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2017 Topps Transcendent Collection Baseball Empty Wooden Box 59/87
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2017 Topps Transcendent

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This article is about a set that was just released.
Some information may change as more facts become known.


2017 Topps Transcendent was released December 13th. Only 87 sets were produced.

Each factory set, which is packaged in a wooden case contains the following:

  • One complete 50-card set -- each serial-numbered to 87 copies.
  • One complete 65-card MLB Moments Sketches set -- also serial-numbered to 87 copies.
  • One of the 65 sketches used to create the Sketch Reproductions OR a one-of-a-kind sketched baseball.
  • 50 Framed Autographs -- all serial-numbered to 25 copies or less.
  • One one-of-one Aaron Judge autograph, done in the style of a Topps Baseball base set designs -- 87 total.
  • One one-of-one MVP Autograph, Dual MVP Autograph, or MVP Cut Signature.
  • One one-of-one Oversized Cut Signature Box Topper.
  • One invitation to a VIP party in Atlanta, featuring an appearance by Hank Aaron in 2018.


Factory set only (MSRP: $25,000)


Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Hobby Odds
Base 50 87 one set per box
MLB Moments Reproductions 65 87 one set per box
MLB Moments Sketches 65 one-of-one *
Sketched Baseballs 22 one-of-one *
Framed Autographs 46 25 AU
Framed Autographs Variations 47 25 AU
Framed Autographs Silver 46 15 AU
Framed Autographs Variations Silver 47 15 AU
Framed Autographs Purple 46 10 AU
Framed Autographs Variations Purple 47 10 AU
Framed Autographs Red 46 one-of-one AU
Framed Autographs Variations Red 47 one-of-one AU
Framed Autographs Black 46 one-of-one AU
Framed Autographs Variations Black 47 one-of-one AU
Aaron Judge Autographs 87 one-of-one one per set
MVP Autograph 33 one-of-one MVP
MVP Dual Autograph 8 one-of-one MVP
MVP Cut Signatures 46 one-of-one MVP
Oversized Cut Signatures 87 one-of-one one per set


Base Set

Ichiro-Suzuki.jpg?id=eb5a1f50-2b46-44a0-a8e5-e19c9586f8bf&size=original&side=front&.jpg Ichiro-Suzuki.jpg?id=eb5a1f50-2b46-44a0-a8e5-e19c9586f8bf&size=original&side=back&.jpg

Each card is serial-numbered to 87 copies.

1 Jackie Robinson

2 Aaron Judge RC

3 Roberto Clemente

4 Bryce Harper

5 Randy Johnson

6 Alex Bregman RC

7 Kris Bryant

8 Francisco Lindor

9 Bo Jackson

10 Greg Maddux

11 Ted Williams

12 Rickey Henderson

13 Reggie Jackson

14 Roger Maris

15 Honus Wagner

16 Roger Clemens

17 Ernie Banks

18 Miguel Cabrera

19 Chris Sale

20 Yoan Moncada RC

21 Andrew Benintendi RC

22 Manny Machado

23 Carl Yastrzemski

24 Clayton Kershaw

25 Babe Ruth

26 Nolan Ryan

27 Carlos Correa

28 Dave Winfield

29 Anthony Rizzo

30 Albert Pujols

31 Mike Piazza

32 Hank Aaron

33 George Brett

34 Pedro Martinez

35 Jimmie Foxx

36 Cal Ripken, Jr.

37 Chipper Jones

38 David Ortiz

39 Ichiro

40 Lou Gehrig

41 Ken Griffey, Jr.

42 Hideki Matsui

43 Sandy Koufax

44 Ty Cobb

45 Mike Trout

46 Cody Bellinger RC

47 Corey Seager

48 Max Scherzer

49 Buster Posey

50 Derek Jeter


MLB Moments Reproductions

Ozzie-Smith.jpg?id=25b6c22e-a53b-4e9c-b64a-f897dff8bc35&size=original&side=front&.jpg Ozzie-Smith.jpg?id=25b6c22e-a53b-4e9c-b64a-f897dff8bc35&size=original&side=back&.jpg

NOTE: Each MLB Moments Reproduction is serial-numbered to 87 copies. Randomly inserted into sets are the actual sketches used to create these cards.

