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(4) 2009 Topps Sterling White Hinged Lacquered Wood Boxes With Bands (NO CARDS)
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2009 Topps Sterling

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Released in January of 2010, 2009 Topps Sterling returns with new Theme Packs highlighting the greatest players in Major League Baseball history on the most stunning cards ever produced.

Each box will contain one Theme Pack and one Mystery Pack. Each Theme Pack will yield three serial-numbered base cards, one relic card serial-numbered to 25, one autographed relic or relic card serial-numbered to ten or less. Each Mystery Pack will have either a serial-numbered and framed parallel or a cut signature card.

Each 10-box case will contain five autographs numbered to 10 or less, five relics numbered to 10 or less, ten relics numbered to 25, one one-of-one parallel, and one cut signature.

Use of Stadium Seats as Relics

On January 28, 2010, Topps issued a statement regarding the use of stadium seats as relics. Topps declared that every card in 2009 Topps Sterling Baseball will feature a game-used bat and game-used uniform except for one subject —- Carl Erskine, which features Erskine’s autograph with stadium seat.

Topps will replace this card with a pack of 2009 Topps Sterling Baseball for collectors not satisfied with their card.


One five-card Theme Pack, and one single-card Mystery Pack per box.

Ten boxes per case. Hobby only.


Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Hobby Odds
Base 130 250 ?
All-Stars ? ? 1:11
50+ HR/Season ? ? 1:21
Hall of Fame ? ? 1:21
Retired Numbers ? ? 1:22
Silver Sluggers ? ? 1:22
League MVPs ? ? 1:26
First Round Picks ? ? 1:27
Gold Glove ? ? 1:27
Record Breakers ? ? 1:27
RBI Leaders ? ? 1:30
Three HR Games ? ? 1:30
First Ballot HOF ? ? 1:35
HR Leaders ? ? 1:35
400 HR Club ? ? 1:41
95+ MPH ? ? 1:43
Batting Champions ? ? 1:43
New York Yankees ? ? 1:49
Rookie of the Year ? ? 1:51
1960s All-Stars ? ? 1:54
All-Time Records ? ? 1:55
.350 Club ? ? 1:58
1950s All-Stars ? ? 1:71
Boston Red Sox ? ? 1:71
3,000 Hit Club ? ? 1:73
Cy Young Winners ? ? 1:82
500 HR Club ? ? 1:106
World Series MVPs ? ? 1:107
1940s All-Stars ? ? 1:110
St. Louis Cardinals ? ? 1:110
Career .333 AVG ? ? 1:119
Braves ? ? 1:121
Giants ? ? 1:121
Switch-Hitters ? ? 1:124
Strikeout Leaders ? ? 1:128
ERA Leaders ? ? 1:132
Stolen Base Leaders ? ? 1:134
Triple Crown ? ? 1:150
150+ RBI Seasons ? ? 1:157
Pride of Dominican ? ? 1:160
Win Leaders ? ? 1:163
Baltimore Orioles ? ? 1:168
Americana ? ? 1:177
All-Star MVP ? ? 1:184
Triple Crown ? ? 1:199
Philadelphia Phillies ? ? 1:203
No Hitters ? ? 1:207
Pride of Japan ? ? 1:207
Dodgers ? ? 1:212
1930s All-Stars ? ? 1:227
Cincinnati Reds ? ? 1:271
Dem Bums ? ? 1:271
30/30 Club ? ? 1:287
Chicago Cubs ? ? 1:287
1960s Yankees ? ? 1:325
Decade Triple Crown ? ? 1:325
250+ Hit/Season ? ? 1:336
Sub-2.00 ERA Seasons ? ? 1:336
Dead Ball Era ? ? 1:361
Detroit Tigers ? ? 1:384
.400 Club ? ? 1:389
3,000 K Club ? ? 1:443
25+ Win/Season ? ? 1:487
First Class HOF ? ? 1:487
Pitching Triple Crown ? ? 1:487
1950s Yankees ? ? 1:512
60+ HR/Season ? ? 1:573
300 Win Club ? ? 1:649
18+ Ks/Game ? ? 1:885
Murderers Row ? ? 1:973
4,000 K Club ? ? 1:2,432


Base Set

Note: Each base card is serial-numbered to 250 copies.

