2016 Bowman Inception

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This article is about a set that was just released.
Some information may change as more facts become known.


2016 Bowman Inception is scheduled for release the week of July 6th, 2016. Again, as is standard for this brand, there is no "base" set in the traditional sense and all cards are autographed. New for 2016, is the inclusion of a limited number of veteran players.

Each five card pack contains four (on-card) autographs and an autographed (sticker) relic card.


Five cards per box (MSRP: $80). Eight boxes per case. Hobby only.


Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Hobby Odds
Rookie Autographs 15 - ?
Rookie Autographs Blue 15 - ?
Rookie Autographs Green 15 - ?
Rookie Autographs Gold 15 25 ?
Rookie Autographs Orange 15 5 ?
Rookie Autographs Red 15 one-of-one ?
Prospect Autographs 56 - ?
Prospect Autographs Blue 56 - ?
Prospect Autographs Green 56 - ?
Prospect Autographs Gold 56 25 ?
Prospect Autographs Orange 56 5 ?
Prospect Autographs Red 56 one-of-one ?
Inceptionized Veteran Autographs 9 - ?
Inceptionized Veteran Autographs Orange 9 5 ?
Inceptionized Veteran Autographs Red 9 one-of-one ?
Inceptionized Prospect Autographs 19 - 1:8
Inceptionized Prospect Autographs Gold 19 25 ?
Inceptionized Prospect Autographs Orange 19 5 ?
Inceptionized Prospect Autographs Red 19 one-of-one ?
Origins Autographs 14 ?
Origins Autographs Orange 14 5
Origins Autographs Red 14 one-of-one
New Dawn Continuity Autographs 6 ? ?
New Dawn Continuity Autographs Red 6 one-of-one ?
Autographed Relics 26 - ?
Autographed Relics Blue 26 - ?
Autographed Relics Green 26 - ?
Autographed Relics Gold 26 25 ?
Autographed Relics Orange 26 5 ?
Autographed Relics Red 26 one-of-one ?
Veteran Autographed Relics 11 - ?
Veteran Autographed Relics Orange 11 5 ?
Veteran Autographed Relics Red 11 one-of-one ?
Autographed Jumbo Patch 25 - ?
Autographed Jumbo Patch Gold 25 25 ?
Autographed Jumbo Patch Orange 25 5 ?
Autographed Jumbo Patch Red 25 one-of-one ?
Autographed Letter Book 14 ? ?
Autographed Logo Patch 14 one-of-one ?
Future Stars Autograph Relic 14 one-of-one ?
Future Stars Autograph Relic Laundry Tag 14 one-of-one ?
Quad Autograph Relics 5 - ?



Rookie Autographs

  • Green
  • Gold
  • Orange (serial-numbered to 25 copies)
  • Red (serial-numbered to five)
  • Black (one-of-one)

RA-AN Aaron Nola

RA-BP Byung-Ho Park

RA-CS Corey Seager

RA-GB Greg Bird

RA-HOL Hector Olivera

RA-HOW Henry Owens

RA-JG Jon Gray

RA-KMAE Kenta Maeda

RA-KS Kyle Schwarber

RA-LS Luis Severino

RA-MC Michael Conforto

RA-MS Miguel Sano

RA-RM Raul Mondesi, Jr.

RA-SP Stephen Piscotty

RA-TT Trea Turner

Prospect Autographs

  • Green
  • Gold
  • Orange (serial-numbered to 25 copies)
  • Red (serial-numbered to five)
  • Black (one-of-one)

