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2004 Topps Tribute HOF

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2004 Topps Tribute HOF is an 80-card set released exclusively to Hobby outlets in January, 2005. Each five-card pack contains a Relic card.

As the name of the product suggests, all players featured are Hall of Famers. In addition, one-of-one Cut Signatures of every Hall of Famer (as of 2004) were randomly inserted into the product.

After a four-year run, this would be the last Topps Tribute product for five years.


Six packs per box, five cards per pack (MSRP: $50). Four boxes per case. Hobby only.


Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Hobby Odds
Base 80 - 4:1
Gold 80 varies varies
Relics 61 - one-per-pack
Relics Gold 61 25 1:33
Relics Jersey Patch 11 varies ?
Relics Jersey Patch Gold 11 varies 1:251
Cooperstown Classmates Dual Relics 11 varies ?
Cooperstown Classmates Dual Relics Gold 11 25 1:201
Relics Autographs 5 varies ?
Relics Autographs Gold 5 5 1:1888
Signature Cuts Cooperstown 188 one-of-one 1:244
Signature Cuts Personalities 45 one-of-one 1:1034
Cooperstown Classmates Dual Cut Signatures 4 one-of-one 1:10,854
Signature Cuts Personalities Dual 9 one-of-one 1:4824


Base Set

1 Willie Mays

2 Richie Ashburn

3 Babe Ruth

4 Lou Gehrig

5 Carl Yastrzemski

6 Fergie Jenkins

7 Cool Papa Bell

8 Johnny Bench

9 Satchel Paige

10 Ty Cobb

11 Robin Roberts

12 Eddie Mathews

13 Tom Seaver

14 Kirby Puckett

15 Stan Musial

16 Ralph Kiner

17 Reggie Jackson

18 Walter Johnson

19 Phil Niekro

20 Mike Schmidt

21 Brooks Robinson

22 Jimmie Foxx

23 Nellie Fox

24 Joe Morgan

25 Cy Young

26 Hank Greenberg

27 Josh Gibson

28 Robin Yount

29 Hoyt Wilhelm

30 Yogi Berra

31 Rollie Fingers

32 Gaylord Perry

33 Ozzie Smith

34 Jim Palmer

35 Harmon Killebrew

36 Bob Feller

37 Chuck Klein

38 Mordecai Brown

39 Napoleon Lajoie

40 Al Kaline

41 Paul Molitor

42 Jackie Robinson

43 Mel Ott

44 Hank Aaron

45 Rod Carew

46 Rogers Hornsby

47 Bob Gibson

48 Juan Marichal

49 Bill Mazeroski

50 Roberto Clemente

51 Willie McCovey

52 Red Schoendienst

53 Nolan Ryan

54 Dennis Eckersley

55 Monte Irvin

56 George Kell

57 Gary Carter

58 Tony Perez

59 Carlton Fisk

60 Duke Snider

61 Bobby Doerr

62 John McGraw

63 George Sisler

64 Orlando Cepeda

65 Earl Weaver

66 Roy Campanella

67 Tris Speaker

68 Sparky Anderson

69 Willie Stargell

70 Honus Wagner

71 Lou Brock

72 Whitey Ford

73 George Brett

74 Luis Aparicio

75 Ernie Banks

76 Jim Bunning

77 Warren Spahn

78 Catfish Hunter

79 Pee Wee Reese

80 Frank Robinson



Each Gold parallel is serial-numbered to the last two digits of the year he was inducted into the Hall of Fame.

The odds of finding a specific Gold parallel are as follows.

  • Group A: 1:2714/packs.
  • Group B: 1:74/packs.
  • Group C: 1:38/packs.
  • Group D: 1:14/packs.

