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2002 Upper Deck Honor Roll

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2002 Upper Deck Honor Roll is a 190-card, retail-exclusive, set issued in two separate products. These first 100 cards were issued in the standard Honor Roll packs of which hit retail shelves in late April 2002. The first 18 cards in the set make up an American League and National League "Dream 9" -- an All-Star team one player at each position for each league. Cards #19-#27 make up a "Prospect Dream 9" Upper Deck's picks for the top minor league prospect at each position. The remainder of the set (known as the "Dream Moments") dedicates four additional cards for each AL and NL Dream 9 player, and a checklist.

The final 90 cards were distributed (along with cards from two other retail-exclusive sets: Victory and Ovation) in mid-December 2002 within packs of 2002 Upper Deck Rookie Debut. Cards #101-#130 make another "Dream Moments" subset, but unlike the regular Honor Roll set, there is only one card per player (primarily of star players NOT included in the main Honor Roll set) and #131-#190 feature a selection of prospects and rookies. On average, each six-card Rookie Debut pack yielded two Honor Roll cards.


Wax: 24 packs per box, five cards per pack (MSRP $2.99, retail exclusive)

Rookie Debut: Eight packs per Blaster, six cards (2 from the Honor Roll set) per pack (MSRP: $9.99 per Blaster, retail exclusive)


Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Odds
Base 190 - ?
Silver 100 100 ?
Gold (Honor Roll Series) 100 25 ?
Gold (Rookie Debut Series) 90 50 ?
Game Jersey 30 - 1:90
Game Jersey Gold 30 99 ?
Game Bats 30 99 ?
Time Capsule 30 - 1:90
Time Capsule Gold 30 99 ?
Star Swatches 30 - 1:90
Star Swatches Gold 30 24 ?
Stitch of Nine 30 - 1:90
Stitch of Nine Gold 30 24 ?
Batting Gloves 8 varies ?


Base Set

Main Honor Roll Set

National League Dream 9

Ken-Griffey-Jr.jpg?id=97516845-5895-426e-ac6f-b6350f804906&size=original&side=front&.jpg Ken-Griffey-Jr.jpg?id=97516845-5895-426e-ac6f-b6350f804906&size=original&side=back&.jpg

1 Randy Johnson

2 Mike Piazza

3 Albert Pujols

4 Roberto Alomar

5 Chipper Jones

6 Rich Aurilia

7 Barry Bonds

8 Ken Griffey, Jr.

9 Sammy Sosa

American League Dream 9

Ichiro-Suzuki.jpg?id=c013115e-8090-47dd-8d58-7c24ff5ea9ad&size=original&side=front&.jpg Ichiro-Suzuki.jpg?id=c013115e-8090-47dd-8d58-7c24ff5ea9ad&size=original&side=back&.jpg

10 Roger Clemens

11 Ivan Rodriguez

12 Jason Giambi

13 Bret Boone

14 Troy Glaus

15 Alex Rodriguez

16 Manny Ramirez

17 Bernie Williams

18 Ichiro Suzuki

Prospect Dream 9

Matt-Thornton.jpg?id=cd73dd0d-e052-44a7-898e-f2853ec1415e&size=original&side=front&.jpg Matt-Thornton.jpg?id=cd73dd0d-e052-44a7-898e-f2853ec1415e&size=original&side=back&.jpg

19 Matt Thornton RC

20 Chris Baker RC*

21 Tyler Yates RC

22 Jorge Nunez RC*

23 Rene Reyes RC

24 Ben Howard RC

25 Ron Calloway RC

26 Dan Wright

27 Reed Johnson RC

Dream Moments

Bret-Boone.jpg?id=5abd8148-36cc-43d7-b37e-fef8bcea275e&size=original&side=front&.jpg Bret-Boone.jpg?id=5abd8148-36cc-43d7-b37e-fef8bcea275e&size=original&side=back&.jpg

