2017 Topps Tier One Baseball Box - Hobby - 3 Hits!!! Aaron Judge?
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2017 Topps Tier One

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2017 Topps Tier One was released exclusively to Hobby outlets June 30th, a couple of weeks later than in previous years. Each box will continue to yield one Relic and two autographs.

As usual, there is no "base set" in the conventional sense. It's all hits all the time.


Three cards per box (MSRP: $100). 12 boxes per case. Hobby only.


Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Odds
Relics 75 331 ?
Dual Relics 75 25 1:15
Triple Relics 75 one-of-one 1:356
Legends Relics 26 varies 1:7
Legends Dual Relics 26 25 1:41
Legends Triple Relics 26 one-of-one 1:968
Prodigious Patches 40 10 1:52
Prodigious Patches Platinum 40 one-of-one 1:515
All-Star Patches 20 one-of-one 1:1274
Limited Lumber 90 one-of-one 1:282
Bat Knobs 84 one-of-one 1:303
Autographs 36 varies 1:20
Autographs Copper Ink 36 25 1:53
Autographs Silver Ink 36 10 1:78
Autographs Gold Ink 36 one-of-one 1:734
Break Out Autographs 103 varies ?
Break Out Autographs Copper Ink 103 25 1:10
Break Out Autographs Silver Ink 103 10 1:25
Break Out Autographs Gold Ink 103 one-of-one 1:247
Prime Performers Autographs 98 varies ?
Prime Performers Autographs Copper Ink 98 25 1:10
Prime Performers Autographs Silver Ink 98 10 1:25
Prime Performers Autographs Gold Ink 98 one-of-one 1:247
Clear One Autographs 94 5 1:50
Dual Autographs 14 25 1:67
Triple Autographs 5 10 1:494
Autographed Relics 50 varies 1:9
Autographed Dual Patches 50 25 1:21
Autographed Triple Patches 50 one-of-one 1:505
Autographed Prodigious Patches 37 10 1:60
Autographed Prodigious Patches Platinum 37 one-of-one 1:591
Dual Autograph Relic Book 22 10 1:113
Dual Autograph Relic Book Platinum 22 one-of-one 1:1100
Signature Tools Autographed Relics 59 one-of-one 1:494
Autographed Limited Lumber 40 one-of-one 1:577
Autographed Bat Knobs 42 one-of-one 1:577
Cut Signatures 25 one-of-one 1:1009
Cut Signature Relics 13 one-of-one 1:1862




Bryce-Harper.jpg?id=e596b699-9c5f-4f4c-9376-3860114d17fb&size=original&side=front&.jpg Bryce-Harper.jpg?id=e596b699-9c5f-4f4c-9376-3860114d17fb&size=original&side=back&.jpg

Each Relic is serial-numbered to 331 copies EXCEPT #T1R-CD which is numbered to 225. Each is also available in the following parallels.

  • Dual Relics (serial-numbered to 25 copies)
  • Triple Relics (one-of-one)

T1R-AB Alex Bregman

T1R-ABE Andrew Benintendi

T1R-AJ Aaron Judge

T1R-AM Andrew McCutchen

T1R-APU Albert Pujols

T1R-AR Anthony Rizzo

T1R-ARE Alex Reyes

T1R-ARU Addison Russell

T1R-BB Brandon Belt

T1R-BD Brian Dozier

T1R-BH Bryce Harper

T1R-BHA Billy Hamilton

T1R-BP Buster Posey

T1R-BZ Ben Zobrist

T1R-CA Chris Archer

T1R-CC Carlos Correa

T1R-CD Chris Davis

T1R-CG Carlos Gonzalez

T1R-CK Clayton Kershaw

T1R-CKL Corey Kluber

T1R-CSE Corey Seager

T1R-CY Christian Yelich

T1R-DB Dellin Betances

T1R-DD David Dahl

T1R-DL DJ LeMahieu

T1R-DM Daniel Murphy

T1R-DP Dustin Pedroia

T1R-DS Dansby Swanson

T1R-EH Eric Hosmer

T1R-FF Freddie Freeman

T1R-FH Felix Hernandez

T1R-GP Gregory Polanco

T1R-GS Giancarlo Stanton

T1R-GSA Gary Sanchez

T1R-GSP George Springer

T1R-HR Hunter Renfroe

T1R-JA Jake Arrieta

T1R-JB Jackie Bradley, Jr.

T1R-JC Johnny Cueto

T1R-JD Josh Donaldson

T1R-JDE Jacob deGrom

T1R-JL Jon Lester

T1R-JM J.D. Martinez

T1R-JV Joey Votto

T1R-JVE Justin Verlander

T1R-KB Kris Bryant

T1R-KS Kyle Seager

T1R-KSC Kyle Schwarber

T1R-LW Luke Weaver

T1R-MB Mookie Betts

T1R-MC Miguel Cabrera

T1R-MCA Matt Carpenter

T1R-MM Manny Machado

T1R-MS Max Scherzer

T1R-MT Mike Trout

T1R-MTA Masahiro Tanaka

T1R-NA Nolan Arenado

T1R-NC Nelson Cruz

T1R-NS Noah Syndergaard

T1R-PG Paul Goldschmidt

T1R-RB Ryan Braun

T1R-RC Robinson Cano

T1R-RG Robert Gsellman

T1R-RO Rougned Odor

T1R-SM Starling Marte

T1R-SP Stephen Piscotty

T1R-SS Stephen Strasburg

T1R-TF Todd Frazier

T1R-TG Tyler Glasnow

T1R-TS Trevor Story

T1R-WM Wil Myers

T1R-XB Xander Bogaerts

T1R-YG Yulieski Gurriel

T1R-ZB Zach Britton

T1R-ZG Zack Greinke

Legends Relics

Randy-Johnson.jpg?id=163b2b90-9750-4dc5-9c9e-2182c374135d&size=original&side=front&.jpg Randy-Johnson.jpg?id=163b2b90-9750-4dc5-9c9e-2182c374135d&size=original&side=back&.jpg

Each Legends Relic is also available in the following parallels.

