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2006 Topps Allen & Ginter

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2006 Topps Allen & Ginter is a 350-card set released July 26th, 2006. Considered by many to possibly be the best baseball product of 2006, and winner of Beckett Baseball's Product of the Year for 2006, packs of Topps' first Allen & Ginter set were gobbled up by collectors shortly after release. Prices soared above Topps' suggested retail price as the hits just kept coming. Part of the appeal of Allen & Ginter, was a strong lineup of major league players joined by superstar athletes from other sports -- all in keeping with the spirit of the original Allen & Ginter sets.

The autographs, parallels, and game-used inserts were all outstanding, but the real prize were the controversial Rip cards. The Rip cards, which contained another miniature-sized card embedded inside the main card, were seeded at the rate of one-per-case. In order to get the mini-card, collectors had to "Rip" open (thereby destroying) the Rip card. Inside the rip cards would be either an autographed mini, a special limited mini, a unique Dick Perez sketch or an original 1887 Allen and Ginter N28 card.

As of January 2008, hobby boxes are available for $180-$225.


24 packs per box, 7 cards per pack

Each waxbox should yield two of the following (on average): Framed Autographs, Framed Relics, Printing Plates, and/or Allen & Ginter Original cards. Each case will include an exclusive Rip Card which may contain a repurchased Allen & Ginter card.

Each Hobby Box is packed with an exclusive Box Loader which would yield either: an N-43, N-43 Relic, N-43 Autograph, Postcard, or personalized Autographed Postcard.


Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Hobby Odds Retail Odds
Base 350 - ? ?
short set 300 - ? ?
Short Prints 50 - 1:2 1:2
Mini short set 300 - 1:1.6 1:1.6
Mini SP 50 - 1:13 1:13
Mini Exclusives 25 - RC N/A
Mini A&G Back short set 300 - 1:5 1:5
Mini A&G Back SP 50 - 1:65 1:65
Mini Black short set 300 - 1:10 1:10
Mini Black SP 50 - 1:130 1:130
Mini No Card Number 350 50 1:60 1:168
Mini Bazooka 350 25 1:125 1:266
Mini Wood 350 one-of-one 1:3100 1:6800
Mini Printing Plates 375 four for each 1:865 1:865
Dick Perez 30 - one-per-pack one-per-pack
Dick Perez Originals 30 one-of-one RC N/A
Rip Cards 50 varies 1:265 N/A
N-43 15 - 1:2/boxes N/A
Postcards 15 - 1:2/boxes N/A
Relics 52 - varies varies
Autographs 51 - varies varies
Autographs Red Ink 2 10 RC N/A
N-43 Relics 2 50 1:379/boxes N/A
N-43 Autographs 2 10 1:1970/boxes N/A
Personalized Postcards 15 one-of-one 1:3100/boxes N/A



Alex Rodriguez Rip Card

Alex-Rodriguez.jpg?id=026f365d-1107-4c99-9c89-40a728cee792&size=original&side=front&.jpg Alex-Rodriguez.jpg?id=026f365d-1107-4c99-9c89-40a728cee792&size=original&side=back&.jpg Mickey-Mantle.jpg?id=d69278dc-0ca0-4593-96a8-82c739a142d9&size=original&side=front&.jpg Mickey-Mantle.jpg?id=d69278dc-0ca0-4593-96a8-82c739a142d9&size=original&side=back&.jpg

An Alex Rodriguez Rip Card (with a Mickey Mantle mini card embedded inside) was distributed to Hobby dealers to promote the upcoming 2006 Topps Allen & Ginter's set, and to explain the Rip Card concept.

Hawaii Trade Conference Promos

Mickey-Mantle.jpg?id=d0675a22-9db6-4312-86fa-5b239cb4d0f1&size=original&side=front&.jpg Mickey-Mantle.jpg?id=d0675a22-9db6-4312-86fa-5b239cb4d0f1&size=original&side=back&.jpg

This seven-card mini-sized set was distributed to attendees of the 2006 Hawaii Trade Conference to preview the upcoming Allen & Ginter set and as such are the first ever Topps Allen & Ginter cards. Each card has the conference's logo on the back.

