2001 Upper Deck Legends of New York Unopened Factory Sealed Box 24 Packs
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2001 Upper Deck Legends of New York

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2001 Upper Deck Legends of New York is a 200-card set released in December, 2001. The product featuring retired players from the Brooklyn Dodgers, New York Giants, New York Mets, and New York Yankees, exclusively. Hobby boxes yielded one game-used bat card and also contained a 3-card Pinstripe Exclusives pack like other 2001 Upper Deck products.


Hobby: 24 packs per box, five cards per pack (MSRP: $2.99).

Retail: configuration unknown.

Blaster Box: 10 packs per box, five cards per pack.


Some criticism was given due to the use of soft felt on the cards.

Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Hobby Odds Retail Odds
Base 200 - ? ?
United We Stand 15 - 1:12 1:12
Game Bat 33 - 1:24* ?
Game Jersey 30 - 1:24* ?
Game Jersey Gold 24 varies ? ?
Stadium Seat 2 100 ? ?
Stadium Seat Silver 2 50 ? ?
Stadium Seat Gold 2 25 ? ?
Game Base 2 100 ? ?
Game Base Silver 2 50 ? ?
Game Base Gold 2 25 ? ?
Combo Autograph 9 25 ? ?
Tri-Combo Autograph 7 25 ? ?
Game Jersey Autograph 22 varies 1:336 ?
Game Bat Autograph 13 varies 1:336 ?
Legends of New York Cut Signature Cards 5 varies ? ?

* Stated odds of finding either a Game Bat or Game Jersey: 1:24/Hobby packs.


Base Set

Casey-Stengel.jpg?id=20c646db-ee5e-466f-89c8-ce613ddf319a&size=original&side=front&.jpg Casey-Stengel.jpg?id=20c646db-ee5e-466f-89c8-ce613ddf319a&size=original&side=back&.jpg