  • Dual Relics (serial-numbered to 25 copies)
  • Triple Relics (one-of-one)

T1RL-BR Babe Ruth 30

T1RL-CJ Chipper Jones 200

T1RL-CR Cal Ripken, Jr. 200

T1RL-CY Carl Yastrzemski 200

T1RL-DJ Derek Jeter 200

T1RL-DS Duke Snider

T1RL-EB Ernie Banks 25

T1RL-ES Enos Slaughter 200

T1RL-FT Frank Thomas 200

T1RL-GB George Brett 200

T1RL-GC Gary Carter 100

T1RL-GM Greg Maddux 200

T1RL-HA Hank Aaron 200

T1RL-JB Johnny Bench 200

T1RL-JR Jackie Robinson 40

T1RL-KGJ Ken Griffey, Jr. 200

T1RL-MM Mark McGwire 200

T1RL-MP Mike Piazza 200

T1RL-NR Nolan Ryan 200

T1RL-PR Phil Rizzuto 100

T1RL-RC Roberto Clemente 200

T1RL-RJ Randy Johnson 200

T1RL-RM Roger Maris

T1RL-TC Ty Cobb 60

T1RL-TW Ted Williams 200

T1RL-WS Willie Stargell

Prodigious Patches

David-Dahl.jpg?id=cea2db5f-ebf2-4999-a74e-41f69a7a452c&size=original&side=front&.jpg David-Dahl.jpg?id=cea2db5f-ebf2-4999-a74e-41f69a7a452c&size=original&side=back&.jpg

Each Prodigious Patch is serial-numbered to ten with a one-of-one Platinum parallel also available.

PP-AB Alex Bregman

PP-ABE Andrew Benintendi

PP-AM Andrew McCutchen

PP-AP Albert Pujols

PP-AR Anthony Rizzo

PP-ARE Alex Reyes

PP-ARU Addison Russell

PP-BH Bryce Harper

PP-BP Buster Posey

PP-BZ Ben Zobrist

PP-CC Carlos Correa

PP-CG Carlos Gonzalez

PP-CK Clayton Kershaw

PP-CKL Corey Kluber

PP-CSE Corey Seager

PP-CY Christian Yelich

PP-DB Dellin Betances

PP-DD David Dahl

PP-DM Daniel Murphy

PP-DP Dustin Pedroia

PP-DS Dansby Swanson

PP-EH Eric Hosmer

PP-FF Freddie Freeman

PP-GS Giancarlo Stanton

PP-GSA Gary Sanchez

PP-GSP George Springer

PP-JA Jake Arrieta

PP-JD Josh Donaldson

PP-JDE Jacob deGrom

PP-JM J.D. Martinez

PP-JV Joey Votto

PP-MB Mookie Betts

PP-MC Miguel Cabrera

PP-MM Manny Machado

PP-MS Max Scherzer

PP-MT Mike Trout

PP-MTA Masahiro Tanaka

PP-NA Nolan Arenado

PP-NS Noah Syndergaard

PP-PG Paul Goldschmidt

PP-RB Ryan Braun

PP-RC Robinson Cano

PP-SM Starling Marte

PP-SP Stephen Piscotty

PP-SS Stephen Strasburg

PP-TG Tyler Glasnow

PP-WM Wil Myers

PP-XB Xander Bogaerts

PP-YG Yulieski Gurriel

All-Star Patches

Each All-Star Patch is a one-of-one.

T1ASP-AR Anthony Rizzo

T1ASP-ARU Addison Russell

T1ASP-BP Buster Posey

T1ASP-CK Clayton Kershaw

T1ASP-DM Daniel Murphy

T1ASP-DO David Ortiz

T1ASP-FL Francisco Lindor

T1ASP-JA Jose Altuve

T1ASP-JAR Jake Arrieta

T1ASP-JD Josh Donaldson

T1ASP-KB Kris Bryant

T1ASP-MB Mookie Betts

T1ASP-MC Miguel Cabrera

T1ASP-MM Manny Machado

T1ASP-MS Max Scherzer

T1ASP-MT Mike Trout

T1ASP-NA Nolan Arenado

T1ASP-NS Noah Syndergaard

T1ASP-RC Robinson Cano

T1ASP-XB Xander Bogaerts

Limited Lumber

Each Limited Lumber card is a one-of-one.

T1LL-ADG Adrian Gonzalez

T1LL-AE Alcides Escobar

T1LL-AG Adrian Gonzalez

T1LL-AGO Adrian Gonzalez

T1LL-AP Albert Pujols

T1LL-APU Albert Pujols

T1LL-AR Alex Rodriguez

T1LL-ARO Alex Rodriguez

T1LL-AW Adam Wainwright

T1LL-BL Barry Larkin

T1LL-BN Brandon Nimmo

T1LL-BP Buster Posey

T1LL-BPU Buster Posey

T1LL-BW Bernie Williams

T1LL-BZ Ben Zobrist

T1LL-CK Clayton Kershaw

T1LL-CR Cal Ripken, Jr.

