2016 Topps Transcendent

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2016 Topps Transcendent is scheduled for release December 9th. Produced to commemorate the 65th Anniversary of Topps Baseball, this one-of-a-kind product, which will be limited to 65 factory sets, is the most expensive baseball card product ever released.

Each factory set, which is packaged in a Halliburton-style aluminum case contains the following:

  • One complete 50-card set -- each serial-numbered to 65 copies.
  • One complete 65-card Sketch Reproductions set -- also serial-numbered to 65 copies.
  • One of the 65 sketches used to create the Sketch Reproductions.
  • 50 Framed Autographs -- all serial-numbered to 52 copies or less, with at least one being a one-of-one.
  • One one-of-one Kris Bryant autograph, done in the style of one of the Topps Baseball base set designs -- 65 total.
  • One one-of-one Cut Signature Box Topper.
  • One invitation to a 65th Anniversary party in Las Vegas, featuring an appearance by Kris Bryant in January, 2017.

This is the first Topps product in fifteen years to have Derek Jeter autographs.


Factory Sets Only (MSRP: $25,000)


Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Hobby Odds
Base 50 65 one set per box
Sketch Reproductions 65 65 one set per box
Sketch Reproductions original sketches 65 one-of-one one per box
Framed Autographs 39 52 AU
Framed Autographs Blue 39 25 AU
Framed Autographs Purple 39 10 AU
Framed Autographs Red 39 one-of-one AU*
Framed Autographs Black 39 one-of-one AU*
Kris Bryant Autographs 65 one-of-one one per box
Cut Signature Box Topper 65 one-of-one one per box

AU: Each factory set will contain a total of 50 autographs randomly selected from among the "base" and the various parallels. All of the 39 signers will have at least one card in every set. In addition, every set will have a minimum of one one-of-one autograph (Red or Black).


Base Set

NOTE: Each base card is serial-numbered to 65 copies.

1 Babe Ruth

2 Kenta Maeda

3 Buster Posey

4 Julio Urias

5 Ty Cobb

6 Frank Robinson

7 Chipper Jones

8 Mark McGwire

9 Honus Wagner

10 Corey Seager

11 Manny Machado

12 Kris Bryant

13 Willie Mays

14 Clayton Kershaw

15 Mike Piazza

16 Randy Johnson

17 Albert Pujols

18 Madison Bumgarner

19 Frank Thomas

20 Carl Yastrzemski

21 Ken Griffey, Jr.

22 Satchel Paige

23 Johnny Bench

24 Bryce Harper

25 Hank Aaron

26 Don Mattingly

27 Ichiro

28 Lou Gehrig

29 Nolan Ryan

30 Ozzie Smith

31 Eddie Mathews

32 Reggie Jackson

33 David Price

34 Felix Hernandez

35 Harmon Killebrew

36 Rickey Henderson

37 Kyle Schwarber

38 Roger Clemens

39 Mike Trout

40 Greg Maddux

41 Carlos Correa

42 Jackie Robinson

43 John Smoltz

44 Barry Larkin

45 Roberto Clemente

46 Roger Maris

47 Ted Williams

48 Ryne Sandberg

49 Cal Ripken, Jr.

50 Sandy Koufax


Sketch Reproductions

NOTE: Each Sketch Reproduction is serial-numbered to 65 copies. In addition, each set contains one of the actual sketches used to create these cards

TSC-1 Willie Mays

TSC-2 Jackie Robinson

TSC-3 Eddie Mathews

TSC-4 Phil Rizzuto

TSC-5 Monte Irvin

TSC-6 Satchel Paige

TSC-7 Jackie Robinson

TSC-8 Hank Aaron

TSC-9 Ted Williams

TSC-10 Willie Mays

TSC-11 Al Kaline

TSC-12 Sandy Koufax

TSC-13 Roberto Clemente

TSC-14 Ted Williams

TSC-15 Jackie Robinson

TSC-16 Hank Aaron

TSC-17 Frank Robinson

TSC-18 Sandy Koufax

TSC-19 Roger Maris

TSC-20 Orlando Cepeda

TSC-21 Roberto Clemente

TSC-22 Carl Yastrzemski

TSC-23 Willie McCovey

TSC-24 Roger Maris

TSC-25 Jim Palmer

TSC-26 Steve Carlton

TSC-27 Rod Carew

TSC-28 Reggie Jackson

TSC-29 Johnny Bench

TSC-30 Nolan Ryan

TSC-31 Roberto Clemente

TSC-32 Joe Morgan

TSC-33 Dave Winfield

TSC-34 George Brett

TSC-35 Dennis Eckersley

TSC-36 Reggie Jackson

TSC-37 Robin Yount

TSC-38 Eddie Murray

TSC-39 Ozzie Smith

TSC-40 Rickey Henderson

TSC-41 Cal Ripken, Jr.

TSC-42 Wade Boggs

TSC-43 Don Mattingly

TSC-44 Darryl Strawberry

TSC-45 Mark McGwire

TSC-46 Roger Clemens

TSC-47 Dwight Gooden

TSC-48 Greg Maddux

TSC-49 Ken Griffey, Jr.