28 Randy Johnson

29 Randy Johnson

30 Randy Johnson

31 Randy Johnson

32 Mike Piazza

33 Mike Piazza

34 Mike Piazza

35 Mike Piazza

36 Albert Pujols

37 Albert Pujols

38 Albert Pujols

39 Albert Pujols

40 Roberto Alomar

41 Roberto Alomar

42 Roberto Alomar

43 Roberto Alomar

44 Chipper Jones

45 Chipper Jones

46 Chipper Jones

47 Chipper Jones

48 Rich Aurilia

49 Rich Aurilia

50 Rich Aurilia

51 Rich Aurilia

52 Barry Bonds

53 Barry Bonds

54 Barry Bonds

55 Barry Bonds

56 Ken Griffey, Jr.

57 Ken Griffey, Jr.

58 Ken Griffey, Jr.

59 Ken Griffey, Jr.

60 Sammy Sosa

61 Sammy Sosa

62 Sammy Sosa

63 Sammy Sosa

64 Roger Clemens

65 Roger Clemens

66 Roger Clemens

67 Roger Clemens

68 Ivan Rodriguez

69 Ivan Rodriguez

70 Ivan Rodriguez

71 Ivan Rodriguez

72 Jason Giambi

73 Jason Giambi

74 Jason Giambi

75 Jason Giambi

76 Bret Boone

77 Bret Boone

78 Bret Boone

79 Bret Boone

80 Troy Glaus

81 Troy Glaus

82 Troy Glaus

83 Troy Glaus

84 Alex Rodriguez

85 Alex Rodriguez

86 Alex Rodriguez

87 Alex Rodriguez

88 Manny Ramirez

89 Manny Ramirez

90 Manny Ramirez

91 Manny Ramirez

92 Bernie Williams

93 Bernie Williams

94 Bernie Williams

95 Bernie Williams

96 Ichiro Suzuki

97 Ichiro Suzuki

98 Ichiro Suzuki

99 Ichiro Suzuki

100 Checklist

Rookie Update Set

Dream Moments

Joe-Borchard.jpg?id=459a0c19-10e7-4709-91b6-d91f3cc217a3&size=original&side=front&.jpg Joe-Borchard.jpg?id=459a0c19-10e7-4709-91b6-d91f3cc217a3&size=original&side=back&.jpg

101 Curt Schilling

102 Geronimo Gil

103 Cliff Floyd

104 Derek Lowe

105 Hee Seop Choi

106 Mark Prior

107 Joe Borchard

108 Austin Kearns

109 Adam Dunn

110 Brandon Phillips

111 Carlos Pena

112 Andy Van Hekken

113 Juan Encarnacion

114 Lance Berkman

115 Torii Hunter

116 Bartolo Colon

117 Raul Mondesi

118 Alfonso Soriano

119 Miguel Tejada

120 Ray Durham

121 Eric Chavez

122 Brett Myers

123 Marlon Byrd

124 Sean Burroughs

125 Kenny Lofton

126 Scott Rolen

127 Carl Crawford

128 Josh Phelps

129 Eric Hinske

130 Orlando Hudson

UD Prospects

Kevin-Cash.jpg?id=e7085903-a2be-4b09-8ee2-159f0cdb17b4&size=original&side=front&.jpg Kevin-Cash.jpg?id=e7085903-a2be-4b09-8ee2-159f0cdb17b4&size=original&side=back&.jpg

