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2016 Triple Threads

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2016 Triple Threads is a 100-card set originally scheduled for release September 14th, 2016, but was recalled due to undisclosed "packaging issues" and eventually released two weeks late on September 28th.

As usual, each seven-card Hobby pack will contain three base cards, two parallels, one triple Relic card serial-numbered to 36 copies or fewer, and an autograph serial-numbered to 99 copies or fewer.


Two packs per box, seven cards per pack (MSRP: $90). 18 boxes per case. Hobby only.


Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Hobby Odds
Base 100 - 3:1
Amethyst 100 250 P
Emerald 100 200 P
Amber 100 150 P
Gold 100 99 P
Onyx 100 50 P
Sapphire 100 25 P
Ruby 100 one-of-one P
Printing Plates 100 four for each P
Relics 165 36 R
Relics Silver 165 27 R
Relics Emerald 165 18 R
Relics Gold 165 9 R
Relics Sapphire 165 3 R
Relics Ruby 165 one-of-one R
Relics Legends 23 36 R
Relics Legends Silver 23 27 R
Relics Legends Emerald 23 18 R
Relics Legends Gold 23 9 R
Relics Legends Sapphire 23 3 R
Relics Legends Ruby 23 one-of-one R
Relic Combos 50 ? R
Unity Jumbo Relics 245 36 R
Unity Jumbo Relics Silver 245 27 R
Unity Jumbo Relics Emerald 245 18 R
Unity Jumbo Relics Gold 245 9 R
Unity Jumbo Relics Sapphire 245 3 R
Unity Relics Ruby 245 one-of-one R
Deca Threads Relic Combos 10 10 ?
Deca Threads Relic Combos Gold 10 5 ?
Deca Threads Relic Combos Ruby 10 one-of-one ?
All-Star Patches 59 9 ?
All-Star Patches Ruby 59 one-of-one ?
All-Star Jumbo Patches 60 one-of-one ?
All-Star Jumbo Sleeve Team Patches 60 one-of-one ?
All-Star Laundry Tags 60 one-of-one ?
All-Star Majestic Logo Patches 60 one-of-one ?
Jumbo Plus Relics 14 3 ?
Jumbo Plus Relics Ruby 14 one-of-one ?
Letter Plus Relics 15 3 ?
Letter Plus Relics Ruby 15 one-of-one ?
Jumbo Letter Number Logo Relics 10 one-of-one ?
Jumbo Patch Combo Relics 10 one-of-one ?
Bat Knobs 10 one-of-one ?
Bat Nameplates 15 one-of-one ?
Autographed Rookies 31 99 AU
Rookies & Future Phenoms Autographed Relics 38 99 AU
Rookies & Future Phenoms Autographed Relics Silver 38 75 AU
Rookies & Future Phenoms Autographed Relics Emerald 38 50 AU
Rookies & Future Phenoms Autographed Relics Onyx 38 35 AU
Rookies & Future Phenoms Autographed Relics Ruby 38 one-of-one AU
Rookies & Future Phenoms Autographed Relics Wood 38 one-of-one AU
Rookies & Future Phenoms Autographed Relics White Whale Printing Plate 38 four for each AU
Autographed Relics 273 18 AU
Autographed Relics Gold 273 9 AU
Autographed Relics Sapphire 273 3 AU
Autographed Relics Ruby 273 one-of-one AU
Autographed Relics Wood 273 one-of-one AU
Autographed Relics White Whale Printing Plate 273 four for each AU
Autographed Relic Combos 15 36 AU
Autographed Relic Combos Silver 15 27 AU
Autographed Relic Combos Emerald 15 18 AU
Autographed Relic Combos Gold 15 9 AU
Autographed Relic Combos Sapphire 15 3 AU
Autographed Relic Combos Ruby 15 one-of-one AU
Autographed Relic Combos Wood 15 one-of-one AU
Autographed Relic Combos White Whale Printing Plate 15 four for each AU
Unity Autographed Jumbo Relics 76 99 AU
Unity Autographed Jumbo Relics Silver 76 27 AU
Unity Autographed Jumbo Relics Emerald 76 18 AU
Unity Autographed Jumbo Relics Gold 76 9 AU
Unity Autographed Jumbo Relics Sapphire 76 3 AU
Unity Autographed Jumbo Relics Ruby 76 one-of-one AU
Deca Threads Autographed Relics 10 10 ?
Deca Threads Autographed Relics Gold 10 5 ?
Deca Threads Autographed Relics Ruby 10 one-of-one ?
Deca Threads Autographed Relic Combos 10 10 ?
Deca Threads Autographed Relic Combos Gold 10 5 ?
Deca Threads Autographed Relic Combos Ruby 10 one-of-one ?
Jumbo Plus Autographed Relics 15 3 ?
Jumbo Plus Autographed Relics Ruby 15 one-of-one ?
Letter Plus Autographed Relics 15 3 ?
Letter Plus Autographed Relics Ruby 15 one-of-one ?
Cut Above 10 one-of-one ?
Dual Cut Above 5 one-of-one ?

P: Two parallels per pack
R: One Relic per pack
AU: One autograph or autographed Relic per pack


Base Set

1 Ken Griffey Jr.

2 Frank Thomas

3 David Ortiz

4 Nolan Arenado

5 Mark McGwire

6 Albert Pujols

7 Satchel Paige

8 Ryan Braun

9 Hank Aaron

10 Blake Snell RC

11 David Wright

12 Justin Verlander

13 Honus Wagner

14 Paul Goldschmidt

15 Jose Fernandez

16 Jacob deGrom

17 Freddie Freeman

18 Chipper Jones

19 Lou Gehrig

20 Yasiel Puig

21 Reggie Jackson

22 Lorenzo Cain

23 Todd Frazier

24 Adam Jones

25 Eric Hosmer

26 Mookie Betts

27 Roberto Clemente

28 Kris Bryant

29 Ichiro

30 Vladimir Guerrero

31 Wade Boggs

32 Kenta Maeda RC

33 Sandy Koufax

34 Willie Mays

35 Noah Syndergaard

36 Joey Votto

37 Clayton Kershaw

38 Cal Ripken Jr.

39 Sonny Gray

40 Miguel Cabrera

41 Max Scherzer

42 Nolan Ryan

43 Carl Yastrzemski

44 Prince Fielder

45 A.J. Reed RC

46 Zack Greinke

47 Ted Williams

48 Matt Harvey

49 Mike Piazza

50 Chris Archer

51 Buster Posey

52 Roger Clemens

53 George Brett

54 Manny Machado

55 Gerrit Cole

56 Bryce Harper

57 Randy Johnson

58 Aaron Nola RC

59 Dallas Keuchel

60 Jose Berrios RC

61 Jake Arrieta

62 Chris Sale

63 Edwin Encarnacion

64 Robinson Cano

65 Jose Abreu

66 Troy Tulowitzki

67 Stephen Strasburg

68 Giancarlo Stanton

69 Mike Trout

70 Felix Hernandez

71 Adrian Gonzalez

72 Lucas Giolito RC

73 Hunter Pence

74 Bo Jackson

75 Ozzie Smith

76 Justin Upton

77 Johnny Cueto

78 Jackie Robinson

79 Jason Heyward

80 Stan Musial

81 Yoenis Cespedes

82 John Smoltz

83 Andrew McCutchen

84 Matt Kemp

85 Josh Donaldson

86 Jose Altuve

87 George Springer

88 Carlos Gonzalez

89 Madison Bumgarner

90 David Price

91 Jose Bautista

92 Trevor Story RC

93 Carlos Correa

94 Anthony Rizzo

95 Nomar Mazara RC

96 Don Mattingly

97 Greg Maddux

98 Yu Darvish

99 Babe Ruth

100 Julio Urias RC


All 100 base cards are available in the following parallels.