TSC-50 Randy Johnson

TSC-51 Frank Thomas

TSC-52 Chipper Jones

TSC-53 Mike Piazza

TSC-54 Nomar Garciaparra

TSC-55 Alex Rodriguez

TSC-56 Miguel Cabrera

TSC-57 Albert Pujols

TSC-58 Ichiro

TSC-59 Clayton Kershaw

TSC-60 Buster Posey

TSC-61 Mike Trout

TSC-62 Bryce Harper

TSC-63 Kris Bryant

TSC-64 Carlos Correa

TSC-65 Jose Bautista


Framed Autographs

Each Framed Autograph is serial-numbered to 52 copies and available in the following parallels.

  • Blue (serial-numbered to 25 copies)
  • Purple (serial-numbered to ten)
  • Red (one-of-one)
  • Black (one-of-one)

TCA-AP Albert Pujols

TCA-AR Alex Rodriguez

TCA-BB Barry Bonds

TCA-BH Bryce Harper

TCA-BP Buster Posey

TCA-CC Carlos Correa

TCA-CJ Chipper Jones

TCA-CK Clayton Kershaw

TCA-CR Cal Ripken, Jr.

TCA-CS Corey Seager EXCH

TCA-CY Carl Yastrzemski

TCA-DJ Derek Jeter

TCA-DM Don Mattingly

TCA-DO David Ortiz

TCA-DR Daisy Ridley

TCA-FR Frank Robinson

TCA-FT Frank Thomas

TCA-GM Greg Maddux

TCA-HA Hank Aaron

TCA-I Ichiro

TCA-JB Johnny Bench


TCA-KB Kris Bryant

TCA-KGJ Ken Griffey, Jr. EXCH

TCA-KM Kenta Maeda

TCA-KS Kyle Schwarber

TCA-MM Mark McGwire

TCA-MP Mike Piazza

TCA-MT Mike Trout

TCA-MTA Masahiro Tanaka

TCA-NR Nolan Ryan

TCA-OS Ozzie Smith

TCA-OV Omar Vizquel


TCA-PM Pedro Martinez

TCA-RC Roger Clemens

TCA-RH Rickey Henderson

TCA-RJ Randy Johnson

TCA-RJA Reggie Jackson

TCA-RS Ryne Sandberg

TCA-SK Sandy Koufax

TCA-VS Vin Scully

Kris Bryant

Kris Bryant signed 65 cards done in the style of the each of the Topps Baseball flagship sets from 1951-2016. Each card is a one-of-one

Cut Signature Box Toppers

Each Cut Signature Box Topper is a one-of-one.

TCS-AH Audrey Hepburn

TCS-BC Bill Clinton

TCS-BD Bette Davis

TCS-BH Ben Hogan

TCS-BO Barack Obama

TCS-BR Babe Ruth

TCS-CC Calvin Coolidge

TCS-CM Connie Mack

TCS-CMA Christy Mathewson

TCS-CR Christopher Reeve

TCS-CY Cy Young

TCS-DD Dizzy Dean

TCS-DE Dwight Eisenhower

TCS-EH Ernie Harwell

TCS-ER Eleanor Roosevelt

TCS-FR Franklin D. Roosevelt

TCS-GC Grover Cleveland

TCS-GF Gerald Ford

TCS-GH Gordie Howe

TCS-GHB George H. Bush

TCS-GHO Gil Hodges

TCS-GS George Steinbrenner

TCS-GW George Washington

TCS-GWB George W. Bush

TCS-HC Hillary Clinton

TCS-HCO Howard Cosell

TCS-HG Hank Greenberg

TCS-HH Herbert Hoover

TCS-HT Harry Truman

TCS-HW Honus Wagner

TCS-IB Ingmar Bergman

TCS-JC Jimmy Carter

TCS-JD Joe DiMaggio

TCS-JF Jimmie Foxx

TCS-JFR Joe Frazier

TCS-JG Jerry Garcia

TCS-JGA Judy Garland

TCS-JO Jesse Owens

TCS-JOC Johnny Cash

TCS-JR Jackie Robinson

TCS-JU Johnny Unitas

TCS-KML Kenesaw Mountain Landis

TCS-LG Lou Gehrig

TCS-MO Mel Ott

TCS-NA Neil Armstrong

TCS-NF Nellie Fox

TCS-PM Pete Maravich

TCS-PR Phil Rizzuto

TCS-PWR Pee Wee Reese

TCS-RA Red Auerbach

TCS-RC Roy Campanella

TCS-RCL Roberto Clemente

TCS-RM Rocky Marciano

TCS-RMA Roger Maris

TCS-RN Richard Nixon

TCS-RW Robin Williams

TCS-SM Stan Musial

TCS-SO Sadaharu Oh

TCS-SP Satchel Paige

TCS-TS Tupac Shakur

TCS-TSP Tris Speaker

TCS-VL Vince Lombardi

TCS-WHT William Howard Taft

TCS-WS Warren Spahn

TCS-WW Woodrow Wilson