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2012 Topps Five Star

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2012 Topps Five Star was released on November 14, 2012. Each five card pack includes one base card, three autographs (all on-card), a game-used Relic card, and an autographed Relic card. This was a new high-end set from Topps in 2012, and it had high expectations considering how well the football edition (which debuted in 2010) was received. Many who bought the product agreed that the cards were fantastic, but also that more work had to be done. One notable problem was that a lot of the cards came with chipping around the edges due to lack of proper handling by Topps.


Six cards per box (MSRP: $500). Three boxes per case. Hobby Only.


Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Hobby Odds
Base 80 80 one-per-pack
Rainbow 80 10 1:9
Jumbo Jersey 51 92 one-per-pack
Jumbo Jersey Gold 51 25 1:6
Jumbo Jersey Patch 51 one-of-one 1:141
Legends Relics 25 25 1:12
Dual Legends Relics 19 10 1:38
Bat Knobs 29 one-of-one 1:248
Bat Barrels 29 one-of-one 1:248
Letters 50 one-of-one 1:144
Dual Patch 30 5 1:48
Triple Patch 20 5 1:72
Quad Patch 15 5 1:97
Octo Patch 10 5 1:144
Active Autographs 43 varies one-per-pack
Active Autographs Rainbow 43 varies 1:7
Active Quotable Autographs 20 10 1:36
Retired Autographs 42 varies one-per-pack
Retired Autographs Rainbow 42 varies 1:7
Retired Quotable Autographs 20 10 1:36
Silver Ink Autographs 49 99 one-per-pack
Gold Ink Autographs Purple 49 10 1:15
Gold Ink Autographs Red 49 5 1:30
Dual Signature Book 32 10 1:23
Quadgraph Book 10 10 1:73
Six Signature Book 5 5 1:288
Eight Signature Book 3 5 1:481
Autographed Relics 44 varies one-per-pack
Autographed Relics Gold 44 varies 1:4
Autographed Relics Rainbow 44 varies 1:7
Autographed Jumbo Relic Book 5 49 1:30
Autographed Jumbo Relic Book Gold 5 10 1:144
Autographed Jumbo Patch Book Rainbow 5 one-of-one 1:1442
Autographed Patch 20 5 1:72
Dual Signature Patch Book 28 10 1:26
Dual Signature Logo Patch Book 25 one-of-one 1:288
3-Piece Signature Book 5 49 1:30
3-Piece Signature Book Gold 5 10 1:144
3-Patch Signature Book Rainbow 5 one-of-one 1:1442
4-Piece Signature Book 6 varies 1:31
4-Piece Signature Book Gold 6 10 1:144
4-Patch Signature Book Rainbow 6 one-of-one 1:1202
Cut Signature Booklets 30 one-of-one 1:240


Base Set

Jered-Weaver.jpg?id=fedc5d5f-d847-4976-8b10-d85fae7f66e5&size=original&side=front&.jpg Jered-Weaver.jpg?id=fedc5d5f-d847-4976-8b10-d85fae7f66e5&size=original&side=back&.jpg

All base cards are serial numbered to 80.

1 Bryce Harper RC

2 Eddie Murray

3 Johnny Bench

4 Buster Posey

5 Ichiro

6 Stephen Strasburg

7 Jered Weaver

8 Roy Halladay

9 CC Sabathia

10 Ryan Braun

11 Jacoby Ellsbury

12 Don Mattingly

13 Harmon Killebrew

14 Giancarlo Stanton

15 Alex Rodriguez

16 David Ortiz

17 Andre Ethier

18 Curtis Granderson

19 Derek Jeter

20 Joey Votto

21 Willie Mays

22 Ralph Kiner

23 Cole Hamels

24 Robinson Cano

25 Mariano Rivera

26 Felix Hernandez

27 Ian Kinsler

28 Joe DiMaggio

29 Paul Konerko

30 Babe Ruth

31 Carlos Gonzalez

32 Troy Tulowitzki

33 Mike Schmidt

34 Tom Seaver

35 Albert Pujols

36 David Price

37 Mike Trout

38 Andrew McCutchen

39 Adam Jones

40 Sandy Koufax

41 Joe Mauer

42 Jackie Robinson

43 George Brett

44 Dave Winfield

45 Jose Bautista

46 David Freese

47 Tim Lincecum

48 Prince Fielder

49 Adrian Gonzalez

50 Josh Hamilton

51 Roberto Clemente

52 Dustin Pedroia

53 Carl Yastrzemski

54 Nolan Ryan

55 Joe Morgan

56 Cliff Lee

57 Evan Longoria

58 David Wright

59 Yogi Berra

60 Ken Griffey, Jr.

61 Yu Darvish RC

62 Mark Trumbo

63 Ty Cobb

64 Wade Boggs

65 Justin Verlander

66 Reggie Jackson

67 Cal Ripken, Jr.

68 Johan Santana

69 Starlin Castro

70 Clayton Kershaw

71 Hanley Ramirez

72 Jim Palmer

73 Rod Carew

74 Justin Upton

75 Rickey Henderson

76 Matt Kemp

77 Mickey Mantle

78 Bob Gibson

79 Lou Gehrig

80 Miguel Cabrera


Hanley-Ramirez.jpg?id=7f0e6615-cc2e-4203-8c53-398a06fc552d&size=original&side=front&.jpg Hanley-Ramirez.jpg?id=7f0e6615-cc2e-4203-8c53-398a06fc552d&size=original&side=back&.jpg

All 80 cards are available in Rainbow parallels that are serial numbered to 10.


Jumbo Jersey Relic

Bryce-Harper.jpg?id=7f82dc83-386b-4751-bf84-bbf018011ff7&size=original&side=front&.jpg Bryce-Harper.jpg?id=7f82dc83-386b-4751-bf84-bbf018011ff7&size=original&side=back&.jpg

Each Jumbo Jersey Relic is serial-numbered to 92 copies and also available in the following parallels.

  • Gold (serial-numbered to 25 copies)
  • Patch (one-of-one)

NOTE: Card #JJR-SS is serial-numbered to 54 copies.

