2013 Pearl Jam

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2013 Pearl Jam is a 61-card "baseball" card set, sold by the band at their July, 2013 concert at Wrigley Field. The set, which is done in the style of the 1972 Topps set, features 10 cards of each of the six band members plus a 61st card of band equipment manager George Webb -- which is believed to be short-printed.

Each 10-card pack includes one of six logo stickers -- one for each band member.


10 cards plus one sticker per pack (SRP: $5). Sold only at Pearl Jam's 2013 Wrigley Field concert.


Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Odds
Base 61 - 10:1
Stickers 6 - one-per-pack


Base Set

Cards 1-10: Boom Gaspar

Cards 11-20: Eddie Vedder

Cards 21-30: Jeff Ament

Cards 31-40: Matt Cameron

Cards 41-50: Mike McCready

Cards 51-60: Stone Gossard

61 George Webb



1 Boom Gaspar

2 Eddie Vedder

3 Jeff Ament

4 Matt Cameron

5 Mike McCready

6 Stone Gossard