1 Willie Mays 79

2 Richie Ashburn 95

3 Babe Ruth 36

4 Lou Gehrig 39

5 Carl Yastrzemski 89

6 Fergie Jenkins 91

7 Cool Papa Bell 74

8 Johnny Bench 89

9 Satchel Paige 71

10 Ty Cobb 36

11 Robin Roberts 76

12 Eddie Mathews 78

13 Tom Seaver 92

14 Kirby Puckett 1

15 Stan Musial 69

16 Ralph Kiner 75

17 Reggie Jackson 93

18 Walter Johnson 36

19 Phil Niekro 97

20 Mike Schmidt 95

21 Brooks Robinson 83

22 Jimmie Foxx 50

23 Nellie Fox 97

24 Joe Morgan 90

25 Cy Young 37

26 Hank Greenberg 56

27 Josh Gibson 72

28 Robin Yount 99

29 Hoyt Wilhelm 85

30 Yogi Berra 72

31 Rollie Fingers 92

32 Gaylord Perry 91

33 Ozzie Smith 2

34 Jim Palmer 90

35 Harmon Killebrew 84

36 Bob Feller 62

37 Chuck Klein 80

38 Mordecai Brown 49

39 Napoleon Lajoie 37

40 Al Kaline 80

41 Paul Molitor 4

42 Jackie Robinson 62

43 Mel Ott 51

44 Hank Aaron 82

45 Rod Carew 91

46 Rogers Hornsby 42

47 Bob Gibson 81

48 Juan Marichal 86

49 Bill Mazeroski 1

50 Roberto Clemente 73

51 Willie McCovey 86

52 Red Schoendienst 89

53 Nolan Ryan 99

54 Dennis Eckersley 4

55 Monte Irvin 73

56 George Kell 83

57 Gary Carter 3

58 Tony Perez 1

59 Carlton Fisk 1

60 Duke Snider 80

61 Bobby Doerr 86

62 John McGraw 37

63 George Sisler 39

64 Orlando Cepeda 99

65 Earl Weaver 96

66 Roy Campanella 69

67 Tris Speaker 37

68 Sparky Anderson 1

69 Willie Stargell 83

70 Honus Wagner 36

71 Lou Brock 85

72 Whitey Ford 74

73 George Brett 99

74 Luis Aparicio 84

75 Ernie Banks 77

76 Jim Bunning 96

77 Warren Spahn 73

78 Catfish Hunter 87

79 Pee Wee Reese 84

80 Frank Robinson 82

Autographs & Game-Used


The odds of finding a specific Relic are as follows.

  • Group A: 1:118/packs.
  • Group B: 1:36/packs.
  • Group C: 1:22/packs.
  • Group D: 1:6/packs.
  • Group E: 1:5/packs.
  • Group F: 1:6/packs.
  • Group G: 1:4/packs.

Each Relic is also available in a Gold parallel, which is serial-numbered to 25 copies.

  • The Gold parallel of card #WF is serial-numbered to 15 copies.
  • The Gold parallel of card #LG is serial-numbered to five.
  • The Gold parallels of cards #EW, #JF, #MO, and #TC are ones-of-one.

AK Al Kaline UNI B 125

AKB Al Kaline BAT D

BG Bob Gibson UNI E

BR Babe Ruth BAT B 163

BRO Brooks Robinson BAT E

CF Carlton Fisk WALL C 300

CK Chuck Klein BAT B 107

CY Carl Yastrzemski WALL C 300

CYU Carl Yastrzemski UNI E

DS Duke Snider BAT E

EW Earl Weaver JSY A 25

FR Frank Robinson BAL UNI E

FRA Frank Robinson CAL UNI D

FRB Frank Robinson CIN BAT D

GB George Brett UNI F

GBB George Brett BAT D

GC Gary Carter NYM JSY C 200

GCU Gary Carter UNI D

GS George Sisler BAT C 455

HA Hank Aaron BAT D

HG Hank Greenberg BAT E

HK Harmon Killebrew BAT B 135

HW Honus Wagner BAT B 118

JB Johnny Bench GLV UNI C 250

JB2 Johnny Bench UNI G

JF Jimmie Foxx BAT A 25

JM Joe Morgan BAT E

JMA Juan Marichal UNI B 125

JP Jim Palmer UNI F

JP2 Jim Palmer UIN F

JR Jackie Robinson BAT G

KP Kirby Puckett JSY B 175

KPB Kirby Puckett BAT G

LBB Lou Brock BAT E

LG Lou Gehrig BAT A 52

MO Mel Ott BAT A 25

MS Mike Schmidt JSY A 50

MS Mike Schmidt BAT G

NR Nolan Ryan TEX UNI F

NRA Nolan Ryan CAL UNI C 425

NRJ Nolan Ryan HOU JSY F

OC Orlando Cepeda BAT B 100

OS Ozzie Smith BAT F

PM Paul Molitor JSY G

PM Paul Molitor BAT D

RC Roberto Clemente BAT E

RH Rogers Hornsby BAT D

RJ Reggie Jackson CAL JSY B 110

RJB Reggie Jackson NYY BAT C 200

RY Robin Yount UNI A 50

SM Stan Musial JSY G

TC Ty Cobb UNI A 20


TS Tom Seaver UNI D

TSP Tris Speaker BAT A 85

WF Whitey Ford UNI A 50

WM1 Willie Mays GLV B 110

WM2 Willie Mays SFO BAT D

WM3 Willie Mays NYM BAT D

WM4 Willie Mays AWAY UNI F

WM5 Willie Mays HOME UNI G

Relics Jersey Patch

The odds of finding a specific Gold parallel are as follows.