131 Barry Wesson RC

132 Jose Valverde RC

133 Kevin Gryboski RC

134 Trey Hodges RC

135 Howie Clark RC

136 Josh Hancock RC

137 Freddy Sanchez RC

138 Francis Beltran RC

139 Mike Mahoney

140 Brian Tallet RC

141 Jason Davis RC

142 Carl Sadler RC

143 Jason Beverlin RC

144 Josh Bard RC

145 Aaron Cook RC

146 Eric Eckenstahler RC

147 Tim Kalita RC*

148 Franklyn German RC

149 Hansel Izquierdo RC

150 Brandon Puffer RC

151 Rodrigo Rosario RC

152 Kirk Saarloos RC

153 Jeriome Robertson RC

154 Jeremy Hill RC

155 Wes Obermueller RC

156 Aaron Guiel RC

157 Kazuhisa Ishii RC

158 David Ross RC

159 Jayson Durocher RC

160 Luis Martinez RC

161 Shane Nance RC

162 Eric Good RC*

163 Jamey Carroll RC

164 Jaime Cerda RC

165 Satoru Komiyama RC

166 Adam Walker RC*

167 Nate Field RC

168 Cody McKay RC

169 Jose Flores RC

170 Eric Junge RC

171 Jorge Padilla RC

172 Oliver Perez RC

173 Julius Matos RC

174 Wil Nieves RC

175 Clay Condrey RC

176 Mike Crudale RC

177 Jason Simontacchi RC

178 So Taguchi RC

179 Jose Rodriguez RC

180 Jorge Sosa RC

181 Felix Escalona RC

182 Lance Carter RC

183 Travis Hughes RC

184 Reynaldo Garcia RC

185 Mike A. Smith RC

186 Corey Thurman RC

187 Ken Huckaby RC

188 Reed Johnson

189 Kevin Cash RC

190 Scott Wiggins RC


Each of the 100 Main Set cards are available in the following parallels.

  • Silver (serial-numbered to 100 copies)
  • Gold (serial-numbered to 25 copies)

Each of the 90 Rookie Update cards are available in the following parallel.

  • Gold (serial-numbered to 50 copies)

Autographs & Game-Used

NOTE: All game used cards listed below are exclusive to Honor Roll Series packs and feature the same nine players in every set.

Game Jersey

Sammy-Sosa.jpg?id=86d5600f-014f-4e94-b831-9dd8fead712e&size=original&side=front&.jpg Sammy-Sosa.jpg?id=86d5600f-014f-4e94-b831-9dd8fead712e&size=original&side=back&.jpg

NOTE: Upper Deck announced that the Bret Boone, Ichiro, and Sammy Sosa Game Jerseys were short-printed. Although UD publicly announced a print-run of 69 copies for each of the three Bret Boone jerseys, they did not do so for Ichiro or Sosa. None of the Boone cards are serial-numbered.

Each card is also available in a Gold parallel, serial-numbered to 99 copies.

J-I1 Ichiro

J-I2 Ichiro

J-I3 Ichiro

J-AR1 Alex Rodriguez

J-AR2 Alex Rodriguez

J-AR3 Alex Rodriguez

J-AR4 Alex Rodriguez

J-BB1 Bret Boone 45

J-BB2 Bret Boone 45

J-BB3 Bret Boone 45

J-CJ1 Chipper Jones

J-CJ2 Chipper Jones

J-CJ3 Chipper Jones

J-IR1 Ivan Rodriguez

J-IR2 Ivan Rodriguez

J-IR3 Ivan Rodriguez

J-IR4 Ivan Rodriguez

J-JG1 Jason Giambi

J-JG2 Jason Giambi

J-JG3 Jason Giambi

J-KG1 Ken Griffey, Jr.

J-KG2 Ken Griffey, Jr.

J-KG3 Ken Griffey, Jr.

J-RC1 Roger Clemens 29

J-RC2 Roger Clemens 29

J-RC3 Roger Clemens 29

J-SS1 Sammy Sosa

J-SS2 Sammy Sosa

J-SS3 Sammy Sosa

J-SS4 Sammy Sosa

Game Bats

Ken-Griffey-Jr.jpg?id=7895cbaf-a579-4b8b-a099-01f9290097a7&size=original&side=front&.jpg Ken-Griffey-Jr.jpg?id=7895cbaf-a579-4b8b-a099-01f9290097a7&size=original&side=back&.jpg

Each Game Bat card is serial-numbered to 99 copies.

