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2008 SP Authentic

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2008 SP Authentic hobby box


2008 SP Authentic is a 188-card set released by Upper Deck October 13, 2008. Each 24-pack Hobby box yields three autographs. The last 88 cards in the set make up an autographed rookie subset.

For the first time, Upper Deck released a version of SP Authentic to retail outlets. Known simply as "2008 SP," each 24-pack box will yield only one autograph.


SP Authentic: 24 packs per box, five cards per pack (MSRP: $4.99). Hobby only

SP: 24 packs per box, five cards per pack (MSRP: $2.99). Retail only


Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To SP Authentic Odds SP Odds
Base 191 - ? ?
short set 100 - 3:1 3:1
Rookie Autographs 88 varies * **
Gold 188 50 ? ?
Authentic Achievements 50 - 1:2 ?
Marquee Matchups 50 - 1:2 ?
Rookie Exclusives 61 - N/A ?
Presidential Predictors 2 - ? ?
By The Letter Signatures 58 - * ?
Rookie Exclusives Autographs 60 - N/A ?
Chirography Dual Signatures 15 varies * ?
Chirography Triple Signatures 10 varies * ?
Chirography Quad Signatures 5 varies * ?
Sign of the Times Dual Signatures 15 varies * ?
Sign of the Times Triple Signatures 10 varies * ?
Sign of the Times Quad Signatures 2 - ? ?
USA National Team By the Letter Autographs 19 varies * ?
USA 18U Jr. Team Jersey Autographs 18 120 * ?
USA 18U Jr. Team Jersey Patch Auto Gold 18 50 * ?

* Stated odds of finding an autograph in an SP Authentic pack: 1:8. ** Stated odds of finding an autograph in an SP pack: 1:24.


Base Set

1 Ken Griffey, Jr.

2 Derek Jeter

3 Albert Pujols

4 Ichiro

5 Daisuke Matsuzaka

6 Vladimir Guerrero

7 Magglio Ordonez

8 Eric Chavez

9 Randy Johnson

10 Ryan Braun

11 Phil Hughes

12 Joba Chamberlain

13 B.J. Upton

14 Frank Thomas

15 Greg Maddux

16 Delmon Young

17 Carlos Beltran

18 Derrek Lee

19 Aramis Ramirez

20 Miguel Tejada

21 Manny Ramirez

22 Justin Upton

23 Miguel Cabrera

24 Prince Fielder

25 Adam Dunn

26 Jose Reyes

27 Chase Utley

28 Jimmy Rollins

29 Joe Blanton

30 Mark Teixeira

31 Brian McCann

32 Russell Martin

33 Ian Kinsler

34 Travis Hafner

35 Victor Martinez

36 Grady Sizemore

37 Alex Rodriguez

38 David Wright

39 Ryan Howard

40 Carlos Lee

41 Lance Berkman

42 Hunter Pence

43 John Lackey

44 CC Sabathia

45 Michael Young

46 Carl Crawford

47 Carlos Pena

48 Justin Verlander

49 Cole Hamels

50 Carlos Zambrano

51 Jake Peavy

52 Khalil Greene

53 Chris Young

54 Vernon Wells

55 Alex Rios

56 Roy Halladay

57 Roy Oswalt

58 Ben Sheets

59 J.J. Hardy

60 Pedro Martinez

61 Nick Swisher

62 Curtis Granderson

63 Johnny Damon

64 Mariano Rivera

65 Josh Beckett

66 Erik Bedard

67 Johan Santana

68 Joe Mauer

69 Justin Morneau

70 Torii Hunter

71 Alex Gordon

72 Jose Guillen

73 Jim Thome

74 Paul Konerko

75 Josh Hamilton

76 Hanley Ramirez

77 Dontrelle Willis

78 Dan Uggla

79 Brandon Phillips

80 Rick Ankiel

81 Nick Markakis

82 Ryan Zimmerman

83 Brian Roberts

84 Lastings Milledge

85 Freddy Sanchez

86 Barry Zito

87 Matt Cain

88 Andruw Jones

89 Dan Haren

90 Chien-Ming Wang

91 Jonathan Papelbon

92 Felix Hernandez

93 David Ortiz

94 Jason Bay

95 Matt Holliday

96 Troy Tulowitzki

97 Hideki Matsui

98 Jeff Francoeur

99 Alfonso Soriano

100 Curt Schilling

Rookie Autographs

Each card is serial-numbered to the production figures listed below. Please note that all exchange cards expired September 18th, 2010.