JJR-AB Adrian Beltre

JJR-AE Andre Ethier

JJR-AG Adrian Gonzalez

JJR-AM Andrew McCutchen

JJR-AP Albert Pujols

JJR-AR Alex Rodriguez

JJR-BH Bryce Harper

JJR-BP Buster Posey

JJR-CCS CC Sabathia

JJR-CG Carlos Gonzalez

JJR-CGA Curtis Granderson

JJR-CH Cole Hamels

JJR-CJ Chipper Jones

JJR-CK Clayton Kershaw

JJR-CL Cliff Lee

JJR-CW C.J. Wilson

JJR-DF David Freese

JJR-DJ Derek Jeter

JJR-DO David Ortiz

JJR-DP Dustin Pedroia

JJR-DPR David Price

JJR-DW David Wright

JJR-EL Evan Longoria

JJR-FH Felix Hernandez

JJR-GS Giancarlo Stanton

JJR-HR Hanley Ramirez

JJR-I Ichiro

JJR-IK Ian Kinsler

JJR-JB Jose Bautista

JJR-JE Jacoby Ellsbury

JJR-JH Josh Hamilton

JJR-JM Joe Mauer

JJR-JS Johan Santana

JJR-JU Justin Upton

JJR-JV Justin Verlander

JJR-JVO Joey Votto

JJR-JW Jered Weaver

JJR-MC Miguel Cabrera

JJR-MK Matt Kemp

JJR-MM Matt Moore

JJR-MR Mariano Rivera

JJR-MT Mike Trout

JJR-PF Prince Fielder

JJR-PK Paul Konerko

JJR-RB Ryan Braun

JJR-RH Roy Halladay

JJR-SC Starlin Castro

JJR-SS Stephen Strasburg

JJR-TL Tim Lincecum

JJR-TT Troy Tulowitzki

JJR-YD Yu Darvish

Legends Relics

Jackie-Robinson.jpg?id=660d3586-f764-4887-b41e-dd94509e693c&size=original&side=front&.jpg Jackie-Robinson.jpg?id=660d3586-f764-4887-b41e-dd94509e693c&size=original&side=back&.jpg

Each Legends Relic is serial-numbered to 25 copies.

LR-BR Babe Ruth

LR-BRO Brooks Robinson

LR-CR Cal Ripken, Jr.

LR-CY Carl Yastrzemski

LR-DW Dave Winfield

LR-EB Ernie Banks

LR-GB George Brett

LR-HK Harmon Killebrew

LR-JB Johnny Bench

LR-JD Joe DiMaggio

LR-JR Jackie Robinson

LR-MM Mickey Mantle

LR-MS Mike Schmidt

LR-RC Roberto Clemente

LR-RH Rickey Henderson

LR-RK Ralph Kiner

LR-RS Ryne Sandberg

LR-SC Steve Carlton

LR-SK Sandy Koufax

LR-SM Stan Musial

LR-TC Ty Cobb

LR-TG Tony Gwynn

LR-TS Tom Seaver

LR-WM Willie Mays

LR-WMC Willie McCovey


Each Dual Legends Relic is serial-numbered to ten.

FSDLR-CK Ralph Kiner / Roberto Clemente

FSDLR-RR Babe Ruth / Jackie Robinson

FSDLR-BB George Brett / Wade Boggs

FSDLR-BC Brooks Robinson / Cal Ripken, Jr.

FSDLR-BS Ryne Sandberg / Ernie Banks

FSDLR-CS Steve Carlton / Mike Schmidt

FSDLR-DM Mickey Mantle / Joe DiMaggio

FSDLR-GM George Brett / Mike Schmidt

FSDLR-JS Jim Bunning / Steve Carlton

FSDLR-KR Jackie Robinson / Sandy Koufax

FSDLR-MB Lou Brock / Stan Musial

FSDLR-RM Mickey Mantle / Babe Ruth

FSDLR-SC Roberto Clemente / Willie Stargell

FSDLR-SF Warren Spahn / Whitey Ford

FSDLR-TA Al Kaline / Ty Cobb

FSDLR-WG Tony Gwynn / Dave Winfield

FSDLR-WW Willie McCovey / Willie Mays

FSDLR-YB Carl Yastrzemski / Wade Boggs

FSDLR-YM Paul Molitor / Robin Yount


Each Letter is erroneously labelled a "1 of 1." There is one unique card for each letter in the player's last name.

FSL-AE Andre Ethier 6

FSL-AG Adrian Gonzalez 8

FSL-AM Andrew McCutchen 9

FSL-AP Albert Pujols 6

FSL-BH Bryce Harper 6

FSL-BP Buster Posey 5

FSL-BS Bruce Sutter 6

FSL-CB Carlos Beltran 7

FSL-CG Carlos Gonzalez 8

FSL-CH Cole Hamels 6

FSL-CJ Chipper Jones 5

FSL-CK Clayton Kershaw 7

FSL-CL Cliff Lee 3

FSL-CR Cal Ripken, Jr. 6

FSL-DF David Freese 6

FSL-DO David Ortiz 5

FSL-DP Dustin Pedroia 7

FSL-DPR David Price 5

FSL-DW David Wright 6

FSL-EL Evan Longoria 8

FSL-EM Eddie Murray 6

FSL-FH Felix Hernandez 9

FSL-GS Giancarlo Stanton 7

FSL-I Ichiro 6

FSL-IK Ian Kinsler 7

FSL-JB Jose Bautista 8

FSL-JH Josh Hamilton 8

FSL-JM Jesus Montero 7

FSL-JS Johan Santana 7

FSL-JU Justin Upton 5

FSL-JV Justin Verlander 9

FSL-JW Jered Weaver 6

FSL-MC Miguel Cabrera 7

FSL-MH Matt Holliday 8

FSL-MK Matt Kemp 4

FSL-MT Mike Trout 5

FSL-MY Michael Young 5

FSL-PF Prince Fielder 7

FSL-PN Phil Niekro 6

FSL-RH Roy Halladay 8

FSL-RJ Reggie Jackson 7

FSL-RZ Ryan Zimmerman 9

FSL-SC Starlin Castro 6

FSL-SS Stephen Strasburg 9

FSL-TG Tony Gwynn 5

FSL-TL Tim Lincecum 8

FSL-TS Tom Seaver 6

FSL-TT Troy Tulowitzki 10

FSL-WM Willie McCovey 7

FSL-YD Yu Darvish 7

Bat Knobs

Each Bat Knob is a one-of-one.

