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2013 Bowman Inception

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This article is about a set that is scheduled to be released in the near-future.
Some information may change as more facts become known.


2013 Bowman Inception is scheduled to be released the week of July 3rd, 2013. All cards in the product will come autographed, with each five-card box yielding four autographs and one autographed relic.


Five cards per box. (MSRP: $100). Eight boxes per case.


Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Hobby Odds
Rookie Autographs 15 - ?
Rookie Autographs Gold 15 99 ?
Rookie Autographs Blue 15 75 ?
Rookie Autographs Orange 15 50 ?
Rookie Autographs Green 15 25 ?
Rookie Autographs Red 15 10 ?
Rookie Autographs Purple 15 five ?
Rookie Autographs Inception 15 one-of-one ?
Rookie Autographs Printing Plates 15 four for each ?
Prospect Autographs 47 - ?
Prospect Autographs Gold 47 99 ?
Prospect Autographs Blue 75 ?
Prospect Autographs Orange 47 50 ?
Prospect Autographs Green 47 25 ?
Prospect Autographs Red 47 10 ?
Prospect Autographs Purple 47 five ?
Prospect Autographs Inception 47 one-of-one ?
Prospect Autographs Printing Plates 47 four for each ?
Prospect Autograph Inscriptions 20 10 ?
Silver Signings 25 25 ?
Silver Signings Gold 25 five ?
Victory 22 - ?
Dual Rise Autographs 10 25 ?
Triple Autographs 3 five ?
Autographed Relics 25 - ?
Autographed Relics Red 25 50 ?
Autographed Relics Blue 25 25 ?
Autographed Relics Inception 25 one-of-one ?
Autographed Patches 20 - ?
Autographed Patches Red 20 10 ?
Autographed Patches Blue 20 five ?
Autographed Patches Inception 20 one-of-one ?
Autographed Jumbo Relics 19 - ?
Autographed Jumbo Relics Red 19 10 ?
Autographed Jumbo Relics Blue 19 five ?
Autographed Jumbo Relics Inception 19 one-of-one ?
Autographed Logo Patch 20 one-of-one ?
Triple Autographed Patch 3 five ?
Ascension Collection Autograph Relics 12 25 ?
Ascension Collection Autograph Patch 12 one-of-one ?
Blue Sapphire Autographs 10 - ?
Bowman Black 25 25 ?
Little League Autographs 5 20 ?


Rookie Autographs

All Rookie Autographs are available in the following parallels.

  • Gold (serial--numbered to 99 copies)
  • Blue (serial-numbered to 75 copies)
  • Orange (serial-numbered to 50 copies)
  • Green (serial-numbered to 25 copies)
  • Red (serial-numbered to ten)
  • Purple (serial-numbered to five)
  • Inception (one-of-one)
  • Printing Plates (set of four for each)

RA-AE Adam Eaton

RA-AG Avisail Garcia

RA-CK Casey Kelly

RA-DB Dylan Bundy

RA-DG Didi Gregorius

RA-DR Darin Ruf

RA-JF Jeurys Familia

RA-JO Jake Odorizzi

RA-JP Jurickson Profar

RA-MM Manny Machado

RA-MO Mike Olt

RA-RH Ryu Hyun-Jin

RA-SM Shelby Miller

RA-TC Tony Cingrani

RA-TS Tyler Skaggs

Prospect Autographs

  • Gold (serial--numbered to 99 copies)
  • Blue (serial-numbered to 75 copies)
  • Orange (serial-numbered to 50 copies)
  • Green (serial-numbered to 25 copies)
  • Red (serial-numbered to ten)
  • Purple (serial-numbered to five)
  • Inception (one-of-one)
  • Printing Plates (set of four for each)