    NSCC Promos

    Matt-Leinart.jpg?id=8d4cac7b-a80a-4bc6-944d-eff62622876c&size=original&side=front&.jpg Matt-Leinart.jpg?id=8d4cac7b-a80a-4bc6-944d-eff62622876c&size=original&side=back&.jpg

    This eight-card set was distributed by Topps to attendees of the 2006 National Sports Collectors Convention which was held in Anahiem, CA. Each card is available in both standard (2 1/2" X 3 1/2") and mini sizes.

      Base Set

      Hanley-Ramirez.jpg?id=0913ee48-2ce0-46bb-b611-994e64fb2591&size=original&side=front&.jpg Hanley-Ramirez.jpg?id=0913ee48-2ce0-46bb-b611-994e64fb2591&size=original&side=back&.jpg

      1 Albert Pujols

      2 Aubrey Huff

      3 Mark Teixeira

      4 Vernon Wells

      5 Ken Griffey Jr. SP

      6 Nick Swisher

      7 Jose Reyes

      8 David Wright

      9 Vladimir Guerrero

      10 Andruw Jones

      11 Ramon Hernandez

      12 Miguel Tejada

      13 Juan Pierre

      14 Jim Thome

      15 Austin Kearns SP

      16 Jhonny Peralta

      17 Clint Barmes

      18 Angel Berroa

      19 Nomar Garciaparra

      20 Joe Nathan

      21 Brandon Webb

      22 Chad Tracy

      23 Derek Jeter

      24 Conor Jackson (RC)

      25 Jason Giambi SP

      26 Johnny Estrada

      27 Luis Gonzalez

      28 Javier Vazquez

      29 Orlando Hudson

      30 Shawn Green

      31 Mark Buehrle

      32 Wily Mo Pena

      33 C.C. Sabathia

      34 Ronnie Belliard

      35 Travis Hafner SP

      36 Mike Jacobs (RC)

      37 Roy Oswalt

      38 Zack Greinke

      39 J.D. Drew

      40 Jeff Kent

      41 Ben Sheets

      42 Luis Castillo

      43 Carlos Delgado

      44 Cliff Floyd

      45 Danny Haren SP

      46 Bobby Abreu

      47 Jeromy Burnitz

      48 Khalil Greene

      49 Moises Alou

      50 Alex Rodriguez SP

      51 Ervin Santana SP

      52 Bartolo Colon SP

      53 John Smoltz SP

      54 David Ortiz SP

      55 Hideki Matsui SP

      56 Jermaine Dye SP

      57 Victor Martinez SP

      58 Willy Taveras SP

      59 Brady Clark SP

      60 Justin Morneau

      61 Xavier Nady

      62 Rich Harden

      63 Jack Wilson

      64 Brian Giles

      65 Jon Lieber SP

      66 Dan Johnson

      67 Billy Wagner

      68 Rickie Weeks

      69 Chris Ray (RC)

      70 Chris Shelton

      71 Dmitri Young

      72 Ivan Rodriguez

      73 Jeremy Bonderman

      74 Justin Verlander (RC)

      75 Randy Johnson

      76 Magglio Ordonez

      77 Brandon Inge

      78 Placido Polanco

      79 Ryan Howard

      80 Jason Bay

      81 Sean Casey

      82 Jeremy Hermida (RC)

      83 Mike Cameron

      84 Trevor Hoffman

      85 Mike Matheny SP

      86 Steve Finley

      87 Adam Everett

      88 Jason Isringhausen

      89 Jonny Gomes

      90 Barry Zito

      91 Bobby Crosby

      92 Eric Chavez

      93 Frank Thomas

      94 Huston Street

      95 Jorge Posada

      96 Casey Kotchman

      97 Darin Erstad

      98 Chipper Jones

      99 Jeff Francoeur

      100 Barry Bonds

      101 Alfonso Soriano

      102 Brandon Claussen

      103 Aaron Boone

      104 Roger Clemens

      105 Andy Pettitte SP

      106 Nick Johnson

      107 Tom Gordon

      108 Orlando Hernandez

      109 Francisco Rodriguez

      110 Orlando Cabrera

      111 Edgar Renteria

      112 Tim Hudson

      113 Coco Crisp

      114 Matt Clement

      115 Greg Maddux SP

      116 Paul Konerko

      117 Felipe Lopez

      118 Garrett Atkins

      119 Akinori Otsuka