  • Amethyst (serial-numbered to 250 copies)
  • Emerald (serial-numbered to 200 copies)
  • Amber (serial-numbered to 150 copies)
  • Gold (serial-numbered to 99 copies)
  • Onyx (serial-numbered to 50 copies)
  • Sapphire (serial-numbered to 25 copies)
  • Ruby (one-of-one)
  • Printing Plates (set of four for each card)



Each Relic is serial-numbered to 36 copies, and available in the following parallels.

  • Silver (serial-numbered to 27 copies)
  • Emerald (serial-numbered to 18 copies)
  • Gold (serial-numbered to nine)
  • Sapphire (serial-numbered to three)
  • Ruby (one-of-one)

TTR-AG1 Adrian Gonzalez

TTR-AG2 Adrian Gonzalez

TTR-AG3 Adrian Gonzalez

TTR-AM1 Andrew McCutchen

TTR-AM2 Andrew McCutchen

TTR-AM3 Andrew McCutchen

TTR-AP1 Albert Pujols

TTR-AP2 Albert Pujols

TTR-AP3 Albert Pujols

TTR-AR1 Anthony Rizzo

TTR-AR2 Anthony Rizzo

TTR-AR3 Anthony Rizzo

TTR-ARU1 Addison Russell

TTR-ARU2 Addison Russell

TTR-ARU3 Addison Russell

TTR-AW1 Adam Wainwright

TTR-AW2 Adam Wainwright

TTR-BG1 Brett Gardner

TTR-BG2 Brett Gardner

TTR-BH1 Bryce Harper

TTR-BH2 Bryce Harper

TTR-BM1 Brian McCann

TTR-BM2 Brian McCann

TTR-BP1 Brandon Phillips

TTR-BP2 Brandon Phillips

TTR-BP3 Brandon Phillips

TTR-BPO1 Buster Posey

TTR-BPO2 Buster Posey

TTR-BPO3 Buster Posey

TTR-CB1 Carlos Beltran

TTR-CB2 Carlos Beltran

TTR-CB3 Carlos Beltran

TTR-CBI1 Craig Biggio

TTR-CBI2 Craig Biggio

TTR-CK1 Clayton Kershaw

TTR-CK2 Clayton Kershaw

TTR-CK3 Clayton Kershaw

TTR-CM1 Carlos Martinez

TTR-CM2 Carlos Martinez

TTR-CR1 Cal Ripken Jr.

TTR-CR2 Cal Ripken Jr.

TTR-DL1 DJ LeMahieu

TTR-DL2 DJ LeMahieu

TTR-DO1 David Ortiz

TTR-DO2 David Ortiz

TTR-DO3 David Ortiz

TTR-DP1 Dustin Pedroia

TTR-DP2 Dustin Pedroia

TTR-DP3 Dustin Pedroia

TTR-DW1 David Wright

TTR-DW2 David Wright

TTR-DW3 David Wright

TTR-EL1 Evan Longoria

TTR-EL2 Evan Longoria

TTR-EL3 Evan Longoria

TTR-FH1 Felix Hernandez

TTR-FH2 Felix Hernandez

TTR-FH3 Felix Hernandez

TTR-GS1 Giancarlo Stanton

TTR-GS2 Giancarlo Stanton

TTR-GS3 Giancarlo Stanton

TTR-HR1 Hanley Ramirez

TTR-HR2 Hanley Ramirez

TTR-HR3 Hanley Ramirez

TTR-I1 Ichiro

TTR-I2 Ichiro

TTR-IR1 Ivan Rodriguez

TTR-IR2 Ivan Rodriguez

TTR-JA1 Jose Abreu

TTR-JA2 Jose Abreu

TTR-JA3 Jose Abreu

TTR-JAL1 Jose Altuve

TTR-JAL2 Jose Altuve

TTR-JC1 Jose Canseco

TTR-JC2 Jose Canseco

TTR-JD1 Johnny Damon

TTR-JD2 Johnny Damon

TTR-JDE1 Jacob deGrom

TTR-JDE2 Jacob deGrom

TTR-JDE3 Jacob deGrom

TTR-JF1 Jose Fernandez

TTR-JF2 Jose Fernandez

TTR-JF3 Jose Fernandez

TTR-JH1 Josh Harrison

TTR-JH2 Josh Harrison

TTR-JK1 Jung Ho Kang

TTR-JK2 Jung Ho Kang

TTR-JL1 Jon Lester

TTR-JL2 Jon Lester

TTR-JL3 Jon Lester

TTR-JLU1 Jonathan Lucroy

TTR-JS1 Jorge Soler

TTR-JS2 Jorge Soler

TTR-JV1 Justin Verlander

TTR-JV2 Justin Verlander

TTR-JV3 Justin Verlander

TTR-JVO1 Joey Votto

TTR-JVO2 Joey Votto

TTR-JVO3 Joey Votto

TTR-KB1 Kris Bryant

TTR-KB2 Kris Bryant

TTR-KP1 Kevin Plawecki

TTR-KS1 Kurt Suzuki

TTR-KW1 Kolten Wong

TTR-KW2 Kolten Wong

TTR-LD1 Lucas Duda

TTR-LD2 Lucas Duda

TTR-MB1 Madison Bumgarner

TTR-MC1 Miguel Cabrera

TTR-MC2 Miguel Cabrera

TTR-MC3 Miguel Cabrera

TTR-MF1 Maikel Franco

TTR-MF2 Maikel Franco

TTR-MH1 Matt Harvey

TTR-MH2 Matt Harvey

TTR-MH3 Matt Harvey

TTR-MM1 Manny Machado

TTR-MM2 Manny Machado

TTR-MM3 Manny Machado

TTR-MMC1 Mark McGwire

TTR-MMC2 Mark McGwire

TTR-MP1 Mike Piazza

TTR-MP2 Mike Piazza

TTR-MS1 Max Scherzer

TTR-MS2 Max Scherzer

TTR-MT1 Masahiro Tanaka

TTR-MT2 Masahiro Tanaka

TTR-MT3 Masahiro Tanaka

TTR-MTE1 Mark Teixeira

TTR-MTE2 Mark Teixeira

TTR-MTR1 Mike Trout

TTR-MTR2 Mike Trout

TTR-PF1 Prince Fielder

TTR-PF2 Prince Fielder

TTR-PF3 Prince Fielder

TTR-PG1 Paul Goldschmidt

TTR-PG2 Paul Goldschmidt

TTR-PG3 Paul Goldschmidt

TTR-PS1 Pablo Sandoval

TTR-PS2 Pablo Sandoval

TTR-PS3 Pablo Sandoval

TTR-RC1 Robinson Cano

TTR-RC2 Robinson Cano

TTR-RC3 Robinson Cano

TTR-RCA1 Rusney Castillo

TTR-RCA2 Rusney Castillo

TTR-RCA3 Rusney Castillo

TTR-RCL1 Roger Clemens

TTR-RH1 Ryan Howard

TTR-RH2 Ryan Howard

TTR-SC1 Shin-Soo Choo

TTR-SC2 Shin-Soo Choo

TTR-SM1 Steven Matz

TTR-SM2 Steven Matz

TTR-TD1 Travis d'Arnaud

TTR-TD2 Travis d'Arnaud

TTR-VG1 Vladimir Guerrero

TTR-VM1 Victor Martinez

TTR-VM2 Victor Martinez

TTR-VM3 Victor Martinez

TTR-YM1 Yadier Molina

TTR-YM2 Yadier Molina

TTR-YM3 Yadier Molina

TTR-ZW1 Zack Wheeler

TTR-ZW2 Zack Wheeler

Relics Legends

Each Relics Legends is serial-numbered to 36 copies, and available in the following parallels.

  • Silver (serial-numbered to 27 copies)
  • Emerald (serial-numbered to 18 copies)
  • Gold (serial-numbered to nine)
  • Sapphire (serial-numbered to three)
  • Ruby (one-of-one)

TTRL-BL Bob Lemon

TTRL-CJ Chipper Jones

TTRL-CR Cal Ripken, Jr.