MLBR-AR Alex Rodriguez

MLBR-ARO Alex Rodriguez

MLBR-BH Bryce Harper

MLBR-BJ Bo Jackson

MLBR-BM Bill Mazeroski

MLBR-BOS Boston Red Sox

MLBR-BR Babe Ruth

MLBR-BRI Kris Bryant / Anthony Rizzo

MLBR-BRU Babe Ruth

MLBR-CB Craig Biggio

MLBR-CF Carlton Fisk

MLBR-CHI Chicago Cubs

MLBR-CK Clayton Kershaw

MLBR-CR Cal Ripken, Jr.

MLBR-CRI Cal Ripken, Jr.

MLBR-CS Curt Schilling

MLBR-CY Carl Yastrzemski

MLBR-DEJ Derek Jeter

MLBR-DJ Derek Jeter

MLBR-DJE Derek Jeter

MLBR-DJR Derek Jeter

MLBR-DJT Derek Jeter

MLBR-DO David Ortiz

MLBR-EL Evan Longoria

MLBR-ES Enos Slaughter

MLBR-GM Greg Maddux

MLBR-GWB George W. Bush

MLBR-HA Hank Aaron

MLBR-HM Hideki Matsui

MLBR-I Ichiro

MLBR-IR Ivan Rodriguez

MLBR-JB Jose Bautista

MLBR-JC Jose Canseco

MLBR-JG Josh Gibson

MLBR-JR Jackie Robinson

MLBR-JRO Jackie Robinson

MLBR-KG Ken Griffey, Jr.

MLBR-KGR Ken Griffey, Jr.

MLBR-LD Larry Doby

MLBR-LG Lou Gehrig

MLBR-LGH Lou Gehrig

MLBR-MM Manny Machado

MLBR-MMC Mark McGwire

MLBR-MP Mike Piazza

MLBR-MR Mariano Rivera

MLBR-MS Max Scherzer

MLBR-MT Mike Trout

MLBR-MTR Mike Trout

MLBR-NR Nolan Ryan

MLBR-OS Ozzie Smith

MLBR-OSM Ozzie Smith

MLBR-PM Pedro Martinez

MLBR-RC Roberto Clemente

MLBR-RCL Roger Clemens

MLBR-RH Rickey Henderson

MLBR-RHA Roy Halladay

MLBR-RJ Randy Johnson

MLBR-RJA Reggie Jackson

MLBR-RM Roger Maris

MLBR-RS Ryne Sandberg

MLBR-SK Sandy Koufax

MLBR-SP Satchel Paige

MLBR-TW Ted Williams

MLBR-TWI Ted Williams

MLBR-WB Wade Boggs

Aaron Judge Reprints

Collectors who attended the Topps Transcendent VIP Party received an unautographed parallel of the Aaron Judge Reprint Autographs insert set. (For brevity's sake, please refer to that checklist below.) Each card is serial-numbered to 87 copies.

Aaron Judge Topps BUNT

An exclusive Aaron Judge Topps BUNT card serial-numbered to 87 copies was distributed to attendees of the Transcendent VIP Party.

Sketched Baseballs

Each Sketched Baseball is a one-of-one.

Aaron Judge

Aaron Judge

Adrian Beltre

Bryce Harper

Buster Posey

Clayton Kershaw

Cody Bellinger

Corey Seager

Derek Jeter

Francisco Lindor

Gary Sanchez

Kris Bryant

Manny Machado

Masahiro Tanaka

Max Scherzer

Miguel Cabrera

Mike Trout

Noah Syndergaard

Nolan Arenado

Robinson Cano

Stephen Strasburg

Yu Darvish



Image-Variation---Aaron-Judge.jpg?id=319b1ce8-b361-45e8-88fb-d45c120f8885&size=original&side=front&.jpg Image-Variation---Aaron-Judge.jpg?id=319b1ce8-b361-45e8-88fb-d45c120f8885&size=original&side=back&.jpg

Each Autograph is serial-numbered to 25 copies and available in the following parallels.

  • Variation (serial-numbered to 25 copies)
  • Silver (serial-numbered to 15 copies)
  • Silver Variation (serial-numbered to 15 copies)
  • Purple (serial-numbered to ten)
  • Purple Variation (serial-numbered to ten)
  • Red (one-of-one)
  • Red Variation (one-of-one)
  • Black (one-of-one)
  • Black Variation (one-of-one)


  • Each set will contain at least one autograph from all 47 signees, EXCEPT #TCA-IH and #TCA-LV. Sets will contain either a redemption for TCA-IH OR TCA-LV.
  • #TCA-LV will only be available in one version.
  • Two additional Hank Aaron autographs were distributed to attendees of the Transcendent VIP Party.