T1LL-CS Carlos Santana

T1LL-CY Christian Yelich

T1LL-CYE Christian Yelich

T1LL-DP Dustin Pedroia

T1LL-DPE Dustin Pedroia

T1LL-DT Devon Travis

T1LL-DUP Dustin Pedroia

T1LL-DW David Wright

T1LL-DWR David Wright

T1LL-EB Ernie Banks

T1LL-EE Edwin Encarnacion

T1LL-EL Evan Longoria

T1LL-ELO Evan Longoria

T1LL-EVL Evan Longoria

T1LL-FJ Fergie Jenkins

T1LL-FR Frank Robinson

T1LL-GB Greg Bird

T1LL-GIS Giancarlo Stanton

T1LL-GM Greg Maddux

T1LL-GS Giancarlo Stanton

T1LL-HA Hank Aaron

T1LL-HAR Hanley Ramirez

T1LL-HD Hunter Dozier

T1LL-HR Hanley Ramirez

T1LL-HRA Hanley Ramirez

T1LL-HRE Hunter Renfroe

T1LL-IK Ian Kinsler

T1LL-JA Jose Abreu

T1LL-JAB Jose Abreu

T1LL-JB Jay Bruce

T1LL-JC Jose Canseco

T1LL-JD Josh Donaldson

T1LL-JE Jacoby Ellsbury

T1LL-JMO Joe Morgan

T1LL-JS Jorge Soler

T1LL-JT Justin Turner

T1LL-JU Justin Upton

T1LL-KC Kole Calhoun

T1LL-KCA Kole Calhoun

T1LL-LC Lorenzo Cain

T1LL-LCA Lorenzo Cain

T1LL-MA Matt Adams

T1LL-MO Marcell Ozuna

T1LL-MP Martin Prado

T1LL-MPI Mike Piazza

T1LL-MT Mark Trumbo

T1LL-MTR Mike Trout

T1LL-NM Nick Markakis

T1LL-NMA Nick Markakis

T1LL-NR Nolan Ryan

T1LL-OA Orlando Arcia

T1LL-PO Paul O'Neill

T1LL-RB Ryan Braun

T1LL-RM Raul Mondesi, Jr.

T1LL-RS Ryne Sandberg

T1LL-RSA Ryne Sandberg

T1LL-RZ Ryan Zimmerman

T1LL-SAJ Sandy Alomar, Jr.

T1LL-TF Todd Frazier

T1LL-TT Troy Tulowitzki

T1LL-TTR Troy Tulowitzki

T1LL-WB Wade Boggs

T1LL-WC Willson Contreras

T1LL-XB Xander Bogaerts

T1LL-YA Yonder Alonso

T1LL-YAP Yasiel Puig

T1LL-YC Yoenis Cespedes

T1LL-YM Yadier Molina

T1LL-YMO Yadier Molina

T1LL-YP Yasiel Puig

T1LL-YPU Yasiel Puig

T1LL-YT Yasmany Tomas

T1LL-YTO Yasmany Tomas

Bat Knobs

Each Bat Knob card is a one-of-one.

T1BK-AA Albert Almora, Jr.

T1BK-AAL Albert Almora, Jr.

T1BK-AG Adrian Gonzalez

T1BK-AGO Adrian Gonzalez

T1BK-AH Austin Hedges

T1BK-ALP Albert Pujols

T1BK-AP A.J. Pollock

T1BK-APU Albert Pujols

T1BK-AR Alex Rodriguez

T1BK-ARO Alex Rodriguez

T1BK-AW Adam Wainwright

T1BK-BH Bryce Harper

T1BK-BL Barry Larkin

T1BK-BN Brandon Nimmo

T1BK-BP Buster Posey

T1BK-BPO Buster Posey

T1BK-BW Bernie Williams

T1BK-CK Clayton Kershaw

T1BK-CO Chris Owings

T1BK-CS Corey Seager

T1BK-CSA Carlos Santana

T1BK-CY Carl Yastrzemski

T1BK-CYE Christian Yelich

T1BK-DW David Wright

T1BK-DWR David Wright

T1BK-EB Ernie Banks

T1BK-EE Edwin Encarnacion

T1BK-EL Evan Longoria

T1BK-GB Greg Bird

T1BK-GS Giancarlo Stanton

T1BK-HD Hunter Dozier

T1BK-HRE Hunter Renfroe

T1BK-HW Honus Wagner

T1BK-JA Jose Abreu

T1BK-JAB Jose Abreu

T1BK-JB Jay Bruce

T1BK-JBE Johnny Bench

T1BK-JC Jose Canseco

T1BK-JD Josh Donaldson

T1BK-JG Juan Gonzalez

T1BK-JOA Jose Abreu

T1BK-JR Jim Rice

T1BK-JSO Jorge Soler

T1BK-KB Kris Bryant

T1BK-KCA Kole Calhoun

T1BK-KM Kendrys Morales

T1BK-KMA Ketel Marte

T1BK-KS Kyle Schwarber

T1BK-LC Lorenzo Cain

T1BK-LCA Lorenzo Cain

T1BK-MA Matt Adams

T1BK-MAA Matt Adams

T1BK-MAD Matt Adams

T1BK-MO Marcell Ozuna

T1BK-MP Mike Piazza

T1BK-MPI Mike Piazza

T1BK-MT Mike Trout

T1BK-MTR Mike Trout

T1BK-OA Orlando Arcia

T1BK-OC Orlando Cepeda

T1BK-OCE Orlando Cepeda

T1BK-PO Paul O'Neill

T1BK-RA Richie Ashburn

T1BK-RAL Roberto Alomar

T1BK-RHE Rickey Henderson

T1BK-RHO Ryan Howard

T1BK-RM Raul Mondesi, Jr.

T1BK-RS Ryne Sandberg

T1BK-SAJ Sandy Alomar, Jr.

T1BK-TC Ty Cobb

T1BK-TD Travis d'Arnaud

T1BK-TF Todd Frazier

T1BK-TG Tom Glavine

T1BK-TGL Tom Glavine

T1BK-TW Ted Williams

T1BK-WB Wade Boggs

T1BK-WC Willson Contreras

T1BK-XB Xander Bogaerts

T1BK-YC Yoenis Cespedes

T1BK-YCE Yoenis Cespedes

T1BK-YP Yasiel Puig

T1BK-YPU Yasiel Puig

T1BK-YT Yasmany Tomas

T1BK-YTO Yasmany Tomas



Ivan-Rodriguez.jpg?id=e8cde5c0-427f-45a6-a491-a4218ce3caef&size=original&side=front&.jpg Ivan-Rodriguez.jpg?id=e8cde5c0-427f-45a6-a491-a4218ce3caef&size=original&side=back&.jpg

Each Tier One Autograph is also available in the following parallels.