1 Billy Herman

2 Carl Erskine

3 Burleigh Grimes

4 Don Newcombe

5 Gil Hodges

6 Pee Wee Reese

7 Jackie Robinson

8 Duke Snider

9 Jim Gilliam

10 Roy Campanella

11 Carl Furillo

12 Casey Stengel

13 Casey Stengel DB

14 Billy Herman DB

15 Jackie Robinson DB

16 Jackie Robinson DB

17 Gil Hodges DB

18 Carl Furillo DB

19 Roy Campanella DB

20 Don Newcombe DB

21 Duke Snider DB

22 Casey Stengel BNS

23 Burleigh Grimes BNS

24 Pee Wee Reese BNS

25 Jackie Robinson BNS

26 Jackie Robinson BNS

27 Carl Erskine BNS

28 Roy Campanella BNS

29 Duke Snider BNS

30 Rube Marquard

31 Ross Youngs

32 Bobby Thomson

33 Christy Mathewson

34 Carl Hubbell

35 Hoyt Wilhelm

36 Johnny Mize

37 John McGraw

38 Monte Irvin

39 Travis Jackson

40 Mel Ott

41 Dusty Rhodes

42 Leo Durocher

43 John McGraw BG

44 Christy Mathewson BG

45 The Polo Grounds

46 Travis Jackson BG

47 Mel Ott BG

48 Johnny Mize BG

49 Leo Durocher BG

50 Bobby Thomson BG

51 Monte Irvin BG

52 Bobby Thomson BG

53 Christy Mathewson BNS

54 Christy Mathewson BNS

55 Christy Mathewson BNS

56 John McGraw BNS

57 John McGraw BNS

58 John McGraw BNS

59 Travis Jackson BNS

60 Mel Ott BNS

61 Mel Ott BNS

62 Carl Hubbell BNS

63 Bobby Thomson BNS

64 Monte Irvin BNS

65 Al Weis

66 Donn Clendenon

67 Ed Kranepool

68 Gary Carter

69 Tommie Agee

70 Jon Matlack

71 Ken Boswell

72 Lenny Dykstra

73 Nolan Ryan

74 Ray Sadecki

75 Ron Darling

76 Ron Swoboda

77 Dwight Gooden

78 Tom Seaver

79 Wayne Garrett

80 Casey Stengel MM

81 Tom Seaver MM

82 Tommie Agee MM

83 Tom Seaver MM

84 Yogi Berra MM

85 Yogi Berra MM

86 Tom Seaver MM

87 Dwight Gooden MM

88 Gary Carter MM

89 Ron Darling MM

90 Tommie Agee BNS

91 Tom Seaver BNS

92 Gary Carter BNS

93 Lenny Dykstra BNS

94 Babe Ruth

95 Bill Dickey

96 Rich Gossage

97 Casey Stengel

98 Catfish Hunter

99 Charlie Keller

100 Chris Chambliss

101 Don Larsen

102 Dave Winfield

103 Don Mattingly

104 Elston Howard

105 Frankie Crosetti

106 Hank Bauer

107 Joe DiMaggio

108 Graig Nettles

109 Lefty Gomez

110 Phil Rizzuto

111 Lou Gehrig

112 Lou Piniella

113 Mickey Mantle

114 Red Rolfe

115 Reggie Jackson

116 Roger Maris

117 Roy White

118 Thurman Munson

119 Tom Tresh

120 Tommy Henrich

121 Waite Hoyt

122 Willie Randolph

123 Whitey Ford

124 Yogi Berra

125 Babe Ruth BT

126 Babe Ruth BT

127 Lou Gehrig BT

128 Babe Ruth BT

129 Joe DiMaggio BT

130 Joe DiMaggio BT

131 Mickey Mantle BT

132 Roger Maris BT

133 Mickey Mantle BT

134 Reggie Jackson BT

135 Babe Ruth BNS

136 Babe Ruth BNS

137 Babe Ruth BNS

138 Lefty Gomez BNS

139 Lou Gehrig BNS

140 Lou Gehrig BNS

141 Joe DiMaggio BNS

142 Joe DiMaggio BNS

143 Casey Stengel BNS

144 Mickey Mantle BNS

145 Yogi Berra BNS

146 Mickey Mantle BNS

147 Elston Howard BNS

148 Whitey Ford BNS

149 Reggie Jackson BNS

150 Reggie Jackson BNS

151 John McGraw / Babe Ruth NY NY

152 Babe Ruth / John McGraw NY NY

153 Lou Gehrig / Mel Ott NY NY

154 Joe DiMaggio / Mel Ott NY NY

155 Joe DiMaggio / Billy Herman NY NY

156 Joe DiMaggio / Jackie Robinson NY NY

157 Mickey Mantle / Bobby Thomson NY NY

158 Yogi Berra / Pee Wee Reese NY NY

159 Roy Campanella / Mickey Mantle NY NY

160 Don Larsen / Duke Snider NY NY

161 Christy Mathewson TT

162 Christy Mathewson TT

163 Rube Marquard TT

164 Christy Mathewson TT

165 John McGraw TT

166 Burleigh Grimes TT

167 Babe Ruth TT

168 Burleigh Grimes TT

169 Babe Ruth TT

170 John McGraw TT

171 Lou Gehrig TT

172 Babe Ruth TT

173 Babe Ruth TT

174 Carl Hubbell TT

175 Joe DiMaggio TT

176 Lou Gehrig TT

177 Leo Durocher TT

178 Mel Ott TT

179 Joe DiMaggio TT

180 Jackie Robinson TT

181 Babe Ruth TT

182 Bobby Thomson TT

183 Joe DiMaggio TT

184 Mickey Mantle TT

185 Monte Irvin TT

186 Roy Campanella TT

187 Duke Snider TT

188 Dusty Rhodes TT

189 Yogi Berra TT

190 Mickey Mantle TT

191 Mickey Mantle TT

192 Casey Stengel TT

193 Tom Seaver TT

194 Mickey Mantle TT

195 Tommie Agee TT

196 Tom Seaver TT

197 Chris Chambliss TT

198 Reggie Jackson TT

199 Reggie Jackson TT

200 Gary Carter TT


United We Stand

United-We-Stand.jpg?id=906a2b53-a90f-44a3-95ef-6bcb0b17253c&size=original&side=front&.jpg United-We-Stand.jpg?id=906a2b53-a90f-44a3-95ef-6bcb0b17253c&size=original&side=back&.jpg

This set is a tribute to the rescue workers and victims of the 9/11 attacks, featuring photography from the aftermath of the attacks.
















