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After a three-year layoff, Upper Deck brought back Exquisite Baseball for 2010. Unlike the 2007 set, 2010 Exquisite was not distributed as a stand-alone product. Rather, the set would be randomly inserted into packs of all 2010 Upper Deck Baseball products in a manner similar to the distribution of the 2006 Exquisite cards.

The first 100 cards of the base set were randomly inserted into packs of 2010 Upper Deck Series One as case hits. Each base card is serial-numbered to 75 copies.

On March 3, 2010, as part of a settlement with Major League Baseball Properties, Upper Deck agreed not to release any baseball card products already in the pipeline -- to include SPx, SP Authentic, First Edition, and Goudey.

The first wave of Exquisite patch cards were to have been included in 2010 SPx, and the first autographs were to have been seeded into packs of 2010 SP Authentic. However, many Exquisite patch cards have surfaced on the secondary market since 2010 and collectors have stated on the FCB and other forums that they have pulled patch cards from packs of 2010 Upper Deck, refuting claims that these patch cards were backdoored. Instead, some collectors state that patch cards were inserted in late-production boxes of 2010 Upper Deck.

As per Upper Deck's Chris Carlin, Exquisite base card #86 was not made and thus the base set is complete at 99 cards. Additionally, there are only 49 (not 50 as originally intended) single patch cards in the set.


2010 Upper Deck Series One Hobby: 1:192 packs.


Base Set

Mark-Teixeira.jpg?id=87e32efc-100a-4fa5-9bb5-0517b08c494f&size=original&side=front&.jpg Mark-Teixeira.jpg?id=87e32efc-100a-4fa5-9bb5-0517b08c494f&size=original&side=back&.jpg

1 Derek Jeter

2 Mark Teixeira

3 Joba Chamberlain

4 Hideki Matsui

5 Alex Rodriguez

6 David Ortiz

7 Jason Varitek

8 Daisuke Matsuzaka

9 Jonathan Papelbon

10 Dustin Pedroia

11 Evan Longoria

12 Carl Crawford

13 David Price

14 Roy Halladay

15 Koji Uehara

16 Matt Wieters

17 Tommy Hanson

18 Chipper Jones

19 Hanley Ramirez

20 Ryan Howard

21 Raul Ibanez

22 Chase Utley

23 Cole Hamels

24 Jose Reyes

25 David Wright

26 Johan Santana

27 Ryan Zimmerman

28 Gordon Beckham

29 Mark Buehrle

30 Grady Sizemore

31 Zack Greinke

32 Miguel Cabrera

33 Justin Verlander

34 Joe Mauer

35 Justin Morneau

36 Ryan Braun

37 Prince Fielder

38 Derrek Lee

39 Alfonso Soriano

40 Hunter Pence

41 Lance Berkman

42 Albert Pujols

43 Yadier Molina

44 Matt Holliday

45 Chris Carpenter

46 Adam Wainwright

47 Joey Votto

48 Ichiro

49 Felix Hernandez

50 Ken Griffey, Jr.

51 Josh Hamilton

52 Ian Kinsler

53 Torii Hunter

54 Vladimir Guerrero

55 Clayton Kershaw

56 Manny Ramirez

57 Matt Kemp

58 James Loney

59 Adrian Gonzalez

60 Pablo Sandoval

61 Tim Lincecum

62 Todd Helton

63 Troy Tulowitzki

64 Justin Upton

65 Dan Haren

66 Johnny Bench

67 Kirk Gibson

68 Willie Randolph

69 Nolan Ryan

70 Cal Ripken Jr.

71 Joe DiMaggio

72 Pete Rose (CIN)

73 Mike Schmidt

74 Ryne Sandberg

75 Roger Maris

76 Alan Trammell

77 Brooks Robinson

78 Jose Canseco

79 Harold Baines

80 Bob Feller

81 Don Mattingly

82 Steve Carlton

83 Willie Stargell

84 Ted Williams

85 Dennis Eckersley

86 ***Card not produced***

87 Bo Jackson

88 Robin Yount

89 Ozzie Smith

90 Ron Santo

91 Tony Perez

92 Howard Johnson

93 Pete Rose (PHL)

94 Bob Gibson

95 Greg Maddux

96 Carlton Fisk

97 Joe Torre

98 Roberto Clemente

99 Dave Concepcion

100 Rod Carew

Autographs & Game Used

Diamond Club Autograph

Derek-Jeter.jpg?id=f1bbae86-6910-4d40-ae1c-0e04c0a7fb01&size=original&side=front.jpg Derek-Jeter.jpg?id=f1bbae86-6910-4d40-ae1c-0e04c0a7fb01&size=original&side=back&.jpg

This autographed Derek Jeter card was distributed exclusively to members of Upper Deck's Diamond Club at their January 2010 meeting. It is serial-numbered to 130 copes.

DC-DJ Derek Jeter


Each card is serial-numbered to 50 copies.

EP-AG Adrian Gonzalez

EP-AP Albert Pujols

EP-AR Alex Rodriguez

EP-AS Alfonso Soriano

EP-BJ Bo Jackson

EP-BR Brooks Robinson

EP-CB Carlos Beltran

EP-CC Carl Crawford

EP-CJ Chipper Jones

EP-CR Cal Ripken, Jr.