FSBK-BG Bob Gibson

FSBK-BR Babe Ruth

FSBK-CY Carl Yastrzemski

FSBK-DM Don Mattingly

FSBK-DS Duke Snider

FSBK-EB Ernie Banks

FSBK-EM Eddie Mathews

FSBK-FR Frank Robinson

FSBK-GB George Brett

FSBK-GC Gary Carter

FSBK-JB Johnny Bench

FSBK-JD Joe DiMaggio

FSBK-JH Josh Hamilton

FSBK-JM Joe Morgan

FSBK-JR Jackie Robinson

FSBK-LG Lou Gehrig

FSBK-MM Mickey Mantle

FSBK-MM7 Mickey Mantle

FSBK-MS Mike Schmidt

FSBK-OS Ozzie Smith

FSBK-PR Phil Rizzuto

FSBK-RJ Reggie Jackson

FSBK-RK Ralph Kiner

FSBK-RS Ryne Sandberg

FSBK-RY Robin Yount

FSBK-SM Stan Musial


FSBK-TP Tony Perez

FSBK-TS Tom Seaver

Bat Plates

Each Bat Plate is a one-of-one.

FSBP-AD Andre Dawson

FSBP-AK Al Kaline

FSBP-BR Babe Ruth

FSBP-CF Carlton Fisk

FSBP-CR Cal Ripken

FSBP-CY Carl Yastrzemski

FSBP-DS Duke Snider

FSBP-DW Dave Winfield

FSBP-EB Ernie Banks

FSBP-EM Eddie Mathews

FSBP-ES Enos Slaughter

FSBP-FR Frank Robinson

FSBP-GB George Brett

FSBP-GC Gary Carter

FSBP-GG Goose Gossage

FSBP-HK Harmon Killebrew

FSBP-JB Johnny Bench

FSBP-JM Joe Morgan

FSBP-JR Jackie Robinson

FSBP-LG Lou Gehrig

FSBP-MM Mickey Mantle

FSBP-MS Mike Schmidt

FSBP-OS Ozzie Smith

FSBP-PR Phil Rizzuto

FSBP-RK Ralph Kiner

FSBP-SM Stan Musial


FSBP-TS Tom Seaver

FSBP-WM Willie Mays

Dual Patch

Felix-Hernandez-Ichiro-Suzuki.jpg?id=912366bb-8470-4ca7-901e-1291f7522043&size=original&side=front&.jpg Felix-Hernandez-Ichiro-Suzuki.jpg?id=912366bb-8470-4ca7-901e-1291f7522043&size=original&side=back&.jpg

Each Dual Patch is serial-numbered to five.

FSDP-BC Adrian Beltre / Nelson Cruz

FSDP-BL Brett Lawrie / Jose Bautista

FSDP-BY Bryce Harper / Yu Darvish

FSDP-CV Justin Verlander / Miguel Cabrera

FSDP-FC Prince Fielder / Miguel Cabrera

FSDP-FH Matt Holliday / David Freese

FSDP-FV Prince Fielder / Justin Verlander

FSDP-FW David Freese / Adam Wainwright

FSDP-HD Yu Darvish / Josh Hamilton

FSDP-HK Josh Hamilton / Matt Kemp

FSDP-HL Roy Halladay / Cliff Lee

FSDP-HP Josh Hamilton / Albert Pujols

FSDP-HZ Bryce Harper / Ryan Zimmerman

FSDP-IH Ichiro / Felix Hernandez

FSDP-JI Josh Hamilton / Ian Kinsler

FSDP-KE Andre Ethier / Matt Kemp

FSDP-KK Matt Kemp / Clayton Kershaw

FSDP-LP Buster Posey / Tim Lincecum

FSDP-MH Jesus Montero / Felix Hernandez

FSDP-PO David Ortiz / Dustin Pedroia

FSDP-RR Hanley Ramirez / Jose Reyes

FSDP-RS Giancarlo Stanton / Hanley Ramirez

FSDP-SD Yu Darvish / Stephen Strasburg

FSDP-SH Stephen Strasburg / Bryce Harper

FSDP-SP Buster Posey / Pablo Sandoval

FSDP-SW Johan Santana / David Wright

FSDP-SZ Stephn Strasburg / Ryan Zimmerman

FSDP-TG Carlos Gonzalez / Troy Tulowitzki

FSDP-YI Yu Darvish / Ichiro

FSDP-YK Michael Young / Ian Kinsler

Triple Patch

Each Triple Patch is serial-numbered to five.

FSTP-BFH Carlos Beltran / David Freese / Matt Holliday

FSTP-BHK Matt Kemp / Jose Bautista / Josh Hamilton

FSTP-CTH Bryce Harper / Yoenis Cespedes / Mike Trout

FSTP-CVF Miguel Cabrera / Justin Verlander / Prince Fielder

FSTP-DHK Ian Kinsler / Josh Hamilton / Yu Darvish

FSTP-GPO Dustin Pedroia / Adrian Gonzalez / David Ortiz

FSTP-HDW Felix Hernandez / Jered Weaver / Yu Darvish

FSTP-HKB Ryan Braun / Josh Hamilton / Matt Kemp

FSTP-IHM Ichiro / Felix Hernandez / Jesus Montero

FSTP-KKE Matt Kemp / Clayton Kershaw / Andre Ethier

FSTP-LHH Cliff Lee / Roy Halladay / Cole Hamels

FSTP-PHK Josh Hamilton / Matt Kemp / Albert Pujols

FSTP-PLS Pablo Sandoval / Tim Lincecum / Bustey Posey

FSTP-PWT Albert Pujols / Mike Trout / Jered Weaver

FSTP-RRS Giancarlo Stanton / Hanley Ramirez / Jose Reyes

FSTP-SDV Stephen Strasburg / Justin Verlander / Yu Darvish

FSTP-SHZ Ryan Zimmerman / Bryce Harper / Stephen Strasburg

FSTP-SVH Justin Verlander / Stephen Strasburg / Roy Halladay

FSTP-VLS Stephen Strasburg / Justin Verlander / Tim Lincecum

FSTP-WZF David Freese / David Wright / Ryan Zimmerman

Quad Patch

Each Quad Patch is serial-numbered to five.

