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1999 Upper Deck Century Legends

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1999 Upper Deck Century Legends hobby box


1999 Upper Deck Century Legends is a skip-numbered 131-card set released in June, 1999. One of the more popular and influential products of the era, Century Legends was one of the first products to combine current players with retired Hall of Famers.

Cards 1-50 come from The Sporting News' countdown of the 50 greatest players of the 20th Century, while cards 51-100 are TSN's picks for the best 50 active players. The set winds up with the "21CP" and "Memorable Shots" subsets.

Cards 11, 25, 26, and 126 do not exist. Players 11, 25, and 26 on The Sporting News' list were Joe DiMaggio, Pete Rose, and Sandy Koufax, respectively. Upper Deck was unable to come to terms with Koufax, so his card (#26) was excluded. The March 8, 1999 death of Joe DiMaggio triggered a clause in his licensing deal prohibiting anyone from using his image for one year after his death. This death clause forced UD to pull cards #11 and #126 from Century Legends.

Due to his lifetime banishment from baseball, UD could not include a card of Pete Rose, and so cards #25 and #EM1 were pulled. Curiously, despite also being banned for life from baseball, "Shoeless" Joe Jackson was included in the set.

Each 24-pack Hobby box yields one "Epic Signatures" autograph.


24 packs per box, 5 cards per pack (MSRP: $4.99). Hobby only.


Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Hobby Odds
Base 131 - ?
Century Collection 131 100 ?
Century Legends MVPs 100 one-of-one ?
Epic Milestones 9 - 1:12
Memorable Shots 10 - 1:12
All-Century Team 10 - 1:23
Jerseys of the Century 9 - 1:418
Epic Signatures 30 - 1:24
Epic Signatures Century 32 100 ?
Artifacts 9 one-of-one ?
Legendary Cuts 9 one-of-one ?


Base Set

The set is tiered as follows: (1-100) Basic, (101-120) 21st Century Phenoms, (121-135) Century Memories

In addition, the first 50 basic cards coincide with the top 50 on The Sporting News list of Baseball's Greatest Players (1998). Thanks to the omissions of Joe DiMaggio, Pete Rose, and Sandy Koufax, this set is missing cards 11, 25, 26, and 126.

