1998 Donruss Limited

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1998 Donruss Limited was a proposed a 200-card fractured set, intended for release in October, 1998. The product was never released due to Pinnacle Brands' bankruptcy.

Structured almost identically to the previous year's product, the base set was to have been broken-up into four subsets: Double Play, Double Team, Star Factor, and Double Vision. With the exception of Star Factor, each card was to have paired two players on the same card -- one on the front and the other on the back. In addition, only 1000 copies of each Star Factor were to have been issued.

Unlike other Pinnacle Brands bankruptcy issues (i.e. 1998 Select and 1998 Pinnacle Certified), none of the cards from this set have surfaced on the secondary market -- and it is assumed that they were never printed. A Frank Thomas promo card issued along with the sell sheets is the only reminder of this product's existence.



Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Hobby Odds
Base 200 - ?
Double Play 100 - ?
Double Team 40 - ?
Star Factor 40 1000 ?
Double Vision 20 - ?
Limited Exposure Double Play 100 - ?
Limited Exposure Double Team 40 - ?
Limited Exposure Star Factor 40 40 ?
Limited Exposure Double Vision 20 - ?
Double Switch 200 15 ?
Fabric of the Game ? varies ?
Fabric of the Game Die-Cut ? varies ?



000 Frank Thomas (sample)

Base Set

A checklist for the base set was never released.


Limited Exposure

Limited Exposure was to have been a parallel of the entire base set printed on "holographic Spectra-Tech technology" (i.e. Refractor rip-off). Like the base set, the Limited Exposures were to have been fractured with the Star Factor cards limited to only 40 copies.

Double Switch

Double Switch was to have been a die-cut parallel of the base set in which the front of one card was to have been "switched" with the back of another. Each card was to have been printed on "holographic Spectra-Tech technology" and serial-numbered to only 15 copies.

It is unclear if only one Double Switch of each "front" was to have been produced, or if Donruss was attempting to pair each card with all possible 199 different backs.


Fabric of the Game

Fabric of the Game was to have been a fractured "materials" insert printed on cards made of leather, wood, or nylon. There were five tiers to the set and each card would have been designated either...

  • Major League Material (serial-numbered to 1000 copies)
  • Star Material (serial-numbered to 750 copies)
  • Super Star Material (serial-numbered to 500 copies)
  • Hall of Fame Material (serial-numbered to 250 copies)
  • Legendary Material (serial-numbered to 100 copies)

In addition, the first cards produced were to have been die-cut and serial-numbered to the player's respective uniform number.