      120 Craig Biggio

      121 Danys Baez

      122 Brad Penny

      123 Eric Gagne

      124 Lew Ford

      125 Mariano Rivera SP

      126 Carlos Beltran

      127 Pedro Martinez

      128 Todd Helton

      129 Aaron Rowand

      130 Mike Lieberthal

      131 Oliver Perez

      132 Ryan Klesko

      133 Randy Winn

      134 Yuniesky Betancourt

      135 David Eckstein SP

      136 Chad Orvella

      137 Toby Hall

      138 Hank Blalock

      139 B.J. Ryan

      140 Roy Halladay

      141 Livan Hernandez

      142 John Patterson

      143 Bengie Molina

      144 Brad Wilkerson

      145 Jorge Cantu SP

      146 Mark Mulder

      147 Felix Hernandez

      148 Paul Lo Duca

      149 Prince Fielder (RC)

      150 Johnny Damon SP

      151 Ryan Langerhans SP

      152 Kris Benson SP

      153 Curt Schilling SP

      154 Manny Ramirez SP

      155 Robinson Cano SP

      156 Derrek Lee SP

      157 A.J. Pierzynski SP

      158 Adam Dunn SP

      159 Cliff Lee SP

      160 Grady Sizemore

      161 Jeff Francis

      162 Dontrelle Willis

      163 Brad Ausmus

      164 Preston Wilson

      165 Derek Lowe SP

      166 Chris Capuano

      167 Joe Mauer

      168 Torii Hunter

      169 Chase Utley

      170 Zach Duke

      171 Jason Schmidt

      172 Adrian Beltre

      173 Eddie Guardado

      174 Richie Sexson

      175 Miguel Cabrera SP

      176 Julio Lugo

      177 Francisco Cordero

      178 Kevin Millwood

      179 A.J. Burnett

      180 Jose Guillen

      181 Larry Bigbie

      182 Raul Ibanez

      183 Jake Peavy

      184 Pat Burrell

      185 Tom Glavine SP

      186 J.J. Hardy

      187 Emil Brown

      188 Lance Berkman

      189 Marcus Giles

      190 Scott Podsednik

      191 Chone Figgins

      192 Melvin Mora

      193 Mark Loretta

      194 Carlos Zambrano

      195 Chien-Ming Wang

      196 Mark Prior

      197 Bobby Jenks

      198 Brian Fuentes

      199 Garret Anderson

      200 Ichiro Suzuki

      201 Brian Roberts

      202 Jason Kendall

      203 Milton Bradley

      204 Jimmy Rollins

      205 Brett Myers SP

      206 Joe Randa

      207 Mike Piazza

      208 Matt Morris

      209 Omar Vizquel

      210 Jeremy Reed

      211 Chris Carpenter

      212 Jim Edmonds

      213 Scott Kazmir

      214 Travis Lee

      215 Michael Young SP

      216 Rod Barajas

      217 Gustavo Chacin

      218 Lyle Overbay

      219 Troy Glaus

      220 Chad Cordero

      221 Jose Vidro

      222 Scott Rolen

      223 Carl Crawford

      224 Rocco Baldelli

      225 Mike Mussina

      226 Kelvim Escobar

      227 Corey Patterson

      228 Javy Lopez

      229 Jonathan Papelbon (RC)

      230 Aramis Ramirez

      231 Tadahito Iguchi

      232 Morgan Ensberg

      233 Mark Grudzielanek

      234 Mike Sweeney

      235 Shawn Chacon SP

      236 Nick Punto

      237 Geoff Jenkins

      238 Carlos Lee

      239 David DeJesus

      240 Brad Lidge

      241 Bob Wickman

      242 Jon Garland

      243 Kerry Wood

      244 Bronson Arroyo

      245 Matt Holliday SP

      246 Josh Beckett

      247 Johan Santana

      248 Rafael Furcal

      249 Shannon Stewart

      250 Gary Sheffield

      251 Josh Barfield SP (RC)

      252 Kenji Johjima RC

      253 Ian Kinsler (RC)

      254 Brian Anderson (RC)

      255 Matt Cain SP (RC)

      256 Josh Willingham SP (RC)

      257 John Koronka (RC)

      258 Chris Duffy (RC)

      259 Brian McCann (RC)

