

TTUR-45 Don Mattingly

TTUR-46 David Wright

TTUR-47 David Wright

TTUR-48 David Wright

TTUR-49 Derek Jeter

TTUR-50 Derek Jeter

TTUR-51 Derek Jeter

TTUR-52 Tommy Hanson

TTUR-53 Tommy Hanson

TTUR-54 Tommy Hanson

TTUR-55 Josh Johnson

TTUR-56 Josh Johnson

TTUR-57 Josh Johnson

TTUR-58 Matt Kemp

TTUR-59 Matt Kemp

TTUR-60 Matt Kemp

TTUR-62 Brett Gardner

TTUR-63 Brett Gardner

TTUR-64 Matt Moore

TTUR-65 Matt Moore

TTUR-66 Matt Moore

TTUR-67 Andrew McCutchen

TTUR-68 Andrew McCutchen

TTUR-69 Andrew McCutchen

TTUR-70 Paul O'Neill

TTUR-71 Paul O'Neill

TTUR-72 Todd Helton

TTUR-73 Todd Helton

TTUR-74 Todd Helton

TTUR-75 Alex Gordon

TTUR-76 Alex Gordon

TTUR-77 Alex Gordon

TTUR-78 Stan Musial

TTUR-79 Carlos Santana

TTUR-80 Carlos Santana

TTUR-81 Carlos Santana

TTUR-82 Willie Stargell

TTUR-83 Curtis Granderson

TTUR-84 Curtis Granderson

TTUR-85 Curtis Granderson

TTUR-86 Ichiro

TTUR-87 Ichiro

TTUR-88 Adrian Beltre

TTUR-89 Adrian Beltre

TTUR-90 Adrian Beltre

TTUR-91 Mike Schmidt

TTUR-92 Nelson Cruz

TTUR-93 Nelson Cruz

TTUR-94 Nelson Cruz

TTUR-95 Clayton Kershaw

TTUR-96 Clayton Kershaw

TTUR-97 Clayton Kershaw

TTUR-98 Ryan Braun

TTUR-99 Ryan Braun

TTUR-100 Ryan Braun

TTUR-101 Albert Pujols

TTUR-102 Albert Pujols

TTUR-103 Justin Upton

TTUR-104 Justin Upton

TTUR-105 Justin Upton

TTUR-106 Billy Butler

TTUR-107 Billy Butler

TTUR-108 Billy Butler

TTUR-109 Madison Bumgarner

TTUR-110 Madison Bumgarner

TTUR-111 Madison Bumgarner

TTUR-112 Starlin Castro

TTUR-113 Starlin Castro

TTUR-114 Steve Garvey

TTUR-115 Frank Thomas

TTUR-116 Freddie Freeman

TTUR-117 Freddie Freeman

TTUR-118 Freddie Freeman

TTUR-119 Jimmy Rollins

TTUR-120 Jimmy Rollins

TTUR-121 Jimmy Rollins

TTUR-122 Tim Hudson

TTUR-123 Tim Hudson

TTUR-124 Tim Hudson

TTUR-125 Cole Hamels

TTUR-126 Cole Hamels

TTUR-127 Cole Hamels

TTUR-128 Cal Ripken, Jr.