FSQP-1 Yu Darvish / Jered Weaver / Felix Hernandez / Justin Verlander

FSQP-2 Clayton Kershaw / Stephen Strasburg / Roy Halladay / Tim Lincecum

FSQP-3 Troy Tulowitzki / Justin Upton / Buster Posey / Matt Kemp

FSQP-4 Starlin Castro / Troy Tulowitzki / Derek Jeter / Jose Reyes

FSQP-5 Derek Jeter / Robinson Cano / Mark Teixeira / Alex Rodriguez

FSQP-6 Dustin Pedroia / Jacoby Ellsbury / Adrian Gonzalez / David Ortiz

FSQP-7 Ichiro / Derek Jeter / Josh Hamilton / Albert Pujols

FSQP-8 Yoenis Cespedes / Mike Trout / Bryce Harper / Jesus Montero

FSQP-9 Adam Wainwright / Carlos Beltran / Matt Holliday / David Freese

FSQP-10 Cole Hamels / Cliff Lee / Roy Halladay / Ryan Howard

FSQP-11 Stephen Strasburg / Josh Hamilton / Yu Darvish / Bryce Harper

FSQP-12 Ian Kinsler / Michael Young / Josh Hamilton / Nelson Cruz

FSQP-13 Gio Gonzalez / Stephen Strasburg / Ryan Zimmerman / Bryce Harper

FSQP-14 Buster Posey / Matt Cain / Tim Lincecum / Pablo Sandoval

FSQP-15 Johan Santana / David Wright / CC Sabathia / Alex Rodriguez

Octo Patch

Each Octo Patch is serial-numbered to five.

FSOP-1 Troy Tulowitzki / Dustin Pedroia / Prince Fielder / Ryan Braun / Matt Kemp / Buster Posey / Giancarlo Stanton / David Wright

FSOP-2 Derek Jeter / Ichiro / Josh Hamilton / Roy Halladay / Stephen Strasburg / Albert Pujols / Tim Lincecum / Justin Verlander

FSOP-3 Josh Hamilton / Ichiro / Bryce Harper / Clayton Kershaw / Felix Hernandez / Yu Darvish / Matt Kemp / Stephen Strasburg

FSOP-4 Roy Halladay / Clayton Kershaw / Stephen Strasburg / Justin Verlander / Tim Lincecum / Jered Weaver / Yu Darvish / Felix Hernandez

FSOP-5 Ryan Braun / Carlos Gonzalez / Giancarlo Stanton / Curtis Granderson / Matt Kemp / Ichiro / Josh Hamilton / Jacoby Ellsbury

FSOP-6 Jose Reyes / Starlin Castro / Derek Jeter / Dustin Pedroia / Troy Tulowitzki / Ian Kinsler / Dan Uggla / Robinson Cano

FSOP-7 Ryan Braun / Matt Kemp / Giancarlo Stanton / Ichiro / Justin Upton / Jacoby Ellsbury / Curtis Granderson / Josh Hamilton

FSOP-8 Giancarlo Stanton / Ryan Braun / Matt Kemp / Josh Hamilton / Jacoby Ellsbury / Curtis Granderson / Jose Bautista / Justin Upton

FSOP-9 Mark Teixeira / Derek Jeter / Robinson Cano / CC Sabathia / Alex Rodriguez / Mariano Rivera / Nick Swisher / Curtis Granderson

FSOP-10 Adam Jones / Justin Upton / Andrew McCutchen / Jacoby Ellsbury / Jason Heyward / Ryan Braun / Curtis Granderson / Carlos Gonzalez


Active Player Autographs

Matt-Kemp.jpg?id=118512ae-60ef-4118-9206-2cd88597b1b7&size=original&side=front&.jpg Matt-Kemp.jpg?id=118512ae-60ef-4118-9206-2cd88597b1b7&size=original&side=back&.jpg

All active player autographs feature on-card autographs #'d to 150 or less. These are differentiated from the retired player autographs by their blue background. Each is also available in a Rainbow parallel, which is serial-numbered to 25 copies.

NOTE: The Rainbow parallel of card #FSA-AP is serial-numbered to ten.

FSA-AE Andre Ethier 50

FSA-AG Adrian Gonzalez 150

FSA-AP Albert Pujols 40

FSA-AR Anthony Rizzo 150

FSA-BH Bryce Harper 150

FSA-BL Brett Lawrie 150

FSA-BP Buster Posey 150

FSA-CJ Chipper Jones 150

FSA-CJW C.J. Wilson 150

FSA-CK Clayton Kershaw 150

FSA-DF David Freese 150

FSA-DP Dustin Pedroia 150

FSA-DU Dan Uggla 150

FSA-DW David Wright 150

FSA-EH Eric Hosmer 150

FSA-EL Evan Longoria 106

FSA-GS Giancarlo Stanton 150

FSA-JBA Jose Bautista 150

FSA-JBR Jay Bruce 150

FSA-JHA Josh Hamilton 150

FSA-JHE Jason Heyward 150

FSA-JM Joe Mauer 150

FSA-JMO Jesus Montero 150

FSA-JW Jered Weaver EXCH 150

FSA-MB Madison Bumgarner 113

FSA-MC Miguel Cabrera 106

FSA-MK Matt Kemp 150

FSA-MM Matt Moore 150

FSA-MN Mike Napoli 113

FSA-MT Mike Trout 150

FSA-NC Nelson Cruz 150

FSA-PF Prince Fielder 150

FSA-PG Paul Goldschmidt 150

FSA-PS Pablo Sandoval 150

FSA-RB Ryan Braun 150

FSA-RC Robinson Cano

FSA-RHA Roy Halladay EXCH

FSA-RZ Ryan Zimmerman 150

FSA-SC Starlin Castro 150

FSA-TB Trevor Bauer 150

FSA-WMB Will Middlebrooks 150

FSA-YC Yoenis Cespedes 150

FSA-YD Yu Darvish 150


Each Active Player Quotable Autograph is serial-numbered to ten.

