Group Break

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Group Break: The process where collectors pool their money together and share the cards from a box or case. With the high cost of some products, group breaks are a way for collectors to sample a product they might not otherwise be able to afford. Usually, such breaks are conducted online, but they can be done in person as well. Video recording the break and posting it to YouTube is a popular way to ensure that everything is fair, and to promote future group breaks.

Group breaks typically start with a person announcing a group break on a card blog or forum which includes the details, card distribution and cost. Then collectors sign up for the break. Most group breaks are set up where each collector selects a team or teams (or has teams chosen for them) and they receive (via mail) all of the cards of their designated teams. When there's no logical way to divide the cards (i.e. the non-baseball cards in Allen & Ginter), a randomizer such as the website is used.

In most group breaks, the price of each team is the same since the assignment of teams is random. In those cases where collectors can select a team, the price per team may vary. Payment for group breaks is usually collected electronically or through the mail. Shipping and other fees are usually factored into the cost for each member.