TTRL-CY Carl Yastrzemski

TTRL-EW Early Wynn

TTRL-FT Frank Thomas

TTRL-HA Hank Aaron

TTRL-HN Hal Newhouser

TTRL-HW Honus Wagner

TTRL-JM Juan Marichal

TTRL-JS John Smoltz

TTRL-KG Ken Griffey, Jr.

TTRL-MP Mike Piazza

TTRL-OS Ozzie Smith

TTRL-PM Paul Molitor

TTRL-RA Roberto Alomar

TTRL-RC Roberto Clemente

TTRL-RH Rickey Henderson

TTRL-RS Ryne Sandberg

TTRL-TW Ted Williams

TTRL-WB Wade Boggs

TTRL-WM Willie Mays

TTRL-WS Willie Stargell

Relic Combos

TTRC-BLR Kris Bryant / Anthony Rizzo / Jon Lester

TTRC-BLS Domingo Santana / Ryan Braun / Jonathan Lucroy

TTRC-BPC Matt Cain / Madison Bumgarner / Buster Posey

TTRC-BTE Edwin Encarnacion / Troy Tulowitzki / Jose Bautista

TTRC-BVP Jay Bruce / Brandon Phillips / Joey Votto

TTRC-CMB Andrew Miller / Aroldis Chapman / Dellin Betances

TTRC-CMH Gerrit Cole / Andrew McCutchen / Josh Harrison

TTRC-CTE Jacoby Ellsbury / Mark Teixeira / Starlin Castro

TTRC-DBE Johnny Damon / Wade Boggs / Jacoby Ellsbury

TTRC-DCB Brandon Belt / Matt Duffy / Brandon Crawford

TTRC-FBA Elvis Andrus / Adrian Beltre / Prince Fielder

TTRC-FSG Giancarlo Stanton / Jose Fernandez / Dee Gordon

TTRC-FSI Jose Fernandez / Ichiro / Giancarlo Stanton

TTRC-GBP Alex Gordon / Salvador Perez / George Brett

TTRC-GHC Michael Conforto / Curtis Granderson / Matt Harvey

TTRC-HCC Felix Hernandez / Nelson Cruz / Robinson Cano

TTRC-HG Felix Hernandez / Ichiro / Ken Griffey, Jr.

TTRC-HTS Mark Teixeira / Chase Headley / Luis Severino


TTRC-KCU Justin Upton / Ian Kinsler / Miguel Cabrera

TTRC-KKL Corey Kluber / Francisco Lindor / Jason Kipnis

TTRC-KPS Corey Seager / Clayton Kershaw / Yasiel Puig

TTRC-LBG Charlie Blackmon / Carlos Gonzalez / DJ LeMahieu

TTRC-MCH Matt Holliday / Yadier Molina / Matt Carpenter

TTRC-MDJ Adam Jones / Chris Davis / Manny Machado

TTRC-MGJ Kevin Gausman / Manny Machado / Adam Jones

TTRC-MKH Josh Harrison / Jung Ho Kang / Starling Marte

TTRC-MKS Matt Kemp / Wil Myers / James Shields

TTRC-MRP Cal Ripken, Jr. / Eddie Murray / Jim Palmer

TTRC-MSB Byron Buxton / Joe Mauer / Miguel Sano

TTRC-MSN Wil Myers / Derek Norris / James Shields

TTRC-PBO Henry Owens / Clay Buchholz / David Price

TTRC-PPC Joe Panik / Buster Posey / Brandon Crawford

TTRC-PSP Joc Pederson / Corey Seager / Yasiel Puig

TTRC-PVH Brandon Phillips / Billy Hamilton / Joey Votto

TTRC-PWM Stephen Piscotty / Carlos Martinez / Kolten Wong

TTRC-RGV Stephen Vogt / Josh Reddick / Sonny Gray

TTRC-RRB Kris Bryant / Anthony Rizzo / Addison Russell

TTRC-RRH Addison Russell / Jason Heyward / Anthony Rizzo

TTRC-RSA Chris Sale / Carlos Rodon / Jose Abreu

TTRC-SHS Max Scherzer / Bryce Harper / Stephen Strasburg

TTRC-SMD Noah Syndergaard / Steven Matz / Jacob deGrom

TTRC-SPP Blake Swihart / Dustin Pedroia / Rick Porcello

TTRC-SSB Kris Bryant / Jorge Soler / Kyle Schwarber

TTRC-TPC Mike Trout / Kole Calhoun / Albert Pujols

TTRC-TSE Marcus Stroman / Edwin Encarnacion / Troy Tulowitzki

TTRC-VCM Miguel Cabrera / Victor Martinez / Justin Verlander

TTRC-VCP Yordano Ventura / Lorenzo Cain / Salvador Perez

TTRC-VCU Justin Upton / Justin Verlander / Miguel Cabrera

TTRC-WHC Matt Harvey / David Wright / Michael Conforto

Unity Single Jumbo Relics

Each Unity Single Jumbo Relic is serial-numbered to 36 copies, and available in the following parallels.

  • Silver (serial-numbered to 27 copies)
  • Emerald (serial-numbered to 18 copies)
  • Gold (serial-numbered to nine)
  • Sapphire (serial-numbered to three)
  • Ruby (one-of-one)