1 Babe Ruth

2 Bob Feller

3 Orlando Cepeda

4 Curt Schilling

5 Mickey Mantle

6 Joey Votto

7 Koji Uehara

8 Mel Ott

9 Miguel Cabrera

10 Prince Fielder

11 Jose Reyes

12 Carlos Beltran

13 David Price

14 Tommy Hanson

15 Roger Maris

16 Roger Maris

17 Mike Schmidt

18 Lou Gehrig

19 Ozzie Smith

20 Reggie Jackson

21 Reggie Jackson

22 Reggie Jackson

23 Tim Lincecum

24 Warren Spahn

25 Duke Snider

26 Yogi Berra

27 Ty Cobb

28 Stan Musial

29 Jimmie Foxx

30 Jimmie Foxx

31 Rick Porcello

32 Dwight Gooden

33 Ichiro

34 CC Sabathia

35 Willie McCovey

36 Albert Pujols

37 Gary Sheffield

38 Cal Ripken Jr.

39 Daisuke Matsuzaka

40 Gary Carter

41 Josh Hamilton

42 Joe Mauer

43 Pedro Martinez

44 Whitey Ford

45 Johnny Damon

46 Frank Thomas

47 Dale Murphy

48 George Sisler

49 Roger Clemens

50 Lou Brock

51 Paul Molitor

52 David Ortiz

53 Tris Speaker

54 Tris Speaker

55 Carl Yastrzemski

56 Nolan Ryan

57 Nolan Ryan

58 Nolan Ryan

59 Eddie Mathews

60 Joe Morgan

61 Honus Wagner

62 Andre Dawson

63 Justin Morneau

64 Manny Ramirez

65 Manny Ramirez

66 Manny Ramirez

67 Vladimir Guerrero

68 Hanley Ramirez

69 Ryan Braun

70 Dan Haren

71 Dave Winfield

72 Robin Yount

73 Ryne Sandberg

74 Johnny Mize

75 Johnny Mize

76 Johnny Mize

77 Don Mattingly

78 Ivan Rodriguez

79 Ralph Kiner

80 Steve Garvey

81 Carlos Delgado

82 Dustin Pedroia

83 Hank Greenberg

84 Al Kaline

85 Fergie Jenkins

86 David Wright

87 Frank Robinson

88 Brandon Webb

89 Colby Rasmus

90 Alfonso Soriano

91 Jackie Robinson

92 Lance Berkman

93 Chase Utley

94 Mark Teixeira

95 Mike Piazza

96 Johan Santana

97 Rogers Hornsby

98 Rogers Hornsby

99 Dennis Eckersley

100 Evan Longoria

101 Bob Gibson

102 Tom Seaver

103 Tony Gwynn

104 Johnny Bench

105 Carlton Fisk

106 Ernie Banks

107 Mariano Rivera

108 Tony Perez

109 Roy Campanella

110 Francisco Rodriguez

111 Luis Aparicio

112 Monte Irvin

113 Zack Greinke

114 Jim Thome

115 Jimmy Piersall

116 Eddie Murray

117 Jim Palmer

118 Carl Erskine

119 Juan Marichal

120 Joba Chamberlain

121 Chipper Jones

122 Johnny Podres

123 Wade Boggs

124 Michael Young

125 Steve Carlton

126 Ryan Howard

127 Jay Bruce

128 Alex Rodriguez

129 Alex Rodriguez

130 Alex Rodriguez


Sterling Sliver (one-of-one)

Autographs & Game-Used

3-Piece Sterling Chronicles Autographs

3SCA-1 Albert Pujols

3SCA-2 Albert Pujols

3SCA-3 Frank Robinson

3SCA-4 Frank Robinson

3SCA-5 Michael Young

3SCA-6 Michael Young

3SCA-7 Steve Garvey

3SCA-8 Steve Garvey

3SCA-9 Roger Clemens

3SCA-10 Roger Clemens

3SCA-11 Dustin Pedroia

3SCA-12 Dustin Pedroia

3SCA-13 Jim Palmer

3SCA-14 Jim Palmer

3SCA-15 Jimmy Piersall

3SCA-16 Jimmy Piersall

3SCA-17 Mike Schmidt

3SCA-18 Mike Schmidt

3SCA-19 Jay Bruce

3SCA-20 Jay Bruce

3SCA-21 Luis Aparicio

3SCA-22 Luis Aparicio

3SCA-23 Nolan Ryan

3SCA-24 Nolan Ryan

3SCA-25 Justin Morneau

3SCA-26 Justin Morneau

3SCA-27 Manny Ramirez

3SCA-28 Manny Ramirez

3SCA-29 Ralph Kiner

3SCA-30 Ralph Kiner

3SCA-31 Ryan Howard

3SCA-32 Ryan Howard

3SCA-33 Wade Boggs

3SCA-34 Lance Berkman

3SCA-35 Lance Berkman

3SCA-36 Don Mattingly

3SCA-37 Don Mattingly

3SCA-38 Lou Brock

3SCA-39 Lou Brock

3SCA-40 Ozzie Smith

3SCA-41 Ozzie Smith

3SCA-42 Hanley Ramirez

3SCA-43 Hanley Ramirez

3SCA-44 Robin Yount

3SCA-45 Robin Yount

3SCA-46 Joe Morgan

3SCA-47 Joe Morgan

3SCA-48 Francisco Rodriguez

3SCA-49 Francisco Rodriguez

3SCA-50 Johnny Podres

3SCA-51 Johnny Podres

3SCA-52 Ryne Sandberg

3SCA-53 Ryne Sandberg

3SCA-54 Vladimir Guerrero

3SCA-55 Vladimir Guerrero

3SCA-56 Yogi Berra

3SCA-57 Yogi Berra

3SCA-58 Zack Greinke

3SCA-59 Zack Greinke

3SCA-60 Monte Irvin

3SCA-61 Monte Irvin

3SCA-62 Eddie Murray

3SCA-63 Eddie Murray

3SCA-64 Evan Longoria

3SCA-65 Evan Longoria

3SCA-66 Dale Murphy

3SCA-67 Dale Murphy

3SCA-68 Duke Snider

3SCA-69 Duke Snider

3SCA-70 Fergie Jenkins

3SCA-71 Fergie Jenkins

3SCA-72 Fergie Jenkins

3SCA-73 Jose Reyes

3SCA-74 Bob Gibson

3SCA-75 Bob Gibson

3SCA-76 Carlton Fisk

3SCA-77 Carlton Fisk

3SCA-78 Brandon Webb

3SCA-79 Brandon Webb

3SCA-80 Ivan Rodriguez

3SCA-81 Ivan Rodriguez

3SCA-82 Ivan Rodriguez

3SCA-83 Chipper Jones

3SCA-84 Chipper Jones

3SCA-85 David Price

3SCA-86 David Price

3SCA-87 Juan Marichal

3SCA-88 Juan Marichal

3SCA-89 Juan Marichal

3SCA-90 Carl Erskine (seat relic)

3SCA-91 Carl Erskine (seat relic)

3SCA-92 David Ortiz

3SCA-93 David Ortiz

3SCA-94 Frank Thomas

3SCA-95 Frank Thomas

3SCA-96 Koji Uehara

3SCA-97 Koji Uehara

3SCA-98 Colby Rasmus

3SCA-99 Colby Rasmus

3SCA-100 Cal Ripken Jr.