FSQA-BH Bryce Harper EXCH

FSQA-BL Brett Lawrie

FSQA-BP Buster Posey

FSQA-CK Clayton Kershaw

FSQA-DF David Freese

FSQA-DP Dustin Pedroia

FSQA-DW David Wright

FSQA-EH Eric Hosmer

FSQA-EL Evan Longoria

FSQA-GS Giancarlo Stanton

FSQA-JBA Jose Bautista

FSQA-JH Josh Hamilton

FSQA-JV Justin Verlander

FSQA-MK Matt Kemp

FSQA-MT Mike Trout

FSQA-PF Prince Fielder

FSQA-RB Ryan Braun

FSQA-RC Robinson Cano

FSQA-SC Starlin Castro

FSQA-YD Yu Darvish

Retired Player Autographs

George-Bell.jpg?id=7aa5cdbd-4b4b-46dd-a4a6-1a1185b7f9f9&size=original&side=front&.jpg George-Bell.jpg?id=7aa5cdbd-4b4b-46dd-a4a6-1a1185b7f9f9&size=original&side=back&.jpg

Each Retired Player Autograph is also available in a Rainbow parallel, which is serial-numbered to 25 copies.

NOTE: The Rainbow parallel on the following cards is serial-numbered to 15 copies: #FSA-AD, #CR, #CY, #EB, #FR, #JB, #KG, #NR, #RH, #RJ, #SM, and #TS.

FSA-AB Albert Belle 208

FSA-AD Andre Dawson 106

FSA-AK Al Kaline 208

FSA-BB Bill Buckner 208

FSA-BG Bob Gibson 106

FSA-BW Billy Williams 208

FSA-CF Carlton Fisk 106

FSA-CFI Cecil Fielder 208

FSA-CR Cal Ripken, Jr. 40

FSA-CY Carl Yastrzemski 208

FSA-DE Dennis Eckersley 208

FSA-DK Dave Kingman 208

FSA-DM Dale Murphy 208

FSA-EB Ernie Banks 62

FSA-EM Edgar Martinez 208

FSA-FJ Fergie Jenkins 208

FSA-FR Frank Robinson 62

FSA-GB George Bell 208

FSA-HA Hank Aaron 208

FSA-JB Johnny Bench 62

FSA-JK John Kruk 208

FSA-JMA Juan Marichal 208

FSA-JS John Smoltz 208

FSA-KG Ken Griffey, Jr. 62

FSA-KGS Ken Griffey, Sr. 208

FSA-LT Luis Tiant 208

FSA-MS Mike Schmidt 106

FSA-MW Maury Wills 208

FSA-NR Nolan Ryan 62

FSA-OC Orlando Cepeda 208

FSA-PM Paul Molitor 208

FSA-PO Paul O'Neill 106

FSA-RH Rickey Henderson 62

FSA-RJ Reggie Jackson 62

FSA-RS Ryne Sandberg 106

FSA-RV Robin Ventura 208

FSA-SK Sandy Koufax 25

FSA-SM Stan Musial 62

FSA-TS Tom Seaver 25

FSA-VB Vida Blue 208

FSA-WC Will Clark 208

FSA-WM Willie Mays 25


Each Retired Player Quotable Autograph is serial-numbered to ten.

FSQA-AD Andre Dawson

FSQA-BG Bob Gibson

FSQA-CF Carlton Fisk

FSQA-CR Cal Ripken, Jr.

FSQA-DM Dale Murphy

FSQA-EB Ernie Banks

FSQA-FJ Fergie Jenkins

FSQA-FT Frank Thomas

FSQA-JB Johnny Bench

FSQA-JK John Kruk

FSQA-JS John Smoltz

FSQA-KG Ken Griffey, Jr.

FSQA-MS Mike Schmidt

FSQA-NR Nolan Ryan

FSQA-RH Rickey Henderson EXCH

FSQA-RJ Reggie Jackson

FSQA-RS Ryne Sandberg

FSQA-TG Tony Gwynn

FSQA-TS Tom Seaver

FSQA-WC Will Clark

Silver Ink Autographs

Matt-Moore.jpg?id=d3bf80c6-46be-40d9-9888-e6ebcf9c025d&size=original&side=front&.jpg Matt-Moore.jpg?id=d3bf80c6-46be-40d9-9888-e6ebcf9c025d&size=original&side=back&.jpg

Each Silver Ink Autograph is serial-numbered to 99 copies and also available in the following parallels.

  • Gold Ink Purple (serial-numbered to ten)
  • Gold Ink Red (serial-numbered to five)

NOTES: Card #FSSI-RV is serial-numbered to 75 copies and card #FSSI-SK is numbered to 69.

FSSI-AB Albert Belle

FSSI-AD Andre Dawson

FSSI-AE Andre Ethier

FSSI-AJ Adam Jones

FSSI-AP Andy Pettitte

FSSI-BB Bill Buckner

FSSI-BL Brett Lawrie

FSSI-BW Billy Williams

FSSI-CG Carlos Gonzalez

FSSI-CK Clayton Kershaw

FSSI-CS Chris Sale

FSSI-CW C.J. Wilson

FSSI-DE Dennis Eckersley

FSSI-DF David Freese

FSSI-DK Dave Kingman

FSSI-DM Dale Murphy

FSSI-DW David Wright

FSSI-EM Edgar Martinez

FSSI-FF Freddie Freeman

FSSI-FJ Fergie Jenkins

FSSI-GF George Foster

FSSI-GS Giancarlo Stanton

FSSI-HR Hanley Ramirez

FSSI-JB Jay Bruce

FSSI-JH Jeremy Hellickson

FSSI-JK John Kruk

FSSI-JM Juan Marichal

FSSI-JMO Jesus Montero

FSSI-JP Jim Palmer

FSSI-JR Jim Rice

FSSI-KG Ken Griffey, Jr.

FSSI-KGS Ken Griffey, Sr.

FSSI-LT Luis Tiant

FSSI-MK Matt Kemp

FSSI-MM Matt Moore

FSSI-MT Mike Trout

FSSI-MW Maury Wills

FSSI-NC Nelson Cruz

FSSI-PO Paul O'Neill

FSSI-RAD R.A. Dickey

FSSI-RC Robinson Cano

FSSI-RV Robin Ventura

FSSI-SC Starlin Castro

FSSI-SK Sandy Koufax

FSSI-TP Terry Pendleton

FSSI-VB Vida Blue

FSSI-WC Will Clark

FSSI-WM Will Middlebrooks

FSSI-YC Yoenis Cespedes

Dual Signatures Book

Each Dual Signatures Book is serial-numbered to ten.

