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2000 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects

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2000 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects is a 110-card factory set released in November, 2000. The set included 25 draft picks from the 2000 draft. Each was packaged with an autograph.

One month later came the release of 2000 Bowman Chrome Draft Picks & Prospects. Both sets were identical in every way except, A) The Chrome set did not contain an autograph and B) seven cards (103-105 and 107-110) were exclusive to the Chrome set.

Notable rookies include: Jorge Cantu, Yorvit Torrealba, Ryan Vogelsong, Mark Buehrle, John Lackey, and Adrian Gonzalez. In addition, the Bowman edition contains the only true rookie card of Grady Sizemore.


Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects: Factory sets only (MSRP: $29.99). Hobby only.

Bowman Chrome Draft Picks & Prospects: Factory sets only (MSRP: $99.99). Hobby only.


Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Set Odds
Base 110 - 110:1
Autographs 55 - 1:1


Base Set

Grady-Sizemore.jpg?id=1351637f-ad1f-4eca-b9c9-ab01769a188f&size=original&side=front&.jpg Grady-Sizemore.jpg?id=1351637f-ad1f-4eca-b9c9-ab01769a188f&size=original&side=back&.jpg


  • Under the Bowman "Exclusive Rookies" program, Chin-Hui Tsao was to have had his only Topps-issued card for 2000 in 2000 Bowman Chrome. Topps included him in Bowman Draft anyway (#68).
  • Cards #103-#105, and #107-#110 are the seven designated "Exclusive Rookies" available in the Bowman version of this set, and were all replaced for the Chrome edition (see below).

