2004 Bowman's Best

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2004 Bowman's Best is a 107-card set released in September, 2004. Fifty cards in this set feature veteran players and the remainder are Autographed First Year Player cards. Each pack will yield an autograph. Each sealed Hobby box will contain, as a box topper, one of five First Year Player Relics.


Ten packs plus one First Year Player Relic card per box, five cards per pack (MSRP: $15). Ten boxes per case. Hobby only.


Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Hobby Odds
Base 50 - 4:1
Autographed First Year Players 53 - one-per-pack
First Year Player Relics 5 - one-per-box
Green 50 100 1:18
Green Autographed First Year Players 53 50 1:32
Green First Year Player Relics 5 50 1:31 boxes
Red 50 20 1:90
Red Autographed First Year Players 53 10 1:156
Red First Year Player Relics 5 10 1:154 boxes
Autogrpahed First Year Player Printing Plates 53 four for each 1:391
Double Play Autographs 10 236 1:33
Triple Play Autographs 3 236 1:109


Base Set

Vladimir-Guerrero.jpg?id=12604178-9fd1-4579-8f69-e0f134aea52c&size=original&side=front&.jpg Vladimir-Guerrero.jpg?id=12604178-9fd1-4579-8f69-e0f134aea52c&size=original&side=back&.jpg

  • AER Alex Rodriguez
  • AL Anthony Lerew RC
  • AO Akinori Otsuka RC
  • AP Albert Pujols
  • AS Alfonso Soriano
  • BG Brian Giles
  • CB Carlos Beltran
  • CD Carlos Delgado
  • CLH Chin-Lung Hu RC
  • CMS Curt Schilling
  • DG Danny Gonzalez RC*
  • DS Don F. Sutton RC*
  • EC Eric Chavez
  • GA Garret Anderson
  • HB Hank Blalock
  • HM Hector Made RC*
  • IR Ivan Rodriguez
  • IS Ichiro
  • JAV Jose Vidro
  • JDS Jason Schmidt
  • JGG Jason Giambi
  • JJC Jon Connolly RC*
  • JLO Javy Lopez
  • JP Jorge Posada
  • JRG Joey Gathright RC
  • JT Jim Thome
  • KS Kyle Sleeth RC*
  • LO Lyle Overbay
  • LWJ Chipper Jones
  • MAR Manny Ramirez
  • MG Mike Gosling RC
  • MJP Mike Piazza
  • MO Magglio Ordonez
  • MT Miguel Tejada
  • MTC Miguel Cabrera
  • MWP Mark Prior
  • MY Michael Young
  • NAG Nomar Garciaparra
  • NG Nick Gorneault RC
  • PMM Paul McAnulty RC
  • RC Roger Clemens
  • RJ Randy Johnson
  • RS Richie Sexson
  • SR Scott Rolen
  • SS Sammy Sosa
  • TJ Terry Jones RC*
  • TLH Todd Helton
  • TS Todd Self RC
  • VG Vladimir Guerrero
  • WM Warner Madrigal RC

First Year Player Relics

Shingo-Takatsu.jpg?id=7e8e3e55-89b4-4763-a941-84ea8e854b94&size=original&side=front&.jpg Shingo-Takatsu.jpg?id=7e8e3e55-89b4-4763-a941-84ea8e854b94&size=original&side=back&.jpg

One First Year Player Relic (or parallel) was included as a box topper in each sealed Hobby box.

  • KM Kaz Matsui FY UNI RC
  • KT Kazuhito Tadano FY JSY RC
  • ST Shingo Takatsu FY JSY RC
  • TB Travis Blackley FY JSY RC

Autographed First Year Players

Nic-Ungs.jpg?id=c3d9bdb7-0556-4c99-8d85-b5dfa12c10b3&size=original&side=front&.jpg Nic-Ungs.jpg?id=c3d9bdb7-0556-4c99-8d85-b5dfa12c10b3&size=original&side=back&.jpg

