2005 Topps Total Phillies

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2005 Topps Total Phillies is a 21-card team set given away at the August 6th, 2005 Philadelphia Phillies game. The set is sponsored by Pepcid Complete and each sealed set contains one advertising card.

The set is a de facto partial-parallel of the 2005 Topps Total set. The cards feature the same design and photography as the player's corresponding Topps Total card, but is printed on glossy cardstock. Each card is sequentially-numbered "X of 21".


One sealed set to each attendee.



1 Jason Michaels

2 Ryan Howard / Greg Golson

3 Tim Worrell / Pedro Liriano

4 Geoff Geary / Ryan Madson

5 Rheal Cormier / Aaron Fultz

6 Kenny Lofton

7 Pat Burrell

8 Bobby Abreu

9 Chase Utley

10 Jim Thome

11 Jimmy Rollins

12 Tomas Perez

13 David Bell

14 Todd Pratt

15 Mike Lieberthal

16 Billy Wagner

17 Cory Lidle

18 Brett Myers

19 Vincente Padilla

20 Randy Wolf

21 Jon Lieber