UJR-ABA Archie Bradley

UJR-ABD Archie Bradley

UJR-ABR Archie Bradley

UJR-AGN Adrian Gonzalez

UJR-AGO Adrian Gonzalez

UJR-AGZ Adrian Gonzalez

UJR-ALP Albert Pujols

UJR-ALU Albert Pujols

UJR-AMC Andrew McCutchen

UJR-AMI Andrew Miller

UJR-AML Andrew Miller

UJR-AMR Andrew Miller

UJR-AMU Andrew McCutchen

UJR-ANI Anthony Rizzo

UJR-ANR Anthony Rizzo

UJR-APJ Albert Pujols

UJR-ARE Addison Russell

UJR-ARI Anthony Rizzo

UJR-ARL Addison Russell

UJR-ARS Addison Russell

UJR-ARU Addison Russell

UJR-ARZ Anthony Rizzo

UJR-AWA Adam Wainwright

UJR-AWI Adam Wainwright

UJR-BHA Bryce Harper

UJR-BHL Brock Holt

UJR-BHO Brock Holt

UJR-BHT Brock Holt

UJR-BMA Brian McCann

UJR-BMC Brian McCann

UJR-BMN Brian McCann

UJR-BPH Brandon Phillips

UJR-BPI Brandon Phillips

UJR-BPL Brandon Phillips

UJR-BPO Buster Posey

UJR-BRA Bryce Harper

UJR-BRH Bryce Harper

UJR-BSH Blake Swihart

UJR-BSI Blake Swihart

UJR-BST Blake Swihart

UJR-BSW Blake Swihart

UJR-CBE Carlos Beltran

UJR-CBL Carlos Beltran

UJR-CDA Chris Davis

UJR-CDV Chris Davis

UJR-CGA Curtis Granderson

UJR-CGN Carlos Gonzalez

UJR-CGO Carlos Gonzalez

UJR-CGR Curtis Granderson

UJR-CKE Clayton Kershaw

UJR-CMA Carlos Martinez

UJR-CMR Carlos Martinez

UJR-CSA Carlos Santana

UJR-CSN Carlos Santana

UJR-CST Carlos Santana

UJR-CVA Christian Vazquez

UJR-CVQ Christian Vazquez

UJR-CVZ Christian Vazquez

UJR-DAR David Wright

UJR-DAW David Wright

UJR-DBA Dellin Betances

UJR-DBE Dellin Betances

UJR-DBN Dellin Betances

UJR-DBT Dellin Betances

UJR-DKE Dallas Keuchel

UJR-DOT David Ortiz

UJR-DPD Dustin Pedroia

UJR-DPE Dustin Pedroia

UJR-DWR David Wright

UJR-DWT David Wright

UJR-EAD Elvis Andrus

UJR-EAN Elvis Andrus

UJR-EAR Elvis Andrus

UJR-EEC Edwin Encarnacion

UJR-EEN Edwin Encarnacion

UJR-ELG Evan Longoria

UJR-ELN Evan Longoria

UJR-ELO Evan Longoria

UJR-FHE Felix Hernandez

UJR-GCE Gerrit Cole

UJR-GCL Gerrit Cole

UJR-GCO Gerrit Cole

UJR-GGN Gio Gonzalez

UJR-GGO Gio Gonzalez

UJR-GGZ Gio Gonzalez

UJR-GPA Gregory Polanco

UJR-GPL Gregory Polanco

UJR-GPO Gregory Polanco

UJR-GSA Giancarlo Stanton

UJR-GST Giancarlo Stanton

UJR-HJR Hyun-Jin Ryu

UJR-HRA Hanley Ramirez

UJR-HRM Hanley Ramirez

UJR-HRU Hyun-Jin Ryu

UJR-HRY Hyun-Jin Ryu

UJR-HRZ Hanley Ramirez

UJR-ICH Ichiro

UJR-ICY Ichiro

UJR-IKI Ian Kinsler

UJR-IKN Ian Kinsler

UJR-IKS Ian Kinsler

UJR-IRO Ivan Rodriguez

UJR-JAB Javier Baez

UJR-JAD Jacob deGrom

UJR-JAE Jacob deGrom

UJR-JBA Javier Baez

UJR-JBE Javier Baez

UJR-JBR Jay Bruce

UJR-JBU Jay Bruce

UJR-JBZ Javier Baez

UJR-JDA Johnny Damon

UJR-JDG Jacob deGrom

UJR-JDM Johnny Damon

UJR-JEB Jacoby Ellsbury

UJR-JEL Jacoby Ellsbury

UJR-JFE Jose Fernandez

UJR-JFR Jose Fernandez

UJR-JGA Joey Gallo

UJR-JGL Joey Gallo

UJR-JGO Joey Gallo

UJR-JHA Josh Harrison

UJR-JHR Josh Harrison

UJR-JHS Josh Harrison

UJR-JLA Juan Lagares

UJR-JLE Jon Lester

UJR-JLG Juan Lagares

UJR-JLS Jon Lester

UJR-JMA J.D. Martinez

UJR-JMA Joe Mauer

UJR-JMR J.D. Martinez

UJR-JMT J.D. Martinez

UJR-JMU Joe Mauer

UJR-JVA Justin Verlander

UJR-JVE Justin Verlander

UJR-JVL Justin Verlander

UJR-JVO Joey Votto

UJR-JVR Justin Verlander

UJR-JVT Joey Votto

UJR-JYV Joey Votto

UJR-KCA Kole Calhoun

UJR-KCL Kole Calhoun

UJR-KPA Kevin Plawecki

UJR-KPL Kevin Plawecki

UJR-KPW Kevin Plawecki

UJR-KSE Kyle Seager

UJR-KWG Kolten Wong

UJR-KWN Kolten Wong

UJR-KWO Kolten Wong

UJR-KYS Kyle Seager

UJR-LDA Lucas Duda

UJR-LDD Lucas Duda

UJR-LDU Lucas Duda

UJR-LLN Lance Lynn

UJR-LLY Lance Lynn

UJR-MAA Matt Harvey

UJR-MAC Manny Machado

UJR-MAH Matt Harvey

UJR-MAM Manny Machado

UJR-MBE Mookie Betts

UJR-MBM Madison Bumgarner

UJR-MBT Mookie Betts

UJR-MCA Matt Cain

UJR-MCA Miguel Cabrera

UJR-MCA Matt Carpenter

UJR-MCB Miguel Cabrera

UJR-MCE Miguel Cabrera

UJR-MCI Matt Cain

UJR-MCN Michael Conforto

UJR-MCN Matt Cain

UJR-MCO Michael Conforto

UJR-MCP Matt Carpenter

UJR-MCR Miguel Cabrera

UJR-MCR Matt Carpenter

UJR-MFA Maikel Franco

UJR-MFR Maikel Franco

UJR-MHA Matt Harvey

UJR-MMC Mark Melancon

UJR-MME Mark Melancon

UJR-MML Mark Melancon

UJR-MMY Mark McGwire

UJR-MON Marcell Ozuna

UJR-MOU Marcell Ozuna

UJR-MOZ Marcell Ozuna

UJR-MPD Michael Pineda

UJR-MPI Michael Pineda

UJR-MPN Michael Pineda

UJR-MTA Masahiro Tanaka

UJR-MTN Masahiro Tanaka

UJR-MTR Mike Trout

UJR-MZI Mike Zunino

UJR-MZN Mike Zunino

UJR-MZU Mike Zunino

UJR-PFE Prince Fielder

UJR-PFI Prince Fielder

UJR-PSA Pablo Sandoval

UJR-PSD Pablo Sandoval

UJR-PSN Pablo Sandoval

UJR-RCA Rusney Castillo

UJR-RCS Rusney Castillo

UJR-RCT Rusney Castillo

UJR-RHO Ryan Howard

UJR-RHW Ryan Howard

UJR-SCH Shin-Soo Choo

UJR-SCO Shin-Soo Choo

UJR-SMA Starling Marte

UJR-SMR Starling Marte

UJR-SSC Shin-Soo Choo

UJR-SSO Steven Souza, Jr.

UJR-SSU Steven Souza, Jr.

UJR-SSZ Steven Souza, Jr.

UJR-TLI Tim Lincecum

UJR-TLN Tim Lincecum

UJR-TRO Tyson Ross

UJR-TRS Tyson Ross

UJR-TWA Taijuan Walker

UJR-TWK Taijuan Walker

UJR-TWL Taijuan Walker

UJR-TYR Tyson Ross

UJR-VMA Victor Martinez

UJR-VMR Victor Martinez

UJR-VMT Victor Martinez

UJR-VMZ Victor Martinez

UJR-WFL Wilmer Flores

UJR-WFO Wilmer Flores

UJR-WFR Wilmer Flores

UJR-WLM Wil Myers

UJR-WME Wil Myers

UJR-WMR Wil Myers

UJR-WMS Wil Myers

UJR-YCE Yoenis Cespedes

UJR-YCS Yoenis Cespedes

UJR-YGM Yan Gomes

UJR-YGO Yan Gomes

UJR-YML Yadier Molina

UJR-YMN Yadier Molina

UJR-YMO Yadier Molina

UJR-YPG Yasiel Puig

UJR-YPI Yasiel Puig

UJR-YPU Yasiel Puig

UJR-YVE Yordano Ventura

UJR-YVN Yordano Ventura

UJR-YVT Yordano Ventura

UJR-ZWE Zack Wheeler

UJR-ZWH Zack Wheeler

UJR-ZWL Zack Wheeler

Deca Threads Relic Combos

Each Deca Threads Relic Combo is serial-numbered to ten, and available in the following parallels.

  • Gold (serial-numbered to five)
  • Ruby (one-of-one)

DRC-AS Craig Biggio / Randy Johnson / John Smoltz / Frank Thomas / Greg Maddux / Barry Larkin / Tom Glavine

DRC-CS David Wright / Matt Harvey / Noah Syndergaard / Michael Conforto / Nolan Ryan / Mike Piaza / Gary Ca

DRC-DH Ryne Sandberg / Greg Maddux / Billy Williams / Andre Dawson / Kyle Schwarber / Anthony Rizzo / Jason

DRC-G Mike Trout / Rickey Henderson / Vladimir Guerrero / Carl Yastrzemski / Duke Snider / Hank Aaron / Ic

DRC-HC Alex Gordon / Lorenzo Cain / David Wright / Mike Moustakas / Noah Syndergaard / Salvador Perez / Jac

DRC-HS Jacob deGrom / Michael Pineda / Mark Teixeira / Luis Severino / David Wright / Noah Syndergaard / Mi

DRC-KE Greg Maddux / Dennis Eckersley / Tom Glavine / Molan Ryan / Roger Clemens / Clayton Kershaw / John S

DRC-PR Jacob deGrom / Alex Gordon / Jose Altuve / Dallas Keuchel / Salvador Perez / Buster Posey / Ryan Bra

DRC-RG Ken Griffey, Jr. / Dennis Eckersley / Hank Aaron / Carl Yastrzemski / Roberto Alomar / Nolan Ryan /

DRC-WP Wade Boggs / Roger Clemens / Don Mattingly / Rickey Henderson / Reggie Jackson / Paul O'Neill / Alex

All-Star Patches

This set features pieces taken from the 2015 All-Star Game batting practice jerseys.

