2002 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects

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Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects is a 165-card set released by Topps in December, 2002. Much like it's sister-product Topps Traded and Rookies the year before, "BDP&P" was distributed exclusively in pack form and bundled together with a Chrome edition for the first time. Each seven-card pack contained four BDP&P cards, one Gold parallel, and two Bowman Chrome parallels.

Some of the more prominent rookie cards include: Cole Hamels, Matt Cain, Joey Votto, Zack Greinke, and Curtis Granderson.

The Chrome set contains ten additional cards which all came autographed; however, none of the players who signed panned out.


24 packs per box, seven cards per pack (MSRP: $2.99). 10 boxes per case.


Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Odds
Base 165 - 4:1
Gold 165 - one-per-pack
Chrome 165 - two-per-pack
Chrome Autographs 10 - 1:45
Chrome Refractors 165 300 1:11
Chrome Autographs Refractors 10 - 1:154
Chrome X-Fractors 165 150 1:22
Chrome Autographs Refractors 10 - 1:309
Chrome Gold Refractors 165 50 1:67
Chrome Autographs Gold Refractors 10 - 1:1546
Freshman Fiber 13 - varies
Fabric of the Future 28 - 1:55
Signs of the Future 21 - varies


Base Set

Joey-Votto.jpg?id=4d742555-8665-417f-ba47-fdceaac87413&size=original&side=front&.jpg Joey-Votto.jpg?id=4d742555-8665-417f-ba47-fdceaac87413&size=original&side=back&.jpg

NOTE: Cards #BDP1 through #BDP100 feature players selected in the 2002 MLB Draft; #BDP101-#BDP120 prospects; and #BDP121-#BDP165 participants in the 2002 All-Star Futures Game.