PA-PW Patrick Wisdom

PA-OT Oscar Taveras

PA-NC Nick Castellanos

PA-MM Mark Montgomery

PA-MH Miles Head

PA-MF Max Fried

PA-LM Lance McCullers

PA-LG Lucas Giolito

PA-KZ Kyle Zimmer

PA-KP Kevin Pillar

PA-KG Kevin Gausman

PA-JSO Jorge Soler

PA-JS Jonathan Singleton

PA-JN Justin Nicolino

PA-JM Jake Marisnick

PA-JF Jose Fernandez

PA-JB J.O. Berrios

PA-JBI Jesse Biddle

PA-JBO Jorge Bonifacio

PA-MZ Mike Zunino

PA-MS Miguel Sano

PA-MO Matt Olson

PA-GP Gregory Polanco

PA-GA Gioskar Amaya

PA-EB Eddie Butler

PA-DD David Dahl

PA-DC Daniel Corcino

PA-CS Corey Seager

PA-CH Courtney Hawkins

PA-CC Carlos Correa

PA-CBL Clayton Blackburn

PA-BS Bubba Starling

PA-BM Brad Miller

PA-BH Billy Hamilton

PA-BBA Barrett Barnes

PA-AA Albert Almora

PA-AH Alen Hanson

PA-AR Addison Russell

PA-BB Byron Buxton

PA-YP Yasiel Puig

PA-TW Taijuan Walker

PA-RG Ronald Guzman

PA-SP Stephen Piscotty

PA-SR Stefen Romero

PA-ST Stryker Trahan

PA-TA Tyler Austin

PA-TD Travis d'Arnaud

Prospect Inscriptions

IA-DD David Dahl

IA-DB Dylan Bundy

IA-BB Byron Buxton

IA-BH Billy Hamilton

IA-WM Wil Myers

IA-TD Travis d'Arnaud

IA-NC Nick Castellanos

IA-MZ Mike Zunino

IA-MM Manny Machado

IA-JP Jurickson Profar

Silver Signings

Each Silver Signings are serial-numbered to 25 copies, with a Gold parallel numbered to five.

SS-YP Yasiel Puig

SS-WM Wil Myers

SS-TD Travis d'Arnaud

SS-TA Tyler Austin

SS-RH Ryu Hyun-Jin

SS-OT Oscar Taveras

SS-NC Nick Castellanos

SS-MZ Mike Zunino

SS-MS Miguel Sano

SS-MO Mike Olt

SS-MM Manny Machado

SS-JSO Jorge Soler

SS-JS Jonathan Singleton

SS-JP Jurickson Profar

SS-JF Jose Fernandez

SS-DD David Dahl

SS-DB Dylan Bundy

SS-CS Corey Seager

SS-CC Carlos Correa

SS-BH Billy Hamilton

SS-BB Byron Buxton

SS-AR Addison Russell

SS-AH Alen Hanson

SS-AG Avisail Garcia

SS-AE Adam Eaton


BVA-YP Yasiel Puig

BVA-WM Wil Myers

BVA-TD Travis d'Arnaud

BVA-TA Tyler Austin

BVA-ST Stryker Trahan

BVA-SM Shelby Miller

BVA-RG Ronald Guzman

BVA-MS Miguel Sano

BVA-MO Mike Olt

BVA-MM Mark Montgomery

BVA-MH Miles Head

BVA-JW Jesse Winker

BVA-JT Jake Thompson

BVA-JP Jurickson Profar

BVA-JO Jake Odorizzi

BVA-JF Jose Fernandez

BVA-JB Jorge Bonifacio

BVA-EB Eddie Butler

BVA-CK Casey Kelly

BVA-BB Byron Buxton

BVA-AH Alen Hanson

BVA-AE Adam Eaton

Dual Rise Autographs

Each Dual Rise Autograph is serial-numbered to 25 copies.

DRA-SP Corey Seager / Yasiel Puig

DRA-SB Miguel Sano / Byron Buxton

DRA-PC Jurickson Profar / Carlos Correa

DRA-MT Wil Myers / Oscar Taveras

DRA-HP Alen Hanson / Gregory Polanco

DRA-AS Albert Almora / Jorge Soler

DRA-AM Tyler Austin / Mark Montgomery

DRA-CB Carlos Correa / Byron Buxton

DRA-BM Dylan Bundy / Manny Machado

DRA-BG Dylan Bundy / Kevin Gausman

Triple Autographs

Each Triple Autograph is serial-numbered to five.

TA-TDS Oscar Taveras / Travis d'Arnaud / Miguel Sano

TA-GZF Kevin Gausman / Kyle Zimmer / Max Fried

TA-CBZ Carlos Correa / Byron Buxton / Mike Zunino

Autographed Relics

Each Autographed Relic is also available in the following parallels.