TTUR-129 Josh Hamilton

TTUR-130 Josh Hamilton

TTUR-131 Josh Hamilton

TTUR-132 Warren Spahn

TTUR-133 Gio Gonzalez

TTUR-134 Gio Gonzalez

TTUR-135 Gio Gonzalez

TTUR-136 Brian McCann

TTUR-137 Brian McCann

TTUR-138 Brian McCann

TTUR-139 Dustin Pedroia

TTUR-140 Brooks Robinson

TTUR-141 Brooks Robinson

TTUR-142 George Brett

TTUR-143 George Brett

TTUR-144 Jemile Weeks

TTUR-145 Adrian Gonzalez

TTUR-146 Adrian Gonzalez

TTUR-147 Adrian Gonzalez

TTUR-148 David Freese

TTUR-149 David Freese

TTUR-150 David Freese

TTUR-151 Roy Halladay

TTUR-152 Roy Halladay

TTUR-153 Troy Tulowitzki

TTUR-154 Troy Tulowitzki

TTUR-155 Troy Tulowitzki

TTUR-156 Mariano Rivera

TTUR-157 Mariano Rivera

TTUR-158 Mariano Rivera

TTUR-159 Ian Kinsler

TTUR-160 Ian Kinsler

TTUR-161 Ian Kinsler

TTUR-162 Mat Latos

TTUR-163 Mat Latos

TTUR-164 Mat Latos

TTUR-165 Johan Santana

TTUR-166 Johan Santana

TTUR-167 Johan Santana

TTUR-168 Lou Gehrig

TTUR-169 Chase Utley

TTUR-170 Chase Utley

TTUR-171 Chase Utley

TTUR-172 Lance Berkman

TTUR-173 Lance Berkman

TTUR-174 Lance Berkman

TTUR-175 Joe Morgan

TTUR-176 Joe Morgan

TTUR-177 Joe Morgan

TTUR-178 Johnny Cueto

TTUR-179 Johnny Cueto

TTUR-180 Johnny Cueto

TTUR-181 Yu Darvish

TTUR-182 Eric Hosmer

TTUR-183 Eric Hosmer

TTUR-184 Eric Hosmer

TTUR-185 Ben Zobrist

TTUR-186 Ben Zobrist

TTUR-187 Ben Zobrist

TTUR-188 Hanley Ramirez

TTUR-189 Hanley Ramirez

TTUR-190 Hanley Ramirez

TTUR-191 Ian Kennedy

TTUR-192 Ian Kennedy

TTUR-193 Ian Kennedy

TTUR-194 Dan Uggla

TTUR-195 Dan Uggla

TTUR-196 Dan Uggla

TTUR-198 James Shields

TTUR-199 James Shields

TTUR-200 James Shields

TTUR-201 Albert Belle

TTUR-202 Albert Belle

TTUR-203 Andy Pettitte

TTUR-204 Andy Pettitte

TTUR-205 Andy Pettitte

TTUR-206 Bryce Harper

TTUR-207 Jacoby Ellsbury

TTUR-208 Jacoby Ellsbury

TTUR-209 Jacoby Ellsbury

TTUR-210 Mike Moustakas

TTUR-211 Mike Moustakas

TTUR-212 Mike Moustakas

TTUR-213 Yovani Gallardo

TTUR-214 Yovani Gallardo

TTUR-215 Yovani Gallardo

TTUR-217 Alex Rodriguez

TTUR-218 Alex Rodriguez

TTUR-219 Jason Heyward

TTUR-220 Jason Heyward

TTUR-221 Jason Heyward

TTUR-222 Miguel Cabrera

TTUR-223 Miguel Cabrera

TTUR-224 Miguel Cabrera

TTUR-225 Ozzie Smith

TTUR-226 Bobby Doerr

TTUR-227 Bobby Doerr

TTUR-228 Bobby Doerr

TTUR-229 Matt Cain

TTUR-230 Matt Cain

TTUR-231 Matt Cain

TTUR-232 Reggie Jackson

TTUR-233 Torii Hunter

TTUR-234 Torii Hunter

TTUR-235 Torii Hunter

TTUR-236 Brett Lawrie

TTUR-237 Brett Lawrie

TTUR-239 Felix Hernandez

TTUR-240 Felix Hernandez

TTUR-241 Felix Hernandez

TTUR-242 Rod Carew

TTUR-243 Lou Brock

TTUR-244 Jered Weaver

TTUR-245 Jered Weaver

TTUR-246 Jered Weaver

TTUR-247 Stephen Strasburg