  • BDP1 Clint Everts RC*
  • BDP2 Fred Lewis RC
  • BDP3 Jonathan Broxton RC
  • BDP4 Jason Anderson RC*
  • BDP5 Mike Eusebio RC*
  • BDP6 Zack Greinke RC
  • BDP7 Joe Blanton RC
  • BDP8 Sergio Santos RC
  • BDP9 Jason Cooper RC*
  • BDP10 Delwyn Young RC
  • BDP11 Jeremy Hermida RC
  • BDP12 Dan Ortmeier RC
  • BDP13 Kevin Jepsen RC
  • BDP14 Russ Adams RC*
  • BDP15 Mike Nixon RC*
  • BDP16 Nick Swisher RC
  • BDP17 Cole Hamels RC
  • BDP18 Brian Dopirak RC*
  • BDP19 James Loney RC
  • BDP20 Denard Span RC
  • BDP21 Billy Petrick RC
  • BDP22 Jared Doyle RC
  • BDP23 Jeff Francoeur RC
  • BDP24 Nick Bourgeois RC*
  • BDP25 Matt Cain RC
  • BDP26 John McCurdy RC*
  • BDP27 Mark Kiger RC
  • BDP28 Bill Murphy RC*
  • BDP29 Matt Craig RC*
  • BDP30 Mike Megrew RC*
  • BDP31 Ben Crockett RC*
  • BDP32 Luke Hagerty RC*
  • BDP33 Matt Whitney RC*
  • BDP34 Dan Meyer RC*
  • BDP35 Jeremy Brown RC
  • BDP36 Doug Johnson RC*
  • BDP37 Steve Obenchain RC*
  • BDP38 Matt Clanton RC*
  • BDP39 Mark Teahen RC
  • BDP40 Tom Carrow RC*
  • BDP41 Micah Schilling RC*
  • BDP42 Blair Johnson RC*
  • BDP43 Jason Pridie RC
  • BDP44 Joey Votto RC
  • BDP45 Taber Lee RC*
  • BDP46 Adam Peterson RC
  • BDP47 Adam Donachie RC*
  • BDP48 Josh Murray RC*
  • BDP49 Brent Clevlen RC
  • BDP50 Chad Pleiness RC*
  • BDP51 Zach Hammes RC*
  • BDP52 Chris Snyder RC
  • BDP53 Chris Smith RC
  • BDP54 Justin Maureau RC*
  • BDP55 David Bush RC
  • BDP56 Tim Gilhooly RC*
  • BDP57 Blair Barbier RC*
  • BDP58 Zach Segovia RC
  • BDP59 Jeremy Reed RC
  • BDP60 Matt Pender RC*
  • BDP61 Eric Thomas RC*
  • BDP62 Justin Jones RC*
  • BDP63 Brian Slocum RC
  • BDP64 Larry Broadway RC*
  • BDP65 Bo Flowers RC*
  • BDP66 Scott White RC*
  • BDP67 Steve Stanley RC*
  • BDP68 Alex Merricks RC*
  • BDP69 Josh Womack RC*
  • BDP70 Dave Jensen RC*
  • BDP71 Curtis Granderson RC
  • BDP72 Pat Osborn RC*
  • BDP73 Nic Carter RC*
  • BDP74 Mitch Talbot RC
  • BDP75 Don Murphy RC
  • BDP76 Val Majewski RC
  • BDP77 Javy Rodriguez RC*
  • BDP78 Fernando Pacheco RC*
  • BDP79 Steve Russell RC*
  • BDP80 Jon Slack RC*
  • BDP81 John Baker RC
  • BDP82 Aaron Coonrod RC*
  • BDP83 Josh Johnson RC
  • BDP84 Jake Blalock RC*
  • BDP85 Alex Hart RC*
  • BDP86 Wes Bankston RC
  • BDP87 Josh Rupe RC
  • BDP88 Dan Cevette RC*
  • BDP89 Kiel Fisher RC*
  • BDP90 Alan Rick RC*
  • BDP91 Charlie Morton RC
  • BDP92 Chad Spann RC*
  • BDP93 Kyle Boyer RC*
  • BDP94 Bob Malek RC*
  • BDP95 Ryan Rodriguez RC*
  • BDP96 Jordan Renz RC*
  • BDP97 Randy Frye RC*
  • BDP98 Rich Hill RC
  • BDP99 B.J. Upton RC
  • BDP100 Dan Christensen RC*
  • BDP101 Casey Kotchman RC
  • BDP102 Eric Good RC*
  • BDP103 Mike Fontenot RC
  • BDP104 John Webb RC
  • BDP105 Jason Dubois RC
  • BDP106 Ryan Kibler RC*
  • BDP107 Jhonny Peralta RC
  • BDP108 Kirk Saarloos RC
  • BDP109 Rhett Parrott RC*
  • BDP110 Jason Grove RC*
  • BDP111 Colt Griffin RC*
  • BDP112 Dallas McPherson RC
  • BDP113 Oliver Perez RC
  • BDP114 Marshall McDougall RC
  • BDP115 Mike Wood RC
  • BDP116 Scott Hairston RC
  • BDP117 Jason Simontacchi RC
  • BDP118 Taggert Bozied RC*
  • BDP119 Shelley Duncan RC
  • BDP120 Dontrelle Willis RC
  • BDP121 Sean Burnett
  • BDP122 Aaron Cook RC
  • BDP123 Brett Evert
  • BDP124 Jimmy Journell
  • BDP125 Brett Myers
  • BDP126 Brad Baker
  • BDP127 Billy Traber RC
  • BDP128 Adam Wainwright
  • BDP129 Jason Young RC
  • BDP130 John Buck
  • BDP131 Kevin Cash
  • BDP132 Jason Stokes RC*
  • BDP133 Drew Henson
  • BDP134 Chad Tracy RC
  • BDP135 Orlando Hudson
  • BDP136 Brandon Phillips
  • BDP137 Joe Borchard
  • BDP138 Marlon Byrd
  • BDP139 Carl Crawford
  • BDP140 Michael Restovich
  • BDP141 Corey Hart RC
  • BDP142 Edwin Almonte
  • BDP143 Francis Beltran RC
  • BDP144 Jorge De La Rosa RC
  • BDP145 Gerardo Garcia RC*
  • BDP146 Franklyn German RC
  • BDP147 Francisco Liriano
  • BDP148 Francisco Rodriguez
  • BDP149 Ricardo Rodriguez
  • BDP150 Seung Song
  • BDP151 John Stephens
  • BDP152 Justin Huber RC
  • BDP153 Victor Martinez
  • BDP154 Hee Seop Choi
  • BDP155 Justin Morneau
  • BDP156 Miguel Cabrera
  • BDP157 Victor Diaz RC
  • BDP158 Jose Reyes
  • BDP159 Omar Infante
  • BDP160 Angel Berroa
  • BDP161 Tony Alvarez
  • BDP162 Shin-Soo Choo RC
  • BDP163 Wily Mo Pena
  • BDP164 Andres Torres
  • BDP165 Jose Lopez RC


