2003 Upper Deck Play Ball Baseball Hobby Box Factory Sealed
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3 Packs from a 2004 Upper Deck UD Major League Baseball Play Ball Hobby Box
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2003 Upper Deck Play Ball

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2003 Upper Deck Play Ball is a 104-card set released in February, 2003. The base set was designed to evoke the 1941 Play Ball set.

The set consists of two, 15-card, short-printed subsets: Summer of '41 (cards #74-88) and Ted Williams Tribute (#89-103). Card #104 was added late in the production run, but was not SPed.


Boxes contain 24 packs, 5 cards per pack


Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Odds
Base 104 - ?
short set 74 - ?
Ted Williams Tribute 15 - 1:24
Summer of '41 15 - 1:24
Red Backs short set 74 - one-per-pack
Red Backs SPs 30 - 1:96
1941 Series 73 - 1:2
Original Artwork Redemptions 90 one-of-one ?
1941 Play Ball Reprints 25 - 1:2
Yankee Clipper 1941 Hitting Streak, Games 1-41 41 - 1:12
Yankee Clipper 1941 Hitting Streak, Games 42-56 cards 15 - 1:24
Game Used Memorabilia Tier 1 21 - 1:82
Game Used Memorabilia Tier 1 Gold 21 25 ?
Game Used Memorabilia Tier 2 21 150 ?
Game Used Memorabilia Tier 2 Signatures 12 50 ?
Game Used Memorabilia Tier 2 Signatures A-Rod 1 285 ?



Tuff Stuff Promos

Randomly inserted into issues of Tuff Stuff magazine, was a 2003 Upper Deck Play Ball promo card. The Tuff Stuff promos parallel the first 73 cards in the base set and have "UD PROMO" stamped in foil on the front.

Hawaii Trade Conference

A 10-card set was distributed to attendees of the February, 2003 Kit Young Hawaii Trade Show.

KY1 Sammy Sosa

KY2 Ken Griffey, Jr.

KY3 Jason Giambi

KY4 Ichiro Suzuki

KY5 Mark McGwire

KY6 Troy Glaus

KY7 Derek Jeter

KY8 Barry Bonds

KY9 Alex Rodriguez

KY10 Nomar Garciaparra


Randomly distributed into Hawaii sets were one of four autographs. It is believed that less than 50 McGwire and Sosa autographs were issued.

IS Ichiro Suzuki

JG Jason Giambi

MM Mark McGwire

SS Sammy Sosa

Base Set

1 Troy Glaus

2 Darin Erstad

3 Randy Johnson

4 Luis Gonzalez

5 Curt Schilling

6 Tom Glavine

7 Chipper Jones

8 Greg Maddux

9 Andruw Jones

10 Pedro Martinez

11 Manny Ramirez

12 Nomar Garciaparra

13 Billy Williams

14 Sammy Sosa

15 Kerry Wood

16 Mark Prior

17 Ernie Banks

18 Frank Thomas

19 Joe Morgan

20 Ken Griffey, Jr.

21 Adam Dunn

22 Jim Thome

23 Todd Helton

24 Larry Walker

25 Lance Berkman

26 Roy Oswalt

27 Jeff Bagwell

28 Nolan Ryan

29 Mike Sweeney

30 Shawn Green

31 Hideo Nomo

32 Kazuhisa Ishii

33 Richie Sexson

34 Robin Yount

35 Harmon Killebrew

36 Torii Hunter

37 Vladimir Guerrero

38 Roberto Alomar

39 Mike Piazza

40 Tom Seaver

41 Phil Rizzuto

42 Yogi Berra

43 Mike Mussina

44 Roger Clemens

45 Derek Jeter

46 Jason Giambi

47 Bernie Williams

48 Alfonso Soriano

49 Catfish Hunter

50 Barry Zito

51 Eric Chavez

52 Tim Hudson

53 Rollie Fingers

54 Miguel Tejada

55 Pat Burrell

56 Brian Giles

57 Willie Stargell

58 Phil Nevin

59 Orlando Cepeda

60 Barry Bonds

61 Jeff Kent

62 Willie McCovey

63 Ichiro Suzuki

64 Stan Musial

65 Albert Pujols

66 J.D. Drew

67 Scott Rolen

68 Mark McGwire

69 Alex Rodriguez

70 Juan Gonzalez

71 Ivan Rodriguez

72 Rafael Palmeiro

73 Carlos Delgado

74 Ted Williams S41

75 Hank Greenberg S41

76 Joe DiMaggio S41

77 Lefty Gomez S41

78 Tommy Henrich S41

79 Pee Wee Reese S41

80 Mel Ott S41

81 Carl Hubbell S41

82 Jimmie Foxx S41

83 Joe Cronin S41

84 Charlie Gehringer S41

85 Frank Hayes S41

86 Babe Dahlgren S41

87 Dolph Camilli S41

88 Johnny VanderMeer S41

89 Ted Williams TRIB

90 Ted Williams TRIB

91 Ted Williams TRIB

92 Ted Williams TRIB

93 Ted Williams TRIB

94 Ted Williams TRIB

95 Ted Williams TRIB

96 Ted Williams TRIB

97 Ted Williams TRIB

98 Ted Williams TRIB

99 Ted Williams TRIB

100 Ted Williams TRIB

101 Ted Williams TRIB

102 Ted Williams TRIB

103 Ted Williams TRIB

104 Hideki Matsui RC


Red Backs

Inserted into each pack is a Red Back parallel, in which the text on the back is printed in red ink -- as opposed to black on the base cards. The 30 cards that were short-printed in the base set (#74-#103) were also SPed in this set.

