1998 Donruss Update Sealed Box--Crusade, Signature Previews
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1998 Donruss Crusade

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1998 Select Sell Sheet


1998 Donruss Crusade is a 130-card, cross-brand insert. The first 40 cards (Denoted below with a "D") were randomly inserted into packs of 1998 Donruss Series One as a "stealth" insert, the next 30 into 1998 Leaf ("L"), and the next 30 into 1998 Donruss Update Series ("U"). Cards 101-130 were inserted into packs of 1998 Leaf Rookies & Stars.

The fronts feature color player photos with a Medieval design theme and is printed on chromium stock with a holographic foil finish.

There are three different versions of each card:

  • Green: serial numbered to 250

David-Justice.jpg?id=71b61591-7025-4481-afdb-6c52363e2881&size=original&side=front&.jpg David-Justice.jpg?id=71b61591-7025-4481-afdb-6c52363e2881&size=original&side=back&.jpg

  • Purple: serial numbered to 100

Call-to-Arms---Darin-Erstad.jpg?id=e29dab14-b549-4a0b-9e47-0992fc590f76&size=original&side=front&.jpg CrusadePback.jpg

  • Red: serial numbered to 25

Alan-Benes.jpg?id=e1b6910e-4093-4182-b08a-8767c13d361f&size=original&side=front&.jpg Alan-Benes.jpg?id=e1b6910e-4093-4182-b08a-8767c13d361f&size=original&side=back&.jpg

All of the "Call to Arms" (CTA) subset cards that were officially released/packed-out were mistakenly printed without card numbers. No corrections to this error was made.

Donruss had plans for extending the Crusade set into 1999 and beyond, however with the bankruptcy of their parent Pinnacle Brands, those plans never came to fruition. However, in the years since a number of Crusades with card numbers above 130 have surfaced and it is believed that many of these cards were "backdoored" after the Pinnacle Brands bankruptcy (see Unreleased Cards section below)


1 Tim Salmon U

2 Garret Anderson U

3 Jim Edmonds CTA L

4 Darin Erstad CTA L

5 Jason Dickson D

6 Todd Greene D

7 Roberto Alomar CTA D

8 Cal Ripken, Jr. D

9 Rafael Palmeiro CTA U

10 Brady Anderson U

11 Mike Mussina L

12 Mo Vaughn CTA D

13 Nomar Garciaparra D

14 Frank Thomas CTA U

15 Albert Belle CTA L

16 Mike Cameron D

17 Robin Ventura U

18 Manny Ramirez L

19 Jim Thome CTA L

20 Sandy Alomar, Jr. D

21 Dave Justice D

22 Matt Williams U

23 Tony Clark U

24 Bubba Trammell L

25 Justin Thompson D

26 Bob Higginson L

27 Kevin Appier D

28 Paul Molitor L

29 Chuck Knoblauch CTA U

30 Todd Walker L

31 Bernie Williams U

32 Derek Jeter CTA U

33 Tino Martinez D

34 Andy Pettitte L

35 Wade Boggs CTA L

36 Hideki Irabu D

37 Jose Canseco D

38 Jason Giambi U

39 Ken Griffey, Jr. D

40 Alex Rodriguez CTA L

41 Randy Johnson L

42 Edgar Martinez D

43 Jay Buhner CTA U

44 Juan Gonzalez CTA U

45 Will Clark D

46 Ivan Rodriguez L

47 Rusty Greer D

48 Roger Clemens L

49 Carlos Delgado U

50 Shawn Green D

51 Jose Cruz, Jr. D

52 Kenny Lofton D

53 Chipper Jones D

54 Andruw Jones CTA L

55 Greg Maddux U

56 John Smoltz CTA L

57 Tom Glavine U

58 Javy Lopez L

59 Fred McGriff L

60 Mark Grace U

61 Sammy Sosa CTA U

62 Kevin Orie D

63 Barry Larkin CTA U

64 Pokey Reese L

65 Deion Sanders D

66 Andres Galarraga L

67 Larry Walker D

68 Dante Bichette CTA D

69 Neifi Perez U

70 Eric Young L

71 Todd Helton D

72 Gary Sheffield CTA U

73 Moises Alou L

74 Bobby Bonilla D

75 Kevin Brown D

76 Ben Grieve L

77 Jeff Bagwell CTA U

78 Craig Biggio D

79 Mike Piazza L

80 Raul Mondesi U

81 Hideo Nomo CTA U

82 Wilton Guerrero D

83 Rondell White CTA U

84 Vladimir Guerrero CTA U

85 Pedro Martinez D

86 Edgardo Alfonzo D

87 Todd Hundley CTA U

88 Scott Rolen D

89 Francisco Cordova D

90 Jose Guillen D

91 Jason Kendall L

92 Ray Lankford D

93 Mark McGwire CTA D

94 Matt Morris D

95 Alan Benes L

96 Brian Jordan CTA U

97 Tony Gwynn L

98 Ken Caminiti CTA L

99 Barry Bonds CTA U

100 Shawn Estes D

Leaf Rookies & Stars Series


101 Richard Hidalgo

102 Paul Konerko

103 Miguel Tejada

104 Fernando Tatis

105 Travis Lee

106 Wes Helms

107 Rich Butler

108 Mark Kotsay

109 Eli Marrero

110 David Ortiz

111 Juan Encarnacion

112 Jaret Wright

113 Livan Hernandez

114 Ron Wright

115 Ryan Christenson

116 Eric Milton

117 Brad Fullmer

118 Karim Garcia

119 Abraham Nunez

120 Ricky Ledee

121 Carl Pavano

122 Derrek Lee

123 A.J. Hinch

124 Brian Rose

125 Bobby Estalella

126 Kevin Millwood

127 Kerry Wood

128 Sean Casey

129 Russell Branyan

130 Magglio Ordonez

Executive Promos

Call-to-Arms---Ken-Caminiti.jpg?id=b84e3d10-df5e-49fd-a421-883b7a503c1d&size=original&side=front&.jpg CrusadeExec.jpg

These cards are serial-numbered either "XXX/250" (green), "XXX/100" (purple), or "XX/25" (red). The serial-numbering is printed rather than stamped. It is believed that these cards were produced for Donruss staff and were used in-house for final approval and quality control before production. Many collectors believe that 1 to 3 copies of an Executive Promo each player for each color were produced for all cards in the officially released set (i.e., cards #1 - #130).