3SCA-101 Cal Ripken Jr.

3SCA-102 Dwight Gooden

3SCA-103 Dwight Gooden

3SCA-104 Ryan Braun

3SCA-105 Ryan Braun

3SCA-106 Steve Carlton

3SCA-107 Steve Carlton

3SCA-108 Johnny Damon

3SCA-109 Johnny Damon

3SCA-110 Dave Winfield

3SCA-111 Dave Winfield

3SCA-112 Josh Hamilton

3SCA-113 Josh Hamilton

3SCA-114 Carl Yastrzemski

3SCA-115 Carl Yastrzemski

3SCA-116 Carlos Delgado

3SCA-117 Carlos Delgado

3SCA-118 Mark Teixeira

3SCA-119 Mark Teixeira

3SCA-120 Dennis Eckersley

3SCA-121 Gary Sheffield

3SCA-122 Gary Sheffield

3SCA-123 David Wright

3SCA-124 David Wright

3SCA-125 CC Sabathia

3SCA-126 CC Sabathia

3SCA-127 Joey Votto

3SCA-128 Joey Votto

3SCA-129 Mike Piazza

3SCA-130 Mike Piazza

3SCA-131 Prince Fielder

3SCA-132 Prince Fielder

3SCA-133 Tom Seaver

3SCA-134 Tom Seaver

3SCA-135 Alfonso Soriano

3SCA-136 Alfonso Soriano

3SCA-137 Bobby Murcer

3SCA-138 Bobby Murcer

3SCA-139 Dan Haren

3SCA-140 Dan Haren

3SCA-141 Rick Porcello

3SCA-142 Rick Porcello

3SCA-143 Tim Lincecum

3SCA-144 Tim Lincecum

3SCA-145 Whitey Ford

3SCA-146 Whitey Ford

3SCA-147 Gary Carter

3SCA-148 Gary Carter

3SCA-149 Jim Thome

3SCA-150 Jim Thome

3SCA-151 Al Kaline

3SCA-152 Al Kaline

3SCA-153 Curt Schilling

3SCA-154 Curt Schilling

3SCA-155 Andre Dawson

3SCA-156 Andre Dawson

3SCA-157 Andre Dawson

3SCA-158 Miguel Cabrera

3SCA-159 Miguel Cabrera

3SCA-160 Paul Molitor

3SCA-161 Paul Molitor

3SCA-162 Pedro Martinez

3SCA-163 Pedro Martinez

3SCA-164 Orlando Cepeda

3SCA-165 Orlando Cepeda

3SCA-166 Stan Musial

3SCA-167 Stan Musial

3SCA-168 Willie McCovey

3SCA-169 Willie McCovey

3SCA-170 Tommy Hanson

3SCA-171 Tommy Hanson

3SCA-172 Tony Perez

3SCA-173 Tony Perez

3SCA-174 Bob Feller

3SCA-175 Bob Feller

3SCA-176 Alex Rodriguez

3SCA-177 Alex Rodriguez

4-Piece Sterling Chronicles Autographs

4SCA-1 Albert Pujols

4SCA-2 Albert Pujols

4SCA-3 Frank Robinson

4SCA-4 Frank Robinson

4SCA-5 Michael Young

4SCA-6 Steve Garvey

4SCA-7 Steve Garvey

4SCA-8 Roger Clemens

4SCA-9 Dustin Pedroia

4SCA-10 Dustin Pedroia

4SCA-11 Jim Palmer

4SCA-12 Jim Palmer

4SCA-13 Jimmy Piersall

4SCA-14 Mike Schmidt

4SCA-15 Mike Schmidt

4SCA-16 Jay Bruce

4SCA-17 Jay Bruce

4SCA-18 Luis Aparicio

4SCA-19 Luis Aparicio

4SCA-20 Nolan Ryan

4SCA-21 Nolan Ryan

4SCA-22 Justin Morneau

4SCA-23 Manny Ramirez

4SCA-24 Manny Ramirez

4SCA-25 Ralph Kiner

4SCA-26 Ryan Howard

4SCA-27 Ryan Howard

4SCA-28 Lance Berkman

4SCA-29 Don Mattingly

4SCA-30 Don Mattingly

4SCA-31 Ozzie Smith

4SCA-32 Ozzie Smith

4SCA-33 Robin Yount

4SCA-34 Robin Yount

4SCA-35 Joe Morgan

4SCA-36 Joe Morgan

4SCA-37 Francisco Rodriguez

4SCA-38 Francisco Rodriguez

4SCA-39 Johnny Podres

4SCA-40 Johnny Podres

4SCA-41 Ryne Sandberg

4SCA-42 Ryne Sandberg

4SCA-43 Vladimir Guerrero

4SCA-44 Vladimir Guerrero

4SCA-45 Yogi Berra

4SCA-46 Yogi Berra

4SCA-47 Zack Greinke

4SCA-48 Monte Irvin

4SCA-49 Eddie Murray

4SCA-50 Eddie Murray

4SCA-51 Evan Longoria

4SCA-52 Evan Longoria

4SCA-53 Dale Murphy

4SCA-54 Dale Murphy

4SCA-55 Duke Snider

4SCA-56 Fergie Jenkins

4SCA-57 Bob Gibson

4SCA-58 Bob Gibson

4SCA-59 Carlton Fisk

4SCA-60 Brandon Webb

4SCA-61 Ivan Rodriguez

4SCA-62 Chipper Jones

4SCA-63 Chipper Jones

4SCA-64 David Price

4SCA-65 David Price

4SCA-66 Juan Marichal

4SCA-67 Carl Erskine (seat relic)