  • Red (serial-numbered to 50 copies)
  • Blue (serial-numbered to 25 copies)
  • Inception (one-of-one)

AR-YV Yordano Ventura

AR-XB Xander Bogaerts

AR-WM Wil Myers

AR-TJ Tommy Joseph

AR-AR Anthony Rendon

AR-BB Bryce Brentz

AR-BM Brad Miller

AR-CS Carlos Sanchez

AR-FR Felipe Rivero

AR-GB Gary Brown

AR-GS George Springer

AR-HL Hak-Ju Lee

AR-JM Jake Marisnick

AR-JO Jake Odorizzi

AR-JP James Paxton

AR-JPE Joc Pederson

AR-JS Jonathan Singleton

AR-MC Michael Choice

AR-MH Miles Head

AR-MZ Mike Zunino

AR-NC Nick Castellanos

AR-NF Nick Franklin

AR-RL Rymer Liriano

AR-RS Richie Shaffer

AR-SH Slade Heathcott

Autographed Patches

Each Autographed Patch is also available in the following parallels.

  • Red (serial-numbered to ten copies)
  • Blue (serial-numbered to five copies)
  • Inception (one-of-one)

APA-JSC Jonathan Schoop

APA-MC Michael Choice

APA-MM Manny Machado

APA-MT Mike Trout

APA-NC Nick Castellanos

APA-RL Rymer Liriano

APA-RS Richie Shaffer

APA-WM Wil Myers

APA-YD Yu Darvish

APA-JS Jonathan Singleton

APA-JP Jurickson Profar

APA-JO Jake Odorizzi

APA-GS George Springer

APA-GC Gerrit Cole

APA-FR Felipe Rivero

APA-DB Dylan Bundy

APA-BRH Bryce Harper

APA-BH Billy Hamilton

APA-AR Anthony Rendon

Autographed Jumbo Relics

Each Autographed Jumbo Relic is also available in the following parallels.

  • Red (serial-numbered to ten copies)
  • Blue (serial-numbered to five copies)
  • Inception (one-of-one)

AJR-MM Manny Machado

AJR-MC Michael Choice

AJR-JS Jonathan Schoop

AJR-JPA Joe Panik

AJR-JP Jurickson Profar

AJR-JG Jedd Gyorko

AJR-GS George Springer

AJR-GC Gerrit Cole

AJR-FR Felipe Rivero

AJR-CM Carlos Martinez

AJR-BRH Bryce Harper

AJR-AR Anthony Rendon

AJR-BH Billy Hamilton

AJR-BR Bruce Rondon

AJR-MT Mike Trout

AJR-MZ Mike Zunino

AJR-NA Nolan Arenado

AJR-RS Richie Shaffer

AJR-YD Yu Darvish

Autographed Logo Patch

Each Autographed Logo Patch is a one-of-one.

ALP-SM Shelby Miller

ALP-TS Tyler Skaggs

ALP-WM Wil Myers

ALP-OA Oswaldo Arcia

ALP-NC Nick Castellanos

ALP-NA Nolan Arenado

ALP-MZ Mike Zunino

ALP-MM Manny Machado

ALP-MD Matt Davidson

ALP-JS Jonathan Singleton

ALP-JP Joe Panik

ALP-JP Jurickson Profar

ALP-JM Jake Marisnick

ALP-GS George Springer

ALP-GC Gerrit Cole

ALP-AR Anthony Rendon

ALP-BH Billy Hamilton

ALP-CM Carlos Martinez

ALP-CY Christian Yelich

ALP-DB Dylan Bundy

Triple Autographed Patch

Each Triple Autographed patch is serial-numbered to five copies.

TAP-HMC Billy Hamilton / Wil Myers / Nick Castellanos

TAP-OSR Mike Olt / Miguel Sano / Anthony Rendon

TAP-PBM Jurickson Profar / Dylan Bundy / Wil Myers

Ascension Collection

Each Ascension Collection is serial-numbered to 25 copies, with a one-of-one Patch parallel also available.

ACR-WM Wil Myers

ACR-TJ Tommy Joseph

ACR-RL Rymer Liriano

ACR-NC Nick Castellanos

ACR-MC Michael Choice

ACR-JS Jonathan Singleton

ACR-JP James Paxton

ACR-HL Hak-Ju Lee

ACR-GC Gerrit Cole

ACR-DH Danny Hultzen

ACR-CY Christian Yelich

ACR-BH Billy Hamilton

Blue Sapphire

See 2013 Bowman Blue Sapphire Best Players of All Time.

Bowman Black

See 2013 Bowman Black.

Little League Autographs

Each Little League Autograph is packed out as a box loader and serial-numbered to 20.

LLA-DB Dante Bichette Jr.

LLA-JN Justin Nicolino

LLA-JP Jurickson Profar

LLA-JPA Joe Panik

LLA-JS Jonathan Schoop