2020 Topps Attax

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2020 Topps Attax is a trading card game released exclusively on Topps.com. Beginning July 21st, Topps made available a Starter Set that included 30 player cards and an additional 30 "Chance" cards -- which do not feature any players and are used only in the playing of the Attax game. Then, beginning the week of August 4th and each week afterwards, a five-card Booster Pack would be available. As with most Topps.com exclusives, each Booster Pack was available for a seven-day period and printed to order.

Originally, a new Booster Pack would be made available each week for twenty weeks, but due to low sales and a lack of collector interest, the set was ended after thirteen weeks.


Starter Set: 30 player cards, 30 Chance cards, plus one game play mat (MSRP: $14.99)

Booster Packs: Five cards (MSRP: $4.99).



NOTE: This set is NOT sequentially-numbered.

Starter Set


    Each Starter Set comes with two Superstars.

      Booster Packs

      Listed below is the date each five-card Booster Pack was available and the announced production run for each pack.