4SCA-68 David Ortiz

4SCA-69 David Ortiz

4SCA-70 Frank Thomas

4SCA-71 Frank Thomas

4SCA-72 Koji Uehara

4SCA-73 Koji Uehara

4SCA-74 Colby Rasmus

4SCA-75 Colby Rasmus

4SCA-76 Cal Ripken Jr.

4SCA-77 Cal Ripken Jr.

4SCA-78 Dwight Gooden

4SCA-79 Ryan Braun

4SCA-80 Ryan Braun

4SCA-81 Steve Carlton

4SCA-82 Steve Carlton

4SCA-83 Johnny Damon

4SCA-84 Johnny Damon

4SCA-85 Dave Winfield

4SCA-86 Dave Winfield

4SCA-87 Josh Hamilton

4SCA-88 Josh Hamilton

4SCA-89 Carl Yastrzemski

4SCA-90 Carl Yastrzemski

4SCA-91 Carlos Delgado

4SCA-92 Carlos Delgado

4SCA-93 Mark Teixeira

4SCA-94 Mark Teixeira

4SCA-95 Gary Sheffield

4SCA-96 Gary Sheffield

4SCA-97 David Wright

4SCA-98 David Wright

4SCA-99 CC Sabathia

4SCA-100 CC Sabathia

4SCA-101 Mike Piazza

4SCA-102 Prince Fielder

4SCA-103 Prince Fielder

4SCA-104 Tom Seaver

4SCA-105 Tom Seaver

4SCA-106 Alfonso Soriano

4SCA-107 Alfonso Soriano

4SCA-108 Bobby Murcer

4SCA-109 Dan Haren

4SCA-110 Dan Haren

4SCA-111 Rick Porcello

4SCA-112 Tim Lincecum

4SCA-113 Tim Lincecum

4SCA-114 Whitey Ford

4SCA-115 Gary Carter

4SCA-116 Gary Carter

4SCA-117 Jim Thome

4SCA-118 Jim Thome

4SCA-119 Al Kaline

4SCA-120 Curt Schilling

4SCA-121 Curt Schilling

4SCA-122 Andre Dawson

4SCA-123 Miguel Cabrera

4SCA-124 Paul Molitor

4SCA-125 Paul Molitor

4SCA-126 Orlando Cepeda

4SCA-127 Stan Musial

4SCA-128 Stan Musial

4SCA-129 Willie McCovey

4SCA-130 Tommy Hanson

4SCA-131 Tommy Hanson

4SCA-132 Tony Perez

4SCA-133 Bob Feller

4SCA-134 Alex Rodriguez

4SCA-135 Alex Rodriguez

5-Piece Sterling Chronicles Autographs

5SCA-1 Albert Pujols

5SCA-2 Frank Robinson

5SCA-3 Dustin Pedroia

5SCA-4 Jim Palmer

5SCA-5 Mike Schmidt

5SCA-6 Jay Bruce

5SCA-7 Nolan Ryan

5SCA-8 Manny Ramirez

5SCA-9 Ryan Howard

5SCA-10 Don Mattingly

5SCA-11 Ozzie Smith

5SCA-12 Joe Morgan

5SCA-13 Francisco Rodriguez

5SCA-14 Ryne Sandberg

5SCA-15 Vladimir Guerrero

5SCA-16 Yogi Berra

5SCA-17 Zack Greinke

5SCA-18 Eddie Murray

5SCA-19 Evan Longoria

5SCA-20 Dale Murphy

5SCA-21 Duke Snider

5SCA-22 Bob Gibson

5SCA-23 Carlton Fisk

5SCA-24 Chipper Jones

5SCA-25 David Price

5SCA-26 David Ortiz

5SCA-27 Frank Thomas

5SCA-28 Colby Rasmus

5SCA-29 Cal Ripken Jr.

5SCA-30 Ryan Braun

5SCA-31 Dave Winfield

5SCA-32 Josh Hamilton

5SCA-33 Carl Yastrzemski

5SCA-34 Carlos Delgado

5SCA-35 Mark Teixeira

5SCA-36 David Wright

5SCA-37 CC Sabathia

5SCA-38 Tom Seaver

5SCA-39 Rick Porcello

5SCA-40 Tim Lincecum

5SCA-41 Whitey Ford

5SCA-42 Jim Thome

5SCA-43 Paul Molitor

5SCA-44 Stan Musial

5SCA-45 Willie McCovey

5SCA-46 Alex Rodriguez

Sterling Moments Autographs

SMA-1 Yogi Berra

SMA-2 Bob Gibson

SMA-3 Mike Schmidt

SMA-4 Cal Ripken Jr.