  • Copper Ink (serial-numbered to 25 copies)
  • Silver Ink (serial-numbered to ten)
  • Gold Ink (one-of-one)

T1A-BB Barry Bonds 11

T1A-BH Bryce Harper 20

T1A-BJ Bo Jackson 30

T1A-BP Buster Posey 25

T1A-CC Carlos Correa 99

T1A-CJ Chipper Jones 30

T1A-CK Clayton Kershaw 30

T1A-CR Cal Ripken, Jr. 30

T1A-DJ Derek Jeter 11

T1A-DM Don Mattingly 99

T1A-DO David Ortiz 75

T1A-FT Frank Thomas 99

T1A-GM Greg Maddux 20

T1A-HA Hank Aaron 11

T1A-I Ichiro 20

T1A-IR Ivan Rodriguez 99

T1A-JB Johnny Bench 30

T1A-KB Kris Bryant

T1A-KG Ken Griffey, Jr. EXCH

T1A-MMA Manny Machado 30

T1A-MMG Mark McGwire 30

T1A-MP Mike Piazza 30

T1A-MTA Masahiro Tanaka 20

T1A-MTR Mike Trout 20

T1A-NR Nolan Ryan 30

T1A-OV Omar Vizquel 30

T1A-RB Ryan Braun 30

T1A-RCA Rod Carew

T1A-RCL Roger Clemens 20

T1A-RH Rickey Henderson 30

T1A-RJA Reggie Jackson 30

T1A-RJO Randy Johnson 20

T1A-RS Ryne Sandberg 99

T1A-SC Steve Carlton 30

T1A-SK Sandy Koufax

T1A-TG Tom Glavine 99

Break Out Autographs

Alex-Bregman.jpg?id=6fe821ab-44af-48c2-8b8e-cb9a95e1a61b&size=original&side=front&.jpg Alex-Bregman.jpg?id=6fe821ab-44af-48c2-8b8e-cb9a95e1a61b&size=original&side=back&.jpg

Each Break Out Autograph is also available in the following parallels.

  • Copper Ink (serial-numbered to 25 copies)
  • Silver Ink (serial-numbered to ten)
  • Gold Ink (one-of-one)