FSBDA-BB George Bell / Jose Bautista

FSBDA-BC Starlin Castro / Ernie Banks

FSBDA-BL Jose Bautista / Brett Lawrie

FSBDA-CC Yoenis Cespedes / Aroldis Chapman

FSBDA-CF Miguel Cabrera / Prince Fielder

FSBDA-CH Bryce Harper / Yoenis Cespedes

FSBDA-CP Robinson Cano / Dustin Pedroia

FSBDA-DJ Jason Heyward / Dale Murphy

FSBDA-EB Dennis Eckersley / Vida Blue

FSBDA-GG Ken Griffey, Jr. / Ken Griffey, Sr.

FSBDA-GP Dustin Pedroia / Adrian Gonzalez

FSBDA-HE Dennis Eckersley / Rickey Henderson

FSBDA-HM Matt Moore / Jeremy Helllickson

FSBDA-JH Wally Joyner / Eric Hosmer

FSBDA-KE Andre Ethier / Matt Kemp

FSBDA-KF Al Kaline / Prince Fielder

FSBDA-KK Matt Kemp / Clayton Kershaw

FSBDA-MG Edgar Martinez / Ken Griffey, Jr.

FSBDA-MH Felix Hernandez / Jesus Montero

FSBDA-MM Edgar Martinez / Jesus Montero

FSBDA-MP Joe Mauer / Buster Posey

FSBDA-OP Andy Pettitte / Paul O'Neill

FSBDA-PT Mike Trout / Albert Pujols

FSBDA-RD Yu Darvish / Nolan Ryan

FSBDA-RM Matt Kemp / Ryan Braun

FSBDA-SC Starlin Castro / Ryne Sandberg

FSBDA-TH Bryce Harper / Mike Trout

FSBDA-TV Frank Thomas / Robin Ventura

FSBDA-UM Dan Uggla / Brian McCann

FSBDA-WT Mike Trout / Jered Weaver

FSBDA-WW C.J. Wilson / Jered Weaver

FSBDA-ZH Ryan Zimmerman / Bryce Harper

Quadagraph Book

Each Quadagraph Book is serial-numbered to ten.

FSBQ-1 Dennis Eckersley / Reggie Jackson / Rickey Henderson / Vida Blue

FSBQ-2 Brian McCann / Freddie Freeman / Dan Uggla / Jason Heyward

FSBQ-3 Justin Verlander / Jered Weaver / Felix Hernandez / Clayton Kershaw

FSBQ-4 David Freese / Ryan Zimmerman / Evan Longoria / Brett Lawrie

FSBQ-6 Josh Hamilton / Carlos Gonzalez / Jose Bautista / Matt Kemp

FSBQ-7 Yu Darvish / Mike Trout / Yoenis Cespedes / Jesus Montero

FSBQ-8 Clayton Kershaw / Matt Kemp / Josh Hamilton / Yu Darvish

FSBQ-9 Miguel Cabrera / Giancarlo Stanton / Hanley Ramirez / Prince Fielder

FSBQ-10 Ernie Banks / Ryne Sandberg / Billy Williams / Andre Dawson

FSBQ-13 Nelson Cruz / Mike Napoli / Josh Hamilton / Elvis Andrus

Six Signature Book

Each Six Signatures Book is serial-numbered to five.

FSSS-1 Felix Hernandez / Roy Halladay / Jered Weaver / Yu Darvish / Justin Verlander / Clayton Kershaw

FSSS-2 Rickey Henderson / Tony Gwynn / Willie Mays / Reggie Jackson / Ken Griffey, Jr. / Frank Robinson

FSSS-4 Tom Seaver / Nolan Ryan / Roy Halladay / Sandy Koufax / Justin Verlander / Clayton Kershaw

FSSS-6 Mike Trout / Yoenis Cespedes / Trevor Bauer / Bryce Harper / Matt Moore / Yu Darvish

FSSS-7 Miguel Cabrera / Jose Bautista / Ryan Braun / Matt Kemp / Prince Fielder / Giancarlo Stanton

Eight Signature Book

Each Eight Signatures Book is serial-numbered to five.

FSEA-1 Trevor Bauer / Yoenis Cespedes / Mike Trout / Matt Moore / Jesus Montero / Bryce Harper / Will Middlebrooks / Yu Darvish

FSEA-2 Ryan Braun / Josh Hamilton / Albert Pujols / Felix Hernandez / Matt Kemp / Clayton Kershaw / Roy Halladay / Justin Verlander

FSEA-3 Hank Aaron / Tony Gwynn / Rickey Henderson / Billy Williams / Ken Griffey, Jr. / Willie Mays / Frank Robinson / Reggie Jackson

Autographed Game-Used

Autographed Relics

Mike-Schmidt.jpg?id=3bc95a46-fd16-4df7-9391-a733d40ebe78&size=original&side=front&.jpg Mike-Schmidt.jpg?id=3bc95a46-fd16-4df7-9391-a733d40ebe78&size=original&side=back&.jpg