Each All-Star Patch is serial-numbered to nine and available in the following parallels.

  • Patch Ruby (one-of-one)
  • Jumbo Patch (one-of-one)
  • Jumbo Sleeve Team Patch (one-of-one)
  • Laundry Tag (one-of-one)
  • Majestic Logo Patch (one-of-one)

TTASP-AC Aroldis Chapman

TTASP-AE Alcides Escobar

TTASP-AG Adrian Gonzalez

TTASP-AJ Adam Jones

TTASP-ALP Albert Pujols

TTASP-AM Andrew McCutchen

TTASP-AR Anthony Rizzo

TTASP-BB Brad Boxberger

TTASP-BC Brandon Crawford

TTASP-BD Brian Dozier

TTASP-BG Brett Gardner

TTASP-BHA Bryce Harper

TTASP-BHO Brock Holt

TTASP-BP Buster Posey

TTASP-CA Chris Archer

TTASP-CK Clayton Kershaw

TTASP-CM Carlos Martinez

TTASP-CS Chris Sale

TTASP-DB Dellin Betances

TTASP-DK Dallas Keuchel


TTASP-DO Darren O'Day

TTASP-DP David Price

TTASP-FH Felix Hernandez

TTASP-FR Francisco Rodriguez

TTASP-GC Gerrit Cole

TTASP-GP Glen Perkins

TTASP-JA Jose Altuve


TTASP-JDE Jacob deGrom

TTASP-JK Jason Kipnis

TTASP-JM J.D. Martinez

TTASP-JOP Joc Pederson

TTASP-JPA Jonathan Papelbon

TTASP-JPE Jhonny Peralta

TTASP-JU Justin Upton

TTASP-KB Kris Bryant

TTASP-KH Kelvin Herrera

TTASP-LC Lorenzo Cain

TTASP-MAM Manny Machado

TTASP-MB Madison Bumgarner

TTASP-MIM Mike Moustakas

TTASP-MME Mark Melancon

TTASP-MTE Mark Teixeira

TTASP-MW Michael Wacha

TTASP-NA Nolan Arenado

TTASP-NC Nelson Cruz

TTASP-PF Prince Fielder

TTASP-PG Paul Goldschmidt

TTASP-RM Russell Martin

TTASP-SM Shelby Miller

TTASP-SP Salvador Perez

TTASP-SV Stephen Vogt

TTASP-TF Todd Frazier

TTASP-TR Trevor Rosenthal

TTASP-TT Troy Tulowitzki

TTASP-YG Yasmani Grandal

TTASP-ZB Zach Britton

TTASP-ZG Zack Greinke

Jumbo Plus Relics

Each Jumbo Plus Relic is serial-numbered to three with a one-of-one Ruby parallel also available.

TTJPR-AM Andrew McCutchen

TTJPR-AP Albert Pujols

TTJPR-AR Anthony Rizzo

TTJPR-BH Bryce Harper

TTJPR-BP Buster Posey

TTJPR-CK Clayton Kershaw

TTJPR-DP Dustin Pedroia

TTJPR-DW David Wright

TTJPR-FH Felix Hernandez

TTJPR-JD Jacob deGrom

TTJPR-MB Madison Bumgarner

TTJPR-MC Miguel Cabrera

TTJPR-MH Matt Harvey

TTJPR-YM Yadier Molina

Letter Plus Relics

Each Letter Plus Relic is serial-numbered to three with a one-of-one Ruby parallel also available.

TTLPR-AM Andrew McCutchen

TTLPR-AP Albert Pujols

TTLPR-AR Anthony Rizzo

TTLPR-BH Bryce Harper

TTLPR-BP Buster Posey

TTLPR-CK Clayton Kershaw

TTLPR-DP Dustin Pedroia

TTLPR-DW David Wright

TTLPR-FH Felix Hernandez

TTLPR-HP Hunter Pence

TTLPR-JDE Jacob deGrom

TTLPR-MB Madison Bumgarner

TTLPR-MC Miguel Cabrera

TTLPR-MH Matt Harvey

TTLPR-YM Yadier Molina

Letter Number Logos

Each Letter Number Logo is a one-of-one.

TTLNL-BH Bryce Harper

TTLNL-DO David Ortiz

TTLNL-GS Giancarlo Stanton

TTLNL-JDE Jacob deGrom

TTLNL-MC Miguel Cabrera

TTLNL-MH Matt Harvey

Jumbo Patch Combos

Each Jumbo Patch Combo is a one-of-one.

TTJPC-ARM Eddie Murray / Roberto Alomar / Cal Ripken, Jr.

TTJPC-BSS Kris Bryant / Jorge Soler / Kyle Schwarber

TTJPC-CVM Justin Verlander / Victor Martinez / Miguel Cabrera

TTJPC-FGG Juan Gonzalez / Prince Fielder / Vladimir Guerrero

TTJPC-GPM Salvador Perez / Alex Gordon / Mike Moustakas

TTJPC-HDS Matt Harvey / Jacob deGrom / Noah Syndergaard

TTJPC-HSS Max Scherzer / Bryce Harper / Stephen Strasburg

TTJPC-KMC Jung Ho Kang / Andrew McCutchen / Gerrit Cole

TTJPC-MWM Adam Wainwright / Yadier Molina / Carlos Martinez

TTJPC-OPB David Ortiz / Clay Buchholz / Dustin Pedroia

Bat Knobs

Each Bat Knob is a one-of-one.

TTBK-AG Adrian Gonzalez

TTBK-AP Albert Pujols

TTBK-BL Barry Larkin

TTBK-EL Evan Longoria

TTBK-GS Giancarlo Stanton

TTBK-JR Jackie Robinson

TTBK-KB Kris Bryant

TTBK-MT Mike Trout

TTBK-RS Ryne Sandberg

TTBK-TT Troy Tulowitzki

Bat Nameplates

Each Bat Nameplate is a one-of-one.

TTBNP-AG Adrian Gonzalez

TTBNP-AJ Adam Jones

TTBNP-BJ Bo Jackson

TTBNP-BP Buster Posey

TTBNP-DP Dustin Pedroia

TTBNP-DW David Wright

TTBNP-GS Giancarlo Stanton

TTBNP-JA Jose Abreu

TTBNP-MC Matt Carpenter

TTBNP-MC Miguel Cabrera

TTBNP-MM Mark McGwire

TTBNP-MT Mike Trout

TTBNP-PG Paul Goldschmidt

TTBNP-RC Robinson Cano

TTBNP-TT Troy Tulowitzki


Autographed Rookies

Each Autographed Rookie is serial-numbered to 99 copies.

ARC-AA Albert Almora

ARC-AD Aledmys Diaz


ARC-BP Byung-Ho Park

ARC-BS Blake Snell

ARC-CR Cody Reed

ARC-JBE Jose Berrios

ARC-JE Jerad Eickhoff

ARC-JG Jon Gray

ARC-JH Jeremy Hazelbaker

ARC-JP Jose Peraza

ARC-JR Joey Rickard

ARC-JTA Jameson Taillon

ARC-JY Julio Urias

ARC-KM Kenta Maeda

ARC-KS Kyle Schwarber

ARC-LG Lucas Giolito

ARC-LS Luis Severino

ARC-MF Michael Fulmer

ARC-MSA Miguel Sano

ARC-MSM Mallex Smith

ARC-NM Nomar Mazara

ARC-RSE Robert Stephenson

ARC-RST Ross Stripling

ARC-TA Tim Anderson

ARC-TN Tyler Naquin

ARC-TS Trevor Story

ARC-TT Trea Turner

ARC-TTH Trayce Thompson

ARC-TW Tyler White

ARC-WC Willson Contreras

Autographed Relics

Rookie & Future Phenoms Auto Relics

Each Rookie & Future Phenoms Auto Relic is serial-numbered to 99 copies and available in the following parallels.