NOTE: Cards #113 (Clayton Kershaw), #124 (Carlos Gonzalez), and #147 (Max Scherzer) all packed out as exchange cards that were never fulfilled by Upper Deck. It is believed that Upper Deck never got around to fulfilling these redemptions before losing their MLB Properties license in 2010.

101 Alex Romero AU JSY (RC) 799

102 Matt Tolbert JSY RC 699

103 Bobbby Wilson AU RC 699

104 Brent Lillibridge AU (RC) 599

105 Brian Barton AU RC 698

106 Brian Bass AU JSY (RC) 799

107 Brian Bixler AU (RC) 698

108 Brian Bocock AU RC 599

109 Burke Badenhop AU RC 797

110 Chin-Lung Hu AU (RC) 999

111 Chris Perez AU RC 699

112 Clay Buchholz AU JSY (RC) 999

113 Clayton Kershaw EXCH (Not produced) 699

114 Colt Morton AU RC 574

115 Daric Barton AU (RC) 799

116 Darren O'Day AU RC 798

117 David Purcey AU (RC) 599

118 Denard Span AU (RC) EXCH 299

119 Elliot Johnson AU (RC) 798

120 Emmanuel Burriss AU RC EXCH 299

121 Evan Longoria AU JSY RC 499

122 Evan Meek AU JSY RC 649

123 Felipe Paulino AU JSY RC 799

124 Carlos Gonzalez EXCH (Not produced) 599

125 German Duran AU RC 699

126 Greg Reynolds AU RC 149

127 Greg Smith AU JSY RC 799

128 Harvey Garcia AU JSY (RC) 799

129 Hernan Iribarren AU JSY (RC) 799

130 Ian Kennedy AU JSY RC 669

131 J.R. Towles AU JSY RC 499

132 Jay Bruce AU JSY (RC) 549

133 Jayson Nix AU JSY (RC) EXCH 299

134 Jed Lowrie AU (RC) 499

135 Jeff Clement AU (RC) 399

136 Jonathan Herrera AU RC 699

137 Joey Votto AU JSY (RC) 999

138 Johnny Cueto AU JSY RC 999

139 Jonathan Albaladejo AU JSY RC 799

140 Justin Masterson AU RC 699

141 Justin Ruggiano AU RC 149

142 Kevin Hart AU JSY (RC) 749

143 Kosuke Fukudome JSY RC 799

144 Luis Mendoza AU JSY (RC) 299

145 Luke Carlin AU RC 699

146 Luke Hochevar AU RC 799

147 Max Scherzer EXCH (Not produced) 799

148 Micah Hoffpauir AU RC 699

149 Mike Parisi AU RC 699

150 Nick Adenhart AU (RC) 599

151 Nick Blackburn AU JSY RC 799

152 Nyjer Morgan AU JSY (RC) 999

153 Ramon Troncoso AU JSY RC 399

154 Randor Bierd AU JSY RC 799

155 Rich Thompson AU RC 399

156 Rico Washington AU JSY (RC) 799

157 Ross Ohlendorf AU JSY RC 999

158 Steve Holm AU JSY RC 999

159 Wesley Wright AU JSY RC 849

160 Wladimir Balentien AU (RC) 599

161 Alex Hinshaw AU RC EXCH 699

162 Bobby Korecky AU RC 999

163 Brad Harman AU RC 999

164 Brandon Boggs AU (RC) 999

165 Callix Crabbe AU (RC) 325

166 Clay Timpner AU (RC) 849

167 Clete Thomas AU RC 849

168 Cory Wade AU (RC) 999

169 Doug Mathis AU RC 999

170 Eider Torres AU (RC) 999

171 Gregorio Petit AU RC 999

172 Michael Aubrey AU RC EXCH 699

173 Jesse Carlson AU RC 999

174 Billy Buckner AU (RC) 999

175 Josh Newman AU RC 699

176 Matt Tupman AU RC 999

177 Matt Joyce AU RC 999

178 Paul Janish AU (RC) 999

179 Robinzon Diaz AU (RC) 999

180 Fernando Hernandez AU RC 999

181 Brandon Jones AU RC 499

182 Eddie Bonine AU RC 899

183 Chris Smith AU (RC) 385

184 Jonathan Van Every AU RC 999

185 Marino Salas AU RC 999

186 Mike Aviles AU RC 899

187 Mitchell Boggs AU (RC) EXCH 699

188 Chris Carter AU (RC) EXCH 699

189 Travis Denker AU RC EXCH 699

190 Carlos Rosa AU RC 699

191 Evan Longoria AU (RC) 350


All 188 base cards EXCEPT #137 are available in a Gold parallel, which is serial-numbered to 50 copies. The Gold card of #137 is serial-numbered to 10.


