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==Base Set==
==Base Set==
The base set is fractured into the following subsets:
* C = "Counterparts"
* DT = "Double Team" (1:6packs)
* SF = "Star Factor" (1:24/packs, limited to 1100 copies)
* U = Unlimited (1:36/packs)
1 K. Griffey Jr./R. White C     
1 K. Griffey Jr./R. White C     

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1997 Donruss Limited is a 200-card base set and was released in the July of that year. One of the most bizarrely structured base sets ever, this chrome-stock set is divided into four unique subsets: Counterparts, Double Team, Star Factor and Unlimited. The Counterparts subset features 100 double-sided cards two star players from different teams who happen to play the same position. The Double Team subset displays two star teammates back-to-back on 40 double-sided cards. The Star Factor subset highlights 40 superstars with a different photo of the same player on each side of the card plus unique player statistics. The Unlimited subset features 20 cards matching up of a veteran and a rookie.

Only the "front" side of each card (usually the side featuring the "better" player) was printed on chromium stock. The "back" side (where the card number and legal mumbo-jumbo is printed) is on glossy paper.

According to a press release from Donruss, only 1100 copies of each Star Factor card was produced -- although they are not serial-numbered. And while the exact pack insertion ratios were never issued; judging from dealers who broke cases of '97 Donruss Limited the odds appear to be as follows: Double Team 1:6, Star Factor 1:24 and Unlimited Potential/Talent 1:36.


Wax: 24 packs per box; five cards per pack (MSRP: $4.99)


Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Hobby Odds Retail Odds
Base ? - ? ?


Base Set

The base set is fractured into the following subsets:

  • C = "Counterparts"
  • DT = "Double Team" (1:6packs)
  • SF = "Star Factor" (1:24/packs, limited to 1100 copies)
  • U = Unlimited (1:36/packs)

