1989 Score Rookie/Traded

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1989 Score Rookie/Traded is a 110-card update set, issued exclusively in factory set form through Hobby dealers. The first 80 cards feature players who changed teams after the release of the '89 Score set, while the last 30 feature 1989 rookies.

Rookie Cards in this set include Albert (Joey) Belle, Joe Girardi, and Ken Griffey, Jr. A rookie-year card of Randy Johnson was also issued, reflecting his mid-season trade to the Mariners; however, since Johnson was included in the 1989 Score set (as an Expo), this is NOT a rookie card.


Factory set only.



Base Set

Randy-Johnson.jpg?id=e8585a75-a87d-459d-9314-23f8d5912273&size=original&side=front&.jpg Randy-Johnson.jpg?id=e8585a75-a87d-459d-9314-23f8d5912273&size=original&side=back&.jpg

  • 1T Rafael Palmeiro
  • 2T Nolan Ryan
  • 3T Jack Clark
  • 4T Dave LaPoint
  • 5T Mike Moore
  • 6T Pete O'Brien
  • 7T Jeffrey Leonard
  • 8T Rob Murphy
  • 9T Tom Herr
  • 10T Claudell Washington
  • 11T Mike Pagliarulo
  • 12T Steve Lake
  • 13T Spike Owen
  • 14T Andy Hawkins
  • 15T Todd Benzinger
  • 16T Mookie Wilson
  • 17T Bert Blyleven
  • 18T Jeff Treadway
  • 19T Bruce Hurst
  • 20T Steve Sax
  • 21T Juan Samuel
  • 22T Jesse Barfield
  • 23T Carmelo Castillo
  • 24T Terry Leach
  • 25T Mark Langston
  • 26T Eric King
  • 27T Steve Balboni
  • 28T Lenny Dykstra
  • 29T Keith Moreland
  • 30T Terry Kennedy
  • 31T Eddie Murray
  • 32T Mitch Williams
  • 33T Jeff Parrett
  • 34T Wally Backman
  • 35T Julio Franco
  • 36T Lance Parrish
  • 37T Nick Esasky
  • 38T Luis Polonia
  • 39T Kevin Gross
  • 40T John Dopson
  • 41T Willie Randolph
  • 42T Jim Clancy
  • 43T Tracy Jones
  • 44T Phil Bradley
  • 45T Milt Thompson
  • 46T Chris James
  • 47T Scott Fletcher
  • 48T Kal Daniels
  • 49T Steve Bedrosian
  • 50T Rickey Henderson
  • 51T Dion James
  • 52T Tim Leary
  • 53T Roger McDowell
  • 54T Mel Hall
  • 55T Dickie Thon
  • 56T Zane Smith
  • 57T Danny Heep
  • 58T Bob McClure
  • 59T Brian Holton
  • 60T Randy Ready
  • 61T Bob Melvin
  • 62T Harold Baines
  • 63T Lance McCullers
  • 64T Jody Davis
  • 65T Darrell Evans
  • 66T Joel Youngblood
  • 67T Frank Viola
  • 68T Mike Aldrete
  • 69T Greg Cadaret
  • 70T John Kruk
  • 71T Pat Sheridan
  • 72T Oddibe McDowell
  • 73T Tom Brookens
  • 74T Bob Boone
  • 75T Walt Terrell
  • 76T Joel Skinner
  • 77T Randy Johnson
  • 78T Felix Fermin
  • 79T Rick Mahler
  • 80T Richard Dotson
  • 81T Cris Carpenter RC
  • 82T Bill Spiers RC
  • 83T Junior Felix RC
  • 84T Joe Girardi RC
  • 85T Jerome Walton RC
  • 86T Greg Litton
  • 87T Greg W. Harris RC
  • 88T Jim Abbott RC
  • 89T Kevin Brown
  • 90T John Wetteland RC
  • 91T Gary Wayne
  • 92T Rich Monteleone
  • 93T Bob Geren RC
  • 94T Clay Parker
  • 95T Steve Finley RC
  • 96T Gregg Olson RC
  • 97T Ken Patterson
  • 98T Ken Hill RC
  • 99T Scott Scudder RC
  • 100T Ken Griffey, Jr. RC
  • 101T Jeff Brantley RC
  • 102T Donn Pall
  • 103T Carlos Martinez RC
  • 104T Joe Oliver RC
  • 105T Omar Vizquel RC UER (birthdate is 4/24/1967)
  • 106T Joey Belle RC
  • 107T Kenny Rogers RC
  • 108T Mark Carreon
  • 109T Rolando Roomes
  • 110T Pete Harnisch RC


A Year to Remember Magic Motion Trivia

Each Rookie/Traded factory set included ten A Year to Remember Magic Motion Trivia Cards. These are the same cards that were inserted into each pack of 1989 Score.