PA-AA Anthony Alford

PA-ABE Andrew Benintendi

PA-ABR Alex Bregman

PA-AE Anderson Espinoza

PA-AJUD Aaron Judge

PA-AJUR Ariel Jurado


PA-AREY Alex Reyes

PA-ARU Ashe Russell

PA-BBR Bobby Bradley

PA-BBU Beau Burrows

PA-BP Brett Phillips

PA-BR Brendan Rodgers

PA-BS Blake Snell

PA-CF Carson Fulmer

PA-CR Cornelius Randolph

PA-CSA Connor Sadzeck

PA-DC Daz Cameron

PA-DJ Drew Jackson

PA-DS Dansby Swanson

PA-DT Dillon Tate

PA-FK Franklyn Kilome

PA-FM Francis Martes

PA-GT Gleyber Torres

PA-HC Hunter Cole

PA-IH Ian Happ

PA-JBE Jose Berrios

PA-JC Jharel Cotton

PA-JDE Jose De Leon

PA-JGO Jordan Guerrero

PA-JK James Kaprielian

PA-JM Jorge Mateo

PA-JO Jhailyn Ortiz

PA-JSH Justus Sheffield

PA-KA Kolby Allard

PA-KH Ke'Bryan Hayes

PA-LF Lucius Fox

PA-LS Lucas Sims

PA-MCL Mike Clevinger

PA-MF Michael Fulmer

PA-MM Manuel Margot

PA-MSM Mallex Smith

PA-NG Nick Gordon

PA-OAL Ozzie Albies

PA-OAR Orlando Arcia

PA-RD Rafael Devers

PA-RM Richie Martin

PA-TC Trent Clark

PA-TM Trey Mancini

PA-TO Tyler O'Neill

PA-TS Tyler Stephenson

PA-TT Touki Toussaint

PA-TW Taylor Ward

PA-VR Victor Robles

PA-YA Yadier Alvarez

PA-YM Yoan Moncada

Inceptionized Autographs


These cards use the design of the 2016 Bowman set, with the filtering effect of the Inception cards.

  • Orange (serial-numbered to 25 copies)
  • Red (serial-numbered to five)
  • Black (one-of-one)

IBPA-AA Anthony Alford

IBPA-AB Alex Bregman

IBPA-AE Anderson Espinoza

IBPA-AJ Ariel Jurado

IBPA-BR Brendan Rodgers

IBPA-DC Daz Cameron

IBPA-DJ Drew Jackson

IBPA-DS Dansby Swanson

IBPA-FK Franklyn Kilome

IBPA-FM Francis Martes

IBPA-JC Jharel Cotton

IBPA-JGU Jordan Guerrero

IBPA-JO Jhailyn Ortiz

IBPA-TM Trey Mancini

IBPA-TO Tyler O'Neill

IBPA-VR Victor Robles

IBPA-WC Willson Contreras

IBPA-YA Yadier Alvarez

IBPA-YM Yoan Moncada


These cards use the design of the player's first Bowman Prospects card, with the filtering effect of the Inception cards.

  • Red (serial-numbered to five)
  • Black (one-of-one)

IBVA-BH Bryce Harper

IBVA-CC Carlos Correa

IBVA-CS Chris Sale

IBVA-FL Francisco Lindor

IBVA-JD Jacob deGrom

IBVA-KW Kolten Wong

IBVA-MM Manny Machado

IBVA-NS Noah Syndergaard

IBVA-SG Sonny Gray

Origins Autographs

  • Red (serial-numbered to five)
  • Black (one-of-one)

OA-AB Alex Bregman

OA-AJ Aaron Judge

OA-BR Brendan Rodgers

OA-BS Blake Snell

OA-CS Corey Seager

OA-DC Daz Cameron

OA-DS Dansby Swanson

OA-JD Jose De Leon

OA-JP Joc Pederson

OA-KS Kyle Schwarber

OA-LG Lucas Giolito

OA-MCO Michael Conforto

OA-SP Stephen Piscotty

OA-TT Trea Turner

New Dawn Continuity Autographs

New Dawn Continuity is a new set that will continue, with the same design, in future Bowman Inception sets. All cards are also available in a one-of-one Red parallel.

NDCA-ABE Andrew Benintendi

NDCA-AR Alex Reyes

NDCA-BR Brendan Rodgers

NDCA-BS Blake Snell

NDCA-DS Dansby Swanson

NDCA-RD Rafael Devers

Autographed Relics

Autographed Relics

  • Green
  • Gold
  • Orange (serial-numbered to 25 copies)
  • Red (serial-numbered to five)
  • Black (one-of-one)

IAR-AG Amir Garrett

IAR-AJ Aaron Judge

IAR-AN Aaron Nola


IAR-AREY Alex Reyes

IAR-AW Adam Brett Walker II

IAR-BS Blake Snell

IAR-CP Chad Pinder

IAR-CS Corey Seager

IAR-DS Dominic Smith

IAR-HOL Hector Olivera

IAR-JBA Jake Bauers

IAR-JBE Jose Berrios

IAR-JD J.D. Davis

IAR-JP Jose Peraza

IAR-KME Keury Mella

IAR-LG Lucas Giolito

IAR-LS Lucas Sims

IAR-MO Matt Olson

IAR-OAL Ozzie Albies

IAR-OAR Orlando Arcia

IAR-RD Rafael Devers

IAR-RM Reese McGuire

IAR-TB Tyler Beede

IAR-TT Trea Turner

IAR-WH Wei-Chieh Huang

Veteran Autographed Relics

  • Orange (serial-numbered to 25 copies)
  • Red (serial-numbered to five)
  • Black (one-of-one)