      260 Hanley Ramirez (RC)

      261 Hong-Chih Kuo (RC)

      262 Francisco Liriano (RC)

      263 Anderson Hernandez (RC)

      264 Ryan Zimmerman (RC)

      265 Brian Bannister SP (RC)

      266 Nolan Ryan

      267 Frank Robinson

      268 Roberto Clemente

      269 Hank Greenberg

      270 Napolean Lajoie

      271 Lloyd Waner

      272 Paul Waner

      273 Frankie Frisch

      274 Moose Skowron

      275 Mickey Mantle

      276 Brooks Robinson

      277 Carl Yastrzemski

      278 Johnny Pesky

      279 Stan Musial

      280 Bill Mazeroski

      281 Harmon Killebrew

      282 Monte Irvin

      283 Bob Gibson

      284 Ted Williams

      285 Yogi Berra SP

      286 Ernie Banks

      287 Bobby Doerr

      288 Josh Gibson

      289 Bob Feller

      290 Cal Ripken

      291 Bobby Cox MG

      292 Terry Francona MG

      293 Dusty Baker MG

      294 Ozzie Guillen MG

      295 Jim Leyland MG SP

      296 Willie Randolph MG

      297 Joe Torre MG

      298 Felipe Alou MG

      299 Tony La Russa MG

      300 Frank Robinson MG

      301 Mike Tyson

      302 Duke Paoa Kahanamoku

      303 Jennie Finch

      304 Brandi Chastain

      305 Danica Patrick SP

      306 Wendy Guey

      307 Hulk Hogan

      308 Carl Lewis

      309 John Wooden

      310 Randy Couture

      311 Andy Irons

      312 Takeru Kobayashi

      313 Leon Spinks

      314 Jim Thorpe

      315 Jerry Bailey SP

      316 Adrian C. Anson REP

      317 John M. Ward REP

      318 Mike Kelly REP

      319 Capt. Jack Glasscock REP

      320 Aaron Hill

      321 Derrick Turnbow

      322 Nick Markakis (RC)

      323 Brad Hawpe

      324 Kevin Mench

      325 John Lackey SP

      326 Chester A. Arthur

      327 Ulysses S. Grant

      328 Abraham Lincoln

      329 Grover Cleveland

      330 Benjamin Harrison

      331 Theodore Roosevelt

      332 Rutherford B. Hayes

      333 Chancellor Otto Von Bismarck

      334 Kaiser Wilhelm II

      335 Queen Victoria SP

      336 Pope Leo XIII

      337 Thomas Edison

      338 Orville Wright

      339 Wilbur Wright

      340 Nathaniel Hawthorne

      341 Herman Melville

      342 Stonewall Jackson

      343 Robert E. Lee

      344 Andrew Carnegie

      345 John Rockefeller SP

      346 Bob Fitzsimmons

      347 Billy The Kid

      348 Buffalo Bill

      349 Jesse James

      350 Statue Of Liberty


      Aubrey-Huff.jpg?id=e40fe423-b1be-4635-b333-b30e7ea5a72a&size=original&side=front&.jpg Paul-Lo-Duca.jpg?id=bc010a0f-d156-45b1-90c9-090626782096&size=original&side=back&.jpg Mickey-Mantle.jpg?id=bd75b80c-10a0-43fc-b24e-66beeff7ca3e&size=original&side=front&.jpg

      All 350 base cards are available in the following mini-sized parallels. All cards measure 1-7/16" X 2-5/8"

      • Minis
      • A&G Backs
      • Black Bordered
      • No Number on Back (limited to 50 copies)
      • Bazooka Backs (serial numbered to 25 copies)
      • Mini Wood (one-of-one)
      • Printing Plates (set of four-for-each)

      NOTE: The 50 short-printed base cards are also SPed in the Mini, Mini A&G Back, and Mini Black Border parallels.


      Inserted into Rip cards in 2006 Allen and Ginter, these mini cards are an additional 25 mini cards toward the base set. The cards feature additional pictures that are different from the base set for each player, and are printed on gray cardstock. Ryan and Clemens are depicted on different teams than their standard base card.