BOA-AB Andrew Benintendi 90

BOA-ABR Alex Bregman 60

BOA-BSN Blake Snell 300

BOA-DDA David Dahl 140

BOA-DDH David Dahl 140

BOA-DG Didi Gregorius 140

BOA-DS Dansby Swanson 60

BOA-EDD Eddie Rosario 300

BOA-EI Ender Inciarte 171

BOA-ER Eddie Rosario 300

BOA-GB Greg Bird 180

BOA-GM German Marquez 297

BOA-HD Hunter Dozier 140

BOA-HOE Henry Owens EXCH

BOA-HOW Henry Owens EXCH

BOA-HR Hunter Renfroe 180

BOA-HRE Hunter Renfroe 200

BOA-JA Jorge Alfaro 300

BOA-JBA Javier Baez 65

BOA-AC Adam Conley 300

BOA-ADA Aledmys Diaz 140

BOA-ADI Aledmys Diaz 140

BOA-AJD Aaron Judge 140

BOA-AJR A.J. Reed 300

BOA-AJU Aaron Judge 140

BOA-ANL Aaron Nola 300

BOA-ANO Aaron Nola 300

BOA-ARD A.J. Reed 300

BOA-ARE Alex Reyes 140

BOA-ARY Alex Reyes 140

BOA-BM Bruce Maxwell 300

BOA-BS Blake Snell 300

BOA-CF Carson Fulmer 150

BOA-CP Chad Pinder 300

BOA-CRD Cody Reed 300

BOA-CRE Cody Reed 300

BOA-JBZ Javier Baez 65

BOA-JCO Jharel Cotton 300

BOA-JCT Jharel Cotton 300

BOA-JD Jose De Leon 90

BOA-JG Jon Gray 85

BOA-JH Jeremy Hazelbaker 300

BOA-JHO Jeff Hoffman 200

BOA-JJ JaCoby Jones 140

BOA-JM Joe Musgrove 300

BOA-JPA Joe Panik 120

BOA-JPN Joe Panik 120

BOA-JT Jameson Taillon 85

BOA-JU Julio Urias 50

BOA-KG Ken Giles 300

BOA-KS Kyle Schwarber 65

BOA-LG Lucas Giolito 65

BOA-LSE Luis Severino 90

BOA-LSV Luis Severino 90

BOA-LWA Luke Weaver 200

BOA-LWE Luke Weaver 200

BOA-MFA Maikel Franco 100

BOA-MFL Michael Fulmer 150

BOA-MFR Maikel Franco 100

BOA-MFU Michael Fulmer 150

BOA-MK Max Kepler 300

BOA-MKE Max Kepler 300

BOA-MM Manny Margot 300

BOA-MO Matt Olson 300

BOA-MSA Miguel Sano 90

BOA-NM Nomar Mazara 85

BOA-RG Randal Grichuk 200

BOA-RGE Robert Gsellman 300

BOA-RGR Randal Grichuk 200

BOA-RGS Robert Gsellman 300

BOA-RHA Ryon Healy 300

BOA-RHE Ryon Healy 300

BOA-RLO Reynaldo Lopez 300

BOA-RLP Reynaldo Lopez 300

BOA-RQI Roman Quinn 300

BOA-RQU Roman Quinn 300

BOA-RSC Ryan Schimpf 300

BOA-RST Robert Stephenson 300

BOA-RT Raimel Tapia 200

BOA-SLU Seth Lugo 300

BOA-SP Stephen Piscotty 85

BOA-SPI Stephen Piscotty 85

BOA-TAS Tyler Austin 300

BOA-TAU Tyler Austin 300

BOA-TB Ty Blach 295

BOA-TCN Tim Cooney 300

BOA-TCO Tim Cooney 300

BOA-TG Tyler Glasnow 200

BOA-TGL Tyler Glasnow 200

BOA-TMA Trey Mancini 300

BOA-TMN Trey Mancini 300

BOA-TNA Tyler Naquin 300

BOA-TNQ Tyler Naquin 300

BOA-TSO Trevor Story 140

BOA-TST Trevor Story 140

BOA-TTH Trayce Thompson 300

BOA-TTO Trayce Thompson 300

BOA-TTR Trea Turner 200

BOA-TTU Trea Turner 200

BOA-WC Willson Contreras 50

BOA-WCO Willson Contreras 50

BOA-YG Yulieski Gurriel 65

BOA-YMO Yoan Moncada

Prime Performers Autographs

Corey-Seager.jpg?id=76519f17-58b5-4c6b-81e7-1f5b5ab37d9e&size=original&side=front&.jpg Corey-Seager.jpg?id=76519f17-58b5-4c6b-81e7-1f5b5ab37d9e&size=original&side=back&.jpg

Each Prime Performers Autograph is also available in the following parallels.

  • Copper Ink (serial-numbered to 25 copies)
  • Silver Ink (serial-numbered to ten)
  • Gold Ink (one-of-one)

PPA-ADU Adam Duvall 300

PPA-ADV Adam Duvall 300

PPA-AGA Andres Galarraga 200

PPA-AGR Andres Galarraga 200

PPA-AJ Adam Jones 65

PPA-APE Andy Pettitte 40

PPA-ARI Anthony Rizzo 75

PPA-BA Bobby Abreu 100

PPA-BF Brandon Finnegan 300

PPA-BL Barry Larkin EXCH

PPA-CCO Carlos Correa EXCH

PPA-CCR Carlos Carrasco 300

PPA-CJ Chipper Jones 30

PPA-CSA Chris Sale 65

PPA-CSC Curt Schilling 40

PPA-CSE Corey Seager 40

PPA-DBE Dellin Betances 200

PPA-DBT Dellin Betances 200

PPA-DDF Danny Duffy 300

PPA-DDU Danny Duffy 300

PPA-DFO Dexter Fowler 100

PPA-DFW Dexter Fowler 100

PPA-DGR Dee Gordon 100

PPA-DL Derrek Lee 200

PPA-DMA Don Mattingly 30

PPA-DO David Ortiz 30

PPA-DPE Dustin Pedroia 40

PPA-DPM Drew Pomeranz 200

PPA-DPO Drew Pomeranz 200

PPA-DPR David Price 40

PPA-EE Edwin Encarnacion EXCH

PPA-FF Freddie Freeman 65

PPA-FLI Francisco Lindor EXCH

PPA-FLN Francisco Lindor EXCH

PPA-FR Frank Robinson 30

PPA-FT Frank Thomas 30

PPA-FV Fernando Valenzuela 65

PPA-GS George Springer 200

PPA-IR Ivan Rodriguez 40

PPA-JAL Jose Altuve 100

PPA-JAT Jose Altuve 100

PPA-JCA Jose Canseco 300

PPA-JCN Jose Canseco 300

PPA-JDE Jacob deGrom EXCH

PPA-JDG Jacob deGrom EXCH

PPA-JFA Jeurys Familia 300

PPA-JFM Jeurys Familia 300

PPA-JH Jason Heyward 40

PPA-JMA J.D. Martinez 100

PPA-JMR J.D. Martinez 175

PPA-JOE John Olerud 300

PPA-JOL John Olerud 300

PPA-JRC Jim Rice 100

PPA-JRI Jim Rice 100

PPA-JS John Smoltz 40

PPA-JTR Justin Turner 300

PPA-JTU Justin Turner 300

PPA-JV Jason Varitek 40

PPA-KB Kris Bryant EXCH

PPA-KDA Khris Davis 300

PPA-KDV Khris Davis 300

PPA-KH Kelvin Herrera 300

PPA-KMA Kenta Maeda 65

PPA-KMO Kendrys Morales 200

PPA-KSA Kyle Seager 200

PPA-KSE Kyle Seager 200

PPA-LB Lou Brock 65

PPA-MCA Matt Carpenter 100

PPA-MCR Matt Carpenter 100

PPA-MMA Manny Machado 30

PPA-MML Mark Mulder 300

PPA-MMU Mark Mulder 300

PPA-MW Matt Wieters 40

PPA-NSN Noah Syndergaard 85

PPA-NSY Noah Syndergaard 85

PPA-OG Ozzie Guillen 200

PPA-OS Ozzie Smith 40

PPA-OVI Omar Vizquel 200

PPA-OVZ Omar Vizquel 200

PPA-PF Prince Fielder 30

PPA-PK Paul Konerko 65

PPA-PN Phil Niekro 65

PPA-RA Roberto Alomar 40

PPA-RB Ryan Braun 40

PPA-RC Rod Carew 40

PPA-RO Roy Oswalt 200

PPA-RS Ryne Sandberg 30

PPA-RY Robin Yount 30

PPA-SA Sandy Alomar, Jr. 300

PPA-SMA Steven Matz 300

PPA-SME Starling Marte 200

PPA-SMR Starling Marte 200

PPA-SMT Steven Matz 300

PPA-SWI Steven Wright 300

PPA-SWR Steven Wright 300

PPA-WB Wade Boggs 30

PPA-WDA Wade Davis 300

PPA-WDV Wade Davis 300

Clear One Autographs

Jose-De-Leon.jpg?id=aed4d42f-486a-431e-9e14-3dc6543c455c&size=original&side=front&.jpg Jose-De-Leon.jpg?id=aed4d42f-486a-431e-9e14-3dc6543c455c&size=original&side=back&.jpg

Each Clear One Autograph is serial-numbered to five copies.