Authentic Achievements

AA-1 Derek Jeter

AA-2 Ken Griffey, Jr.

AA-3 Randy Johnson

AA-4 Frank Thomas

AA-5 Tom Glavine

AA-6 Matt Holliday

AA-7 Justin Verlander

AA-8 Manny Ramirez

AA-9 Scott Rolen

AA-10 Brandon Webb

AA-11 Erik Bedard

AA-12 Daisuke Matsuzaka

AA-13 Johan Santana

AA-14 Carlos Lee

AA-15 Alfonso Soriano

AA-16 Grady Sizemore

AA-17 Jose Reyes

AA-18 Chase Utley

AA-19 Roy Oswalt

AA-20 David Ortiz

AA-21 Jake Peavy

AA-22 Hanley Ramirez

AA-23 Alex Rodriguez

AA-24 Ryan Howard

AA-25 David Wright

AA-26 Trevor Hoffman

AA-27 Prince Fielder

AA-28 Ichiro

AA-29 Jimmy Rollins

AA-30 Mariano Rivera

AA-31 Pedro Martinez

AA-32 Torii Hunter

AA-33 Ivan Rodriguez

AA-34 Jim Thome

AA-35 Chipper Jones

AA-36 John Smoltz

AA-37 Jeff Kent

AA-38 Albert Pujols

AA-39 Lance Berkman

AA-40 Justin Morneau

AA-41 Andruw Jones

AA-42 Adam Dunn

AA-43 Greg Maddux

AA-44 Billy Wagner

AA-45 Vladimir Guerrero

AA-46 CC Sabathia

AA-47 Mark Teixeira

AA-48 Mark Buehrle

AA-49 Miguel Cabrera

AA-50 Josh Beckett

Marquee Matchups

MM-1 Curt Schilling

MM-1 Derek Jeter

MM-2 Derek Jeter

MM-2 Josh Beckett

MM-3 Albert Pujols

MM-3 Brad Lidge

MM-4 Alex Rodriguez

MM-4 Daisuke Matsuzaka

MM-5 John Smoltz

MM-5 Ken Griffey, Jr.

MM-6 John Smoltz

MM-6 David Wright

MM-7 Jonathan Papelbon

MM-7 Gary Sheffield

MM-8 Roy Oswalt

MM-8 Ryan Braun

MM-9 Mariano Rivera

MM-9 David Ortiz

MM-10 Albert Pujols

MM-10 Carlos Zambrano

MM-11 Dontrelle Willis

MM-11 Travis Hafner

MM-12 Victor Martinez

MM-12 Felix Hernandez

MM-13 Carlos Zambrano

MM-13 Carlos Lee

MM-14 Chien-Ming Wang

MM-14 Manny Ramirez

MM-15 Justin Morneau

MM-15 Felix Hernandez

MM-16 Francisco Rodriguez

MM-16 Ichiro

MM-17 Grady Sizemore

MM-17 Erik Bedard

MM-18 Justin Verlander

MM-18 Vladimir Guerrero

MM-19 Ichiro

MM-19 Daisuke Matsuzaka

MM-20 Chris Carpenter

MM-20 Alfonso Soriano

MM-21 Hanley Ramirez

MM-21 Pedro Martinez

MM-22 Randy Johnson

MM-22 Chase Utley

MM-23 Ken Griffey, Jr.

MM-23 Roy Oswalt

MM-24 Randy Johnson

MM-24 Ken Griffey, Jr.