TCA-AB Adrian Beltre

TCA-ABE Andrew Benintendi

TCA-ABR Alex Bregman

TCA-AJ Aaron Judge

TCA-ARI Anthony Rizzo

TCA-BH Bryce Harper

TCA-BJ Bo Jackson

TCA-BL Barry Larkin

TCA-BP Buster Posey

TCA-CBE Cody Bellinger EXCH

TCA-CC Carlos Correa

TCA-CJ Chipper Jones

TCA-CK Clayton Kershaw

TCA-CR Cal Ripken, Jr.

TCA-DJ Derek Jeter

TCA-DM Don Mattingly

TCA-DO David Ortiz

TCA-DW Dave Winfield

TCA-FL Francisco Lindor

TCA-FMJ Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

TCA-GM Greg Maddux

TCA-HA Hank Aaron

TCA-HM Hideki Matsui

TCA-I Ichiro


TCA-JB Johnny Bench

TCA-JD Josh Donaldson

TCA-JT Jim Thome

TCA-KB Kris Bryant

TCA-LV Lindsey Vonn EXCH

TCA-MM Manny Machado

TCA-MMC Mark McGwire

TCA-MP Mike Piazza

TCA-MR Mariano Rivera

TCA-MT Mike Trout

TCA-NR Nolan Ryan

TCA-NS Noah Syndergaard

TCA-PM Pedro Martinez

TCA-RC Roger Clemens

TCA-RCA Rod Carew

TCA-RH Rickey Henderson

TCA-RJ Randy Johnson

TCA-RJA Reggie Jackson

TCA-SK Sandy Koufax

TCA-TE Theo Epstein

TCA-TS Tom Seaver EXCH

TCA-YM Yoan Moncada

Aaron Judge Autographs

Each Aaron Judge Autograph is a one-of-one and is done in the style of 87 different Topps Baseball designs. In addition, attendees of the Topps Transcendent VIP Party received a one-of-one Aaron Judge Relic that parallels this set and a complete set of unautographed parallels.