  • Silver (serial-numbered to 75 copies)
  • Emerald (serial-numbered to 50 copies)
  • Onyx (serial-numbered to 35 copies)
  • Ruby (one-of-one)
  • Wood (one-of-one)
  • White Whale Printing Plate (set of four for each card)

NOTE: Unlike in previous years, the 2016 edition of this set is not sequentially-numbered as part of the base set. As such, none of the cards can qualify as "rookie cards."

RFP-BD Brandon Drury

RFP-BS Blake Swihart

RFP-CC Carlos Correa

RFP-CE Carl Edwards, Jr.

RFP-CM Carlos Martinez

RFP-CR Carlos Rodon

RFP-CRE Colin Rea

RFP-CS Corey Seager

RFP-EI Ender Inciarte

RFP-ER Eduardo Rodriguez

RFP-GB Greg Bird

RFP-GS George Springer

RFP-HO Hector Olivera

RFP-HOW Henry Owens

RFP-JB Justin Bour

RFP-JG Jon Gray

RFP-JH Jesse Hahn

RFP-JP Joc Pederson

RFP-JPA Joe Panik

RFP-JS Jorge Soler

RFP-KB Kris Bryant

RFP-KC Kaleb Cowart

RFP-KMA Ketel Marte

RFP-KP Kevin Plawecki

RFP-KS Kyle Schwarber

RFP-LS Luis Severino

RFP-MC Michael Conforto EXCH

RFP-MD Matt Duffy

RFP-MF Maikel Franco

RFP-MS Miguel Sano

RFP-NS Noah Syndergaard

RFP-PO Peter O'Brien

RFP-RO Roberto Osuna

RFP-RR Rob Refsnyder

RFP-RS Richie Shaffer

RFP-SM Steven Matz

RFP-SP Stephen Piscotty

RFP-TT Trea Turner

Auto Relics

Each Auto Relic is serial-numbered to 18 copies and available in the following parallels.

  • Gold (serial-numbered to nine)
  • Sapphire (serial-numbered to three)
  • Ruby (one-of-one)
  • Wood (one-of-one)
  • White Whale Printing Plate (set of four for each card)

NOTE: Cards #TTAR-CD1 and #TTAR-CD2 are of actor Kevin Costner as the character Crash Davis from the film Bull Durham.

TTAR-AE1 Alcides Escobar

TTAR-AE2 Alcides Escobar

TTAR-AE3 Alcides Escobar

TTAR-AE4 Alcides Escobar

TTAR-AE5 Alcides Escobar

TTAR-AG1 Adrian Gonzalez

TTAR-AG2 Adrian Gonzalez

TTAR-AG3 Adrian Gonzalez

TTAR-AG4 Adrian Gonzalez

TTAR-AJ1 Adam Jones

TTAR-AJ2 Adam Jones

TTAR-AJ3 Adam Jones

TTAR-AJ4 Adam Jones

TTAR-AM1 Andrew Miller

TTAR-AM2 Andrew Miller

TTAR-AM3 Andrew Miller

TTAR-AM4 Andrew Miller

TTAR-AM5 Andrew Miller

TTAR-AP1 A.J. Pollock

TTAR-AP2 A.J. Pollock

TTAR-AP3 A.J. Pollock

TTAR-AP4 A.J. Pollock

TTAR-AP5 A.J. Pollock

TTAR-AR1 Anthony Rizzo

TTAR-AR2 Anthony Rizzo

TTAR-AR3 Anthony Rizzo

TTAR-AR4 Anthony Rizzo

TTAR-AR5 Anthony Rizzo

TTAR-AW1 Alex Wood

TTAR-AW2 Alex Wood

TTAR-AW3 Alex Wood

TTAR-AW4 Alex Wood

TTAR-AW5 Alex Wood

TTAR-BB1 Brandon Belt

TTAR-BC1 Brandon Crawford

TTAR-BC2 Brandon Crawford

TTAR-BC3 Brandon Crawford

TTAR-BC4 Brandon Crawford

TTAR-BC5 Brandon Crawford

TTAR-BH1 Bryce Harper

TTAR-BH2 Bryce Harper

TTAR-BHO1 Brock Holt

TTAR-BHO2 Brock Holt

TTAR-BHO3 Brock Holt

TTAR-BHO4 Brock Holt

TTAR-BHO5 Brock Holt

TTAR-BM1 Brian McCann

TTAR-BM2 Brian McCann

TTAR-BM3 Brian McCann

TTAR-BP1 Buster Posey

TTAR-CB1 Craig Biggio

TTAR-CD1 Crash Davis

TTAR-CD2 Crash Davis

TTAR-CDI1 Corey Dickerson

TTAR-CDI2 Corey Dickerson

TTAR-CDI3 Corey Dickerson

TTAR-CF1 Carlton Fisk

TTAR-CH1 Cole Hamels

TTAR-CK1 Clayton Kershaw

TTAR-CM1 Carlos Martinez

TTAR-CM2 Carlos Martinez

TTAR-CM3 Carlos Martinez

TTAR-CM4 Carlos Martinez

TTAR-CM5 Carlos Martinez

TTAR-CR1 Cal Ripken Jr.

