2004 Bowman Heritage Threads of Greatness

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Threads of Greatness is an insert set in 2004 Bowman Heritage. This game used insert set was divided into six different groups and each one was inserted with slightly varying odds. The Armando Benitez, Bobby Cox, and Ruben Sierra Cards are particularly notable due to the relatively few game used inserts of each player that currently exist.

Group Odds

Overall Odds 2 Game Used per box

  • GROUP A ODDS 1:339 Hobby, 1:799 Retail
  • GROUP B ODDS 1:229 Hobby, 1:534 Retail
  • GROUP C ODDS 1:128 Hobby, 1:279 Retail
  • GROUP D ODDS 1:48 Hobby, 1:109 Retail
  • GROUP E ODDS 1:261 Hobby, 1:621 Retail
  • GROUP F ODDS 1:26 Hobby, 1:49 Retail


Price Report

  • June 2009
    • Piazza Bat $5
    • Chavez Bat $4
    • Damon Uni $4
    • Mulder Uni Gold $4
    • Pujols Bat Gold $17


Number Player Team GU Group
AB Adrian Beltre Dodgers Bat C
AEP Andy Pettitte Astros Uniform F
AGB Armando Benitez Giants Jersey F
AJ Andruw Jones Braves Bat A
AMB Angel Berroa Royals Bat B
AP Albert Pujols Cardinals Jersey B
AP2 Albert Pujols Cardinals Bat F
AR Alex Rodriguez Yankees Bat A
AS Alfonso Soriano Rangers Bat D
BB Bret Boone Mariners Bat C
BB2 Bret Boone Mariners Jersey F
BC Bobby Cox Braves Uni F
BW Bernie Williams Yankees Bat C
BZ Barry Zito A’s Uniform F
CE Carl Everett Red Sox Uniform F
CS CC Sabathia Indians Jersey F
DJ Dave Justice Braves Uniform F
DW Dontrelle Willis Marlins Jersey D
EC Eric Chavez A’s Bat D
EC2 Eric Chavez A’s Uni D
FT Frank Thomas White Sox Jsy F
GS Gary Sheffield Yankees Bat D
HB Hank Blalock Rangers Bat A
HB2 Hank Blalock Rangers Jsy F
HN Hideo Nomo Dodgers Jsy E
JAG Juan Gonzalez Royals Jsy B
JB Jeff Bagwell Astros Bat C
JB2 Jeff Bagwell Astros Jsy F
JD Johnny Damon Red Sox Uni D
JDS Jason Schmidt Giants Jsy C
JG Jason Giambi Yankees Uni F
JG2 Jason Giambi Yankees Jsy D
JL Javy Lopez Orioles Jsy B
JM Joe Mauer Twins Bat B
JO John Olerud Yankees Bat E
JO2 John Olerud Yankees Jsy F
JPB Josh Beckett Marlins Jsy A
JPB2 Josh Beckett Marlins Bat D
JR Jose Reyes Mets Jsy A
JS John Smoltz Braves Jsy B
JS2 John Smoltz Braves Jsy F
JT Jim Thome Phillies Jsy D
JT2 Jim Thome Phillies Bat E
JW Jarrod Washburn Angels Uni F
KM Kevin Millwood Phillies Jsy F
KW Kerry Wood Cubs Jsy B
KW2 Kerry Wood Cubs Bat D
LB Lance Berkman Astros Bat D
LB2 Lance Berkman Astros Jsy D
MA Moises Alou Cubs Jsy A
MC Miguel Cabrera Marlins Bat D
MCD Mike McDougal Royals Jsy F
MCT Mark Teixeira Rangers Jsy D
ML Mike Lowell Marlins Jsy F
MM Mark Mulder A’s White Uni F
MM2 Mark Mulder A’s White Uni F
MP Mike Piazza Mets Bat D
MP2 Mike Piazza Mets Jsy A
MR Manny Ramirez Red Sox Uni B
MR2 Manny Ramirez Red Sox Bat D
MS Mike Sweeney Royals Bat F
MT Miguel Tejada Orioles Bat A
MT2 Miguel Tejada Orioles White Uni F
MT3 Miguel Tejada Orioles Gray Uni F
MY Michael Young Rangers Jsy A
NG Nomar Garciaparra Cubs Bat F
OV Omar Vizquel Indians Bat C
PB Pat Burrell Phillies Bat D
PL Paul LoDuca Dodgers Bat C
RB Rocco Baldelli Devil Rays Bat B
RC Roger Clemens Astros Uni F
RH Roy Halladay Blue Jays Jsy F
RS Ruben Sierra Yankees Bat C
SS Sammy Sosa Cubs Blue Jsy A
SS2 Sammy Sosa Cubs Bat C
SS3 Sammy Sosa Cubs White Jsy F
TB Tony Batista Orioles Jsy D
TH Todd Helton Rockies Jsy D
VW Vernon Wells Blue Jays Jsy D
WB Wade Boggs Yankees Jsy A