Because of the popularity of the Crusade set in general and potential rarity of Executive Promos specifically, these command strong premiums in the secondary sales market over the pack-issued Crusades.

Unreleased Cards


A number of additional Crusade cards were produced by Donruss for future 1998 and 1999 baseball card sets, but were never officially released due to the bankruptcy of Pinnacle Brands. All players in the Crusade set were to have two styles for all three colors: a "base" and "Call to Arms" (CTA) subset. However, the 2nd style for many players were never officially released due to the bankruptcy.

For example, the Ken Griffey, Jr. CTA card pictured was one of these unreleased cards that emerged on the secondary market after the bankruptcy - because Griffey, Jr. had a "base" Crusade that was officially released, his CTA subset was to be featured in sets that were never officially released.

Unlike the cards that were inserted into packs, all cards from the unreleased CTA subset are sequentially-numbered. None of the cards, however, are serial-numbered. Many collectors believe that one copy of the red and purple and two copies of the green of each player from this unreleased portion of the set were produced.

Because of the popularity of the Crusade set in general and potential rarity of the unreleased Crusades specifically, these command also strong premiums in the secondary sales market over the pack-issued Crusades.

These cards are sequentially-numbered beginning at #131. The following players and cards have been confirmed to exist:

131 Ken Griffey, Jr. CTA (Green, Purple, Red)

134 Ben Grieve CTA (Green, Purple, Red)

135 Michael Tucker (Purple, Red)

138 Vinny Castilla (Green, Purple, Red)

141 Henry Rodriguez (Green, Purple, Red)

142 Rusty Greer CTA (Green, Purple, Red)

145 Roberto Alomar (Green)

146 Randy Johnson (Green, Purple, Red)

147 Manny Ramirez CTA (Green, Purple, Red)

148 Paul Molitor CTA (Green, Purple, Red)

149 Mike Mussina (Green, Purple, Red)

150 Jim Thome (Green, Purple, Red)

151 Tino Martinez CTA (Green, Purple, Red)

152 Gary Sheffield (Green, Purple, Red)

153 Chuck Knoblauch (Green, Purple, Red)

154 Bernie Williams CTA (Green, Purple, Red)

155 Tim Salmon CTA (Green, Purple, Red)

159 Pedro Martinez CTA (Green, Purple)

163 Ryan Klesko (Green, Purple, Red)

164 Barry Larkin (Green, Purple, Red)

166 Ricky Henderson (Green, Purple, Red)

167 Jim Edmonds (Green, Purple, Red)

169 John Smoltz (Green, Purple)

171 Craig Biggio CTA (Green, Purple)

173 Edgar Martinez CTA (Green, Purple, Red)

174 Mark Grace CTA (Green, Purple, Red)

175 Cal Ripken, Jr. CTA (Green, Purple, Red)

176 Alex Rodriguez (Green, Purple)

177 Greg Maddux CTA (Green)

178 Mike Piazza CTA (Green, Purple, Red)

180 Tony Gwynn CTA (Green, Purple, Red)

182 Jeff Bagwell (Green, Purple, Red)

183 Juan Gonzalez (Green, Purple, Red)

187 Raul Mondesi CTA (Green, Purple, Red)

189 Mark McGwire (Green, Red)

191 Vladimir Guerrero (Green, Purple, Red)

192 Barry Bonds (Green, Purple, Red)

194 Albert Belle (Green, Purple, and Red)

195 Kenny Lofton CTA (Green)

196 Mo Vaughn CTA (Green, Purple, Red)

198 Jose Cruz, Jr. CTA (Green, Purple, Red)

314 Frank Thomas (Green)

??? Dante Bichette (Green, Purple, Red)

??? Wade Boggs (Red)

??? Tony Clark CTA (Green, Purple, Red)

??? Will Clark CTA (Green, Purple, Red)

??? Roger Clemens CTA (Green, Purple, Red)

??? Darin Erstad (Green, Purple, Red)

??? Andres Galarraga CTA (Green, Purple, Red)

??? Todd Helton CTA (Green, Purple, Red)

??? Derek Jeter (Green, Purple, Red)

??? Andruw Jones (Green, Purple, Red)

??? Brian Jordan (Green, Purple, Red)

??? David Justice (Green, Purple, Red)

??? Eric Karros (Green, Red)

??? Chan Ho Park (Green, Purple, Red)

??? Andy Pettitte CTA (Green)

??? Edgar Renteria (Green, Purple, Red)

??? Scott Rolen CTA (Green, Red)

??? Curt Schilling (Green, Purple, Red)

??? David Segui (Purple, Red)

??? Sammy Sosa (Green, Purple, Red)

??? Larry Walker CTA (Green, Purple, Red)

??? Matt Williams CTA (Green, Purple, Red)