1986 Donruss The Rookies

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1986 Donruss The Rookies is a 56-card set. The Rookies was Donruss's second attempt at a post-season "update" set, following on the heels of the successful debut of Donruss Highlights the previous year. Unlike Topps Traded or Fleer Update, "DTR" focused exclusively on players who made their Major League debuts during the 1986 season.

Like Highlights, each 56-card set was set was wrapped in cellophane and distributed in a box that resembled a deck of playing cards and came packaged with a 15-piece mini puzzle of Hank Aaron. Unfortunately, the cellophane wrap caused a percentage of the Wally Joyner cards arriving in less than perfect condition, as he was the top card in each "deck." Donruss was able to fix the problem after it was called to their attention and even went so far as to include a card with their customer services department's phone number in their second printing.

The design is similar to the 1986 Donruss set except for the presence of "The Rookies" logo in the lower left corner, a bluish green border, and the application of a glossy coating to the front of each card.

Key XRCs in this set include Barry Bonds, Bobby Bonilla, Will Clark, Bo Jackson, Wally Joyner, John Kruk, and, of course Bip Roberts.


Factory set: 56 cards plus one Hank Aaron mini puzzle. Hobby only. 60 sets per case.



1 Wally Joyner XRC

2 Tracy Jones

3 Allan Anderson

4 Ed Correa

5 Reggie Williams

6 Charlie Kerfeld

7 Andres Galarraga

8 Bob Tewksbury XRC

9 Al Newman

10 Andres Thomas

11 Barry Bonds XRC

12 Juan Nieves

13 Mark Eichhorn

14 Dan Plesac

15 Cory Snyder

16 Kelly Gruber

17 Kevin Mitchell XRC

18 Steve Lombardozzi

19 Mitch Williams XRC

20 John Cerutti

21 Todd Worrell

22 Jose Canseco XRC

23 Pete Incaviglia XRC

24 Jose Guzman XRC

25 Scott Bailes

26 Greg Mathews

27 Eric King

28 Paul Assenmacher

29 Jeff Sellers

30 Bobby Bonilla XRC

31 Doug Drabek

32 Will Clark XRC

33 Bip Roberts XRC

34 Jim Deshaies

35 Mike LaValliere

36 Scott Bankhead

37 Dale Sveum

38 Bo Jackson XRC

39 Robby Thompson XRC

40 Eric Plunk

41 Bill Bathe

42 John Kruk XRC

43 Andy Allanson XRC

44 Mark Portugal

45 Danny Tartabull

46 Bob Kipper

47 Gene Walter

49 Bobby Witt XRC

50 Bill Mooneyham

51 John Cangelosi

52 Ruben Sierra

53 Rob Woodward

54 Ed Hearn

55 Joel McKeon

56 Checklist 1-56

48 Rey Quinones (Misspelled Quinonez)