C1A-ABR Alex Bregman

C1A-ADA Andre Dawson

C1A-ADI Aledmys Diaz

C1A-AGA Andres Galarraga

C1A-AJO Adam Jones

C1A-AJU Aaron Judge

C1A-AK Al Kaline

C1A-APE Andy Pettitte

C1A-ARI Anthony Rizzo

C1A-BA Bobby Abreu

C1A-BB Barry Bonds

C1A-BH Bryce Harper

C1A-BJ Bo Jackson

C1A-BL Barry Larkin

C1A-BS Braden Shipley

C1A-BW Billy Wagner

C1A-CB Craig Biggio

C1A-CC Carlos Correa

C1A-CFI Carlton Fisk

C1A-CJ Chipper Jones

C1A-CK Clayton Kershaw

C1A-CRI Cal Ripken, Jr.

C1A-CSA Chris Sale

C1A-CSC Curt Schilling

C1A-CSE Corey Seager

C1A-CY Carl Yastrzemski

C1A-DD David Dahl

C1A-DM Don Mattingly

C1A-DO David Ortiz

C1A-DPR David Price

C1A-DS Dansby Swanson

C1A-EE Edwin Encarnacion

C1A-FF Freddie Freeman

C1A-FL Francisco Lindor

C1A-FT Frank Thomas

C1A-FV Fernando Valenzuela

C1A-GC Gavin Cecchini

C1A-GM Greg Maddux

C1A-HA Hank Aaron

C1A-HD Hunter Dozier

C1A-I Ichiro

C1A-IR Ivan Rodriguez

C1A-JAF Jorge Alfaro

C1A-JC Jharel Cotton

C1A-JDG Jacob deGrom

C1A-JDL Jose De Leon

C1A-JGO Juan Gonzalez

C1A-JGR Jon Gray

C1A-JHE Jason Heyward

C1A-JM Joe Musgrove

C1A-JR Jim Rice

C1A-JS John Smoltz

C1A-JTA Jameson Taillon

C1A-JU Julio Urias

C1A-JV Jason Varitek

C1A-KB Kris Bryant

C1A-KG Ken Griffey, Jr.

C1A-KM Kenta Maeda

C1A-KS Kyle Schwarber

C1A-LGI Lucas Giolito

C1A-LW Luke Weaver

C1A-MCA Matt Carpenter

C1A-MCO Michael Conforto

C1A-MMA Manny Machado

C1A-MMG Mark McGwire

C1A-MSA Miguel Sano

C1A-MT Mike Trout

C1A-NR Nolan Ryan

C1A-NS Noah Syndergaard

C1A-OA Orlando Arcia

C1A-OS Ozzie Smith

C1A-OV Omar Vizquel

C1A-PK Paul Konerko

C1A-PO Paul O'Neill

C1A-RA Roberto Alomar

C1A-RB Ryan Braun

C1A-RCA Rod Carew

C1A-RCL Roger Clemens

C1A-RH Rickey Henderson

C1A-RJA Reggie Jackson

C1A-RL Reynaldo Lopez

C1A-RS Ryne Sandberg

C1A-RT Raimel Tapia

C1A-RYO Robin Yount

C1A-SC Steve Carlton

C1A-SK Sandy Koufax

C1A-SMA Steven Matz

C1A-SP Stephen Piscotty

C1A-TGA Tyler Glasnow

C1A-TGL Tom Glavine

C1A-TS Trevor Story

C1A-TT Trea Turner

C1A-YG Yulieski Gurriel

C1A-YMO Yoan Moncada

Dual Autographs

Each Dual Autograph is serial-numbered to 25 copies.

DA-BS Carlos Correa / Alex Bregman EXCH

DA-FS Dansby Swanson / Freddie Freeman

DA-GB Ken Griffey, Jr. / Barry Bonds EXCH

DA-GR Juan Gonzalez / Ivan Rodriguez EXCH

DA-GV Andres Galarraga / Omar Vizquel

DA-HT Bryce Harper / Trea Turner

DA-JS John Smoltz / Chipper Jones EXCH

DA-KS Corey Seager / Clayton Kershaw

DA-MB Yoan Moncada / Andrew Benintendi

DA-OW Roy Oswalt / Billy Wagner

DA-SG Tom Glavine / John Smoltz

DA-TB Kris Bryant / Mike Trout

DA-VL Francisco Lindor / Omar Vizquel EXCH

DA-VU Fernando Valenzuela / Julio Urias

Triple Autographs

Each Triple Autograph is serial-numbered to ten and packed out as redemptions which expire June 30th, 2019.

TA-GIJ Ken Griffey, Jr. / Ichiro / Randy Johnson

TA-KSM Kenta Maeda / Corey Seager / Clayton Kershaw

TA-MSG John Smoltz / Tom Glavine / Greg Maddux

TA-SRB Anthony Rizzo / Kris Bryant / Ryne Sandberg

TA-THB Bryce Harper / Kris Bryant / Mike Trout

Autographed Relics

Autographed Relics

Luke-Weaver.jpg?id=28b6648c-13a5-4ff8-93a6-25043017e6af&size=original&side=front&.jpg Luke-Weaver.jpg?id=28b6648c-13a5-4ff8-93a6-25043017e6af&size=original&side=back&.jpg

Each Autographed Relic is also available in the following parallels.