1 Babe Ruth

2 Willie Mays

3 Ty Cobb

4 Walter Johnson

5 Hank Aaron

6 Lou Gehrig

7 Christy Mathewson

8 Ted Williams

9 Roger Hornsby

10 Stan Musial

12 Grover Alexander

13 Honus Wagner

14 Cy Young

15 Jimmy Foxx

16 Johnny Bench

17 Mickey Mantle

18 Josh Gibson

19 Satchel Paige

20 Roberto Clemente

21 Warren Spahn

22 Frank Robinson

23 Lefty Grove

24 Eddie Collins

27 Tris Speaker

28 Mike Schmidt

29 Nap Lajoie

30 Steve Carlton

31 Bob Gibson

32 Tom Seaver

33 George Sisler

34 Barry Bonds

35 Joe Jackson UER NNO

36 Bob Feller

37 Hank Greenberg

38 Ernie Banks

39 Greg Maddux

40 Yogi Berra

41 Nolan Ryan

42 Mel Ott

43 Al Simmons

44 Jackie Robinson

45 Carl Hubbell

46 Charlie Gehringer

47 Buck Leonard

48 Reggie Jackson

49 Tony Gwynn

50 Roy Campanella

51 Ken Griffey, Jr.

52 Barry Bonds

53 Roger Clemens

54 Tony Gwynn

55 Cal Ripken, Jr.

56 Greg Maddux

57 Frank Thomas

58 Mark McGwire

59 Mike Piazza

60 Wade Boggs

61 Alex Rodriguez

62 Juan Gonzalez

63 Mo Vaughn

64 Albert Belle

65 Sammy Sosa

66 Nomar Garciaparra

67 Derek Jeter

68 Kevin Brown

69 Jose Canseco

70 Randy Johnson

71 Tom Glavine

72 Barry Larkin

73 Curt Schilling

74 Moises Alou

75 Fred McGriff

76 Pedro Martinez

77 Andres Galarraga

78 Will Clark

79 Larry Walker

80 Ivan Rodriguez

81 Chipper Jones

82 Jeff Bagwell

83 Craig Biggio

84 Kerry Wood

85 Roberto Alomar

86 Vinny Castilla

87 Kenny Lofton

88 Rafael Palmeiro

89 Manny Ramirez

90 David Wells

91 Mark Grace

92 Bernie Williams

93 David Cone

94 John Olerud

95 John Smoltz

96 Tino Martinez

97 Raul Mondesi

98 Gary Sheffield

99 Orel Hershiser

100 Rickey Henderson

101 J.D. Drew CP

102 Troy Glaus CP

103 Nomar Garciaparra CP

104 Scott Rolen CP

105 Ryan Minor CP

106 Travis Lee CP

107 Roy Halladay CP

108 Carlos Beltran CP

109 Alex Rodriguez CP

110 Eric Chavez CP

111 Vladimir Guerrero CP

112 Ben Grieve CP

113 Kerry Wood CP

114 Alex Gonzalez CP

115 Darin Erstad CP

116 Derek Jeter CP

117 Jaret Wright CP

118 Jose Cruz, Jr. CP

119 Chipper Jones CP

120 Gabe Kapler CP

121 Satchel Paige MEM

122 Willie Mays MEM

123 Roberto Clemente MEM

124 Lou Gehrig MEM

125 Mark McGwire MEM

127 Bob Gibson MEM

128 Johnny VanderMeer MEM

129 Walter Johnson MEM

130 Ty Cobb MEM

131 Don Larsen MEM

132 Jackie Robinson MEM

133 Tom Seaver MEM

134 Johnny Bench MEM

135 Frank Robinson MEM

Foil Logo Variations

At least three of the base cards #4 (Walter Johnson), #35 (Shoeless Joe Jackson) and #58 (Mark McGwire) have foil-stamped logos on their backs. It is unclear how, or why, these cards came into being. It is known that the McGwire is available in both foil-stamped and non-foil-stamped versions; with the foil-stamped logo being the most common. It is unclear if non-foil versions of the Johnson and Jackson exist.


Century Collection

Each of the 131 base cards are available in this holographic-foil parallel. All cards are serial-numbered to 100 copies with a dot-matrix printer.


This is a 100-card partial-parallel of the 1999 Upper Deck MVP set. Each card is a one-of-one.

C1 Mo Vaughn

C2 Troy Glaus

C3 Darin Erstad

C4 Randy Johnson

C5 Travis Lee

C6 Chipper Jones

C7 Greg Maddux

C8 Tom Glavine

C9 John Smoltz

C10 Cal Ripken, Jr.

C11 Charles Johnson

C12 Albert Belle

C13 Nomar Garciaparra

C14 Pedro Martinez

C15 Kerry Wood

C16 Sammy Sosa

C17 Mark Grace

C18 Frank Thomas

C19 Paul Konerko

C20 Ray Durham

C21 Denny Neagle

C22 Sean Casey

C23 Barry Larkin

C24 Roberto Alomar

C25 Kenny Lofton

C26 Travis Fryman

C27 Jim Thome

C28 Manny Ramirez

C29 Vinny Castilla

C30 Todd Helton

C31 Dante Bichette

C32 Larry Walker

C33 Gabe Kapler

C34 Dean Palmer

C35 Tony Clark

C36 Juan Encarnacion

C37 Alex Gonzalez

C38 Preston Wilson

C39 Derrek Lee

C40 Ken Caminiti

C41 Jeff Bagwell

C42 Moises Alou

C43 Craig Biggio

C44 Carlos Beltran

C45 Jeremy Giambi

C46 Johnny Damon

C47 Kevin Brown

C48 Chan Ho Park

C49 Raul Mondesi

C50 Gary Sheffield

C51 Sean Berry

C52 Jeromy Burnitz

C53 Brad Radke

C54 Eric Milton

C55 Todd Walker

C56 Vladimir Guerrero

C57 Rondell White

C58 Mike Piazza

C59 Rickey Henderson

C60 Rey Ordonez

C61 Derek Jeter

C62 Bernie Williams

C63 Paul O'Neill

C64 Scott Brosius

C65 Tino Martinez

C66 Roger Clemens

C67 Orlando Hernandez

C68 Ben Grieve

C69 Eric Chavez

C70 Jason Giambi

C71 Curt Schilling

C72 Scott Rolen

C73 Pat Burrell

C74 Jason Kendall

C75 Aramis Ramirez

C76 Mark McGwire

C77 J.D. Drew

C78 Edgar Renteria

C79 Tony Gwynn

C80 Sterling Hitchcock

C81 Ruben Rivera

C82 Trevor Hoffman

C83 Barry Bonds

C84 Ellis Burks

C85 Robb Nen

C86 Ken Griffey, Jr.