      • 351 Albert Pujols
      • 352 Alex Rodriguez
      • 353 Andruw Jones
      • 354 Barry Bonds
      • 355 Cal Ripken, Jr.
      • 356 David Ortiz
      • 357 David Wright
      • 358 Derek Jeter
      • 359 Derrek Lee
      • 360 Hideki Matsui
      • 361 Ichiro Suzuki
      • 362 Johan Santana
      • 363 Josh Gibson
      • 364 Ken Griffey, Jr.
      • 365 Manny Ramirez
      • 366 Mickey Mantle
      • 367 Miguel Cabrera
      • 368 Miguel Tejada
      • 369 Mike Piazza
      • 370 Nolan Ryan
      • 371 Roberto Clemente
      • 372 Roger Clemens
      • 373 Scott Rolen
      • 374 Ted Williams
      • 375 Vladimir Guerrero


      Dick Perez Sketch Cards

      Ichiro-Suzuki.jpg?id=c5aad0ec-1bc1-46d2-8084-5a48e4fcd3d6&size=original&side=front&.jpg Ichiro-Suzuki.jpg?id=c5aad0ec-1bc1-46d2-8084-5a48e4fcd3d6&size=original&side=back&.jpg

      The Dick Perez Sketch cards were inserted at a rate of nearly one per pack and were printed on a thicker gauge of cardstock -- essentially making them an anti-packsearching decoy. Perez had a long history of drawing ballplayer portraits for card manufacturers, dating back to the early 1980's in Donruss. Unfortunately, Topps commissioned his drawings as sketch cards (2 1/2" X 3 1/2") -- way to be too small and fine -- thus losing much of the majesty and detail of the Donruss Diamond Kings.

      As with the old Diamond King issues in 1990's Donruss, one player from each team is featured on a card, thus a 30 card set.

      • 1 Shawn Green
      • 2 Andruw Jones
      • 3 Miguel Tejada
      • 4 David Ortiz
      • 5 Derrek Lee
      • 6 Paul Konerko
      • 7 Ken Griffey, Jr.
      • 8 Travis Hafner
      • 9 Todd Helton
      • 10 Ivan Rodriguez
      • 11 Miguel Cabrera
      • 12 Lance Berkman
      • 13 Mike Sweeney
      • 14 Vladimir Guerrero
      • 15 Rafael Furcal
      • 16 Carlos Lee
      • 17 Johan Santana
      • 18 David Wright
      • 19 Alex Rodriguez
      • 20 Huston Street
      • 21 Bobby Abreu
      • 22 Jason Bay
      • 23 Jake Peavy
      • 24 Ichiro Suzuki
      • 25 Barry Bonds
      • 26 Albert Pujols
      • 27 Aubrey Huff
      • 28 Mark Teixeira
      • 29 Vernon Wells
      • 30 Alfonso Soriano

      Original Sketches

      Embedded into Rip Cards (see below), these are the original sketches drawn by Dick Perez that were used for the regular insert. Each one is completely unique and serial-numbered as a one-of-one.

      Rip Cards

      Kenji-Johjima.jpg?id=7cca91b0-b67f-4012-b890-47440a7f8678&size=original&side=front&.jpg Kenji-Johjima.jpg?id=7cca91b0-b67f-4012-b890-47440a7f8678&size=original&side=back&.jpg

      Although not entirely a new concept (see 1998 Zenith) 2006 Allen & Ginter saw the introduction of the Rip cards. The cards were designed to be torn open and had a second mini card embedded inside. The mini card would either be an autographed mini, a limited gray back mini, an original Dick Perez sketch (1/1) or an original buy-back Allen and Ginter card from 1887.

      The cards were seeded at approximately 1 per hobby case or 1:265 packs. There were 50 total rip cards with print runs varying from 10 - 99. A checklist with the print runs is shown below. Unripped cards carry a much higher premium, if you can even find one at all.

      When Allen and Ginter was first released the demand for these cards was sky-high. Thus the price on these cards was significantly higher than other sets that had similarly serial numbered cards.

      Although rarely seen on the secondary market anymore, these cards still demand a high premium. A ripped copy of #RIP2 Dontrelle Willis (#7/10) sold on EBay in January 2008 for $55. A ripped copy of #RIP35 Albert Pujols (8/99) was sold on EBay in Jan, 2008 for $10.