MM-25 Johan Santana

MM-25 Jimmy Rollins

MM-26 Matt Cain

MM-26 Andruw Jones

MM-27 Ryan Howard

MM-27 Pedro Martinez

MM-28 Cole Hamels

MM-28 David Wright

MM-29 Chipper Jones

MM-29 Johan Santana

MM-30 Mark Teixeira

MM-30 Billy Wagner

MM-31 CC Sabathia

MM-31 Magglio Ordonez

MM-32 Jose Reyes

MM-32 Tom Glavine

MM-33 Jonathan Papelbon

MM-33 Derek Jeter

MM-34 Alex Rodriguez

MM-34 Johan Santana

MM-35 Jake Peavy

MM-35 Alfonso Soriano

MM-36 Johan Santana

MM-36 Ryan Howard

MM-37 Russell Martin

MM-37 Jake Peavy

MM-38 Carlos Zambrano

MM-38 Prince Fielder

MM-39 Carlos Beltran

MM-39 Cole Hamels

MM-40 Alex Rodriguez

MM-40 Josh Beckett

MM-41 Derek Jeter

MM-41 Roy Halladay

MM-42 Daisuke Matsuzaka

MM-42 Hideki Matsui

MM-43 Joe Mauer

MM-43 CC Sabathia

MM-44 Manny Ramirez

MM-44 Francisco Rodriguez

MM-45 Jered Weaver

MM-45 Miguel Cabrera

MM-46 Jake Peavy

MM-46 David Wright

MM-47 Greg Maddux

MM-47 Ken Griffey, Jr.

MM-48 John Smoltz

MM-48 Hanley Ramirez

MM-49 Alex Rodriguez

MM-49 Pedro Martinez

MM-50 Trevor Hoffman

MM-50 Matt Holliday

Presidential Predictors

PP-15 Sarah Palin

PP-16 Joseph Biden

Rookie Exclusives

This set is exclusive to the retail SP packs.