  • Group A: 1:172/packs.
  • Group B: 1:114/packs.

Each Relic Jersey Patch is also available in a Gold parallel, which is serial-numbered to 25 copies.

  • The Gold parallels of cards #FR, #NR, and #RY are serial-numbered to ten.
  • The Gold parallels of cards #LB and #OS are ones-of-one.

DE Dennis Eckersley A 50

FR Frank Robinson A 39

GB George Brett A 50

LB Lou Brock A 17

MS Mike Schmidt B 100

MS2 Mike Schmidt B 100

NR Nolan Ryan B 100

OS Ozzie Smith A 10

RC Rod Carew B 100

RJ Reggie Jackson A 50

RY Robin Yount A 50

Cooperstown Classmates Dual Relics

Odds of finding a specific Cooperstown Classmates Dual Relic.

  • Group A: 1:4342/packs.
  • Group B: 1:229/packs.
  • Group C: 1:122/packs.

Each Cooperstown Classmates Dual Relics is also available in a Gold parallel, which is serial-numbered to 25 copies.

  • The Gold parallels of cards #OF and #RC are ones-of-one.

BY Johnny Bench / Carl Yastrzemski 75

CR Orlando Cepeda / Nolan Ryan 75

KK Chuck Klein / Al Kaline 75

ME Paul Molitor / Dennis Eckersley 75

MP Joe Morgan / Jim Palmer 75

MR Juan Marichal / Brooks Robinson 50

OF Mel Ott / Jimmie Foxx 5

PC Gaylord Perry / Rod Carew 50

RB Nolan Ryan / George Brett 50

RC Babe Ruth / Ty Cobb 5

SK Duke Snider / Al Kaline 50

Relics Autographs

The odds of finding a specific Relics Autographs are as follows.

  • Group A: 1:835/packs.
  • Group B: 1:120/packs.

Each Relics Autographs is also available in a Gold parallel which is serial-numbered to five copies.

AKB Al Kaline BAT B 95

BRO Brooks Robinson BAT B 95

CYU Carl Yastrzemski UNI B 95

EW Earl Weaver JSY A 55

NRJ Nolan Ryan JSY B 95

Signature Cuts Cooperstown

Each Signature Cuts Cooperstown is a one-of-one.