Autographs & Game-Used

Game Jersey

Jackie-Robinson.jpg?id=59952a2b-920c-4ba1-bf3c-bf6d51f5ea38&size=original&side=front&.jpg Jackie-Robinson.jpg?id=59952a2b-920c-4ba1-bf3c-bf6d51f5ea38&size=original&side=back&.jpg

The short prints in this subset are not numbered.

LDJ-CE Carl Erskine

LDJ-JR Jackie Robinson SP PANTS 126

LMJ-CS Casey Stengel

LMJ-JM Jon Matlack

LMJ-RD Ron Darling

LMJ-RS Ray Sadecki

LMJ-TS Tom Seaver

LYJ-BT Bob Turley

LYJ-CD Chuck Dressen

LYJ-CH Catfish Hunter

LYJ-CM Christy Mathewson SP 63

LYJ-DM Duke Maas

LYJ-DW Dave Winfield

LYJ-EH Elston Howard

LYJ-FC Frank Crosetti

LYJ-GN Graig Nettles

LYJ-HB Hank Behrman

LYJ-HB Hank Bauer

LYJ-JD Joe DiMaggio SP 63

LYJ-JP Joe Pepitone

LYJ-JT Joe Torre

LYJ-LM Lindy McDaniel

LYJ-MM Mickey Mantle SP 63

LYJ-PN Phil Niekro

LYJ-RM Roger Maris SP 63

LYJ-RR Red Rolfe

LYJ-SJ Spider Jorgensen

LYJ-TH Tommy Henrich

LYJ-TM Thurman Munson

LYJ-WR Willie Randolph


Spider-Jorgensen.jpg?id=6692f856-323d-4a25-883d-f475f9e9fe30&size=original&side=front&.jpg Spider-Jorgensen.jpg?id=6692f856-323d-4a25-883d-f475f9e9fe30&size=original&side=back&.jpg

The print run is stamped on the front of each card.

LDJ-CD Chuck Dressen 400

LDJ-CE Carl Erskine 400

LDJ-HB Hank Behrman 500

LDJ-SJ Spider Jorgensen 500

LMJ-JM Jon Matlack 400

LMJ-RD Ron Darling 400

LMJ-RS Ray Sadecki 400

LMJ-TS Tom Seaver 400

LYJ-BT Bob Turley 400

LYJ-CH Catfish Hunter 500

LYJ-DM Duke Maas 400

LYJ-DW Dave Winfield 250

LYJ-EH Elston Howard 400

LYJ-FC Frank Crosetti 400

LYJ-GN Graig Nettles 250

LYJ-HB Hank Bauer 400

LYJ-JP Joe Pepitone 250

LYJ-JT Joe Torre 250

LYJ-LM Lindy McDaniel 400

LYJ-PN Phil Niekro 125

LYJ-RR Red Rolfe 400

LYJ-TH Tommy Henrich 400

LYJ-TM Thurman Munson 400

LYJ-WR Willie Randolph 125


Unless copies surface, we believe card #SDJ-JG doesn't exist. Jim Gilliam died in 1978 which would make it very, very, hard for Upper Deck to have gotten him to sign. The card was included on the original checklist from Upper Deck back in 2001.

SDJ-CE Carl Erskine

SDJ-JG Jim Gilliam SP 49

SDJ-JP Johnny Podres SP 193

SMJ-CS Craig Swan

SMJ-GF George Foster SP 196

SMJ-NR Nolan Ryan SP 47

SMJ-TS Tom Seaver SP 60

SYJ-BD Bucky Dent

SYJ-DL Don Larsen

SYJ-DM Don Mattingly SP 72

SYJ-DR Dave Righetti

SYJ-GN Graig Nettles

SYJ-HL Hector Lopez SP 195

SYJ-JP Joe Pepitone

SYJ-PN Phil Niekro SP 195

SYJ-RIG Rich Gossage SP 145

SYJ-RJ Reggie Jackson SP 47

SYJ-ROG Ron Guidry

SYJ-SL Sparky Lyle

SYJ-TJ Tommy John

SYJ-WR Willie Randolph

SYJ-YB Yogi Berra SP 73

Game Bat

Wayne-Garrett.jpg?id=6715c992-0ff4-4b02-a88f-32c7fc4152de&size=original&side=front&.jpg Wayne-Garrett.jpg?id=6715c992-0ff4-4b02-a88f-32c7fc4152de&size=original&side=back&.jpg

The short prints in this subset are not numbered.