B-I1 Ichiro 99

B-I2 Ichiro 99

B-I3 Ichiro 99

B-AR1 Alex Rodriguez 99

B-AR2 Alex Rodriguez 99

B-AR3 Alex Rodriguez 99

B-AR4 Alex Rodriguez 99

B-BB1 Bret Boone 99

B-BB2 Bret Boone 99

B-BB3 Bret Boone 99

B-CJ1 Chipper Jones 99

B-CJ2 Chipper Jones 99

B-CJ3 Chipper Jones 99

B-IR1 Ivan Rodriguez 99

B-IR2 Ivan Rodriguez 99

B-IR3 Ivan Rodriguez 99

B-IR4 Ivan Rodriguez 99

B-JG1 Jason Giambi 99

B-JG2 Jason Giambi 99

B-JG3 Jason Giambi 99

B-KG1 Ken Griffey, Jr. 99

B-KG2 Ken Griffey, Jr. 99

B-KG3 Ken Griffey, Jr. 99

B-RC1 Roger Clemens 99

B-RC2 Roger Clemens 99

B-RC3 Roger Clemens 99

B-SS1 Sammy Sosa 99

B-SS2 Sammy Sosa 99

B-SS3 Sammy Sosa 99

B-SS4 Sammy Sosa 99

Star Swatches Game Jersey

Ivan-Rodriguez.jpg?id=c3731a09-fb20-4398-aa08-edc7d7996874&size=original&side=front&.jpg Ivan-Rodriguez.jpg?id=c3731a09-fb20-4398-aa08-edc7d7996874&size=original&side=back&.jpg

NOTE: Upper Deck announced that the Bret Boone, Ichiro, Ken Griffey, Jr. and Roger Clemens Star Swatches Game Jerseys were short-printed. Although UD publicly announced a print-run of 45 copies for each of the three Bret Boone jerseys and 29 for the three Clemens, they did not do so for Ichiro or Griffey. None of the Boone of Clemens cards are serial-numbered.

Each card is also available in a Gold parallel, serial-numbered to 24 copies.

SS-AR1 Alex Rodriguez

SS-AR2 Alex Rodriguez

SS-AR3 Alex Rodriguez

SS-AR4 Alex Rodriguez

SS-BB1 Bret Boone SP 45

SS-BB2 Bret Boone SP 45

SS-BB3 Bret Boone SP 45

SS-CJ1 Chipper Jones

SS-CJ2 Chipper Jones

SS-CJ3 Chipper Jones

SS-IR1 Ivan Rodriguez

SS-IR2 Ivan Rodriguez

SS-IR3 Ivan Rodriguez

SS-IR4 Ivan Rodriguez

SS-I1 Ichiro SP

SS-I2 Ichiro SP

SS-I3 Ichiro SP

SS-JG1 Jason Giambi

SS-JG2 Jason Giambi

SS-JG3 Jason Giambi

SS-KG1 Ken Griffey, Jr. SP

SS-KG2 Ken Griffey, Jr. SP

SS-KG3 Ken Griffey, Jr. SP

SS-RC1 Roger Clemens SP 29

SS-RC2 Roger Clemens SP 29

SS-RC3 Roger Clemens SP 29

SS-SS1 Sammy Sosa

SS-SS2 Sammy Sosa

SS-SS3 Sammy Sosa

SS-SS4 Sammy Sosa

Stitch of Nine Game Jersey

Roger-Clemens.jpg?id=3530efde-999d-493b-a287-92a8fbdde73e&size=original&side=front&.jpg Roger-Clemens.jpg?id=3530efde-999d-493b-a287-92a8fbdde73e&size=original&side=back&.jpg

NOTE: Upper Deck announced that the Bret Boone, Ichiro, and Jason Giambi Stitch of Nine Game Jerseys were short-printed. Although UD publicly announced a print-run of 45 copies for each of the three Bret Boone jerseys and 85 for the Ichiro jerseys, Giambi. None of the Boone or Ichiro cards are serial-numbered.

Each card is also available in a Gold parallel, serial-numbered to 24 copies.