  • Dual Patch (serial-numbered to 25 copies)
  • Triple Patch (one-of-one)

T1AR-ABE Andrew Benintendi 75

T1AR-ABR Alex Bregman 76

T1AR-AG Alex Gordon 50

T1AR-AJ Aaron Judge 100

T1AR-ARD A.J. Reed 100

T1AR-ARE Alex Reyes 75

T1AR-ARY Alex Reyes 75

T1AR-BB Brandon Belt 75

T1AR-CC Carlos Correa 30

T1AR-CD Chris Davis 30

T1AR-CH Cole Hamels 20

T1AR-CKE Clayton Kershaw 30

T1AR-CKL Corey Kluber 40

T1AR-CS Corey Seager 30

T1AR-DD David Dahl 75

T1AR-DP David Price 50

T1AR-EL Evan Longoria 30

T1AR-FF Freddie Freeman 30

T1AR-JA Jose Altuve 65

T1AR-JBE Josh Bell

T1AR-JC Jose Canseco 100

T1AR-JD Jacob deGrom 50

T1AR-JMR J.D. Martinez 75

T1AR-JPA Joe Panik 75

T1AR-JPE Joc Pederson 35

T1AR-JT Julio Teheran 100

T1AR-KB Kris Bryant 30

T1AR-KK Kevin Kiermaier 60

T1AR-KMA Kenta Maeda 60

T1AR-KS Kyle Schwarber

T1AR-LS Luis Severino 75

T1AR-LW Luke Weaver 100

T1AR-MCA Matt Carpenter 65

T1AR-MCO Michael Conforto 65

T1AR-MFR Maikel Franco 30

T1AR-MFU Michael Fulmer 70

T1AR-MM Manny Machado 30

T1AR-MST Marcus Stroman 40

T1AR-NM Nomar Mazara 75

T1AR-NS Noah Syndergaard 50

T1AR-PF Prince Fielder 30

T1AR-RB Ryan Braun 30

T1AR-RP Rick Porcello 75

T1AR-SMA Starling Marte 30

T1AR-SMZ Steven Matz 100

T1AR-SP Stephen Piscotty 75

T1AR-TG Tyler Glasnow 100

T1AR-WC Willson Contreras 30

T1AR-WM Wil Myers 26

T1AR-YC Yoenis Cespedes 30

Autographed Prodigious Patches

Jameson-Taillon.jpg?id=e1423227-aac4-4272-b9a2-051e19e4e429&size=original&side=front&.jpg Jameson-Taillon.jpg?id=e1423227-aac4-4272-b9a2-051e19e4e429&size=original&side=back&.jpg

Each Autographed Prodigious Patch is serial-numbered to ten copies with a one-of-one Platinum parallel also available.

APP-AJO Adam Jones

APP-AJU Aaron Judge

APP-APU Albert Pujols

APP-ARE Alex Reyes

APP-ARI Anthony Rizzo

APP-BP Buster Posey

APP-CC Carlos Correa

APP-CSE Corey Seager

APP-DD David Dahl

APP-DO David Ortiz

APP-DPE Dustin Pedroia

APP-DPR David Price

APP-EL Evan Longoria

APP-FF Freddie Freeman

APP-GS George Springer

APP-JAL Jose Altuve

APP-JD Jacob deGrom

APP-JH Jason Heyward

APP-JM J.D. Martinez

APP-JT Jameson Taillon

APP-JU Julio Urias

APP-KSC Kyle Schwarber

APP-KSE Kyle Seager

APP-LS Luis Severino

APP-MCA Matt Carpenter

APP-MCO Michael Conforto

APP-MFR Maikel Franco

APP-MFU Michael Fulmer

APP-MSA Miguel Sano

APP-MTR Mike Trout

APP-NM Nomar Mazara

APP-NS Noah Syndergaard

APP-RB Ryan Braun

APP-SMA Starling Marte

APP-SW Steven Wright

APP-TG Tyler Glasnow

APP-TS Trevor Story

Dual Autograph Relic Books

Dustin-Pedroia-David-Ortiz.jpg?id=70d2ab8f-9987-4327-854b-2b3961a84d1d&size=original&side=front&.jpg Dustin-Pedroia-David-Ortiz.jpg?id=70d2ab8f-9987-4327-854b-2b3961a84d1d&size=original&side=back&.jpg

Each Dual Autograph Relic Book is serial-numbered to ten copies with a one-of-one Platinum Patch parallel also available.

DAR-AB Orlando Arcia / Ryan Braun

DAR-BC Alex Bregman / Carlos Correa

DAR-BR Anthony Rizzo / Kris Bryant

DAR-BZR Javier Baez / Addison Russell

DAR-CP Albert Pujols / Rod Carew

DAR-DC Matt Carpenter / Aledmys Diaz

DAR-DS Jacob deGrom / Noah Syndergaard

DAR-GA Jose Altuve / Yulieski Gurriel

DAR-GJ Ken Griffey, Jr. / Randy Johnson

DAR-HT Bryce Harper / Mike Trout

DAR-JS Dansby Swanson / Chipper Jones

DAR-KS Clayton Kershaw / Corey Seager

DAR-OP Dustin Pedroia / David Ortiz

DAR-PP Joe Panik / Buster Posey

DAR-RJ Aaron Judge / Alex Rodriguez

DAR-RM Manny Margot / Hunter Renfroe

DAR-RW Luke Weaver / Alex Reyes

DAR-SC Kyle Schwarber / Willson Contreras

DAR-SF Corey Seager / Michael Fulmer

DAR-SL Blake Snell / Evan Longoria

DAR-TG Jameson Taillon / Tyler Glasnow

DAR-TK Paul Konerko / Frank Thomas

Signature Tools Autograph Relic

Each Signature Tools Autograph Relic is a one-of-one.

STAR-AJ Aaron Judge

STAR-ABE Andrew Benintendi

STAR-ABR Alex Bregman

STAR-AD Andre Dawson

STAR-AG Andres Galarraga

STAR-AP Andy Pettitte

STAR-ARI Anthony Rizzo

STAR-BA Bobby Abreu

STAR-BB Barry Bonds

STAR-BH Bryce Harper

STAR-BJ Bo Jackson

STAR-BP Buster Posey

STAR-CC Carlos Correa

STAR-CK Clayton Kershaw

STAR-CR Cal Ripken, Jr.