SMA-5 Manny Ramirez

SMA-6 Carl Yastrzemski

SMA-7 Ryan Howard

SMA-8 Frank Robinson

SMA-9 Albert Pujols

SMA-10 Tom Seaver

SMA-11 Tony Gwynn

SMA-12 Nolan Ryan

SMA-13 David Wright

SMA-14 Stan Musial

SMA-15 Alex Rodriguez

Sterling Pairs Autographs

SPA-1 Don Mattingly/Mark Teixeira

SPA-2 Stan Musial/Albert Pujols

SPA-3 Mike Schmidt/Ryan Howard

SPA-4 Paul Molitor/Ryan Braun

SPA-5 Dale Murphy/Chipper Jones

SPA-6 Frank Robinson/Jay Bruce

SPA-7 Manny Ramirez/Vladimir Guerrero

SPA-8 Alex Rodriguez/David Wright

SPA-9 Carl Yastrzemski/David Ortiz

SPA-10 Eddie Murray/Cal Ripken Jr.

Sterling Season Autographs

SSA-1 Ryan Braun

SSA-2 Yogi Berra

SSA-3 Bob Gibson

SSA-4 Carlos Beltran

SSA-5 Tim Lincecum

SSA-6 Mark Teixeira

SSA-7 Ernie Banks

SSA-8 Mike Schmidt

SSA-9 Don Mattingly

SSA-10 Cal Ripken Jr.

SSA-11 Robin Yount

SSA-12 Ryne Sandberg

SSA-13 David Ortiz

SSA-14 Vladimir Guerrero

SSA-15 Manny Ramirez

SSA-16 Chipper Jones

SSA-17 Johnny Damon

SSA-18 Dale Murphy

SSA-19 Carl Yastrzemski

SSA-20 Ozzie Smith

SSA-21 David Price

SSA-22 Ryan Howard

SSA-23 Paul Molitor

SSA-24 Frank Robinson

SSA-25 Eddie Murray

SSA-26 Albert Pujols

SSA-27 Frank Thomas

SSA-28 Steve Garvey

SSA-29 Tom Seaver

SSA-30 Lance Berkman

SSA-31 Tony Gwynn

SSA-32 Nolan Ryan

SSA-33 Whitey Ford

SSA-34 CC Sabathia

SSA-35 David Wright

SSA-36 Stan Musial

SSA-37 Al Kaline

SSA-38 Alex Rodriguez

Jumbo Swatch Autographs

SJSA-1 Albert Pujols

SJSA-2 Nolan Ryan

SJSA-3 Chipper Jones

SJSA-4 Mike Schmidt

SJSA-5 Tom Seaver

SJSA-6 Tim Lincecum

SJSA-7 David Wright

SJSA-8 David Ortiz

SJSA-9 Mark Teixeira

SJSA-10 Carl Yastrzemski

SJSA-11 Cal Ripken Jr.

SJSA-12 Ryan Braun

SJSA-13 Ryan Howard

SJSA-14 CC Sabathia

SJSA-15 Stan Musial

SJSA-16 Manny Ramirez

SJSA-17 Bob Gibson

SJSA-18 Vladimir Guerrero

SJSA-19 Alex Rodriguez

Sterling Cut Signatures

SCS-1 Babe Ruth

SCS-2 Roger Maris

SCS-3 Ty Cobb

SCS-4 Rogers Hornsby

SCS-5 Roy Campanella

SCS-6 Honus Wagner

SCS-7 Mickey Mantle

SCS-8 George Sisler

SCS-9 Tris Speaker

SCS-10 Mel Ott

SCS-11 Eddie Mathews

SCS-12 Warren Spahn

SCS-13 Johnny Mize

SCS-14 Lou Gehrig

SCS-15 Hank Greenberg

SCS-16 Thurman Munson

SCS-17 Jackie Robinson

SCS-18 Jimmie Foxx

SCS-19 Willie Stargell

SCS-20 Dizzy Dean

Sterling Bat Barrel Autographs

SBBA-1 Albert Pujols

SBBA-2 Alex Rodriguez

SBBA-3 Alfonso Soriano

SBBA-4 Carlos Beltran

SBBA-5 Chipper Jones

SBBA-6 David Ortiz

SBBA-7 David Wright

SBBA-8 Ivan Rodriguez

SBBA-9 Justin Morneau

SBBA-10 Manny Ramirez

SBBA-11 Miguel Cabrera

SBBA-12 Miguel Tejada

SBBA-13 Prince Fielder

SBBA-14 Robinson Cano

SBBA-15 Ryan Howard

SBBA-16 Vladimir Guerrero

SBBA-17 Jim Thome

SBBA-18 Gary Sheffield

SBBA-19 Victor Martinez

SBBA-20 Johnny Damon

3-Piece Career Chronicles Relics

3CCR-1 Babe Ruth

3CCR-2 Babe Ruth

3CCR-3 Babe Ruth

3CCR-4 Ichiro

3CCR-5 Ichiro

3CCR-6 Ichiro

3CCR-7 Jackie Robinson

3CCR-8 Jackie Robinson

3CCR-9 Jackie Robinson

3CCR-10 Cal Ripken Jr.

3CCR-11 Cal Ripken Jr.

3CCR-12 Cal Ripken Jr.