FSAR-AB Albert Belle 97

FSAR-AD Andre Dawson 55

FSAR-AE Andre Ethier 97

FSAR-AG Adrian Gonzalez 97

FSAR-AK Al Kaline 97

FSAR-AP Albert Pujols 9

FSAR-BH Bryce Harper 9

FSAR-BL Brett Lawrie 97

FSAR-BP Brandon Phillips 73

FSAR-CF Carlton Fisk 43

FSAR-CG Carlos Gonzalez 97

FSAR-CJ Chipper Jones 97

FSAR-CK Clayton Kershaw 97

FSAR-CW C.J. Wilson 97

FSAR-DF David Freese 97

FSAR-DM Dale Murphy 97

FSAR-DP Dustin Pedroia 97

FSAR-DU Dan Uggla 97

FSAR-EH Eric Hosmer 97

FSAR-FH Felix Hernandez EXCH 97

FSAR-FT Frank Thomas 97

FSAR-GG Gio Gonzalez 97

FSAR-GS Giancarlo Stanton 97

FSAR-HA Hank Aaron 97

FSAR-JB Jose Bautista 97

FSAR-JH Josh Hamilton 97

FSAR-JM Jesus Montero 97

FSAR-JU Justin Upton 97

FSAR-MC Miguel Cabrera 97

FSAR-MK Matt Kemp 97

FSAR-MM Matt Moore 97

FSAR-MN Mike Napoli 73

FSAR-MS Mike Schmidt 97

FSAR-PF Prince Fielder 97

FSAR-PM Paul Molitor 97

FSAR-PO Paul O'Neill 97

FSAR-PS Pablo Sandoval 97

FSAR-RB Ryan Braun 97

FSAR-RS Ryne Sandberg 97

FSAR-SC Starlin Castro 97

FSAR-SM Stan Musial 19

FSAR-TG Tony Gwynn 68

FSAR-WC Will Clark 97

FSAR-YC Yoenis Cespedes 97


Matt-Kemp.jpg?id=f28ee9a4-4a7a-43b2-b8c2-5bbc12f203e9&size=original&side=front&.jpg Matt-Kemp.jpg?id=f28ee9a4-4a7a-43b2-b8c2-5bbc12f203e9&size=original&side=back&.jpg

FSAR-AB Albert Belle 55

FSAR-AD Andre Dawson 43

FSAR-AE Andre Ethier 55

FSAR-AG Adrian Gonzalez 55

FSAR-AK Al Kaline 55

FSAR-AP Albert Pujols 5

FSAR-BH Bryce Harper 5

FSAR-BL Brett Lawrie 55

FSAR-BP Brandon Phillips 55

FSAR-CF Carlton Fisk 55

FSAR-CG Carlos Gonzalez 55

FSAR-CJ Chipper Jones 55

FSAR-CK Clayton Kershaw 55

FSAR-CW C.J. Wilson 55

FSAR-DF David Freese 55

FSAR-DM Dale Murphy 55

FSAR-DP Dustin Pedroia 55

FSAR-DU Dan Uggla 55

FSAR-EH Eric Hosmer 55

FSAR-FH Felix Hernandez EXCH 55

FSAR-FT Frank Thomas 55

FSAR-GG Gio Gonzalez 55

FSAR-GS Giancarlo Stanton 55

FSAR-HA Hank Aaron 55

FSAR-JB Jose Bautista 55

FSAR-JH Josh Hamilton 55

FSAR-JM Jesus Montero 55

FSAR-JU Justin Upton 55

FSAR-MC Miguel Cabrera 55

FSAR-MK Matt Kemp 55

FSAR-MM Matt Moore 55

FSAR-MN Mike Napoli 55

FSAR-MS Mike Schmidt 55

FSAR-PF Prince Fielder 55

FSAR-PM Paul Molitor 55

FSAR-PO Paul O'Neill 55

FSAR-PS Pablo Sandoval 55

FSAR-RB Ryan Braun 55

FSAR-RS Ryne Sandberg 55

FSAR-SC Starlin Castro 55

FSAR-SM Stan Musial 55

FSAR-TG Tony Gwynn 55

FSAR-WC Will Clark 55

FSAR-YC Yoenis Cespedes 55


Jesus-Montero.jpg?id=647ca93e-5368-4dfe-bebf-c1cb51c65a9e&size=original&side=front&.jpg Jesus-Montero.jpg?id=647ca93e-5368-4dfe-bebf-c1cb51c65a9e&size=original&side=back&.jpg

FSAR-AB Albert Belle 25

FSAR-AD Andre Dawson 25

FSAR-AE Andre Ethier 25

FSAR-AG Adrian Gonzalez 25

FSAR-AK Al Kaline 25

FSAR-AP Albert Pujols 1

FSAR-BH Bryce Harper 1

FSAR-BL Brett Lawrie 25

FSAR-BP Brandon Phillips 25

FSAR-CF Carlton Fisk 25

FSAR-CG Carlos Gonzalez 25

FSAR-CJ Chipper Jones 25

FSAR-CK Clayton Kershaw 25

FSAR-CW C.J. Wilson 25

FSAR-DF David Freese 25

FSAR-DM Dale Murphy 25

FSAR-DP Dustin Pedroia 25

FSAR-DU Dan Uggla 25

FSAR-EH Eric Hosmer 25

FSAR-FH Felix Hernandez EXCH 25

FSAR-FT Frank Thomas 25

FSAR-GG Gio Gonzalez 25

FSAR-GS Giancarlo Stanton 25

FSAR-HA Hank Aaron 25

FSAR-JB Jose Bautista 25

FSAR-JH Josh Hamilton 25

FSAR-JM Jesus Montero 25

FSAR-JU Justin Upton 25

FSAR-MC Miguel Cabrera 25

FSAR-MK Matt Kemp 25

FSAR-MM Matt Moore 25

FSAR-MN Mike Napoli 25

FSAR-MS Mike Schmidt 25

FSAR-PF Prince Fielder 25

FSAR-PM Paul Molitor 25

FSAR-PO Paul O'Neill 25

FSAR-PS Pablo Sandoval 25

FSAR-RB Ryan Braun 25

FSAR-RS Ryne Sandberg 25

FSAR-SC Starlin Castro 25

FSAR-SM Stan Musial 25

FSAR-TG Tony Gwynn 25

FSAR-WC Will Clark 25

FSAR-YC Yoenis Cespedes 25

Autographed Jumbo Relic Book

Each Autographed Jumbo Relic Book is serial-numbered to 49 copies and also available in the following parallels.

  • Gold (serial-numbered to ten)
  • Rainbow (one-of-one)

AJRB-BH Bryce Harper

AJRB-JB Jose Bautista

AJRB-JW Jered Weaver EXCH

AJRB-MH Matt Holliday EXCH

AJRB-SK Sandy Koufax

Autographed Patch

Each Autographed Patch is serial-numbered to five.

