2003 Topps Tribute Perennial All-Star

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2003 Topps Tribute Perennial All-Star was released in February, 2003. It was the first of three Topps Tribute products issued in 2003. The product features retired players who were named to a minimum of five All-Star Games. Each pack will yield one Relic.


Six packs per box, five cards per pack (MSRP: $50). Four boxes per case. Hobby only.


Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Hobby Odds
Base 50 - ?
Gold 50 varies varies
Relics 65 - varies
Relics Gold 65 25 1:34
Patch Relics 15 30 1:123
Memorable Match-Up Relics 9 150 1:41
Memorable Match-Up Relics Gold 9 25 1:245
Signing 11 - 1:34
Signing Gold 11 25 1:201
1st Class Cut Relics 7 one-of-one 1:7461


Base Set

1 Willie Mays

2 Don Mattingly

3 Hoyt Wilhelm

4 Hank Aaron

5 Hank Greenberg

6 Johnny Bench

7 Duke Snider

8 Carl Yastrzemski

9 Jim Palmer

10 Roberto Clemente

11 Mike Schmidt

12 Joe Cronin

13 Lou Brock

14 Orlando Cepeda

15 Bill Mazeroski

16 Whitey Ford

17 Rod Carew

18 Joe Morgan

19 Luis Aparicio

20 Nolan Ryan

21 Bobby Doerr

22 Dale Murphy

23 Bob Feller

24 Paul Molitor

25 Tom Seaver

26 Ozzie Smith

27 Stan Musial

28 Willie McCovey

29 Gary Carter

30 Reggie Jackson

31 Gaylord Perry

32 George Brett

33 Robin Roberts

34 Wade Boggs

35 Cal Ripken, Jr.

36 Carlton Fisk

37 Al Kaline

38 Kirby Puckett

39 Phil Rizzuto

40 Willie Stargell

41 Harmon Killebrew

42 Red Schoendienst

43 Tony Gwynn

44 Ralph Kiner

45 Yogi Berra

46 Catfish Hunter

47 Frank Robinson

48 Ernie Banks

49 Warren Spahn

50 Brooks Robinson



Each Gold parallel is serial-numbered to the last two digits in the year the player was named to his first All-Star Game. The specific odds of finding a Gold parallel are as follows.

  • Group A: 1:106/packs.
  • Group B: 1:49/packs.
  • Group C: 1:38/packs.

1 Willie Mays B 54

2 Don Mattingly C 84

3 Hoyt Wilhelm B 53

4 Hank Aaron B 55

5 Hank Greenberg A 37

6 Johnny Bench C 68

7 Duke Snider A 50

8 Carl Yastrzemski B 63

9 Jim Palmer C 70

10 Roberto Clemente B 60

11 Mike Schmidt C 74

12 Joe Cronin A 33

13 Lou Brock C 67

14 Orlando Cepeda B 59

15 Bill Mazeroski B 58

16 Whitey Ford B 54

17 Rod Carew C 67

18 Joe Morgan B 66

19 Luis Aparicio B 58

20 Nolan Ryan C 72

21 Bobby Doerr A 41

22 Dale Murphy C 80

23 Bob Feller A 38

24 Paul Molitor C 80

25 Tom Seaver C 67

26 Ozzie Smith C 81

27 Stan Musial A 43

28 Willie McCovey B 63

29 Gary Carter C 75

30 Reggie Jackson C 69

31 Gaylord Perry B 66

32 George Brett C 76

33 Robin Roberts A 50

34 Wade Boggs C 85

35 Cal Ripken, Jr. C 83

36 Carlton Fisk C 72

37 Al Kaline B 55

38 Kirby Puckett C 86

39 Phil Rizzuto A 42

40 Willie Stargell B 64

41 Harmon Killebrew B 59

42 Red Schoendienst A 46

43 Tony Gwynn C 84

44 Ralph Kiner A 48

45 Yogi Berra A 48

46 Catfish Hunter B 66

47 Frank Robinson B 56

48 Ernie Banks B 55

49 Warren Spahn A 47

50 Brooks Robinson B 60

Autographs & Game-Used


The specific odds of finding a Relic card are as follows.

  • Jersey/Uniform Relics
  • Group A: 1:368/packs
  • Group B: 1:148/packs
  • Group C: 1:92/packs
  • Group D: 1:185/packs
  • Group E: 1:69/packs
  • Group F: 1:55/packs
  • Group G: 1:79/packs
  • Group H: 1:61/packs
  • Group I: 1:55/packs
  • Group J: 1:25/packs
  • Group K: 1:46/packs
  • Group L: 1:43/packs
  • Group M: 1:21/packs
  • Group N: 1:8/packs
  • Group O: 1:29/packs
  • Group P: 1:10/packs
  • Bat Relics
  • Group A: 1:556/packs
  • Group B: 1:368/packs
  • Group C: 1:276/packs
  • Group D: 1:61/packs
  • Group E: 1:158/packs
  • Group F: 1:23/packs
  • Group G: 1:111/packs
  • Group H: 1:46/packs
  • Group I: 1:85/packs
  • Group J: 1:16/packs
  • Group K: 1:18/packs
  • Group L: 1:31/packs
  • Group M: 1:50/packs
  • Group N: 1:46/packs
  • Group O: 1:21/packs
  • Group P: 1:37/packs

Each Relic is also available in a Gold parallel, which is serial-numbered to 25 copies.