LDB-BH Billy Herman

LDB-DN Don Newcombe SP 67

LDB-JG Jim Gilliam

LGB-BTH Bobby Thomson

LGB-MO Mel Ott * (May not exist)

LMB-AW Al Weis

LMB-DC Donn Clendenon SP 60

LMB-EK Ed Kranepool

LMB-GC Gary Carter

LMB-JM J.C. Martin

LMB-KB Ken Boswell

LMB-LD Lenny Dykstra

LMB-NR Nolan Ryan

LMB-RS Ron Swoboda

LMB-TS Tom Seaver

LMB-WG Wayne Garrett

LYB-BD Bill Dickey

LYB-BR Babe Ruth SP 107

LYB-CC Chris Chambliss SP 130

LYB-CK Charlie Keller

LYB-DM Don Mattingly

LYB-DW Dave Winfield

LYB-EH Elston Howard

LYB-HB Hank Bauer

LYB-JD Joe DiMaggio SP 43

LYB-JT Joe Torre * (May not exist)

LYB-LP Lou Piniella

LYB-MM Mickey Mantle SP 134

LYB-MR Mickey Rivers

LYB-RJ Reggie Jackson

LYB-RM Roger Maris SP 60

LYB-RW Roy White SSP *

LYB-TH Tommy Henrich

LYB-TM Thurman Munson

LYB-TT Tom Tresh

LYB-YB Yogi Berra


The short prints in this subset are not numbered.

SDB-DN Don Newcombe

SDB-JG Jim Gilliam

SMB-DC Donn Clendenon

SMB-GC Gary Carter

SMB-NR Nolan Ryan SP 129

SMB-RS Ron Swoboda

SMB-TS Tom Seaver SP 89

SYB-CC Chris Chambliss

SYB-DM Don Mattingly

SYB-DW Dave Winfield SP 167

SYB-MR Mickey Rivers

SYB-RJ Reggie Jackson SP 123

SYB-RW Roy White

SYB-YB Yogi Berra

Game Base

Each Game Base is serial-numbered to 100 copies and also available in the following parallels.

  • Silver (serial-numbered to 50 copies)
  • Gold (serial-numbered to 25 copies)

EF-JR Jackie Robinson

SS-TS Tom Seaver

Stadium Seat

Each Stadium Seat is serial-numbered to 100 copies and also available in the following parallels.

  • Silver (serial-numbered to 50 copies)
  • Gold (serial-numbered to 25 copies)

EFS-JR Jackie Robinson

YS-MM Mickey Mantle

Combo Autographs

Each Combo Autograph is serial-numbered to 25 copies.

SRW Mickey Rivers / Roy White

SRD Willie Randolph / Bucky Dent

SNP Don Newcombe / Johnny Podres

SCN Chris Chambliss / Graig Nettles

SGJ Ron Guidry / Tommy John

SLB Don Larsen / Yogi Berra

SRS Nolan Ryan / Tom Seaver

SWJ Dave Winfield / Reggie Jackson

SWM Dave Winfield / Don Mattingly

Tri-Combo Autographs

Each Tri-Combo Autograph is serial-numbered to 25 copies.

WMN Dave Winfield / Don Mattingly / Craig Nettles

RSS Nolan Ryan / Tom Seaver / Ron Swoboda

NPE Don Newcombe / Johnny Podres / Carl Erskine

LRG Sparky Lyle / Dave Righetti / Rich Gossage

LBP Don Larsen / Yogi Berra / Joe Pepitone

GJG Ron Guidry / Tommy John / Rich Gossage

CND Chris Chambliss / Craig Nettles / Bucky Dent

Cut Signatures

LC-BR Babe Ruth 5

LC-GH Gil Hodges 1

LC-JD Joe DiMaggio 38

LC-JR Jackie Robinson 3

LC-MO Mel Ott 2