Zack-Greinke.jpg?id=90aba95c-8bae-4c86-a557-ef92d5a3fe84&size=original&side=front&.jpg Zack-Greinke.jpg?id=90aba95c-8bae-4c86-a557-ef92d5a3fe84&size=original&side=back&.jpg

All 165 cards are available in a one-per-pack Gold parallel. This set is printed on a thicker gauge of cardstock and can be seen as an anti-pack searching decoy. Each card features the player's facsimile autograph stamped in gold foil.


Miguel-Cabrera.jpg?id=f37edb18-0b86-4ab7-8cee-64edd7efd9ec&size=original&side=front&.jpg Miguel-Cabrera.jpg?id=f37edb18-0b86-4ab7-8cee-64edd7efd9ec&size=original&side=back&.jpg

Just like with 2001 Topps Traded & Rookies, Topps decided to "bundle" the Chrome version in with the standard edition of BDP&P. Each pack contained two Bowman Chrome DP&P cards.


Jonathan-Broxton.jpg?id=00c65331-1407-4e7d-a182-c7082d869fa5&size=original&side=front&.jpg Hee-Seop-Choi.jpg?id=f0af74fd-94b8-415d-a0ff-68953dfd5b6c&size=original&side=front&.jpg Josh-Murray.jpg?id=f230181c-0b41-4f3c-bd0b-61c5a5b06411&size=original&side=front&.jpg

Each of the 165 Chrome base cards are also available in the following Refractor parallels.

  • Refractor (serial-numbered to 300 copies)
  • X-Fractor (serial-numbered to 150 copies)
  • Gold Refractor (serial-numbered to 50 copies)

Chrome Autographs

Khalil-Greene.jpg?id=42f63398-0a95-45fa-8ec8-13224ada0971&size=original&side=front&.jpg Khalil-Greene.jpg?id=42f63398-0a95-45fa-8ec8-13224ada0971&size=original&side=back&.jpg

Ten additional autographed cards were added as an extension to the Chrome version of the product and were seeded into packs at the rate of 1:45. These ten cards are NOT available in the standard BDP&P set and NOT available unautographed.

The set is notable for an autographed baseball card of Brandon Weeden, who a decade later would be selected in the first round of the NFL Draft.

  • BDP166 Scott Moore AU RC
  • BDP167 Chris Gruler AU RC*
  • BDP168 Joe Saunders AU RC
  • BDP169 Jeff Francis AU RC
  • BDP170 Royce Ring AU RC
  • BDP171 Greg D. Miller AU RC*
  • BDP172 Brandon Weeden AU RC*
  • BDP173 Drew Meyer AU RC
  • BDP174 Khalil Greene AU RC
  • BDP175 Mark Schramek AU RC*

Drew-Meyer.jpg?id=2d80b782-80b5-4180-845f-d89aaf11016e&size=original&side=front&.jpg Joe-Saunders.jpg?id=e1955e59-cc43-41c0-a9dd-5ecf7cf817ac&size=original&side=front&.jpg

Each of the ten Chrome Autographs are also available in the same three Refractor parallels as the rest of the base set.

NOTE: Unlike the Chrome base Refractors, the Chrome Autographed Refractors are NOT serial-numbered. It is believed that the production runs for the Chrome Autographed Refractor and X-Fractor sets is slightly higher than the serial-numbered Chrome Refractors, but the Chrome Autographed Gold Refractors is lower. We estimate the production runs for each Autographed Refractor set as follows.