1 Pat Burrell

2 Rafael Furcal

3 Grant Roberts

4 Barry Zito

5 Julio Zuleta

6 Mark Mulder

7 Rob Bell

8 Adam Piatt

9 Mike Lamb

10 Pablo Ozuna

11 Jason Tyner

12 Jason Marquis

13 Eric Munson

14 Seth Etherton

15 Milton Bradley

16 Nick Green

17 Chin-Feng Chen RC

18 Matt Boone RC

19 Kevin Gregg RC

20 Eddy Garabito RC

21 Aaron Capista RC

22 Esteban German RC

23 Derek Thompson RC

24 Phil Merrell RC

25 Brian O'Connor RC

26 Yamid Haad

27 Hector Mercado RC

28 Jason Woolf RC

29 Eddy Furniss RC

30 Cha Sueng Baek RC

31 Colby Lewis RC

32 Pasqual Coco RC

33 Jorge Cantu RC

34 Erasmo Ramirez RC

35 Bobby Kielty RC

36 Joaquin Benoit RC

37 Brian Esposito RC

38 Michael Wenner

39 Juan Rincon RC

40 Yorvit Torrealba RC

41 Chad Durham RC

42 Jim Mann RC

43 Shane Loux RC

44 Luis Rivas

45 Ken Chenard RC

46 Mike Lockwood RC

47 Yovanny Lara RC

48 Bubba Carpenter RC

49 Ryan Dittfurth RC

50 John Stephens RC

51 Pedro Feliz RC

52 Kenny Kelly RC

53 Neil Jenkins RC

54 Mike Glendenning RC

55 Bo Porter

56 Eric Byrnes

57 Tony Alvarez RC

58 Kazuhiro Sasaki RC

59 Chad Durbin RC

60 Mike Bynum RC

61 Travis Wilson RC

62 Jose Leon RC

63 Ryan Vogelsong RC

64 Geraldo Guzman RC

65 Craig Anderson RC

66 Carlos Silva RC

67 Brad Thomas RC

68 Chin-Hui Tsao RC

69 Mark Buehrle RC

70 Juan Salas RC

71 Denny Abreu RC

72 Keith McDonald RC

73 Chris Richard RC

74 Tomas De La Rosa RC

75 Vicente Padilla RC

76 Justin Brunette RC

77 Scott Linebrink RC

78 Jeff Sparks RC

79 Tike Redman RC

80 John Lackey RC

81 Joe Strong RC

82 Brian Tollberg RC

83 Steve Sisco RC

84 Chris Clapinski RC

85 Augie Ojeda RC

86 Adrian Gonzalez RC

87 Mike Stodolka RC

88 Adam Johnson RC

89 Matt Wheatland RC*

90 Corey Smith RC

91 Rocco Baldelli RC

92 Keith Bucktrot RC

93 Adam Wainwright RC

94 Blaine Boyer RC

95 Aaron Herr RC

96 Scott Thorman RC

97 Bryan Digby RC

98 Josh Shortslef RC

99 Sean Smith RC

100 Alex Cruz RC

101 Marc Love RC

102 Kevin Lee RC

103 Victor Ramos RC

104 Jason Kaanoi RC

105 Luis Escobar RC

106 Tripper Johnson RC

107 Phil Dumatrait RC

108 Bryan Edwards RC

109 Grady Sizemore RC

110 Thomas Mitchell RC

Bowman Chrome Exclusives

Shane-Heams.jpg?id=ff49175e-bc8c-42ab-a214-9eff10c09b49&size=original&side=front&.jpg Shane-Heams.jpg?id=ff49175e-bc8c-42ab-a214-9eff10c09b49&size=original&side=back&.jpg

The following seven cards are exclusive to the Bowman Chrome set.

103 Timo Perez RC

104 Alex Cabrera RC

105 Shane Heams RC

107 Brent Abernathy RC

108 John Cotton RC

109 Brad Wilkerson RC

110 Jon Rauch RC

Autographs & Game-Used


Mark-Mulder.jpg?id=2222d11c-42ad-4ad2-86df-ebf56cf539a4&size=original&side=front&.jpg Mark-Mulder.jpg?id=2222d11c-42ad-4ad2-86df-ebf56cf539a4&size=original&side=back&.jpg

NOTE: Cards 16, 32, 34, 45 and 56 do not exist. Because five of the 60 players contracted did not sign, Topps randomly inserted autographs from 2000 Topps Traded into some BDP&P sets.

BDPA1 Pat Burrell

BDPA2 Rafael Furcal

BDPA3 Grant Roberts

BDPA4 Barry Zito

BDPA5 Julio Zuleta

BDPA6 Mark Mulder

BDPA7 Rob Bell

BDPA8 Adam Piatt

BDPA9 Mike Lamb

BDPA10 Pablo Ozuna

BDPA11 Jason Tyner

BDPA12 Jason Marquis

BDPA13 Eric Munson

BDPA14 Seth Etherton

BDPA15 Milton Bradley

BDPA17 Michael Wenner

BDPA18 Mike Glendenning

BDPA19 Tony Alvarez

BDPA20 Adrian Gonzalez

BDPA21 Corey Smith

BDPA22 Matt Wheatland

BDPA23 Adam Johnson

BDPA24 Mike Stodolka

BDPA25 Rocco Baldelli

BDPA26 Juan Rincon

BDPA27 Chad Durbin

BDPA28 Yorvit Torrealba

BDPA29 Nick Green

BDPA30 Derek Thompson

BDPA31 John Lackey

BDPA33 Kevin Gregg

BDPA35 Denny Abreu

BDPA36 Brian Tollberg

BDPA37 Yamid Haad

BDPA38 Grady Sizemore

BDPA39 Carlos Silva

BDPA40 Jorge Cantu

BDPA41 Bobby Kielty

BDPA42 Scott Thorman

BDPA43 Juan Salas

BDPA44 Phil Dumatrait

BDPA46 Mike Lockwood

BDPA47 Yovanny Lara

BDPA48 Tripper Johnson

BDPA49 Colby Lewis

BDPA50 Neil Jenkins

BDPA51 Keith Bucktrot

BDPA52 Eric Byrnes

BDPA53 Aaron Herr

BDPA54 Erasmo Ramirez

BDPA55 Chris Richard

BDPA57 Mike Bynum

BDPA58 Brian Esposito

BDPA59 Chris Clapinski

BDPA60 Augie Ojeda