3CCR-13 David Ortiz

3CCR-14 David Ortiz

3CCR-15 David Ortiz

3CCR-16 Vladimir Guerrero

3CCR-17 Vladimir Guerrero

3CCR-18 Vladimir Guerrero

3CCR-19 Reggie Jackson

3CCR-20 Reggie Jackson

3CCR-21 Reggie Jackson

3CCR-22 Prince Fielder

3CCR-23 Prince Fielder

3CCR-24 Chase Utley

3CCR-25 Chase Utley

3CCR-26 Francisco Rodriguez

3CCR-27 Francisco Rodriguez

3CCR-28 Lou Brock

3CCR-29 Lou Brock

3CCR-30 Carl Yastrzemski

3CCR-31 Carl Yastrzemski

3CCR-32 Carl Yastrzemski

3CCR-33 Jimmie Foxx

3CCR-34 Jimmie Foxx

3CCR-35 Eddie Mathews

3CCR-36 Eddie Mathews

3CCR-37 Yogi Berra

3CCR-38 Yogi Berra

3CCR-39 Yogi Berra

3CCR-40 Mike Schmidt

3CCR-41 Mike Schmidt

3CCR-42 Mike Schmidt

3CCR-43 Tim Lincecum

3CCR-44 Tim Lincecum

3CCR-45 Tim Lincecum

3CCR-46 Mark Teixeira

3CCR-47 Mark Teixeira

3CCR-48 Ernie Banks

3CCR-49 Ernie Banks

3CCR-50 Ernie Banks

3CCR-51 Joe Morgan

3CCR-52 Joe Morgan

3CCR-53 Al Kaline

3CCR-54 Al Kaline

3CCR-55 Carlos Beltran

3CCR-56 Carlos Beltran

3CCR-57 Mel Ott

3CCR-58 Mel Ott

3CCR-59 Mel Ott

3CCR-60 Mickey Mantle

3CCR-61 Mickey Mantle

3CCR-62 Mickey Mantle

3CCR-63 Albert Pujols

3CCR-64 Albert Pujols

3CCR-65 Albert Pujols

3CCR-66 Chipper Jones

3CCR-67 Chipper Jones

3CCR-68 Daisuke Matsuzaka

3CCR-69 Daisuke Matsuzaka

3CCR-70 Daisuke Matsuzaka

3CCR-71 Carlos Delgado

3CCR-72 Carlos Delgado

3CCR-73 Joba Chamberlain

3CCR-74 Joba Chamberlain

3CCR-75 Joba Chamberlain

3CCR-76 Dennis Eckersley

3CCR-77 Dennis Eckersley

3CCR-78 Luis Aparicio

3CCR-79 Luis Aparicio

3CCR-80 CC Sabathia

3CCR-81 CC Sabathia

3CCR-82 Evan Longoria

3CCR-83 Evan Longoria

3CCR-84 Honus Wagner

3CCR-85 Honus Wagner

3CCR-86 Honus Wagner

3CCR-87 Ryan Howard

3CCR-88 Ryan Howard

3CCR-89 Ryan Howard

3CCR-90 Mariano Rivera

3CCR-91 Mariano Rivera

3CCR-92 Mariano Rivera

3CCR-93 Ty Cobb

3CCR-94 Ty Cobb

3CCR-95 Ty Cobb

3CCR-96 Nolan Ryan

3CCR-97 Nolan Ryan

3CCR-98 Nolan Ryan

3CCR-99 Lou Gehrig

3CCR-100 Lou Gehrig

3CCR-101 Lou Gehrig

3CCR-102 Dale Murphy

3CCR-103 Dale Murphy

3CCR-104 Dale Murphy

3CCR-105 Eddie Murray

3CCR-106 Eddie Murray

3CCR-107 Don Mattingly

3CCR-108 Don Mattingly

3CCR-109 Don Mattingly

3CCR-110 Johnny Bench

3CCR-111 Johnny Bench

3CCR-112 Johnny Bench

3CCR-113 Joe Mauer

3CCR-114 Joe Mauer

3CCR-115 Dave Winfield

3CCR-116 Dave Winfield

3CCR-117 David Wright

3CCR-118 David Wright

3CCR-119 Carlton Fisk

3CCR-120 Carlton Fisk

3CCR-121 Frank Robinson

3CCR-122 Frank Robinson

3CCR-123 Frank Robinson

3CCR-124 Johan Santana

3CCR-125 Johan Santana

3CCR-126 Duke Snider

3CCR-127 Duke Snider

3CCR-128 Bob Gibson

3CCR-129 Bob Gibson

3CCR-130 Bob Gibson

3CCR-131 Tom Seaver

3CCR-132 Tom Seaver

3CCR-133 Tom Seaver

3CCR-134 Warren Spahn

3CCR-135 Warren Spahn

3CCR-136 Paul Molitor

3CCR-137 Paul Molitor

3CCR-138 Orlando Cepeda

3CCR-139 Orlando Cepeda

3CCR-140 Roger Maris

3CCR-141 Roger Maris

3CCR-142 Roger Maris

3CCR-143 Tris Speaker

3CCR-144 Tris Speaker

3CCR-145 Tris Speaker

3CCR-146 Manny Ramirez

3CCR-147 Manny Ramirez

3CCR-148 Manny Ramirez

3CCR-149 Hank Greenberg

3CCR-150 Hank Greenberg

3CCR-151 Rogers Hornsby

3CCR-152 Rogers Hornsby

3CCR-153 Rogers Hornsby

3CCR-154 Tony Gwynn

3CCR-155 Tony Gwynn

3CCR-156 Ozzie Smith

3CCR-157 Ozzie Smith

3CCR-158 Ozzie Smith

3CCR-159 Stan Musial

3CCR-160 Stan Musial

3CCR-161 Stan Musial

3CCR-162 George Sisler

3CCR-163 George Sisler

3CCR-164 George Sisler

3CCR-165 Roy Campanella

3CCR-166 Roy Campanella

3CCR-167 Roy Campanella

3CCR-168 Jim Palmer

3CCR-169 Jim Palmer

3CCR-170 Ryan Braun

3CCR-171 Ryan Braun

3CCR-172 Johnny Mize

3CCR-173 Johnny Mize

3CCR-174 Ryne Sandberg

3CCR-175 Ryne Sandberg

3CCR-176 Ryne Sandberg

3CCR-177 Robin Yount

3CCR-178 Robin Yount

3CCR-179 Juan Marichal

3CCR-180 Juan Marichal

3CCR-181 Alex Rodriguez

3CCR-182 Alex Rodriguez

3CCR-183 Alex Rodriguez

4-Piece Career Chronicles Relics

4CCR-1 Babe Ruth

4CCR-2 Ichiro

4CCR-3 Ichiro

4CCR-4 Jackie Robinson

4CCR-5 Jackie Robinson

4CCR-6 Cal Ripken Jr.