1941 Series

1941 Series partially-parallels the first 73 cards of the base set, in the 2 1/4" X 3 1/8" size of the original 1941 Play Ball set.

Original Artwork Redemptions

Randomly inserted into packs were 90 one-of-one redemption cards good for the artwork used to create the cards in the Upper Deck Play Ball set. Each card has long since expired.


1941 Reprints

This 25-card set features reprints from the original 1941 Play Ball set, in the original 2 1/4" X 3 1/8" size.

R1 Ted Williams

R2 Hank Greenberg

R3 Joe DiMaggio

R4 Lefty Gomez

R5 Tommy Henrich

R6 Pee Wee Reese

R7 Mel Ott

R8 Carl Hubbell

R9 Jimmie Foxx

R10 Joe Cronin

R11 Charley Gehringer

R12 Frank Hayes

R13 Babe Dahlgren

R14 Dolph Camilli

R15 Johnny VanderMeer

R16 Bucky Walters

R17 Red Ruffing

R18 Charlie Keller

R19 Bob Johnson

R20 Dutch Leonard

R21 Barney McCosky

R22 Soupy Campbell

R23 Stormy Weatherly

R24 Bobby Doerr

R25 Bill Dickey

Yankee Clipper 1941 Streak

This 56-card set commemorates Joe DiMaggio's 56 game hitting streak from the 1941 season. Each card features the box score from the game in question, mounted onto the card -- almost like a manufactured "Relic."

S1 Joe DiMaggio

S2 Joe DiMaggio

S3 Joe DiMaggio

S4 Joe DiMaggio

S5 Joe DiMaggio

S6 Joe DiMaggio

S7 Joe DiMaggio

S8 Joe DiMaggio

S9 Joe DiMaggio

S10 Joe DiMaggio

S11 Joe DiMaggio

S12 Joe DiMaggio

S13 Joe DiMaggio

S14 Joe DiMaggio

S15 Joe DiMaggio

S16 Joe DiMaggio

S17 Joe DiMaggio

S18 Joe DiMaggio

S19 Joe DiMaggio

S20 Joe DiMaggio

S21 Joe DiMaggio

S22 Joe DiMaggio

S23 Joe DiMaggio

S24 Joe DiMaggio

S25 Joe DiMaggio

S26 Joe DiMaggio

S27 Joe DiMaggio

S28 Joe DiMaggio

S29 Joe DiMaggio

S30 Joe DiMaggio

S31 Joe DiMaggio

S32 Joe DiMaggio

S33 Joe DiMaggio

S34 Joe DiMaggio

S35 Joe DiMaggio

S36 Joe DiMaggio

S37 Joe DiMaggio

S38 Joe DiMaggio

S39 Joe DiMaggio

S40 Joe DiMaggio

S41 Joe DiMaggio

S42 Joe DiMaggio

S43 Joe DiMaggio

S44 Joe DiMaggio

S45 Joe DiMaggio

S46 Joe DiMaggio

S47 Joe DiMaggio

S48 Joe DiMaggio

S49 Joe DiMaggio

S50 Joe DiMaggio

S51 Joe DiMaggio

S52 Joe DiMaggio

S53 Joe DiMaggio

S54 Joe DiMaggio

S55 Joe DiMaggio

S56 Joe DiMaggio

Autographs & Game-Used

Game Used Memorabilia

Tier 1

Each Game Used Memorabilia Tier 1 card is also available in the Gold parallel, which is serial-numbered to 25 copies.

AD1 Adam Dunn

AS1 Alfonso Soriano

BW1 Bernie Williams

CD1 Carlos Delgado

CJ1 Chipper Jones

CS1 Curt Schilling

DR1 J.D. Drew

IR1 Ivan Rodriguez

IS1 Ichiro Suzuki

JG1 Jason Giambi

KG1 Ken Griffey, Jr.

KI1 Kazuhisa Ishii

LG1 Luis Gonzalez

MM1 Mark McGwire

MP1 Mike Piazza

MS1 Mike Sweeney

PR1 Mark Prior

RC1 Roger Clemens

RP1 Rafael Palmeiro

SS1 Sammy Sosa

TH1 Tommy Henrich

Tier 2

Each Game Used Memorabilia Tier 2 card is serial-numbered to 150 copies.

AJ2 Andruw Jones

AR2 Alex Rodriguez

CJ2 Chipper Jones

CS2 Curt Schilling

DE2 Darin Erstad

GM2 Greg Maddux

IS2 Ichiro Suzuki

JB2 Jeff Bagwell

JD2 Joe DiMaggio

JG2 Jason Giambi

JT2 Jim Thome

KG2 Ken Griffey, Jr.

KW2 Kerry Wood

LB2 Lance Berkman

MM2 Mark McGwire

MP2 Mike Piazza

MR2 Manny Ramirez

PM2 Pedro Martinez

RJ2 Randy Johnson

SG2 Shawn Green

SS2 Sammy Sosa


Each Game Used Memorabilia Tier 2 Signatures card is serial-numbered to 50 copies; EXCEPT Alex Rodriguez who signed 285.

AJ2 Andruw Jones

AR2 Alex Rodriguez

CS2 Curt Schilling

DE2 Darin Erstad

IS2 Ichiro Suzuki

JB2 Jeff Bagwell

JG2 Jason Giambi

JT2 Jim Thome

KG2 Ken Griffey, Jr.

KW2 Kerry Wood

LB2 Lance Berkman

MM2 Mark McGwire

SS2 Sammy Sosa