  • AG Adam Greenberg FY AU RC
  • BB Bobby Brownlie FY AU RC
  • BEM Brandon Medders FY AU RC
  • BMS Brad Snyder FY AU RC
  • BP Brayan Pena FY AU RC
  • BS Brad Sullivan FY AU RC*
  • CJ Conor Jackson FY AU RC
  • CMA Craig Ansman FY AU RC*
  • CZ Charlie Zink FY AU RC
  • DA David Aardsma FY AU RC
  • DC Dave Crouthers FY AU RC*
  • DDN Dustin Nippert FY AU RC
  • DK Don Kelly FY AU RC
  • DL Donald Levinski FY AU RC*
  • DM David Murphy FY AU RC
  • DN Dioner Navarro FY AU RC
  • EA Erick Aybar FY AU RC
  • EH Estee Harris FY AU RC*
  • ES Ervin Santana FY AU RC
  • FH Felix Hernandez FY AU RC
  • JA Joaquin Arias FY AU RC
  • JC Juan Cedeno FY AU RC*
  • JE Jesse English FY AU RC
  • JH Jason Hirsh FY AU RC
  • JK Jon Knott FY AU RC
  • JL Josh Labandeira FY AU RC
  • JS Jeff Salazar FY AU RC
  • JSZ Jason Szuminski FY AU RC
  • KC Kory Casto FY AU RC
  • KK Kevin Kouzmanoff FY AU RC
  • LK Logan Kensing FY AU RC
  • LM Lastings Milledge FY AU RC
  • LTH Luke Hughes FY AU RC
  • MDC Matt Creighton FY AU RC*
  • MV Merkin Valdez FY AU RC
  • NU Nic Ungs FY AU RC*
  • OQ Omar Quintanilla FY AU RC
  • PM Paul Maholm FY AU RC
  • RB Ryan Budde FY AU RC
  • RG Rudy Guillen FY AU RC*
  • RN Ricky Nolasco FY AU RC
  • RR Ramon Ramirez FY AU RC
  • RT Rob Tejeda FY AU RC
  • SH Shawn Hill FY AU RC
  • TD Tyler Davidson FY AU RC
  • TJS Tim Stauffer FY AU RC
  • TOH Travis Hanson FY AU RC
  • TRM Tom Mastny FY AU RC
  • VC Vito Chiaravalloti FY AU RC*
  • WS Wardell Starling FY AU RC*
  • YM Yadier Molina FY AU RC
  • ZD Zach Duke FY AU RC


Mark-Prior.jpg?id=ed2eaf0a-281e-48d7-887f-2d28f444b4fe&size=original&side=front&.jpg Warner-Madrigal.jpg?id=56560a03-b7f5-48a6-9a67-07f7e7e6d967&size=original&side=front&.jpg

All 107 cards are available in the following parallels.

  • Green (base: serial-numbered to 100 copies; First Year Players: limited to 50 copies)
  • Red (base: serial-numbered to 20 copies; First Year Players: limited to ten)

NOTE: Green and Red First Year Player Relics and Autographed First Year Players are NOT serial-numbered.

Autographed First Year Players Printing Plates

A set of four Printing Plates are available for all 52 Autographed First Year Player cards.


Tim Stauffer Autographed Hobby Box Lid

Much like they did with Bryan Bullington last year, Topps had Tim Stauffer, the fourth pick in the 2003 MLB Draft, sign the inside of 100 Hobby boxes. Unlike Bullington who autographed the outside of the box, Stauffer signed the inside of the box's lid.

Double Play Autographs

Ervin-Santana-Merkin-Valdez.jpg?id=22db1a10-8495-4cd4-9f72-9b8a1cd848ea&size=original&side=front&.jpg Ervin-Santana-Merkin-Valdez.jpg?id=22db1a10-8495-4cd4-9f72-9b8a1cd848ea&size=original&side=back&.jpg

Each Double Play Autograph is limited, but not serial-numbered, to 236 copies.

  • CC Matt Creighton / Dave Crouthers
  • EN Jesse English / Ricky Nolasco
  • HJ Travis Hanson / Conor Jackson
  • MH Lastings Milledge / Estee Harris
  • MN Brandon Medders / Dustin Nippert
  • QS Omar Quintanilla / Brad Snyder
  • SC Tim Stauffer / Vito Chiaravalloti
  • SK Jeff Salazar / Jon Knott
  • SV Ervin Santana / Merkin Valdez
  • UK Nic Ungs / Kevin Kouzmanoff

Triple Play Autographs

Juan-Cedeno-Joaquin-Arias-Bobby-Brownlie.jpg?id=2162d64c-3891-4b0f-92f7-300e284b529b&size=original&side=front&.jpg Juan-Cedeno-Joaquin-Arias-Bobby-Brownlie.jpg?id=2162d64c-3891-4b0f-92f7-300e284b529b&size=original&side=back&.jpg

Each Triple Play Autograph is limited, but not serial-numbered, to 236 copies.

  • ALS David Aardsma / Donald Levinski / Brad Sullivan
  • CBA Juan Cedeno / Bobby Brownlie / Joaquin Arias
  • SSV Tim Stauffer / Erwin Santana / Merkin Valdez