      RIP1 Mickey Mantle Back 10

      RIP2 Dontrelle Willis 10

      RIP3 Ivan Rodriguez 10

      RIP4 Johan Santana 10

      RIP5 Mike Piazza 15

      RIP6 Randy Johnson 15

      RIP7 Robinson Cano 15

      RIP8 Scott Rolen 15

      RIP9 Todd Helton 15

      RIP10 Alex Rodriguez Back 25

      RIP11 Alfonso Soriano 25

      RIP12 D.Ortiz/A.Rodriguez 25

      RIP13 Barry Bonds Back 25

      RIP14 C.Beltran/C.Delgado 25

      RIP15 David Wright 25

      RIP16 Derrek Lee 25

      RIP17 Huston Street 25

      RIP18 Mariano Rivera 25

      RIP19 Nolan Ryan 25

      RIP20 Kenji Johjima 99

      RIP21 Cap Anson 99

      RIP22 Ryan Zimmerman 99

      RIP23 Andruw Jones 99

      RIP24 Barry Bonds at Wall 99

      RIP25 Cal Ripken 99

      RIP26 David Ortiz 99

      RIP27 Hideki Matsui 99

      RIP28 Ken Griffey Jr. 99

      RIP29 Manny Ramirez 99

      RIP30 Mickey Mantle w/Bat 99

      RIP31 A.Rod Bat Out 99

      RIP32 Miguel Cabrera 99

      RIP33 Miguel Tejada 99

      RIP34 Pedro Martinez 99

      RIP35 Albert Pujols w/Bat 99

      RIP36 A.Rod Hands Out 99

      RIP37 A.Rodriguez/D.Jeter 99

      RIP38 Barry Bonds 700 99

      RIP39 Derek Jeter 99

      RIP40 Ichiro Suzuki 99

      RIP41 I.Suzuki/H.Matsui 99

      RIP42 Josh Gibson 99

      RIP43 M.Mantle Swing 99

      RIP44 Jonathan Papelbon 99

      RIP45 M.Mantle/T.Williams 99

      RIP46 Albert Pujols Back 99

      RIP47 Roberto Clemente 99

      RIP48 Roger Clemens 99

      RIP49 Ted Williams 99

      RIP50 Vladimir Guerrero 99


      Ken-Griffey-Jr.jpg?id=b63d8f70-c74b-427a-99e5-570f7aaddc4d&size=original&side=front&.jpg Ken-Griffey-Jr.jpg?id=b63d8f70-c74b-427a-99e5-570f7aaddc4d&size=original&side=back&.jpg

      As a tribute to the orginal Allen and Ginter sets, a special group of cards were inserted as box toppers. The cards' dimension are the same measurements as the original 1888 Allen and Ginter N43 cards and are modeled in the same style. Each hobby box had either an N43 or a Postcard card inserted as a box topper.

      1 Alex Rodriguez

      2 Barry Bonds

      3 Albert Pujols

      4 Josh Gibson

      5 Nolan Ryan

      6 Ichiro Suzuki

      7 Mickey Mantle

      8 Ted Williams

      9 David Wright

      10 Ken Griffey Jr.

      11 Mark Teixeira

      12 Adrian C. "Cap" Anson

      13 Mike Tyson (Team listed as "Ear Eaters")

      14 Kenji Johjima

      15 Ryan Zimmerman


      Cal-Ripken-Jr.jpg?id=d4b74a5a-5c6f-4821-8866-e1a05d5db12d&size=original&side=front&.jpg Cal-Ripken-Jr.jpg?id=d4b74a5a-5c6f-4821-8866-e1a05d5db12d&size=original&side=back&.jpg

      Two different types of cards were inserted into the hobby boxes of 2006 Allen and Ginter as a box topper. Each box would contain either a postcard box topper or a N43 box topper. The post cards measure approximately the same dimensions as a standard US postal service post card. The card fronts feature a black and white picture from a location that would be associated with the player. The card back feature a short message from the player and a facsimile signature. The "stamp" of the post card features a small portrait picture of the player.

      Albert Pujols (St. Louis Cathedral)

      Alex Rodriguez (New York - Federal Hall)

      Barry Bonds

      Cal Ripken Jr.