TTAR-CS1 Curt Schilling

TTAR-CSA1 Chris Sale

TTAR-CSA2 Chris Sale

TTAR-CSA3 Chris Sale

TTAR-CSA4 Chris Sale

TTAR-CSH1 Curt Schilling

TTAR-CY1 Carl Yastrzemski

TTAR-CYE1 Christian Yelich

TTAR-CYE2 Christian Yelich

TTAR-CYE3 Christian Yelich

TTAR-CYE4 Christian Yelich

TTAR-CYE5 Christian Yelich

TTAR-DG1 Dee Gordon

TTAR-DG2 Dee Gordon

TTAR-DG3 Dee Gordon

TTAR-DG4 Dee Gordon

TTAR-DG5 Dee Gordon

TTAR-DK1 Dallas Keuchel

TTAR-DK2 Dallas Keuchel

TTAR-DK3 Dallas Keuchel

TTAR-DK4 Dallas Keuchel

TTAR-DK5 Dallas Keuchel

TTAR-DL1 Derrek Lee

TTAR-DL2 Derrek Lee

TTAR-DL3 Derrek Lee

TTAR-DL4 Derrek Lee

TTAR-DL5 Derrek Lee

TTAR-DO1 David Ortiz

TTAR-EE1 Edwin Encarnacion

TTAR-EI1 Ender Inciarte

TTAR-EI2 Ender Inciarte

TTAR-EI3 Ender Inciarte

TTAR-EI4 Ender Inciarte

TTAR-EI5 Ender Inciarte

TTAR-EL1 Evan Longoria

TTAR-FH1 Felix Hernandez

TTAR-GR1 Garrett Richards

TTAR-GR2 Garrett Richards

TTAR-GR3 Garrett Richards

TTAR-GR4 Garrett Richards

TTAR-GR5 Garrett Richards

TTAR-HA1 Hank Aaron

TTAR-I Ichiro

TTAR-ICH1 Ichiro

TTAR-IS Ichiro

TTAR-JA1 Jose Abreu

TTAR-JB1 Jeff Bagwell

TTAR-JB2 Jeff Bagwell

TTAR-JB3 Jeff Bagwell

TTAR-JB4 Jeff Bagwell

TTAR-JD1 Jacob deGrom

TTAR-JD2 Jacob deGrom

TTAR-JD3 Jacob deGrom

TTAR-JD4 Jacob deGrom

TTAR-JD5 Jacob deGrom

TTAR-JF1 Jeurys Familia

TTAR-JF2 Jeurys Familia

TTAR-JF3 Jeurys Familia

TTAR-JG1 Joey Gallo

TTAR-JH1 Jesse Hahn

TTAR-JH2 Jesse Hahn

TTAR-JHE1 Jason Heyward

TTAR-JHE2 Jason Heyward

TTAR-JHE3 Jason Heyward

TTAR-JHE4 Jason Heyward

TTAR-JHE5 Jason Heyward

TTAR-JL1 Jon Lester

TTAR-JL2 Jon Lester

TTAR-JM1 J.D. Martinez

TTAR-JM2 J.D. Martinez

TTAR-JM3 J.D. Martinez

TTAR-JM4 J.D. Martinez

TTAR-JM5 J.D. Martinez

TTAR-JR1 Jim Rice

TTAR-JR2 Jim Rice

TTAR-JRE1 J.T. Realmuto

TTAR-JRE2 J.T. Realmuto

TTAR-JRE3 J.T. Realmuto

TTAR-JS1 James Shields

TTAR-JS2 James Shields

TTAR-JS3 James Shields

TTAR-JS4 James Shields

TTAR-JS5 James Shields

TTAR-JSO1 Jorge Soler

TTAR-JSO2 Jorge Soler

TTAR-JSO3 Jorge Soler

TTAR-JSO4 Jorge Soler

TTAR-JSO5 Jorge Soler

TTAR-JT1 Justin Turner

TTAR-JT2 Justin Turner

TTAR-KC1 Kole Calhoun

TTAR-KC2 Kole Calhoun

TTAR-KC3 Kole Calhoun

TTAR-KC4 Kole Calhoun

TTAR-KC5 Kole Calhoun

TTAR-KGM Ken Griffey Jr.

TTAR-KGR Ken Griffey Jr.

TTAR-KM1 Kendrys Morales

TTAR-KM2 Kendrys Morales

TTAR-KM3 Kendrys Morales

TTAR-KM4 Kendrys Morales

TTAR-KM5 Kendrys Morales

TTAR-KS1 Kyle Seager

TTAR-KS2 Kyle Seager

TTAR-KS3 Kyle Seager

TTAR-KS4 Kyle Seager

TTAR-KS5 Kyle Seager

TTAR-KW1 Kolten Wong

TTAR-KW2 Kolten Wong

TTAR-KW3 Kolten Wong

TTAR-KW4 Kolten Wong

TTAR-KW5 Kolten Wong

TTAR-MC2 Matt Carpenter

TTAR-MG1 Mark Grace

TTAR-MG2 Mark Grace

TTAR-MG3 Mark Grace

TTAR-MG4 Mark Grace

TTAR-MGR1 Mark Grace

TTAR-MH1 Matt Harvey

TTAR-MM1 Manny Machado

TTAR-MM2 Manny Machado

TTAR-MM3 Manny Machado

TTAR-MM4 Manny Machado

TTAR-MMC1 Mark McGwire

TTAR-MMG1 Mark McGwire

TTAR-MP1 Mike Piazza

TTAR-MPI1 Michael Pineda

TTAR-MPI2 Michael Pineda

TTAR-MPI3 Michael Pineda

TTAR-MPI4 Michael Pineda

TTAR-MPI5 Michael Pineda

TTAR-MPIA1 Mike Piazza

TTAR-MR1 Matt Reynolds

TTAR-MR2 Matt Reynolds

TTAR-MR3 Matt Reynolds

TTAR-MR4 Matt Reynolds

TTAR-MR5 Matt Reynolds

TTAR-MS1 Matt Shoemaker

TTAR-MS2 Matt Shoemaker

TTAR-MS3 Matt Shoemaker

TTAR-MS4 Matt Shoemaker

TTAR-MS5 Matt Shoemaker

TTAR-MSE3 Marcus Semien

TTAR-MST1 Marcus Stroman

TTAR-MST2 Marcus Stroman

TTAR-MST3 Marcus Stroman

TTAR-MST4 Marcus Stroman

TTAR-MST5 Marcus Stroman

TTAR-MT1 Mike Trout

TTAR-MW1 Michael Wacha

TTAR-MW2 Michael Wacha

TTAR-MW3 Michael Wacha

TTAR-MW4 Michael Wacha

TTAR-MW5 Michael Wacha

TTAR-NA1 Nolan Arenado

TTAR-NA2 Nolan Arenado

TTAR-NA3 Nolan Arenado

TTAR-NA4 Nolan Arenado

TTAR-NR1 Nolan Ryan

TTAR-PF1 Prince Fielder

TTAR-PM1 Paul Molitor

TTAR-RB1 Ryan Braun

TTAR-RC1 Roger Clemens

TTAR-RCA1 Rusney Castillo

TTAR-RCAN Robinson Cano

TTAR-RH1 Rickey Henderson

TTAR-RHE1 Rickey Henderson

TTAR-RI1 Raisel Iglesias

TTAR-RI2 Raisel Iglesias

TTAR-RJO1 Randy Johnson

TTAR-ROL1 Rollie Fingers

TTAR-ROL2 Rollie Fingers

TTAR-ROL3 Rollie Fingers

TTAR-ROL4 Rollie Fingers

TTAR-ROL5 Rollie Fingers

TTAR-RS1 Ryne Sandberg

TTAR-SC1 Steve Carlton

TTAR-SCA2 Starlin Castro

TTAR-SD1 Sean Doolittle

TTAR-SD2 Sean Doolittle

TTAR-SD3 Sean Doolittle

TTAR-SG1 Sonny Gray

TTAR-SG2 Sonny Gray

TTAR-SG3 Sonny Gray

TTAR-SG4 Sonny Gray

TTAR-SG5 Sonny Gray

TTAR-SM1 Starling Marte

TTAR-SM2 Starling Marte

TTAR-SM3 Starling Marte

TTAR-SM4 Starling Marte

TTAR-TEX1 Mark Teixeira

TTAR-TEX2 Mark Teixeira

TTAR-TEX3 Mark Teixeira

TTAR-TEX4 Mark Teixeira

TTAR-TT1 Troy Tulowitzki

TTAR-WD1 Wade Davis

TTAR-WD2 Wade Davis

TTAR-WD3 Wade Davis

TTAR-WD4 Wade Davis

TTAR-WD5 Wade Davis

TTAR-WM1 Wil Myers

TTAR-YD1 Yu Darvish

TTAR-YG1 Yasmani Grandal

TTAR-YG2 Yasmani Grandal

TTAR-YG3 Yasmani Grandal

TTAR-YG4 Yasmani Grandal

TTAR-YG5 Yasmani Grandal

TTAR-YT1 Yasmany Tomas

Auto Relic Combos

Each Auto Relic Combo is serial-numbered to 36 copies and available in the following parallels.

  • Silver (serial-numbered to 27 copies)
  • Emerald (serial-numbered to 18 copies)
  • Gold (serial-numbered to nine)
  • Sapphire (serial-numbered to three)
  • Ruby (one-of-one)
  • Wood (one-of-one)
  • White Whale Printing Plate (set of four for each card)

TTARC-BLR Jon Lester / Kris Bryant / Anthony Rizzo

TTARC-CAK Jose Altuve / Carlos Correa / Dallas Keuchel

TTARC-DCB Brandon Crawford / Brandon Belt / Matt Duffy

TTARC-HCI Felix Hernandez / Robinson Cano / Hisashi Iwakuma

TTARC-HTS Chase Headley / Mark Teixeira / Luis Severino

TTARC-MPH Starling Marte / Gregory Polanco / Josh Harrison

TTARC-OIF Ender Inciarte / Freddie Freeman / Hector Olivera

TTARC-PSM Joc Pederson / Kenta Maeda / Corey Seager

TTARC-PTM Yasmany Tomas / A.J. Pollock / Shelby Miller

TTARC-PWM Stephen Piscotty / Kolten Wong / Carlos Martinez

TTARC-SHS Jorge Soler / Jason Heyward / Kyle Schwarber

TTARC-SMD Steven Matz / Jacob deGrom / Noah Syndergaard

TTARC-SPP Rick Porcello / Dustin Pedroia / Blake Swihart

TTARC-TGG Yasmani Grandal / Justin Turner / Adrian Gonzalez

TTARC-TSE Edwin Encarnacion / Marcus Stroman / Troy Tulowitzki

Unity Autograph Jumbo Relics

Each Unity Autograph Jumbo Relic is serial-numbered to 99 copies and available in the following parallels.