1 K. Griffey Jr./R. White C

2 G. Maddux/D. Cone C

3 G. Sheffield/M. Alou DT

4 Frank Thomas SF

5 C. Ripken/K. Orie C

6 V. Guerrero/B. Bonds U

7 E. Murray/R. Jefferson C

8 M. Ramirez/M. Grissom DT

9 Mike Piazza SF

10 B. Larkin/R. Ordonez C

11 J. Bagwell/E. Karros C

12 C. Knoblauch/R. Durham C

13 A. Rodriguez/E. Renteria C

14 M. Williams/V. Castilla C

15 T. Hollandsworth/B. Abreu C

16 J. Smoltz/P. Martinez C

17 J. Canseco/C. Davis C

18 J. Cruz Jr./K. Griffey Jr. U

19 Ken Griffey Jr. SF

20 P. Molitor/J. Olerud C

21 R. Alomar/L. Castillo C

22 D. Jeter/L. Collier C

23 C. Jones/R. Ventura C

24 G. Sheffield/R. Gant C

25 R. Martinez/B. Jones C

26 M. Piazza/R. Mondesi DT

27 J. Bagwell/D. Erstad U

28 Ivan Rodriguez SF

29 J.T. Snow/K. Young C

30 R. Sandberg/J. Franco C

31 T. Fryman/C. Snopek C

32 W. Boggs/R. Davis C

33 B. Kieschnick/M. Cordova C

34 A. Pettitte/D. Neagle C

35 P. Molitor/M. Lawton DT

36 S. Rolen/C. Ripken U

37 Cal Ripken SF

38 J. Thome/D. Nilsson C

39 T. Womack RC/C. Baerga C

40 N. Garciaparra/M. Grudzielanek C

41 T. Greene/C. Widger C

42 D. Sanders/B. Gilkey C

43 H. Nomo/C. Nagy C

44 I. Rodriguez/R. Greer DT

45 T. Walker/C. Jones U

46 Greg Maddux SF

47 M. Vaughn/C. Fielder C

48 C. Biggio/S. Spiezio C

49 P. Reese/J. Blauser C

50 K. Caminiti/J. Randa C

51 A. Belle/S. Green C

52 R. Johnson/J. Dickson C

53 H. Nomo/C. Park DT

54 S. Spiezio/C. Knoblauch U

55 Chipper Jones SF

56 T. Martinez/R. McGuire C

57 E. Young/W. Guerrero C

58 R. Coomer/D. Hollins C

59 S. Sosa/A. Echevarria C

60 D. Reyes RC/J. Key C

61 B. Larkin/D. Sanders DT

62 W. Guerrero/R. Alomar U

63 Albert Belle SF

64 M. McGwire/A. Galarraga C

65 E. Martinez/T. Walker C

66 S. Finley/R. Becker C

67 T. Glavine/A. Ashby C

68 S. Sosa/R. Sandberg DT

69 N. Garciaparra/A. Rodriguez U

70 Jeff Bagwell SF

71 D. Erstad/M. Grace C

72 S. Rolen/E. Alfonzo C

73 K. Lofton/L. Johnson C

74 J. Hamilton/B. Tomko C

75 E. Murray/T. Salmon DT

76 D. Young/M. Vaughn U

77 Juan Gonzalez SF

78 F. Thomas/T. Clark C

79 S. Stewart/B. Roberts C

80 S. Estes/A. Fernandez C

81 J. Smoltz/J. Lopez DT

82 T. Greene/M. Piazza U

83 Derek Jeter SF

84 D. Young/A. Williamson C

85 R. Henderson/D. Hamilton C

86 B. Wagner/D. Eckersley C

87 L. Walker/E. Young DT

88 M. Kotsay RC/J. Gonzalez U

89 Barry Bonds SF

90 W. Clark/J. Conine C

91 T. Gwynn/B. Butler C

92 J. Wetteland/R. Beck C

93 B. Williams/T. Martinez DT

94 A. Jones/K. Lofton U

95 Mo Vaughn SF

96 J. Carter/D. Lee C

97 J. Mabry/F.P. Santangelo C

98 E. Loaiza/W. Alvarez C

99 M. Williams/D. Justice DT

100 D. Lee/F.Thomas U

101 Mark McGwire SF

102 F. McGriff/P. Sorrento C

103 J. Allensworth/B. Williams C

104 I. Valdes/C. Holt C

105 F. McGriff/R. Klesko DT

106 T. Clark/M. McGwire U

107 Tony Gwynn SF

108 J. Hammonds/E. Burks C

109 S. Reynolds/A. Benes C

110 R. Clemens/C. Delgado DT

111 K. Garcia/A. Belle U

112 Paul Molitor SF

113 T. Beamon/E. Owens C

114 C. Schilling/D. Kile C

115 T. Glavine/M. Tucker DT

116 P. Reese/D. Jeter U

117 Manny Ramirez SF

118 J. Gonzalez/B. Brown C

119 J. Guzman/F. Cordova C

120 R. Johnson/E. Martinez DT

121 H. Irabu/G. Maddux U

122 Alex Rodriguez SF

123 B. Bonds/Q. McCracken C

124 R. Clemens/A. Benes C

125 W. Boggs/P. O'Neill DT

126 M. Cameron/L. Walker U

127 Gary Sheffield SF

128 A. Jones/R. Mondesi C

129 B. Anderson/T. Wade C

130 B. Anderson/R. Palmeiro DT

131 N. Perez/B. Larkin U

132 Ken Caminiti SF

133 L. Walker/R. Greer C

134 M. Rivera/M. Wohlers C

135 H. Irabu RC/A. Pettitte DT

136 J. Guillen/T. Gwynn U

137 Hideo Nomo SF

138 V. Guerrero/J. Edmonds C

139 J. Thompson/D. Gooden C

140 A. Galarraga/D. Bichette DT

141 Kenny Lofton SF

142 T. Salmon/M. Ramirez C

143 K. Brown/M. Morris C

144 C. Biggio/B. Abreu DT

145 Roberto Alomar SF

146 J. Guillen/B. Jordan C

147 B. Colon/K. Appier C

148 R. Lankford/B. Jordan DT

149 Chuck Knoblauch SF

150 H. Rodriguez/R. Lankford C