  • Refractor (estimated production of 350 copies)
  • X-Fractor (estimated production of 175 copies)
  • Gold Refractor (estimated production of 35 copies)

Autographs & Game-Used

Freshman Fiber

Austin-Kearns.jpg?id=21d3e03d-d507-4617-b8d2-753a69b999d8&size=original&side=front&.jpg Austin-Kearns.jpg?id=21d3e03d-d507-4617-b8d2-753a69b999d8&size=original&side=back&.jpg

The stated odds of finding a Freshman Fiber jersey card are 1:45/packs; a bat card: 1:605/packs.

  • FF-AH Aubrey Huff JSY
  • FF-AK Austin Kearns BAT
  • FF-BA Brent Abernathy JSY
  • FF-DB Dewon Brazelton JSY
  • FF-JH Josh Hamilton JSY
  • FF-JK Joe Kennedy JSY
  • FF-JS Jared Sandberg JSY
  • FF-JV John VanBenschoten JSY
  • FF-JWS Jason Standridge JSY
  • FF-MB Marlon Byrd BAT
  • FF-MT Mark Teixeira BAT
  • FF-NB Nick Bierbrodt JSY
  • FF-TH Toby Hall JSY

Fabric of the Future Relics

Willy-Mo-Pena.jpg?id=cb932607-c162-462a-8b07-b745c90b51f3&size=original&side=front&.jpg Willy-Mo-Pena.jpg?id=cb932607-c162-462a-8b07-b745c90b51f3&size=original&side=back&.jpg

The set features jersey swatches the depicted player wore in the 2002 All-Star Futures Game. Each card is a "booklet" that opens out.

  • FOF-AB Angel Berroa
  • FOF-AT Andres Torres
  • FOF-AW Adam Wainwright
  • FOF-BM Brett Myers
  • FOF-BT Billy Traber
  • FOF-CC Carl Crawford
  • FOF-CH Corey Hart
  • FOF-CT Chad Tracy
  • FOF-DH Drew Henson
  • FOF-EA Edwin Almonte
  • FOF-FB Francis Beltran
  • FOF-FG Franklyn German
  • FOF-FL Francisco Liriano
  • FOF-GG Gerardo Garcia
  • FOF-HC Hee Seop Choi
  • FOF-JH Justin Huber
  • FOF-JK Josh Karp
  • FOF-JL Jose Lopez
  • FOF-JR Jorge De La Rosa
  • FOF-JS1 Jason Stokes
  • FOF-JS2 John Stephens
  • FOF-KC Kevin Cash
  • FOF-MR Michael Restovich
  • FOF-SB Sean Burnett
  • FOF-SC Shin-Soo Choo
  • FOF-TA Tony Alvarez
  • FOF-VD Victor Diaz
  • FOF-WP Wily Mo Pena

Signs of the Future

Justin-Morneau.jpg?id=aba93e4c-face-4754-8d91-fcd1a94965ca&size=original&side=front&.jpg Justin-Morneau.jpg?id=aba93e4c-face-4754-8d91-fcd1a94965ca&size=original&side=back&.jpg

The stated odds of finding a Signs of the Future autograph are as follows:

  • Group A (1:110/packs)
  • Group B (1:100/packs)
  • Group C (1:1028/packs)
  • Group D (1:1103/packs)
  • Group E (1:386/packs)
  • Group F (1:2807/packs)

  • SOF-BI Brandon Inge E
  • SOF-BK Bob Keppel C
  • SOF-BP Brandon Phillips B
  • SOF-BS Bud Smith E
  • SOF-CP Christian Parra D
  • SOF-CT Chad Tracy A
  • SOF-DD Dan Denham A
  • SOF-EB Erik Bedard A
  • SOF-JEM Justin Morneau B
  • SOF-JM Jake Mauer B
  • SOF-JR Juan Rivera B
  • SOF-JW Jerome Williams F
  • SOF-KH Kris Honel A
  • SOF-LB Larry Bigbie E
  • SOF-LN Lance Niekro A
  • SOF-ME Morgan Ensberg E
  • SOF-MF Mike Fontenot A
  • SOF-MJ Mitch Jones A
  • SOF-NJ Nic Jackson B
  • SOF-TB Taylor Buchholz B
  • SOF-TL Todd Linden B

Team Topps Legends Autographs

See 2001 Team Topps Legends Autographs.