TTUR-248 Stephen Strasburg

TTUR-249 Sandy Koufax

TTUR-250 Cecil Cooper

TTUR-251 Jose Bautista

TTUR-252 Jose Bautista

TTUR-253 Jose Bautista

TTUR-254 Chipper Jones

TTUR-255 Chipper Jones

TTUR-256 Chipper Jones

TTUR-257 Andre Ethier

TTUR-258 Andre Ethier

TTUR-259 Andre Ethier

TTUR-260 Dustin Ackley

TTUR-261 Dustin Ackley

TTUR-262 Ryan Zimmerman

TTUR-263 Ryan Zimmerman

TTUR-264 Ryan Zimmerman

TTUR-266 Harmon Killebrew

TTUR-267 Brandon Beachy

TTUR-268 Brandon Beachy

TTUR-269 Brandon Beachy

TTUR-270 Carlos Beltran

TTUR-271 Carlos Beltran

TTUR-272 Carlos Beltran

TTUR-273 Robinson Cano

TTUR-274 Robinson Cano

TTUR-275 Robinson Cano

TTUR-276 Jay Bruce

TTUR-277 Jay Bruce

TTUR-278 Jay Bruce

TTUR-279 Eddie Murray

TTUR-280 Eddie Murray

TTUR-281 Anibal Sanchez

TTUR-282 Anibal Sanchez

TTUR-283 Anibal Sanchez

TTUR-284 C.J. Wilson

TTUR-285 C.J. Wilson

TTUR-286 C.J. Wilson

TTUR-287 Evan Longoria

TTUR-288 Evan Longoria

TTUR-289 Evan Longoria

TTUR-290 Buster Posey

TTUR-291 Buster Posey

TTUR-292 Buster Posey

TTUR-293 David Ortiz

TTUR-294 David Ortiz

TTUR-295 David Ortiz

TTUR-296 Daniel Murphy

TTUR-297 Justin Verlander

TTUR-298 Justin Verlander

TTUR-299 Justin Verlander

TTUR-300 Ryne Sandberg

TTUR-301 Mark Teixeira

TTUR-302 Mark Teixeira

TTUR-303 Mark Teixeira

TTUR-304 Carl Yastrzemski

TTUR-305 Carl Yastrzemski

TTUR-306 David Price

TTUR-307 David Price

TTUR-308 David Price

TTUR-309 Joey Votto

TTUR-197 Joey Votto

TTUR-216 Joey Votto

TTUR-1 Dave Winfield

TTUR-61 Bob Lemon

TTUR-332 Joe Mauer

TTUR-265 Nick Swisher

Autographed Relics

Each Triple Threads Auto Relic is serial-numbered to 18 copies and available in the following parallels.

  • Gold (serial-numbered to nine copies)
  • Sapphire (serial-numbered to three copies)
  • Ruby (one-of-one)
  • Wood (one-of-one)
  • "White Whale" Printing Plates (set of four-for-each)

TTAR-1 Billy Butler

TTAR-4 Steve Garvey

TTAR-9 Yovani Gallardo

TTAR-14 Tim Hudson

TTAR-22 Tommy Hanson

TTAR-26 Albert Belle

TTAR-27 Joe Mauer

TTAR-28 Andy Van Slyke

TTAR-35 Carlos Gonzalez

TTAR-36 Pablo Sandoval

TTAR-44 Vida Blue

TTAR-46 Ryan Braun

TTAR-48 Andre Ethier

TTAR-53 Bob Gibson

TTAR-58 Madison Bumgarner

TTAR-59 Cecil Cooper

TTAR-62 Ryne Sandberg

TTAR-63 Dustin Pedroia

TTAR-66 Orlando Cepeda

TTAR-70 James Shields

TTAR-73 Dennis Eckersley

TTAR-74 Rod Carew

TTAR-75 Billy Williams

TTAR-76 George Bell

TTAR-78 Mike Schmidt

TTAR-79 Justin Verlander

TTAR-80 Dave Kingman

TTAR-84 Dale Murphy

TTAR-85 Roy Halladay

TTAR-89 Ian Kennedy

TTAR-91 Ricky Romero

TTAR-94 Giancarlo Stanton

TTAR-96 Alex Gordon

TTAR-100 C.J. Wilson

TTAR-101 Ken Griffey, Jr.