4CCR-7 Cal Ripken Jr.

4CCR-8 David Ortiz

4CCR-9 David Ortiz

4CCR-10 Vladimir Guerrero

4CCR-11 Vladimir Guerrero

4CCR-12 Reggie Jackson

4CCR-13 Reggie Jackson

4CCR-14 Prince Fielder

4CCR-15 Prince Fielder

4CCR-16 Chase Utley

4CCR-17 Chase Utley

4CCR-18 Francisco Rodriguez

4CCR-19 Francisco Rodriguez

4CCR-20 Lou Brock

4CCR-21 Lou Brock

4CCR-22 Carl Yastrzemski

4CCR-23 Carl Yastrzemski

4CCR-24 Jimmie Foxx

4CCR-25 Jimmie Foxx

4CCR-26 Eddie Mathews

4CCR-27 Eddie Mathews

4CCR-28 Yogi Berra

4CCR-29 Yogi Berra

4CCR-30 Mike Schmidt

4CCR-31 Mike Schmidt

4CCR-32 Tim Lincecum

4CCR-33 Tim Lincecum

4CCR-34 Mark Teixeira

4CCR-35 Mark Teixeira

4CCR-36 Ernie Banks

4CCR-37 Ernie Banks

4CCR-38 Joe Morgan

4CCR-39 Joe Morgan

4CCR-40 Al Kaline

4CCR-41 Al Kaline

4CCR-42 Carlos Beltran

4CCR-43 Carlos Beltran

4CCR-44 Mel Ott

4CCR-45 Mickey Mantle

4CCR-46 Mickey Mantle

4CCR-47 Albert Pujols

4CCR-48 Albert Pujols

4CCR-49 Chipper Jones

4CCR-50 Chipper Jones

4CCR-51 Daisuke Matsuzaka

4CCR-52 Daisuke Matsuzaka

4CCR-53 Carlos Delgado

4CCR-54 Carlos Delgado

4CCR-55 Joba Chamberlain

4CCR-56 Joba Chamberlain

4CCR-57 Dennis Eckersley

4CCR-58 Dennis Eckersley

4CCR-59 Luis Aparicio

4CCR-60 Luis Aparicio

4CCR-61 CC Sabathia

4CCR-62 CC Sabathia

4CCR-63 Evan Longoria

4CCR-64 Evan Longoria

4CCR-65 Honus Wagner

4CCR-66 Ryan Howard

4CCR-67 Ryan Howard

4CCR-68 Mariano Rivera

4CCR-69 Mariano Rivera

4CCR-70 Ty Cobb

4CCR-71 Nolan Ryan

4CCR-72 Nolan Ryan

4CCR-73 Lou Gehrig

4CCR-74 Dale Murphy

4CCR-75 Dale Murphy

4CCR-76 Eddie Murray

4CCR-77 Eddie Murray

4CCR-78 Don Mattingly

4CCR-79 Don Mattingly

4CCR-80 Johnny Bench

4CCR-81 Johnny Bench

4CCR-82 Joe Mauer

4CCR-83 Joe Mauer

4CCR-84 Dave Winfield

4CCR-85 Dave Winfield

4CCR-86 David Wright

4CCR-87 David Wright

4CCR-88 Carlton Fisk

4CCR-89 Carlton Fisk

4CCR-90 Frank Robinson

4CCR-91 Frank Robinson

4CCR-92 Johan Santana

4CCR-93 Johan Santana

4CCR-94 Duke Snider

4CCR-95 Duke Snider

4CCR-96 Bob Gibson

4CCR-97 Bob Gibson

4CCR-98 Tom Seaver

4CCR-99 Tom Seaver

4CCR-100 Warren Spahn

4CCR-101 Warren Spahn

4CCR-102 Paul Molitor

4CCR-103 Paul Molitor

4CCR-104 Orlando Cepeda

4CCR-105 Orlando Cepeda

4CCR-106 Roger Maris

4CCR-107 Roger Maris

4CCR-108 Tris Speaker

4CCR-109 Manny Ramirez

4CCR-110 Manny Ramirez

4CCR-111 Hank Greenberg

4CCR-112 Hank Greenberg

4CCR-113 Rogers Hornsby

4CCR-114 Tony Gwynn

4CCR-115 Tony Gwynn

4CCR-116 Ozzie Smith

4CCR-117 Ozzie Smith

4CCR-118 Stan Musial

4CCR-119 Stan Musial

4CCR-120 George Sisler

4CCR-121 Roy Campanella

4CCR-122 Roy Campanella

4CCR-123 Jim Palmer

4CCR-124 Jim Palmer

4CCR-125 Ryan Braun

4CCR-126 Ryan Braun

4CCR-127 Johnny Mize

4CCR-128 Johnny Mize

4CCR-129 Ryne Sandberg

4CCR-130 Ryne Sandberg

4CCR-131 Robin Yount

4CCR-132 Robin Yount

4CCR-133 Juan Marichal

4CCR-134 Juan Marichal

4CCR-135 Alex Rodriguez

4CCR-136 Alex Rodriguez

5-Piece Career Chronicles Relics

5CCR-1 Babe Ruth

5CCR-2 Ichiro

5CCR-3 Jackie Robinson

5CCR-4 Cal Ripken Jr.