C87 Alex Rodriguez

C88 Carlos Guillen

C89 Edgar Martinez

C90 Jose Canseco

C91 Rolando Arrojo

C92 Wade Boggs

C93 Fred McGriff

C94 Juan Gonzalez

C95 Ivan Rodriguez

C96 Rafael Palmeiro

C97 David Wells

C98 Roy Halladay

C99 Carlos Delgado

C100 Jose Cruz, Jr.


All-Century Team

AC1 Babe Ruth

AC2 Ty Cobb

AC3 Willie Mays

AC4 Lou Gehrig

AC5 Jackie Robinson

AC6 Mike Schmidt

AC7 Ernie Banks

AC8 Johnny Bench

AC9 Cy Young

AC10 Lineup Sheet

Epic Milestones

Card EM1 does not exist.

EM2 Jackie Robinson

EM3 Nolan Ryan

EM4 Mark McGwire

EM5 Roger Clemens

EM6 Sammy Sosa

EM7 Cal Ripken, Jr.

EM8 Rickey Henderson

EM9 Hank Aaron

EM10 Barry Bonds

Memorable Shots

HR1 Babe Ruth

HR2 Bobby Thomson

HR3 Kirk Gibson

HR4 Carlton Fisk

HR5 Bill Mazeroski

HR6 Bucky Dent

HR7 Mark McGwire

HR8 Mickey Mantle

HR9 Joe Carter

HR10 Mark McGwire

Autographs & Game-Used

Jerseys of the Century

DW Dave Winfield

EM Eddie Murray

GB George Brett

GM Greg Maddux

MS Mike Schmidt

NR Nolan Ryan

OZ Ozzie Smith

RC Roger Clemens

TG Tony Gwynn

JR Ken Griffey, Jr.

Epic Signatures

Each card is available in a "Century" parallel, hand-numbered to 100 copies.

Four players signed only a fraction of their allotted signatures. As a result, some of those players had autographs that were BOTH live in packs AND redemptions. Collectors who pulled a redemption had until December 31st, 1999 to exchange it for an autograph.

AR Alex Rodriguez

BB Barry Bonds

BD Bucky Dent

BF Bob Feller

BG Bob Gibson

BM Bill Mazeroski

BT Bobby Thomson

CF Carlton Fisk SOME EXCH

DL Don Larsen

EB Ernie Banks

EMA Eddie Mathews

FR Frank Robinson

FT Frank Thomas

GM Greg Maddux

HK Harmon Killebrew

JB Johnny Bench SOME EXCH

JG Juan Gonzalez

JR Ken Griffey, Jr.

MS Mike Schmidt

NR Nolan Ryan

RJ Reggie Jackson

SC Steve Carlton

SM Stan Musial

SR Ken Griffey, Sr.

TG Tony Gwynn

TS Tom Seaver

VG Vladimir Guerrero

WMC Willie McCovey SOME EXCH

WS Warren Spahn


Legendary Cuts

NOTE: Each is a one-of-one

BR Babe Ruth

CY Cy Young

LG Lefty Grove

MO Mel Ott

RC Roy Campanella

SP Satchel Paige

TY Ty Cobb

WJ Walter Johnson


Each Artifact is a redemption card good for the item(s) listed. Each card is a one-of-one.

1900 Ty Cobb Framed CUT

1910 Babe Ruth Framed CUT

1920 Roger Hornsby Framed CUT

1930 Satchel Paige Framed CUT

1950 Willie Mays / Mickey Mantle / Hank Aaron AU Balls

1960 Ernie Banks / Bob Gibson / Johnny Bench AU Balls

1970 Mike Schmidt / Steve Carlton / Tom Seaver AU Balls

1980 Ken Griffey, Jr. / Nolan Ryan AU Balls

1990 Ken Griffey, Jr. AU Jersey

Jimmy Foxx A Piece of History 500 HR Club

See Upper Deck A Piece of History 500 HR Club.