TTAR-105 Cole Hamels

TTAR-108 Jered Weaver

TTAR-112 Reggie Jackson

TTAR-113 Frank Robinson

TTAR-114 Miguel Cabrera

TTAR-116 Jon Lester

TTAR-117 Nelson Cruz

TTAR-121 Rickie Weeks

TTAR-126 Evan Longoria

TTAR-130 Ike Davis

TTAR-131 Steve Carlton

TTAR-132 Albert Pujols

TTAR-133 Clayton Kershaw

TTAR-140 Hank Aaron

TTAR-141 David Wright

TTAR-142 Sandy Koufax

TTAR-143 Adrian Gonzalez

TTAR-144 Ernie Banks

TTAR-145 Tom Seaver

TTAR-146 Gio Gonzalez

TTAR-153 Luis Aparicio

TTAR-155 Jim Rice

TTAR-156 Jason Heyward

TTAR-161 Greg Luzinski

TTAR-164 Carl Crawford

TTAR-167 David Freese

TTAR-170 Ben Zobrist

TTAR-173 Fergie Jenkins

TTAR-176 Josh Hamilton

TTAR-177 Robinson Cano

TTAR-179 Dan Uggla

TTAR-184 Matt Cain

TTAR-185 Andre Dawson

TTAR-188 Andy Pettitte

TTAR-193 Al Kaline

TTAR-194 Mike Morse

TTAR-198 Josh Johnson

TTAR-203 Andrew McCutchen

TTAR-204 Wade Boggs

TTAR-205 Frank Thomas

TTAR-206 Dave Winfield

TTAR-207 Joe Morgan

TTAR-211 Maury Wills

TTAR-214 Willie Mays

TTAR-215 Cal Ripken, Jr.

TTAR-216 Derek Holland

TTAR-217 Prince Fielder

TTAR-219 Mike Napoli

TTAR-224 Justin Upton

TTAR-225 Willie McCovey

TTAR-229 George Brett

TTAR-231 Brian McCann

TTAR-235 Adam Jones

TTAR-239 Nolan Ryan

TTAR-240 Ralph Kiner

TTAR-241 Johnny Bench

TTAR-242 Paul O'Neill

TTAR-245 Don Mattingly

TTAR-246 Felix Hernandez

TTAR-250 Will Clark

TTAR-254 Carlton Fisk

TTAR-256 Jose Bautista

TTAR-258 Paul Molitor

TTAR-260 Chipper Jones

TTAR-261 Starlin Castro

TTAR-264 Eric Hosmer

TTAR-266 David Price

TTAR-270 Bryce Harper

TTAR-274 Duke Snider

Autographed Relic Combos

Each Triple Threads Auto Relics Combos is serial-numbered to 36 copies and available in the following parallels.

  • Sepia (serial-numbered to 27 copies)
  • Emerald (serial-numbered to 18 copies)
  • Gold (serial-numbered to nine copies)
  • Sapphire (serial-numbered to three copies)
  • Ruby (one-of-one)
  • Wood (one-of-one)
  • "White Whale" Printing Plates (set of four-for-each)

TTARC-1 Justin Verlander / Miguel Cabrera / Prince Fielder

TTARC-2 Josh Hamilton / Nelson Cruz / Mike Napoli

TTARC-3 Dave Kingman / Ken Griffey, Sr. / Greg Luzinski

TTARC-4 Cecil Fielder / Don Mattingly / Will Clark

TTARC-5 Cecil Cooper / Bill Buckner / Will Clark

TTARC-6 George Bell / Andy van Slyke / Ken Griffey, Sr.

TTARC-7 David Price / Jeremy Hellickson / Matt Moore

TTARC-8 Clayton Kershaw / Matt Kemp / Andre Ethier

TTARC-9 Yoenis Cespedes / Jesus Montero / Mike Trout

TTARC-10 Paul Goldschmidt / Eric Hosmer / Freddie Freeman

TTARC-11 Brett Lawrie / Ryan Zimmerman / David Freese

TTARC-12 Dan Uggla / Jason Heyward / Brian McCann

TTARC-13 Aramis Ramirez / Ryan Braun / Rickie Weeks

TTARC-14 Starlin Castro / Dee Gordon / Elvis Andrus

TTARC-15 Ervin Santana / Jered Weaver / C. J. Wilson

TTARC-16 Hanley Ramirez / Giancarlo Stanton / Josh Johnson

TTARC-17 Clayton Kershaw / Matt Kemp / Dee Gordon

Autographed Double Combo Relics

Each card is serial-numbered to three copies, with a one-of-one "Ruby" parallel also available.