RE-AH Alex Hinshaw

RE-AR Alex Romero

RE-BA Brian Barton

RE-BB Brandon Boggs

RE-BH Brad Harman

RE-BI Brian Bixler

RE-BK Bobby Korecky

RE-BO Brian Bocock

RE-BR Brian Bass

RE-BU Burke Badenhop

RE-BW Bobby Wilson

RE-CB Clay Buchholz

RE-CC Callix Crabbe

RE-CM Colt Morton

RE-CT Clay Timpner

RE-CU Johnny Cueto

RE-CW Cory Wade

RE-DB Daric Barton

RE-DM Doug Mathis

RE-DS Denard Span

RE-EB Emmanuel Burriss

RE-EJ Elliot Johnson

RE-EM Evan Meek

RE-ET Eider Torres

RE-FH Fernando Hernandez

RE-FP Felipe Paulino

RE-GD German Duran

RE-GP Gregorio Petit

RE-GS Greg Smith

RE-HI Hernan Iribarren

RE-IK Ian Kennedy

RE-JA Jonathan Albaladejo

RE-JB Jay Bruce

RE-JC Jesse Carlson

RE-JH Jonathan Herrera

RE-JL Jed Lowrie

RE-JN Jayson Nix

RE-JT J.R. Towles

RE-KH Kevin Hart

RE-LC Luke Carlin

RE-LM Luis Mendoza

RE-MA Matt Tolbert

RE-MH Micah Hoffpauir

RE-MJ Matt Joyce

RE-MP Mike Parisi

RE-MT Matt Tupman

RE-NA Nick Adenhart

RE-NB Nick Blackburn

RE-NE Josh Newman

RE-NM Nyjer Morgan

RE-RB Randor Bierd

RE-RD Robinzon Diaz

RE-RI Rich Thompson

RE-RO Ross Ohlendorf

RE-RT Ramon Troncoso

RE-RW Rico Washington

RE-SH Steve Holm

RE-TH Clete Thomas

RE-WB Wladimir Balentien

RE-WW Wesley Wright

Autographs & Game-Used

By The Letter Veterans Autographs

BL-AD Adam Dunn 140

BL-AG Adrian Gonzalez 110

BL-AS Alfonso Soriano 90

BL-BH Bill Hall 1570

BL-BP Brandon Phillips 1259

BL-BW Billy Wagner 125

BL-CB Chad Billingsley 1306

BL-CJ Chipper Jones 100

BL-CL Carlos Lee 160

BL-CW Chien-Ming Wang 80

BL-DA David Murphy 1837

BL-DJ Derek Jeter 240

BL-DM Daisuke Matsuzaka 125

BL-EE Edwin Encarnacion 1570

BL-FC Fausto Carmona 844

BL-GA Garrett Atkins 588

BL-GJ Geoff Jenkins 1200

BL-GS Grady Sizemore 240

BL-JB Joe Blanton 580

BL-JE Jeff Francoeur 275

BL-JF Jeff Francis 335

BL-JG Jeremy Guthrie 985

BL-JL James Loney 1275

BL-JN Joe Nathan 365

BL-JO John Lackey 187

BL-JP Jonathan Papelbon 550

BL-JS Jon Lester 235

BL-JT Jim Thome 35

BL-KE Kevin Youkilis 365

BL-KG Ken Griffey, Jr. 275

BL-KJ Kelly Johnson 1399

BL-LB Lance Berkman 165

BL-ME Mark Ellis 995

BL-MG Matt Garza 235

BL-MK Matt Kemp 1369

BL-MM Melvin Mora 490

BL-NL Noah Lowry 1440

BL-NS Nick Swisher 1150

BL-PF Prince Fielder 245

BL-PH Phil Hughes 385

BL-PK Paul Konerko 175

BL-RH Rich Hill 220

BL-RM Russell Martin 265

BL-RO Roy Halladay 160

BL-SB Scott Baker 1248

BL-TG Tom Gorzelanny 1082

BL-TT Troy Tulowitzki 252

Rookie Exclusive Autographs

This set is an autographed parallel of the retail-only Rookie Exclusives set. See above for checklist.



CD-GB Tom Gorzelanny 96

CD-GB Chad Billingsley 96

CD-GJ Derek Jeter 25

CD-GJ Ken Griffey, Jr. 25

CD-HK Ian Kennedy 99

CD-HK Phil Hughes 99

CD-KW Ian Kennedy 15

CD-KW Chien-Ming Wang 15

CD-MK Nick Markakis 99

CD-MK Matt Kemp 99

CD-PE Edwin Encarnacion 99

CD-PE Brandon Phillips 99

CD-WJ Derek Jeter 15

CD-WJ Chien-Ming Wang 15


CT-HHM Cole Hamels 25

CT-HHM Felix Hernandez 25

CT-HHM John Maine 25


CQ-GPED Edwin Encarnacion 10

CQ-GPED Brandon Phillips 10

CQ-GPED Adam Dunn 10

CQ-GPED Ken Griffey, Jr. 10

CQ-HBLK James Loney 15

CQ-HBLK Chad Billingsley 15

CQ-HBLK Chin-Lung Hu 15

CQ-HBLK Matt Kemp 15

Sign of the Times


ST2-BB Chad Billingsley 99

ST2-BB Clay Buchholz 99

ST2-DC Chien-Ming Wang 10

ST2-DC Daisuke Matsuzaka 10

ST2-HL Jon Lester 25

ST2-HL Phil Hughes 25

ST2-JH Phil Hughes 25

ST2-JH Derek Jeter 25

ST2-JT Derek Jeter 25

ST2-JT Troy Tulowitzki 25

ST2-NW Billy Wagner 74

ST2-NW Joe Nathan 74

ST2-PW Felix Pie 99

ST2-PW Josh Willingham 99



ST4-CBGB Fausto Carmona 10

ST4-CBGB Joe Blanton 10

ST4-CBGB Chad Billingsley 10

ST4-CBGB Tom Gorzelanny 10

ST4-JWKH Phil Hughes 10

ST4-JWKH Derek Jeter 10

ST4-JWKH Chien-Ming Wang 10

ST4-JWKH Ian Kennedy 10

USA 18U Jr. Team Jersey Autographs

Each card is serial-numbered to 120 copies, with a Patch parallel (numbered to 50) also available.

JTA-AA Andrew Aplin

JTA-AM Austin Maddox

JTA-CC Colton Cain

JTA-CG Cameron Garfield

JTA-CT Cecil Tanner

JTA-DN David Nick

JTA-DT Donavan Tate

JTA-FR Nick Franklin

JTA-HM Harold Martinez

JTA-JB Jake Barrett

JTA-MA Jeff Malm

JTA-ME Jonathan Meyer

JTA-MP Matthew Purke

JTA-MS Max Stassi

JTA-NF Nolan Fontana

JTA-RW Ryan Weber

JTA-TU Jacob Turner

JTA-WH Wes Hatton

USA National Team By the Letter Autographs

NTA-AG A.J. Griffin 105

NTA-AO Andrew Oliver 105

NTA-BS Blake Smith 105

NTA-CC Christian Colon 105

NTA-CH Chris Hernandez 180

NTA-DD Derek Dietrich 105

NTA-HM Hunter Morris 106

NTA-KD Kentrail Davis 103

NTA-KG Kyle Gibson 181

NTA-KR Kevin Rhoderick 171

NTA-KV Kendal Volz 105

NTA-MD Matt den Dekker 105

NTA-MG Micah GIbbs 180

NTA-ML Mike Leake 180

NTA-MM Mike Minor 105

NTA-RJ Ryan Jackson 104

NTA-SS Stephen Strasburg 105

NTA-TL Tyler Lyons 104