AJ-51PB Aaron Judge

AJ-55B Aaron Judge

AJ-58AS Aaron Judge

AJ-60RS Aaron Judge

AJ-68TG Aaron Judge

AJ-69TS Aaron Judge

AJ-71TH Aaron Judge

AJ-72IA Aaron Judge

AJ-75TH Aaron Judge

AJ-78RB Aaron Judge

AJ-83TH Aaron Judge

AJ-87FS Aaron Judge

AJ-88RB Aaron Judge

AJ-88AS Aaron Judge

AJ-89RB Aaron Judge

AJ-90DR Aaron Judge

AJ-90TR Aaron Judge

AJ-91AS Aaron Judge

AJ-91RB Aaron Judge

AJ-93DP Aaron Judge

AJ-93CA Aaron Judge

AJ-1952 Aaron Judge

AJ-1953 Aaron Judge

AJ-1954 Aaron Judge

AJ-1955 Aaron Judge

AJ-1956 Aaron Judge

AJ-1957 Aaron Judge

AJ-1958 Aaron Judge

AJ-1959 Aaron Judge

AJ-1960 Aaron Judge

AJ-1961 Aaron Judge

AJ-1962 Aaron Judge

AJ-1963 Aaron Judge

AJ-1964 Aaron Judge

AJ-1965 Aaron Judge

AJ-1966 Aaron Judge

AJ-1967 Aaron Judge

AJ-1968 Aaron Judge

AJ-1969 Aaron Judge

AJ-1970 Aaron Judge

AJ-1971 Aaron Judge

AJ-1972 Aaron Judge

AJ-1973 Aaron Judge

AJ-1974 Aaron Judge

AJ-1975 Aaron Judge

AJ-1976 Aaron Judge

AJ-1977 Aaron Judge

AJ-1978 Aaron Judge

AJ-1979 Aaron Judge

AJ-1980 Aaron Judge

AJ-1981 Aaron Judge

AJ-1982 Aaron Judge

AJ-1983 Aaron Judge

AJ-1984 Aaron Judge

AJ-1985 Aaron Judge

AJ-1986 Aaron Judge

AJ-1987 Aaron Judge

AJ-1988 Aaron Judge

AJ-1989 Aaron Judge

AJ-1990 Aaron Judge

AJ-1991 Aaron Judge

AJ-1992 Aaron Judge

AJ-1993 Aaron Judge

AJ-1994 Aaron Judge

AJ-1995 Aaron Judge

AJ-1996 Aaron Judge

AJ-1997 Aaron Judge

AJ-1998 Aaron Judge

AJ-1999 Aaron Judge

AJ-2000 Aaron Judge

AJ-2001 Aaron Judge

AJ-2002 Aaron Judge

AJ-2003 Aaron Judge

AJ-2004 Aaron Judge

AJ-2005 Aaron Judge

AJ-2006 Aaron Judge

AJ-2007 Aaron Judge

AJ-2008 Aaron Judge

AJ-2009 Aaron Judge

AJ-2010 Aaron Judge

AJ-2011 Aaron Judge

AJ-2012 Aaron Judge

AJ-2013 Aaron Judge

AJ-2014 Aaron Judge

AJ-2015 Aaron Judge

AJ-2016 Aaron Judge

AJ-2017 Aaron Judge

MVP Autographs

Reggie-Jackson.jpg?id=5b478ab2-520d-4d6b-a279-f341389e0b36&size=original&side=front&.jpg Reggie-Jackson.jpg?id=5b478ab2-520d-4d6b-a279-f341389e0b36&size=original&side=back&.jpg

Each MVP Autograph, Dual Autograph, and Cut Signature is a one-of-one.

MVPA-AP Albert Pujols

MVPA-BH Bryce Harper

MVPA-BL Barry Larkin

MVPA-BP Buster Posey

MVPA-CJO Chipper Jones

MVPA-CK Clayton Kershaw

MVPA-CRJ Cal Ripken, Jr.