TTARDC-1 Ken Griffey, Jr. / Reggie Jackson / Stan Musial /

TTARDC-2 Justin Verlander / Clayton Kershaw / Roy Halladay

TTARDC-3 Ryan Braun / Jose Bautista / Josh Hamilton / Matt

TTARDC-4 Whitey Ford / Bob Feller / Bob Gibson / Nolan Ryan

TTARDC-5 Goose Gossage / Jim Palmer / Bruce Sutter / Nolan

TTARDC-6 Nolan Ryan / Tom Seaver / Steve Carlton / Bob Gibs

Jumbo Plus Autographed Relics

Each card is serial-numbered to three copies, with a one-of-one "Ruby" parallel also available.

TTLPAR-1 Ryan Braun

TTLPAR-2 Carlos Gonzalez

TTLPAR-3 Adrian Gonzalez

TTLPAR-4 Dustin Pedroia

TTLPAR-5 Don Mattingly

TTLPAR-6 Albert Pujols

TTLPAR-7 Rickey Henderson

TTLPAR-8 Tony Gwynn

TTLPAR-9 Frank Thomas

TTLPAR-10 Joey Votto

TTLPAR-11 Chipper Jones

TTLPAR-12 Orlando Cepeda

TTLPAR-14 Steve Garvey

TTLPAR-15 Wade Boggs

TTLPAR-16 Alex Rodriguez

TTLPAR-13 Eddie Murray

Letter Plus Autographed Relics

Each card is serial-numbered to three copies, with a one-of-one "Ruby" parallel also available.

TTLPAR-1 Ryan Braun

TTLPAR-2 Eddie Murray

TTLPAR-3 Rod Carew

TTLPAR-4 Alex Rodriguez

TTLPAR-5 Yu Darvish

TTLPAR-6 Rickey Henderson

TTLPAR-7 Bryce Harper

TTLPAR-8 Buster Posey

TTLPAR-9 Justin Upton

TTLPAR-10 Jason Heyward

TTLPAR-11 Evan Longoria

TTLPAR-12 Roy Halladay

TTLPAR-13 Jon Lester

TTLPAR-14 Yoenis Cespedes

TTLPAR-15 Joey Votto

TTLPAR-16 Curtis Granderson

Cut Above Autographs

Each is a one-of-one.

TTCA-1 Mickey Mantle

TTCA-2 Joe DiMaggio

TTCA-3 Roberto Clemente

TTCA-4 Jackie Robinson

TTCA-6 Roberto Clemente

TTCA-7 Babe Ruth

TTCA-8 Harmon Killebrew

TTCA-9 Yogi Berra

TTCA-10 Lou Brock

Dual Cut Above Autographs

Each is a one-of-one.

TTDCA-3 Yogi Berra / Mickey Mantle

TTDCA-4 Joe DiMaggio / Yogi Berra

TTDCA-5 Lou Brock / Tony Perez

TTDCA-1 Mickey Mantle / Joe DiMaggio

TTDCA-2 Roberto Clemente / Jackie Robinson

TTDCA-6 Willie McCovey / Orlando Cepeda

Unity Autograph Relics

Each Unity Autograph Relic is serial-numbered to 99 copies and available in the following parallels.

  • Sepia (serial-numbered to 75 copies)
  • Emerald (serial-numbered to 50 copies)
  • Gold (serial-numbered to 25 copies)
  • Sapphire (serial-numbered to 10 copies)
  • Ruby (one-of-one)