AD Andre Dawson BAT F

AK Al Kaline BAT E

BD Bobby Doerr JSY N

BF Bob Feller BAT I

BM Bill Mazeroski UNI C

BR Babe Ruth BAT J

BRO Brooks Robinson BAT J

CF Carlton Fisk BAT J

CH Catfish Hunter JSY B

CRB Cal Ripken, Jr. BAT P

CY Carl Yastrzemski JSY E

DD Dizzy Dean UNI E

DM Dale Murphy JSY A

DMA Don Mattingly JSY L

DN Don Newcombe BAT K

DSN Duke Snider BAT F

EB Ernie Banks BAT M

EM Eddie Mathews JSY K

FR Frank Robinson UNI G

GB George Brett JSY M

GC Gary Carter JSY I

HA Hank Aaron BAT O

HG Hank Greenberg BAT D

HK Harmon Killebrew JSY J

HW Honus Wagner BAT B

HWI Hoyt Wilhelm UNI N

JBE Johnny Bench UNI F

JCR Joe Cronin BAT N

JF Jimmie Foxx BAT F

JMI Johnny Mize UNI D

JMO Joe Morgan BAT K

JP Jim Palmer UNI N

JR Jackie Robinson BAT L

KP Kirby Puckett JSY N

LA Luis Aparicio BAT C

LB Lou Brock BAT A

LBU Lou Brock UNI H

LG Lou Gehrig BAT F

MO Mel Ott BAT D

MS Mike Schmidt UNI P

NL Nap Lajoie BAT D

NR Nolan Ryan UNI O TEX

NRA Nolan Ryan JSY F HOU

OC Orlando Cepeda JSY C

OS Ozzie Smith UNI J

PM Paul Molitor BAT K

PR Phil Rizzuto BAT H

RC Roberto Clemente BAT L

RCA Roy Campanella BAT F

RH Rogers Hornsby BAT G

RJ Reggie Jackson BAT O

ROD Rod Carew JSY N

RS Red Schoendienst BAT H

SM Stan Musial BAT J

TC Ty Cobb BAT F

TG Tony Gwynn JSY P

TM Thurman Munson JSY M

TS Tris Speaker BAT A

TSE Tom Seaver JSY A

WB Wade Boggs UNI C

WF Whitey Ford UNI B

WM Willie Mays BAT K

WMC Willie McCovey BAT J

WST Willie Stargell UNI B

YB Yogi Berra JSY A

Patch Relics

Each Patch Relic is serial-numbered to 30 copies.

CR Cal Ripken, Jr.

CY Carl Yastrzemski

DMU Dale Murphy

GB George Brett

GC Gary Carter

HK Harmon Killebrew

JM Joe Morgan

MS Mike Schmidt

NR Nolan Ryan TEX

NRA Nolan Ryan HOU

OS Ozzie Smith

TG Tony Gwynn

WB Wade Boggs

WM Willie McCovey

WS Willie Stargell

Memorable Match-Up Relics

Each Memorable Match-Up Relic is serial-numbered to 150 copies also available in a Gold parallel, which is serial-numbered to 25 copies.

BF Johnny Bench / Carlton Fisk BAT / BAT

BG Wade Boggs / Tony Gwynn BAT / BAT

BS George Brett / Mike Schmidt JSY / UNI

CM Gary Carter / Don Mattingly JSY / JSY

KA Harmon Killebrew / Hank Aaron JSY / BAT

MJ Willie Mays / Reggie Jackson BAT / BAT

PG Kirby Puckett / Tony Gwynn BAT / BAT

YB Carl Yastrzemski / Johnny Bench JSY / BAT

YBR Carl Yastrzemski / Lou Brock JSY / BAT


We calculate that around 140 copies of each Signing autographed relic were produced. Each Signing is also available in a Gold parallel, which is serial-numbered to 25 copies.

AD Andre Dawson BAT

AK Al Kaline BAT

DM Dale Murphy JSY

DMA Don Mattingly JSY

DSN Duke Snider BAT

GC Gary Carter JSY

JP Jim Palmer UNI

LB Lou Brock BAT

MS Mike Schmidt UNI

OC Orlando Cepeda JSY

TG Tony Gwynn JSY

1st Class Cut Relics

Each 1 Class Cut Relic features a cut signature mounted to the front of the card and a U.S. postage stamp stuck to the reverse. Each is a one-of-one.

BR Babe Ruth

DD Dizzy Dean

HW Honus Wagner

JR Jackie Robinson

LG Lou Gehrig

TC Ty Cobb

TS Tris Speaker