      Derek Jeter (New York Central Park)

      David Ortiz

      David Wright (New York East River Bridge)

      Gary Carter (Baseball Hall of Fame)

      Ichiro Suzuki

      Josh Gibson (Washington, DC)

      Ken Griffey Jr. (Cincinnati - The Ohio River)

      Mickey Mantle

      Manny Ramirez (Boston)

      Miguel Tejada

      Ted Williams

      Vladimir Guerrero (California Steam Ship Advertisement)

      Autographs & Game-Used

      Framed Relics

      Pedro-Martinez.jpg?id=46bd8fee-9a6e-4e28-98fb-82fb11af7c8e&size=original&side=front&.jpg Pedro-Martinez.jpg?id=46bd8fee-9a6e-4e28-98fb-82fb11af7c8e&size=original&side=back&.jpg

      Inserted at varying rates based on different grouping, 50 relic cards were also inserted into the Allen and Ginter packs. Included along with the baseball game used relics were two cards featuring a necktie worn by George W. Bush and a sweater worn by John F. Kennedy. Both of these cards are extremely rare. However, it should be noted that the Mantle jersey relic is no more rare than the Huston Street or Travis Hafner cards.

      The specific odds of finding a Framed Relic are as follows.

      • Group A: 1:2800 Hobby, 1:4950 retail
      • Group B: 1:2000 Hobby, 1:3900 retail
      • Group C: 1:140 Hobby, 1:248 retail
      • Group D: 1:178 Hobby, 1:413 retail
      • Group E: 1:128 Hobby, 1:275 retail
      • Group F: 1:60 Hobby, 1:118 retail
      • Group G: 1:66 Hobby, 1:152 retail
      • Group H: 1:111 Hobby, 1:174 retail
      • Group I: 1:178 Hobby, 1:413 retail

        AP Albert Pujols Uni F

        APE Andy Pettitte Jsy F

        AR Alex Rodriguez Jsy C

        BB Barry Bonds Uni G

        BC Bobby Crosby Uni E

        BM Brandon McCarthy Jsy E

        CB Carlos Beltran Jsy H

        CBA Clint Barmes Jsy G

        CD Carlos Delgado Jsy F

        CMW Chien-Ming Wang Jsy F

        CS Curt Schilling Jsy F

        CU Chase Utley Jsy G

        DO David Ortiz Jsy G

        DW David Wright Jsy H

        DWI Dontrelle Willis Jsy I

        EC Eric Chavez Uni E

        FH Felix Hernandez Jsy C

        FT Frank Thomas Bat F

        GB George W. Bush Tie A 150

        GS Gary Sheffield E

        HCK Hong-Chih Kuo Jsy D

        HM Hideki Matsui Uni G

        HS Huston Street Jsy D

        JC Jorge Cantu Jsy E

        JD Johnny Damon Jsy C

        JDY Jermaine Dye Uni G

        JF Jeff Francouer Bat C

        JG Jonny Gomes Jsy F

        JK John F. Kennedy Sweater A 250

        JP Jake Peavy Jsy C

        JS Johan Santana Jsy G

        JT Jim Thome Uni C

        MB Mark Buehrle Uni F

        MC Miguel Cabrera Uni B

        MH Matt Holliday Jsy F

        MM Mickey Mantle Uni D

        MP Mark Prior Jsy G

        MPZ Mike Piazza Bat C

        MR Manny Ramirez Jsy H

        MT Miguel Tejada Uni E

        NS Nick Swisher Jsy E

        PK Paul Konerko Uni D

        PM Pedro Martinez Jsy I

        RC Robinson Cano Uni F

        RH Ryan Howard Bat C

        RL Ryan Langerhans Bat C

        RO Roy Oswalt Jsy G

        TH Travis Hafner Jsy D

        VG Vladimir Guerrero Bat F

        VM Victor Martinez Jsy D

        WT Willy Taveras Jsy H

        ZD Zach Duke Jsy C

        Framed Autographs

        Josh-Barfield.jpg?id=070a71f2-828c-4241-98eb-0e1f84b18dfe&size=original&side=front&.jpg Josh-Barfield.jpg?id=070a71f2-828c-4241-98eb-0e1f84b18dfe&size=original&side=back&.jpg

        39 players were featured in an Framed Autographed set. The players autographed mini cards of themselves that were than placed inside a frame similar to the frames that the relic and A&G originals were set in. The autographed cards were inserted in different groups at different rates. The print runs for each group were provided by Topps. None of the cards are serial numbered.

        • Group A: 1:2467 Hobby, 1:3850 retail; limited to 50 copies.
        • Group B: 1:14,500 Hobby, 1:32,000 retail; limited to 75 copies.
        • Group C: 1:2200 Hobby, 1:4300 retail; limited to 100 copies.
        • Group D: 1:548 Hobby, 1:1090 retail; limited to 200 copies.
        • Group E: 1:473 Hobby, 1:1000 retail
        • Group F: 1:250 Hobby, 1:520 retail
        • Group G: 1:158 Hobby, 1:299 retail

        NOTE: Although Brian Roberts, Felix Hernandez and Zach Duke were all advertised by Topps as being included in this set, it is now believed that these cards were not actually produced. These cards are not included in the Beckett Collections or OPG listing for the set.