TTUAR-1 Melky Cabrera

TTUAR-2 Alex Avila

TTUAR-3 Alex Avila

TTUAR-4 Steve Garvey

TTUAR-5 Allen Craig

TTUAR-6 Anibal Sanchez

TTUAR-7 Anibal Sanchez

TTUAR-8 Aramis Ramirez

TTUAR-9 Aroldis Chapman

TTUAR-10 Mike Trout

TTUAR-11 Billy Butler

TTUAR-12 Brandon Belt

TTUAR-13 Brandon Phillips

TTUAR-14 Brennan Boesch

TTUAR-15 Brennan Boesch

TTUAR-16 Carlos Ruiz

TTUAR-17 Carlos Ruiz

TTUAR-18 Chris Heisey

TTUAR-19 Chris Heisey

TTUAR-20 Chris Sale

TTUAR-21 Chris Sale

TTUAR-22 Brett Lawrie

TTUAR-23 Jesus Montero

TTUAR-24 Jesus Montero

TTUAR-25 Daniel Bard

TTUAR-26 Daniel Bard

TTUAR-27 Daniel Murphy

TTUAR-28 Daniel Murphy

TTUAR-29 Nick Markakis

TTUAR-30 Nick Markakis

TTUAR-31 Danny Espinosa

TTUAR-32 Danny Espinosa

TTUAR-33 Darryl Strawberry

TTUAR-34 Dayan Viciedo

TTUAR-35 Dayan Viciedo

TTUAR-36 Doc Gooden

TTUAR-37 Doc Gooden

TTUAR-38 Michael Bourn

TTUAR-39 Michael Bourn

TTUAR-40 Hank Aaron

TTUAR-41 Dustin Pedroia

TTUAR-42 Elvis Andrus

TTUAR-43 Emilio Bonifacio

TTUAR-44 Emilio Bonifacio

TTUAR-45 Ervin Santana

TTUAR-46 Gaby Sanchez

TTUAR-47 Gaby Sanchez

TTUAR-48 Gary Carter

TTUAR-49 Salvador Perez

TTUAR-50 Henderson Alvarez

TTUAR-51 Henderson Alvarez

TTUAR-52 Tommy Hanson

TTUAR-53 Tommy Hanson

TTUAR-54 Ike Davis

TTUAR-55 J.D. Martinez

TTUAR-56 Josh Johnson

TTUAR-57 Jason Motte

TTUAR-58 J.D. Martinez

TTUAR-59 Johnny Cueto

TTUAR-60 Jon Jay

TTUAR-61 Jordan Zimmermann

TTUAR-62 Jose Valverde

TTUAR-63 Jose Valverde

TTUAR-64 Josh Thole

TTUAR-65 Josh Thole

TTUAR-66 Justin Masterson

TTUAR-67 Lance Lynn

TTUAR-68 Lance Lynn

TTUAR-69 Logan Morrison

TTUAR-70 David Justice

TTUAR-71 David Justice

TTUAR-72 Lucas Duda

TTUAR-73 Lucas Duda

TTUAR-74 David Justice

TTUAR-75 Johnny Cueto

TTUAR-76 Bryan LaHair

TTUAR-77 Mike Minor

TTUAR-78 Mike Minor

TTUAR-79 Matt Garza

TTUAR-80 Mitch Moreland

TTUAR-81 Mitch Moreland

TTUAR-82 Neftali Feliz

TTUAR-83 Nyjer Morgan

TTUAR-84 Nyjer Morgan

TTUAR-85 Edwin Encarnacion

TTUAR-86 Edwin Encarnacion

TTUAR-87 R.A. Dickey

TTUAR-88 Rickie Weeks

TTUAR-89 Rickie Weeks

TTUAR-90 Ruben Tejada

TTUAR-91 Shaun Marcum

TTUAR-92 Shaun Marcum

TTUAR-93 Vance Worley

TTUAR-94 Vance Worley

TTUAR-95 Danny Duffy

TTUAR-96 Danny Duffy

TTUAR-97 Zack Cozart

TTUAR-98 Evan Longoria

TTUAR-99 Mike Moustakas

TTUAR-100 Ruben Tejada

TTUAR-101 Jason Kipnis

TTUAR-102 Duke Snider

TTUAR-103 Dexter Fowler

TTUAR-104 Dexter Fowler

TTUAR-105 R.A. Dickey

TTUAR-106 Brandon McCarthy

TTUAR-107 Brandon McCarthy

TTUAR-108 Justin Masterson

TTUAR-109 Jay Bruce

TTUAR-110 Jose Altuve

TTUAR-111 Jose Altuve

TTUAR-112 Justin Masterson

TTUAR-113 Bryan LaHair