MVPA-DJ Derek Jeter

MVPA-DM Don Mattingly

MVPA-DO David Ortiz

MVPA-DP Dustin Pedroia

MVPA-FR Frank Robinson

MVPA-FT Frank Thomas

MVPA-HM Hideki Matsui

MVPA-I Ichiro

MVPA-IR Ivan Rodriguez

MVPA-JB Johnny Bench

MVPA-JBA Jeff Bagwell

MVPA-JBE Johnny Bench

MVPA-JD Josh Donaldson

MVPA-JV Joey Votto

MVPA-KB Kris Bryant

MVPA-MR Mariano Rivera

MVPA-MT Mike Trout

MVPA-MTR Mike Trout

MVPA-PM Paul Molitor

MVPA-RC Roger Clemens

MVPA-REG Reggie Jackson

MVPA-RH Rickey Henderson

MVPA-RJ Randy Johnson

MVPA-RJA Reggie Jackson

MVPA-RS Ryne Sandberg

MVPA-TG Tom Glavine


MVPD-DH Josh Donaldson / Bryce Harper

MVPD-JS Randy Johnson / Curt Schilling

MVPD-PP Dustin Pedroia / Albert Pujols

MVPD-RJ Ivan Rodriguez / Chipper Jones

MVPD-RP Alex Rodriguez / Albert Pujols

MVPD-TB Mike Trout / Kris Bryant

MVPD-TBA Frank Thomas / Jeff Bagwell

MVPD-TK Mike Trout / Clayton Kershaw

Cut Signatures

MVPC-BR Babe Ruth

MVPC-CG Charlie Gehringer

MVPC-CH Carl Hubbell

MVPC-DD Dizzy Dean

MVPC-DV Dazzy Vance

MVPC-EB Ernie Banks

MVPC-EBA Ernie Banks

MVPC-EC Eddie Collins

MVPC-GH Gabby Hartnett

MVPC-GS George Sisler

MVPC-HG Hank Greenberg

MVPC-HK Harmon Killebrew

MVPC-HN Hal Newhouser

MVPC-JB Jim Bottomley

MVPC-JD Joe DiMaggio

MVPC-JDI Joe DiMaggio

MVPC-JE Johnny Evers

MVPC-JF Jimmie Foxx

MVPC-JFO Jimmie Foxx

MVPC-JG Joe Gordon

MVPC-JM Joe Medwick

MVPC-JP Johnny Podres

MVPC-JR Jackie Robinson

MVPC-LB Lou Boudreau

MVPC-LBE Lew Burdette

MVPC-LGR Lefty Grove

MVPC-MC Mickey Cochrane

MVPC-MCO Mickey Cochrane

MVPC-NF Nellie Fox

MVPC-PR Phil Rizzuto

MVPC-PW Paul Waner

MVPC-RC Roy Campanella

MVPC-RCL Roberto Clemente

MVPC-RH Rogers Hornsby

MVPC-RHO Rogers Hornsby

MVPC-RM Roger Maris

MVPC-RMA Roger Maris

MVPC-ROB Roberto Clemente

MVPC-SM Stan Musial

MVPC-SMU Stan Musial


MVPC-TS Tris Speaker

MVPC-TW Ted Williams

MVPC-TWI Ted Williams

MVPC-WJ Walter Johnson

MVPC-WS Willie Stargell

Oversized Cut Signatures

Each Oversized Cut Signature is a one-of-one.

TCS-AC Art Carney

TCS-AG Andy Griffith

TCS-AGB Alexander Graham Bell

TCS-AL Abraham Lincoln

TCS-AP Arnold Palmer

TCS-BC Bill Clinton

TCS-BCR Bing Crosby

TCS-BH Bob Hope

TCS-BO Barack Obama

TCS-BR Babe Ruth

TCS-BRI Branch Rickey

TCS-CC Charlie Chaplin

TCS-CCO Calvin Coolidge

TCS-CM Connie Mack

TCS-CS Casey Stengel

TCS-CY Cy Young

TCS-DB David Bowie

TCS-DD Dizzy Dean

TCS-DE Dwight D. Eisenhower

TCS-DES Dale Earnhardt Sr.

TCS-DM Douglas MacArthur

TCS-FA Fred Astaire

TCS-FR Franklin D. Roosevelt

TCS-FSK Francis Scott Key

TCS-GCL Grover Cleveland

TCS-GF Gerald Ford

TCS-GH George Harrison

TCS-GHO Gil Hodges

TCS-GHWB George H.W. Bush

TCS-GK Gene Kelly

TCS-GM Groucho Marx

TCS-GOH Gordie Howe

TCS-GS George Steinbrenner

TCS-GW Gene Wilder

TCS-GWB George W. Bush

TCS-HC Harry Caray

TCS-HG Hank Greenberg

TCS-HH Herbert Hoover

TCS-HOC Howard Cosell

TCS-HT Harry Truman

TCS-HW Honus Wagner

TCS-JB James Brown

TCS-JC Johnny Cash

TCS-JD Joe DiMaggio

TCS-JF Jimmie Foxx

TCS-JFR Joe Frazier

TCS-JG Judy Garland

TCS-JGL Jackie Gleason

TCS-JKO Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

TCS-JL Joe Louis

TCS-JO Jesse Owens

TCS-JOG John Glenn

TCS-JQA John Quincy Adams

TCS-JR Jackie Robinson

TCS-KP Kirby Puckett

TCS-LA Louis Armstrong

TCS-LB Lucille Ball

TCS-LBJ Lyndon B. Johnson

TCS-LG Lou Gehrig

TCS-LG Lefty Grove

TCS-LP Luciano Pavarotti

TCS-MO Mel Ott

TCS-MT Mark Twain

TCS-NF Nellie Fox

TCS-NKC Nat King Cole

TCS-NL Nap Lajoie

TCS-OW Orson Welles

TCS-PN Paul Newman

TCS-RC Roberto Clemente

TCS-RCA Roy Campanella

TCS-RM Roger Maris

TCS-RN Richard Nixon

TCS-RR Ronald Reagan

TCS-RS Red Skelton

TCS-SM Stan Musial

TCS-SO Sadaharu Oh

TCS-SP Satchel Paige

TCS-SRR Sugar Ray Robinson

TCS-SW Stevie Wonder

TCS-TR Theodore Roosevelt

TCS-TS Tris Speaker

TCS-TTS The Three Stooges

TCS-TW Ted Williams

TCS-WC Wilt Chamberlain

TCS-WH Whitney Houston

TCS-WP Walter Payton

TCS-WW Woodrow Wilson