5CCR-5 David Ortiz

5CCR-6 Vladimir Guerrero

5CCR-7 Reggie Jackson

5CCR-8 Prince Fielder

5CCR-9 Chase Utley

5CCR-10 Francisco Rodriguez

5CCR-11 Carl Yastrzemski

5CCR-12 Jimmie Foxx

5CCR-13 Eddie Mathews

5CCR-14 Yogi Berra

5CCR-15 Mike Schmidt

5CCR-16 Tim Lincecum

5CCR-17 Mark Teixeira

5CCR-18 Ernie Banks

5CCR-19 Al Kaline

5CCR-20 Carlos Beltran

5CCR-21 Mel Ott

5CCR-22 Mickey Mantle

5CCR-23 Albert Pujols

5CCR-24 Chipper Jones

5CCR-25 Daisuke Matsuzaka

5CCR-26 Carlos Delgado

5CCR-27 Joba Chamberlain

5CCR-28 Dennis Eckersley

5CCR-29 Luis Aparicio

5CCR-30 CC Sabathia

5CCR-31 Evan Longoria

5CCR-32 Honus Wagner

5CCR-33 Ryan Howard

5CCR-34 Mariano Rivera

5CCR-35 Ty Cobb

5CCR-36 Nolan Ryan

5CCR-37 Lou Gehrig

5CCR-38 Dale Murphy

5CCR-39 Eddie Murray

5CCR-40 Don Mattingly

5CCR-41 Johnny Bench

5CCR-42 Joe Mauer

5CCR-43 Dave Winfield

5CCR-44 David Wright

5CCR-45 Carlton Fisk

5CCR-46 Frank Robinson

5CCR-47 Johan Santana

5CCR-48 Duke Snider

5CCR-49 Bob Gibson

5CCR-50 Tom Seaver

5CCR-51 Warren Spahn

5CCR-52 Paul Molitor

5CCR-53 Orlando Cepeda

5CCR-54 Roger Maris

5CCR-55 Tris Speaker

5CCR-56 Manny Ramirez

5CCR-57 Hank Greenberg

5CCR-58 Rogers Hornsby

5CCR-59 Tony Gwynn

5CCR-60 Ozzie Smith

5CCR-61 Stan Musial

5CCR-62 George Sisler

5CCR-63 Roy Campanella

5CCR-64 Jim Palmer

5CCR-65 Ryan Braun

5CCR-66 Johnny Mize

5CCR-67 Ryne Sandberg

5CCR-68 Robin Yount

5CCR-69 Juan Marichal

5CCR-70 Alex Rodriguez

Sterling Moments Relics

SMR-1 Ernie Banks

SMR-2 Jackie Robinson

SMR-3 Lou Gehrig

SMR-4 Roy Campanella

SMR-5 Ty Cobb

SMR-6 Thurman Munson

SMR-7 Rogers Hornsby

SMR-8 Ichiro

SMR-9 Jimmie Foxx

SMR-10 Babe Ruth

SMR-11 George Sisler

SMR-12 Honus Wagner

SMR-13 Tris Speaker

SMR-14 Johnny Mize

SMR-15 Mickey Mantle

Sterling Pairs Relics

SPR-1 Babe Ruth/Lou Gehrig

SPR-2 Mickey Mantle/Roger Maris

SPR-3 Ty Cobb/Honus Wagner

SPR-4 Jackie Robinson/Roy Campanella

SPR-5 Albert Pujols/Stan Musial

SPR-6 George Sisler/Ichiro

SPR-7 Lou Gehrig/Cal Ripken Jr.

SPR-8 Yogi Berra/Thurman Munson

Sterling Season Relics

SSR-1 Babe Ruth

SSR-2 Mickey Mantle

SSR-3 Albert Pujols

SSR-4 Lou Gehrig

SSR-5 Jackie Robinson

SSR-6 Honus Wagner

SSR-7 Jimmie Foxx

SSR-8 Thurman Munson

SSR-9 George Sisler

SSR-10 Ichiro

SSR-11 Tris Speaker

SSR-12 Roger Maris

SSR-13 Rogers Hornsby

SSR-14 Cal Ripken Jr.

SSR-15 Ty Cobb

Sterling Spectators Relics

SSPR-1 John F. Kennedy

SSPR-2 Robert F. Kennedy

SSPR-3 Edward M. Kennedy

SSPR-4 George W. Bush

SSPR-5 Franklin D. Roosevelt

Sterling Jumbo Swatch Relics

SJSR-1 Mariano Rivera

SJSR-2 Ernie Banks

SJSR-3 Jackie Robinson

SJSR-4 Ichiro

SJSR-5 Carl Yastrzemski

SJSR-6 Mickey Mantle

SJSR-7 Cal Ripken Jr.

SJSR-8 Thurman Munson

SJSR-9 Reggie Jackson

SJSR-10 Daisuke Matsuzaka

Sterling Bat Barrel Relics

SBBR-1 Chase Utley

SBBR-2 Grady Sizemore

SBBR-3 Ichiro

SBBR-4 Mark Teixeira

SBBR-5 Todd Helton

SBBR-6 Victor Martinez

SBBR-7 Hanley Ramirez

SBBR-8 Nick Markakis

SBBR-9 Alex Rodriguez

SBBR-10 David Ortiz

SBBR-11 David Wright

SBBR-12 Manny Ramirez