2003 Topps Blue Chips

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2003 Topps Blue Chips is a 24-card, cross-brand, autograph set of some of the more promising rookies and prospects.

The cards were randomly inserted into a variety of products including:


Jay-Gibbons.jpg?id=e5a86e4d-63d2-41ee-a0b1-072ef6b97e79&size=original&side=front&.jpg Jay-Gibbons.jpg?id=e5a86e4d-63d2-41ee-a0b1-072ef6b97e79&size=original&side=back&.jpg

AH Aubrey Huff

BC Bobby Crosby 04BowHer

BEP Brandon Phillips

BF Ben Fritz 04BowHer

BJ Bobby Jenks

BS Brian Slocum

CCE Clint Everts

CH Cole Hamels 04BowHer

CN Clint Nageotte 04BDP&P

CT Chad Tracy

DL Donald Levinski

GF Gavin Floyd

JB Josh Barfield

JG Jay Gibbons

JHA J.J. Hardy 04BDP&P

JHU Justin Huber

JR Jeremy Reed

JRB Jason Bay 04BDP&P

KH Kris Honel 04BDP&P

MB Milton Bradley

OH Orlando Hudson

RN Ramon Nivar 04BowHer

VM Val Majewski

ZG Zack Greinke