FSAR-BH Bryce Harper

FSAR-BL Brett Lawrie

FSAR-CG Carlos Gonzalez

FSAR-CK Clayton Kershaw

FSAR-DF David Freese

FSAR-DP Dustin Pedroia

FSAR-FH Felix Hernandez

FSAR-GS Giancarlo Stanton

FSAR-JB Jose Bautista

FSAR-JH Josh Hamilton

FSAR-JM Jesus Montero

FSAR-JV Justin Verlander

FSAR-MC Miguel Cabrera

FSAR-MK Matt Kemp

FSAR-MM Matt Moore

FSAR-PF Prince Fielder

FSAR-RB Ryan Braun

FSAR-SC Starlin Castro

FSAR-TB Trevor Bauer

FSAR-YC Yoenis Cespedes

Dual Signatures Patch Book

Each Dual Signatures Patch Book is serial-numbered to ten.

FSBDAP-CA Elvis Andrus / Nelson Cruz

FSBDAP-CP Dustin Pedroia / Robinson Cano

FSBDAP-HH Tommy Hanson / Tim Hudson

FSBDAP-MP Buster Posey / Joe Mauer

FSBDAP-SE John Smoltz / Dennis Eckersley

FSBDAP-WB Buster Posey / Willie McCovey

FSBDAP-WW Jered Weaver / C.J. Wilson

FSBDAP-BK Ryan Braun / Matt Kemp

FSBDAP-BL Jose Bautista / Brett Lawrie

FSBDAP-CC Aroldis Chapman / Johnny Cueto

FSBDAP-DH Josh Hamilton / Yu Darvish

FSBDAP-EK Andre Ethier / Clayton Kershaw

FSBDAP-FH Matt Holliday / David Freese

FSBDAP-GP Dustin Pedroia / Adrian Gonzalez

FSBDAP-GT Tony Gwynn / Frank Thomas

FSBDAP-HC Nelson Cruz / Josh Hamilton

FSBDAP-HD Yu Darvish / Bryce Harper

FSBDAP-HM Jeremy Hellickson / Matt Moore

FSBDAP-HV Roy Halladay / Justin Verlander

FSBDAP-HZ Bryce Harper / Ryan Zimmerman

FSBDAP-KE Matt Kemp / Andre Ethier

FSBDAP-KK Clayton Kershaw / Matt Kemp

FSBDAP-MH Felix Hernandez / Jesus Montero

FSBDAP-OP Andy Pettitte / Paul O'Neill

FSBDAP-PT Albert Pujols / Mike Trout

FSBDAP-SR Hanley Ramirez / Giancarlo Stanton

FSBDAP-UM Dan Uggla / Brian McCann

FSBDAP-WT Mike Trout / Jered Weaver

Logo Patch

Each Dual Signatures Logo Patch Book is a one-of-one.

FSBDAL-BE Jacoby Ellsbury / Ryan Braun

FSBDAL-CA Nelson Cruz / Elvis Andrus

FSBDAL-GG Carlos Gonzalez / Adrian Gonzalez

FSBDAL-HH Josh Hamilton / Bryce Harper

FSBDAL-HU Jason Heyward / Dan Uggla

FSBDAL-JA Aroldis Chapman / Jay Bruce

FSBDAL-JF Chipper Jones / Freddie Freeman

FSBDAL-RC Hanley Ramirez / Miguel Cabrera

FSBDAL-BL Jose Bautista / Brett Lawrie

FSBDAL-CCU Aroldis Chapman / Johnny Cueto

FSBDAL-CR Anthony Rizzo / Starlin Castro

FSBDAL-FC Prince Fielder / Miguel Cabrera

FSBDAL-FH David Freese / Matt Holliday

FSBDAL-HD Josh Hamilton / Yu Darvish

FSBDAL-HM Felix Hernandez / Jesus Montero

FSBDAL-HZ Ryan Zimmerman / Bryce Harper

FSBDAL-KE Matt Kemp / Andre Ethier

FSBDAL-KK Matt Kemp / Clayton Kershaw

FSBDAL-LM Matt Moore / Evan Longoria

FSBDAL-PC Robinson Cano / Dustin Pedroia

FSBDAL-PM Joe Mauer / Buster Posey

FSBDAL-PT Mike Trout / Albert Pujols

FSBDAL-RS Giancarlo Stanton / Hanley Ramirez

FSBDAL-VH Roy Halladay / Justin Verlander

FSBDAL-WW C.J. Wilson / Jered Weaver

3-Piece Signatures Book

Each 3-Piece Signatures Book is serial-numbered to 49 copies and also available in the following parallels.

  • Gold (serial-numbered to ten)
  • Rainbow (one-of-one)

FSB3-DM Don Mattingly

FSB3-DW David Wright

FSB3-MS Mike Schmidt

FSB3-RB Ryan Braun

FSB3-SM Stan Musial

4-Piece Signatures Book

Each 4-Piece Signatures Book is also available in the following parallels.

  • Gold (serial-numbered to ten)
  • Rainbow (one-of-one)

FSB4-EL Evan Longoria 49

FSB4-JH Josh Hamilton 23

FSB4-JV Justin Verlander 49

FSB4-MT Mike Trout 49

FSB4-WM Willie Mays 15

FSB4-YD Yu Darvish 49

Cut Signature Booklets

Each Cut Signature Booklets is a one-of-one.

FSCS-BDJ Baby Doll Jacobson

FSCS-BL Bob Lemon

FSCS-BM Bobby Murcer

FSCS-BR Babe Ruth

FSCS-BT Bobby Thomson

FSCS-CT Cecil Travis

FSCS-DS Duke Snider

FSCS-ES Enos Slaughter

FSCS-GK George Kell

FSCS-GM Gil McDougald

FSCS-HD Harry Danning

FSCS-HS Hank Sauer

FSCS-JD Joe DiMaggio

FSCS-JM Johnny Mize

FSCS-JVM Johnny Vander Meer

FSCS-LA Luke Appling

FSCS-LB Lou Boudreau

FSCS-MM Mickey Mantle

FSCS-MM2 Mickey Mantle

FSCS-MM3 Mickey Mantle

FSCS-MM4 Mickey Mantle

FSCS-MM5 Mickey Mantle

FSCS-MM6 Mickey Mantle

FSCS-RF Rick Ferrell

FSCS-RR Robin Roberts

FSCS-TH Tommy Holmes

FSCS-WC Walker Cooper

FSCS-WS Willie Stargell

FSCS-WSP Warren Spahn

FSCS-ZV Zoilo Versalles