IVAR-CKE Clayton Kershaw

IVAR-CKL Corey Kluber

IVAR-CS Chris Sale

IVAR-FF Freddie Freeman

IVAR-JD Jacob deGrom

IVAR-JP Joc Pederson

IVAR-MA Matt Adams

IVAR-MC Matt Carpenter

IVAR-MM Manny Machado

IVAR-NS Noah Syndergaard

IVAR-SG Sonny Gray

Autographed Jumbo Patches

  • Red (serial-numbered to five)
  • Black (one-of-one)

IAJP-ABL Alex Blandino

IAJP-AG Amir Garrett

IAJP-AJ Aaron Judge

IAJP-AM Austin Meadows

IAJP-AREY Alex Reyes

IAJP-BS Blake Snell

IAJP-BZ Bradley Zimmer

IAJP-CE Carl Edwards, Jr.

IAJP-CS Corey Seager

IAJP-DS Dominic Smith

IAJP-ED Edwin Diaz

IAJP-JBE Jose Berrios

IAJP-KME Keury Mella

IAJP-LG Lucas Giolito

IAJP-LSE Luis Severino

IAJP-LSI Lucas Sims

IAJP-MCO Michael Conforto

IAJP-MO Matt Olson

IAJP-OAL Ozzie Albies

IAJP-OAR Orlando Arcia

IAJP-PO Peter O'Brien

IAJP-RD Rafael Devers

IAJP-RM Reese McGuire

IAJP-RN Renato Nunez

IAJP-RT Raimel Tapia

IAJP-TB Tyler Beede

IAJP-TT Trea Turner

IAJP-WC Willson Contreras

IAJP-WH Wei-Chieh Huang

Autographed Letter Book Cards

IALB-AJ Aaron Judge

IALB-AN Aaron Nola


IALB-BS Blake Snell

IALB-HOL Hector Olivera

IALB-JB Jose Berrios

IALB-JP Jose Peraza

IALB-KS Kyle Schwarber

IALB-LS Luis Severino

IALB-MC Michael Conforto

IALB-OA Orlando Arcia

IALB-RD Rafael Devers

IALB-TB Tyler Beede

IALB-TT Trea Turner

Quad Autographed Letter Book Cards

QARB-DOJS Aaron Judge / Luis Severino / Rafael Devers / Henry Owens

QARB-DRFK Derek Fisher / A.J. Reed / J.D. Davis / Dallas Keuchel

QARB-RGSO Lucas Giolito / Henry Owens / Alex Reyes / Lucas Sims

QARB-SDSK Jacob deGrom / Dallas Keuchel / Noah Syndergaard / Chris Sale

QARB-SSNM Aaron Nola / Kyle Schwarber / Raul Mondesi, Jr. / Corey Seager

Autographed Logo Patch

Each Autographed Logo Patch is a one-of-one.

ALP-AN Aaron Nola

ALP-AR Alex Reyes

ALP-BZ Bradley Zimmer

ALP-CS Corey Seager

ALP-HO Hector Olivera

ALP-JB Jose Berrios

ALP-KM Ketel Marte

ALP-KS Kyle Schwarber

ALP-LS Luis Severino

ALP-MC Michael Conforto

ALP-MS Miguel Sano

ALP-OA Ozzie Albies

ALP-RD Rafael Devers

ALP-TB Tyler Beede

Future Stars Autographed Relics

Each Future Stars Autographed Relic is a one-of-one and also available in a one-of-one Laundry Tag parallel.

FSAR-AG Amir Garrett 1

FSAR-AJ Aaron Judge 1

FSAR-BS Blake Snell 1

FSAR-BZ Bradley Zimmer 1

FSAR-ED Edwin Diaz 1

FSAR-JB Jose Berrios 1

FSAR-KM Keury Mella 1

FSAR-LG Lucas Giolito 1

FSAR-MO Matt Olson 1

FSAR-OAL Ozzie Albies 1

FSAR-OAR Orlando Arcia 1

FSAR-RD Rafael Devers 1

FSAR-TB Tyler Beede 1

FSAR-WH Wei-Chieh Huang 1