2003 Topps Blue Chips

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2003 Topps Blue Chips is a 24-card, cross-brand, autograph set of some of the more promising rookies and prospects.

The cards were randomly inserted into a variety of products including:


Jay-Gibbons.jpg?id=e5a86e4d-63d2-41ee-a0b1-072ef6b97e79&size=original&side=front&.jpg Jay-Gibbons.jpg?id=e5a86e4d-63d2-41ee-a0b1-072ef6b97e79&size=original&side=back&.jpg

  • AH Aubrey Huff
  • BC Bobby Crosby 04BowHer
  • BEP Brandon Phillips
  • BF Ben Fritz 04BowHer
  • BJ Bobby Jenks
  • BS Brian Slocum
  • CCE Clint Everts
  • CH Cole Hamels 04BowHer
  • CN Clint Nageotte 04BDP&P
  • CT Chad Tracy
  • DL Donald Levinski
  • GF Gavin Floyd
  • JB Josh Barfield
  • JG Jay Gibbons
  • JHA J.J. Hardy 04BDP&P
  • JHU Justin Huber
  • JR Jeremy Reed
  • JRB Jason Bay 04BDP&P
  • KH Kris Honel 04BDP&P
  • MB Milton Bradley
  • OH Orlando Hudson
  • RN Ramon Nivar 04BowHer
  • VM Val Majewski
  • ZG Zack Greinke