  • Silver (serial-numbered to 27 copies)
  • Emerald (serial-numbered to 18 copies)
  • Gold (serial-numbered to nine)
  • Sapphire (serial-numbered to three)
  • Ruby (one-of-one)

UAJR-AC Alex Cobb

UAJR-AE Alcides Escobar

UAJR-AM Andrew Miller

UAJR-AR Anthony Rizzo

UAJR-ARU Addison Russell

UAJR-AW Alex Wood

UAJR-BB Brandon Belt

UAJR-BC Brandon Crawford

UAJR-BDR Brandon Drury

UAJR-BH Brock Holt

UAJR-CD Corey Dickerson

UAJR-CE Carl Edwards, Jr.

UAJR-CM Carlos Martinez

UAJR-CR Colin Rea

UAJR-CRO Carlos Rodon

UAJR-CS Corey Seager

UAJR-CY Christian Yelich

UAJR-DA Dariel Alvarez

UAJR-DK Dallas Keuchel



UAJR-DTR Devon Travis

UAJR-EI Ender Inciarte

UAJR-FM Frankie Montas

UAJR-GB Greg Bird

UAJR-GHO Greg Holland

UAJR-GS George Springer

UAJR-GSP George Springer

UAJR-HO Hector Olivera

UAJR-HOE Henry Owens

UAJR-HOW Henry Owens

UAJR-JC Jose Canseco

UAJR-JCA Jose Canseco

UAJR-JF Jeurys Familia

UAJR-JH Jesse Hahn

UAJR-JP Joc Pederson


UAJR-JR J.T. Realmuto

UAJR-JS Jorge Soler

UAJR-JSH James Shields

UAJR-JT Justin Turner

UAJR-KC Kole Calhoun

UAJR-KCA Kole Calhoun

UAJR-KGI Ken Giles

UAJR-KH Kelvin Herrera

UAJR-KMA Ketel Marte

UAJR-KW Kolten Wong

UAJR-KWO Kolten Wong

UAJR-LS Luis Severino

UAJR-MCO Michael Conforto

UAJR-MD1 Matt Duffy

UAJR-MD2 Matt Duffy

UAJR-MDU Matt Duffy

UAJR-MF Maikel Franco

UAJR-MP Michael Pineda

UAJR-MR Matt Reynolds

UAJR-MRE Michael Reed

UAJR-MS Marcus Semien

UAJR-MSA Miguel Sano

UAJR-MSE Marcus Semien

UAJR-MSH Matt Shoemaker

UAJR-MW Matt Wisler

UAJR-MWA Michael Wacha

UAJR-NEO Nathan Eovaldi

UAJR-NS Noah Syndergaard

UAJR-OV Omar Vizquel

UAJR-RI Raisel Iglesias

UAJR-RR Rob Refsnyder

UAJR-SD Sean Doolittle

UAJR-SDO Sean Doolittle

UAJR-SM Steven Matz

UAJR-SMA Starling Marte

UAJR-SMT Steven Matz

UAJR-YG Yasmani Grandal

UAJR-YR Yadiel Rivera

UAJR-ZW Zack Wheeler

Deca Threads Auto Relics

Each Deca Threads Auto Relic is serial-numbered to ten and available in the following parallels.

  • Gold (serial-numbered to five)
  • Ruby (one-of-one)

DAR-BP Buster Posey

DAR-CK Clayton Kershaw

DAR-CS Curt Schilling

DAR-CY Carl Yastrzemski

DAR-IR Ivan Rodriguez

DAR-JC Jose Canseco

DAR-JG Juan Gonzalez

DAR-KG Ken Griffey Jr.

DAR-MP Mike Piazza

DAR-MT Mike Trout

Deca Auto Relic Combos

Each Deca Auto Relic Combo is serial-numbered to ten and available in the following parallels.

  • Gold (serial-numbered to five)
  • Ruby (one-of-one)

DARC-AS Craig Biggio / Randy Johnson / John Smoltz / Frank Thomas / Greg Maddux / Barry Larkin / Tom Glavine

DARC-CS David Wright / Matt Harvey / Noah Syndergaard / Michael Conforto / Nolan Ryan / Mike Piaza / Gary Ca

DARC-DH Ryne Sandberg / Greg Maddux / Ernie Banks / Andre Dawson / Kyle Schwarber / Anthony Rizzo / Jason He

DARC-EH Jeurys Familia / Wade Davis / Yoenis Cespedes / David Wright / Noah Syndergaard / Kelvin Herrera / A

DARC-HS Nathan Eovaldi / Noah Syndergaard / David Wright / Michael Conforto / Luis Severino / Steven Matz /

DARC-IG Mike Trout / Ken Griffey, Jr. / Al Kaline / Hank Aaron / Rickey Henderson / Duke Snider / Vladimir G

DARC-KE Randy Johnson / Dennis Eckersley / Tom Glavine / Nolan Ryan / Roger Clemens / Clayton Kershaw / John

DARC-PR Jacob deGrom / Alex Gordon / Manny Machado / Jose Altuve / Dallas Keuchel / Buster Posey / Ryan Brau

DARC-RG Ken Griffey, Jr. / Mariano Rivera / Hank Aaron / Carl Yastrzemski / Roberto Alomar / Nolan Ryan / Fr

DARC-WP Wade Boggs / Mariano Rivera / Don Mattingly / Rickey Henderson / Reggie Jackson / Paul O'Neill / Rog

Jumbo Plus Autograph Relics

Each Jumbo Plus Autograph Relic is serial-numbered to three and available in a one-of-one Ruby parallel.

TTJAR-BH Bryce Harper

TTJAR-BP Buster Posey

TTJAR-CJ Chipper Jones

TTJAR-CK Clayton Kershaw

TTJAR-CR Cal Ripken, Jr.

TTJAR-DW David Wright

TTJAR-FH Felix Hernandez

TTJAR-HR Hanley Ramirez


TTJAR-JB Jeff Bagwell

TTJAR-KS Kyle Schwarber

TTJAR-MP Mike Piazza

TTJAR-MT Mike Trout

TTJAR-TT Troy Tulowitzki

TTJAR-YC Yoenis Cespedes

Letter Plus Autograph Relics

Each Letter Plus Autograph Relic is serial-numbered to three and available in a one-of-one Ruby parallel.

LPAR-BH Bryce Harper

LPAR-BP Buster Posey

LPAR-CJ Chipper Jones

LPAR-CK Clayton Kershaw

LPAR-CR Cal Ripken, Jr.

LPAR-DW David Wright

LPAR-FH Felix Hernandez


LPAR-JB Jeff Bagwell

LPAR-KS Kyle Schwarber

LPAR-MP Mike Piazza

LPAR-MT Mike Trout

LPAR-OV Omar Vizquel

LPAR-TT Troy Tulowitzki

LPAR-YC Yoenis Cespedes

Cut Above Autograph

Each Cut Above is a one-of-one.

TTCA-BR Babe Ruth

TTCA-DS Duke Snider

TTCA-EM Eddie Mathews

TTCA-HWI Hoyt Wilhelm

TTCA-JR Jackie Robinson

TTCA-RK Ralph Kiner

TTCA-RM Roger Maris

TTCA-SM Stan Musial

TTCA-TW Ted Williams

TTCA-WS Warren Spahn

Dual Cut Above Autographs

Each Dual Cut Above is a one-of-one.

TTDCA-CS Roberto Clemente / Willie Stargell

TTDCA-MS Eddie Mathews / Warren Spahn

TTDCA-RS Jackie Robinson / Duke Snider

TTDCA-WM Stan Musial / Ted Williams

TTDCA-WMA Roger Maris / Ted Williams