2003 Bowman's Best

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2003 Bowman's Best is a 132-card set released in September, 2003. As with the previous year's set, the bulk of the set is of autographed and game-used rookie cards.

Each five-card pack will yield one of 71 First Year Autographs. The ten First Year Relics were NOT inserted into packs; rather, one Relic was packed into each Hobby box as a box topper.

In addition, Bryan Bullington (the #1 overall pick in that year's MLB Draft) autographed the outside of some Hobby boxes.


Ten packs plus one First Year Relic card per box, five cards per pack (MSRP: $15). Ten boxes per case. Hobby only.


Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Odds
Base 130 - ?
short set 50 - 4:1
First Year Autographs 70 - one-per-pack
First Year Relics 10 - one-per-box
Blue short set 50 100 1:28
Blue First Year Autographs 70 50 1:32
Blue First Year Relics 10 - 1:22/boxes
Red short set 50 50 1:55
Red First Year Autographs 70 25 1:63
Red First Year Relics 10 - 1:44/boxes
Autographed Bryan Bullington Wax Box 1 - 1:106/boxes
Double Play Autographs 8 - 1:55
Triple Play Autographs 2 - 1:219


Base Set

Bo-Hart.jpg?id=f3c0e18c-da60-472a-b039-b2dfd4e3b76f&size=original&side=front&.jpg Bo-Hart.jpg?id=f3c0e18c-da60-472a-b039-b2dfd4e3b76f&size=original&side=back&.jpg

  • AK Austin Kearns
  • AP Albert Pujols
  • AR Alex Rodriguez
  • AS Alfonso Soriano
  • BC Bernie Castro RC
  • BJF Ben Fritz RC*
  • BJH Bo Hart RC
  • BLB Barry Bonds
  • BSG Brian Giles
  • BZ Barry Zito
  • CJ Chipper Jones
  • CMS Curt Schilling
  • CW Chien-Ming Wang RC
  • DJ Derek Jeter
  • DY Dustin Yount RC*
  • GJA Garret Anderson
  • GM Greg Maddux
  • HT Haj Turay RC*
  • IC Ismael Castro RC*
  • IS Ichiro
  • JB Jeremy Bonderman RC
  • JC Jose Contreras RC
  • JFK Jeff Kent
  • JGG Jason Giambi
  • JMS Jon-Mark Sprowl RC
  • JT Jim Thome
  • KG Ken Griffey, Jr.
  • LB Lance Berkman
  • LW Larry Walker
  • MB Matt Bruback RC*
  • MD Matt Diaz RC
  • MJP Mike Piazza
  • MO Mike O'Keefe RC*
  • MOR Magglio Ordonez
  • MP Mark Prior
  • MR Manny Ramirez
  • MS Mike Sweeney
  • MT Miguel Tejada
  • NG Nomar Garciaparra
  • OV Oscar Villarreal RC
  • PB Pat Burrell
  • PM Pedro Martinez
  • RJ Randy Johnson
  • RM Ramon Nivar RC
  • SG Shawn Green
  • SS Sammy Sosa
  • SV Shane Victorino RC
  • TH Todd Helton
  • TJB T.J. Bohn RC
  • TKH Torii Hunter
  • TT Terry Tiffee RC
  • VG Vladimir Guerrero
  • WRC Roger Clemens

First Year Bat

Hanley-Ramirez.jpg?id=0d7220e3-b185-453b-85b2-6e7d0a5d1d07&size=original&side=front&.jpg Hanley-Ramirez.jpg?id=0d7220e3-b185-453b-85b2-6e7d0a5d1d07&size=original&side=back&.jpg

  • HRB Hanley Ramirez
  • JGB Joey Gomes
  • JKB Jason Kubel
  • KBS Kelly Shoppach
  • KYE Kevin Youkilis
  • LFJ Lew Ford
  • RHJ Ryan Howard
  • RLD Rajai Davis
  • RSB Ryan Shealy
  • TSB Thomari Story-Harden

First Year Autographs

Josh-Willingham.jpg?id=ca4d801f-4602-4304-a2ff-a1967048f6aa&size=original&side=front&.jpg Josh-Willingham.jpg?id=ca4d801f-4602-4304-a2ff-a1967048f6aa&size=original&side=back&.jpg