151 J. Wright RC/B. McDonald C

152 B. Bonilla/K. Brown DT

153 Barry Larkin SF

154 D. Justice/R. Sanders C

155 M. Mussina/K. Hill C

156 M. Grace/B. Kieschnick DT

157 Jim Thome SF

158 M. Tucker/C. Goodwin C

159 J. Suppan/J. Fassero C

160 M. Mussina/J. Hammonds DT

161 John Smoltz SF

162 M. Alou/E. Davis C

163 S. Alomar Jr./D. Wilson C

164 R. White/H. Rodriguez DT

165 Roger Clemens SF

166 B. Anderson/A. Martin C

167 J. Kendall/C. Johnson C

168 J. Giambi/J. Canseco DT

169 Larry Walker SF

170 J. Buhner/G. Berroa C

171 I. Rodriguez/M. Sweeney C

172 K. Appier/J. Rosado DT

173 Bernie Williams SF

174 B. Giles RC/T. Dunwoody C

175 J. Lopez/S. Hatteberg C

176 J. Jaha/J. Cirillo DT

177 Andy Pettitte SF

178 D. Bichette/B. Huskey C

179 R. Casanova/T. Hundley C

180 J. Edmonds/G. Anderson DT

181 Deion Sanders SF

182 R. Klesko/P. O'Neill C

183 J. Carter/P. Hentgen DT

184 Brady Anderson SF

185 C. Delgado/W. Joyner C

186 J. Dye/J. Damon DT

187 Randy Johnson SF

188 T. Hundley/C. Baerga DT

189 Tom Glavine SF

190 D. Mashore/J. McDonald DT

191 Wade Boggs SF

192 A. Martin/J. Kendall DT

193 Matt Williams SF

194 W. Clark/D. Palmer DT

195 Sammy Sosa SF

196 J. Cruz Jr. RC/J. Buhner DT

197 Eddie Murray SF

198 D. Erstad/J. Dickson DT

199 Fred McGriff SF

200 B. Trammell RC/B. Higginson DT


Limited Exposure

Printed using what Donruss called "Holographic Poly-Chromium Technology" on both sides, Limited Exposure is, for all intents and purposes, a Finest Refractor knock-off. The backs of each card have the words "Limited Exposure" printed beneath the card number.

According to Donruss, only 40 copies of each Star Factor Limited Exposure exist -- although they are not serial-numbered.

Limited Exposure Non-Glossy

This 100-card set partially parallels the Counterparts subset. The cards were actually the result of an error at the printing plant whereby the "Holographic Poly-Chromium Technology" of the normal exposure was left off; but the words "Limited Exposure" still appear underneath the card number.


This 69-card multi-fractured "Materials" insert uses cards printed on three different non-paper substances: Canvas, Leather, and Wood. Five level of tiers cross the three materials and are serial-numbered to the following:

  • ML = "Major League Material" (serial-numbered to 1000 copies)
  • S = "Star Material" (serial-numbered to 750 copies)
  • SS = "Superstar Material" (serial-numbered to 500 copies)
  • HF = "Hall of Fame Material" (serial-numbered to 250 copies)
  • L = "Legendary Material" (serial-numbered to 100 copies)

1 Cal Ripken HF

2 Tony Gwynn SS

3 Ivan Rodriguez S

4 Rickey Henderson L

5 Ken Griffey Jr. SS

6 Chipper Jones ML

7 Sammy Sosa S

8 Wade Boggs HF

9 Manny Ramirez ML

10 Barry Bonds HF

11 Mike Piazza S

12 Rondell White ML

13 Albert Belle S

14 Tony Clark ML

15 Edgar Martinez SS

16 Deion Sanders S

17 Juan Gonzalez SS

18 Nomar Garciaparra ML

19 Rafael Palmeiro SS

20 Dave Justice S

21 Bob Abreu ML

22 Paul Molitor L

23 Vladimir Guerrero ML

24 Chuck Knoblauch SS

25 Tony Gwynn HF

26 Darin Erstad ML

27 Mark McGwire HF

28 Larry Walker S

29 Gary Sheffield S

30 Jose Cruz Jr. ML

31 Kenny Lofton HF

32 Andres Galarraga SS

33 Raul Mondesi ML

34 Eddie Murray L

35 Tino Martinez ML

36 Todd Walker ML

37 Frank Thomas SS

38 Ken Caminiti S

39 Pokey Reese ML

40 Barry Bonds HF

41 Barry Larkin SS

42 Bernie Williams S

43 Cal Ripken HF

44 Bobby Bonilla SS

45 Ken Griffey Jr. S

46 Tim Salmon S

47 Ryne Sandberg HF

48 Rusty Greer ML

49 Matt Williams SS

50 Eric Young S

51 Andruw Jones ML

52 Jeff Bagwell S

53 Wilton Guerrero ML

54 Fred McGriff HF

55 Jose Guillen ML

56 Brady Anderson SS

57 Mo Vaughn S

58 Craig Biggio SS

59 Dmitri Young ML

60 Frank Thomas S

61 Derek Jeter ML

62 Albert Belle SS

63 Scott Rolen ML

64 Roberto Alomar HF

65 Jeff Bagwell S

66 Mark Grace SS

67 Gary Sheffield S

68 Joe Carter HF

69 Jim Thome ML