S9-I1 Ichiro SP 85

S9-I2 Ichiro SP 85

S9-I3 Ichiro SP 85

S9-AR1 Alex Rodriguez

S9-AR2 Alex Rodriguez

S9-AR3 Alex Rodriguez

S9-AR4 Alex Rodriguez

S9-BB1 Bret Boone SP 45

S9-BB2 Bret Boone SP 45

S9-BB3 Bret Boone SP 45

S9-CJ1 Chipper Jones

S9-CJ2 Chipper Jones

S9-CJ3 Chipper Jones

S9-IR1 Ivan Rodriguez

S9-IR2 Ivan Rodriguez

S9-IR3 Ivan Rodriguez

S9-IR4 Ivan Rodriguez

S9-JG1 Jason Giambi SP

S9-JG2 Jason Giambi SP

S9-JG3 Jason Giambi SP

S9-KG1 Ken Griffey, Jr.

S9-KG2 Ken Griffey, Jr.

S9-KG3 Ken Griffey, Jr.

S9-RC1 Roger Clemens

S9-RC2 Roger Clemens

S9-RC3 Roger Clemens

S9-SS1 Sammy Sosa

S9-SS2 Sammy Sosa

S9-SS3 Sammy Sosa

S9-SS4 Sammy Sosa

Time Capsule Game Jersey

Jason-Giambi.jpg?id=0f8e9bf2-ec9a-4aa0-8290-18f04c6002ae&size=original&side=front&.jpg Jason-Giambi.jpg?id=0f8e9bf2-ec9a-4aa0-8290-18f04c6002ae&size=original&side=back&.jpg

NOTE: Upper Deck announced that the Bret Boone, Ivan Rodriguez, Jason Giambi, and Ken Griffey, Jr. Time Capsule Game Jerseys were short-printed. Although UD publicly announced a print-run of 69 copies for each of the three Bret Boone jerseys, 52 for the Giambi's, and five for each Griffey, Rodriguez. None of the Boone, Giambi, or Griffey cards are serial-numbered.

Each card is also available in a Gold parallel, serial-numbered to 99 copies.

TC-AR1 Alex Rodriguez

TC-AR2 Alex Rodriguez

TC-AR3 Alex Rodriguez

TC-AR4 Alex Rodriguez

TC-BB1 Bret Boone SP 69

TC-BB2 Bret Boone SP 69

TC-BB3 Bret Boone SP 69

TC-CJ1 Chipper Jones

TC-CJ2 Chipper Jones

TC-CJ3 Chipper Jones

TC-IR1 Ivan Rodriguez SP

TC-IR2 Ivan Rodriguez SP

TC-IR3 Ivan Rodriguez SP

TC-IR4 Ivan Rodriguez SP

TC-I1 Ichiro

TC-I2 Ichiro

TC-I3 Ichiro

TC-JG1 Jason Giambi SP 52

TC-JG2 Jason Giambi SP 52

TC-JG3 Jason Giambi SP 52

TC-KG1 Ken Griffey, Jr. SP 5

TC-KG2 Ken Griffey, Jr. SP 5

TC-KG3 Ken Griffey, Jr. SP 5

TC-RC1 Roger Clemens

TC-RC2 Roger Clemens

TC-RC3 Roger Clemens

TC-SS1 Sammy Sosa

TC-SS2 Sammy Sosa

TC-SS3 Sammy Sosa

TC-SS4 Sammy Sosa

Batting Gloves

Jason-Giambi.jpg?id=fa42b7cb-5c95-48f5-aabc-b7f810e59285&size=original&side=front&.jpg Jason-Giambi.jpg?id=fa42b7cb-5c95-48f5-aabc-b7f810e59285&size=original&side=back&.jpg

NOTE: Each Batting Glove is serial-numbered to the production figures listed below.

G-I Ichiro 46

G-AR Alex Rodriguez 250

G-BB Bret Boone 89

G-IR1 Ivan Rodriguez 250

G-IR2 Ivan Rodriguez 250

G-JG Jason Giambi 210

G-KG Ken Griffey, Jr. 250

G-SS Sammy Sosa 250