EP-CU Chase Utley

EP-CW Chien-Ming Wang

EP-DC Dave Concepcion

EP-DE Dennis Eckersley SP / 25

EP-DM Don Mattingly

EP-DO David Ortiz

EP-EL Evan Longoria SP /15

EP-FH Felix Hernandez

EP-GM Greg Maddux (Braves)

EP-JE Jacoby Ellsbury

EP-GI Kirk Gibson

EP-GS Grady Sizemore

EP-IK Ian Kinsler

EP-I Ichiro

EP-JB Josh Beckett

EP-JC Jose Canseco

EP-JL James Loney

EP-JM Justin Morneau

EP-JP Jonathan Papelbon

EP-JR Jose Reyes

EP-JV Justin Verlander

EP-KG Ken Griffey, Jr.

EP-MA Joe Mauer

EP-MC Miguel Cabrera

EP-MR Mariano Rivera

EP-MX Greg Maddux (Cubs)

EP-MZ Daisuke Matsuzaka SP /25

EP-NR Nolan Ryan SP /15

EP-PF Prince Fielder

EP-RC Roberto Clemente SP /25

EP-RB Ryan Braun

EP-RH Roy Halladay

EP-RJ Randy Johnson

EP-RZ Ryan Zimmerman

EP-SC Steve Carlton

EP-TL Tim Lincecum

EP-TT Troy Tulowitzki

EP-VA Jason Varitek

EP-ZG Zack Greinke

Combo Patches

Each card is serial-numbered to 35 copies.

ECP1 Ryan Braun / Prince Fielder

ECP2 Chad Billingsley / Clayton Kershaw

ECP3 Ozzie Smith (SDG) / Ozzie Smith (STL)

ECP4 Carl Crawford / Evan Longoria

ECP5 Alex Rodriguez / Ken Griffey Jr.

ECP6 Cal Ripken, Jr. / Albert Pujols

ECP7 Todd Helton / Miguel Cabrera

ECP8 Ron Santo / Ryne Sandberg

ECP9 Randy Johnson / Pedro Martinez

ECP10 Daisuke Matsuzaka / Chien-Ming Wang

ECP11 Justin Morneau / Joe Mauer

ECP12 Jonathan Papelbon / Mariano Rivera

ECP13 Jose Reyes / Carlos Beltran

ECP14 Pete Rose / Mike Schmidt

ECP15 Brooks Robinson / Cal Ripken, Jr.

ECP16 Alfonso Soriano / Derrek Lee

ECP17 Jose Canseco / Dennis Eckersley

ECP18 Justin Upton / BJ Upton

ECP19 Chase Utley / Cole Hamels

ECP20 Ken Griffey Jr. / Ichiro Suzuki

ECP21 Nolan Ryan / Randy Johnson

ECP22 Albert Pujols / Chris Carpenter

ECP23 Troy Glaus / Francisco Rodriguez

ECP24 Miguel Cabrera / Josh Beckett

ECP25 Manny Ramirez / Pedro Martinez

Trio Patches

Daisuke-Matsuzaka-Ichiro-Suzuki-Hideki-Matsui.jpg?id=0847b9fe-7df2-426d-bb7b-55c1e9b9faee&size=original&side=front.jpg Daisuke-Matsuzaka-Ichiro-Suzuki-Hideki-Matsui.jpg?id=0847b9fe-7df2-426d-bb7b-55c1e9b9faee&size=original&side=back&.jpg

Each card is serial-numbered to 25 copies.

ETP1 Stan Musial / Albert Pujols / Ozzie Smith

ETP2 Brian McCann / Joe Mauer / Yadier Molina

ETP3 Carl Crawford / Grady Sizemore / Josh Hamilton

ETP4 Derrek Lee / Ron Santo / Ryne Sandberg

ETP5 Matt Kemp / Clayton Kershaw / James Loney

ETP6 Tim Lincecum / Felix Hernandez / Zack Greinke

ETP7 Paul Molitor / Cecil Cooper / Robin Yount

ETP8 Daisuke Matsuzaka / Ichiro Suzuki / Hideki Matsui

ETP9 Alex Rodriguez / David Ortiz / Vladimir Guerrero

ETP10 Nolan Ryan (CAL) / Nolan Ryan (HOU) / Nolan Ryan (TEX)

ETP11 Nolan Ryan / Greg Maddux / Randy Johnson

ETP12 CC Sabathia / Manny Ramirez / Jim Thome

ETP13 Ian Kinsler / Michael Young / Josh Hamilton

ETP14 Chipper Jones / Hanley Ramirez / Ryan Braun

ETP15 Jose Canseco / Bo Jackson / Don Mattingly

Quad Patches

Each card is serial-numbered to 15 copies.

EQP1 Todd Helton / Matt Holliday / Manny Ramirez / David Ortiz

EQP2 Jimmy Rollins / Chase Utley / Evan Longoria / Carl Crawford

EQP3 Albert Pujols / Ryan Ludwick / Chris Carpenter / Yadier Molina

EQP4 Paul Molitor / Cal Ripken, Jr. / Wade Boggs / Rod Carew

EQP5 Wade Boggs / Don Mattingly / Derek Jeter / Alex Rodriguez

EQP6 Chipper Jones / Ryan Zimmerman / Alex Rodriguez / Evan Longoria

EQP7 David Ortiz / Josh Beckett / Pedro Martinez / Carlton Fisk

EQP8 Albert Pujols / Prince Fielder / Ken Griffey, Jr. / Josh Hamilton

EQP9 Hanley Ramirez / Jose Reyes / Derek Jeter / Ozzie Smith

EQP10 Albert Pujols / Dustin Pedroia / Tim Lincecum / Cliff Lee