AK Al Kaline

AL Al Lopez

AS Al Simmons

BD Bill Dickey

BD Bobby Doerr

BE Billy Evans

BFE Bob Feller

BG Bob Gibson

BGR Burleigh Grimes

BHA Bucky Harris

BHE Billy Herman

BL Bob Lemon

BLE Buck Leonard

BMC Bill McGowan

BMK Bill McKechnie

BR Babe Ruth

BRI Branch Rickey

BRO Brooks Robinson

BT Bill Terry

BV Bill Veeck

BW Billy Williams

BWA Bobby Wallace

CA Cap Anson

CB Chief Bender

CG Charlie Gehringer

CGR Clark Griffith

CH Cal Hubbard

CHA Chick Hafey

CHU Carl Hubbell

CK Chuck Klein

CMA Connie Mack

CP Cool Papa Bell

CS Casey Stengel

CY Carl Yastrzemski

CYO Cy Young

DB Dan Brouthers

DBA Dave Bancroft

DD Dizzy Dean

DDR Don Drysdale

DE Dennis Eckersley

DS Don Sutton

DSN Duke Snider

DV Dazzy Vance

EA Earl Averill

EB Ed Barrow

EBA Ernie Banks

EC Earle Combs

ECO Eddie Collins

EF Elmer Flick

EL Ernie Lombardi

EM Eddie Mathews

ERI Eppa Rixey

ES Enos Slaughter

EW Earl Weaver

EWA Ed Walsh

EWY Early Wynn

FB Frank Baker

FC Frank Chance

FCL Fred Clarke

FF Ford Frick

FFR Frankie Frisch

FL Freddy Lindstrom

FR Frank Robinson

GB George Brett

GG Goose Goslin

GH Gabby Hartnett

GK George Kell

GKE George Kelly

GP Gaylord Perry

GS George Sisler

GW George Weiss

GWR George Wright

HA Hank Aaron

HC Happy Chandler

HD Hugh Duffy

HG Hank Greenberg

HH Harry Heilman

HHO Harry Hooper

HJ Hughie Jennings

HK Harmon Killebrew

HM Heinie Manush

HN Hal Newhouser

HP Herb Pennock

HW Hack Wilson

HWA Honus Wagner

HWI Hoyt Wilhelm

JBE Johnny Bench

JBO Jim Bottomley

JBU Jesse Burkett

JCO Jocko Conlan

JCR Joe Cronin

JE Johnny Evers

JF Jimmie Foxx

JH Jesse Haines

JJ Judy Johnson

JK Joe Kelley

JM Joe McCarthy

JMA Juan Marichal

JME Joe Medwick

JMI Johnny Mize

JMO Joe Morgan

JO Jim O'Rourke

JPB Jim Bunning

JR Jackie Robinson

JS Joe Sewell

JT Joe Tinker

KC Kiki Cuyler

KL Kenesaw Mountain Landis

KN Kid Nichols

LA Luis Aparicio

LAP Luke Appling

LB Lou Boudreau

LBR Lou Brock

LDA Leon Day

LDU Leo Durocher

LG Lefty Gomez

LGE Lou Gehrig

LGR Lefty Grove

LM Larry MacPhail

LMA Lee MacPhail

LW Lloyd Waner

MB Mordecai Brown

MC Max Carey

MI Monte Irvin

MM Mickey Mantle

MO Mel Ott

NC Nestor Chylak

NF Nellie Fox

NR Nolan Ryan

OC Orlando Cepeda

OCH Oscar Charleston

PA Grover C. Alexander

PL Pop Lloyd

PM Paul Molitor

PN Phil Niekro

PR Pee Wee Reese

PRI Phil Rizzuto

PT Pie Traynor

PW Paul Waner

RA Richie Ashburn

RB Roger Bresnahan

RC Roberto Clemente

RF Red Faber

RFE Rick Ferrell

RFI Rollie Fingers

RH Rogers Hornsby

RJ Reggie Jackson

RK Ralph Kiner

RM Rabbit Maranville

RMA Rube Marquard

ROY Roy Campanella

RR Red Ruffing

RRO Robin Roberts

RS Ray Schalk

RSC Red Schoendienst

RY Robin Yount

SA Sparky Anderson

SC Sam Crawford

SCA Steve Carlton

SCO Stan Coveleski

SK Sandy Koufax

SM Stan Musial

SP Satchel Paige

SR Sam Rice

TC Tom Connolly

TCL Tom Lasorda

TCO Ty Cobb

TK Tim Keefe

TL Ted Lyons

TP Tony Perez

TS Tom Seaver

TSP Tris Speaker

TW Ted Williams

TY Tom Yawkey

WA Walter Alston

WF Whitey Ford

WG Warren Giles

WH Waite Hoyt

WHA Will Harridge

WJ Walter Johnson

WK Willie Keeler

WM Willie Mays

WMC Willie McCovey

WS Warren Spahn

WST Willie Stargell

WW Willie Wells

YB Yogi Berra

ZW Zach Wheat

Signature Cuts Personalities

Each Signature Cuts Personalities is a one-of-one.

AP Al Pacino

BC Buster Crabbe

BD Bette Davis

BH Bob Hope

BJ Billy Joel

CC Charlie Chaplin

CCH Chevy Chase

CG Cary Grant

CGA Clark Gable

CH Charlton Heston

DD David Duchovy

DE Dwight Eisenhower

EJ Elton John

ER Edward G. Robinson

FS Frank Sinatra

GA Gillian Anderson

GB George Burns

GG George Gershwin

GM Groucho Marx

HF Harrison Ford

HR Hyman Rickover

JA John Quincy Adams

JC James Cagney

JD James Doolittle

JG John Glenn

JL Jack Lord

JS Jimmy Stewart

JW John Wayne

LA Louis Armstrong

MH Moe Howard

MJ Mick Jagger

MM Marilyn Monroe

OB Omar Bradley

PH Patrick Henry

RB Richard Byrd

RH Rutherford B. Hayes

RHO Ron Howard

RW Robin Williams

SC Sean Connery

SL Stan Laurel

SM Steve Martin

TR Teddy Roosevelt

VP Vincent Price

WA Woody Allen

WT William H. Taft

Cooperstown Classmates Dual Cut Signatures

Each Cooperstown Classmates Dual Cut Signatures is a one-of-one.

DT Bill Dickey / Bill Terry

GC Hank Greenberg / Joe Cronin

RC Babe Ruth / Ty Cobb

WS Hoyt Wilhelm / Enos Slaughter

Signature Cuts Personalities Dual

Each Signature Cuts Personalities Dual is a one-of-one.

AC Bud Abbott / Lou Costello

BA Lucille Ball / Desi Arnaz

CH Bing Crosby / Bob Hope

GH Judy Garland / Jack Haley

JH James Earl Jones / Mark Hamill

KR Jack Klugman / Tony Randal

NF Richard Nixon / Gerald Ford

PM George Patton / Douglas MacArthur

RB Ronald Reagan / George H.W. Bush