STAR-CS Corey Seager

STAR-DJ Derek Jeter

STAR-DM Don Mattingly

STAR-DO David Ortiz

STAR-DPE Dustin Pedroia

STAR-DPR David Price

STAR-DS Dansby Swanson

STAR-FF Freddie Freeman

STAR-FL Francisco Lindor

STAR-FT Frank Thomas

STAR-GM Greg Maddux

STAR-HA Hank Aaron

STAR-I Ichiro

STAR-IR Ivan Rodriguez

STAR-JBE Johnny Bench

STAR-JBN Johnny Bench

STAR-JU Julio Urias

STAR-KB Kris Bryant

STAR-KG Ken Griffey, Jr.

STAR-KM Kenta Maeda

STAR-LG Lucas Giolito

STAR-MMG Mark McGwire

STAR-MP Mike Piazza

STAR-MT Mike Trout

STAR-NR Nolan Ryan

STAR-NS Noah Syndergaard

STAR-OSI Ozzie Smith

STAR-OSM Ozzie Smith

STAR-OV Omar Vizquel

STAR-RA Roberto Alomar

STAR-RB Ryan Braun

STAR-RCA Rod Carew

STAR-RCL Roger Clemens

STAR-RH Rickey Henderson

STAR-RJA Reggie Jackson

STAR-RJO Randy Johnson

STAR-RS Ryne Sandberg

STAR-SC Steve Carlton

STAR-SK Sandy Koufax

STAR-TG Tom Glavine

STAR-TT Trea Turner

STAR-TS Trevor Story

STAR-YG Yulieski Gurriel

STAR-YM Yoan Moncada

Autographed Limited Lumber

Each Autographed Limited Lumber is a one-of-one.

LLA-AD Andre Dawson

LLA-AJ Adam Jones

LLA-APJ Albert Pujols

LLA-APU Albert Pujols

LLA-BB Barry Bonds

LLA-BH Bryce Harper

LLA-BL Barry Larkin

LLA-BP Buster Posey

LLA-CB Craig Biggio

LLA-CK Clayton Kershaw

LLA-CR Cal Ripken, Jr.

LLA-CS Corey Seager

LLA-DG Dee Gordon

LLA-DJ Derek Jeter

LLA-DM Don Mattingly

LLA-EL Evan Longoria

LLA-FT Frank Thomas

LLA-GM Greg Maddux

LLA-HA Hank Aaron

LLA-JBE Johnny Bench

LLA-JC Jose Canseco

LLA-KB Kris Bryant

LLA-KG Ken Griffey, Jr.

LLA-KMO Kendrys Morales

LLA-KS Kyle Schwarber

LLA-MMG Mark McGwire

LLA-MP Mike Piazza

LLA-MS Miguel Sano

LLA-MT Mike Trout

LLA-NR Nolan Ryan

LLA-OSM Ozzie Smith

LLA-RA Roberto Alomar

LLA-RB Ryan Braun

LLA-RCA Rod Carew

LLA-RH Rickey Henderson

LLA-RS Ryne Sandberg

LLA-SM Starling Marte

LLA-TS Trevor Story

LLA-TTL Troy Tulowitzki

LLA-WC Willson Contreras

Autographed Bat Knobs

Each Autographed Bat Knob is a one-of-one.

BKA-AD Andre Dawson

BKA-AJO Adam Jones

BKA-APJ Albert Pujols

BKA-APU Albert Pujols

BKA-BB Barry Bonds

BKA-BH Bryce Harper

BKA-BL Barry Larkin

BKA-BP Buster Posey

BKA-CB Craig Biggio

BKA-CK Clayton Kershaw

BKA-CR Cal Ripken, Jr.

BKA-CS Corey Seager

BKA-DG Dee Gordon

BKA-DJ Derek Jeter

BKA-DPE Dustin Pedroia

BKA-EL Evan Longoria

BKA-FT Frank Thomas

BKA-GM Greg Maddux

BKA-HA Hank Aaron

BKA-IR Ivan Rodriguez

BKA-JBE Johnny Bench

BKA-JC Jose Canseco

BKA-JG Juan Gonzalez

BKA-JS John Smoltz

BKA-JT Justin Turner

BKA-KB Kris Bryant

BKA-KG Ken Griffey, Jr.

BKA-KS Kyle Schwarber

BKA-MMG Mark McGwire

BKA-MP Mike Piazza

BKA-MS Miguel Sano

BKA-MT Mike Trout

BKA-NR Nolan Ryan

BKA-OSI Ozzie Smith

BKA-RA Roberto Alomar

BKA-RB Ryan Braun

BKA-RH Rickey Henderson

BKA-RS Ryne Sandberg

BKA-SM Starling Marte

BKA-TS Trevor Story

BKA-TTL Troy Tulowitzki

BKA-WC Willson Contreras

Cut Signatures

Each Cut Signature is a one-of-one.

CS-AD Alvin Dark

CS-BP Billy Pierce

CS-BT Bobby Thomson

CS-CS Carl Scheib

CS-CSI Curt Simmons

CS-DD Dizzy Dean

CS-DDR Don Drysdale

CS-DP Dave Philley

CS-DPO Dick Porter

CS-DS Duke Snider

CS-EB Ernie Banks

CS-FK Frank Kellert

CS-FO Fritz Ostermueller

CS-GK George Kell

CS-JH Jackie Hayes

CS-LA Luis Aparicio

CS-RF Rick Ferrell

CS-RK Ralph Kiner

CS-RM Roger Maris

CS-RS Roy Sievers

CS-SB Steve Barber

CS-SM Ski Melillo

CS-SMU Stan Musial

CS-WH Waite Hoyt

CS-WS Warren Spahn

Cut Signature Relics

Each Cut Signature Relic is a one-of-one.

CSR-BF Bob Feller

CSR-BT Bobby Thomson

CSR-DS Duke Snider

CSR-EB Ernie Banks

CSR-ES Enos Slaughter

CSR-JD Joe DiMaggio

CSR-JM Johnny Mize

CSR-LA Luis Aparicio

CSR-RF Rick Ferrell

CSR-RK Ralph Kiner

CSR-RM Roger Maris

CSR-WS Warren Spahn

CSR-WST Willie Stargell