  • AB Andrew Brown FY AU RC
  • AM Aneudis Mateo FY AU RC
  • AW Aron Weston FY AU RC
  • BB Bryan Bullington FY AU RC
  • BFL Branden Florence FY AU RC*
  • BFR Ben Francisco FY AU RC
  • BH Brendan Harris FY AU RC
  • BK Beau Kemp FY AU RC*
  • BM Brian McCann FY AU RC
  • BWB Bobby Basham FY AU RC*
  • CAD Carlos Duran FY AU RC*
  • CDC Chris De La Cruz FY AU RC*
  • CJW C.J. Wilson FY AU
  • CM Charlie Manning FY AU RC
  • CS Cory Stewart FY AU RC*
  • CSS Corey Shafer FY AU RC*
  • CWA Chien-Ming Wang AU
  • DAM Dustin Moseley FY AU RC
  • DC David Cash FY AU RC*
  • DH Dan Haren FY AU RC
  • DM David Martinez FY AU RC*
  • DMM Dustin McGowan FY AU RC
  • DR Darrell Rasner FY AU RC
  • DW Doug Waechter FY AU RC
  • ERA Elizardo Ramirez FY AU RC
  • ERI Eric Riggs FY AU RC*
  • ET Eider Torres FY AU RC
  • FP Felix Pie FY AU RC
  • FS Felix Sanchez FY AU RC
  • FT Ferdin Tejeda FY AU RC*
  • GA Greg Aquino FY AU RC
  • GB Gregor Blanco FY AU RC
  • GS Gary Schneidmiller FY AU RC*
  • HR Hanley Ramirez FY AU RC
  • JDD J.D. Durbin FY AU RC
  • JG Joey Gomes FY AU RC*
  • JK Jason Kubel FY AU RC
  • JLB Jaime Bubela FY AU RC
  • JM Jose Morales FY AU RC
  • JRG Jeremy Griffiths FY AU RC
  • JV Joe Valentine FY AU RC
  • JW Josh Willingham FY AU RC
  • KJ Kade Johnson FY AU RC*
  • KS Kelly Shoppach FY AU RC
  • KY Kevin Youkilis FY AU RC
  • LF Lew Ford FY AU RC
  • MDA Matt Diaz FY AU
  • MDH Matt Hensley FY AU RC
  • MDM Mark Malaska FY AU RC
  • MH Michel Hernandez FY AU RC
  • MHI Michael Hinckley FY AU RC
  • MK Matt Kata FY AU RC
  • MNH Matt Hagen FY AU RC
  • NL Nook Logan FY AU RC
  • OC Ozzie Chavez FY AU RC*
  • PL Pete LaForest FY AU RC
  • PR Prentice Redman FY AU RC
  • RC Ryan Cameron FY AU RC*
  • RD Rajai Davis FY AU RC
  • RH Ryan Howard FY AU RC
  • RS Ryan Shealy FY AU RC
  • RWH Robbie Hammock FY AU RC
  • ST Scott Tyler FY AU RC
  • TA Tyler Adamczyk FY AU RC*
  • TI Travis Ishikawa FY AU RC
  • TJ Tyler Johnson FY AU RC
  • TO Tim Olson FY AU RC
  • TS Thomari Story-Harden FY AU RC*
  • WE Willie Eyre FY AU RC
  • WL Wil Ledezma FY AU RC


Jon-Mark-Sprowl.jpg?id=20d9e200-ecfd-4382-9db3-f99e732e995f&size=original&side=front&.jpg Rajai-Davis.jpg?id=5db0a460-4e86-4922-b4f5-85daf15df80d&size=original&side=front&.jpg

All 130 cards are available in the following parallels.

  • Blue (short set, serial-numbered to 100; First Year Autographs, serial-numbered to 50; First Year Relics, not numbered)
  • Red (short set, serial-numbered to 50; First Year Autographs, serial-numbered to 25; First Year Relics, not numbered)


Bryan Bullington Autographed Wax Box

Topps had Bryan Bullington, the first pick overall in the 2003 MLB Draft, autograph the outside of selected Bowman's Best wax boxes.

Double Play Autographs

Prentice-Redman-Gary-Schneidmiller.jpg?id=1026e471-d99a-4509-bee1-760a84fcd81d&size=original&side=front&.jpg Prentice-Redman-Gary-Schneidmiller.jpg?id=1026e471-d99a-4509-bee1-760a84fcd81d&size=original&side=back&.jpg

  • EB Elizardo Ramirez / Bryan Bullington
  • GK Joey Gomes / Jason Kubel
  • GM Jeremy Griffiths / David Martinez
  • HM Mike Hinckley / Brian McCann
  • HV Dan Haren / Joe Valentine
  • LL Nook Logan / Wil Ledezma
  • RS Prentice Redman / Gary Schneidmiller
  • SB Corey Shafer / Gregor Blanco
  • SR Freddy Sanchez / Darrell Rasner
  • YS Kevin Youkilis / Kelly Shoppach

Triple Play Autographs

Andrew-Brown-Cory-Stewart-David-Cash.jpg?id=075e9375-f2a9-47f9-9675-44f1aea083d1&size=original&side=front&.jpg Andrew-Brown-Cory-Stewart-David-Cash.jpg?id=075e9375-f2a9-47f9-9675-44f1aea083d1&size=original&side=back&.jpg

  • BCS Andrew Brown / David Cash / Cory Stewart
  • DRS Rajai Davis / Hanley Ramirez / Ryan Shealy