          AI Andy Irons D 200

          AR Alex Rodriguez A 50

          BB Barry Bonds A* 25

          BC Brandi Chastain D 200

          BF Bob Feller E

          BJR BJ Ryan E

          BW Billy Wagner F

          CB Clint Barmes F

          CL Carl Lewis D 200

          CMW Chien-Ming Wang C 100

          CR Cal Ripken Jr. A 50

          CU Chase Utley E

          CY Carl Yastrzemski A 50

          DL Derek Lee E

          DP Danica Patrick C 100

          DW David Wright E

          DWI Dontrelle Willis C 100

          EC Eric Chavez G

          ES Ervin Santana F

          FL Francisco Liriano G

          GS Gary Sheffield A 50

          HH Hulk Hogan D 200

          HS Huston Street E

          JB Jerry Bailey D 200

          JBA Josh Barfield G

          JF Jennie Finch D 200

          JG Johnny Gomes G

          JS Johan Santana C 100

          JW John Wooden D 200

          KJ Kenji Johjima A 50

          LF Lew Ford G

          LS Leon Spinks D 200

          MC Miguel Cabrera C 100

          MT Mike Tyson D 200

          MY Michael Young E

          NR Nolan Ryan A 50

          OS Ozzie Smith B 75

          PF Prince Fielder F

          RA Randy Couture E

          RC Robinson Cano G

          RH Ryan Howard F

          RZ Ryan Zimmerman F

          SK Scott Kazmir F

          SM Stan Musial A 50

          TG Tony Gwynn A 50

          TH Travis Hafner F

          TK Takeru Kobayashi D 200

          VG Vladimir Guerrero A 50

          VM Victor Martinez E

          WG Wendy Guey F

          WMP Wily Mo Pena G

          Red Ink

          Two players, Alex Rodriguez and David Wright, also signed 10 cards each in red ink. These cards were embedded inside Rip Cards and are not serial numbered.

          N-43 Relics

          Two Relics N43's were inserted as box toppers.

          An Albert Pujols uniform relic and a Josh Gibson bat relic were inserted at a rate of 1:1379 hobby boxes.

          Each card was serial numbered to 50.

            N-43 Autographs

            Two autographed N43's were inserted as box toppers.

            Barry Bonds and Alex Rodriguez both signed 10 cards and these were inserted at a rate of 1:1970 hobby boxes.

            These cards are extremely rare and do not have listed prices in Beckett printed or OPG.

            The Bonds card has sold for $700 and the Rodriguez for $420 - $480

              Personalized Postcards

              Two different types of cards were inserted into the hobby boxes of 2006 Allen and Ginter as a box topper. Each box would contain either a postcard box topper or a N43 box topper. The post cards measure approximately the same dimensions as a standard US postal service post card. The card fronts feature a black and white picture from a location that would be associated with the player. The card backs feature a short message from the player, hand written by the player with a signature. The "stamp" of the post card features a small portrait picture of the player.

              The Mickey Mantle card is signed by his son David.

              The odds of pulling a personalized postcard was 1:3000 hobby boxes. Each personalized postcard is a unique 1/1. The Gary Carter appeared on Ebay in January 2007 and sold for $320. The David Wright was reportedly sold for $1325 in 2006 (Source - Beckett Baseball, Oct. 2006, Issue #259)

                AGPA-AR Alex Rodriguez

                AGPA-CB Clint Barmes

                AGPA-CR Cal Ripken

                AGPA-CY Carl Yastrzemski

                AGPA-DP Danica Patrick

                AGPA-DS Duke Snider

                AGPA-DW David Wright

                AGPA-GC Gary Carter

                AGPA-GS Gary Sheffield

                AGPA-HH Hulk Hogan

                AGPA-JF Jennie Finch

                AGPA-MM Mickey Mantle (signed by David Mantle)

                AGPA-RC Robinson Cano

                AGPA-RH Ryan Howard

                AGPA-RZ Ryan Zimmerman